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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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for all you ladies that are requesting pictures , its useless . these scammers use different pictures taken from different profiles . The guy is not going to use the same picture or the same name . That would be to easy to track him . Delete him and move on , if it doesn't feel right it usually isn't . Good luck , talking from experience .

Just hoping he sent same photos to someone here perhaps it can help search them.

Similar story here. Does the background have guitars displayed on the wall? Or Egyptian souvenirs displayed on a fireplace mantel?

Hi, I also am talking to a man who says he works on an oil rig. His name is Victor Franciszek. Sound familiar?

I'm chatting with a guy named George Charles. From California, born in Italy. Has a 15 yr old daughter in boarding school in NY. Wife passed 4 yrs ago. He sent me a message on Scrabble Go. In Canada working as a drilling engineer. Slipped and lost his wallet the other day.. now asked for a steam card for $100. Of course now I'm suspecting it's a scam. Have not given him anything.
Also an Anthony King from Scrabble Go also. Same profession

I was also contacted buy a guy on an oil rig that had children at home with a nanny His name Thomas Cellucci from Dever Colarado but licence plate on truk showed as Texas,and passport showed as Maine ..also a guy by the name of Deni Gold contacted me .oil rig manager and daughter in borading schoolHave blocked both of them after going to hangouts o chat

Interesting the use innocent games to hook up. Met mine on words with friends. Seemed innocent enough. Chatted a month. Same story as yours. Now needs 6500 to get drill repaired. Then he will fly here and marry me and make me his queen. Hah

I unfortunately wasn't aware of scams when I started taking to my Romance Scammer goes by Adan Moses Dunn in the US Army Special Agent. Sends pictures of military man in uniform with the name Dunn on his uniform. He has so many pictures of this man he is pretending to be. I am now wise $55,000. later and ruined credit. He has done the phone thing, the daughters with nanny spouse passed 6 years ago. Everything I read here calling me Queen and much more asked for proof hold up paper with today's date. Send me paper in picture with my name he did it all. Did not look like photoshop must be. The fiance leave form. I have been so damaged financially and my heart was very attached. He has threatened to kill me. I received the phoney checks, wire transfer and the after did what he wanted the funds were reversed. Banks closed credit cards and accounts. I can't believe I was so guiable and I am now so ashamed and embarrassed.

I know what you are going through as this happened to me as well. Please contact the police, the credit bureaus, file a complaint with the FTC and internet crimes. My life has been forever changed from the man that claimed he was "Jace Matthew". Please don't feel ashamed or embarrassed as this is happening everyday. They are very smart and are getting smarter and its a damn shame that they will never be caught!!

Even thesmartest women will fall prey to these evil scumbags. You will survive and you will become stronger than ever

I’ve been talking to someone l saw on a date line then he ask me to go to hangout from June 2019 said he’s in the military And deployed to Afghanistan he also said that he is getting money from his solicitor because his parents died in 911 asked for me to email his solicitor I wanted over 6000 and something US dollars to me sounds like a scam his name but he goes by is Arnold James and Naand deployed to Afghanistan he also said that he is getting money from his solicitor because his parents died in 911 asked for me to email his solicitor I wanted over 6000 and something US dollars to me sounds like a scam his name but he goes by is Arnold James hernandez l got photo of him from Caroline OSullivan l not sent him one penny

I am being scammed and just realized it. I have been chatting with a guy I met on Facebook for 3 months - he asked me to switch to Google Hangout - he has asked for money several times - he was so convincing that I sent him several thousand dollars for various emergencies. His last scam was a secure box he was shipping from Australia - I had to pay the fee to ship it - all of his bank accounts are frozen because his former girlfriend stole from his account. Anyway - I paid the initial $5200 to ship the box - then it got to another country and I was asked for a little over $20,000 - which I stupidly paid. Then it got to Puerto Rico and now they want $38,750 to finish shipping to the U.S. Thankfully, I don't have that much money to send - and now the guy is threatening me. He says there's money and gold in the box and I will be picked up for money laundering, etc. And, he will kill himself. I am just trying to report this to as many people as I can so no one else gets hurt. This guy claims to be a drilling contractor on a rig - claims to own a mansion in Montenegro - declares his undying love. He goes by Danilo, Dan, Gary or Stephen. He had profiles on Badoo until I reported him - they took them down.

