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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

Illustration of a woman using a dating app

People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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Comments's turned into a classic scam story: widower with a young adult daughter, contract (engineer) work on an off-shore oil rig, has put all his focus on his work since his wife died, realizing he needed to live again, daughter put him on the dating site- unfamiliar with the concept, true love SO SOON, needs to hear your voice, your his Queen, he feels an amazing connection....any of these points ringing familiar??
(funny how unoriginal the novel is after a while, eh?)

Yes that’s him Heinrich Leon Schmitz look him up on Facebook!
My queen bull poetry love songs retiring in September lol geez same guy

I think I’m talking to him now.

Has anyone chatted with a man working for Siem shipping (marine engineer) Dominic Amaechi? Says born in Colorado but currently lives in Germany. Thanks!!

Does anyone here chatting to a man called Richard Wong? Works in an oil rig in Saudi Arabia. Claimed he’s half Chinese half American. Asking for money so he’ll get paid by his employer

Hi I think I got scammed with the same guy. Can we chat and shared more stories about it. I have lost hundred thousand dollars to this stupid scammer.

Any one hear of a name
MIKE BRYAN from Salem Illinois .. on anything ..

I was just recently speaking with a Steven Bryan on Google Hangouts. Same story, professed love, working on an off-shore oil rig. Don't fall for it ladies!

Ive been talking to a man for weeks...met him on Facebook..he deleted his Facebook account and wanted me to delete mine so we could talk on on his profile were only of is Johnson Morgan..from Los Angeles and on an oil rig in Norway.....professes his love for me after 2 days...never have talked to him...can't because of explosion on oil rig sent another picture on Hangout...said he divorced his wife of 18 years because she let their son die of tetanus......he forgot to bring bank cards on rig with him and needs me to send money or gift card or bitcoin so he can buy data for his phone to msg with me! Help! Yes fell in love with him
Very good looking....anybody hear of him? Comments pls soon!!!!!

How can we exchange pictures ? I am talking to same person. Doing last contract then coming straight here to start out wonderful life of travelling the world...trying new Has a 20 yr old daughter studying theatre art. Days he is 60 yrs

Anyone who knows Kristof Cheung? Beware of this name on Fb Dating site.

How can we compare pics

Has any one chatted with Mark Derrick John. Independent contractor on a rig in the Pacific ocean. He doesn't know the name of the rig he is on. Says he has spent all the money he had for expenses to run the job. Has asked me for money and I have sent him some. He has me send it to his agent in Florida, who buys the item needed and has it shipped to the rig.

I have been chatting with a Mark from the same area, says Gulf of Alaska.

Says he is 50, just asked me to get him a $300 Steam card so he could update software on his computer since his wallet was stolen or lost, and his bank froze his account until he can come in person to resolve.

Is anyone on here had contact with a man that goes by the name of Leslie and is enlisted by a private military group blackwater academy.
Claims he needs 600 dollars to end his assignment early.

Beware of Lewis Jeff / Lewis Alva Smith. Claims to work off shore as a drilling engineer. Says date of birth is Nov 22. Says he is from Miami but English is not his 1st language . The pictures he uses is a very handsome man, with dark hair turning gray, dark eyes and in most pictures a full beard. He has a tattoo on both arms, an owl and a shamrock

Jankys Thompson oil rig contractor, houston, Texas. Has nanny, young daughter. Sounds exactly like another story on here.

Hello Ladies. My "charmer" sounds familiar. From Atlanta, GA. Calls me his Queen and his "missing rib."
When he writes the word this = these, and when using being= been. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Also has a 4-year old taken care of by a nanny. Is an oil rig contractor who has been in North Sea since Decmber 2020. Is retiring soon so we can marry. Has asked to help take care of his ("our") son (since I will be his new mum)by sending bitcoin or Steam cards. $2100 in the hole. Too dumb to know about scammers. Anyone else have this experience?

chatting with a man met on tinder
From West Africa
Three kids poetic kind devoted
Jason george any info

Does anyone been chatting to David Williams, contractor in Yemen atm, wife died of cancer and he has 14 years old son in state? Been asking for gift cards

There is a person on Facebook he goes by the name Thomas O'Neil he is using pictures of a deciececd man! Watch out for him he will tell you everything you want to here. He is a fraud he say's he is wealthy lives in Pennsylvania! Get's all your info get's you to open bank accounts for bitcoins!! I have an on going police report! I've had to deactivate my Facebook.. all accounts on line!! The main people are in South Africa! Answering machine say's Stephen Newman!! Anyone else know of this fraud?? His main thing to feel you in is bitcoins!

