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The FTC keeps attacking robocalls

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Have you noticed lately that you’re getting fewer robocalls?  Yes, way too many calls are still coming, and we’re fully engaged on that issue. But we’re seeing some promising developments. Some recent FTC actions might just have something to do with that. Let’s review. In December 2019, the FTC filed suit against VoIP service provider Globex Telecom for helping scammers run a “reduce your credit card interest rate” con. In January, the FTC sent letters to 19 VoIP providers, warning them that consumer protection laws apply to them, too, and pointing out what could happen if they kept helping scammy telemarketers break the law. Then, just last week, the agency sent nine warning letters to VoIP providers that were helping Coronavirus scammers blast out robocalls during the current health crisis. The VoIP providers that straightened up accounted for billions of calls that we’re all now not getting.

But today, the FTC announced still more warning letters  – this time, bringing partners from the FCC along to double down on enforcement. Three VoIP providers got the warning letters this time, but there’s a twist. This time, the two agencies also sent a letter to US Telecom — the industry’s trade association — that identifies the entities transmitted the illegal robocalls, and, if they haven’t cut it out in 48 hours, says the FCC will authorize providers to block traffic from them. So: either way, two days from now, there should be still fewer illegal robocalls trying to rip people off.

But back to the smaller number of robocalls we’re getting now. It’s actually more than a feeling, as FTC Do Not Call Registry data released today shows. If you check out the data, you’ll see that Do Not Call reports in December 2019 — right after the FTC’s Globex lawsuit — dropped by a whopping 25%, compared to December 2018. (That drop would be even greater except for the government shut-down in 2018 – in fact, calculating the drop based on complaints per day says there was a 32% drop.) And after the January round of VOIP warning letters, reports in February 2020 were more than 30% lower than the previous year. And March of 2020 had 53% fewer robocall reports than March of 2019. So: the FTC lays down the law to a bunch of VoIP providers…and reports of calls drop precipitously. Coincidence? You be the judge. 

Nobody’s taking a full victory lap, because the fight goes on. We know you’re still getting calls. And though there’s a dent in the numbers, the FTC and its partner agencies won’t relent until we’ve won this battle.


I sure hope they shut down the auto warranty bunch. They were calling every day.

Thank you so much. I've definitely seen a huge reduction in robo calls, and high risk spam numbers.

Thank you for your work. I have been plagued with Spoofers and robocalls for years. Previously, my phone provider advise me to notify FTC. FTC said they couldn't do anything.

I am getting less calls, but now they are texting me instead

I had to change my cell number because I was getting 15-20 calls a day. So far it's working

yes thank you . I am still getting them but much fewer

I was going to pay for call block on my Verizon wireless homephone, because I was getting a call every hour, starting at 9:00 am and ending at 8:00 pm. I thought it was the same number, but after looking at my caller ID list, the last 4 digits changed on every call. 540 779 5541
540 779 5540 540 779 5534 540 779 5129
540 779 5527 540 779 5120
and that's just this afternoon. I can't block all these numbers. It appears that they are using a random number generator to attack me . How awful is this? How can I stop these people?

It has to gone un-noticed. Thank you Sirs.
The calls have dropped drastically.

Just checking my email and saw your section on robo calls.Firstly,i have to say,Thankfully,i have noticed if youll pardon the pun,a noticeably good difference in receiving robo calls,telemarketers recently.I am a night shift worker'a security officer.I have to sleep in the day time in order to work nightshift.Several times I have waken from a deep restful not to mention needed sleep because some telemarketer or a robo call would wake me up.Last few times,it was about extended car warrenty.What angered me most wasn,t just being woke up once in a while I can deal with that.I asked them not to call me anymore and still I got the calls yes'you guessed it about extended car warranty usually.One person even told me they would have me removed from the list yet.I still got the call.It will drive you into being a unhappy miserable person at least for a time.I am certain it is the direct result of your genuine efforts at the FTC to mitigate robo calls to the general public for which I am very grateful .Keep up the persistence.I appreciate all you are doing at the FTC.Best Regards;Benny Ingram,Granville county,nc

Thank you for being there for us !

Also I forgot to mention is, not only will track you they will track your family and friends ,anybody that is in your contact info.

