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Social Security is not trying to take your benefits

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We’ve seen a new twist on the Social Security Administration (SSA) scam recently. Check out this SSA imposter robocall, which says your benefits will end. (That’s not true, by the way.)
If you get a call like this, do not press 1. Instead, just hang up and remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended.
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits.
  • The real SSA will never tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on a gift card.

The Social Security Administration scam is the number one scam reported to the FTC right now. People filed nearly 73,000 reports about Social Security imposters in the first six months of 2019, with reported losses of $17 million. (You can explore the data about imposter scams and losses at

So if you’re getting these calls, you’re not alone. Tell your friends and neighbors about this scam. Tell them to hang up the phone. And then to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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I just received a call from 1-800-585-0805 it was a recording with a male voice telling me that my social security benefits will be suspended if I don’t press 1 I just hung up.

I got the same call with this message just now .. from 1-800-343-7714 ...

This number just called me with an IRS recording. The area code is from Canada! Another SCAM!! Beware!!

I still am receiving calls about the Social Security scam.

I have received this call at least 6-10 times in the last 4-5 days. When I call Social Security the first thing they tell you is that they do not call you!
This is 100% a scam

I knew something was up when it addressed me as dear citizen, you'd think the SSA would at least know who they were calling. Another number they are using is 386-132-2116. My phone company correctly coded it as scam likely but sometimes I've had a few good numbers get coded incorrectly so I answered it. When will these robocalls stop?

Recieved a robo call saying my SS# was suspended for "reasons" and to call back asap. Returned call and they tried to get me to verify private info. I informed them I retired from SSA after 40 years of service...they promptly hung up.

Received a call like this today from 800-818-8981. Beware.

I keep receiving phone calls from the supposedly Social Security Admin. Every time I check the number, it is from a different place in the US. I never answer and block each number. But tired of receiving then. Why can they not be stopped?

the same program but different. Know they are saying shutting down permanently (Numbers 2) (9/24/19)- 1800-164-4773 / (9/25/19)- 1800-795-9535

THIS NUMBER 206-866-0272 Calling about fraud activity with my SSN and my number was going to be suspended.

Received a call from 520-771-2148 saying they were SSA and an arrest warrant had been issued for me... I hung up immediately...

".... there are legal enforcement actions filed against you and your social security number, suspected for fraudulent activities so once you get this message kindly call us back as soon as possible....
3 voicemail messages from these numbers:

Received SS scam call from 619-708-5551 with caller ID name of Benja Guillermo.

9/26/2019 received a automated voice message that stated there was suspicious activity with my social security and they will need to suspend it phone number came in 1-916-354-5757 Sloughhouse CA.

I just received 2 calls from 888-567-2011, 2 minutes apart. I let it go to voice mail because I didn't recognize the number. The voice mail message was if I want to stop an automatic withdraw of $499 from my credit card, press 1 and then demanded that I press 1. I did not press 1 and blocked the number.

9-26-19. Call today-caller ID said "Washington" number was +1 206-866-0272. They are getting around call block by using a name. I didn't answer and when I listened to the message it sounded like a real person.

Sept 26.19. Got call today-caller ID said "Washington" number +1 206-866-0272. I didn't answer. Message they left sounded like a real person. They got around call block by using a name on caller ID.

Just received a call from 641-226-5208 says Iowa. Foreign person saying my ssn was involved in some kind of fraud activity and to avoid being arrested I need to provide them with my name and ssn so they can investigate and verify my identity. I told them why don't you tell me how I can verify you and they said "Don't talk to me in that tone of voice" and then I hung up.

818-783-8453. Called and said the police were on the way with a warrant for my arrest. Then hung up on me before I could say anything.

i was called from SSA 1 (800) 745-2966 on 9/26/19 at 1:52 PM. I answered and after hearing the SSA speach i hung up. i was called again from SSA 1 (800) 714-9540 on 9/27/19 at 11:26 AM. This time I answered and after the SSA speach I pressed 1 to talk to the SSA agent. a male answered and ask the reason of my call. I answered that they called me, they asked for my name, i asked the reason of the call, he hung up.

What can I loose if I answered to these scams ? I got the call and I guess I pressed the number one because I remember one lady Asking for my name and then after that I realized is scam and I hang up.

I have received 4 calls on my cell phone in the last two days saying my SS# has been linked to illegal activity close to the Texas border. In order to find out with activity, they say to press 1 to be connected to an officer. The person calling identified themselves as an officer. I DID NOT press 1 and hung up.

received call today . 800-675-7324 robo call ssn suspended due to suspicious activity. HUNG UP.

I received 4 calls from #209-213-7723, 800-82-879, 800076127& 80028041 all say that they were from SS and my ss card was be used fraudulent.

