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Social Security is not trying to take your benefits

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We’ve seen a new twist on the Social Security Administration (SSA) scam recently. Check out this SSA imposter robocall, which says your benefits will end. (That’s not true, by the way.)
If you get a call like this, do not press 1. Instead, just hang up and remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended.
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits.
  • The real SSA will never tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on a gift card.

The Social Security Administration scam is the number one scam reported to the FTC right now. People filed nearly 73,000 reports about Social Security imposters in the first six months of 2019, with reported losses of $17 million. (You can explore the data about imposter scams and losses at

So if you’re getting these calls, you’re not alone. Tell your friends and neighbors about this scam. Tell them to hang up the phone. And then to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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I received 2 calls this morning from this number 830-215-8073. The message said "Your social security number is going to be suspended by the law enforcement agencies immediately. So before anything goes wrong give us a call back as soon as possible and our call back number is 830-215-8073."

Had two of these calls within an hour from 415.746.6265 and from 415.306.8354

+18000528910 just received this call 10.10.2019 I tried to press one so i could go off on them because i knew it was bs. I got disconnected.

I don't even answer my landline anymore because of all the scam calls. GIVE ME BACK MY LANDLINE. I received 2 calls on October 9th, 2019 at 11:22 am and 4:20 pm (central time) from JamesRings #972-845-5378. " ... the FBI would like to get some information before suspending you social security benefits and social security number. Call the SS Administration at 972-845-5378."

I received a call from 1-800-595-3563 at 2:36 pm threatening social security Freud charges . Hung up as recommended by FTC.

I keep receiving calls from this number 225 716 9213 saying their from disability association I couldn’t really understand him he didn’t speak to good English I know it was something about my disability I didn’t give him any information but they knew my name should I be worried

Got this call today, recording to call 936-337-0218 before they start illegal proceedings against me. I decided to call back. gentleman who answered said he was with Woodlawn MD social Security Admin. funny that phone # is out of texas. Gave him a fake name and zip code, then he wanted the last 4 of my social. told him bye.

(575)652-8432 - female voice recording

I received a call on 10-11-2019 from a very obvious male voice robocall. The phone number was 310-730-0526. I did not answer the phone because I was working, but it left a voicemail. I sent in a complaint form but also wanted to post it here as well. Please be safe everyone. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFO. I have been trying to be more of a skeptical person since I did get scammed on another matter.

call from 980-365-5804 and they left a robocall message saying they were from the social security administration. I hung up.
I call blocked them and they keep calling and calling but my spam filter and blocker isn't letting them get through. Beware.

10-15-19 11:30 a.m. Received phone call from 912-172-2000 stating that my SS benefits had been suspended and to press 1 for assistance. I hung up and blocked number.

I received a voicemail from 516-433-8277 stating that my ss is suspended & that I have an arrest warrant under my name. To talk to an officer I have to call this number. Sick of scams!

I've gotten these TWICE in less than an hour. It gives a number to call back, and you do get an actual person, but when challenged or told that you dont believe that they're the SSA they either hang up or say "then you can settle it in the courthouse". They have now blocked my number, so I can safely assume the number is a scam.

Received a call today from 469-906-7585 telling me my SS number has been suspended due to suspicious activity

Just received few calls today with the exact same recording and to Press 1. Sounded suspicious, so without pressing any numbers I cut the call. Numbers displayed on call history are +1 800-968-8435 and +1 800-227-8599

Received call from 912-421-1429, stating something about a warrant for arrest and that I must call their headquarters. Saved the message.

I received a call like this that went to my voicemail from Bellevue, WA. The number was 425-628-2179. They said my Social Security number had been suspended until I call back to discuss the case. but it was an automated system.

