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How to transfer money from your EIP debit card to your bank account

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Recently, we wrote about the Economic Impact Payment debit cards some of you are getting. But we’ve heard that some people have had trouble getting money off the card and into your bank account, without visiting an ATM. Treasury heard you, too, so here are some clarified steps for how to do that. 

  • Activate your card by calling 1.800.240.8100 (TTY: 1.800.241.9100). Remember, you’ll have to give your Social Security, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Then, go to to register for online access. (Or you can download the Money Network Mobile App and register for mobile app access.)From either place, click on “Register” and then follow the steps to create your User ID and Password. You’ll need your routing and bank account number on hand to link your card to your bank account. The easiest way to find those numbers is by calling your bank, or visiting your bank’s website. If you happen to have an actual checkbook, find the first nine numbers at the bottom of one of your checks. This is your routing number. The ten to 12 numbers after that are your bank account number.
  • Once your card and bank are linked, choose “Move Money Outand follow the steps to set up an ACH transfer. Transfers should post to your bank account in 1-2 business days.

The limit per transfer is now $2,500. This means that most people can transfer all their money off the card in one transaction. And if your card is lost or stolen, the EIP card provider will give you one free replacement card.

Because it’s always worth repeating: remember, no one will text, email, or ask you to click on a link to activate this card or to get your money. And unless you’ve asked for help, no one will ever call you about the EIP card. If anyone calls, texts or emails you about the EIP card, don’t give them any personal or financial information. It’s a scam. Report it to the FTC at

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My wife uses her maiden name. We recieved our credit card addressed to 1) my first name with her last name and 2) her correct name. The website would not recognize either of our ID's . We were not able to register and start the process to access the card. We sent a letter to the EIP address one month ago. We have called the IRS Covid number and gotten the " we will look into it" answer.
What can we do to fix the problem???

I just activated my EIP debit card then transferred the balance to my checking, but it changed the transferred amount to $0.01 (one cent) less. Why?

Try to transfer 2400 to bank account and keeps coming up transfer amount can’t be greater than account balance plus applicable transfer fees there is no transfer fee total cost comes out to 2400 and it won’t work

can you please tell me where I can use this debit card and not have to pay to get it in cash????

None of the bank ATMs we tried will let us withdraw funds. Also, you put my wife’s maiden name as my last name. What a fiasco.

We received our debit card with the stimulus money on it and I went through the steps to set up the card and then transfer it to our personal bank account.
***It has been four days and the money has not transferred to our personal bank account yet . And I call the number provided to contact the EIP bank and I cannot get a person to talk to. I would like to know what has happened to our money the account I set up with the IP says it is zero balance now.

Where can I check to make sure the card we got is real? It checks all the boxes, but one of our names, as shown on the card, is incorrect. Really incorrect. How can I verify?

Website will not allow any transfer to go through. Said cannot transfer more the what's in account. FEE is highlighted in red with $0.00. I even attempted to transfer $200 less

I transferred an amount to my personal bank account on Thursday and it has not been posted to my personal bank account as of Saturday. I called the 800 number and a Rep said it takes 7 to 10 working days?? Is this correct?? Yet when i log in to the EIP account it said it was transferred. Something doesn't seem right....

I have not received a card yet but I have received a email from you telling me to activate my card. Who do I call or talk to about this?

It’s been six business days since I called number on back of debit card and did a transfer of funds to my bank. Need to quit telling people it will take a day! Not acceptable.

My 85 year old parents who have virtually no transportation were sent a debit card and since it looked like most of the other junk mail they get they tossed the card. Even if they had realized what the card was, they likely wouldn't know how to use it. This was a stupid idea to distribute debit cards to octogenerians.

Money Market Network advised me that transfers of funds cannot be made to an investment company account even though it is a checking account. Transfers can only be made to a bank. My attempted transfer to an investment company resulted in an ACH block.

I cannot recall my 4 digit pin - what do I do now to get access to my card

Would like to transfer my IPC card to my checking

There sure are a lot of us who haven’t had the money transfer to personal accounts From those “debt” cards. And what is frustrating is there is NO ONE to contact to get a proper response OR get it corrected.
And they are going to send out ANOTHER stimulus?!?!? Fix this one!!!

My EIP card was issued with my first name and my spouse's last name. I registered the card online and tried to transfer funds to my checking account, but my bank rejected the transfer. I assume this is because the EIP card name is not mine (nor my spouse's).

I have tried to activate my card and it has a 3 digit code non the back of the card, and the message I get is asking for a 4 digit number when I filled out the information on the computer, I was asked for a code to open the account I was trying to set up and I lost the information I had entered and now I can not get back to the page. I need to change the debit card to a direct deposit

I have tried 3 times to transfer money from card to bank account and it keeps going back to card. Money Network folks are pf no help. How are we supposed to get the money?

We got our stimulus debit card and registered it and i went to the bank to deposit it into our savings and the teller said i had to call the number on the back of the card. So I did and gave the robotic voice my routing number and acct. number, did everything it asked. That was Friday. It is now Wednesday in the following week and no sign of the money in our acct. Was I scammed?? How can I find out where our money went?

