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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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I think they all work on oil rigs, lol Mine was the same send gift cards, he has a guy in China that sends him the money for them. Needed money to get the drill repaired. Lost $180,000

Similar. Petroleum engineer, oil rig, from Copenhagen. will not send recent photos bearing my name as I asked cuz of oil rig security he said. Wanted to buy me a car, bitcoin miner, dont take leave on christmas for his family (i guess he is afraid I ask for pictures). So far no money involved since 40 days ago. His name Henrik Jessen. I got 50 pictures of him on his IG.

I too have been talking via phone, texts, email, a few Skype calls which were short due to connection issues. His name is Robert Gauthier, I have several current photos. Claims he just won a 6M dollar contract with BP in Houston, even sent me the contract with his name on it, plus pictures of him negotiating the deal. I have tried to do numerous background searches to no avail. He too speaks of wanting to marry me, calls me his Queen. He claims to be widowed for 7 yrs with a daughter (26) getting her Masters in Scotland. All of the sudden, his project has stalled due to maintenance issues. Starting to get a gut feeling.

Sounds like my guy who goes by the name George Dean. Met him on Tinder. Supposedly born in Italy but moved to Atlanta, GA in high school. Currently lives in Miami, FL. Working on a rig in Turkey. Divorced with a son in Texas. Hasn’t asked for anything yet but I’m sure it’s coming. His Instagram is georgy_dean. He “business” website looks professionally crafted. He even sent me a pic of a FL drivers license that looked legit. So I’m guessing he’s invested a lot in his scam. I’m Just waiting for him to ask for money, gift cards, shipping assistance, anything! Then the tables will turn as I play my own “the check is in the mail” game.

Sound like someone im talking to.. do you have pictures...

Same story with a guy named Chris Lewinsky on Instagram. Same story but in Russia. Even video chatted once. Never sent him any money...mostly because I didn't have it but wow! This is some crazy stuff.

I am currently talking to this guy name Willow Moore .. he says he loves me and I met him on instagram and now we talk only on hangout he can not video chat because something wrong with his phone .. even on hangouts today I ask for a video message he like always got some reason and then he sent a video already in his phone.. he supposed to be this rich kid who his dad left him his business... he had to travel to Italy for business...he says he began a project there and now left all his documents and credit cards in cab by mistake and finally got around to asking me for $1000 to pay the workers before they do him harm...I lied said I don’t have it..he want me to apply for a credit card for him but I am stalling

Well I’m in a bit of a different situation and am not sure what to do. Some typical hallmarks of a scammer: educated, a widower, has a grown son, travels a lot for his work (leaving soon for a trip). Very romantic, knows all the right words to say. Also knows I am on a fixed income with no money to spare. And, he wants to buy me a very expensive gift. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Be careful. Sometimes they start up saying they will send an expensive gift. Then they have your address, name, etc... You may receive a trinket and they will soon ask for money. Just be careful. Tell him he can bring the gift to you in person.

Yes....I remember this and forgot to post in my comments here. Wanted to send me a gift either to my home or office.

So he goes by Robert Clifford he msgd me on words with friends. Then lured me to hangout app. From spain, went to college in Madrid where he met his wife of seven years who divorced him because he could not have kids. Lives in NY working as a supervisor on an oil rig in Alaska company called Doyon Drilling which is a legit company who I will be calling tomorrow
No family needs money steam cards to help finish his work. Needing to buy software yet says he has been doing this for 23 years. I was a confused and desperate for love who fell for his loving words and sent 100 dollars on a steam card. Then wanted $400 more. Nope not going to do it and he says I will have to block you and I said ok bye . Immediately texted back were you really going to let me go so easily. Long story short. He got upset because I did not want to send it tried to do more sweet talking then got mad and said I had trust issues. He said you won't hear from me again. So I blocked him deleted hangout and deleted my alternative email. I was dumb enough to give him my phone number when we could not connect on a video call or reg call on the app. He also had asked for my address to send me a gift. I ignored the comment and had no plans to give that info. He sent many handsome photos of himself. I even made him take some of his Work ID and holding a note with the date and my name which he did but nost likely photo shopped. Even sent me one of him brushing his teeth. All very convincing when you don't want to see the truth. I was enjoying the way he made me feel love, marriage soulmate etc. I even called him out on trying to scam me. All I can say this is a sad world we live in when people do this type of thing. I have learned my lesson to always trust my gut. Anyone know how to share these photos? I know this was not his first time.

