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$153 million in Western Union refunds

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Refund checks worth about $153 million are going out to over 109,000 people who sent money to scammers through Western Union wire transfers. The $153 million is a portion of the money Western Union paid when it reached settlements with the FTC and Department of Justice and agreed to create a strong, anti-fraud program. Western Union also admitted to criminal violations in its settlement with the Department of Justice.

The first refunds are going to people who signed and returned a pre-filled claim form and agreed with the dollar amount stated on the form. The refund administrator, Gilardi & Co., is verifying claims that need additional information. Other people who filed claims will get refunds later this year.

The refund checks will come from “United States v. The Western Union Company.” If you’re in the US, you have to cash or deposit the check within 90 days. If you got a check but don’t agree with the amount, you can cash the check and contact Gilardi & Co. For more information about refunds, contact Gilardi & Co. at 844-319-2124 and go to Learn more from the FTC at Western Union Refunds.


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If you have questions about a claim form you got from Gilardi & Co related to refunds in the Western Union matter, go to The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) explain that you must give your Social Security number because the federal Treasury Offset Program must review claims that area approved before people can get a payment. 

Western Union says they cannot go back past five years in getting receipts out to claimants. What are we supposed to do?

I don’t remember if I received a check or not. Is there a way to find out if a check was sent, how much it was and if it was cashed?

If you have a question about a refund in the Western Union matter, go to to find contact information for Gilardi & Co. That's the company that manages the refund program for the US Department of Justice.

They dont provide any information other than it’s under review. Now western union will not give me the receipts I need.

Yea- Western Union says they only keep receipts for a limited amount of time. Five years. What’s going on?

Yes- how are we supposed to get proof if Western U. won’t help. The remission company is of no help too

Getting this too.

Who determines who and how a person get refunded by the refund page? How long does the process take?

I have been trying for a year to get Gilardi & Co to re-issue my refund check in my name. It was issued in my mother's name, but she died about 5 years ago. I sent them the death certificate and a form showing I am the trustee of the estate. I have called about 10 times, but they just say it it pending. What else can I do to get this check?

Spoke to Gilardi again today. They said if you cant get the MTCN number you are out of luck basically. So because Western Union doesn't keep the records past 5 years we will be losing out of thousands of dollars even though this lawsuit is supposed to back to early 2000's. ITs just unreal and unfair!!!

FTC? Hello? Is anybody there? It looks like a lot of us are having issues with W.U. not helping. Is this yet just another scam? I can’t get answers from anybody and Western Union still won’t give up any receipts of transactions. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

This is ridiculous. I’m at my wits end - I cannot get western Union to cooperate. The will not give me any records or proof of transactions. Please FTC help!! What do we do??!

Everytime I call 844-319-2124 customer service knows nothing different. I have been told for the last year and half that my claim is waiting for a check, pending and under review why can't we get an answer that is promissing and not disappointing. Many people have received their checks why is the DOJ setting on the rest. I was told 2 weeks ago they were going to do remaining checks by end of March today I was told that wasn't a sure thing. Very disappointed in the DOJ The victims that haven't been paid have every right to be angry. WE all need the money not just the people who have received it.

I made a recent move. My email says that I have a check that's not been cashed. Gave me the number to call and it hangs up without ringing. the site is unavailable. How do I get my check? Thank you

I received a legal notice stating that i have an outstanding check and was noted that not yet encashed before March 11,2021. I received the legal notice March 18,2021. But until now i havent received the check. May i know where can i get the check. I am from the Philippines.

Marieta what did you do to find your check? I have the same problem, my check was sent maybe in october or november 2020 but I didnt' recieve. I know only for the help of italian embassy, if I call the administrator they didn't find my name in their system I only wait without recieve..and Italy is so messy and here nothing works and I don't find help and a solution to recieve and have my money. I'm so frustating and devastating!!! they never think to the suffering of a victim!!!!

