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How to transfer money from your EIP debit card to your bank account

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Recently, we wrote about the Economic Impact Payment debit cards some of you are getting. But we’ve heard that some people have had trouble getting money off the card and into your bank account, without visiting an ATM. Treasury heard you, too, so here are some clarified steps for how to do that. 

  • Activate your card by calling 1.800.240.8100 (TTY: 1.800.241.9100). Remember, you’ll have to give your Social Security, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Then, go to to register for online access. (Or you can download the Money Network Mobile App and register for mobile app access.)From either place, click on “Register” and then follow the steps to create your User ID and Password. You’ll need your routing and bank account number on hand to link your card to your bank account. The easiest way to find those numbers is by calling your bank, or visiting your bank’s website. If you happen to have an actual checkbook, find the first nine numbers at the bottom of one of your checks. This is your routing number. The ten to 12 numbers after that are your bank account number.
  • Once your card and bank are linked, choose “Move Money Outand follow the steps to set up an ACH transfer. Transfers should post to your bank account in 1-2 business days.

The limit per transfer is now $2,500. This means that most people can transfer all their money off the card in one transaction. And if your card is lost or stolen, the EIP card provider will give you one free replacement card.

Because it’s always worth repeating: remember, no one will text, email, or ask you to click on a link to activate this card or to get your money. And unless you’ve asked for help, no one will ever call you about the EIP card. If anyone calls, texts or emails you about the EIP card, don’t give them any personal or financial information. It’s a scam. Report it to the FTC at

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checking to see if your money ever showed up in your personal account. someone i know is thinking about doing this.

Same here in houston, tried to transfer to Bank of America, BOA has no record of a transaction occurring, my eip account is empty and I never received the money. when you call they say "we show the money was sent" , they cannot tell me routing number and account it was sent to, obviously not mine. filed a dispute with them which was denied. it has been 6 weeks.

I have tried three times to transfer the money to my account. All three times I received a message "invalid account". This is very frustrating as I use the computer a lot for online banking and have had this account several uses.

Same thing happened to me. I'm guessing that since you had no intention of using the card at an ATM, you did not call and register it and assign a pin. Do that now. Call the toll-free number on the paper the card is attached to, register the card and select a pin (which you will never use- sigh.)
Then go back online to complete the transfer. Worked for me.

We had made two transfers to our bank account and it took several days for each transfer to reach our account. We have been trying to transfer the remaining amount but keep getting error message. Tried to call the phone number but receive error message as well. Cannot seem to reach a live person by phone either.

I received a debit card, but didn't activate it it was not from Visa, but had the Mastercard sign in it. It's from Brinks, but the bank is Megabank...I didn't apply for it or ask for it, but if it's not the Stimulus money I don't want to activate it and have an account I don't want and have you close. Any advice?

Still trying to discover how Money Network Cardholder Services (their parent company is Fiserv) was chosen to handle these transactions. Between the fee structure and the fact that you have to create a client relationship with them, this is lucrative both financially and for information gathering. Remember, they were ALREADY given your information even if you opt to not activate an account with them.

The Terms and Conditions on the money network website state that the maximum one can transfer to a bank account in a month is $2000. It says on this page the the limit is $2500. What are you supposed to do if your check is more than $2000? Maybe that's why so many people's payments seem to not be going through??

The Transaction Limit Schedule in the Online Cardhold Agreement shows the limit is $2,500 per transaction per day, except if you withdraw from an ATM.

When I try to transfer my balance to my credit union checking account, I get the error "Error: Invalid Account Status". I have triple checked my bank routing number and bank account number, so feel that I am entering the information correctly. What could be causing this?

I'm hoping this person can help me, I entered the wrong routing number, but can find no way to correct it. Please somebody.

Don't try to deposit the money from your eip card into your bank account. VYSTAR Credit Union Jacksonville Fl.doesn't have the first clue how to do it. I tried to get their help for two & 1/2 hrs. To find out it is my problem to figure out how to do it.