I just realized I’m communicating with a guy that sounds just like this Clifford guy. How can these scammers be stopped?? Infuriating

Me too i have talking mr robert clifford. Eye candy . But good at scamming

I am talking i to the same man now. Robert clifford word with friend 2 lured me to hang out. Loves me he claims soulmate. Ect... but now he is getting mean. Because i wont send him money for food and supplies. He wants me TO take it out of my savings. I told people dont have savungs they have IRA and 403 k plans. I had to explain what they are. For a man who is retiring ,he claims to marry me., Would you not have something saved? He showed himself. It is funny if he was truthful i probably would have given him because he real did make me feel special Sad! He also me feel more positive about myself. He is a real good scammer but he needs to be educated about the American ways of saving. He was real good looking eye candy for sure

i sent someone my id card, what should i do to protect my self?i'm really scare to death

Yes people will still probably tell you it’s a scam.

About a month ago I read about a person who stated her scammer wore a blue shirt with the name “Mark” on it. I was new to this site at the time and did not catch her name or the date of the post but I have a picture of the same guy and would appreciate any help finding her to see if it’s the same man. A very romantic guy who can talk you into almost anything.

I’ve recently been contacted by someone named Mark. Supposedly. Working on oil rig. Any way we can se e if photos are same guy?

I got scammed out of thousands of dollars by a Mark who was supposed to be working as an independent contractor on an oil rig. Very good looking with blue eyes. Do you know his last name? He was from Bulgaria.

Just started talking to this guy. Goes by Alex, 58 years old, blue eyes, strong accent, but doesn’t sound like a German accent, more like French/Canadian.
17 year old Daughter living with Nanny in NY. His wife died in a car accident. Says He’s from Germany, moved to CT when he was 18. Both parents are deceased, no siblings Loves me already. He’s Just going to finish this project on oil rig in Mexico and he’ll be back in the states. Can’t send me pics of him or where he is because the job is private and they’ll think he’s selling secrets Only wants to talk on Hangouts. Same guy?

Is this Mark from NY originally Rome... on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mx?

This person contacted me through facebook, he stated that he is working as a marine engineer located in an offshore oil platform somewhere in Ireland and contract is about to expire. His parents died, no siblings and his 12 yrs old son is in a boarding school with a nanny. He professed love to me from day one and through his texts kept calling his wife. On day one he asked me to move to hangouts but I told him no so he asked me to communicate with him through Viber because it's easier for him since he doesn't like to spend time on facebook. He told me that his son birthday is coming up soon and asked me to can send money to the nanny to celebrate son's birthday at school with friends because since he is at sea his accounts are inactivated. He asked me to send the money through western union or money gram. His 12 yrs old son also started sending me emails calling me mom, how much he loves me since his mum died, I am the best mom ever and he can't wait to come and live with me. After doing online scam research and reading this one has red flags all over.

I was also contacted on Instagram by the Ireland Oil Rig Scammer with the son whose birthday is coming up. Moved from Instagram to Hangouts. After 3 days he professed his undying love. Details of his life were inconsistent--son with his brother, no actually has no brother, son with a nanny. Became agitated when I started asking questions. I ended up blocking him.

Same man is a scammer, he told that he love me so much, he want to married me, and son call me Mom, and is in boarding school.
He start asking me for google card, put pressure on me, I blocked him.John Jackson is his name.

I am talking a man that claims he is in Nigeria Africa working on communication towers, his company is sky tech. I have heard all the same from stuff from being sick to the Immigration is try to keep him there and going to put him in jail and he needs 4000. Funny it comes at income tax time. His name Luis della or David Scott. Please comment if anyone else knows of this. He has a daughter which is true and his wife died in a car accident and claims as soon as he gets here he will sort stuff out if I get him home

