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Avoiding a cryptocurrency scam

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Yesterday some high-profile people had their Twitter accounts hacked by scammers who sent out fake tweets asking followers to send money using Bitcoin – a type of cryptocurrency or digital money.

Cryptocurrency scams are now a popular way for scammers to trick people into sending money. And they pop up in many ways. Most crypto scams can appear as emails trying to blackmail someone, online chain referral schemes, or bogus investment and business opportunities. But here’s what they all have in commonand what they have in common with yesterday’s Twitter hacks: A scammer wants you to send money, or make a payment, with Bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency. Once you do, your money is gone, and there’s generally no way to get it back.

So if you see a tweet (or a text, email, or other message on social media) that tells you to pay with Bitcoin, you know that’s a scam. Other signs that something’s a scam? They might guarantee that you’ll make money (those guarantees are false); promise that you’ll double your money quickly (again, that’s always a fake promise); or say you’ll get free money in dollars or cryptocurrency (free money? Nope, not ever). 

If you spot a cryptocurrency scam, report it immediately to the FTC at For more information, check out What To Know About Cryptocurrency.

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Please inform me of what I need to do to recoup my loss of 10,500 to an online trading scam of Bitcoin. The company has a sophisticated online platform with fake recruiters who lure you in to be taken advantage of by more advanced traders who promise who profits in exchange of your purchase of Bitcoin. I loss $10500 to this scam! Someone please help me put a stop to this corruption.
P/S I'm a law enforcement officer. If they got me, beware they can get you!!!!

don't feel bad I scammed to by cryptospherefx lady name (Lisa Ulrich) Facebook Name Lisa_cryptotrader (Lisa Barry Arnold) There scammers all of them that talk on telegram and what's up app (We Need to Stop Instagram And Facebook for still Promoting those scammers

I also got scammed twice (100$). I don't know what I was thinking like really n now there's another one which my fellow country man advised me to invest in and I am sceptical. Let's form a telegram group n then escalate to Facebook group so that we make people aware of scammers n other people can also come to such platforms to repost these scammers?

I got scammed of $14,000. I am so stressed and depressed I left of these criminals. They took all that I had left in my bank account and money I borrow from a family member. They had me invested $2200 in bitcoins and traded that made a profit of $107,000 but I had to first pay $12,000 to withdraw my profits . After paying that now he say I need to pay $10,000 more .

The company was
I met the guy through Instagram by the name john_connel_fx_ who said that we can make me lots of money trading bitcoins through this company by the name 

I want my money back!
How can we stop these criminals and lock them up?

I am victim of scam manager say that i start 100$ then i need to add 300$ then i get my ptofits after i. Provide another 700$ why people able to do that things me and my kids now suffer for what they did.. Vladimir Figueriedo be careful to him i hope all of you and behind this will die you dont know what you cause of wht you did..

+1 (800) 442-5001 This number calling me about Bitcoin is it a scam

I was scammed on instagram with username buypicoin . Pi coin. There are a few pages when you search that that claim to sell pi for 100k shares for 60 bucks. I don't know why these people are not caught. There scamming thousands and instagram does not follow through when you report them. I sent bitcoin as payment. They then immediatly block you and you get nothing. Why can't the authorities track his email and wallet maybe ip address. Anyways watch out for these people it's rediculous that there still scamming thousands and knobody is doing anything about it.

I got a scam email from (Fred Jones). I did not fall for it. There is no contact info at the bottom of their page. The attachment is some kind of Microsoft document, I did not open it.

There is a company called themselves Fox FX Traders claiming to be trading on behalf of their clients or members under Bitcon, I started with R2000 and added R1500 deposited in Luno app account after 3 days they told me they have a high signal my money is double I was expecting R20 000 but it was R40 000 and they ask me to deposit R6500 on Luno accounts for account expanding, then they now asked for withdrawal fee and asked me to deposit + - R15 000 for high traffic and I will lose every cent - my question is that does Bitcoin recognise this so called company that is exploiting us?

I was scammed just now

There is a person named Duric Farahudin and March Johnson posing as imposter asking them to sent BTC

They also recommend purchasing a plan on
eztradefx, swiftminingpro and 24cryptotrading

beware as they try contacting you over whatsapp and other social media sites

They said that if I invest with them I will get a huge return on my money. They said they are 100% legit and I can trust them. I don't know why I trusted them but I did send them money. They asked for my information like house address, phone number, and even a picture of myself. So I thought that it was legit. I send them $300 as that was their minimum investment plan, in return for $3,500. They even have a website that shows the tracking of the trade. They made me sign up for it so I can track the investment. After the trading was done they asked for a fee which was $450 so that I can get my payment. I gave them the $450 via Cashapp. Then they stated that my account has grown to $5,730 and now they require another fee which was $700. They email me saying that I will get my payment within 60 seconds of paying the $700 fee. So I paid them $700 and now they left the chat in Telegram and not responding to any text or emails.