I have attempted to register 4 times on the EIP card site (did already activate the card) so I can transfer $ to our bank account. IT DOES NOT WORK . Now I am going to have to go through vm hell to get help. Why didn't they just send a check?

What is the procedure to follow if the card is not received?

have tried numerous times to follow the process to transfer the $ on the card to our bank account - website never works. In retrospect I am glad - as I don't want a third party having my account info - same reason I don't give the govt/IRS my account info. Why didn't they simply send checks? So I am going to try and do the transfer at the drive thru at my bank - the bank is closed because of Covid 19. The debit card system is extremely cumbersome, as if I want the cash I have to go to an ATM on 3 separate days???

IRS agent said a debit card was issued May 22. Still haven’t received it. Called Metabank phone number they gave me and when I enter my 6 digit social sec number and zip.. it says no account, can’t talk to live person. Help !?

Please note regarding stimulus payment on debit card: On a ACH transfer from the EIP card into one's own private account, the EIP card "money market acct" WILL NOT ALLOW the transfer of any funds on the same day you set up one's account. ALSO the EIP/money market acct had set a dollar amount limit on a transfer as well as WILL NOT ALLOW more than a certain dollar amount of transfer within the same month.

I've taken my card to the bank and they were not able to deposit it. And then I tried creating an account on MoneyNetwork and when I try to transfer I get an error message. I've tried denominations as low as $500. There is no number to call to speak to an actual person and now I have no way to get my money. Help please!! I have two little kids at home and are counting on that money.

Hello I just read your comment and I'm in the same boat about the pin I was wondering if you ever got this resolved??? Thank you.

Same issue as many others. Received the card. Registered with Money Network. Logged in and saw the money on my account but cannot use the Money Out/Transfers to the US to a checking account in the US. Every time I do it, (Chrome and Firefox in mac), I seen an error message indicating an "Invalid Amount". I tried multiple values down to $500. Did they not even test this process? This is ridiculous. Please fix the Money Network EIPCard website so that people who need the economic impact money can actually benefit from it!

I registered my card at Money Network EIPCard
and called the phone number on the back to activate the card. Now that I am trying to use the card it tells me the pin is wrong. I know it is not the wrong pin. How do i get any help . I have called but cant get anywhere because they say my pin is not right. I am so over this. Now i am locked out of my account and cant get any help because you cant get passed the automated system until the pin is correct. I would really like some help.

I deposited my stimulus debit card full amount into my checking, everything went great very easy, showed the transaction went through. It has been three days and my bank hasn’t received the money. Can you post this with an estimated amount time it could take? ie x amount of business days? I am in the belief it should be instant?

I see you posted on June 28... Wondering if your bank received it and if so how long did the transfer actually take?? I'm in the same situation, waiting for funds to be in my bank account.

I received an EIP Card, registered it and tried to transfer the funds to my bank. I have attempted this several times on different days. Each time I receive an error message the I can not transfer more than is available. I have attempted lesser amounts to no avail.
I am following all instructions. I tried calling customer service but all I get is card registration and then a hang up.

I am having the same issue. I have activated the card and registered on the site. I am following and re-checked the instructions and getting the message that I cannot transfer more than is available. I have tried much lesser amount than what is available and getting the same message.

Once I deposit the money from my stimulus card into my bank, how can I close out the card so there will be no chance of anyone using it. I don't need any more credit cards.

i want to transfer money from my debit card to my bank account

I called the useless customer service number typed in the card # typed in the last 6 of the social and they stated they could not activate. Pressed number 2 for a replacement they mailed the replacement tried to activate ,typed in card number typed in last 6 they stated they could not activate and Call of course hangs up. You can not talk to a customer service for this bank w a dud card, you have to write a letter. So now it’s weeks later no money. Registered the account on line tried to transfer money to my bank it stated error invalid account status. All I wanted was an old fashioned check to deposit. You can not visit or fax this bank you can’t call because your card is invalid so they hang up on you. There’s nothing stating what to do in this instance that I’ve seen.

