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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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I am concerned for a older lady. The mans name was Michael grew. Then a new man named “Robins” maybe Ron.... is now on his 4th excuse of why he wasn’t on the plane. Was robbed in Syria, in the army, needs medical down payment for surgery, manager named ONeal..... cash app sent to pennie Newton??? Anyone know of this person or sound like your man??? I have pics also. Black bald man looking about 40ish!!!

David Anderson - David Mobi Group - says he is an engineer doing a large oil deal. He is half Brazlian, 6'1', sent flowers and lots of sweet talk. Same photos as Ivan Alekhin. He connected with me through FB. He said that he didn't have enough money for the taxes he needed. That was a big red flag. His English is not that great.

I have been scam by a personal they said they are nfl player Rayne Dakota Prescott for the last 3in half years of $1800.00 I have his number and I want to know is it really Dak Prescott and I have all the pictures and text messages over ours conversations and I have pictures of the gifts cards that I have brought and he wanted me to cut up the cards and deleted the text messages,
I have contacted the owner of the Cowboys and the owner of the NFL Commissioner nobody's wouldn't help me.
please can I get some help.

I have been talking to a man supposed to be working on a oil rig in the gulf of Mexico. He followed most of the scammers rules. Like had me to start chatting on a different web site. Fell in love quickly. But he has sent me pictures and video chats and he told me he was going to go to the hull and workout in the gym. Then sent a video of him working out. But when I do a reverse image and email nothing comes up. He did ask for 200 for a phone card when I said I couldn't do it he said fine I will have to use someone elses internet so if I can't talk to you as much this is why. So is he a scammer

I have a nasty feeling in my gut about what I read on here and I'm just so unsure of everything. Has anyone heard from an Andrew Morgan from Texas working on the oil rig off the Coast of Mexico?
Completely declares that he's not a scammer and frantically tries to call me (via HangOuts App) when I bring it up, even though he's not supposed to make calls supposedly.
Newest thing is that he has a trunk from a UK company that is going out of business and it holds family heirlooms and papers. Of course this incurred port fees and such totaling almost $5k. There are emails with an Agent from the company and I've looked up this company online and it seems like a legit company. But again, still not sure.
My growing suspicion is when I've said I will not pay something with Bitcoin (because they all want to try that) when this "Agent" gives me an address to send a FedEx with cash in it. Red flags were going off. I just don't know.
I've searched for Andrew Morgan on this site and other searches and this name hasn't popped up but maybe he hasn't been caught yet or he's new to "the game".
Does anyone recognize this name?

Does anyone know a guy called Jack Lawerance lives in Florida but works on the oil rigs I mrxco

Hi, met someone on hangouts. All going well, seemed like a genuine bloke. Working on an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico, widower with a son. He asked me for a gift card which I refused, now he's ignoring me. His name is Matt low.

Engineer, lives in Dallas, wife died in car accident two years ago, met on ScrabbleGo....rents cranes, independent ScrabbleGo s known site for scammers?

Marci Lombardi. From Florence living in US, widower with 13 year old son being raised by his mom back in Italy. Worked me on text for two months and then he left for Italy and then he left for the oil rig. He’s a chemical consultant and the shipping of chemicals has been delayed, delaying his return. Oh and he needs money to get the chemicals so he can come home and finally meet me and we can be together. He didn’t ask for money. I almost offered. Then I found this website with the too similar stories.
Thank you for saving me, and my savings account!!

My friend is chatting with a 60 year old polish guy that started messaging her on Yahtzee or scrabble I believe. He lives in California and says he’s a logger. They only text after 30 days and no FaceTime or talking on the phone. I think he’s a scammer. Anyone else run across this guy? Says he’s widowed and has a 17 year old daughter about to leave for college

Islandqtie, what is the name this person is playing or saying his name is? The person I am chatting with is also Polish and met on Yahtzee. Although he has called me thru the Hangouts app. He is also a widowed gentleman in his 60's but stated he lives in Texas (although they can say whatever they want to keep us guessing). Also stated he takes care of his granddaughter going to school in New York. Please publish his name on here to know what names are being used. I'm wondering if its the same person.

Actually, gotten message from facebookdating ..Mr .George muensterer kept on saying " own small company does Welding in Alaska oil rig ".. he needed complaining didn't get loan from bank due low credit score .. conversation gotten seriously "how much can you send me? " .. reality, love don't demand nothing .. if your interested see photos or message ? Reply

if anyone hears of a guy named Gerry lakewood Or Ciro Gerry Lakewood Corvi.. work on rig off coast of Louisiana. Just moved to Key west originally from NYC. Wife died and nannie help him raise 16 year old daughter.. so believable.. . pipe welder the boss. called and texted all time,, run away from this man..

