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$153 million in Western Union refunds

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Refund checks worth about $153 million are going out to over 109,000 people who sent money to scammers through Western Union wire transfers. The $153 million is a portion of the money Western Union paid when it reached settlements with the FTC and Department of Justice and agreed to create a strong, anti-fraud program. Western Union also admitted to criminal violations in its settlement with the Department of Justice.

The first refunds are going to people who signed and returned a pre-filled claim form and agreed with the dollar amount stated on the form. The refund administrator, Gilardi & Co., is verifying claims that need additional information. Other people who filed claims will get refunds later this year.

The refund checks will come from “United States v. The Western Union Company.” If you’re in the US, you have to cash or deposit the check within 90 days. If you got a check but don’t agree with the amount, you can cash the check and contact Gilardi & Co. For more information about refunds, contact Gilardi & Co. at 844-319-2124 and go to Learn more from the FTC at Western Union Refunds.


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So, here’s a weird one: I received my denial letter today. I had submitted hardcopies of my claims, but there was an issue with the number on it. The MTC number. (Money transfer control #) Also, in the records were additional transactions that Western Union had, but there were no MTC numbers on those. Does anybody know how to obtain those money transfer control numbers? Do I dare contact Western Union? The records are also from a long time ago…thx!

The FTC has information about how to get records from Western Union at

Unfortunately I’m now getting told by Western Union that anything before 2015 is archived! They said the cannot access it!?! What gives?!

Yes, I’ve gotten told the same thing. I feel it is a stall tactic..?

Ive spoke with Gilardi as I am having the same problem. They pretty much said we are out of luck if we cant get those numbers. This seems so unfair! Its not our fault they only keep records for 5 years. This lawsuit goes back to 2004!!

Yep, same thing. Western Union apparently does not keep receipts past five years. What a farce! They are unwilling to help - AND after numerous emails, I’ve gotten no response back from Western Union Remission people. This is nothing short of absolutely ridiculous.

i put my claim in before the end on march 2019 as requested. Then when i requested an update was told none of my claim was Deficient. Then i get We have substantiated a loss amount. Then nothing. They said the last distribution of fund was to elderly etc. well i am 71 and still waiting. Is there going to be another distribution this year. I hear once they wanted to have this completed by end of this year, but i heard that last year as well. Update information would be good. I am grateful for what they are doing, just more information would help the blood pressure

I filed my claim the day the remission process was announced in 2017. Supplemented my claim twice. I am still waiting as of today, 11/12/2020... 3 years later almost to the day.

Join the club. I'm still waiting too.

Firstly I am in Australia , so I guess anyone outside of USA is not a priority for the DOJ to process the claims. I sent all relevant documentation through to admin ( Gilbardi) and after 2 yrs I finally received the notification my claims had been verified and would be compensated. They were supposedly sent to DOJ for the final phase. I even received notification from Gilbardi telling me 3 cheques and the amounts of each cheque, had been sent to me in the September payout, well that was nonsense as none of the cheques amounts related to any of the amounts claimed and also the total amount of the cheques was only 9% of the amount I had claimed ( that was supposedly verified). Further communication with Gilbardi has been hit and miss, more miss than anything else and I am at a point where I do not trust anything I hear from this firm. I won't be holding my breath for my monies to be returned. Pfft

I am in Australia also. did you get an email or letter for notification.

Hi FTC staff,

Good day! I appreciate all the update and info with regard to WU remission. Would like to ask if I could reach the contact no.of administrator via Skype so that the calls are free? Thank you.

The phone number for the administrator is a toll-free number. The number is 844-319-2124.

Thank you so much for the immediate response. Appreciate it :)

I would like to say I have filed a complaint with Western Union remission using their service Western Union for being a scam victim I have not received my compensation through Western Union which is owed to me 22,000 everyone else's received their compensation but me I think they are a scam just as the scammers in Nigeria

My cheque was posted out on the 23/09/2020, but I have not received it as yet. I am in Cape Town, South Africa. Anyone else from South Africa? Have you received your cheque yet?
How long are the cheques valid? Just worried as my cheque has been in the mail for almost 2 months.

Please call the refund administrator at 1-844-319-2124 to ask about your check. You can also send email to

Learn more at the Western Union remission site.

You’re not alone DiSA, I’m in exactly the same situation as you. My check was also mailed out on September 23 and I still haven’t received it until today. I have checked with my local Post Office and they have told me to expect delays because of the “logistical challenges brought about by the lockdowns in the different areas of the Philippines”.

So, I had a deficient claim. When I contacted Western Union they said the ONLY records they keep are as far back as 5 years ago. Has anyone else had this issue in getting transaction records from W.U.?

@ MD - yes, same thing. Stall tactic I am betting

Still waiting - and yea, WesternUnion is still giving the “we don’t go back beyond five years” excuse!

I’ve been in contact with western union in order to get information to backup my supposedly deficient claims I submitted (three times) from 2010-11. Now they’re saying that they cannot help. They don’t go back past five years in holding receipts. This is ridiculous- how can a money transfer co. as large as Western Union not maintain records of transactions past this time frame?

I got scammed, I used Western union and they said I am not eligible for a refund. what should I do?

I’ve been going through this obnoxious cycle with Western Union. When I contact them (both via their site inquiry option AND via email - the customer care email address) they tell me that they do not keep records past five (5) years. There is no way to obtain something from, say 2010! How incredibly frustrating!

Yes - same thing !

Yes!!! Western Union is telling me they only hold onto their records for 5 (five) years?! What gives!??????