My EIP card was mailed to wrong address.
How do I enter direct deposit info to get replacement sent via direct deposit?

what do I do if I forgot my PIN number? The automatic telephone system will not let me advance without a PIN number. Thanks.

I deposited my debit card's whole amount into my checking account using a mobil app on 8/10/2020. It hasn't deposited yet and the site says it takes 1-2 business days to see the deposit. I printed the page from that said my funds were successfully transferred on 8/10/2020. Can you please help?

I did not know that funds could be transferred to a bank account until reading a six-word comment in an article in AARP. My bank (at least the young woman answering in Customer Service) knows nothing. Please get the word out.

Hello, my father has been trying to get money transferred from his EIP card to his bank account. I've been trying to help since he isn't at all tech-savvy. We followed the steps and got confirmation that the transfer request was successful.
However, it's been a few days and the transfer hasn't happened. I'm not sure what we're missing. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi. I followed the instructions that came with the EIP card by Money Network. I did the transfer into my checking account and the debit card now reads 0. The money never appeared in my checking account. I called Money Network and they put me through to a recording. I called my bank and they said there is nothing there. Is this a stimulus check or a way to stimulate the population into believing the government has chosen a reputable company to handle a stimulus check for all of us. I think its just a "scam" company "Money Network" who is collecting a lot of money from the government. They must really be hurting to take be so blatant to take money from the American people who really need it. Shame on Money Network for a job not well done. "Scammers".

A neighbor has no computer or cel phone. How do they transfer Economic Impact Payment Cards funds into their bank checking account?

We are a small community were our banks can not take the money from the card and put into their accounts. Most of the elderly here do not have computers and do not use ATM's.

Find out how to get cash using your EIP card in the questions and answers at For example, youi can get cash with no charge some ATMs, and get cash back when you use the card like a debit card when you buy things at the grocery store. Read the questions and answers to get details.

I receive Social Security, Military retirement, and VA disability directly to my checking each month.
BUT... IRS sent me stimulus money as a Debit Card.

My EIP shows that my money was transferred to my personal bank account and my balance is now zero. However, the money was NOT transferred to my personal account, it just disappeared?

I activated my EIP card on a Friday, 1/16/21 then using the phone I follow instructions to transfer the entire amount on the card ($600) to my bank account. It has been 3 days now and has not been posted to my bank account yet. Is it because it was a weekend, then a holiday on Monday (MLK Day)? I'm fearful it is lost in cyberspace - the recording says the card is empty and that it was posted on 12/31/20 - this makes no sense and I am worried.

I transfer the amount into my bank account and it's been 3 days already and I still don't see it in my account.

I transfered money from my eip card to my bank routing number & account number. eip card now shows $o balance. with no money tranfered into my account. what do i do ?.

I transfered money to my daughters bank account and it has not showed up yet what do I do ?

Hello does anyone know how long it takes to transfer your money from your eip card to your bank account. I did mine on friday n still havent received it on my bank account.

I transferred my money from my card to my bank account and NOTHING. the money is no long on the card and the money is NOT in my bank account! Where did the money go? And I cannot get a live person to speak with

I received my EIP card, called to activate, requested the money on the card be transferred to my bank account, after 2 days it still has not shown up in my bank account. Where do I go from here if it never shows up?

This isn't working even when I put $1000 as the limit

It is so hard to use. Whenever you put your card on, you lost 0.25. I put card in without inquiring balance, it takes out .25. There are million cards, so it is easy to make money from money network bank. I want a check.

This so stupid my bank will not accept this card to be put in my account or to cash at their ATM machine. Now what am I suppose to do.
simply not get the money is this what the government wanted to make it so frustrating that no one can get their money.

Find out how to get cash using your EIP card in the questions and answers at For example, youi can get cash with no charge some ATMs, and get cash back when you use the card like a debit card when you buy things at the grocery store. Read the questions and answers to get details.

So I’m I to understand that the only way to get the money off this card is online? I can’t just go deposit into my bank account after I activate the card?

Find out how to get cash using your EIP card in the questions and answers at For example, youi can get cash with no charge some ATMs, and get cash back when you use the card like a debit card when you buy things at the grocery store. Read the questions and answers to get details.

after jumping through MANY hoops... when I tried to move the money to a bank account, the site demanded a 25.00 transaction fee!!!! why wasn't I issued a check like most everyone else?????

I received my EIP card on 1/11/21, and transferred the money to my personal bank account on 1/12/21. The message said it could take one or two days. I still haven't seen the transfer, and it's now been 9 days...
I don't seem to be able to get anyone to help me track this down...any ideas?

This is ridiculous why not just issue a check or direct deposite

I have been trying to activate my EIP card since yesterday. After calling the number, the prompt asks me for for my card number and pin. I just received the card so don't have a pin and it won't let me set one up. How do I contact someone about this issue?

No problem. Activated my card. went to my credit union and they transferred the funds to my savings account. Went home and checked my account on line. The funds were there all in less than an hour.

Went to the site to transfer the money to my bank account. Did everything I was suppose to do. It says it takes 2-3 business days. Well it has been a week and still no transfer. Went to the site and now it won't accept my username or password. It says I have been locked up. To call the customer service. Should have went to the bank first.


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