I have been talking to a David Joshua fits all the criteria for oil rig scammer
1) first name for both first and last name
2) widowed
3) Child living with a nanny
4) Has to only communicate on Hangout
5) Calls but no video calls
6) English broken and grammar poor
7) Falls in love quickly
8) Has no communication for a day and then claims an injury and needs medical treatment for $7,500 to be sent Bitcom.
I sent nothing and blocked him. Sad Sad Sad

How do I find new for guys real or oil rig engineer working in the Philippines says his paychecks are on hold can't get his money asking for money always

Been talking to Robert John who I met in Facebook, moved to Hangouts. Very quickly in love with me and wants to marry. Has an accent that he says is Icelandic, independent contractor working on an oil rig in Aberdeen Scotland. Claims to be divorced with a 14 year old daughter. Pictures he shares are of a very nice looking man with a mustache snd short beard, salt and pepper. Says he is 57. I’ve asked him to send selfie’s and hold a sign and date it and he’s done it! Yet, there are shadows on the picture that could be lighting or photo shopped? My gut tells me that the guy I’m talking to is younger and I can’t shake the feeling that he’s using someone else’s pics. Then came the story of the tragedy on the oil rig with a runaway piece of equipment. Many hurt. He tried to save these guys. He lost his wallet with his cash snd credit card. Here we go! He’s responsible so he won’t get paid and needs 3,000 to get home to California and pay his medical bills. I said no. His bank will reissue his card etc. he claims funds are frozen. He knows I don’t believe that. Then he sent me information on buying bitcoins in case I change my mind. Do it for God! He says. I told him God said no. Then he started asking for steam cards and pushing for the 3,000 so we can be together. I stopped talking to him.

My Step Mom was talking to a man named Bruno, an alleged Architect, who was working under a Military contract and now she is talking to a Charles from Texas who is working in an Australian mine. So far Charles hasn't asked for money , but it's just a matter of time. The patterns are they have one child, working out of the country, something catastrophic happens where they need money, and they keep pushing back the time frame for which they come back to the states. Beware ladies. These men know you are vulnerable.

I just wanted to share my story. I have just been a victim of this oil rig scam. It is too late for me, I have already lost $70,000. The person is called Charles Liu. He messaged me and within a couple of weeks he said that he loved me. He is a widow, his wife died in childbirth, and he has a young daughter.

He said he was working on an oil rig and had some problems. He wanted to send him $5000. I did it. Then he wanted me to send him more money, I did it. Eventually I ran out of money, I used up all of my savings. I asked when he could give me my money but he never replied back. Then I researched this 'Oil Rig Scam'.

I thought I love this man but he is a fraud. He hasn't replied back to my messages. I am so devastated and feel so foolish that I fell for it.

Be careful women! Don't send money to someone you have never met!!

I have been chatting with John Robert Brandon, says he is from Oklahoma, a civil engineer who was building a mosque in Turkey then got sent to Ekofisk, a big one rig operation in the North Sea. When he left Turkey he supposedly sent luggage to me with jewelry, a large amount of cash, and document. He used Hex Logistics, a Shipping company, and the luggage got confiscated in Ukraine for custom fees and now taxes. And he is stuck on Ekofisk, with bad health problems.
Does any of this sound familiar? He says he is 62, and this is his last job. Can only interact on Hangouts.

Ladies PLEASE BEWARE of MARK ROLAND I’m sure he uses other names too.I was scammed by him. He says he is a Swedish engineer on an oil rig in the North Sea. Very charming,says all the right things.Just don’t cross him ,he’ll become a completely different person, very belligerent.
Claims his wife died of colon cancer and he has a daughter,Jenny studying to be a doctor in England. He is actually a Nigerian. Phone number is 510-544-7459.

Has anyone been chatting with a guy named Antonio Piero on a oil rig in the gulf of mexico has a son in the states staying with friends. He has told me the company name and the platform name.he calls andd video chats with me. He has sent pictures.Just wondering if he ia a scammer.

I have a feeling I am being scammed. The name he is using is Ryker Hoffman. He says that he is Chief Engineer on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. There is an account under that name on facebook with details identical to those he gave me and a photograph. Please have a look and let me know if you recognise him. Thank you.

Anyone talking to Jeremy Luster?
He claims to be an engineer on an oil rig North Sea Aberdeen Scotland. Also needs money to get home to Houston to dying daughter.

I have an Adam Pacheco who is "on a ship" outside of Dubai. Son Owen is in boarding school. Wife and older son dead in plane crash. Loves me after a week,..... how do I see the pics you guys are talking about? This is a good looking gent with a beard.

Anyone heard of a man named David Lorenzo, working on a rig off of Sicily Italy? Wife snd son killed in car accident, parents deceased, claims to be from MO?

Beware of Andre Reifer he’s a Jamaican guy who said he’s an petroleum geologists working offshore live in New Orleans. Same story: widower, wife and son died in accident. He’s a liar and he will ask for money. He’s on POF date site. Good looking doesn’t “ meet the profile “ don’t get taken.

