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Checks from the government

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Please visit Coronavirus stimulus payment scams: What you need to know for the most recent information.

As the Coronavirus takes a growing toll on people’s pocketbooks, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. The details are still being worked out, but there are a few really important things to know, no matter what this looks like.

1. The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. No fees. No charges. No nothing.

2. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

3. These reports of checks aren’t yet a reality. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Look, normally we’d wait to know what the payment plan looks like before we put out a message like this. But these aren’t normal times. And we predict that the scammers are gearing up to take advantage of this.

So, remember: no matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it. If you spot one of these scams, please tell the Federal Trade Commission: We’re doing our best to stop these scammers in their tracks, and your report will help.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related scams at or by signing up to get these consumer alerts. 

Watch these videos for more tips on how to avoid ecomonic impact payment scams:

FTC tips to avoid economic impact payment scams

Updated link added on April 21, 2020.


It said my stimulus check was scheduled to be deposited on my direct express card on April 29th but that card is no longer active,,So what will happen now..It is basically a closed account

My stimulate check was supposed to be on my card at April 30 I still haven't got my check plz help me

So one use my Social security number to for their taxes 2019.
Without my knowledge .I don't give my social security to no one...I need to file a form ..this the second time this have happen
..that's call steali ng..would get the second stimulus check if one come out

Report tax identity theft at will ask you questions so it can fill out an IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (IRS Form 14039). The system will submit the Affidavit directly to the IRS. You can include a personal statement to give the IRS details about how your identity was misused.

You can save a copy of your completed Affidavit to your computer. will create a checklist of steps you can take to help protect yourself  from further identity theft. 

This FTC blog post explains what to do if you think an identity thief got your stimulus payment.


Have/had $30,000 in child support arrears because of a one nighter 3,000 mi away from home and didn't know she became pregnant Didn't know anything about a court date where the judge apparently thought I made big money as a "cook" and hit me with $360+ a WK. support including arrears. Got an attny who got knocked down more then half but arears stood $30,000+ . Never made a stink or fuss and always paid, on time. Now I'm disabled receiving a SSDI check monthly where the arears at garnished from. No stink, no fuss, BUT DID THEY HAVE TO TAKE MY ENTIRE "EIP" CHECK????? Couldn't they garnish this check as well?

Okay so I receive $781 a month social security disability and my friend talked me into filing with him so I could claim my son this last year he lives with me for about three months of the year I went ahead and let him file cuz he was at my home at the time but now and we're not married or nothing like but now I Jackson Hewitt said at the beginning it would not affect my income whatsoever beings that I'm on disability if you claim me and my son but now that the stimulus check stuff come out he is getting mine and he tells me he ain't getting it because he doesn't want to give me my part of it so what am I to do?

Will I receive a stimulus check because I'm on SSDI and will I receive it soon need it bad


I am on Social Security and as of today 5/12 still did not receive my stimulas deposit in my acct. I read that the deadline is tomorrow at noon. I can't get ahold of anyone to help me.

When will I get my stimulas check. Site informs me I am eligible

I'm retired and on S.S. I was told I didn't need to do anything and my check would be in my acct. My acct info has not changed it's the same bank that S S puts my check in every month. Its May 12th and still no check in my bank. Everyone I know had theirs for the past 2 weeks. The IRS site, must not be working. I put my info in and got nowhere.

I have direct deposit will it go on there or do I need to fill out anything like last time?

I do not know what to do I am on SSI and I get direct express called my bonus is not on there So what do I got to do to get my check

I'm curious if I will receive my ex's stimulus check for back child support even though he did not (and probably has no plans to) file his 2018 taxes, since he had not been working until just recently

After many years of work to support my husband ,I was fired in 2009 ,I was denied unemployment benefits. I always filed my W-2 maximum withholding no dependents. Last taxes I filed was 2010. My husband didn't get approved for disability until over a year later.He received a stimulus deposit check for himself of 1,200, But nothing for me. Will I ever get a stimulus check? I'm still unemployed with no benefits of any kind ,Still living At the same adress.They still send me information reports about how much I have previously paid into my social security over the 30 years that I did work.But I haven't tried to file for that.

Can a foster parent receive the check for the children that they claim for 2018, but the children are not in that home as of 1/2020 when it came time to claim 2019 taxes? How do we answer that

I'm a young disabled person on disability with a designated payee. I did not get my stimulus and have been waiting over a month. I don't have enough money for groceries or supplies. Prices have gone up do to the pandemic and i cannot live on my social security alone, it is too little money after paying my rent. The federal government has done such a bad job managing this i'm very stressed out.

well I got my stimulus check from the IRS I got to pull out $100 the same night as I called back my account was blocked from NetSpend now the asking me some for some kind of proof of ID picture ID DMV is closed we cannot go into the DMV or schedule any kind of appointments the closest that I can get to it some kind of proof of who I am is by them sending me a paper with my driver's license number on it and my name and my address but NetSpend will not accept that they would not reopen my account and now they're keeping my money from the IRS who can I talk to or what app can I go to how can they clear this up I've been calling him every day and did I talk to the supervisor and she would not release my account it's me it's my account I accidentally blocked it pushed the wrong button cuz I was arguing with my boyfriend and I turned around and pushed the wrong button on accident that was on a Thursday when I got my stimulus check I can't pull any money out I don't have a job so what should I do

I'm on ssi & retirement i have a direct express card & i still haven't gotten my coronavirus stiumlus check for myself I am 65 I don't file taxes & I haven't for 3 years where is my check at it still hasn't been deposited on my direct express card that is how I get my monthly benefits

When will I receive my Government assistance money of $2,400?