I was also contacted on my cell number three times from folks representing themselves as "Social Security Administration" employees. I did not talk to them but just hung-up. I received two voice mails threatening me that, if I did not call them back I would be arrested. So, since I was initially a bit worried but that turned to a slow burn, I decided to do some research (after filing a complaint with the FTC). I read all of the comments having to do with this scam on this website. I then noted each and every number that you all had listed as caller Id from these people. I put them on a spreadsheet and then sorted them by area code. Then I went into a data base and researched where each of these area codes were in order to pinpoint where these criminals were. Funny thing (not the ha, ha or lol kind of funny): You all reported no less that 102 separate numbers. Many of them were toll-free (800 & 888) and 18 were non-existent area codes! I was a former employee of the telephone company and I also recognized that some of the actual phone numbers seemed bogus as they did not follow the standard "numbering scheme" that all phone numbers (cell and land lines) must conform to. Yet, strange thing, the numbers seemed to work because, as some of you reported, when you called them you got a live body on the line! This leads me to believe that they have the technology to not only generate fake caller id (the area codes were from all over the country and one from Canada) but, when that number was called, the phone companies routed it to an actual phone somewhere (probably a call center run by these guys). That might explain why it's so difficult to catch them? However, since I am a big fan of police drama shows and read a lot about how th NSA can zero-in on any conversation or trace any phone conversation all over the world, I can't imagine that it would be impossible to have an investigator call one of these bogus numbers and then find out exactly where the person who answers is located. I hope someone at the FTC reads these comments. There has got to be a way to bust these people! The FTC reports that they are stealing millions of dollars each year in these scams! It's getting worse each year. I am sure their manpower is an issue but why not enlist some of the citizens who have been scammed as volunteers to help shut some of these operations down?

Dear Lawman Thank you as you have most likely done more investigation than the FTC on this matter. I agree that this can be managed and even shut down by our government using the many technologies available to them such as NSA call tracing. How dare the government turn a blind eye to this fraud being done on vulnerable citizens. When we post a comment on this government website we must first verify that we are not a robot. So the FTC can protect itself from robots but not the tax paying citizens of this country. Ridiculous.

Two robo calls regarding social security being suspended.916-538-5123 and469-415-4341

I also am getting these calls. Got one Friday and again today. Today it was a recording, but Friday was a person sounded like he could be from India or someplace. The number today was 760-304-8472. I told the gentleman on Friday that I knew it was a scam because something as serious as SSA fraud against my account would not be handled by the phone. You would definitely get a letter probably certified. Then I just hung up on him.

I just receive this call, while I was talking to the person I was reading this. Phone number: +1 (800)286-0862
He told me a case number, batch number and his name. Also that I had arrest warrant in Texas for transferring money. Then he ask for my social security and I hang up.

I received 2 calls today saying my ss number was compromised and that I would no longer receive my ss check. The number that was given to correct the error was 1-415-636-6914 which was answered as Social Security office. I asked them not to call me again!!!

if you get a call from this number it's a scam they say they are from SS: 917-634-8753. So what I did was I said to the lady if you are from SS what's my SS number she cursed me out and hang up.

I'm sick about these people. They called in one day 5 time. And today again. They are calling behalf of the Social Security department asking for personal information.These is the list of phone number:
(512)958-6793,(516)420-0357,(516)584-9080 (516)218-1024(516)046-5867(516)066-1689.

I received such a call who stated he wanted to do a very short interview regarding my SSAN and my benefits. I told him that it was going to be a much shorter interview than he thought and hung up on him. No further calls.

Today two phone call, 22 Oct 2019, female voice stating my SSA has been cancelled and there is warrant for my arrest. Both numbers are from Washington state. I notified SSA and FBI. It obvious both numbers are from Russia, China or North Korea. Report the cypher terrorism to FTC, and SSA.

Calls from 207 591 9153 saying they are SSI and wanting private information.

Receiving calls about suspending my SS number #360 839-2516.

I have received several of these calls with 4 as recently as yesterday. As soon as it gets far enough to tell that is the call I hang up. But they also call on lines that you may know, one such was identified through my caller id as 1 of my friends.

I received one of these calls 2 days ago. The number was 202-683-9857 from Washington, DC. It was a recording and it said this was an official final notice from SSA. They were suspending my SS# and file a lawsuit against me as they have received suspicious activity on my social.

