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AT&T Unlimited Data Customers Getting Refunds

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You might have heard that AT&T agreed to return $60 million to customers for allegedly reducing the data speed on their unlimited data plans without telling them.

In its 2014 complaint, the FTC said that AT&T’s practice of data throttling – slowing down the data speed for unlimited customers who used large amounts of data – was unfair and deceptive. It was unfair because AT&T promised unlimited data, but didn’t give customers the data they paid for. And it was deceptive because AT&T didn’t tell customers it was reducing their data speed, says the FTC.

Customers who pay for unlimited mobile data have a right to expect to get unlimited data. If the company will slow down the data speed for users who exceed a data cap, it must tell customers it’s going to do that.

After the court approves the settlement, the money will be distributed to AT&T customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan before 2011 and were affected by the data throttling. Customers do not have to do anything to get their portion of the settlement: current customers will get a credit on a future bill and former customers will get a check in the mail.

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I have 2 lines on 1 account. I just found out that even though I pay for 2 lines the settlement only pays for 1 account. I only got $12 and change. No LOVE for one who pays prices Above...their competetors!

No credit on my bill. Was informed that I would receive a credit the first week of March. None applied to my bill which is due March 20

I received a check for $31.08 - I worry that this is a scam ? They gave a phone 1877-777-0563 and an e mail dataplanstlmt@ amcustomercare. att- mail .com is this a real check - att cant verify I called them several times

I haven't received anything yet , and how can I get my , I'm not with att anymore...who should I contact concerning my refund?


The refund is made out to my deceased husband. Can I cash the check or just dispose of it as useless?

Deposited check for $24.15 came back fraudulent and my bank charged me $25 fee. Not happy!!!

I didn't get anything. Still waiting.

i just got a small check for $12.09 dated 01/22/2020. This is laughable considered they slowed me down considerably.

How do I get my check reissued? I moved and my former roommate said she forwarded it over a month ago but I never got it. It must be lost in the mail.

i signed up for the plan when they started it. I would get arguments with them all the time over slowing me down and the argument was me telling them your plan i agreed to is for unlimited an not a limit and they tried to get me to upgrade and i said why i have unlimited now. So how do we know how much were entitled to?

I signed up for the original ATT unlimited plan in 2005 that promised unlimited data if I purchased a crazy expensive first iPhone. ATT still has not refunded me. I've had this same ”unlimited” plan since 2005, and they have changed the speed and data caps for years. I 100% qualify for the credit or refund but still have not received it. I've filed a complaint with FTC over not receiving my credit. I've spent a total of three hours on the phone with ATT.

Still haven’t rec’d mine? How do I get it?

I'm a existing customer still and I just received a check in the mail February/2021 does anyone know why I got a check and not a credit on my bill I wasn't even sure it was for real till I looked into this topic

I just received a check over $1500. I haven’t contacted them in any way other than paying bill online. Letter said I was due for a reduced monthly rate so they gave me a one time check and they will automatically reduce my bill and no need for me to do anything. Thought it strange but believing it’s a blessing with no strings attached.

I received an overdue check, what do I need to do?

I've been an AT&T Unlimited Data customer since 2009. I've had many issues with my data over the years. Just received a text message from AT&T for a one-time refund UP TO $23.00.

Has anything new come of this ATT data throttling case?


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