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How to transfer money from your EIP debit card to your bank account

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Recently, we wrote about the Economic Impact Payment debit cards some of you are getting. But we’ve heard that some people have had trouble getting money off the card and into your bank account, without visiting an ATM. Treasury heard you, too, so here are some clarified steps for how to do that. 

  • Activate your card by calling 1.800.240.8100 (TTY: 1.800.241.9100). Remember, you’ll have to give your Social Security, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Then, go to to register for online access. (Or you can download the Money Network Mobile App and register for mobile app access.)From either place, click on “Register” and then follow the steps to create your User ID and Password. You’ll need your routing and bank account number on hand to link your card to your bank account. The easiest way to find those numbers is by calling your bank, or visiting your bank’s website. If you happen to have an actual checkbook, find the first nine numbers at the bottom of one of your checks. This is your routing number. The ten to 12 numbers after that are your bank account number.
  • Once your card and bank are linked, choose “Move Money Outand follow the steps to set up an ACH transfer. Transfers should post to your bank account in 1-2 business days.

The limit per transfer is now $2,500. This means that most people can transfer all their money off the card in one transaction. And if your card is lost or stolen, the EIP card provider will give you one free replacement card.

Because it’s always worth repeating: remember, no one will text, email, or ask you to click on a link to activate this card or to get your money. And unless you’ve asked for help, no one will ever call you about the EIP card. If anyone calls, texts or emails you about the EIP card, don’t give them any personal or financial information. It’s a scam. Report it to the FTC at

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We received a check, but with sheltering in place we're not able to get to our bank, a 3-hour round trip, and can't use our phone to send a copy of the check.... HELP?

You should be able to call your bank and get an address to use to send the check to the bank. All banks have this function.

At that point the best thing for you to do is either certified mail or even regular mail, the check to your financial institution. If you're nervous call your financial institution and see what their recommendations are

Contact your bank and see what options they have for you. One option is mailing it to your bank for deposit into your account (make sure to endorse it correctly on the back).

Great info. Thanks.

Mail it in to yuour bank.

I just called the listed phone number to activate my debit card.
Then I went inside my bank (no ATM), and the bank person asked me for ID (driver’s license and my bank card) then she transferred the cash to my savings account. It was available the same day. Easy peasy.
I didn’t have to give the government my bank’s routing number, my bank account number, or anything like that.

Was there either a bank fee or a government fee to transfer the money from the debit card to your bank account?

Hi i went to my bank cause i wanna cash out the money on my eip debit card and the person told that my card is not activate..How did you transfer the money to account i wanna cause my eip debit card still have money on it but i wanna cash out..

Hi, just want to let you know that I was able to transfer 5,000.

was there a fee to move the money or free?

Can u tell me how and what or where I need to go to do it bc I want to transfer all my money off my ebbi card to my current card or somewhere else

what if you do not have a bank account anymore for inactive use what if you only have a child support account where where do you transfer the money to them and why can't I get an issue to check those are my questions

My wife has a hyphenated last name having added my family name to her maiden name. I kept my own family name. My card was issued with my name being the hyphenated last name of my wife. I made the electronica transfer and the bank rejected the transfer. Please make sure that The sub contractor puts the names on the card that the IRS provides them. Thank you for your consideration

What if you have already transferred the money to your account and were charged $5.00 because you did not have that information? I feel ripped off!

We receive our stimulus as one. We have separate accounts. Can we take the card to the bank and have half of it deposited in one account then take the card to another bank and the other half deposited in another account?

How does one qualify to get this card?

I think the problem faced by most using these EIP debit cards has mainly to do with how they access if any their bank accounts. There are limitations to ATM access, especially if you are using a savings account as your primary bank account. What people today don't realize is that you are going to occur the same fees and little or no interest accrued in that savings account. Perhaps there are not any branches of a local bank that offers the best service for your specific needs. I gather that the people having problems don't leave their money in the bank once it has received money and withdraw all/if not most to pay for their needs. Unless Key Bank has limitations on how many transactions you can use the card, large cash withdrawals should be limited to paying those bills you can't use the card to pay with. Most utilities will let you pay via a credit/debit card and you can buy groceries too with the card. If the fees for usage are the problem, then direct deposit to a bank/checking account will eliminate that if the specific bank doesn't limit ATM access at their branches. But reliance on cash-only transactions is creating unneeded problems.

How about just issuing a check next time? One of the names on the card is incorrect and I can’t get a hold of an actual person to talk to about reissuing a new card.

Need help. Just activated my card and registered to transfer funds to my bank. I am unable to verify if the transaction went through as I can not reach live person for Customer Service.

I got the EIP card, activated it and when I went to transfer the amount into my account, I got a message saying I had an invalid account. How is this possible. I've been with this bank/credit union for over 28 years.

I received my card, activated it, designated my bank to receive funds, typed in all the routing and account numbers, and I still get an invalid account. I tried calling Money Network--invalid account. Website will not accept my log in. No place on home page to reset log in info. I am frustrated that this process is so terrible, so convoluted. How can I talk to an actual human being at Money Network?

On the EIP Card website the debit card is listed as having made a withdrawal; however no transfer has been made into my bank account, how many days does it take to make the transfer? This system is more than a bit questionable.

I've had the same issue! I transferred money to my bank account, 5 days later it 'bounced' for absolutely no legitimate reason. I re-did the transfer, it has now been a full week and while my balance on the EIP site is $0, my bank account has had no transfer arrive..

Any update? Did you get the money back?

The same thing has happened to me. Did your money ever get deposited in your bank account?

