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Did an ID thief steal your stimulus payment? Report it to us.

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Do you think your economic impact payment has landed in the hands of an identity thief? You can report it to the FTC and the IRS at the same time. Here’s what to do.

Visit, the government’s one-stop resource for people to report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan. Click “Get started.” The next page asks, “Which statement best describes our situation?” Click the line that says, “Someone filed a Federal tax return – or claimed an economic stimulus payment – using my information.” You’re on your way.

Logo: Coronavirus Scams: Tips from the will ask you some questions so that it can complete an IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (IRS Form 14039) for you, and submit it electronically to the IRS. You can include a personal statement too, to tell the IRS details about how your identity was misused to claim your economic impact payment. You also can download a copy of your completed Affidavit for your files. And, also will give you a recovery plan with steps you can take to help protect yourself from further identity theft.

Use to report suspected identity theft only. If you have other concerns about your economic impact payment, visit the IRS’s Economic Impact Payment Information Center and Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions pages for detailed, and frequently-updated, answers to questions. You also can find information here about payments that the IRS may have deposited to an account you don’t recognize.

Whether you’re waiting for your payment, or even if it’s already arrived, keep alert for scammers trying to steal your personal information, your money, or both. Remember, the IRS will not call, text you, email you, or contact you on social media asking for personal or bank account information – even related to the stimulus payments. Also, watch out for emails and texts with attachments or links claiming to have special information about the payments. They’re fake, and they may be phishing for your personal information or might download malware to your computer, tablet, or phone.


Its the mail most post offices are understaffed. I mailed my daughter a money order in the same state same county and it took her 9 days to get it. Imagine an irs check.

USPS Informed Delivery shows my check last Friday. 7 days later still no check. Who do I contact?

Same for me was suppose to be here Saterday my informed delivery showed me picture ,all other showed up but not my check post office said it's lost in mail or mail carrier but in someone else's box, well still don't have and I have no idea on who to call.

I work for a financial institution. We believe that one of our members deposited a stimulus check that does not belong to them. how do we report it?

My mother, who is 80 years old, received her stimulus check in the mail, but then she lost it. How can she have a stop payment on the check and have it reissued?

It said May 1 check on its way. It’s May 13 and I have not received my stimulus check. I got the letter on May 11 but never a check. Is it stolen? or takes weeks to be delivered? So confused.

I have the same problem!!!. My check was mailed April 24th and I got the letter may 11th but still no check!!!. I've been driving myself crazy thinking it got stolen and I've called the number provided to me and gone on the IRS website and they just run you in circles with no definitive answers or ways to fix the problem!!!. Cruelest April fool's joke ever, courtesy of the government.

I receive SSDI and I get between $10-$20,000 per year. I have direct deposit and I have not received my stimulus check. Why is this, and what can I do, and whom should I contact?

My check went to my grandmothers home and she cashed it without my consent. Can the irs check and see when and what bank it was cashed at? She is refusing to send me the money. I no longer live in that state. Would this be identity theft since she deposited someone else’s check into her account?

You can report the stolen check and create an IRS affidavit at Click "Get Started" on the first page. On the next page, click on the green bar that says " someone claimed an economic stimulus payment using my information."

Fill in what you know to create an identity theft report and IRS Identity Theft Affidavit. The system will create a list of steps for what you can do next.

My check was stolen from my mail box. How do I retrieve or report it stolen to get my check?

The letter from the IRS sent 2 weeks after stimulus payment was made is supposed to have info on what to do if your check was not received, however, nowhere in the letter is this issue mentioned. The phone number given is an automated message which also gives no info on what to do if your check was mailed but not received.

My check says it was mailed out April 24th and its may14th still have not cotton anything in mail what due I due now how due I find out where it is I am a mother of 5 and need my money

The irs portal says that my check was mailed out April 24th, but it’s May 14th and I still haven’t received it. Post office keeps saying they haven’t gotten it, but two weeks ago I enrolled in Usps informed delivery. And Monday I was supposed to get the letter the irs sends out 15 days after the payment, and it didn’t show up. Toledo post office manager says she has a lot of them just sitting on her desk in her office. But mines is not one of them. Why is it that they are keeping the checks, instead of delivering them? Did the irs even send it, is there a reason why no one has received their paper check, and all the payments are not showing up via direct deposit?

