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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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Yes same guy still chatting. What do you know

Yes I’ve been talking to him since Sept just blocked him told him I knew he was a scammer he claimed his ex cloned his phone.. do you have any photos ?

I met a clark gunter oil ridge engineer
He has a girl 5 years old name is lola
Is divorced has a house in holland

David Erik from Sweden on an oil rig in Alaska... widow 9 years lost wife to ovarian cancer no children. Bald with a beard Needed money to repair a part that was coming from Canada... due to an explosion on the rig. Hurt his hands in a fire. Can’t find anything on the phone numbers or photo

Anyone hear of a Collen Trey? From Peoria and quickly 'chosen' by his engineering firm to be a financial analyst on an oil rig off of New Orleans. Personal phone was taken by rig, given new phone-same number though - incapable of taking photos & audio??!!! Can only text. We've been texting for 6 weeks...he got on the oil rig a week ago. No mention of money to date.

I have been chatting with a polish man, Bruno. 53, widower, lives in NC. Daughter lives in Poland, is a geological engineer? Currently in Turkey, on a contract. Very good looking. Pics seem shopped. Has not asked for money. Has the European accent. Too, good to be true? Goes by Bruno Marcel

Beware ladies , Dating sites that have a guy named blue opal or he’s a contacted in Tel Aviv working for the UN as a contractor. He tells you he loves you wants to o marry you and the ask for you to send him a cell
Phone. Then tells you his wife & son died!! Awful... the scammers are so good at lying and reeling i you in. They’ll say they can’t talk to you on video hangout because it’s a old base computer. Every excuse to
not be face to face!!! Don’t fall for it

Ive been texting with a David scott who works on a oil rig in gulf of Mexico. Before that I texted with a Murphy Larry. Has anybody heard those names. They may be scammers.

Has anyone been contact by a guy called Walter Victor (also goes by the name of Jackson Harry or MD Rony). Says he’s in Yemen working for subsea oil and gas. Has a daughter who is currently in Scotland, his wife was killed in a car accident with his son in 2011. Says he’s has a drop security box with a security company and the company is closing down so need to send the box back. He can’t send or receive parcels/packages so needs me to take it. Wants my name, address, id etc...professes to love me even though we’ve only been chatting around a week.

Beware of Robert in the Army with a son in NYC studying robotics! This is the " gold bar scam"
Also beware of Michael Harvey, wife passed of cancer, has a 2 clock tattoo on right arm and one one his lwr abs. Gives a list of credentials and pushes the trust and love thing right away. On an oil rig in Australia, lives in Hawaii, saw his BMW, his flat, and dog. Along with pics of him heading to the rig in a helicopter...he's good! He will try to get cash and claim he has never asked for help before. This one has a temper too if u mention scammers. Supposidely takes care of elderly dad and younger brother.

Hey do you have pics of Robert??

Hi iv been texting oil rig scammer .Derek ansell I'm looking for any one else. Who s been texting I found him on f b dating site

From Norway - spent time in UK? Widowed with small son living with mother in UK? Asks if you have eaten? Love bombs then all of sudden - has no access to money!

My romance lasted 4 months i fell so hard now my scammer comes clean and tells it him not the man in all the photos. I need to find this man I need to know who he is. The scammer says for $300 he will tell me everything about this man what can I find this man please help

There are photos of a Czech man used in many different profiles.
About 55-60;years.
Sounds like the same

Has anyone heard of Charles Jeffery Abbott or Jeffery Brummitt? He requested to connect on LinkedIn and he was a mutual contact with one of my former coworkers. He usually lives in Los Angeles but travels to different countries per year as a geologist. I feel like such an idiot that I didn't catch all the red flags, questioned him too late, gave money twice and almost a third time.

Yes, I know him also from LinkedIn as Charles Jeffrey Abbott and saw his Twitter profile Jeffrey Brummitt. He told me he is in Turkey right know and should pay that he can get his goods.....tell everyone you know about him....i`ll do the same he is a love scammer !