Now, if only you could do something about the political calls now coming in.

Gotta love it how Congress fixed the law so they could still annoy us.

Thank You so much. It had become so frequent that I was considering giving up my land line.

And what’s up with that recording of a woman speaking in Chinese? I get those calls at my home landline, my cell phone, at my job, my friends have gotten them too! I really want to know what the heck she is saying just out of curiosity.

2 to 7 calls except for Sundays, most are Auto warranty related, or no voice message.

I screen 100% and block all unknown numbers and out of area locations.

Thank you very much! We've noticed virtually no robocalls lately.

When you call a disconnected ph you get an immediate recording that it is not a working number. Why can't that be used against those calls that use those numbers as their ID . A system could be set up that cuts off calls that are using disconnected numbers as their caller ID. Run the call thru the ph comany list of invalid numbers and cut it off if it appears.

The FCC is not making any progress, if any, after ten years of this nonsense, it still goes on, at least 3-7 calls a day, it's time for law-abiding citizens to complain enough to get this problem fixed

Thank you! There has been a considerable decrease in my robocalls from 4/19 to present. I am very relieved of the hassle.

You all are AWESOME! Thank you for all you do. I know it has been a tough battle, and it's not over, but I've noticed a substantial reduction in calls.

received a credit card scam call today on reducing my charges along with press to
be taken off the call list.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

I get robo calls that don't have phone numbers at all, but leave alpha letters in my caller ID. 2 that are really bothersome in repeats every day are.. ASPEN ASYNC

Robo calls are coming in to my home at the usual pace, about 3-5 every day, type for lowering my credit card interest rate, it slowed down for 3 days and now, it's the same, The FTC has to take action if the law is being broken, the scammers achilles heel is their pocketbook, it's time to end this harassment by scammers

We also saw a welcomed reduction back in April but the ROBO calls are now returning to full strength. Maybe the callers feel they have little risk of actually being punished.

It has been very good for the last couple of months; however, I received two alarming text messages yesterday and another type knowing it was a scam. It seems it is starting again with two different scammers. Covid-19 is easing and it looks like they are on the trail again.

Thank you so much. My calls have greatly reduced. Appreciate FTC being there for us.

I just got another robo call for extending my auto warranty. I have 260,000 miles on my car lol They use fake numbers with a local area code making it more likely someone will answer. The other day someone called me thinking I had called them. The scammers used my number, phishing, somehow to place a robo call to that person. Keep up the fight to stop the fraud.

The car warranty people still call.
They are not your car warranty.
They say they will put you on a do not call list but that is not true
Also people call try to sell your home
They even leave their name and company
Sometimes they text -also annoying
I do get fewer calls -So thank you so much for your help

Robocalls have not diminished, they have increased. There was a small period of release around the time of this announcement, but they have now doubled down. Most seem to come from Mexico and Africa or the Philippines. I have given up on Do Not Call. I seem to have wasted hours, if not days, entering data there to no effect.

I don't understand the FTC saying robo calls have decreased. They have increased rather than decreased. I get many robo calls every day to my landline and to my cell phone. Just because the FTC says these calls have decreased doesn't mean they have decreased in reality. I have reported robot calls to the FTC many times but nothing seems to happen. Reporting these calls is a waste of time.

I received a call on my cellphone from "China" on my cellphone. I did not answer. it was unnerving !! Why would that happen ??
I hesitate to post the phone number but it DID show up on my phone.
What to do? If anything?
I DO NOT want to be bothered by "CHINA intimidating calls

Briefly better but last 3 quarters of 2020 and into 21 massive deluge of fake warranties for car , usually cars you dont own. Its relentless

Async just phoned our home at 7:30am stating that our car warranty is running out. I believe California law states that these type of calls are illegal before 9am and after 9pm.

no i have not seen a reduced number of robo calls.
I am getting just as many here in Ohio.
is it a state thing?

Fine these people into the next century, they just change names and numbers, They will not stop until it hurts them in pocketbook.


still getting a lot of robo calls our phone was listed Do Not Call Registry

Still getting the calls, including "async" calls and am on the Do Not Call Registry. Bummer!


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