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Scam emails demand Bitcoin, threaten blackmail

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The FTC uses the information it gets from people who report scams to keep close watch on trends, so we can alert you to changes. Here’s one: reports of Bitcoin blackmail scams have taken a big jump in the last few weeks. The emails say they hacked into your computer and recorded you visiting adult websites. They threaten to distribute the video to your friends and family within hours, unless you pay into their Bitcoin account. Stop. Don’t pay anything. Delete the message. It’s a scam.

Based on the timing of this spike, you may get one of these messages because your email was exposed in a recent data breach. The scammers may say they have access to your computer or webcam, or installed clever software to defeat you. That’s all talk. But they may really know one of your old – or recent – passwords, and they include it in the message to prove it. When you see that, you know it’s time to update your password on that account, and consider updating other passwords, too.

If you, or someone you know, get a message like this, please report it to the FTC at

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I received this email 1/30/2021. It mentioned a password hint rather than an actual password.

I got the email with the threat of the porn stuff and to pay Bitcoin, but instead of posting some old password, they only typed out my email address and claimed they had logged in it. Guess that’s the other go-to when they don’t have an old password to threaten with...

Yea got that email too on the 24th. Had me pretty freaked out seeing my PW mentioned in the email. In the process of changing the pw on any site that used it.

I got this email yesterday demanding $1500 in Bitcoin within 48 hours. It’s freaky for them to include personal details so I freaked but right away searched to see if it was a scam since it was in my spam email cuz if someone where to hack into my stuff then I would have gotten it in my main email right? Anyways, reported it right away.

I just saw a very similar email in my spam today. Like most of you it seems to be an old password that I don’t remember where it was used. The email was from 8 days ago. Are there any cases where they didn’t email again?

I just received one this morning saying they’ll be releasing a video of me doing things if I don’t send them $500 via bitcoin. It said I had 3 days to do so.

I got a similar one, apparently yesterday though I just saw it.

It contained no passwords at all, and the wording was different but very similar. I was freaked out at first but my instinct was that it was a scam. Especially since, when I thought about it they offered zero proof. Like if they knew my browser history surely they’d prove it with some detail? So that was a sign of a scam for sure. Did a search and found this page.

okay so i had a very similar issue to this but the thing that confused me the most is that over the past 2 years ive been getting random login attempts from different sites. then when the message about the sextortion was sent it mentioned that it was able to inject a trojan into my computer through me looking at an email of one of the login attempts, not clicking any links. then from there he claimed he could access the camera on my laptop desktop and phone. but if i didnt pay him the $1500 in BTC he would send the video out and activate the trojan, destroying my computer's. following this i instantly deleted my email and factory reset my laptop. i was in a panicked state but now im pretty sure its just a scam

A few times recently they quoted a very old password I haven't used in years, my camera on my device is turned of and I never use web cams. They say they will send video to people on my contacts list, I don't have anyone on my contacts list on my device, I keep that list in paper booklet. Scammer busted!

I got a similar email this morning. The scammer did not provide any specifics about me, though. He asked to pay equivalent of 650 EUR to his bitcoin account.

Yeah, i got the same thing today, three times, three different e-mail address, not really concerned, but damn, they are desperate.

I got one threatening to publish videos of me watching videos on "Adult sites". Unfortunately for them, I have never visited any adult sites so it wasn't a very good attempt at blackmail!

This happened to me just last night. They sent me this exact email... I didn't really believe it but it made my heart drop for sure.

What about emails that are disappearing? I consider them all spam, but lately I have two in mind that keeping disappearing from emails and everything about thatemails. I dont understand or when you report them as spam and get a messages saying it isn't?

I got this same email today and it scared me for a little bit but seeing that I wasn't the o ly one makes me feel a little bit better but I am definitely changing my password.

I get regular emails saying I have 1 bitcoin worth $40;000 plus on aregularbasis I click on the link and it leads to an application to register for bitcoin how rididiculous

I received that email today. They didn’t say they had my password. I changed my password, sent the email to junk, and that’s it. If all holy hell breaks loose, I’ll be sure to post. Otherwise, I’m watching the game.

Just got one of these, but no passwords listed. The subject was my real name, so they have some legit info. But how am I supposed to know what exactly was compromised and if actual passwords need to be changed? There's no further detail or proof beyond my name.

I'm not concerned about the threats as I have no webcam so there is no footage to be released like they claim, just want to avoid a potential hack. They say they have access to my system and email and contacts but I can't find any actual evidence of this from malware scans and so forth.


Even I am receiving such emails. Could you please let me know if this emails can be categorised as Phishing?


Just got an email myself. Except they didn't use an old password, unlike everyone here, but used my personal email. Just wanted to see if anyone else got something like it. I already deleted the email and changed my password for the email and also signed it out of every other device.

I just received a similar email. There is no mention of password. But the hacker is blackmailing me for supposedly having visited porn sites.

I got this one today

Í am α hacker who hαs access to yoür operαtíng system.
Í αlso have full access to yoür αccoüňt.

Í've been wαtchíng yoü for α few months now.
The fact ís that yoü were ínfected wíth mαlware throügh αn αdült síte thαt yoü vísíted.

Íf yoü are not fαmílíαr wíth thís, Í wíll explαín.
Trojαn Vírüs gíves me füll access αnd control over a compüter or other devíce.
Thís meαns that Í cαn see everythíng on yoür screen, türn on the camerα and mícrophone, büt yoü do not know aboüt ít.

