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Did an ID thief steal your stimulus payment? Report it to us.

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Do you think your economic impact payment has landed in the hands of an identity thief? You can report it to the FTC and the IRS at the same time. Here’s what to do.

Visit, the government’s one-stop resource for people to report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan. Click “Get started.” The next page asks, “Which statement best describes our situation?” Click the line that says, “Someone filed a Federal tax return – or claimed an economic stimulus payment – using my information.” You’re on your way.

Logo: Coronavirus Scams: Tips from the will ask you some questions so that it can complete an IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (IRS Form 14039) for you, and submit it electronically to the IRS. You can include a personal statement too, to tell the IRS details about how your identity was misused to claim your economic impact payment. You also can download a copy of your completed Affidavit for your files. And, also will give you a recovery plan with steps you can take to help protect yourself from further identity theft.

Use to report suspected identity theft only. If you have other concerns about your economic impact payment, visit the IRS’s Economic Impact Payment Information Center and Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions pages for detailed, and frequently-updated, answers to questions. You also can find information here about payments that the IRS may have deposited to an account you don’t recognize.

Whether you’re waiting for your payment, or even if it’s already arrived, keep alert for scammers trying to steal your personal information, your money, or both. Remember, the IRS will not call, text you, email you, or contact you on social media asking for personal or bank account information – even related to the stimulus payments. Also, watch out for emails and texts with attachments or links claiming to have special information about the payments. They’re fake, and they may be phishing for your personal information or might download malware to your computer, tablet, or phone.


So I was told by the get my refund it would be in my account, right numbers and account on May 13th. I haven't recieved it today is 6/1/2020.I recieved my letter saying i was paid 1,200.00 direct deposit, not true, and could not speak with anyone from irs. metabank swears, never receiving payment but states they have the right account number Its website. where to go from here. try me with any HELP

My stimulas was to be sent 4/24 . Called irs this morn. He said that it should have arrived by now. Now they will investigate. To see if stolen and cashed or delivered at wrong adress and sent back.will be a pretty lengthy process.
I hope this helps.

what irs number did you call and get this info? My check was supposedly sent to an old address. It was not forwarded to me, and I still have not received it. Thank you

This is similar to my situation, finally got ahold of irs check was mailed APRIL 24TH and the lady was super rude and told me to wait 6 MONTHS!! ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.6 MONTHS. Should i call back?

Same issue here in Florida

My stimulus was mailed out on May 1 2020 I still haven't received my payment in the mail

Same! I am.freaking out. Website said mailed May 1, I have not received check or letter.

Same issue here.. just received the letter but not a check, which was mailed out on the 15 of may... and we are on the 29th of may!

I have the same issue. But I use informed delivery from the USPS. I saw a pic of the check on May 4th, but it never made it to my house. The address was correct. Here it is a week later and still no check. And no guidance in what to do.

On Informed Delivery, if it's still available, click on "Did not receive this mail piece" the USPS will then open an investigation, and HOPEFULLY find it! I feel you though, mine was supposedly mailed on April 24th and I still have yet to receive it.

Any luck yet

I got the letter from the white house but haven't received my check on the get my payment it says mail on April 24th and still nothing

I had the same thing happen any luck with the check are did u find out what to do?

Same here. Saw the image of the envelope with check on Informed Delivery on April 30th and then it never arrived. I have a locked mailbox inside a secured building and have never had an issue with my mail before. I keep reading the same situation from others. They need a way to cancel missing check and reissue.

Are you 100% sure it was an image of the check. I have never received my check (said it should arrive 4/24) nor did I ever see an image of it through Informed Delivery. I did, however, just get the letter on Monday and got the image of that.

My problem is the same I saw the picture of the stimulus check on informed delivery and there is no doubt it Is the stimulus check...I have an iPad and Can see the letter was sent from the Department of Treasury from Philadelphia...I can even see the pay to the order to my name on the check...somebody is stealing these checks ...this is the only piece of mail that hasn’t been delivered to my mailbox

I am 100% sure it was the check. I still have the email from Informed Delivery with the image of this piece of mail. It is from the US Treasury and you can see some of the words of "pay to the order of" to the left of my name and address. Informed Delivery image was April 30th and still no check.

I still have not received my stimulus check either. On the USPS Informed Delivery, it showed a picture of my check and that it would be delivered 6 days ago. My check is no longer on the USPS Informed Delivery App and my local post office told me today that it “probably got lost in the mail on the way to their post office.” This is crazy! All my other mail is getting to me, so what is the problem with my check?! I’m a single mom of two teenage boys and a teacher. I am not working right now because the schools are closed, it literally took me contacting the governor’s office here in Louisiana to get my unemployment insurance started (I’ve worked and paid taxes for the last 21 years and I’m about to be 38 years old), and now I can’t get my stimulus check because of our post office! I am so upset! I don’t know how much more of this I can take. My depression and anxiety is so bad right now... God bless and y’all stay safe.

I had the same issue too. I have informed delivery and have gotten every single piece of mail EXCEPT my stimulus check that was scanned.

Same here, my informed delivery has not been wrong yet. Everything it says I’m getting is usually in the mail but for this check to mysteriously not be there after it said it was make me believe someone in the post office stole it. Now I could be wrong but I have a strong haunch that I’m not.

