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Social Security is not trying to take your benefits

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We’ve seen a new twist on the Social Security Administration (SSA) scam recently. Check out this SSA imposter robocall, which says your benefits will end. (That’s not true, by the way.)
If you get a call like this, do not press 1. Instead, just hang up and remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended.
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits.
  • The real SSA will never tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on a gift card.

The Social Security Administration scam is the number one scam reported to the FTC right now. People filed nearly 73,000 reports about Social Security imposters in the first six months of 2019, with reported losses of $17 million. (You can explore the data about imposter scams and losses at

So if you’re getting these calls, you’re not alone. Tell your friends and neighbors about this scam. Tell them to hang up the phone. And then to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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530-470-4018 - says their the SS office. Going to send people to arrest me. Wanted me to share sensitive info over the phone. Told him I was going to report and he hung up.

1-832-685-0457 and 1-855-339-5378 and 1-361-203-0128 are phone numbers that I received on my work phone and cell phone. The caller sounded very professional and said he was calling from Social Security Administration to advise my identity was stolen - they knew my name, date of birth, and address. They told me that I was wanted by the FBI for money laundering, narcotics, etc. But they would clear all that up by issuing a new social security. they would also contact my bank to issue a new bank account but I need to leave my office now and go to a location to obtain a federal bond or money order since my current bank account will be frozen. And that the police will be coming to my home for further security.

Just got my first one this morning. It woke me up so I was already off guard. Was told my SSA benefits were in danger, I'm not clear of the specifics here, but was told to press "1" which I did. Luckily (?) for me the call was disconnected at that moment. But I was so scared I called the number back twice. No answer. It is now on my call block list and I'm wiser. SSA office was closed today so no immediate answers. They got no info from me as far as I know, except #1. I hope that doesn't get them anywhere. Their # was 619-478-0694 Beware! Came in 6:41 am

I receive several calls from my own land line. I have never answered myself.

Just got a SSA scam call from 7131657533.

I don't hang up or press 1 in hopes that their phone bill goes up...

Today I have received call from the +1-844-240-0057. The voice in the call telling that my social security number will be cancelled with immediate effect.

I received a call today from 410-390-0529. Left a robo-message it was from the SSA and that if I didn't return the call, litigation proceedings would begin. I called and asked what kind of scam they were running. He hung up. I called back and asked why he was calling me. He stated he was from outside the US and was calling people as instructed to see if they would pick up the phone.

I received 5 of these calls today unreal
Saying they were SSA and had warrant for my arrest

I just received a call from an allege Social Security Office 1 (800) 705-1803 and they left a message in the cell voice mail. Ironically I live in Puerto Rico and not receiving Social Security yet, and to my surprise when I use my desk phone to call back the number belong to an Hospital in Boston. What a surprise

Too many robot scam calls each day. Can FTC advertise everyone picks up a couple of calls each day, and pretending to talk to the scammers for as long as possible, so as to overwhelm the bad guys?
Let's have 200 millions users here, and 10k scammers, 10 second each user will translate to 7 hours for each scammer, enough to ruin a scammer's day.

received 5 calls today from 614 812 5412 asked me name date of birth .ssn that a rental car under my name was in taxes had blood and drugs

In the last two days I have received 12 calls from all different numbers pretending to be social security with threats of fines, arrest and number being suspended.
I am on the Do Not Call List. I have reported these phone calls and blocked the numbers but these scammers just call from another number.

SSN scam

541 2105964 many calls tdy
thy said call from social security

314-549-5536 got this gem today threatening .

I got two calls so far supposedly from social security with a loss of my benefits! I got these calls 12/11/2019, 12/10/2019. I hung up but I am sure they will call again.

12/16/2019, received couple of phone calls from area code 512 and 866-668-1562, stated my social number has fraud by some, so will be suspended soon.

I've been getting calls everyday for almost a week. How do I stop them?

I received this call from 1-682-260-6196
case # CP78288

why is this company/person not shut down and in jail?

On December 19, I received automated scam calls from 844-371-2052 and 866-828-9024. They claim my SSN is closed and all my benefits would be erased.

1-401-852-6604 scammer#

I have been getting those clowns called alot lately sometimes I answer and sometimes I dont. The last one was about 1PM today and a live person told me about my card and all that junk. I told him funny you should call he asked why I told him my grandson works for Social security next thing I know he hung grandson dont but he doesnt know it....

I had an experience, similar to what was written as a scam. So oddly enough at the Social Security Field Office in my town I was informed that my account had been suspended and my benefits actually stopped for months.
They didn’t have a reason for the Legitimacy. I’m concerned about hackers and data breaches could be an issue.

I’ve had 3 calls about this today.

Received 4 calls this morning. All 800 numbers.

got 2 calls this morning...800.763.0539,800.789.7444

Got called twice today by them with two different #s (1-800-303-1364)(1-800-096-9384)

I received this call from 1-800-303-0131 today

I have been receiving 3 - 4 of these calls per day for 2 weeks. All of the calls are from different numbers in different areas of the country. I’m becoming really sick of dealing with them. Does anyone know how long it generally takes for them to give up?

I've been getting absolutely blasted by this robocall on my cell phone the last two weeks. I get 2 calls per day from the 626 area code. Here are all the numbers:

Got a call today 1/15/20 saying my SSN had been used to open credit cards, buy a vehicle, etc. 516-412-7745 SCAM?

Just got a call that said it was from Social Security and my SS # was being used for fraudulent activity. Please press 1...I didn't.

Fake Social Security call came from 866-268-5009.

Twice in the last two days I received the recorded message from 800 214-9642

Yesterday and today I received such calls from these numbers

Received to calls say they are from social security crime enforcement division and that there is a federal claim and you must respond by pressing 1 if not you will be arrested. There is more to the message, but I didn't get it all. Numbers to watch for are 800 124-9362 and 800 351-1573

I received 2 of these calls today from numbers:

I received a call yesterday supposedly from Rosharon, TX 832-241-8519
Asking me to “confirm” my SSN

Now these 800 calls are occurring multiple times per day and weekends. The government has no power over these or any other robocalls. Customers must demand that there phone providers integrate Stir-Shaken into there systems.

Received a ROBO call today and message stating they were from the Soc Sec Adm and that I was going to be arrested and have to go before a judge unless i call back on the number they provided. i did not call back and reported it to the FTC.... Please be aware of this going on. The number that called me was 240-332-9097.

Received two of these robocalls today while at work . Blocked each number.

Two calls from this scam today 800-583-7932, 800-512-7603

I’ve received 4 in the last week.

Calls today from 1 619 8304694 and 877 2669004. Fraud for sure. Be careful

Getting these calls every day several times

It seems they are still using this and the old robocall as well, as of January 2020. I just received two earlier today.

I received this call today at the number 800-718-4449



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