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Heard about the “waiting package” phishing scam?

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Phishing scams can be hard to spot. For example, we’ve been hearing about one where people get a text message saying that there’s a package waiting for them, and asking them to click a link to learn more. Sounds innocent enough, right? Unfortunately not.

Text blurb that says: Thomas, we came across a parcel from March pending for you. Kindly claim ownership and schedule for deliver here: (blurred link).

The messages are coming from scammers. In some cases, they’re targeted at college students. In that version, scammers text returning students to say there’s a package waiting for them — sometimes claiming it’s been waiting since last spring, when many students had to go home from campus quickly.

Whatever the message is, this rule stays the same: If you get an unexpected text message about a package, don’t click on any links. If you think the message could be legit, contact the company using a website or phone number you know is real. But don’t use the information in the text message.

Why do you want to avoid clicking the link? Once you click, they can trick you into giving personal information — letting scammers steal your passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. Clicking these links could also let scammers download malware onto your device.

Check out this article on phishing scams to learn more about how these schemes work. 

Did you get a phishing text? Forward it to SPAM (7726), and then report it to the FTC at

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I have received several emails from a source claiming to be Fedex stating they have a package for me- None in my circle use Fed Ex

I have received those texts numerous times. Since I know I have no packages being sent I do not click the link. My suggestion to you is to pay attention and contact the company you are expecting a package from. Don't be a target.

I often receive scam text messages disguised as usps message for a pending package to be claimed. I immediately delete it but I wish I had the means of stopping them completely. Any suggestions

Block the number or block the start of the message; goggle on how to do so dependent on your phone type.

I’ve received numerous phishing texts about waiting packages but deleted them so that I couldn’t accidentally click on them. A new scam has now invaded my email address. So far, two have pretended to be CVS Pharmacy conducting a survey. Another claimed to be Home Depot using the exact same format. The pirated logos and photos appear genuine but quickly trap victims into unwittingly buying unwanted items and signing for regular withdrawals from their bank accounts. I will definitely file a notice with the FTC to alert them about this latest scam.

I didn' save any of these phishing texts, but would delete immediately when I figured out what they were up to....!! Unfortunately, though, I've been inundated with them (and others like them) and they're blowing up my phone!! Driving me nuts!!

I received one that if I tried to delete it, it would be opened! These are getting crazy. I noticed that the syntax is always just a little off.

This is something that a lot of people waiting for late packages could fall for. Thx for the info.

I have experienced this several times; however, when I forward to FTC, it either gets bounced back as spam, or the site is no longer in use. FTC is dropping the ball.

If you get a phishing text, forward it to SPAM (7726), and then report it to the FTC at

Every time I try to forward texts to SPAM (7726), I get an error message, the text will not forward. I need a phone number to forward the text to. Please help!
I am getting at least 2 texts per day. Thanks

I got a text the other day from a phone number in Santa Anna CA for Angie final notification about USPS package. I received another one this morning from a phone number from Oakville MO for Angie about a failed Netflix payment. My name is NOT Angie. Is this a common name they may use? I opened the text but didn't click on any links. I've also had about 15 calls since last Tues., some robo and some live saying fraudulent activities under my social security number I've not answered any of them not recognizing the numbers but all but one has come from the city I live in.

I’ve been getting emails about my Apple acct is being cancelled. Nothing looks right about it, and I still can use my acct. just ignore it. Now my husband is getting the same email,but he doesn’t have one set up.

These so called scammers are a dime a dozen, why is it that our government leaders allow these scams to even exist , no less make millions by ripping off innocent people ! Our leaders need to get there priorities straight and put these scammers on there list of "Things to do today" !!!

Amen! I agree wholeheartedly!

I've already been scammed, big time by these idiots.

I cannot tell you how many of these messages I have received on my phone...thankfully I knew it was a scam. I also keep getting one that says my “Netflix” subscription is about to expire and to click to renew which is a scam as well.

I must have gotten at least a dozen text messages telling me that I have package waiting, the first one that I received informed me that they had the package since May I received the same text the next day but this time they had had it since April, whoops. I texted them back and told them that they needed to get their dates straight with a few other choice words.

Unfortunately they don't get the text because they use different phone numbers that a text is coming they immediately after scamming from a certain number. The next second it's a different number. I'm also getting repeated robot calls from a 513 540 ---- number selling car extended warranty. I have not had a car since 2009.

My son has been getting those too!

I have been getting this kind of messages from post office, FedEx, Ups, Dahl, all saying I was chosen to get a IPhone 11. All I had to do is pay $1.99 for handling. It started saying I had to claim it in 4hrs or it will be given to someone else. It kept resetting the time asking when they could deliver the phone.

I also received the same text messages this week and one from the Social Security Administration telling me that my DL number has been revoked when I don't drive.