I've received two such calls from 1-800-260-9244, 1-800-382-8924 at 08:26 and 09:28 PST

I received this robocall today, 9/30 at 10:55 am and reported it. The number I received it from was 1-800-580-1755.

I get them 5 or 10 times a day I don't answer to numbers I dont know why can the government find these ppl

I got a phone call telling my benefit will be put on hold and I called the number and they hung up every time I called 18442644233

I've received a phone call today from 844-311-6350. The called claimed that he is about to suspend my social security card since there are lot of fraudulent activity on my social security number. He then starts asking my social security number, credit cards, bank accounts etc.

I have received 7 robo press 1 scam calls in 1 day telling me my SS number has been suspended. All calls came from 946 area code and here are the 7 different #'s 583-1582, 4200073, 609-0377, 365-0608, 056-3820, 399-8546, 261-8740.

received a SSA phone call from this number this afternoon
519-081-0767 another scam.

I received the famous message “Your Social Security Number was being investigated because of fraudulent activity and will be suspended due to this illegal activity.” As an old FMF Marine Veteran, I of course did not respond, but will give them some salty peace of my mind the next time they call, if I am around. Their call phone numbers and times are as follows:
Call Back 877.532.5284 2019-09-30, 3:38 PM
(ID No. 800.918.0782)
Call Back 877.532.2884 2019-10-01, 11:02 AM

Yesterday and today I have received phone calls from 1-800-615-0844 and 1-800-834-5668 . They were saying they were going to suspend my social security number due to suspicious activity.

I received phone call on 09-30; 10-01 and 10/02 from phone numbers: 8002661850 and 800-6678237 and 800-945-0816 with the exact same message. I keep wondering how many people this criminals already jeopardized.

I just received a call from 321/250-8167 saying my social security number has been involved in fraud. I advised them that I was recording the conversation and the foreigner stated, "ma'am, I don't care, you care record the call" and then she hung up. Do I need to do anything else?

Today I received a call 10/2/19 10:54 AM CST The caller states that they it is the Social Security Investigation Division and the my social security number is being suspended and that there is an arrest warrant being issued in my name. Press 1 to speak with an officer and repeats the same threatening message again. I have the highest level of roboblock software on the VOI landline to no avail. The caller's number 727-104-9167. I receive between 5 and 10 calls from different spam callers on a daily basis. I feel that having a landline is important/safer form for communication. However, this continued harassment is such an invasion of my privacy in my own home. Please FTC please help us to do more to stop these predatory practices.

I just received a scam call with this exact recording while trying to call another gov't agency, the number that called me was: 929-336-7509 and they are posing as being from Social Security Administration, asking for full SS# to 'verify information' - I asked who I was talking to and she did give a name "Diana"-something. But again, heavy Indian accent and very suspicious. I hung up.

I am so sick of these calls. I would like to see these people, that are responsible, to be outed. We should be able to see their faces. They should be locked away for ever. They are a true danger to everyone, particularly the elderly!!!! The government needs to do everything in their power, to stop this illegal & dangerous activity. We can’t seem to get their attention.

210-972-6549 Today. I get many, never answer. Report Gov’t pretenders.
This was a well-spoken non-accented man that actually sounded credible. “This call is from the Dept. of Social Security. The reason you have received this call from our Dept. is to inform you we have just “suspend” your SS# because we have found suspicious activity. If you would like to know about this case, press1. Thank you.” When is something going to be done? The fine for breaching the DoNotCall List has just gone UP to $17,000.00? That’s all??? Why aren’t phone companies held responsible?

I am receiving calls from this number all the time
1833 3644327 very annoying talking about social security issue

today i got repeated calls from 1866 313 2533. please be careful.

Been receiving multiple calls from many different 800 numbers advising me my SSI benefits are or will be stopped due to unusual or suspicious use of my SSI number. The last one even left a text message (800-223-6424). I have continued to block these callers! Since I enrolled onto the federal do not call list my frequency of these and other calls has greatly increased! Is it possible that the do not call list has been compromised? Would like to know!

I received a call from 1 800 400 0941 saying the same thing

Keep getting these SS calls about 6 times a day! I keep blocking the number but they just call from a different number. This is so sad that some people will actually be scared and give them information :(

Most recent call was from "Unknown" number and they left voicemail to call them at 520-432-0411

"Officer David" called to tell me I was about to lose my benefits and to call him back at 855 221 6689

Just received one such call from the following number: (680) 169 - 6484. Have reported it in both written and verbal form to the FTC. Just add this number to the BOLO (be on the lookout) list.

I have received 3 of these calls on my voicemail and spoke with two of them. The first one scared the day lights out of me! The second one I told them that I know they are scammers and that they have been reported and to leave the heck alone. They hung up. But they aren't leaving me alone. Is there nothing being done about this?

724-811-3291 called me with this scam


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