Has anyone got scammed by a person goes as Eric Alan? He too is a oil rig contractor for on and off shore.l Lost his wife three years ago to a car crash, and his Mexican girl friend scammed him so much money and caught sleeping with his best friends.
Has two young daughters. A full time nanny takes care of them.
Watch out for him. He is a charmer. Has grey hair, heard, and and charm your way to try seduce you to think he is impatient till he get you and start a life. According to him, he might check where you live to tell where his next project will be ( if you live in an oil country, will use the province ). Shares pics.. Met on FB dating

Same guy.
On scrabble. Name is Frank. On oil rig in Indonesia. Wife died 4 years ago. Parents from Malta but living in Georgia. Son Wilson.
Just asked to go on some chat site I’ve not heard of.

Started chatting with a Morgan Lorenzo on Instagram. We moved to Hangouts and he then deleted his Instagram acct. he lives in California with a 10 year old son. Divorced his wife after he found her in bed with his friend. He is in Germany now engineer on an oil rig. Asked for Apple Card for new phone. I sent them. Now asking for 2000 in Apple Card’s to use to verify to his company that he has gotten paid by them or his pay will be froze.

Has anybody had any contact with Robertson anthony from Illinois working on rig in canada

This sound so familiar Also speaking to a Alfonso Basilio handsome also a oil rig contractor has a son who’s stays with his mom and he also lives in California.He is on a oil Rig now and bought a new machine and he has no money for customs duty and has asked friends but not enough and needs more money so he has asked me for if I can’t help him.And that is so scammish.

I have a orthopedic surgeon name Jim Mount trying to whoo me. Tells me he has a 14yrs old son in boarding school he is widowed. And says he love me after 10min. Anybody have this person reach out to them for love as well?

Ben Headley, Magnus Erickson, Mason Haper, Mathias Albert, Philip Alecsandri, Leon Franciszek, Frank Torngren, David Arnold/Austin, and Peter Wallin are the supposed names of scammers I have encountered in the past 18 months. Beware!!

My daughter is talking with a man goes by Mathews Verdin for a month . Calls her many times everyday and texts. Number seems to be from Mississippi. Says he is widow & has a son (sent pics) 13 & has a nanny. He has contracted & is working on a rig in Turkey?? Wants to retire & wants a wife. Also wants to open up a business for her. Poems & professing his love. Blond & 52? She spoke with him on Skype once.

Has anyone spoken to David Dickson says he’s from Spartanburg, S. Carolina. Comes across as a really nice guy. Works supposedly as a contractor for Exxon Mobile. Has also registered under Dickson David. Would like to believe he’s not a scammer, but not convinced

This David Dickson sounds like it could be the man named Brian Williams from Columbia SC who scammed me out of a gift card! don't give them any money! mine used intimidation on me but I was only out $100 then never heard from him did Internet search, no such person exists! it broke my heart as I was developing feelings and of course he said he loved me, so before we met, he pulled the travel bit that his wallet was stolen and needed me to send him an E-bay card 'because I was his woman"!!! -- yeah, run like xxxx and block them - I did, this one said he was from Norway but had a very heavy accent - said daughter age 29 in boarding school in Ireland, said he was a widower - dead wife named Roxie said he lived 32 years in FL before moving eight months ago to Columbia, SC very nice looking tall man with grey hair, clean-shaven says age 65 but it is probably a fake picture too! Ladies be aware!

Philip Alecsandri, says he is in Montreal now and needs to pay taxes. Said he was from Miami...67 years old. Very handsome and charming.CEO of Global Construction: NOT a real web site. born in a US citizen.

Alex de Kevin, Raleigh. so charming, 66 years old, very handsome, sounds so real, very charming. Says he needs to pay custom taxes. Born in Brussels, now US citizen.

Oil rig engineer found me on an online scrabble game. Introduces himself, ask if single or married, discovers your single uses hangouts to communicate to you. Wife and child died in accident, raising 2 grandchildren on his own. Within 3 days expresses his love for you, within 5 days calls you his wife, and withing 7 days asks for stream cards thousand of dollars out on rig no banks and problem with machinery and phone data. Won contract on rig. He said his name was Paul Walter from new York and said he is a engineer on oil rig

Anyone talking to a smith johnson? Oil rigger from Austin TX. Stuck on rig in UK?

Anyone speak with a guy named Smith Johnson? Oil rigger stationed in the UK but lives in Texas?

I meet a guy name Fang Smith he told me that he work at a oil rig, I only been talking to him for 2 weeks and he asked me to send him money because of broken arm and he asking me two send him 2000 dollars to get of oil rig. I keep telling him that I don’t have money but he keep asking me and now he telling me his son is in a coma and wants me to send him money to help his son

i want to report a person who calls himself john p michael, says he lives in Brazil, being a widower with a small son. He said he wanted to come to Italy to help me with my leg disability because he is an orthopedic. Then he said that he had been called on a mission to Taiwan, he would leave later, instead he started to ask for money, for suitcase need, sick father, mobile phone because they had removed his documents etc ... then on facebook he changed profile after having removed me. he was no more an orthopedic but veterinary and he was in Egypt.