Has anyone talked to Patrick Moses? He is a general surgeon in Mexico working for UN. Has 2 daughters in boarding school , wife passed away 7 yrs ago in car crash

Has anybody been scammed by a Matt Walter. Same ole story. Works on oil rig in gulf of mexico. Can't video chat. Wife died car accident. One girl one boy in boarding school. Just recently ask for money to repair machine or he loses his job. From germany and lived in Miami. I have blocked him and done other things to discourage him. But he uses different names or emails. Please be aware. Thanks

Been talking to this person for 6 weeks. He confessed his live to me with 3 weeks. He is a chief engineer on a rig in the north sea. Lives in England. Wife died of cancer 6 yrs ago. Wife's name was Helga. He is very romantic, poetic, attentive and also sent me his SSN#.. To prove to me he was "real". He is finishing his contract on the rig and a pipe broke. Then he hit me with the bomb and asked to borrow 50,000 and will pay me back once he gets paid by Shell. Then he will be flying to the States. To live with me.(Not). .. he is going by the name Paul Lorenzo. Very handsome. I feel it's a scam, however, some days, I actually wonder. Anyone else talking to the same person??

Hello, chances are they are all part of one network is what I'm learning and they probably aren't using the same names. I am so in love and recently, I just came to my senses that I'm possibly being scammed. Have you met him yet?

Do someone is contacting with oil rig peroleum engineer by Kelvin A Nowland, from Austin TX widow, I found him in f.b with another name Kelvin Appolo ??

Oil and gas engineer - British accent- name of Oskar - says he lives in Canada but currently working in Turkey

Has not asked for money but he keeps having all these dramatic things happen.

Is this familiar to anyone?

I’ve been chatting with William Murphy. He is supposedly a Dr and working on an oil rig. I think I am being scammed as he is supposed to re-pay me for phones he purchased on my account. Looking for information/help. Thanks

Derrickman working in the Netherlands undersea piping. Wife died of cancer he left with 3 kids in boarding. Contract up in 1 year says we are soulmates wants to get married and we be together forever after 1 week of communication on hangouts bc Instagram he doesn’t know if he can access regular. Asked me for a bd present of 500 on google play gift cards's turned into a classic scam story: widower with a young adult daughter, contract (engineer) work on an off-shore oil rig, has put all his focus on his work since his wife died, realizing he needed to live again, daughter put him on the dating site- unfamiliar with the concept, true love SO SOON, needs to hear your voice, your his Queen, he feels an amazing connection....any of these points ringing familiar??
(funny how unoriginal the novel is after a while, eh?)

Yes that’s him Heinrich Leon Schmitz look him up on Facebook!
My queen bull poetry love songs retiring in September lol geez same guy

I think I’m talking to him now.

Has anyone chatted with a man working for Siem shipping (marine engineer) Dominic Amaechi? Says born in Colorado but currently lives in Germany. Thanks!!

Does anyone here chatting to a man called Richard Wong? Works in an oil rig in Saudi Arabia. Claimed he’s half Chinese half American. Asking for money so he’ll get paid by his employer

Hi I think I got scammed with the same guy. Can we chat and shared more stories about it. I have lost hundred thousand dollars to this stupid scammer.

Any one hear of a name
MIKE BRYAN from Salem Illinois .. on anything ..

I was just recently speaking with a Steven Bryan on Google Hangouts. Same story, professed love, working on an off-shore oil rig. Don't fall for it ladies!

Ive been talking to a man for weeks...met him on Facebook..he deleted his Facebook account and wanted me to delete mine so we could talk on on his profile were only of is Johnson Morgan..from Los Angeles and on an oil rig in Norway.....professes his love for me after 2 days...never have talked to him...can't because of explosion on oil rig sent another picture on Hangout...said he divorced his wife of 18 years because she let their son die of tetanus......he forgot to bring bank cards on rig with him and needs me to send money or gift card or bitcoin so he can buy data for his phone to msg with me! Help! Yes fell in love with him
Very good looking....anybody hear of him? Comments pls soon!!!!!

How can we exchange pictures ? I am talking to same person. Doing last contract then coming straight here to start out wonderful life of travelling the world...trying new Has a 20 yr old daughter studying theatre art. Days he is 60 yrs

Anyone who knows Kristof Cheung? Beware of this name on Fb Dating site.

How can we compare pics

Has any one chatted with Mark Derrick John. Independent contractor on a rig in the Pacific ocean. He doesn't know the name of the rig he is on. Says he has spent all the money he had for expenses to run the job. Has asked me for money and I have sent him some. He has me send it to his agent in Florida, who buys the item needed and has it shipped to the rig.

I have been chatting with a Mark from the same area, says Gulf of Alaska.

Says he is 50, just asked me to get him a $300 Steam card so he could update software on his computer since his wallet was stolen or lost, and his bank froze his account until he can come in person to resolve.

Is anyone on here had contact with a man that goes by the name of Leslie and is enlisted by a private military group blackwater academy.
Claims he needs 600 dollars to end his assignment early.

Beware of Lewis Jeff / Lewis Alva Smith. Claims to work off shore as a drilling engineer. Says date of birth is Nov 22. Says he is from Miami but English is not his 1st language . The pictures he uses is a very handsome man, with dark hair turning gray, dark eyes and in most pictures a full beard. He has a tattoo on both arms, an owl and a shamrock


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