I just want my money back, that was most of my life-saving money and I thought I could trust them for once in my life. In the end, I got scammed and now my hope is that you guys can help me find the fraud and put him in jail or a big punishment. Thank you!

Did you find anyone to help ...I am running the same thing now

Felix Carlos Benjamin is a Bitcoin Scammer working as a project manager in The Adnoc Group in Abu Dhabi. After 2 months talking, he begged me for 1 month to give him $500. from my stimulus check to replace money he spent to get the job w/Adnoc. I read online Adnoc does not take money from a 3rd party. He gave me instructions I go to a Bitcoin machine, insert my bank card, call him for the code & send $500. I blocked him.

It's painful how this scammers think we don't need money because they have a tendency of saying, "I'm trying to help you"
This is what happened to me, I came across a post on Facebook saying I want to earn extra cash using Luno Account, I then inboxed that lady and she explained everything, I deposited R2000 into the Luno account and she gave me the address of which I was supposed to send money to, after that I saw my money growing, obviously I got excited. There comes a time where I had to receive my money money, I was told to deposit R12 900 (850$) because I made a huge profit. I told the lady I only have R2000 she said it's fine she will help me with R10 000 but I will have to pay her back, okay I had no problem. I made another deposit of R2000. When I was supposed to get my money again, I was told to pay 10% of management fee, that's where I got suspicious that this might be a scam. Unfortunately I have not received my money, all I want right now, I don't care about the profits anymore, I just need my R4000 back!

I have been scammed and cost me £24000. I have the details of the individual who has scammed me, although do not have the company details.

His name is Pascal Wegner and he lives in the USA. As part of me trying to check if this was a scam or not I got him to send a copy of his passport to me plus a photo of himself with the current date on. Although I have these details and have registered the complaint with the FTC, there does not appear to be anything happening. I have actual evidence of the scam/crime as well as the individuals details.

Any advice appreciated.

I was scam by one chain girl is name is ma Chao I sold $2000 BTC for her and once she get the btc in her wellet she blocked me on Whatsapp +852 6159 9037 that her number

I wish we all here get our money back, i`m just college student. i got scam about $2980 yesterday with fake tweet Elon Musk, i realize in the moment after i spent my BTC that it is a scam, i feel broke and i can`t continue to my college cause of this scam, because all of my balance is zero now. i can`t realize that this is happen to me. im so sad with this, hope someone can help me and get my money back. hope we all here get strong heart, i fell want to suicide in that moment. i can`t talk to my family, and i decided to go alone, hope we all here get better future after this bad experience

I was also scammed by David Henry from Chicago Illinois. He told to invest in bitcoin and earn double but now he's telling me to upgrade my account and pay more than 1000 dollars to be able to get my profit but I didn't give anything. I lost 150dollar

I was also scammed. I am from the Phils and I met this Valentina Rae on FB. She asked me to convert my money to a bitcoin amd invested it on coinsfxsquare. After that, it appears that I gain profit in the amount of $3k but i need to pay the API fee worth $907. I was not able to pay the $907 API. They asked me how much money do I have, in short I paid them $200. I was so excited then because they that, that is my last payment. But after giving them the money they $207 for the signal.curb to receive my investment immediately. I did not paythem because I have no money at all. The crypro trader manager name ld Valentina Fx Rae and the company they are using coinsfxsquare.

I did not know how can I return back my money. If they are real or bogus hecause they just keep on asking money

I started texting a guy name Donald fisher. After 4 days he was leaving out of the United States for a job. Then he said he had a 2nd job selling Biotic exchange for cash. He explain he had a manager handling the job. But his family passed from the conovirus and the manager left the business. So I was texting Donald Fisher from south of St Augustine. We where getting alone really good texting and we never meet in person or talk on the phone all we did was text. He ask if I would help with the business of cryptocurrency and told no he keep on how he trust me 100% but I keep saying no. Will I told him I was tired and need to go to bed. Then finally he said fine and was not to nice. So I have his phone number and addresses. So can someone help me what should i do. I blocked his number.

Hey guys, did any of these people ask you download any cryprocurrency apps? I met this girl on this dating app and after a week she starting talking to me about investing with her in crypto in whatsapp chat. She asked me to download and maxxxtrade so she can teach me. I am reluctent and always skeptical ,but she is pushing it for some reason. She actually asked if we could meet up. Does this sound like a scam?

A friend request was made on my Instagram by a lady named Thompson Brittany.. she asked if I was interested in trading crypto and she was taking me through a process. But then without setting up an account with this company she wanted me to send $100 into a wallet.. I asked more questions and it kept coming back to that. I asked about setting up an account first and sending the money after and she said yes but still send it to this wallet number. I blocked her and didn’t send the money because it just didn’t seem right. She might have been legit but since she had only the wallet number and didn’t seem to be connected to this company I backed out. The company was called swingfx

Anyone been scammed by James Wilson? He wants to send me part of his fathers inheritance then send it to him in Bitcoin. He asked for I tunes cards sent 2 stupidly.


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