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Veterans: We honor and thank you

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November 11 is Veterans Day. More than 18 million people are U.S. military veterans. It’s a fitting time to thank military veterans for their sacrifice and service in protecting the United States. It’s also a good time to help protect our veterans from fraud.

Whether you’re a recent veteran or you returned to civilian life 20 years ago, you’re making decisions that affect your financial well-being. has helpful information for any stage of life, whether you’re launching your civilian career, enjoying retirement, or still serving in the Armed Forces. Get tips on managing money and credit, steering clear of scams, making the most of your education benefits, avoiding possible financial pitfalls when buying a car, and more. Share the information with the veterans in your life and encourage them to sign up for email updates to stay connected.

As always, if you spot a scam, tell the FTC at And thank you for your service.


They are our pride.

Salute and thank you!

Good thinking! Good job!

This is an important article. I thank Carol Kando-Pineda for honoring us vets - wish you were around during the Vietnam War.
Plus, I get hit almost daily with some type of scam on the internet or phone. I wish you would catch these scam artists and put them in prison for life.

why not let us share these

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God Bless All our Men and Woman in any and all uniforms, thank you for your Service. Because of you, we live in the Greatest Country in the World.


I salute and honor my fellow veterans, active duty, reserve and guard, hoping and praying that all stay safe while protecting our freedoms.

Thank you for your service~~may God bless all~~

God Bless all of our precious veterans!

God Bless You! And Thank You for Your Service to keep us safe and protected.

God Bless You & your family for your service and protecting my freedom... Thank you

Thank you to all the men & women ; Active duty , Guards , POW & retired veterans. Without you we wouldn't be safe ,in our wonderful country , you are our pride ! Thank you and May God Bless you !

Freedom is not free and you've ALL paid the price for that and I am grateful. Thank you

Thank you all for the comments, I just want to say it takes all of us and thank you to all my military brothers and sisters and to everyone that supports us then and now to protect the freedom we all fight for.

Thanking All US Military service people. You are Why I sleep Better and Safer at Night. You guard our national neighborhood 24/7/365. May Heaven Bless you all. And a shoutout to our Medical military people. They too are heroic in helping our men/women.

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