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Checks from the government

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As the Coronavirus takes a growing toll on people’s pocketbooks, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. The details are still being worked out, but there are a few really important things to know, no matter what this looks like.

1. The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. No fees. No charges. No nothing.

2. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

3. These reports of checks aren’t yet a reality. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Look, normally we’d wait to know what the payment plan looks like before we put out a message like this. But these aren’t normal times. And we predict that the scammers are gearing up to take advantage of this.

So, remember: no matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it. If you spot one of these scams, please tell the Federal Trade Commission: We’re doing our best to stop these scammers in their tracks, and your report will help.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related scams at or by signing up to get these consumer alerts.


love to kno why I’m ALL the reports of this so-called stimulus, NOT A SINGLE LEGISLATIVE INDIVIDUAL HAS MENTIONED, seniors, disabled and vets or people who’s income IS FAR BELOW Government Standards of filing for taxes! We ARE ALSO US CITIZENS..... PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE US!

I found out I had small cell lung cancer in 2018 I had a great job I went through so much I love my job well I was just n my two years of being clean now it's back yes I get disability but it doesn't pay my bills I take treatments that makes me so sick I have no help my son is in prison for hardly nothing that happen in 2014+2015 gets out 2021 I need help he is a good Young man and also I need help with my bills thank you very much for your time to read this always,Sonja Sanders

Will I get a check if I’m receiving ssi?

As of today, there are no confirmed details about any stimulus money. Watch for updates from trusted news sources to find the latest.

yes it is 2 trillion dollar stimulus package

I am on disability and I have to young children one with autism and the other with eating problems and speech issues I have a number of conditions that means I can’t hardly leave the house I can’t barely stay awake during the day anyway I need to know will people like me get left out of the stimulus package I only revive 780 a month and that was hard to get by with but now trying to stay inside means spending more and more money that I just don’t get before I could do some side work to make ends meet but now nothing if people like me get left out I barely get enough for rent my lights and diapers and all other day to day expenses come from cleaning houses and doing small chores and things so now that’s gone I need to know will we all be cut out because we are disabled and can’t work

I'm a 45 ear disabled woman who suffers unfortunately with more health problems than many, this epidemic has really stressed me out somewhat, im @ truly believer in our Heavenly Father, and I have much faith,but I'm on @ fixed income,and it's been really challenging to purchase, water, groceries, tissue, etc! wenever I don't have @ vechile @ wen I do get @ ride to the store there's absolutely nothing in stock for me to purchase,my son had to send me some supplies,from Houston because I was out completely,I truly feel like all disabled Americans and veterans should be approved for the stimulas payments also,my bills takes up all of my income,some of us lives from paycheck to paycheck!I can't out,as much because I suffer from COPD unfortunately! @ no I don't pay taxes but I feel like all disabled Americans should be taking inconsideration also,I'm almost out of supplies now! @ its so hard to get any here in my town, especially wen I don't get paid until the 3rd of the month! let's help all of the Americans dats in Dyer need, Amen thank u for listening

So the last 2 years I have been a stay at home single mother. I just got back to work in January a part time job that barely made ends meet my job stopped giving schedules out at the beginning of March. I'm confused on will people who filed taxes in the previous years only get Help?

There are alot of greedy people in this world I haven't been able to work for several years now I get SIS not much money each month people need not to be that way if the government works it out then all people they find that really needs it I'm sure you will be contacted so people please be patience

We're 81 & 86 on low income & not getting large Social Security checks because we farmed. Will we get desperately needed Stimulus money? Behind on filing taxes due to health conditions!!

As of today, there are no confirmed details about any stimulus money. Watch for updates from trusted news sources to find the latest.

I'm a disabled American veteran receiving service connected disability. Served my country well. And thats my only income. And I'm not eligible for stimulus relief check?? How low can "trump" go?? Low income ppl are xxv hurting bad right now. But we forgotten.. sad

As of today, there are no confirmed details about any stimulus money. Watch for updates from trusted news sources to find the latest.

I been having trouble with PayPal taking money from my bank account and I’m on disability they put me in over draft twice I hope someone can look into Paypal

Will a unemployed person or the disabled person the eligible for the money that’s giving out for the coronavirus somebody who’s not and don’t pay taxes for disability

I am a 100 %service connected disabled veteran.
I do not file taxes but still struggle to make ends meet every month.
I just want to know if myself and the thousands like me, as well as those on Social security are going to be left out when and if this stimulus package is passed?

I’m in the same Exact boat , 100% service connected and only get va pay, don’t file taxes and support my 2 children .