i have the same experience, i met a guy in online dating site. he told me if we can go to hang out and talk. we been chatting for i think 2 weeks. he is so sweet and he say he is a medical doctor in United Nation Peacekeeping Mision in Afghanistan. few days later he ask me to receive his consignment box he gave me an email address saying that is the United Nation Consigment department , he sent me a form and ask me to fill up and sent to that email address he gave me. two days after i recieve an email it says i need to pay to ship the box to my country.

I think I am being scammed by same guy. On an oil rig in the Gulf. Wife died 3 yrs ago of leukemia. Has a 17 yr old daughter in California with a nanny going to school. Hasn't asked for any money yet but supposedly in love with me after a little over a week. Goes by the name Johnson (John) Braylen. Met him on Facebook and he wanted to chat on Google hangouts. Very good looking. 56 yrs old, blue eyes, grayish hair, Grey scruffy beard.

Anyone talking to Proctor Williams Harry, Tom West, Military Doctor, Scott Allen Cameron, Matthew Miller, Captain Anderson? My mother played Words with friends and talked with these supposedly men they got her to go to Hangouts. They all had sob stories to get her to send gift cards, money. They were telling her they loved her and could be together. Overseas stories, oil rig stories, being stuck with no money. My mom is in her eighties.

Anybody talking to AlbertoQuica Jefferson. Says he is a contractor engineer in Jordan but lives in miami

What is the connection with hangouts?

I was just scammed by someone that goes by Commander John Benjamin. Suppose to be in Kabul, Afghanistan. Came on way too strong. Overplayed his hand. Nobody is that perfect. Watch out for that name. Luckily I found out before I lost anything besides my time.

I thought that I was smart enough to see through scams. But I was involved with one for three years. I checked pictures and IP addresses and all kind of things to try and differentiate whether he was a scammer. ALL the things that that mention to you to look out for were there. But he would rationalize it away and because he could I would in turn rationalize it away. I lost close to $50,000 dollars. That was my savings and now I will have to deal with the consequence of that. But more importantly I will have to deal with the emotional scars that I now have. Please be careful and don't be deceived. If it is too good to be true it is probably not real.

Can you tell me how you/he ended the relationship please? Did he just stop texting; did you block him? I'm in love with a woman who professes to love me, but she always wants money and I think she may be a scammer. I haven't sent her any money in months; will she just top writing me?

only lost time and a slight heart break by 2 from WOOPlus online dating and then over to hangout...
1. daniel schmidt, here from germany several years, sonś in canada, wife died years ago.... bitcoin miner... wanted my accounts to pay all my debts after about a month of chating.... must be new to scamming because he made a lot of mistakes when he started to switch from endearing chatter to scammer.....

2. Bradley zavala - army ranger in South Korea...... couldnt talk because phone did not work from south korea... could I help pay..... then when I said i could not .... we did not talk much and then all of a sudden my messages on hang out stopped goig through... I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because he did not reactt badly when i said i could nt help.... just ẗhats okay - we won be able to speak much till i get home i december..... So i wanted to give him a chance.... but now that I cant text him in hang-out - I assume he cancelled me or blocked me....

whatout for these names.....

I am talking to a Daniel Schmidt and would like more info. Do you have pictures?

I was talking to a Max Schmidtke who claimed to be a German geophysics working in Venezuela but officially lived in the States. He was working abroad and claimed to have a bad connection. Was extremely engaging. Claimed to be a widower with a 13 year old son Mike living in Germany with his grandmother. Asked for steam gift cards because he couldn’t find them in local stores. Attempted to make plans to meet but claimed his credit card was expired and couldn’t get a new one because of being locked out of the US due to COVID. Ghosted me when I asked him for his US address after trying to gaslight me.

