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$153 million in Western Union refunds

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Refund checks worth about $153 million are going out to over 109,000 people who sent money to scammers through Western Union wire transfers. The $153 million is a portion of the money Western Union paid when it reached settlements with the FTC and Department of Justice and agreed to create a strong, anti-fraud program. Western Union also admitted to criminal violations in its settlement with the Department of Justice.

The first refunds are going to people who signed and returned a pre-filled claim form and agreed with the dollar amount stated on the form. The refund administrator, Gilardi & Co., is verifying claims that need additional information. Other people who filed claims will get refunds later this year.

The refund checks will come from “United States v. The Western Union Company.” If you’re in the US, you have to cash or deposit the check within 90 days. If you got a check but don’t agree with the amount, you can cash the check and contact Gilardi & Co. For more information about refunds, contact Gilardi & Co. at 844-319-2124 and go to Learn more from the FTC at Western Union Refunds.


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To my understanding if you don't get a paycheck yet the next time they mail anything is 4 months from now I was one of the first ones to respond with the prefilled claim loss amount and didn't get a check now I got to wait 5 more months at least

The Gilardi & Co. website ( says that the claims that were not paid in this round are still being reviewed by the US Department of Justice and Gilardi & Co. They expect to make more decisions in the next four months. Look at Frequently Asked Question #8.

I received my refund check in the mail today. Thank you!!!

I live in Louisiana they said I was in the first mailing where are the checks coming from?

no one answers the phone at the number for Gilardi that you’re giving out

They always answer when I call you have to listen to the prompts then click the prompt to speak with someone

I am one of the people who received s prefilled form back in December 2017. I agreed with amount that was on form. Wrote out social security number on form, and signed sent in online. They received my submission same day. I should be a part of first round of payments and should have receving my check this past Saturday or today. But was told 109,000 checks were not issued on March. Payments were broken up into groups. Next few weeks more should be issued and so forth. People who were missing info others who did not have the prefilled info will be later in the year July and so on. I pray my check will be mailed off in 2 weeks or sooner like was stated I need my money.

I got a check on Monday 3/16/20. I pray this check is not a scam as well. I want to cash it but sure don't want no one to come back and clean out my account.

Well they should have mentioned that those that did send in paperwork and have additional deficiencies.... why did they not send out notices? I just found this out yesterday. Another thing to prolong the others to get payment

The refund administrator, Gilardi & Co., is verifying claims that need additional information. Other people who filed claims will get refunds later this year.

I was just told 2 pieces of correspondence that were sent too me were returned to them because they sent the mail to my old address! How and why I don't know. The pre-filled form came to my new address informing me about this lawsuit. I have not lived at that address since 2007! Somebody dropped the ball and now my check has not been issued! Everyone (for those that have moved) check with gilardi and co, and make sure your address is updated. If you have not received your check by now that is one of the reasons why. Besides others who kay have been offset for certain tax debts etc.

I received a form in March asking for my SS# it had the amount that was owe on I signed and sent back before the due date.Why I didn’t get a check

Please contact Gilardi & Co. about that.  

Send email to:, or call (844) 319-2124. 

When will the second waive of checks going out. Also where can I check the status of a different complaint with the FTC.

The Gilardi & Co. website ( says that the claims that were not paid in this round are still being reviewed by the US Department of Justice and Gilardi & Co. They expect to make more decisions in the next four months. Look at Frequently Asked Question #8.

I got my check and try to cash it, it got denied. Why?

Sometimes a bank can't process a check if you try to do a mobile deposit with your phone. If you're having trouble cashing or depositing a check in person, please call (or ask the bank staff to call) Gilardi & Co. at 844-319-2124. 

Went in person to the bank and I was denied

Got it. Can you please you make a copy of the comment you just sent here, and send it to

I still have not received my check I wonder how much longer??

how long will it take to receive a check

I will say this.. in 2011 I got scammed hard.. I went and filled a police report and federal charges. That's how I got involved. Then a couple of years ago I received the letter from the what I thought was the lawyer or prosecutor against them. I never figured anything would happen bc I was the stupid one.. but I did learn a valuable lesson. Then I got a check in the mail. I credit it all the filling out the police report. So if you went about things that way, I would think youd get back your losses.

