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Activate your EIP Visa debit card now

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Did you get an Economic Impact Payment VISA debit card in the mail from the U.S. Department of the Treasury? If you did, you might get a letter from Treasury this week, reminding you to activate your card.


Treasury’s letter gives you instructions on how to activate the card. Once you do that, you can get cash or use it anywhere that accepts VISA debit cards. Or, you can also transfer the money from your EIP debit card to your bank account. This is especially helpful if you can’t or don’t want to visit an ATM. 


Did you throw away the card by mistake, or don’t recall getting one? No worries. Your letter from Treasury will tell you how to request a replacement card, which will include calling a 24-hour customer service line at 1.800.240.8100. It’s free to replace your card.


So that you know what to look out for in the mail, here’s what the envelope from Treasury will look like:

And here’s what the letter from Treasury will look like:


And, because this blog is all about reminders, here’s one more. Unless you’ve asked for assistance, know that the government will never, ever call, text, email, or send you a link to click to activate your card or get your money. If someone does—or asks for your Social Security or debit card number—it’s a scam. Report it to the FTC at

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Go to to learn how to activate and use the EIP card. There are questions and answers about using the card, a fee schedule and a list of fee-free ATMs on the site. 

The primary account holder can activate the card, set a four-digit PIN and get the card balance by calling 1.800.240.8100. The account holder needs to give her Social Security number to activate the card.

Downloading the money network mobile app worked for my husband. The website you provided didn't work it said to call the 800 number on back of card and the 800 number wasn't working. After downloading the money network mobile app and clicking register after that's completed you then could call the 800 number and register your card set up your pin and your card will be activated. I tried replying to some people to let them know. Maybe you guys can let everyone know. It worked for my husband hope this was helpful and useful information.

In reply to the following statement by staff;
"The primary account holder can activate the card, set a four-digit PIN and get the card balance by calling 1.800.240.8100. The account holder needs to give her Social Security number to activate the card." I have tried calling this number several times, and entered my card number and SS number. But the the site doesn't recognize my "pin" and therefore doesn't let me get any further with the call. How am I supposed to set a new pin, activate my card, or make other progress here if the "customer service" system doesn't let me get any further or speak to a person?

Assisting my elderly neighbor who has difficulty getting around and mild cognitive issues. He wants nothing to do with this card & just wants a check. His Social Security is direct deposit, but because he never gave his direct deposit info to the IRS, God forbid the IRS should be allowed to access that info for people who get their SS checks direct deposited every month to the same stable account for the last 20 years! So no, he gets a card, which he will need my help to activate as he has trouble manipulating his phone with endless streams of digits required to transfer funds (he neither owns nor knows computers or smartphones: I've offered to help him in that department but he has no interest, he says, at his age and disability level). He wants no part of some new corporation getting his bank info just so he can transfer the funds to his bank. He hates cards. He's being forced to do this bureaucratic runaround on the phone just to get his money. Why are ANY fees AT ALL allowed on government payments? Who decided this MetaBank is allowed to profit on this? Was the decision-maker a political appointee? Until everyone uses the money on the cards, MetaBank is making money on those funds. And lastly, this FTC site would be more credible if you didn't have spelling and usage errors on your automated responses ("away" for "a way," and "got" for "get" -- give me a break, "the card is away to get money..." and "Some people may got a payment..." Don't people proofread before they represent the US Government? I wouldn't be so picky about it, except that I'm just so upset my friend has to go through this at all. Thanks for reading. I'm sure you hate it as well, lol, I sympathize with the poor government clerks that take the fallout for bad administrative decisions.

You aren't required to pay a fee to get your money. The Frequently Asked Questions at explain that, for example, you can use the EIP card like a debit card to buy groceries and buy other things at stores that accept Visa debit cards. There are many more examples of how you can use the EIP card without paying a fee at www.eipcard/faq.

I can't ACTIVATE my card on the 1-800 number. It says it doesn't recognize my phone number and there's NO HELP. I registered online but it still won't let me transfer. WHERE IS A PHONE NUMBER THAT HAS SOMEONE TO HELP?

i am having the same exact issue. I even registered on the website, it shows the amount of credit $600 but it does not have an option to activate. Help

I am having a similar issue. System recognizes my card number and ss number but doesn't recognize my pin and hangs up. How am I supposed to access the system to set a new pin or otherwise straighten things out if it hangs up on me?
But the big question is why didn't they just send checks it would have been so much simpler!

I can't Activate my card at the 1-800 number they don't recognize
my card number or the last 6 digits of my SS #. I need help hopefully a phone number

same issue. No human can assist on this number. I called IRS, and got transferred then dropped my call. This is frustrating. Help... Others received the third payment already, and I have not got my second. help.

Did you end up getting help? Looking for a number myself.

Similar problem. They have a crazy system!

Well I can't activate my eipcard, because it says it doesn't recognize the number, and try a different phone, did, and still can't activate. Should have just sent a check, and my daughters was mailed the same day as mine and that was 2+ weeks ago and hasn't received it..this is really stupid... Government I'm sure got theirs and spent it already...freaking dumb

I got the card but when I try to activate it it doesn't accept my info. I tried calling the help line but it will only pass me through to get help if I have activated the card which I am unable to do. Who can I contact to fix this?

its s saying my social doesn't match when I try to activate but I was able to create my account just fine and can view my statements. so why can't I active my card?