I have been talking to a man called Daniel Larry. He sounds like the person you all have described. He said he is a sea engineer. He is a nice looking man with a grey beard. Could you send me a photo of the man you are talking to and we will see if the ars the same.

I just found mine scammer was posted as Adan Moses Dunn on Facebook and Hangouts he has a new site on Facebook as Dunn Adan same picture when I accepted his friend request because he went to my church supposedly.

My sister is involved in one right now and she doesn’t see it. He is telling her he is in Syria working for NATO. She has sent iPhones and over 20,000 so far. Destroyed her family. I don’t know how to make her see it is a scam

My brother is "Rick". He has sent his gal $5k and just now she wanted i phones. I told my brother I would pay for a round trip ticket from Ghana, in Africa, to the USA so this "chick" could spend Christmas with him. She turned him down- big surprise. Now he is starting to recognize that she may not be what she says she is. It will take time. In the mean time I was able to take control of his money so that he couldn't be swayed to part with any more of his money. I wish you luck- they are so flaming good!

Christopher Earl Lloyd, date of birth November 6, 1985. he is your real life US version of the Nigerian prince. He claims to be a former professional baseball player and has millions of dollars in investments and properties, and even has investment portfolios and his rental houses with spreadsheets of the incoming rent on his laptop. He will make you feel like you have met the best man in the world. he always has a lot of money on him initially. In time, he will ask for a large loan and will willingly sign a loan agreement with you so you feel you are safe... then come the excuses as to why I can’t repay you (His ID is stolen, his account is frozen for investigation etc.). When you go to sue him, you find out he owns nothing. he is a career Con artist

Im talking to a man named Austin Rogers (David Austin Rogers) and I think he's a scammer. Just putting his name out there for others to be cautious

Is there a way to see pics of these people?!!? That would be really helpful because they use all kinds of fake names!!!! Anyone heard of Russ Davis?? Supposedly a sculpter and from the UK?? My mom is being scammed by him and does not even see it happening in front of her eyes. Told her he wants to name her as a beneficiary to a $1 million contract he got and so he had her send a copy of her passport! They've never met.... been dating and met on Instagram only 2 months ago..

I'm reading these blogs and feeling very unsure now of the wonderful man that has entered my life. He is Italian living in France. Recently had car accident needs to get back home. I was given name of lady involved and her husbands bank account so I could put money in for him to get back home. I've sent 2500 euro, my head said no, my heart didn't agree. I have photos and requested video for proof of who he is. All looks good but now I wonder . Lost of photos should be available. Any names can be false

Please do send one cent. They are all scammers and they are very good. Please no matter what dont send money.

Ask him to take his pic with a piece of paper with your name written on it. So you know the photo is recent n the man is not fake. Dont send any money pls

Photos can be stolen. Someone stole my sister pic and then send me a friend request and tried to scam. So the scammer can copy pictures and videos and pass as their own never send money or give your account info to someone you’ve never met in person

I do just blocked a guy and he came back with different name a details but asking same thing my email address and to chat in hang outs because he’s not in FB so I said we can chat here no need to be in hang outs I asked for another photo showing a date or a location. He said lives in Mexico City working in platform on an oil rig Then he sent me worong response sting cannot tal on phone due to static electricity can cause fire with a whole sheet of facts. Then he sends me a picture of him indoors and I said he’s a scammer then and has not responded. But yes he uses the same story his profile is brand new says he’s from GA but lives in Mexico City Son is in GA boarding school. His questions to me were if I’m single how many kids and specially. If I live alone and if I own my house which are same words questions of the guy I blocked

did you got the photo?

Beware of WeChat user Alfred Jones, email address Alfred 65247@ This scammer is using a similar storyline. Single man lost fiancé in a car accident 4 1/2 years ago. States he has a daughter named Nicole aged 8. Living with her elderly grandparents.

Claims he is doing a business venture with investors. Stated he was going on business to Dubai 4 weeks ago, the deal didn’t work there, then went onto Ghana for a week deal didn’t work there, and now he is in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Sent me pictures, nice texts, emails and of course using internet phone lines. Doing the love-bombing things big time.