Nick Harrison supposedly from Los Angeles. Teenage daughter, wife died in plane crash. He never once ask me for money but he is working in Turkey and we’re attacked by some guys in black with rifles so the company said send your valuables home. He wanted to send to me. I said fine. He sent it out and told me he paid all fees. Nextthink I know I am shelling out over 36K for custom fees. Package gets to US and then I am told IRS investigated and no crime committed but the shipping company tells me I need to pay 60k to IRS. I do not do it so then Nick wants to get out ofTurkey but needs money for helicopter to take him from the middle of the ocean somewhere off the coast of Izmir almost 40k but the money actually went to the helicopter company in Ohio and the custom fees all went to the siping company. He gets to airport and he is arrested because he owes IRS ( arrested by Turkish officials) so now I just to not know what to do.
Is he scamming me, is the shipping company scamming me. The pictures I have of Nick are of different ages and different places he has been.
Having a hard time believing that this man is scamming me since NO MONEY went to him but yet there were questions I ask of him and he never answered or his answer just didn’t sit right with me.
I am thinking of going to FBI BUT if I am wrong and he is not scamming me then I will lose this man and his reputation would be ruined but if it is a scam I want to see that everyone involved, the shipping company , the helicopter company and him pay for their crime. I am out over 75K. This guy knows everything to say to make a woman feel like a young sexy woman. I feel head over heels in love. I do not want to lose him but I do not want him to run free if he is scamming.

near Izmir

This sounds like a scam. Many of the things you describe match the stories that scammers tell people to trick them into sending money. The story about sending you a valuable package is a common scam. The surprise demand that you pay expensive "fees" or "taxes" to customs is a common scam. The story about someone getting injured or attacked, and needing an emergency loan is a common scam.

It might seem like you aren't sending money to the man you're talking to. He might have accomplices that help him collect the money. Or he could have bank accounts in several locations. If you keep sending money, he will probably keep making up stories and fake emergencies to get your money. You can block him and stop sending money. 

Hi There,
I think I'm talking to the same Guy now. Was the shipping company Regional Logistic Handlers ?

Hi Sandy- I think I am being scammed by the same guy. 1 have payed $7,000 in US CUSTOMS , and CBP fees through BITCOIN. Shipping Company is REGIONAL LOGISTICS HANDLERS? Is this the same company?

Wow! Spent three weeks talking to this guy. Chris Lewinsky chrislewin023 on Instagram (crazy, later saw the same photo under mark_1._) Plenty of red flags. Said he has 4 kids, wife left him for another man and she's living in Sweden. Independent contractor for working for Lucas Oil and Chevron. Said has a $10 million/6 month contract in Russia with his other workers now. Said he lived in Indiana. Sent me a video after I pressured with NO accent in it (said he was born in Slovakia and came to the US at 14 years old.) However, clearly had an accent when he called me on the phone though. Every time I called him out on something, he'd get mad but ALWAYS come back. Following red flags came: Phone isn't working well - please get a phone contract and have it sent to Russia; I said NO. His 17 year old son needs a laptop - please get a bitcoin account and withdraw the $300 from his account to put down on a laptop from HSN or QVC; I said NO. Need $500 to give to kids in case of emergency while their nanny is taking care of them while in Russia - I said NO. I tried to call his cell phone but it won't accept calls. He's a freak! I can't believe I fell for this as long as I did. Anyone else on here heard of this name or same story?

Hi ive been contacted by a leanardo Crockett who is a widow with a 14 year son. He said he owns and working on oil rig .
Anyone else heard of him too . I know its a scam i just need to get his name out there.

n I maybe take out an equity loan on my house . Thats when I pulled the reins to a stop. He took enough of my money which I really cant afford, but I know I will never see it again and I hope he some day gets caught, What kind of a business is this anyway. oh and btw.. he went under the name ofJacob Grayson,but I found out later that sonmetiems he uses Wiliam Lund, or Jacob Grayson Dolan.. Ladies... run from this pitiful excuse of a man. He will make you feel like he reall loves you.. whaet he loves is your money once it's gone he's off to another unsuspecting lonely woman who has a bit of money or even a lot of money.. he will take it all!!!

I'm dating Michael John his brother is Jose Tores. Michael is 32 yrs has a 5 yrs old son Alex. His wife died 4 yrs ago in car accident. Son lives with grandparents. Been talking for 4-5 months. When first talked he worked in a hotel now in road construction in NY. Tells me he need money to get to Colorado to head office to fill out paper work to get his money before he comes to Australia. He tells me he gets paid monthly. He is poor his parents are asking him for money for Alex and wants me to help. I've only given $200. I'm not sure if true or not but when he gets his money from work he wants to help me start a business and future for us in Australia? Can anyone help me is he a scammer?