I've been receiving theses calls, sometimes 5x daily for the past 3weeks, why can't something be done about this! My first clue is that they called the house, SS would send something in the mail, 2nd clue is they referred t themselves as an officer, they are not officers!

I've received 2 calls today: One from 1-800-058-3030 & one from 1-512-609-8163. I pressed 1 and told both individuals that I was reporting them and that they would go to jail. The 2nd man got real cocky... saying "you just go ahead and report me!" . I told him that I would! I cannot stand these idiots! Anyone that is actually a US citizen would know that Social Security numbers NEVER get cancelled! They are not credit cards! Even when you die, that number is still linked to you! I hope every one of these individuals go to jail, and if they are in the US, then they should be deported!

Here's yet another scam phone # 800-665-7425. 2 calls in within a hour of each other, informing me the SS Dept would be suspending my SS #. SS Administration doesn't suspend #'s.

Called last week from from a New York # 6 times in 4 hours , blocked the number, today i get a call from a similar New York # 646-349-8942. stating they are from Social Security Administration. Will see if they call again and block it again!! Ugh.

Received 2 calls, recording saying from Social Security, my account being suspended, used by someone else.
Phone numbers were 800-468-0455 and 800-653-7092. These came to my cell phone. California 10/24 & 1/25. Beware

Recording stating it was an officer of SSA and my SS number being used fraudulently. Said Press 1 to speak to officer from SSA. Hung up. Blocked number. Received 6 more calls with same recording but different phone numbers. 800 201 8131, 800 201 7628, 800 201 8932.

My wife got one of these calls and gave him her SS number. I don't know what would have happened if I had not gotten home from work. I got on the phone real fast and asked if this was a scam. He hung up real fast after that. My question is since he has her SS number what can we do to prevent any damage?

Your wife could consider puttting a credit freeze on her credit report, to make it harder for someone to open a new account in her name. Read about what to do if your social security number was exposed on the website.

I received a scam call from a company claiming to be Social Security and told me that my Social Security number is being used by someone else. They had my name, address and correct phone number so this is scary to me. I volunteered no further information. I told them they were a scam because Social Security never calls people's homes.

Received this scam call to day from 800-817-6990

i just received a call from 1-800-871-5747 , I wasn't sure I pressed 1 then hung up, I heard all the commotion in the background, I then new it was fake call. Am I @ RISK since I pressed #1and hung up??

‭+1 (914) 919-2063‬
Pleasantville, NY
This number calls & says they’re from SS Admin... India accent.. got cussed out for calling him a scammer!!

I've been getting this automated message from this number over and over saying "Dear Citizen your social security benefits have been terminated because of suspicious activity. " If you think there is an error press 1 for a lawyer blah blah blah. These scammers are super low for threatening people's social security benefits they spend their whole lives paying into.

11/1/19, SSA Scammer ( 1-234-214-5623) , called left a automated message stating they ( SSA ) had a fraud claim filed against me and gave me a claim number. That became they had a warrant for me in Houston for a truck linked to my name that was found abandoned on the road side full of drugs. The so called case worker went by the name Tony Anderson and went so far as to rattle off his badge number ( # 70257) . I made report to locally.
Hope this helps someone.

I just had a call from a number that I let go to voicemail :
1 800 417-5144. The message, which started before the recording time, told me that if I didn’t contact them immediately my social security would be permanently frozen!

833 826 8892
Hang up if called by this number. They claim they will suspend my social security number and they have a lien against me. This is false because SS administration does not do this.

Said they were from Social Security Administration two times and that the nature of the call was to inform us of a suspension notice against our social security number by the Federal Crime Invest. Dept. Said to call 253-999-5911. Message said to press "1" to speak to someone.

I received the same from: ‭+1 (509) 295-6029‬

robovoice identifying self as representing the Social Security Administration - (803) 592-6871 (South Carolina) - advised "fraudulent activity" on my SS number. Key words and phrases used were "final warning"; "to avoid appearing in court" to answer charges. I believe the word "magistrate" may have been used. (Seriously?) Given call-back number and invited to press 1 to speak with an agent. Hung up, reported conversation to the real SSA and filed a FTC report on their advice.


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