Western Union is holding up the claim by telling us they don’t have receipts or records past 5 years.

I submitted a claim in February 2018 and have never heard back but was issued a check for a much smaller value. I have attempted to submit a reconsideration but the claim number and PIN do not work on the webpage. No person has helped via email. How can I get help?

Gilardi & Co. has an address you can write to and a toll free telephone number you can call: 844-319-2124. This page lists all its contact information. 

the last 2 times ive called, im told a letter was sent 4 weeks ago...last night i called and was told no letter has been sent..this service by Gilardi is incompetent and dishonest

The link/PIN for reconsideration request for me doesn’t work either - there is NO help via their email address. Today is the deadline to submit reconsideration requests!

I got scammed years ago. I got a form in the mail and thought it was bogus. Yet with this chip on my shoulder, I filled it out anyways, sent it back and forget about it. Yesterday, a cousin drops off mail I saw the envelope and again I thought it was junk mail. Something said open it anyways and BOOM a $2000 check! I read it a thousand times. Whoever handled this case is a saint or Robin Hood. When that happened to me , I was poor college kid who was devastated. Today, I’m going to reinvest that money into my house...i mean it’s not much but it is pure gratification and complete full circle. Thank you to whoever worked on this case!

I got scammed Monday Night November 24th 2020 what do i do to get a settlement check returned to my bank account ?

I was once told they wanted / intended this project to be completed by Christmas this year.
but then i was also told there was to tooth fairy.
I put my claim in 2018 all paper work required and everytime to email and ask for an update i get the same mumdo jumbo, never answer a question, i don't even think they check my file. I wonder if they know stress can kill.
So now i wait and see what i will get for christmas.
thank you Santa

I have noticed fewer blog comments (not that all comments are posted ) on western union remission comments page,so I am presuming that most claims have been paid,..the people who have not received their check still wait with abaited breath,,I don't blame them ,time is of the essence ( vanilla ), the contact between W/U and the DOJ ,and the process for the claimants have been quite fustrating,at the end of the day, somebody has to explain,,elimination,process ,issuing, and why one rule for one ,and one for another,

I agree, hen i call the number and waiting to go through the FAQ before i can get a human, i still get no answers. Cannot/will not give a yes or no answer, i asked if he was looking at my file and still would not answer.

I'm still waiting and I did everything I was supposed to. Still nothing.

What is making this remission process ,a bit of a joke is ,the misleading information,three months ago I received a email from the western union remission ,telling me ,my claim had been partly ,approved,( by whom I don't know),that my claim had been sent to the DOJ,for final approval,,,,that" hopefully "all claims would be finalised by the end of the year,,

This remission has started its 4th year of existence. I’ve submitted paperwork when requested. I’ve supplemented paperwork when requested. I’ve been waiting patiently since at least November 14, 2017, the date of the first email I sent regarding my claim. And yet, I still haven’t received a dime. Like every other person who is waiting on receiving a payment, I’m pretty tired of hearing “the DOJ is still reviewing claims” or that other infamous claim “checks will be going out later this month”, for “this month” never to arrive. And just like every other person waiting, I could use the funds. I’m pretty much just venting, because I already know if I send an email the empty, canned response that I’m going to get. #NeedThoseDollars

@Cyn - Amen!

Decided to contact the DOJ on the "contact us" page to directly ask the status of payments. I'll provide an update if they respond. Simply asked when can we expect payments, told them people are struggling and these funds would be a huge blessing. Doubt it will have any effect, but one can only try.

Recd ur check dec 09,202o but the date of the said check is sep 23,2020 but until now find hard time encashing coz i hve no $ acct here in phils am so sad and so broke could help me find another way how about a wire transfer though id be pretty then for ur reply thank you so much hope to hearing you soon as time is too short now

The Federal Trade Commission doesn't handle the checks.

Please contact Gilardi & Co by calling its toll-free number: 844-319-2124, or send email to:

I sat up until 2am Australia time to call the info number. I got a really nice girl on the phone. she told me my claim had been finalised and a cheque was waiting to be posted out. However, (and there is always a However) she told me they have not been give a release date for these cheques. I didn't ask what my payout would be. They still have over a week if it is before christmas. But all other release dates have been March and September or April and September. Could be the pattern here also. March 2021

So its Dec 17 and still nothing. No check no update. Not good for those that followed their instructions!

I'm still waiting, my cheque was sent at the end of October, but I didn't received yet! I'm in Italy. I know deliveries are delayed for covid, but the time pass.... 60 days from the sending!! The number at westerunion remission give as usual generic or wrong answers!
I'm tired of waiting!!What can I do? When I will have my cheque in my hand???

I lost a lot of money to a scammer in Uganda. I already called and submitted all the transactions that I made. Please can you tell me if I’m going to receive my money this scammer was doing spiritual work and told me once he was done he would send my money back but I haven’t received it and also medallions that he had made. I need some help please.

You can contact Gilardi & Co to ask about your refund. Gilardi & Co manages the Western Union refund process for the US Department of Justice. This page has the contact information for the company.

Hello, from Hongkong I just recieve the letter where i can give the check? No any address from the letter. I don't what to do. Any help pls the check will be void after December 22 will be the date tomorrow

You can take the check to your bank and deposit the check to get the money into your personal account. If the check is void now, you can contact Gilardi & Co to send you a replacement check. This page shows the contact information for Gilardi & Co. Gilardi & Co. is the company that manages the refund process for the US Department of Justice.


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