Me and husband are separated, I need to know if he got a stimulas check for both of us. I'm being rejected because of a agi or pin and I haven't ever filed taxes.

Will ssi resipients who have payees get stimulis who dont have children but are senor they said that they havent prossed that yet why arent they a citzen to and dont pay tax please reply tell me when

I collect SSD and make less than $12,000 a year. Everything I read says I dont have to do anything. I get my deposits monthly on my direct express debit card from social security. Everyday I check and it says payment status not available. How can I help them getting my information correct so I can get my stimulus check ?

If your household makes over 100 K do you still get a stimulus check

Hi there I get SSDI I have no dependents and I get direct deposit everything I have read States people that get SSDI received their payment April 29th via direct deposit well several people on SSDI did not receive their payment me as well so common sense would tell you find the next direct deposit would be the rest of SSDI people but that is not the way it works I guess evidently it makes no sense to me it is almost like that IRS has forgot about the rest of the people on SSDI so two weeks later direct deposit goes in for people on SSI May 13th still no deposit in my account now I am hearing on May 27th the next direct deposit will be people on SSI with a payee again I ask where is my payment I get SSDI how come they overlooked the rest of them people this is getting ridiculous I have contacted everybody I possibly could Governor congressman senators nobody seems to want to help me this is ridiculous I am feeling like I am being discriminated againstI have checked their get my payment tool it does not seem to work for people on social security this is ridiculous being a disabled person you would think that they would have a phone number for somebody to call to get some answers please forward this to somebody that cares thank you

I owe back child support for 1 child and have custody of 2 other children. Will i still receive my stimulus check??

I don't work and was fighting for Disability. my lawyer took as far as they could so how I have to start over from the begining with a new lawyer


Jefferson county DSS seized my stimulus check for child support I never owed EVER,and wont give me my check.

I'm on ssi and I was on ssi will I still get my stimulus check to my account or will the one how filled me

I did not receive my first SSDI stimulus check I make under $11,000 a year and I don't understand why I didn't get a check social security said we did not have to do anything to receive a check but your page changes every day and how can you keep up with that you can't I want to know where my social security SSDI stimulus check his eyes checked every day for almost 3 months

I damaged my stimulus check can slmebody please tell me how i can get my check reissued? Please

Is there any way that I can ask for forgiveness during this crisis for a stimulus check even though I owe a rear child support have no income and I'm applying for disability or are there any other programs I can apply for a during this crisis to receive some kind of assistance I'm without work I'm at work and have only $240 a month of income coming in please help

I did my taxes through H &r block and got my refund deposited to the emerald card which we all know was basically a bust so I got my check through the mail thing is I moved and I barley updated my mailing address through the emerald card login but I'm not sure if I'm gonna get the second check to my new address or If h&r block fixed the problem or if I'm going to get the check to my new address I've tried adding my account info but since I already did my taxes I can't add or change it or at least i haven't found a way

Hello my husband file me on his tax return. He has left my home and filled out a change of address form so the stimulus check can be sent somewhere else. Can he do that? Both of our names are on the stimulus check.

I'm on welfare because I haven't been able to work. I haven't gotten my first stimulus yet! Did the non- filers application. Nothing yet! What do I do?

I have my stimulus checks sent out on the 1st of May how many days does it take for that to finally arrive

im on SSI and still havent received my stimulus check wat is takin so dang long

I moved since I did my taxes how do I get my stimulus check

Stimulus check mailed out on April 24,2020. Haven’t received it yet? Can’t get clarity from USPS!!!! IRS closed!!!! Checked with ex-landlord!!!! Nothing

I am on Social Security DISABILITY because of a neck injury then my HUSBAND passed AWAY six years ago. I have direct deposit so why HAVEN'T I RECEIVED my STIMULUS check

Will we get a second check

Why didn’t I receive a stimulus check my income a year is less than 12,000 irs page keeps saying same thing no information or im not eligible for one

I receive ssdi n leave in a different address then the person who claim me as a dependant my check is not enough for cost of living, so this person help me a little. So why am I not entitled to get help from the stimulus pay out. Not fair

I’m just wondering if everyone on SSDI received their money on direct express card
Cause some sites say SSDI recipients should of received payment by now
So I have no direct deposit
No filing requirements
Just SSDI and direct express card
So have I missed out or does other SSDI recipients have my same problem

When will I get my check please let me know okay

I owe back child support will I get it


Does anyone know if ur ex owes child support u get their check and if so when do we get it

Yes if you are the custodial parent meaning the one with the kids you will get their stimulus paychecks if they are on back child support


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