What do I do if my stimulus check was mailed to an old address. And when I went to ask for it I was told the new tenant tore up my stimulus check. I'm not sure if it was cashed or not. He assured me it did come but he tore it up!

I received the informed delivery about my stimulus check but it was not in the mail. How can I report it? Any leads

The "get my payment" tool said that my stimulus payment was scheduled to be mailed on April 24th. This past weekend (May 9th or 10th), I received letter 1444 from the IRS. It was dated April 24th. I still have not received my actual check. It is my understanding that everyone was supposed to receive that letter 15 days after their payment was deposited or their check was mailed as a confirmation of sorts. So, I'm assuming that my check must have been stolen or diverted prior to reaching me. If I am correct, what actions should I take?

My daughter also received information off the IRS website the her check was being mailed on April 24th. Two days ago she received the EIP (1444) letter also..... Still no check to be seen. I've spent several hours trying to resolve this but I'm getting NO WHERE. The IRS website also claims that the 1444 letter we receive AFTER (approximately 15) is to confirm our payment and that for any reason we haven't received payment that information on this letter would help resolve this problem. I see nothing in this letter except the 10 cents the government is probably charging is taxpayers.

I received my letter from the White House on Tuesday but no check and it was schedule to be mailed to me on April 24th...have anyone got there check yet???? This is crazy

Probably that's what happened to mine, on SSI don't tax's n been waiting n waiting n nothing deposited in my bank they said the 13 of may we was to get it in are bank account I know there something very going on not I but almost everyone I know or talk too have got there's either. What a shame !!

Get my payment says - check scheduled for 4/24. I received the form 1444 trump letter. But no check. Please inform me as to what is going on and what I can do. PLEASE HELP!

I enter my info correctly numerous times and still can’t verify me I also file for 2018 and 2019 tax return. Why cant I log into the to check on the status of my stimulus check, however I received a letter from the White House explaining I have received my check which I haven’t.

My check was supposed to been Deposited on April the 29th Am I direct deposit because I receive SSDI My bank hasn't received the check I haven't received a check and I still haven't received a letter stating that they sent me the money I also have a twelve-year-old daughter and she hasn't gotten her $500 see it

My stimulus check was sent to my address I used on my 2018 taxes. I became disabled November 2018, so I didn't file 2019 because i recieve ssdi as of November 2018. I was told i didn't need to update info because I would get my stimulus payment on my benefit card as per ssdi.. So my check was sent to an address I no longer live at, I went to usps it wasn't returned to sender. So I haven't gotten a thing. I was told my info would be gathered from ssa so why did they send a check versus depositing it on my benefit card. I read faq's and it said if u received disability I need not to do a thing. I am officially a non filer and didn't work from 2018- til now because of my disability. So what am I to do to recover my check?

My ex and I filed taxes together. He left and has the card where our check was deposited and refuses to give me my half. What number do I call to report it?

What do I do to get my stimulus check if someone else sends it back to the I R S?

My check was mailed out may 1 into my mail box I do believe someone stole it .have not
receivedd no ck the letter I got said I did and poll get my payment said it was mailed may 1 but I still haven't got I need help finding out we're my ck is thk u

My check was supposed to be mailed on the 24th. Got the letter yesterday but still no check. I've tried calling every number but no way to get any information. The letter was supposed to give info if check wasn't received but it was just an automated message. Don't know what to do!!

I received the letter this past Wednesday (5/13) saying the payment was mailed April 24th. I still don't have the check. I have Informed Delivery Digest and I did see this letter. There was a piece of mail that showed up on April 26th on the app but the photo was not clear so I am not sure if that was the check or not.

I just wanted to share this to let others know that many of us are experiencing this problem. It's really irresponsible of the IRS to not provide some kind of phone number where we can speak with someone about these issues and get them corrected. The phone number on the letter is just an automated voice.