I am having the exact same problem, with no apparent remedy. Fix this ASAP.

I received my card, called the 800 #, entered the number on the card: they don’t recognize the card. The card is in my name as well. What now?

Im Trying to activate my card but its not accepting the ss#

Im Trying to activate my card but its not accepting the ss#

Tried to activate stimulus card but voice message said it didn’t recognize number calling from and it automatically clicked off. Couldn’t proceed or speak to anyone. How to activate card?

The card is a giant failure and to have no online or person to talk to about your problem is insane . Nice job irs

Called activation # and keep getting "Don't recognize your phone #. Call back on another #. (?)

same issue. Glad I am not alone.

I tried to access the EPI card through the telephone card you proved. It tell me that it does not recognize my phone number. I have un unlisted number. Is this the problem? Is there a way to activate the card on line?

We received our card but can't activate it. I've tired 12 times and can verify on my phone that the card number matches . The message it get says "We're unable to find this number." After three attempts the message says "We're unable to help you without a valid card number, call us back when you have the correct information." The first message says press one for customer service which is never an option.

I phoned 1(800) 240 8100 to activate my card. The voice at this # said it did not recognize my phone # then hung up. Of course it didnt recognice my # because its a new phone at a new address.
To add insult to injury it said for me to use another phone. I dont have another phone. Can I activate online?

If you have blocked your phone number, like some people do for privacy reasons, the EIP call system may not recognize your phone number. You can disable the block yourself or ask your phone carrier how to do that, and call again.

Is impossible to activate my EIPCard. I'm trying to call at least 20 times per day from four days at 18002408100 and is an automatic response. Nobody in service so is impossible to ad mu PIN number. I register my card in and is impossible to transfer the 600$ to my checking account bank. Impossible to contact to services. This is an incredible bad service. Better the impact payment by check.

I received my card today. It will not recognize the number upon phone activation, therefore can not connect me to C.S. I have no known way to contact these people and tell them I have a worthless card. There's no one to email or call.

Received a card, but as a Senior who can't drive now for weeks, can't get to "a different phone" to activate the card, what do I do? the phone number to "activate" the card doesn't "recognize your phone number" and I (we) only have a land line. NOW what?

If you have blocked your phone number, like some people do for privacy reasons, the EIP call system may not recognize your phone number. You can disable the block yourself or ask your phone carrier how to do that, and call again.


For anyone getting the message, "I'm sorry we are having trouble recognizing your number. Please call us back from another number. Thank you for calling Money Network. Goodbye."
You might have caller ID turned on for your number. Try using *82 (or a code that pertains to your phone's service) to bypass it before dialing the 1-800#.

I press 1 for English.
The 1 stays there so I cannot enter the card number.
What am I doing wrong if I am the only one having this problem?

I tried to activate my EIPCard via the customer service number provided. It said they didn't recognize my phone number. i have a home and a cell phone and neither worked. I've had these for years. No one to talk to on that customer service number, they just hang up. Can you help.

I call the phone # and they don't like my phone #. I've have the same number for over 20 years and all the robo caller find me. How do I active this card?

When I try to activate my card by phone the call drops , why I haven’t been able to activate the card yet

When I call the activation number, the voice says it doesn't recognize my phone number and to try another phone. I don't have another phone. There's no information on how to proceed after that.

This EIP debit card is a fiasco. I have wasted hours trying to activate it at the designated number. It asks for a 4-digit pin, which I have never created. It does not allow me to create one. When I try to create an account, it tells me both our Social Security numbers are wrong, which they aren't. All we want to do is deposit the $1200 in one of our bank accounts, but it is absolutely impossible. Metabank and this government program are pathetic!

To those having issues of the 1-800# not being able to detect your number, you might have set up caller ID blocking on your number when you make outgoing calls. To bypass this, try using *82 before dialing the 1-800#.

I received my card but when I called to activate it said the card number was not recognized. I called back and reentered the number multiple times but no luck. The only way to reach customer service for metabank is by entering your card number. You cannot speak to customer service without a activated number.

I received my stimulus debit card and tried to activate it via unfortunately the website doesn’t accommodate International numbers. I called the help line but the CSA had such a heavy accent I couldn’t understand her and I wasn’t able to activate my card. This bank should be better prepared to handle U.S. citizens that don’t live in the continental U.S.

I'm trying to activate my elderly mom's card for her and the automated system does not recognize her ssn. I can't reach customer service because, again, it won't recognize the numbers I'm imputing. I tried checking her account on the main website and the ssn is correctly listed, so I guess it's the phone system that's faulty. I don't know what to do now. Can't request a new card and can't find help.

i received a card in the mail but it wont let me activate it. it says the ssn is wrong that i enter but i know my ssn so i tried to call the number and it's impossible to talk to someone. how do i resolve?

I received a card in the mail but it won’t let me me activate says the ssn is wrong that I enter but I know my ssn so I tried to call the number and it’s impossible to talk to someone how do I resolve.

I i received a EIP visa card in the mail for my deceased mother- in law. She passed on Dec 22, 2020. Do I destroy the card?

You may find information at

I received my EIP card yesterday. When I tried to activate it, I got a message saying I could not activate it because I was calling from a blocked number. My number is not blocked--we do not have caller ID service available where I live. So I guess I do not get a payment

You can ask your phone carrier about this.

I can't activate my EOP Card because it said that my social doesn't match. How could I now what social you guys are working with?


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