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The FTC keeps attacking robocalls

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Have you noticed lately that you’re getting fewer robocalls?  Yes, way too many calls are still coming, and we’re fully engaged on that issue. But we’re seeing some promising developments. Some recent FTC actions might just have something to do with that. Let’s review. In December 2019, the FTC filed suit against VoIP service provider Globex Telecom for helping scammers run a “reduce your credit card interest rate” con. In January, the FTC sent letters to 19 VoIP providers, warning them that consumer protection laws apply to them, too, and pointing out what could happen if they kept helping scammy telemarketers break the law. Then, just last week, the agency sent nine warning letters to VoIP providers that were helping Coronavirus scammers blast out robocalls during the current health crisis. The VoIP providers that straightened up accounted for billions of calls that we’re all now not getting.

But today, the FTC announced still more warning letters  – this time, bringing partners from the FCC along to double down on enforcement. Three VoIP providers got the warning letters this time, but there’s a twist. This time, the two agencies also sent a letter to US Telecom — the industry’s trade association — that identifies the entities transmitted the illegal robocalls, and, if they haven’t cut it out in 48 hours, says the FCC will authorize providers to block traffic from them. So: either way, two days from now, there should be still fewer illegal robocalls trying to rip people off.

But back to the smaller number of robocalls we’re getting now. It’s actually more than a feeling, as FTC Do Not Call Registry data released today shows. If you check out the data, you’ll see that Do Not Call reports in December 2019 — right after the FTC’s Globex lawsuit — dropped by a whopping 25%, compared to December 2018. (That drop would be even greater except for the government shut-down in 2018 – in fact, calculating the drop based on complaints per day says there was a 32% drop.) And after the January round of VOIP warning letters, reports in February 2020 were more than 30% lower than the previous year. And March of 2020 had 53% fewer robocall reports than March of 2019. So: the FTC lays down the law to a bunch of VoIP providers…and reports of calls drop precipitously. Coincidence? You be the judge. 

Nobody’s taking a full victory lap, because the fight goes on. We know you’re still getting calls. And though there’s a dent in the numbers, the FTC and its partner agencies won’t relent until we’ve won this battle.


I was wondering what happened. Thank you!

Keep getting tons of calls a day and block them and they call back under a different # ... Getting a lot of student loan calls and Medicare calls .... Businesses shouldn't be aloud to sell your name or email or phone numbers ..... I go to DMV and then after I get tons of emails and phone calls ... It needs to stop !!!!! Going to go mental if this doesn't stop ! Please stop this from happening ......

Thank you very much for what you do. I very much appreciate the reduction in robo calls. They were so annoying I used to get close to twenty calls a day. Now I haven't had a call all day. Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

I have always gotten way to many calls, but have noticed a slow down lately. Thank you

I noticed a lot fewer calls here in Grand Prairie, TX. Thx!

I've noticed a substantial drop in calls too, even with the help of NoMoRoBo service the number of call intercepts have dropped!!!

Keep up the great work!

I am still getting several a day and now, they have started calling my cell phone. Only close family and friends have that number. I NEVER give it out.

Just today I realized that I hadn't received a single scam call in over a week.

Can you go after the two that represent the largest numbers that we see? Namely,
1. health insurance robocall scammers
2. extended car warranty Robo call scams.
Neither one of these are legitimate nor have the right to make Robocalls but they often make two or three per day to a single individual and are Constantly using different numbers which makes it Impossible for consumers to block them.

Thanks so much for getting this done! My nerves are just about shot with these irritating calls. I only want to talk to family and friends on my phone.

I have noticed a decrease in robocalls but I have also installed a phone system that automatically blocks unwanted calls. The majority of annoying robocalls come from political parties. We should have them follow the same rules as commercial firms

Good job! Warnings are nice but to really get their attention it should cost them money.

Hello I got fed up with these robocalls that I don't even call the FTC anymore it's just a waste of my time nothing got done so I kept blocking the numbers even though I still getting them and text as well.

I have been a teleworker for over 10 years and can finally say YES! THANK YOU !!!!!!!! The number or spam/robocalls I've received has gone down SUBSTANTIALLY in just the last couple of months. I actually can recognize better when getting spam calls, so the advice of never answering numbers I don't recognize has been helpful. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

Thanks so much
Yes this past week I have noticed a considerable decrease in the scam calls I had been getting - both on my home and cell phones.
AND - I was having so much fun playing FCC Bingo!!!
Keep up the good work

Thanks for your good work; I still get at least 2 day, down from a dozen. Keep up the fight!