They need to tell ppl what's going on. Ppl living off Social Security or service connected veteran do not get much $$ and most don't file taxes but having to buy what's there and not being able to value shop etc hurts when you can't buy food, prescription meds etc and struggle to make it till the end of the month

I have been out of work for six years I have mental health issues still seeking treatments that work am I eligible for the stimulate package

thank for the information.but what about the men an women that get ssi an are on retiedment.that do not work no more an there only income is a check each month ok.

It seems like middle class has it the hardest. There are always tax breaks and other breaks for the poor and the super rich. I am a single parent getting no help whatsoever from my ex-husband and I make over around $76000 annually and still live from paycheck to paycheck. With all my daughter's school costs, rent, insurance, car payments, household costs, and plus taxes taken from my paycheck, I am barely making it. During this coronavirus there are middle class families that are force to take off using their own time and if you don't have time on the books then you don't get paid. Why are there restrictions on how much one (middle class quote on quote) gets with the stimulus check. This is totally unfair. Just during regular tax season, what's considered poor class has tax breaks with earned income and child tax credit. Middle class has no tax breaks. It's hard for most of us. This should not be justified/approved.

I receive SSI and dont file taxes, will my family and I receive a stimulus check?

I had cancer so I'm on Medicare disability BC I worked my entire life will I get a stimulus check?

I'm on SSDI due to 2 bad knees and can not family keeps telling me I'm NOT going to get a stimulus check. I heard all adults will. Who's right? (Hoping & Praying in WA)

I’m on Social Security disability who works a part-time job and files tax returns. How will the stimulus package affect me?

Will people on SSI received a check

Will green card holders -US residents get this help as well?

A lot of people on Social Security and Social Security Disability are not required to file a tax return. Will those who receive the stimulus check be determined solely by who files tax returns? That cuts out a great many people.

As of today, there are no confirmed details about any stimulus money. Watch for updates from trusted news sources to find the latest.

Will commercial shrimpers get a check?

I get ssi/ssd, my money is deposited to my direct express debt card, if I get the stimulus money will they put it on my debt card or will I have to have a bank account, since the irs is in control of sending out the money

I pray that they will give us all one we are all in this together I am disabled as well as many others and poor I pray that they will bless us all everyone please stay safe

The first is coming around the corner and we have bills to pay most of our landlords don't want to hear this nonsense the government needs to send each adult 1800 + 750child I need to approve emergency food stamps for everyone for the next 3 months the government causes epidemic with these experiments and now we're paying the price that's not fair not for me or my children. Why are you trying to pay these big businesses airports and hotels who have laid off everyone no one is working all this money to pay who there are no employees the people need this money we are in desperate need for a hundreds and thousands of people dying because of experiments that you caused. I'm in fear of my life to even go outside or even let my children outside this is not fair and this is not right.

What about disabled veterans who only get money from the va pension

If I'm still working will I be a part of the stimulus package

What if our address is different than when we last received an income tax check?

What about the people, like me that wasn't able to join the workforce until early 2019. I filed my taxes this year. Will I qualify for the stimulas check. A lot of people were able to find work last year and finally went back to work???

What about the people who earned money and weren't required to file that your are they getting a check?

What if you don't have a bank account for direct deposit. Will we get A check

What’s with our government basing stimulus checks on income that was previously earned? Sure we made over $150k in sales commissions last year. Now we make $000,000. We still have bills like everyone else only now we cannot contribute 38% of our income to pay everyone else a stimulus check.

Will people who's only source of income is SSDI receive a stimulus check?

I only draw 10'776 in society a year and have a daughter and granddaughter liveing with me and my daughter is out of work will I be eligible to draw the government check

I'm on SSDI. I haven't filed taxes since 2014 when i become disabled. My wife still works and files taxez however we now are separated and live in different states. Married couples get $2,400. My question is will she get my portion of it or will i get my own check?

If I I am out of work and homeless am I eligible for a check?

My husband & I worked very hard, I retired at 65 & my husband at 67. We had a pretty good nest egg at the time but I became very sick & it took over a yr. to find a dr. that knew what was wrong with me.tons of tests & mris the co pays ate most our money. I did not have long to live if they had not found it when they did. So know the prices in the grocery stores have raised their prices because of the virus.,so we have to decide if we will buy our meds., meat, fruit & veggies, so now it being said that retires on ss will not get a stimulus check, but if you bring in $75,000 you will , well that is GREAT, I know that we do not get what we payed in to our SS, but no way to prove it. It is under $1,200 a month for the both of us. But we do not beg for anything from the state I do believe we could get help, but we do not ask. So we will not get a check, AINT That AMERICA

Will their checks to help ???? Ive been affected by this virus and were struggling......

Do people that haven't received SSI and are waiting and not working receive a check?

My son claimed me a 75 years old veteran on his taxes and got his money already.
Will I get a stimulas check.

What about the poor people, how much is the government given to these people?

My son claimed me on his taxes and got his refund.Will I Wanda get a Stimulas Payment


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