I did contact my congresswoman to see if she has any advice. Good luck to everyone.


I'm in a homeless shelter I lost my bag with my stimulus check in it how do I handle this situation at this point because I was told to call the IRS but I'm unable to because it's it's because of what's going on right now. Again I'm in a homeless shelter my check got delivered I had it someone stole my bag with all my important information in it I found a police report and I've reordered my cards but I'm not sure how to go about getting a new check

This FTC blog post explains what to do if you think an identity thief got your stimulus payment.

Report the stolen check and create an IRS affidavit at Click "Get Started" on the first page. On the next page, click on the green bar that says " someone claimed an economic stimulus payment using my information."

Fill in what you know to create an identity theft report and IRS Identity Theft Affidavit. The system will create a list of steps for what you can do next.

I received a letter in the mail saying I received my stimulus check but I never got it in the mail so who do I talk to or how do I get it I really need it.


My stimulus check was stolen ,I dont kno if it has been cashed yet

Please resend my stimulus check to my account and not my address
Thank you. coronavirus told me that my stimulus check was mailed out on the 24th of April 2020 I received the letter last Saturday from the White House stating that my check has been mailed to the address I never received my check they say the check never came I think someone stole my check

I went on and it says my stimulus payment was sent on April.24,2020 I also received the letter from the White House stating that my payment has arrived. It is May.15,2020 and I have not received my payment. I have tried calling the number on the letter but it’s just automated with absolutely NO resolution to the problem. I really need help and information on how to recover my payment or get reissued my check.

I’m a tax paying single mother and irs says my check was mailed out on may, 1st and NOTHING!!! I’ve moved from the place they had on file, I changed my address with USPS and still nothing !!! Someone has stolen my check

So "get my payment" said my check would be sent out May 1, but to an old address. How would I know if someone took it? Or am I supposed to just show up to my old address and ask the people living there now if they have seen my check?

What do I do if the check was sent to the wrong bank account. Someone else's?

I received notice 1444 from resident at my prior address but not my stimulus check they claim they never got it , how do I report this incident.

What am I supposed to do if I have received the stimulus letter (about a week ago now) but still haven’t received the paper check yet?

MyEconomic Impact Payments was sent but I have not received it myself...It was sent to my home when I was away and when I came back it was missing. I never had a chance to pick it up

It seems like across the country people's stimulus checks are missing from their mail boxes. There is an issue here that needs to be addressed. There is no help on any one of the 3 government sites I visited. Needless to say I've been at this for hours now in an attempt to try and reissue, or resend my check. We're going to need a more clear-cut answer to this issue. Any assistance would be appreciated by an exponentially increasing amount of Americans who have had their stimulus checks plucked from their mail boxes.

I see there are many many who have not received their check that was mailed out 24th of April. My granddaughter has not received hers either. I want to know if anyone out there has received a check that was mailed out on this day or even after. I'm wander if they haven't mailed any checks out yet. We are speaking of the government.

I'm in the same boat as everyone. I received a mail stating on May 1st I was supposed to received the check, up to now ZERO check received. Any body got any update or if you just received yours?

I also received the letter confirming my stimulus payment of $1200, the portal verifies the check being sent May 1st. I cannot believe all of the people that have not received their checks and even after confirmation of the check on it's way with informed mail. I can see if it were a few checks lost in the mail, but after seeing all the same issue posted, it sure seems like it may be a high profile postal fraud/scam, and needs to be investigated. The IRS does need to set up a portal for people to report their lost or stolen checks so they can start looking to see if the checks are being deposited into financial institutes or personal accounts.
So has anyone out there received their check yet? I've given up hope and can do nothing but cry.

Somwone filed taxes under my name for 2019. So i havent received my return or a stimulus check. Ive filled out the affadavit on the identitytheft site but havent heard back from anyone. It's been 5 or 6 week now. Any advice on how to get my taxes rectified and my return processed?

When entering my information in the Get My Payment portal, if the address I enter is recognized and gives me a scheduled date for my stimulus to be mailed. Isn’t that the address it will be mailed to?


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