Tried to put money in my checking account it said invalid pin number tried to call number on back of card it asked for card number and pin number it said invalid pin then hung up. know what do i do?

1st problem...I received one bank card with me and my spouse's name.
2nd problem.. we would like to transfer the funds into our account, but there are to much personal information that we must provide through the computer (SS#, bank routing#, etc.) who do we know that this isn't a scam. We would rather of had the option of selecting a check vs. a debit card.

We recently received our EIP debit card, but it has my surname incorrectly stated; my spuse's name is correct. Can I get a replacement card? And what do I do with this incorrect debit card?

The website won't let me transfer the full amount - it takes a penny off that amount. I've tried to enter the full amount shown to be in the account, but the website keeps changing it to a penny less. I'm wondering if there is something illegal going on here (since they say there is no fee). Stealing a penny from enough accounts adds up fast...

Same thing happened to me. Have you found out why?

where is the word "register" on the How to transfer money from your EIP card to bank account?
This process is a mess. The directions do not make sense and most of the time do not do what we want to do. I am a taxpayer and would like to be treated better than this.

I have (apparently) successfully registered my card, but the website gives me no option to link it to a bank account for transfer. I suspect the bank is going to give me trouble because I use a hyphenated last name and the care was issued to my first name and my husband's last name.
I will take it to the bank and try, but this is not promising.

Still waiting for EIP ACH to land in my bank. 7 days so far.

no way, i just initiated the ACH today. oh no

It's been 2 weeks waiting for me...

I transferred money from debit card said it is gone now but never did go into bank account and it has been over a month.

Also my friend did hers over the phone and didn't get her money transferred into her savings as well on the same day July 1,2020

When I first activated the card, there was NO mention of a pin#. I tried to transfer the $ to another debit card, the transfer bounced. So I tried again. Now it reads as though it went through several days ago.But my regular bank doesn't show the transfer and since I have no pin, the automated phone # will not take my call. Why is there no human being to talk to, or email to contact???????

there is a very small phone number on the back of your debit card. Have your bank's routing number and your account number on hand as well as your pin. Call this phone number and you'll be guided through a simple automated procedure. The money will be in your account the next day. I wish that I had this info sooner! Pass it on!

I have an a miserable experience with this card. They think I have set up a PIN which I have NOT! Therefore, I cannot do anything as there is no chance to reset the PIN. I have been in touch with my Senator's office; they are frustrated, the bank is frustrated. I can use the card without a pin at the grocery store in small increments, but there is no cash withdrawal. The bank is stymied, I am disgusted and the Senator's rep. was about to lose her mind over all the problems.

It has been 10 business days since I transferred my EIP funds from my debit card to my bank account, and the transaction still does not show up. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions as to who to call/contact? Thanks!!

Yes we are having the same issue and it is very frustrating

Why is it taking so long to transfer my Debit Money Card to my checking account. I did it over the phone on July 1, 2020 before 3:00 PM according to the information online it says it would take 2 business days, here we are July 9, 2020 and my money hasn't been transferred, when I call it says I have $0 on my card so where is my money?

I finally got hold of a live person via the phone # on the back of the card. She said that from her end, she can see that my transaction failed. I received no notification of this fact on my end. She said that when a transaction fails, it can take 4-6 weeks (business days) for the money to show up again on the debit card. So I think that there are many of us out there with failed transfers of funds and $0.00 debit card balances.

Hi MM, I am wondering if this was ever resolved for you as I'm finding myself in the same position.

Why is it taking so long to transfer my Debit Money Card to my checking account. I did it over the phone on July 1, 2020 before 3:00 PM according to the information online it says it would take 2 business days, here we are July 9, 2020 and my money hasn't been transferred, when I call it says I have $0 on my card so where is my money?

I forgot my Pin and cannot access my money in card. I tried calling but they need my Pin to continue on phone. I cannot get in touch with customer service. This is very frustrating and a terrible setup


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