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Social Security is not trying to take your benefits

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We’ve seen a new twist on the Social Security Administration (SSA) scam recently. Check out this SSA imposter robocall, which says your benefits will end. (That’s not true, by the way.)
If you get a call like this, do not press 1. Instead, just hang up and remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended.
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits.
  • The real SSA will never tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on a gift card.

The Social Security Administration scam is the number one scam reported to the FTC right now. People filed nearly 73,000 reports about Social Security imposters in the first six months of 2019, with reported losses of $17 million. (You can explore the data about imposter scams and losses at

So if you’re getting these calls, you’re not alone. Tell your friends and neighbors about this scam. Tell them to hang up the phone. And then to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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I never answer a number that is not in my contacts. If they are interested, they will leave a message, BUT TODAY I RECEIVED THIS CALL, (SAME RECORDING AS ABOVE) AND IT WAS FROM NUMBER 800-612-5648...

I never answer a number that is not in my contacts. If they are interested, they will leave a message, BUT TODAY I RECEIVED THIS CALL, (SAME RECORDING AS ABOVE) AND IT WAS FROM NUMBER 800-612-5648...

Today’s SSA robocall came from: ‭+1 (410) 834-4663‬

I've received one call an hour. This is so annoying! I wish the FCC would actually enforce the banning or restriction of these types of scam robo calls. Obviously, people are upset and some have lost money. This is beyond ridiculous. Something actually needs to be done besides having a nice message saying to ignore the calls. Hard to do when it is One. Call. An. Hour.

I received a scam call. The phone number was 855-267-9086

I received a call from North Dakota yesterday, I never answer numbers if I don't recognize them. They left a message and of course they threaten me. number 605-864-4292 it asked me to call this number back before the police comes to my door.

Received 2 voice messages from 419 216 3749 0n 2/5/2020 saying my social security number was suspended and to call maria gomez at 419 216 3749..

1-866-898-1379 claiming to be the social security administration - called it back and anyone who answers is foreign and you can hear hundreds of them in the background on the phone.

They have been calling me the past 3 days from different numbers non-stop!

Just received call like that from 216-100-8801. Called before with similar numbers

I have received 4 or 6 of these today. Women says my social security number has been suspended and I am to call them at 866-390--5697 and another was 866-385-6065. The ladies voice was the same. I didn't call any of these but would hope FTC can put a stop to it, before I get senile and wind up calling them back. Feb/18/2020

I just got the call they will suspend my SSN if I did not call back 1-810-379-1263

I'm getting voice mail saying my medicaid food stamps and lifeline is about to be shut off from 3037311124

Oh yes they did say that all of my social security benefits will be cancelled. I don't get any

on tuesday 3/17/20 i received a call stating their was a problem with my social security number , i hung up and here is their phone no. 83902286348.
on wed. 3/18/20 i received the same call from phone no. 91450360548 ,i am curious to see what thurs. will bring.
i live in sevierville tn.

I received a call with a voicemail as described above. +1 (800) 258-1920.

I received one of the Social Security number scam calls on a Saturday and two calls today (Monday). Did not answer them, let all calls go to voice mail.Two calls were from an Etowah TN phone number: 423/205-1066 and the other from a Bensalem PA phone number: 210/770-9125. Irritating.

My ex-wife of 27 years started receiving these robocalls on June 29, 2020, asking for me. She has been remarried for 25 years and her number belonged to her current husband for seven years prior to that. My brother started receiving them today, July 1, 2020. They ask for me to call 844-869-5920 ext. 108. They also have my last four ssn digits and my dob. They are threatening to have my driver's license

My Daughter got a call from this number 917-680-2025 saying it was from social services but they ask for her last digits of her ss# what can she do?

received a call from 1978-340-4124 social security has been revoked to press #1


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