I did a police report and kept my letter from the bank.

Thank God I just got my check for $5,900.. I really need to know when and how to file to get back my over $40,000 .00 from Money GRAM and also Walmart money transfer.. Please someone help me. I am very grateful for what I just received. I lost my entire life saving to a scammer online in 2013.

how long will it take to get a check

I send confirmation in 2018 that I had a scammer.I was trying to find out it I received this return , but I got a reply that the woman did not know that DOJ know.So when start to send?

If you have a question about your claim, please call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124. 

has anyone actually cashes a check and it went thru ???

Deposited mine into my savings account today with no issues.

I received my check the other day and I actually forgot all about the claim. I sent my form in with receipts and the complaints I sent to Western union. Western Union ignored me and wouldn't recover my funds. So I am glad someone listened and Justice was served.

I was married at the time but now divorced. I recieved my check but was wondering if my spouse recieved the same amount in her name since we are no longer together. I would be obligated to send her half if it was just a one part check.

If you have a question about your check or your claim, please call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124. 

I would also like to know "How did some people get prefilled claims?" I also completed an original form and included a printout from WU that listed all of my transactions and never heard from any one at Gilardi. I even sent it registered mail. Please explain why some got prefilled claim forms. Thanks

If you have a question about your claim, please call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124. 

I got a check to. Is there some kind of special marking on the check that will let you know this is a legitimate cashable check.
Why come none of the banks no about these checks coming out and people are having a hard time cashing them hum

If the people at your bank have a question about your refund check, they can call Gilardi & Co. at 844-319-2124.  

I tried calling (844) 319-2124 and only got a recording. I have tried 3 times and never reach an actual person. My bank said to deposit the check and they will hold the funds for 7 days while they verify the sender. I made a claim many years ago so, if this is real, it is a blessing.

Okay. Receiving a check from this case is great. However, in checking the bank name that is on the check, there is NO bank in the city where it is supposed to be by that name. The check does not look like the usual business refund check one would receive. From this site, it would appear this is not part of the scam by Western Union or someone else who is a lot smarter than I to think things up. However, since the bank this check is supposed to be drawn on does not exist, I am suspect. Will be taking this to my bank on the next business day I am able to. The banks are shut down and you can't see anyone.

I received my check yesterday and deposited it into my savings account today. It was a long time coming, but it did come, and when I least expected it to. Thankful I got back all I lost. Thank you, FTC for holding Western Union accountable.

I want to take the time to thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done in this case. I was scammed out of a huge amount of money and it makes me feel good that I have somebody fighting on my side and others so things like this never happen again.

Thank you FTC for a job well done. We got our check for the amount specified in the pre-filled form we received almost 2 years ago. The money will help us a lot especially in these times.

I received the refund check today i had totally forgotten about this.
i was scammed out of some money back in 2004.

I sent $3000 to Africa in 2006, is that too long ago?
To help build water Wells for the people there.
I was later told that it was a scammer, and not to send anymore money.

I got my check! It was such a blessing! Thank you!

Did anyone got his check outside US now? I send a Mail with my WUU No. ask for the status, the anser was the automatic mail "Please not that the claim are still being....".

We received our check in the mail yesterday! They are coming people!

How do I know these are real checks? I don't remember filling out any forms. I did lose 5K thru a scammer in 2004 or 5.

If you have a question about your check, or your claim, please call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124. 

You give out a phone number to speak to the administrator but they do not answer. My parents were scammed and I signed the remission firms and sent them back through my attorney general.. sent emails and still have not received an answer to my questions. Phone gives general answers.. Some of us need a real person to answer our questions.

There are choices to listen to Frequently Asked Questions and to talk with a live operator when you call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124.  


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