I’m talking with a Mikel John. 50 from New York. Has a son in Scotland. Electromechanical engineer. Works on oil rig supplies oil. Needs money now cause he is stuck in another country. Even asked me to marry him then he asked for money.

Good morning gentleman look out for the lady named Kate ivy he is very very good at what she does she will work you for over a year to get every dime you got to get you to sell everything you have so that she can come live with you and make you feel happy and loved make you feel like a man when you're lonely and old you got to watch out for she's out there looking for you right now he was looking for her next victim she got me for about $5,000 so I'm not first and I definitely won't be the last

Anyone communicating with a Victor Maxwell? Oil rig in Gulf of Mexico.

I have been communicating with a guy named Chandler Ethan --- he is using a profile picture from a guy in Floriday -- said he had to change his name due to "stuff". He is presently working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico -- met him on Scrabble Go.

John robert smith from Arkansas has got me to go on hangouts after playing scrabble go. Says he is on oil rig,contractor in gulf of mexico. Widower for 5 yrs aged 64. Hasn't asked for money bit says when contract ends he's coming to uk to see me. Have not given my address, he sent me and address for Arkansas bit no street name.

Could be the one I was speaking too. He was going as James Gavey. Very handsome, nice smile with dimples. He is widowed?. 1 daughter. Lost his parents and lives in Texas, but is on a oil rig at the moment in spain

Go to Instagram and check out these 2 names, Frankie Ronnie Frederick and Dave Asprey. Is this guy you are referring?

Yes, supposedly lives in Los Angeles. He claims his wife and unborn child died in a car accident . Has. A son that is cared for by a Nanny. He wants to give me the world and is going to meet me soon. I have been playing along just to see what he will do. I have had enough.

Collin Scott and Mark Fitzhugh are using same pictures ! Money hungry! Mark works in the rig or an engineer stationed in South Africa ! I was a victim with this guy and sent him iPhone and iTunes $500 every other week! Careful very good and sweetness overload ! They are just ugly using good picture s! Selfish and bad accent!

So I think I’m scammed by Spencer Wayne. Anke Tacke and or Michael Eisenbone. Anyone scammed ?

This guy found me on LinkedIn, goes by the name Mike Park, born in Korea but live in US. email: parkm861 @ whatsapp ID: 1213419824 . We started chatting, he started to ask me for money for shipment of equipments from US to Turkey as he got a new contract in Turkey but bank account has been suspended due to plenty of failed attempts. Asked for US$9,000. I blocked him and he was so mad.

sounds a little like man texting me claiming to be a petroleum engineer from Korea working on pipeline in Turkey. Divorced, 13year old daughter. 50 years old. Was fined by government for accident at site. Initially asked for $14000. I said no I didn't have it. Which is true. Now wants anything I can send to get project restarted. Anyone else have similar story?

Has anyone been scammed by a guy named leon him on IG then started video chatting on skype...just asked me for 500.00 to get his cousin who is 12 out of italy because of corona virus..

My mother-in-law is being scammed and she will not see it everything I am reading on here is the exact same thing she is being told Mike Peterson offshore rig been on the ocean for three years wife died in a car accident going to a gospel concert his dad was from Georgia but he was born in Singapore he wanted her to go to hang out but now they are on WhatsApp please help me

A man contacted me on Instagram and within 3 weeks he says he loves me. He is electromechanical engineer from New York. He went to Norway and drilled oil. Now says he is stuck and can’t pay the Tax on the contract because of the covid virus. Needs money. I was believing it was real until he asked for money

Met a man 2-3 months ago on Instagram. He lived in Pittsburgh. Now doing contract work in Lagos, Nigeria. Because of the virus, he now can’t pay his workers. He first asked for $5000. Now asked if I can send stimulus check $1200 to pay for the people that work for him. He says he loves me and calls me his woman. Only talk on google hangout. He is from Spain and is widowed. No children. Sent a couple of pictures... of him working and on his way to Nigeria.

Is his name Fredrik Thomas chance?


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