Mostly I'm also recieving texts on my Gmail acct referrjing to a package that was missing back in April 2020cand us now ready to be be shipped if I'm going to claim it by providing personal info and paying a small delivery fee. It doesen't reveal the name but 1 time it had the U.S.P.S. as the "Sender" abd asked me to release this pkg quickly upon reading their notice.I just quit responding. However I have many strange solicitations , and report them as " Junk to report", and Spam or the Phising attempts if possible like right on this page.

I had several of these questions re a package that needed my address to have my package delivered. I almost sent it because I receive packages like this all the time for prescriptions that are mailed to my husband. So glad I read the ones that were received

I see more and more incidents of this kind in our daily news police blotter! It's so disheartening to see this happening to our elders in my community. I often order the FTC brochures and drop them off at our local Senior Centers. I would like to try and get more prevenative information out there in our community. If anyone has any ideas how I can reach more vulnerable people please let me know. Thank you!

Thanks so much for ordering and sharing FTC material! If you want to reach people who are staying at home now, you could


Thank you. What a great idea to reach more people by sending out the link. I will be putting the link in our monthly digital non-profit newsletter that reaches many in our community. If it can prevent even one of these frauds. It's well worth the time

Thank you for sharing the link with your community. We appreciate your help.

"LOL!" I get them once in a while and still get them supposedly from Fed-Ex and UPS stating I have a package pending. "LOL!" I did not order anything and I am not expecting any packages.

Got a message about a unclaimed package saying the USPS, came from 646-328-8119.
Reporting this number.

Started getting these messages in the last 2 months. And they are relentless. Essentially the same message but different “package dates”. It’s suspicious when you’re not expecting any packages or you know you have received your mail orders. I never open the messages and delete them right away.

We're getting daily no less than 10 phishers calling our 3
Phones 24/7 ... My only defense is to not answer the phones at all unless we know
who is calling we don't

IVE been getting them quite often. When I call the number on another phone the number isn't a working number.

I have seen a rise of this activity in the past two years , and now I know the truth .

I received a similar text today, but it was addressed to someone else. I think they wanted me to feel that I may be getting something “for free.” So happy that I found this very timely article.

We were recently getting numerous texts from "USPS" about packages they claim were "delivered" months ago. I blocked the number and have not seen anymore texts thus far!

I had several of them, including my me with a FedEx tracking number. I went to FedEx site directly and searched that tracking number which came up as invalid. Do not click on any links. The text came from a random number which is a clue it’s a scam.

I get this text once a week telling me I have a packsge but I know it's a scam because I have not ordered any packages

received similar text saying "Rebecca, important notification for the USPS package 6H38I6 from 04/16/2020. Click:"
check1: My name is not Rebecca.
check2: 04/16 is long passed
check3: USPS package info wont be 6 characters
check4: received from a mobile looking number +1 (917) 913-8364

another way to tell is a scam is by hitting the back button once youre in the text will bring up a message saying "read report will be sent. Continue?" and will give you the option of Okay or Cancel...just hit cancel and hit back least thats what Ive been noticing....ive been getting up to 7 of these a day! Lame!

I actually got a post card in USPS mail saying there is a package waiting and call a number to claim. Have received numerous texts which I ignored. Is there anywhere I can provide this Postcard to report?

I am receiving text messages. I cannot forward them to SPAM (7726) as you have suggested. I need a phone number to be able to forward the text messages to. Please help! Thanks

I am receiving about 90 scam texts a day, and I never fall for any of them, I block number, but that doesnt help, then they do it with another number, now it seems someone is messing with me.They sent an SOS texts from my husbands cell to me, an ER. I immediately called him, and he didn't send the 3 ER texts. So , now I am on the registry, will I still get texts? I hope not

Here is a text scam I received today "Hugh, urgent notice for your USPS delivery 3I74H5 from 06/22/2020. Click: url here."

Any help on what happens if you did click on the link??? Thanks in advance

I received an email supposedly from DHL (but doubt it was ) saying a package was waiting for me. They wanted £1.99 but this was incorrectly punctuated. They wanted my credit card details. I did not reply

This has been going on for almost a year already!!!

I received the same message on a waiting package that I have to pay for it to be delivered to my address. I Google the address of the company and there was no sign of that mailing service address but there was a similar one to that. They said a friend sent me a package and that I needed to pay for it within days or else I go to jail for it and it was my responsibility to pay for it. I respond to the email by telling them I don't know what friend you talking about I don't like you harassing me. So. I put their email in junk and block their email or any contact with me. The company was Fasttrackingglobalcompany and the thing that made it fishy was that they used a Gmail account for their business. Please watch out for any mailing service scams like this one.

Recieved a few of these stating package at local store with the dodgy link lol,
I live in a small village with only 1 store that doubles as a post office so was easy to check,
Both the post office and 02 are now following up on this scam.

I received one from USPS stating my package was ready and AT&T stating I won a gift card all in the same night.


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