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Did an ID thief steal your stimulus payment? Report it to us.

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Do you think your economic impact payment has landed in the hands of an identity thief? You can report it to the FTC and the IRS at the same time. Here’s what to do.

Visit, the government’s one-stop resource for people to report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan. Click “Get started.” The next page asks, “Which statement best describes our situation?” Click the line that says, “Someone filed a Federal tax return – or claimed an economic stimulus payment – using my information.” You’re on your way.

Logo: Coronavirus Scams: Tips from the will ask you some questions so that it can complete an IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (IRS Form 14039) for you, and submit it electronically to the IRS. You can include a personal statement too, to tell the IRS details about how your identity was misused to claim your economic impact payment. You also can download a copy of your completed Affidavit for your files. And, also will give you a recovery plan with steps you can take to help protect yourself from further identity theft.

Use to report suspected identity theft only. If you have other concerns about your economic impact payment, visit the IRS’s Economic Impact Payment Information Center and Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions pages for detailed, and frequently-updated, answers to questions. You also can find information here about payments that the IRS may have deposited to an account you don’t recognize.

Whether you’re waiting for your payment, or even if it’s already arrived, keep alert for scammers trying to steal your personal information, your money, or both. Remember, the IRS will not call, text you, email you, or contact you on social media asking for personal or bank account information – even related to the stimulus payments. Also, watch out for emails and texts with attachments or links claiming to have special information about the payments. They’re fake, and they may be phishing for your personal information or might download malware to your computer, tablet, or phone.


Will the reporting be separated for refund and stimulus id theft data, or will they be combined and assumed to be 1 type vs. the other based on the timing of the reporting by the victim?

Whether you want to report identity theft involving your tax refund, or identity theft involving your stimulus payment, the IRS requires you to complete an IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (IRS Form 14039) to report the fraud.

When you fill out IRS Form 14039, you can say whether you’re reporting tax refund fraud or stimulus payment fraud. The system will take you through the steps to fill out the IRS Form 14039, and it will send the completed form to the IRS electronically for you.

I would like to know where my stimulus check is at?

I I'm on Social Security SSDI I was supposed to receive my check early in the month of May I haven't received my check and I believe somebody may have stolen my identity to receive my check because I can't get through to the IRS so I don't know if they still processing a check for me or not but according to according to the website or the portal or the online portal they are saying that they don't have any information on my status can you help me

I am on ssi and ssa and still didnt get stimulus check

Were my stumulas check. All info is up-to-date

I am on ssdi and have not received my stimulus check. I believe it had been stolen

Same in eastern nc. . Irs says it Mailed out on Gmail but nothing whats up with this????

My stimulus payment went into someone elses account not mine what do i do and i had a child on mine so i didnt get nothing at all which sucks for me

The IRS has information about what to do if a payment is sent to an account you don’t recognize.

Same with mine, wrong account. The link to the IRS website does not help. This is not an account from someone who prepared my tax return. How can it be tracked down?

How would one know if one's stimulus check was stolen if they haven't all been sent out yet, and not everyone is receiving one?

The IRS will mail a letter about the economic impact payment to each person's last known address within 15 days after the payment is paid. The letter will tell you how the payment was made and how to report any failure to receive the payment.If you get a letter and you aren't sure it's legitimate, go to

Met stimulus payment was mailed out to me on 4/24. It has not arrived yet. Any advice?

Did not receive my stimulus mailed out on the 24th of April

The irs said my check will be mailed April 24th. I have not recieved it and I haven't got a letter saying it's been sent. My friends said they got there's that was mailes out april 24th i have informed delivery. I just got it no images . as it says it will be mailed April 24th .have not recieved my check.

Did u get the letter?

I still have not got my stimlus check the irs live agent said it was sent to my address april 24th its been over a month havent recieved my check or my letter in the mail

My check was mailed on May 4th it's now the 29th still haven't received it. I did receive the letter saying i did. What's up. The IRS is saying i have to wait 30 days. It doesn't take 30 days for anything to be mailed. I use to work at USPS.

Same problem here now look it’s May the 14th and still no check I got the letter three days ago and my check was supposed to be here April 24th and no check yet!

Same exact thing happened to me. Got a mailing date of April 24th, and on may 11th Received a letter telling me I was paid $1200 which I am still waiting on.

Hi same here. My get my payment tool states that mine was mailed on April 27th and it’s May 21st and still no check. I did receive a letter in the mail on May 14th stating that I got paid, but I haven’t gotten a check yet. Anyone know the answer as to why?

I'm experiencing the same problem. Did you recieve your payment as yet?