Does any one know Derek ansell

Hi...does anyone hear of a doctor originally from Milan but works in Chicago as a general surgeon. He is now in Yemen for 4 months. He has one daughter in boarding school in Chicago. He says his name is Philip Howard. I don't believe that is his last name. I have not heard his voice but says he has an accent? If this sounds like any one knows of him..can you send me pictures? Thanks everyone...I met him on tinder...

Hi - I think my friend is being scammed by this man. She is told
His name is Steve Howard. Wife and kid died in accident . Works off shore as engineer. From
MIlan . Has accent. I was with her yesterday when he called.

I live in Australia and David Nichols contacted me through Yahtzee had a few chats then asked for email then Whatsapp.. handsome, poetic, romantic. German, living in New York but working in Scottish waters 75k off Shetland Islands . Oil rigs, he financed to get 1million barrels of oil working with Clair Oils..
Sure was a smooth chatter . Too good to be true. I didn't get caught but so easily could have.

Hi have anybody come across a us soldier by the name of garrison Hamilton he has come up to me on Facebook but want to check if he's real

Add Richard Perkins to the oil rig scam

Has anyone ever been asked to pay with bitcon for someones travel back to the states?

Has anyone heard of a guy who goes by the namr Cody Ludwig?

I was contacted by a man, Walter Ludwig, German American, through LinkedIn. Picture - very handome man but I suspect someone else's pic. He wooed me for 1 1/2 weeks. Very attentive, caring man. Wife died 4 yrs ago from cancer. He has a 16 yr old daughter, who is cared for by a nanny, while is on an oil rig off Ireland. Said he had been there about 2 months. Asked me to switch over to Whatsapp, which I did. One pic on LinkedIn, a different one on Whatsapp, and one in the conversation were all of the same man. I asked him yesterday to take pics on the rig, with some selfies. Told me no pics on rig but took a selfie - same man. He asked me for an itunes card. I started researching his phone number. Stated the number was assigned to a landline. Tried to reverse ID photo with no luck. I texted him a message, explaining what I found out. He tried to make the situation my fault, saying I was the con artist. Even asked me why I had 2 LinkedIn accounts - I do not but he said I was. I uninstalled whatsapp and then wentvto LinkedIn where his account had been deleted. And no I did not get the itunes giftcard.

My sister I’m afraid has fallen prey to a guy who says he lives in Wisconsin but is working overseas In Israel for a company. She has sent him numerous amounts of money but is denying it to her family. He asks for money for different things ie a new phone , plane ticket as he has promised to come visit her but curiously never does and gift cards. She has sent him copies of credit cards and supposedly opened a bank account for him and her. It has really gotten intense and she won’t listen to her family who is warning her of a major scam. She really thinks he is in love with her and is breaking up her marriage for this guy. I believe they have faced timed. His name is Richard and from the pics I’ve seen he has a beard and is always wearing a baseball type cap. I mm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar with a guy who goes by that name. I’ve got to do all I can to help her see the real situation.

Im looking to see if anyone has heard from
a man in the gulf of Mexico on a oil rig asking for money or gift card a nd trying to buy cellphone on your account using the mac reeves Ethan

Oh my gosh I have just became the latest victim of an online dating scam .Notndlly I do not fall for things like this .. This guy Alaard Cruff even went as far as forwarding me his flight confirmation and I knew it offf snd should have called them sooner rather then waiting .. He was a nice guy but after only one month o had sent him over a $100@ and feeling sick to my stomach. He was from Sodon ladies he is on different dating websites just be aware freaking scammer . He promises marriage and other things just be aware .

I was talking to him for about 3 weeks. He sent a fake confirmation of flight. Says he lives Madrid Spain but is from the Netherlands. Used another name of Dawn Levi but introduced hisself as Alaard Cruff. Everything he said was suspect and I check out everything. Beware ladies.