WeChat is important to highlight because he is claiming he did not take his US postpaid phone with him when he travels and using a pay as you phone, which needs to be credited with Google Play cards. I have requested FaceTime and video calls he says his phone does not have this feature as it is an old model. Which he says needs to be upgraded when he gets back to California. I have had several texts saying someone is stealing from his account and he has been calling the bank since last week. He then messages you say fraudsters taken two transactions of $4k plus out of his account.

I started to get suspicious, and so I googled the company he is trading under address is a dry cleaner in San Diego. He got mad and asked why was I checking him out and he tried to explain away that this just address they, the investors use as the head office for their business. The company name is Gold Myne Ent. ( think about it the victims are a gold mine) address:- 5861 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, California, 92120.

I asked for the name of his daughter Nicole’s mother so I could look her up online, he got agitated and asked my why I would be checking him and his former partner out online.

He told me to calm down, as stated in previous posts, now the pressure is on for the final sting. Called me twice yesterday to try to make out I that I don’t trust him. He said he feels stupid for going to Nigeria and not realising how impoverished it is, and that he would be taken advantage of and defrauded.

Today I got a message, and call to say the Fargo Wells bank account had been frozen. He said he is now stuck in Nigeria with the goods he purchased and he can’t leave without them. I said he needs to figure out a plan. I told him to call the US embassy as they would need to help him. Tried to tell me his bank Fargo Wells have no idea who is stealing his money and he has been using his credit card everywhere. My response was the bank knows exactly, who, when and where the money is taken from accounts as that’s their job to know.

I told him he needs to get the embassy to help him, or he needs to figure out how he is going to solve the situation. Moral of the story keep away from online dating it very rarely works out positively.

anyone talking with a Mariam Nico. She says she's in the medical supply business and won a bid to supply medical equip. After weeks of "romancing", her medical deal goes through and in order to get back to states to see you says she is stuck in Brazil & didnt know tariffs on shipping toJapan increased.Then she asks for money so she can get back to "be with you". Once money is sent, via bitcoin, she's able to "travel" to Brazil where her equip is supposed to be set up. Then the next part of scam, the fees have once again gone up in Brazil and she has most of money, but needs just a little more & then the 2 can meet for first time and be together.

Has anyone talked or texted with someone pretending to be Sasha Banks from WWE WRESTLING ? They are out there ! I just don’t know the one to report this to

Some guy that named himself Oliver Quinn said he was half Jamaican and half American. Texted and talked when we could. He said he lived in Seaside, Oregon and was an Independent Contractor. After a week, he said he had to do some work in Dubai but that he would fly straight to me. Something didn't feel right. I started investigating and turns out it was a scam. No one by his name or son's name was found anywhere. I reported him to Plenty of Fish and blocked him from my phone. It was a close call. Beware. If it doesn't feel right, it's probably not.

So, I am talking to a guy I met on instagram...Matt Roland...sweet as can be, contracting in Kabul Afghanistan, I am his queen, he wants to marry me and have me raise his 4 year old daughter. His wife passed away giving birth to her and her twin brother whom also died and the little girl, Belinda, is living In Lincoln Nebraska with her Nanny....anyone dealt with this fellow??? He hasn't gotten any money out of me yet but he is trying to get me to go get him some kind of gift card from walmart and he will give me info to get it into the hands of the military welfare to get to him , to get him off the list to have to go into the battlfield. He even se the date for our wedding, can you believe its 12/20/19- he will be

I was scammed by It's a romance site with the typical inventory of men and woman looking for matches. To chat with someone costs about $1.50 per message. The responses come quickly and seem legitimate, but you soon realize it's not the person you think your chatting with. They use either a very sophisticated algorithm or a live responder to string along the conversation, but will never agree to a live meeting that would expose the scam. Got me for about $50 before I wised up.