Same here and it is 5/28!

How did u report it stolen

TRACEE my check was stolen have you had any luck in finding a place to report it? I can't find anywhere

Yes! It's odd that we all have the same date. My date given by the tool is also April 24th. The letter I received is also dated April 24th. However, I have yet to receive anything. I am married and have four children. We own a small business that has been shut down. It's very frustrating that there wasn't a number to contact on the letter. I just want to make sure it's still coming, or make sure they know that it wasn't received if it should have been. This means so much for my family.

me same thing, same date! Letter dated April 24th! online says check s scheduled to be nailed April 24th! No check yet, almost a month later. Nowhere to get info. faqs doesn't have an answer. my tax guy says could get it June! Maybe mine was stolen but how about you? my mailbox is an unlocked one. same dates tho, hmm. jeep ne posted & I will do same. hey how about writing to IRS in Austin Texas, where notice came from? I might do that.

My stimilus check says it was mailed out on April 24th as well and I to have not received my check. I did however receive a notice 1444 to the address my check was to be mailed to with the amount, that I qualify and would receive it by check/debit. The number on the notice is garbage it's all automated does not let you talk to anyone period. I finally got through to the IRS and they tell me they know nothing about payments their only there for actual refunds. Has anyone else gotten this form dated April 24th but have not gotten their check that says it was mailed April 24th? I'm confused I know the address is right and apparently the IRS has it because I received the notice 1444 to that address.

My letter/notice is also #1444 (EN-SP) saying same thing. I'm receiving this payment...Supposed to be mailed April 24th, letter is dated April 24th! NO CHECK YET. My mailbox is not the locked kind. Any chance it was stolen from your mailbox? Nowhere to find out anything! Someone said "track it" so maybe will try that. Frustrating. Let me know if you get yours please. I will do same.


My husband got a letter saying it was mailed out April 24 th it is now May28 and still no stimulus . Any advice ?

I have received the IRS letter and it does not have information about how to report failure to receive payment despite claiming on their website that the letter will contain such information.

Right.. No it doesn't. And the number they do have doesn't help.

How do I report the failure to receive the payment? My stimulus check was sent to one of my old addresses, I went and checked the mail out at the old address a couple times a week since May 1st and received a letter on May 13th from the IRS stating my check had arrived but I never got it. I think it was stolen. What should I do to get that money?

I have the same problem and your reply doesn’t tell us what to do if the payment never arrives (mailed payment)

Hi, can you acknowledge the 4/24 issue? It's clear something went wrong with that mailing date.

Get my payment tool says it was mailed May 1st. Received a letter stating i was receiving a stimulus check dated May 1st. Still havent received my stumulus. How is it one letter made it here but not the important check?

I'm in the same boat been waiting since the first and got my letter but no money

Get my payment said I’d get a check in the mail on May 1, 2020. It didn’t arrive. Is the US MAIL just delivering late? Or did someone else get my check. All my neighbors received their stimulus checks in the mail.


We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.

We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.

If you need additional help or do not receive your payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Same here , Miami Florida.
We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.
It's now May 15, 2020 and no check, I did receive the letter from the IRS saying "I am pleased to notify you that as provided by the CARES Act, you are receiving an Economic Impact Payment of $1,200.00 by check/debit card." I'm starting to think it may be stolen, but don't know where to report it.

Same w me. Supposed to arrived on 1st of May still haven't got it got the letter from the White House telling me that I received my money but still no check I have the IRS get my payment app I have the u.s. mail app I've checked the automated line to see if my check was offset everything is legit but I still have no money

The letter from the White House includes a phone number for the IRS so you can call with questions. 


The number included with the letter brings you to no one. The ORS has no one working to answer phone calls for those of us who are waiting for a check still. Mine was mailed May 1st, the 19th I got the letter saying it was mailed and still no check. This is ridiculous.

My letter does not have a phone number on it. When I call the number I found online, there is still no way to report anything. It just tells me to check get my payment (which shows it was sent on 4/24).

the number on letter is dead,we can call but no real person!

Same with me, the website said my check was mailed by May 1, 2020 and here it is May 27, 2020 and still no check. I did receive the automated letter stating I got it but never did. I think someone stole it because I have informed delivery and saw the date it was supposed to be in my mailbox and it never made it. If anyone have a good contact number to get in touch with Department of Treasury...Please share. I’m super fed up.

The website says my check was mailed on 4/24. Informed delivery shows the envelope with the check and the envelope with the letter that were mailed to me several weeks ago. Have no way to speak to anyone to see if the check was cashed by someone else. Need this $!


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