Alaard Cruff first contacted me through Mingle2 in October 2019 and informed me that he owns his business, has a sister in California, his parents have passed away, he lives in Catalonia Spain, from Netherlands and that he travels for work. Ladies biggest scammer ever but he will eventually face his karma they always do! He will tell you that he loves you and ask for marriage etc. Don't fall for it.

Anyone heard of Cynthian Jones? American girl from Dallas studying nursing in Ghana. No money but she is trying.

Okay y'all here is your warning- they are all scams! I received an FB friend request from Wayne sandez. I knew from the beginning he was a scam but talked to him just to see where it went. He claimed to be a peacekeeper in Syria. So when I told him I've been learning Arabic for 12 years and know many people from Syria and in Syria he stopped contacting me. The next day I got a friend request from David Troy William. Said he was working with an oil company in Germany. His profile pictures were up an older gentleman at a desk and looking very posed. Right away he start trying to talk romantic and contacting me at all times even though I made it plain I am not interested in anything... I could tell his English was just a little 'off' so he is foreign. Google searched His image and the real man belonging to that picture is a mayor of a city in Turkey! When I searched the name David Troy Williams on FB there were several profiles using the same pictures. And one of the profiles I looked at his photos and it showed all the same photos of the Turkish man. But also a picture of a man from Thailand with some Thai language comments from him. He is the actual man I've been talking to! So shortly after I found that he sent me a message asking me how I feel about internet relationships. I told him they are not for me. Anybody could be pretending to be anything. Like maybe this is you! And I sent him the photo of the man from Thailand. He got mad and then I've never heard from him since!
People - don't fall for these things. When all you have is words on a screen. Why would they be in love with you? Do your research - these things that are easy to find.

I am giving as much detail to this story as I can in hopes that it helps someone else. I met 'Andrin Giachen' on He's Swiss with one son in his 20s that does not live at home. A widower whose wife died of colon cancer 3 yrs ago. We've been chatting for the past 3 weeks and I was not aware of this scam until a friend sent me this link. He's not asked for any money but it seems like it's only a matter of time. The similarity of his story and others here are just too much. He set the stage early by telling me when we met that he's working on a big proposal to fix drilling equipment. Later revealed it was for TransCanada for a rig off of Anchorage. When we were supposed to meet for our first date he found out his proposal was accepted and he had to fly down to Dallas for onsite testing and then a presentation. He even sent me pictures of someone presenting. In Dallas, he learned that his proposal was accepted and he needed to go back to his house in NY to get some things before heading to Anchorage. During this whole time, we were exchanging photos on a daily basis. The person behind this has a whole portfolio of images to use. I even received images of him on a plane with a mask. Once in Anchorage he let me know the reception was spotty so did not have access to email but could text. The daily photos stopped as he told me he could not send any out so we have just been texting. His job on the rig has been to take notes of all the equipment that needed replacing, have it ordered and and shipped to the rig. He cannot leave the rig until the equipment arrives. So here goes my mistake - He asked me to submit an order on his behalf to the steel company in Indonesia. I did not make any payments just put in a order for all this drilling equipment he sent me (very well thought out) and made it clear it was on his behalf. I even put his email address in cc so he'd receive a copy. I suspect the next step would have been to have me pay a deposit or something on the equipment as he did not have access but not sure. OR the 'steel company' sends me a phishing email with an attached invoice that he'd ask I open. It's heartbreaking as the scammers know how to pray upon lonely people. My last text to him was to tell him he could FaceTime me when he's back on dry land. Something I know will never happen. In the meantime, stay strong if this happens to you or you think it's happening to you. Don't let your heart override your brain or your gut. Tell your friend about the story. They will keep you honest.

