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Activate your EIP Visa debit card now

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Did you get an Economic Impact Payment VISA debit card in the mail from the U.S. Department of the Treasury? If you did, you might get a letter from Treasury this week, reminding you to activate your card.


Treasury’s letter gives you instructions on how to activate the card. Once you do that, you can get cash or use it anywhere that accepts VISA debit cards. Or, you can also transfer the money from your EIP debit card to your bank account. This is especially helpful if you can’t or don’t want to visit an ATM. 


Did you throw away the card by mistake, or don’t recall getting one? No worries. Your letter from Treasury will tell you how to request a replacement card, which will include calling a 24-hour customer service line at 1.800.240.8100. It’s free to replace your card.


So that you know what to look out for in the mail, here’s what the envelope from Treasury will look like:

And here’s what the letter from Treasury will look like:


And, because this blog is all about reminders, here’s one more. Unless you’ve asked for assistance, know that the government will never, ever call, text, email, or send you a link to click to activate your card or get your money. If someone does—or asks for your Social Security or debit card number—it’s a scam. Report it to the FTC at

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When you activate your card, you will be asked to enter your card number, last 6-digits of your social security number and the 3-digit security code from the back of your card.

Get more information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at

It doesn't even ask this, this is the worst possible way to conduct business. I think we need a judicial investigation for fraud with this lack of customer service with our tax dollars. Billions sitting in account collecting interest! Speculative at the least.

When I enter the card number to activate the card, the recording says "we cannot find that number." I have tried 8 times. There is nobody to speak with. What do I do?!

Dear FTC,
Please forward the issues described at this site to Money Network Financial LLC. I have been trying to activate my card daily, multiple times each with no success. Thank you.

If the card says it can not be activated at this time, what do I do?

i have called the 1 800 240 8100 number and cant talk to a real person all i want to know is how to correct an error that i made on the activate application eip page any advise

I am having the same problem as many others. I get a message that my phone is blocked. It is not blocked. And you can't report the problem in an email, only by phone, which doesn't work, or by sending a letter.

I can not access the call center because it doesn't recognize my "pin". I don't remember ever setting a pin and I've tried all the pin numbers I usually use. Since there's no other address or number listed to call about this problem there's no way to straighten this out.
A simple check would have been much less complicated and also with cheaper government costs then using this cumbersome debit card method.

How can I delete the account I had to set up in order to get this federal payment? I spent many unnecessary hours verifying the card was not a scam, and creating an online account including all kinds of personal info I try to limit access to, initiating a transfer to my bank account. Now that I have the funds, I want to sever this financial relationship and stop all of the emails from Money Network/EIPCard/MetaBank whoever they are. Why didn't the government just mail a check like they did the first time, or direct deposit to my account like they do with my monthly social security payment? This may be sanctioned by the federal government, but it seems like a borderline scam to collect personal info and pass it along to a private financial institution for no justifiable reason. And now I can't even cancel the account in order to limit my online footprint and the potential exposure to hacking and fraud?

Your 800# has no human to ask anything. The menu isn't even there.....I need a card replaced but it keeps asking for my card number over and over and over. Absolutely no help! HELP

I'm extremely hard of hearing and using the 800 phone number is out of the question. I cannot hear anything over the phone. I would rather not have someone else to activate my card and giving them my pin number or my social security number. It would be a good thing if I could do this online.

I cannot activate my card. It constantly says we are experiencing technical difficulties and are working on it.

With POA for my mother, I activated her EIP card 1/27/21 and received a portion of the money she was to receive; and now I have misplaced the 4-digit pin to activate her EIP account. I have been unable to reach a party who can tell me what my next step might be to retrieve the 4-digit pin. My mother with alzheimers disease is unable to help me.

I cannot activate the debit card I got for the 2nd stimulus. The customer service phone number asks for a pin, but gives no info on how to establish a pin. The website doesn't have any info either. HELP! There is no way to activate this card or reach any customer service.

I can't active the card. The 800 numbers said the account can't be found.

I got my card today tried to activate it and it said that I needed to enter my four digit PIN number but I haven't set one yet so how do I get ahold of somebody to fix

It asks you to CREATE a 4 digit pin...

I was having trouble registering my card on the web site provided. Thanks to a tip from anther comment here, I was able to use their mobile application to create my account and link it to my already activated card.

For anyone having trouble registering the card over the phone, listen carefully! It is asking for the last *6* of your social, and a lot of you are complaining that it is not taking the last 4, well, that's not what they are asking for... Also make sure you do not have caller ID blocked. A lot of people set this back up in the 90's and don't remember.

Try to activate my card but won't take social security number

I've been trying to activate my latest EIP card for 2 days now with no success. On calling the number and entering the card number, it says it isn't recognized and to try again. I also read someplace that the number it was looking for were the last 6 of my SSN, on trying this, it still failed. Help?

How to activate the card if I am unable to speak?


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