I met a "man" online at Plenty of Fish dating site, 11/24/2019. It became obvious very quickly where the conversation was headed. I played along until I was given accounts in four international banks. Pretended that I was going to send money even going to the bank and putting funds on a legit wire transfer slip. No intention of actually wiring it! I called the scammer out letting them know that I was fully aware of their intentions. The amorous lover disappeared. I notified one of the banks. I decided I should report it to the FTC and let them handle it. Done!
There were so many red flags throughout the entire process.
A person who starts out praising and complimenting you beyond normal.
Texts in English that are greatly grammatically incorrect. ie. using improper verb tense or word arrangement.
Professing their love or wanting you to profess yours.
Telling you they have no family. Few friends, are all alone.
Telling you they have no phone access.
Imperative that you trust them.
Giving you access to their "email" which if you look at the inbox was just created for your scam.
Giving you access to their "bank account" to transfer funds for them so you see that they have a lot of money and do not need theirs.
Using a bank outside of the USA.
Using guilt if needed. "you said you loved me" "talk to me" "do you not trust me after all I have said"
There is more but I am sharing what my scammer tried to do in just one week!!

My friend is in a scam and will not listen to me. He is from Nigeria, wife died while giving birth, parents dead, yada yada. She swears he has never asked for money and is coming to visit her once he is off his oil rig in a few weeks. He also told her he needed her to log into her computer and use his User name and password on a computer to complete a transaction for him. I think it is money laundering and told her not to do it, but she did it anyway. He now has her IP info. Has anyone else fallen for this and has anything bad come from it. I am afraid her computer is now being tracked for some illegal transaction.

This exact story except from a guy named Harry in Germany on a contract for construction happened to me.

My scammer is Reade John Kelly. Totally caught me off guard. Instagram DM’d me and profile seemed legit. Petroleum engineer on a leave, independent Contactor with a multi million dollar contact. John was from Bulgaria, he had a strong accent and we chatted on the phone a few times. We video chatted once. I had no idea about this scheme until it was too late. Two weeks into chatting he started asking me for google play cards. I am embarrassed as to how many personal things I willingly gave to him! Forever thankful to the guy at the Apple store who wouldn’t sell me a gift card. Made me see the light. Out 4K and the scammer has a new iPhone! Tough lesson learned!!

I was approached by someone claiming to be a race car driver I follow. He needed help with filing for a divorce. It sounded legit for awhile. He seemed to know quite a bit about the driver, until I caught him not knowing details I knew about him. He wanted cash then my credit card info. He started paying off my debt with a supposed friend. Then asked for Google play cards, iPhones, watches, etc. He scammed me for $40,000 I now owe to my credit cards. Scammed me into selling my jewelry and giving him my paychecks. He really seemed like the driver at times but then I started looking into scams. When confronted to him with the info he got defensive. I could never talk to him personally. Only texts. When I asked for a selfie I refused and made excuses. We were supposed to meet today. Of course the texts stopped once he got the last money I had. I will now be forced to file bankruptcy. When texting a couple weeks ago I received a call from someone in Nigeria. Of course I didn't answer the phone call. It made me think this could be him but of course when I said something he shrugged it off. I ruled it out because I didn't think someone from Nigeria would know this driver. Now I am out all my money and jewelry. Everyone should watch for this scam. All the payments he made on my credit cards were all taken back. Some for invalid account numbers. I was told by my credit cards that they steal accounts to do this. Beware of these scams.

Do you have any photos of him or can you describe him. This sounds like my scammer - petroleum engineer with multimillion dollar contract, we’ve talked on the phone once and he has a very heavy accent. Contacted me through FB dating on Christmas Day, we’ve been texting extensively ever since. Sweet, charming, but mysterious. Won’t let me see his Facebook profile or send me recent photos. Wants to buy me a car because mine is not working. Will be flying in to see me on the way back from a business trip overseas. I’d love to know if your scammer and mine are the same.

Hi. I also have a chatmate. He said hes petroleum engineer living in NY. wife died of cancer and he's only child. We talked and weve done video call. He has a strong accent too and told me hes from Belgium. Its almost a month, he hasnt asked for money yet, but im still skeptical. Geez.

Any way we could get in contact?


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