There should not be any fees for our money. Everybody who received direct deposit or a paper check received 100% of their money. Those who received the card did not CHOOSE to sign up for metabank. This whole thing is just a money making scheme for some slimy bank.

The fee schedule that came with your card tells how to transfer money to your bank, get cash, and spend money for $0 fees.

FTC Staff, based on the many complaints you are seeing posted here you should create a new category in your FTC Complaints system for the business in particular. Contrary to what you, the FTC, have posted at the top of this blog post, it seems no one is getting their funds transferred in 1-2 business days and the Money Network is completely useless when it comes to customer service calls.

I totally agree that you need to change telling people it takes 1-2 days to get transfer of funds to your bank. Eight business days and waiting for me.

I followed those instructions and got an "invalid account" error.

Also got an EIP card with my first name and my wife's last name.. Basically everything that your administration could have gotten wrong with regard to delivering the stimulus check, you got wrong. I've wasted 6+ hours getting waiting on hold, getting hung up on, etc. Epic fail on so many fronts.

Just get the card Activated and take it to your bank and Withdraw the full amount and have it deposited into your account there. It's so much easier. I spent over an hour creating an account with Money Network so I could Transfer funds and now I'm waiting for that transaction to take place. When that happens I will have to contract them again to delete the account.

My bank (credit union, actually) refused to give me the cash from the card. I've had an account with them for nearly 20 years.
I don't want to have to set up yet another online account and password and give more data to some company I don't trust.
I would have preferred a check.

I and my spouse are on SSI with direct deposit for our treasury checks that come monthly AND caught up to 2019 with our taxes which we file jointly. My husband received his stimulus check for $1,200 via his bank account almost a month ago but I received nothing thus far..6/11/20, not even a bank card or letter. I log on to IRS.Gov everyday but it says the same two things each time. 1)They are still gathering information and or 2) I do not qualify. I do qualify because I verified it with others who are on SSI like we two. Any answers out there as to how I could get my stimulus? I really could use it. Thank you in advance, Maggie C.

We received our card but it will it accept the last six digits of any social security number in our family of four. I've tried for days. I call ad can't get anyone on the line at IRS -my call is terminated. I created an online account hoping I could register the card there but no luck. I entered banking info but my transfer was denied. Without a PIN, I cannot use the card. But the system will not accept our social security number as valid. If you have any help for me, I'll gladly take it! Perhaps someone I can call or email directly. Our stimulus arrived but there is absolutely no way for me to get to it. Thanks in advance!

Try only putting in last four numbers of social security number

Hi Macinva, did you ever get a resolution to your problem with the SS numbers? Maybe you can help me, I'm having the same problem..... I'm ready to rip the card up, there is no one to call on this!!! Thank you for any help you or anyone else can give me.

Hello i never got my card i sent you my address but it never made it. Could you please help me with this i don't want to give my banking information on here i would like to get the card Thank you Cathy woodward

We received the eip card on May 27th. I activated the card and immediately transferred the funds to our personal bank account. The monies were removed from the card which showed a $0 balance after the transaction. The money never deposited into our account. You cannot speak to a Customer Service Rep from the number on the card. I called Meta Bank and they patched me through to someone from the Card Service. They stated that due to high volume it was taking up to 7 days for the funds to transfer. Well, as of this date, June 12th, the funds still haven't transferred. This is CRAZY!!!!!!!

Am I misunderstanding how this worked? I thought if you had a bank account you could have just had the money transferred into your account. Why are they sending debit cards to people who have bank accounts they could have used.

checking to see if your money ever showed up in your personal account. someone i know is thinking about doing this.

Same here in houston, tried to transfer to Bank of America, BOA has no record of a transaction occurring, my eip account is empty and I never received the money. when you call they say "we show the money was sent" , they cannot tell me routing number and account it was sent to, obviously not mine. filed a dispute with them which was denied. it has been 6 weeks.

I have tried three times to transfer the money to my account. All three times I received a message "invalid account". This is very frustrating as I use the computer a lot for online banking and have had this account several uses.

Same thing happened to me. I'm guessing that since you had no intention of using the card at an ATM, you did not call and register it and assign a pin. Do that now. Call the toll-free number on the paper the card is attached to, register the card and select a pin (which you will never use- sigh.)
Then go back online to complete the transfer. Worked for me.

We had made two transfers to our bank account and it took several days for each transfer to reach our account. We have been trying to transfer the remaining amount but keep getting error message. Tried to call the phone number but receive error message as well. Cannot seem to reach a live person by phone either.

I received a debit card, but didn't activate it it was not from Visa, but had the Mastercard sign in it. It's from Brinks, but the bank is Megabank...I didn't apply for it or ask for it, but if it's not the Stimulus money I don't want to activate it and have an account I don't want and have you close. Any advice?

Still trying to discover how Money Network Cardholder Services (their parent company is Fiserv) was chosen to handle these transactions. Between the fee structure and the fact that you have to create a client relationship with them, this is lucrative both financially and for information gathering. Remember, they were ALREADY given your information even if you opt to not activate an account with them.

The Terms and Conditions on the money network website state that the maximum one can transfer to a bank account in a month is $2000. It says on this page the the limit is $2500. What are you supposed to do if your check is more than $2000? Maybe that's why so many people's payments seem to not be going through??

The Transaction Limit Schedule in the Online Cardhold Agreement shows the limit is $2,500 per transaction per day, except if you withdraw from an ATM.

When I try to transfer my balance to my credit union checking account, I get the error "Error: Invalid Account Status". I have triple checked my bank routing number and bank account number, so feel that I am entering the information correctly. What could be causing this?


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