I suspected something was wrong with this charming romantic man and the story above replicates my experience in the past few weeks. I googled his name just now and found this dialogue. Same story about the oil rig, company in Alaska, poor internet connection, requests to transfer funds from his account, send purchase orders on his behalf etc. Supposedly living in Madison, CT with another home in New Jersey, widower, very handsome and charming but every time we were to meet something came up. Again this weekend when he was flying from Alaska but flight was canceled due to weather conditions in Texas. Again requesting $$$ to be transferred from his account to the steel company for delivery of materials. Even said I could transfer money to my account for helping him out. That was the big red flag. I feel foolish - suspected too good to be true on but all the recent events in the past week made me suspicious. I agree - trust your gut not your heart.

This story is so similar to mine. Swiss vey good looking and charming goes by the name Calvin chris, The sweet poetry, love and want to marry texts, transfers from his account to pay for materials. Now account not accessible, bank blocked it for too many attempts hasn’t asked me for any money yet.

I had replied to this but do not see my reply. I was scammed by the same person's name with the same exact details, except he was on OK Cupid and he said he lived in Madison, Connecticut. All the other details were exactly the same!

Anyone had contact with a Mark Roland on an oil rig in the North Sea off the coast of Norway. We’ve been texting and chatting since May. Same story a machine broke and he needs money for a new one. Says he has a daughter in England studying to be a doctor,wife died of cancer 6 years ago. I spoke with someone who claimed to be the daughter and she invited me to come toEngland to visit. I have pictures of him, White hair,blue eyes, handsome, nice smile. Writes romantic letters, sent me flowers when Iwas in the hospital. Says he’s Swedish. Sent me a picture of his passport. Anyone know of him.?

I think I'm being scammed by a girl in the Netherlands

Got me!! Dude goes by name of David Tyler Donald. Real smooth talker, claims to be an independent Marine Engineer Contractor working in Alaska on oil rig. Wife cheated and lied, 2 kids (a girl 7 and a boy 5 in boarding school (of course). BEWARE!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!

Did you say he a welder in Alaska, it sound like same guy asking 50k

David Tyler asked me to help him to pay $3,000 for his daughter’s hospital bill. And he asked me to give him $200.00 for Apple gift card. And he kept telling me when he can get money from me.

I’ve been chatting with a guy called Richard Rivera, he said is working in the Gulf of California in a rig.

If anyone have gotten in contact with this person, please let me know.


Has anyone been involved with an oil rig scammer by the name of Mark Spencer?

I am texting with a Mark Roland. Claims to be Swedish, older white hair, blue eyes,good looking. He says he’s on a rig in the North Sea, has 2dogs with him. Needs money for a new piece of equipment. Would love to compare notes with you.

Has anyone else been contacted by someone who works on a crude oil supply vessel in the North Sea that has apparently broken down? I have been chatting to someone who has made this claim to me and now wants to send money and documents to me for me to keep safe. I was a little suspicious before but this has made me more suspicious.

I was scammed couple years ago. I have been texting a guy named Robert Steve Johnson from MI, he works on rigs. He seemed different & sincere but as times passes his manner is like others. Now asking for money for cell service so he can get his job done & return home so we can meet. As I understand everything they do is paid for including their ticket to & from the job, food etc. Does anyone have information to share with me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Patricia

I am talking with a man named Theo Kristen who says he's working on an off shore oil rig in Turkey. I'm not sure if I'm being scammed becsuse he hasn't asked for money but wants to send me money to buy a house for us. Does anyone have any feedback on this man?

Hi this sounds like my current guy named Jerry Mosher, working supposedly on an oil rig off Sicily. Not asked for money but keeps saying he will send money to buy a house for our future, no upper limit on price, but never sends any. Smooth talker and very clever or a quick google checker, as I keep asking questions about oil rig working which he answers. I knew mine was a scammer as he sent photos supposedly recent, but they were dated 2020.

Is anyone talking to Jeff Smith contractor on an oil rig, 2 boys in boarding school. He is in Oman. Wanting to meet you. Real smooth talker. Due to security he can not call you. Want to marry you . Open account where he can transfer funds into from the international bank ACB


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