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Robocall reports still down, FTC still fighting

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A couple months ago, we told you the good news that people had been reporting getting fewer robocalls, and we told you about how some of the FTC’s work might have played a part in that. We have more good news — the number of reported robocalls for April and May were even lower. Maybe you’ve noticed.

The FTC’s latest Do Not Call Registry data shows robocall complaints were down 68% in April 2020 compared to April 2019 and down 60% in May 2020 compared to May 2019. The numbers continued a downward year-over-year trend that started in May 2019. Here are two other interesting points:

  • April’s and May’s number of reported robocalls are the lowest we’ve seen in years — lower than every month since August 2011 (excluding months when was down due to government shutdowns).

  • Robocalls weren’t replaced with live calls — the number of illegal calls from live callers is down, too.

This comes after the FTC and FCC sent more warning letters in April and in May to companies providing VoIP services that apparently routed or transmitted illegal Coronavirus scam robocalls.

These are just the latest actions the FTC has taken to stop illegal robocalls, and there will be more. But it’s good to know the actions we take make a difference. The FTC will continue its work with its state and federal law enforcement partners, as well as industry, to reduce unwanted calls. We know the calls have not stopped. But we will continue to do all we can to protect you from abusive and fraudulent calls.

Want to know more about what people are reporting to the FTC? Go to

If you get a robocall, hang up and report it to the FTC at Then go to to learn more about what else you can do to stop them.

infographic explaining that many of the robocalls you are getting are from scammers, and to get fewer robocalls you should hang up and use call blocking.


Could mean their efforts are shifting toward phishing, scamming via email.
So far I haven't seen any FREE effective callblocking "apps" from my cellphone provider or my landline provider. They should be free, I'm tired of all financial and other costs of doing business being pushed on the non-big corporate customers.

The FTC article How to Stop Unwanted Calls, links to call-blocking information resources:

The number of robocalls I received went down briefly, but has surged again. I don't report them, because I no longer answer the phone if I don't recognize the phone number.

Yes the calls have dropped off,thank you. In my case those that do still come in on my land line are captured by my answering machine. Computer companies that want to give me a refund because they are going out of business.Come On,who is going to give money away !! They counting on somebody going for their free money bait.Well thanks a lot for what you folks do for all of us

Robocalls did go down considerably for awhile, but in June they are back to where they used to be.

I really had a spammer call me back, after I had reported them to FTC.whats up with that,did the FTC check my case?

Or maybe people are too preoccupied with finding essential supplies and warding off germs to take the time to submit more futile reports? I did notice a slight taper off in calls during the beginning of the lockdown but the volume is nearly back to normal now. Not answering numbers without names doesn't help as I regularly get calls from businesses I deal with that aren't identified. I would miss important calls if I only answered ID'd ones. I gave up reporting spam calls ages ago, it's a time-consuming exercise in futility. I do think all phone companies should be required to include caller ID in all services. I have the least expensive Verizon landline package which doesn't include caller ID. When a spam caller called me back & threatened me last year I had no way of reporting the number he called from.

I am pleased to say that I have not had a robocall in a few weeks. Thank you and keep up the good work!

They did stop for a while but June is CRAZY. I’m getting 8-10 a day now. They are back big time

I absolutely don’t understand this article at all. When the pandemic hit, the calls I get on my landline phone, approx 5-9 per day, dropped to about 3 per week.
About a month ago, the robocalls came in 2 FOLD! I’m currently recicieving approximately 10-15 calls PER DAY !
I’m so sick of these calls, and no matter how much I read about this Government Battling and finally lowering these calls, it just frustrates me more . I’m doubting as to exactly what they are doing, but I’ve yet to say “ I’m finally getting a break from these calls “ .

I wonder if there are fewer because due to Virus..many companies shut down or less people going to work. I have noticed fewer calls though since March 2020.

My nuisance calls seem to be down for the past 4 months, but picked up again this month in June. Time to crack down on the scammers again. Thanks

Still getting them and now texts. I had to change my phone message to say "My house is not for sale" Maybe if somebody made it against the law to call and text we would have more protection. Let them buy a stamp.

I get 8-10 robo calls a day on my cell that I have registered with the FTC. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!

COMCAST will only let me block a total of 25 numbers. And that does not stop the calls that fool my Caller ID into thinking it is a local call. I get more of those than anything else, many of them (supposedly) from numbers of people that I know.

I signed up with my cable provider to limit the robocalls and it has helped but still getting some. Now my cell is getting calls and also spam text messaging. Now need help with stopping the text messages.

I used to be inundated with calls on my landline and I made a list and reported them to 'do not call'. However, nothing changed. Finally I fixed it myself. I got rid of my landline and only use a cell phone with my landline number. I also installed an app that blocks any calls that are not in my contact list. Now I have peace and quiet.

Still getting many robocalls on my landline each day. I can block 25 only and transfer 25 to another number, usually I transfer them to each other but those numbers are usually disconnected right away. I can't get a cell phone signal in my house so no choice to disconnect my landline The new law passed by Congress earlier this year has done nothing to stop them. Why don't you fine the telephone companies $10,000 each time the spoofers use their numbers for illegal purposes? I can assure you they will find a way to do something about this, as now, they don't care. This invasion of my privacy is not why I have a telephone. One spammer telephoned me 7,000 times in 6 months - disgraceful.

Robocall reports are down because reporting to the FTC doesn't accomplish anything! My office has received over ten robocalls within the last half hour from spoofed numbers and fake names. I've added our numbers to the federal do not call list probably three times in the last several years, but the unsolicited calls are increasing.

The number of calls did not go down in early 2020, which might be attributable to a lag in enforcement of the new rules. Then, coincidentally (?) with the shut down brought on by the corona virus, a notable and welcome decrease. Now, just as suddenly and more annoyingly, a significant, noticeable, annoying increase in calls - including a disturbing increase in threatening calls (SSN compromise, warrants for arrest, collection threats, fines, . . . ). These low-lifes are destroying the peaceful enjoyment of our residences just at a time when we are more confined, and these incursions are all the more worrisome because they prey on the vulnerable. I am dismayed that, apparently, the new laws have had no effect, instead, the volume and menace level has increased.

I completely agree with this report. I was wondering why all of a sudden I was getting little to no robo-calls anymore. I have Tmobile scam block as well but that shows only 7 blocked calls and I used to get about 5 to 7 per day. Keep up the great work

I'm receiving calls in an asian language, and have been for months now. I have been registered on the "Do Not Call" list since November 2019, so I'm not sure how to stop these calls. I've received 3 in the past 3 days. Anyone have ideas on how to stop these calls?

August 2020 robocalls are worse than ever, i have used nomorobo for 10-15 years it works 10%, any robocalls with my area code get through and 5 number robocalls also get through, i got one at 230am two nights ago, what the fuck.

I have 10 lines on my phone plan. All of them get robocalls. some days two or three, other days as many as 12 to 15. I'm not sure what this website is talking about or where they're getting their information. anybody that you ask will tell you that robocalls are increasing.

I've noticed that since August the robocalls have increased substantially, especially this month (December). It's crazy. Even though I have NOMOROBO, a lot of calls still get through.


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