This is great news! Thank you very much for all that you do.

Glad to hear it. The other day, I noticed not as many calls coming in. Pleased this is being addressed. May the day come when some people who have occupied themselves in such a way as to be pests with others discover a more productive and beneficial way to occupy their time.

When is the FTC going to start going after the people pushing the extended car warranties?

Keep up the good work!

I am delighted to hear your efforts have rewarded us from the constant unrelenting robot calls. In fact I had noticed a few days ago realizing how few of them we were receiving. I appreciate your efforts.

As my mobile robo calls have decreased, now I am starting to get robo messages.

I have been receiving 40 calls per day. The phone rings and then nobody answers. The majority of the calls have been from a phone company under the banner of family and friends . When I call back the number it can be any where in the world. A recording comes on that they will connect to the caller but all I get is music.

Perhaps it's true that Some may see fewer robocalls However, the number of RoboTEXTS & RoboE-MAILS I'm getting have Increased Incredibly. And, what's worse, when I send STOP messages the e-mails Always come back Undeliverable - ALWAYS.

yes, I have noticed a big drop in those robocalls, starting roughly the same time as when we were asked to stay home to 'flatten the curve' for COVID-19 about 3 weeks ago--I wondered if there was a connection! Thank you--much appreciated! Keep it going!

Definitely a connection!

I'm still getting 5 to 10 calls each day, but that is down from 15 to 20 , that I was getting. I am also getting 5 or 6 on my cell phone, which I block, but they just change the phone number. What I really want to stop are the 25 to 30 pieces of junk mail I get everyday, and the hundreds of junk emails. If you could help me do that, it would save me hours of going through them all, everyday. Thank you.

It's been a long time coming, I for one am glad that more is being done to combat this outrageous onslaught on unsuspecting people. Diligent americans, who are just trying to get a piece of the american pie; only to have these conniving thieves dupe them out of it.

I don't see any improvement, yet. Hopefully in a couple of days.

BRAVO! Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for anything that you can do. I have noticed that we have not been receiving 4-7 calls or more a day lately and Just thought it was because we had blocked the numbers. Whatever it is that you are doing, please keep on. Thank you so much.

Way to go FTC !!!! FTC is the best !!

I have definitely noticed the difference. I was getting on average 3 to 4 calls a day. This week I only got 1.

Would have been nice to nip this in the bud, but thank you for your efforts now!

Yes, I have noticed a reduction. For the life of me I can’t understand why companies would hire these people. I have gotten so many robocalls promoting a well know hotel chain that I would sleep in the streets before I ever stayed at that hotel chain.

Thank you

When I booted my landline most of the robocalls went with it. At least on my cellphone I can block the numbers.

I was wondering why! Thanks so much!!

Still getting robo calls - but less lately. Thank you FTC.

I commend you for what you have done so far. When do we move
beyond sending letters and really enforce the laws? Unless someone is punished the Govt will be ignored.

I'm still getting calls about student loan forgiveness

I noticed calls were down. Thank you for fighting for us. Much appreciated! Keep up the good fight.

Thank you FTC. I’ve noticed a huge decrease in robocalls during this last week!!

I am still getting 2-4 robocalls a day, but that is less.

Now they should start prosecuting those callers that are spoofing caller ID's.

Thank you FCC and FTC! You should have as many ppl thanking you as the number of scammer calls sent! Thanks again! And keep up the great work in this time of uncertainty of the Covid - 19 !!!!!!!

Thank you for all your hard work! I just noticed yesterday that I’ve received fewer calls!

I added my name again to the Do Not Call registry list and it did me no good at all. I am still getting about 4 or more robot calls per day. Sometimes I want to change my number but then they will just get that one. Please make it stop!

Its wonderful to go thru a full day without getting a robocall.i hope it stays that way.thanks FTC for all your for the do not call registry i really think the reason why people calling went down was because it takes time out of our day calling to file a complaint just to have absolutely nothing happen.people quit calling because they felt they were not being heard.myself. i have called the do not call registry hundreds of times over the last couple of years and felt i was not being heard so finally i just gave up and quit calling to file a complaint and i have saved many many hours of my time in the long run so i think that's the real reason why the number of calls went down to the do not call registry is because people were fed up wasting so much of their time.

Robo calls have dropped markedly. We're getting one every two to three days. However, the spoofed VOIP calls have held steady and they've found a slick trick. They spoof hospital and other health provider numbers. We've gotten several calls recently which caller ID shows as our area hospital. The messages left, though infrequently, are usually about either health insurance or car warranties. Targeting the spoofed sources calls would be great.


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