I think you’re correct. How else could so many checks on the same dates go missing without anyone reporting a mail thief or mailbox checkers? Oddly enough it’s all over the country and seems to go missing between usps locations that Scan the Mail and the Mailbox....seems to me it’s Someone or multiple people...either right after it scanned and sorted or the delivery of the mail...but that would mean multiple drivers all over the seems more likely to be someone in the main hub where it’s sorted and scanned.....something doesn’t add up....and I can’t imagine mail thieves only taking one envelop from every mail box and leaving the rest ... especially when that one piece just happens to be the Stimulus check... on the day that the checks are sent out....that’s a psychic thief and a fast one....And a skilled lock picker being able to get into locked mailboxes unnoticed and without damage....

They need to investigate the usps

Same thing has happened to me .. did you get any information??

Did you ever get your check we are having the same problem says it was to be mailed out may 01,2020 and everyone around me has got theirs but I haven't received mine yet just curious if you got yours yet

me the same! The check was sent on May 1st. Today is May 19th and I got nothing. I got a letter from IRS saying "you've received your check!"

Same here

yep same with me i went to get my payment and it said my check was mailed out on the first and a few days ago i got a letter stating i received a check via paper/debit card but i havent seen the check itself yet

still nothing got my letter but no check

this is ridiculous there is no way to talk to an actually person about any of this , no way. I just get pushed around the site and then end up at the fequently asked questions page over and over till I want to scream.
I got the letter and I read where it said we are glad to send you this check or debit card in the amount of . but no check or debit card in the envelope no other envelope in the mail box .
still no check or debit card , no way to get any help finding out why , I can not even get a status update cuz my info does not match the irs info as far as personal info goes , so if that means that someone changed the address or whatever in order to steal the check then why did I got that ridiculous form letter , this is really ridiculous chaos and mess , amazon deals in huge volume , they don't have these problems

Same here in la california

I too have yet to see my check or a letter. I saw an image of what definitely looked like a check from the US Dept Treasury in my Informed Delivery Daily Digest. That was three days ago and I never received it! I would say only once has the images of my mail not arrived on the same day. I checked the box for "report missing mail" and hope the USPS can find it. Otherwise I have no idea how to contact the IRS to find out if they can reissue since I never received a letter how to do this either. Very frustrating.

I have not received my stimulus check and it was supposed to arrive on May 4, 2020. I just want to know where is my check

i have ssi and ssd and have been waiting but nothing no check no info nothing

My son is on SSDI and has heard nothing either really frustrating he could sure use it to pay taxes and bills

ditto in Whittier, Ca. getmy-5.1.20 trump letter/stimulus has arrived-5.14.20 no check mailman is a good friend, said there were some checks delivered in my area, about a 1/2 mile radius, but not many. found thrr pay schedule on the IRS site having to do with the earned income and the dates meaning 0 filed would be sent out on April 1st and the max wild just under 75000 would be sent out in September so sometime between April 1st and September bunny on how much you filed that's the order would be sent out in. I was really worried that my check and got stolen but after seeing that and amount of people that I know who've gotten paid and who haven't and I know a lot of veterans and people who are on disability people who didn't have any income and most of them I literally mean most of them have not received a check direct deposit or paper so I'm just going to hang in there and and continue to stalk the mailman. sorry for the grammatical errors and typos not in the mood to correct all the voice recognition mistakes take care of you posting if you get your check stay healthy and don't die!

My stimulus check went out on may 1st and 15 days later i received a letter that 1200 check went out i never Recived it can we put a tracer on it ?

Haven't received my stim check yet, concerned someone else may have gotten it due to mail situations where I live. Mail boxes are not locked, and other tenants have access.

You need to go to get my payment. Then u could verify if your getting one

How would know if a scammer has my payment? The IRS has not named a specific date to send a payment to someone like me
(SSDI , plus a small pension, direct deposit, non filer).
Get My Payment is not productive. The date the IRS gives to send my payment is May 2020.

patience you'll get it well I'll get it eventually they only send out so many it's like 2.5 million a week so it's just some weird list that's going in some sort of weird order brand new it's based on the amount of income to get made and if disability filing it for you then it's who knows how that gets sent out but I know people who are on disability who have received it immediately in some alarm display that haven't even had their status updated yet on the website I get my payment so just try not to stress it'll it'll come just some weird order for some reason we're the ones who have to wait

My stimulus check was supposed scheduled to be be sent to the address in file in April 24,2020 I never received it and me and my son really need that money where my check at?

I received the White House letter," Your stimulus has arrived" date April. 26. The IRS website says my stimulus was mailed April 24. As of May 8, I have received no such check. I hope you get yours soon and mine shows up or the suspected (thief) is caught.

Hi I'm going threw the same thing I received a letter in the mail first yesterday but I haven't received a check I'm so freaking lost

Same issue here. I received the letter saying it arrived but NO CHECK and it was mailed April 26th‼️

I also received a letter on yesterday saying my payment was mailed on 24th of April I still haven’t receive my check

Having the same issue got the letter but never recieved my check that was supposed to be here on April 24th

Same here. I got a letter yesterday but didn't receive a check. I'm confused right now..

I'm having the same issue got the letter but no check wat should I do

Same.... I may lose my place of living cause of all this.

I just received a letter saying that my money has arrived but I have no check I only have a letter so what do I do about getting my check


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