I have not heard anything about my case . How can I find out what’s going on with my case ?

Hello, western union will not help us in getting our records and the remission site is either down or not available. The people at the remission office know nothing unless you can get them to say (AGAIN) “it’s under review”’well - it’s been under review for a very long time , coronavirus or not. Please FTC help us! Or, like others, are you hanging us out to dry!?

I have been refused my legal refund because it has taken Gilardi so long to confirm the WU transfer numbers & now they no longer exist for them to be verified. I emailed the original forms along with all the other information in 2017 as required. The forms were accepted as true & correct at time. Now they are not. Can't have it both ways. Have spent 5 months now trying to get WU to provide a letter to this verify this. Still waiting. Not appropriate for all of us that have been treated in this way. I will not stop fighting until I get my refund.

Folks if you cant get the MTCN number you are out of luck, nothing can be done according to Gilardi. I've tried supervisors at both Gilardi and Western union to no avail. ITs such a disgrace. Why would they include going back to 2004 if they needed that info. Who keeps records from that long ago. Western union is of no help. I'm going to try the Department of Justice but I fear we are all out of luck at this point. Anyone had any success getting the info from Western union if it is over 5 years ago??

Right when i found out about this case I contacted WU and they were able to find all my records. The oldest one they found for me is dated April 27, 2009. So I dont know what changed :

@mboros44 - how did you get any records from way back then? Who did you talk to? Thank you

The Western Union site tells you how to get your receipt. They only go back 5 years. When I got mine I made a copy for my records. Best advice I can give is always keep a copy for yourself.

I contacted their corporate office in Englewood Colorado. Sorry i dont know who i talked to. They sent me my transaction history. On the email its dated April 2, 2019. So not sure why a year later they cant get them for you

Well we are now in April and still nothing. No check no notification of my case!

At least they post your comments. Critical comments are ignored even if what's said is true.

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Ok FTC, if you’re going to moderate the comments and remove most of mine, then please answer me (and ALL the other people on here who need help.) So, western Union and the remissions company have been of NO help, the DoJustice is of no help, so maybe, just maybe you, FTC, can help it point all the folks in the right direction who gave a lot of their money to scammers and are having a very challenging time getting their evidence in order to get their hard-earned money back. There are people who have lost a ton of money - thru Western Union - to these unscrupulous scammers and now they may have a chance to recoup some of this money - yet are running into a brick wall time and time again. This is because: 1) western union won’t help, 2) the remissions company won’t help , 3) the Dept of Justice is either no help or says to contact the remissions co (or the FTC) - so now one our last chance is you, the FTC. You all are the organization that told us about the remission case in the first place. I’m sure you can help point people in the right direction when they run into these challenges. If you can’t offer the help, then at least just let us know. Until and unless the FTC or any other government organization can give any assistance or any honest answers then I’m sure getting these funds back is also a scam!

Well last update I got is that checks are being sent out Spring 2021 but they didn't say if that was the remainder of us.

Spring 2021, how vague... so that says at least mid-June. Color me :(

Considering the funds are depleting and they still have petitioners to pay still.

Does anyone know if the refund check is taxable?
Let's say it is $60,000. Will it be considered as a revenue to be taxed on the 2020 federal/state return or not at all? The remission website does not want to answer this specific question for some reasons: westernunionremission. com / frequently-asked- questions. aspx#a22

The Western Union company says they cannot access receipts that I need. What do I do?

Western Union only keeps receipts or records for the last 5 years. Check your emails or see if you saved them somewhere?

Claim filed 11/13/2017; supplemented claim 4/2/2019 as requested; March 2020 disbursement - nothing; September 2020 disbursement - nothing. Email from Remission February 2021 - checks coming end of March 2021 - still nothing. The question is, when? What do I have to do that I haven't already done?

The last I was told that the last disbursement was going to be late May or early June.

I received a letter couple months ago and miss placed it how do I go about getting another

You can contact the remission administrator at


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