I had a guy by the name of Paul Walter. He said he lived in New your with his 2 grandchildren as his wife and daughter were killed so he is raising them on his own. He works on a rig in the gulf of Mexico. Requested to befriend me on hangout app. With 3 days of communicating to me he told me he loved me, within 4 days he calling me his new wife and within 5 days requested money in gift cards for grand children's birthday then machinery problems on oil rig. Gets you in with words from love songs and asking for photos all the time. Not who he says he is. Facebook page just shows 2 photos no info. Scammer..

My mother is involved with a scammer. She will not believe anything we tell her. She has sold 2 properties and given it all over to scammers. I have tried to gain access to her accounts. She’s changed banks. She’s now only on social security and giving that away as well. She’s about to be evicted from her HUD for not paying her rent. All because she believes what they are telling her. She will not be honest with us when we question her. She is 80 yrs old and thinks someone sight unseen wants to marry her. It’s sad. I have tried and tried to intervene. Nothing works.

Can anyone post or send pictures to my email? My mom has been talking to a guy named James who is in Norway mining oil and she believes he’s real. But all the stories I am reading are details like he has said about son and widowed. If you have pictures just comment and I will give you my email.

My girlfriend just told me she found out her love interest on a dating website is a fake. Greg R. Daniel. Said he was in his 60s & military man stationed in Syria, but lives in her home town. She vetted him pretty well, but gave the info she had on him to an IT techie she knows, who told her whole thing is a total scam. All of his ID info her gave her is fake, and his pictures are of some other army Seargent with a different name. She even Skyped with this scammer who superimposed the fake image into Skype. He hasn't asked for money yet, but she says she will play along and wait for this loser to ask her for something! Beware out there--these losers are

Be careful with these con artists "Oil Rig Scammers". They fall in love with you right away then the want you to send them $19,450 to help them leave/retirement from their oil rig job. Plus they ask for you to send them IPhone Gift cards for around $200 for internet service. The guy says he is not allowed to have cash or credit cards. I smelled a rat when I heard this. So any lonely ladies that are looking for love be careful. And go meet a guy you can see in person!

Anyone been DMed on Twitter by a supposed Norway business owner who within weeks said he was crazy in love and wants to put money in your bank account?

Does anyone know if after a rig fire they rebuild it with the same name on it? Gulf of Mexico

Has anyone talked to a guy that goes by Dwayne Robinson or D Williams Robinson. I have a friend that I think is being scammed by him.

thank you

befriended on Instagram by a man called Daniel Walters from Orlando Florida, currently working on an oil rig in Greece. Told me to use Whatsapp rather than Instagram. Said he was a widow after his wife and mother had died in an accident. He has two kids Alvin and Jane aged 13 and 14. Told me he loved me and wants to marry me after 3 days of texting. I stupidly fell for it after he sent me photos of a gorgeous man and I was flattered. Lots and lots of lovely romantic messages sent and received. Yesterday asked me for $550 amazon gift card or steam wallet to resubscribe to internet. When I questioned this he got nasty and said that I shouldnt doubt him if I loved him, said I had broken his heart and his trust etc. I gave him and said that I would get them for him. He then went back to being nice again. I still havent got them and dont intend to. Why do they do this, he will break my heart as I have become very fond of him in a short time.

Man by the name of Harry Wilson only talks on hangouts after meeting on words with friends. Is a petroleum engineer and has a 13 yr old daughter , wife died from cancer. Asked for iTunes cards and money in cash after ‘ an accident’ on an oil rig of which he was fined.

My guy lloyd rowley on is Yagami calls me his queen also his missing rib,been talking since April, lives in Missouri, before that Oklahoma, has thick accent said he was born in Luxembourg, has a son in jail for drugs and a sick mother 93 in Oklahoma, I have sent 5000. He is stuck in belguim at the seaport, good looking salt and pepper beard hairs still dark, needs a few more thousand to get back to the states, he sent me a pic of his passport. It had expired June 25 2o21, said that doesn't matter if I send money he can still get back home, wow these guys are good, anyone here his name around ? Lloyd rowley

So how do you catch these people ?

I have been chased by several of these losers:
1- oil rig guy in gulf- widowed with daughter in college- Matt Lewis
2-Vanguard international fund manager orig from France, has fake Scottish accent, same family history, James Sullivan
3- oil rig contractor orig from Spain, working in Arkansas, grown son, Andrew Stein.

Got rid of 1 and 2 by telling them I did a background check and told them all the holes in their stories, including #2 not knowing where Vanguard’s UK office was.
For #3, I am playing scam the scammer- before he can try to get any money out of me, I will hit him up with my own sob story about needing medical treatment my insurance won’t cover and see if he wants to put some skin in the game.
In future, if he sounds too good to be true, he is. Just gently dropping that you are doing a full background check should clear the room.


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