Í αlso have αccess to αll yoür contacts and all yoür correspondence.

Why yoür antívírüs díd not detect mαlwαre?
αnswer: My malware üses the dríver, Í üpdate íts sígnαtüres every 4 hoürs so that yoür antívírüs ís sílent.

Í made α vídeo showíng how yoü satísfy yoürself ín the left half of the screen, αnd ín the ríght half yoü see the vídeo thαt yoü wαtched. Wíth one clíck of the moüse,
Í can send thís vídeo to αll yoür emαíls αnd contαcts on socíαl networks. Í cαn αlso post αccess to all yoür e-mαíl correspondence and messengers thαt yoü üse.

Íf yoü wαnt to prevent thís, transfer the amoünt of $950(USD) to my β!tcoín address (íf yoü do not know how to do thís, wríte to Google: Büy β!tcoin).

My β!tcoín address (βŤC Wαllet) ís:


after receívíng the pαyment, Í wíll delete the vídeo αnd yoü wíll never heαr me αgaín.
Í gíve yoü 48 hoürs to pay.
Í have α notíce readíng thís letter, and the tímer wíll work when yoü see thís letter.
Fílíng a complaínt somewhere does not make sense becaüse thís emaíl cannot be tracked líke my β!tcoín address.
Í do not make any místakes.

Íf Í fínd thαt yoü hαve shared thís message wíth someone else, the vídeo wíll be ímmedíαtely dístríbüted.

Best regards!

I received the same email demanding same bitcoin payment and I ignored it for now and search web first to check

I got an email demanding 1299 usd and said I will provide you 48 hours to transfer to account ort everyone will know about your dark secrets. it was a letter as an attachment

I received a email that disappeared says they have control of my system.
Wish I could post it on here.

I received a email that disappeared says they have control of my system.
Wish I could post it on here.

Got the same email today. Word to word. Was asked to send $1769!

I got one today with similar contents.

Got the email on April 6 2021 it went to my spam account and just saw it. Received from a jerry bell.

The email stated that I was watching porn and he was going to release a video of me watching it if I didn’t pay $2887 to his Bitcoin account. It also included an old password I use to use. I have completed a report. I hope people do not get scammed by this.

I got one also a couple of days ago. It was in my spam folder. I read it but didn't notice a password reference. Said I had 48 hours and to pay $1,000 to bit coin. I deleted the email before thinking of reporting it. I've been freaked out for a couple of days now but feel better after reading all these comments!

yes I got a similar one! they were very descriptive and scary! really hoping it’s nothing!

I received this same exact email April 2021. They asked me the same thing to pay $1700 in bitcoin or else.... It was a very old password from some shopping website

I received this exact email three days ago and was panicked. After calming down some, I started researching and came upon this site. Thanks everyone for your input. I did report it to the authorities so they can at least track what is going on. The upside was that it forced me to clean up my passwords.

Received an email from someone stating that they were watching me for quite some time. The subject of the email was my full name. The hacker said that they had personal video of me that was taken from the camera on my device. There was a text file attached that was titled my full name and stated to send money to a given crypto wallet. They said I had 96 hours or they would send the vid to friends and family. I'm too broke to pay.

I received this today too. Was told by multiple people that it’s just a scam and to delete it

i got an email saying that I logged onto a fake website and so now someone has all my information. and they said I have been watching -inapropriate- stuff and they said if I dont pay $1750 in the next 48 hours, then they will gather there information and send out a video too all my contacts.. like whattttttt
someone tell me this if fake and that its a scam cause i've been freaking out this whole day.

I got this email yesterday but they didn't display any password what do I do.

Got this today too with a .txt file that had the Bitcoin wallet. No password but it did have my full name I don’t normally use, also it was sent from a yahoo address so it didn’t go to to my spam folder like most of these would

This happened to me today! It used my full name in the subject line... then a few hours later got another with a txt file. I was getting kind of nervous. Looks like either we are ALL going to be exposed or this is just a scam! :)

I got this too. does anyone know for sure that this is fake?

I just received an email demanding $1460 via Bitcoin. It said they had been recording me for the past month and had explicit videos of me along with an adult website browsing history. It also said I had 48 hours to pay or it would be sent to family, friends, relatives, and published on adult sites. They included an old email account as their proof. Definitely a scam.

I received one of these emails two days ago, and another one today! They’re definitely scam, so don’t freak out. I’m changing all my password just to be safe, though. I hope people don’t fall for this and pay them, they’re evil people. Just delete and move on! <3

Man, I’m so glad I got this cause I got a email like this. Depending 950 dollars in Bitcoin. I’m happy that it ain’t real in anyway. Thanks for having my back guys.

I just received this type of email with a 24 hour payment deadline. They used one of my current passwords, but it is not written correctly. Either way, like others have said, it's time for me to change it.

I received this same email on April 28th 2021. So it’s still going around !
I’m not going to lie I kind of panicked a little. My son found this website for me, so I’m better now!
I did change my password.

They are still at it with these emails. Sent me one on 5/1/21 saying the same thing all of you have said. They wanted $2778 in Bitcoin and if I didn't pay they would send the alleged adult videos of me and whatever I was allegedly watching to all of my contacts. They had an old password I haven't used in YEARS. I don't even know what that password is tied to. Deleted the email and sent a copy via complaint through this FTC website.

These hackers are honestly so pathetic!

By the way, did anyone dared to respond in "yup" as instructed in email wherein he will put your videos to 19 of your contacts?
I received that email yesterday and it was actually my old password which drew my attention.


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