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Non-filers: Expect a letter about your stimulus check

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If you don’t usually file a tax return, or didn’t file a return for 2018 or 2019, you might not know you could qualify for an economic impact payment. You might be one of the nine million people getting a letter from the IRS letting you know how to register on their website to claim your payment. The new deadline for filing is November 21, 2020.


If you get this letter from the IRS, it’s legit. Go only to the IRS’s real website at, or call them directly at 800-919-9835 to register to claim your payment. You only have until November 21. But if someone claiming to be from the IRS calls, emails, or texts about helping you get your stimulus payment, that person is running a government imposter scam on you. Hang up, and don’t respond to or click on any links in texts or emails.


Why? Because the IRS will not text, email, or call you about your economic impact payment. And they’ll never ask you to pay a fee to get your money.


Visit the IRS’s website to find out more about stimulus payments. And be sure to tell the FTC if someone pretending to be from the government contacts you.


Note: This blog, originally posted on September 23, 2020, has been updated with the IRS’s extended filing deadline of November 21, 2020.


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The irs received my non-filers application on July 28th i still haven't received a payment or a letter regarding payment.

My wife has costed of 2 -1m and one f we did not get the 500.00 for them and we did the nonefiler and she called them too but no word on it

I had already filed for stimulus check before the grandparents failed to tell me I had to claim her and j didnt so there fore she didn't get back the $500 she was 16 at the time how do I fix this?

The IRS has questions and answers about stimulus payments at There is information about what to do if you think the amount of your payment was wrong.

Do I need to sign up again since I received my $1200 back in May, but I never received the 500 for my 16 yr old son? Any information would be greatly appreciated

The IRS has questions and answers about stimulus payments at There is information about what to do if you think the amount of your payment was wrong.


I used e filers tool, never received 1st stimulus, keep being told there's no check date available.?

I filed 2019 in April. No record of it according to IRS. I DO have proof of delivery. I can’t register on IRS website. No credit card, no mortgage, no student loan etc.

I'm still waiting for the 1st stimulus check and I filed my taxes this year and last and I checked all the boxes so I qualify. So the IRS is making sure prisoners get their checks and I'm still waiting! So whats with this?

My husband got the first stimulus check earlier this year. I waited a few months and didn't get one. I read on the AARP site that a gentleman didn't get his and decided to file for 2018/2019, even though it said you didn't have to. I went in and filed, and got my check in about a week.

I resieved a letter stating that I should use nono file does that mean I am ok to get one

I'm asking if you went on non filers the first time and theyre a second stimulus do you have to go on non filers again

Please check with the IRS about that.

I havent received my first stimulus check but I received a letter from IRS stating I owe back taxes from 2012....can they withhold my check for this reason

The IRS has information about what debts could reduce your stimulus payments. 

My payment status says i am eligible for payment and to wait for update for payment date. I am asking because i used the non filer tool back in April and my payment status never updated, but after reading about the Oct 15 deadline i entered my info on the Get My Payment portal and was prompted to a screen asking for AGI and bank information. After doing this my payment status changed for the first time and now says i am eligible and to wait for a payment date. Does this mean i am guaranteed a stimulus payment now?

If I received the first check do I need to file again for the second one?

On the 1st check I received a letter saying it was going into a acct, and had the last 4 numbers of the acct. that it was supposed to have been put in. Anyway never received it and hoping the next check is not deposited there cause i have no idea whos acct that is. So the irs has gave my money to someone else. so now what do i do

The IRS has information about what to do if you got a letter but did not get your payment. 

someone stole my stem cheek what do I do I no longer have the same number to change my password

The IRS has information about how to request a payment trace if someone stole your check. 

My husband and son are on as and SSI and both got a check I thought if you was married you would get one through your spouse I however did not my question is can i file through nonfiler and get a check of my own?and if i do file when will i find out if i get a check or not?

The IRS has information about who is eligible for a stimulus check. The IRS says that people who get Social Security retirement, survivor or SSDI or SSI benefits, and who don't file a tax return will get a stimulus check automatically.

Read about Who Is Eligible  to find out if you need to file through the Non-Filer tool before the deadline.

I'm just learning that I was more than likely eligible to recieve the first Stimulus Check. Can I still get the first Stimulus Check?

What should I do if my letter was missing or never got delivered to my house? Ive been waiting since March as well!!

The IRS has information about what to do if your payment was never delivered to your house.

I am trying to find out what to do for people who are incarcerated but received the 1st stimulus check as direct deposit & the IRS rescinded it saying they were ineligible. The courts have ruled that they are eligible so how do they get their money returned to them?

The IRS has information for people who are incarcerated.  Question #14 on this page of questions and answers tells what a person can do. 

I had someone use my SS# fraudulently and had contacted the IRS and whoever else to deal with this, I have still received no stimulus check. I had filed non filer tax tool, when will j get one and will I get one?

i did not get the economic impact payment because the IRS said they do not now What going on so what do i have to do to get one

If you file for nonfilers an get approved how long does it be till you receive?

I received a letter and filed on line Oct 2nd.
Got the email that same day Oct 2nd that states it was excepted.
When I check the status says unavailable. How long did it take?

So when i check my e-check status on the non filers website it says that my return was accepted by the IRS but does not say how or when i will get paid. But when I check the get my payment website, it says payment status not available. What am i waiting on? We just got evicted 2 weeks ago and dont have anywhere to go.. i dont even have an address to change my information to in case something were to show up in the mail. What do i do?

the same exact thing is happening to me. I filed on the 2nd, got a email saying I was accepted, then on the check e-file site it cycled between two messages both saying I was accepted and one telling me to wait 3 a few days and go to the get my payment site.
I went and it's been saying "Not available.", I checked the e-file site and now it says, "Congratulations, the IRS has accepted your return.

The IRS will process this information and determine your eligibility for the Economic Impact Payment."

Before it said nothing about me being eligible but I was accepted. When I check the "where's my refund site" and I put a $1 in the "exact payment amount" space it says my "refund" it says refund recieved not approved.

Why do you guys respond to a select few of people's inquiries?? There are no more than twenty or so questions and most look like automated responses.

I have filed a NON FILERS FORM since August 10, got an email saying "Congratulations, the IRS has accepted your Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info return" but I haven't received my check yet. How is it possible to have information since the response I get is"Payment Status Not Available

I filed almost 2 weeks ago using direct deposit. When will my stimulus come? I really need it for my son.

How long does it take to process and payment to be sent?

I file for my first stimulus check on the first for this month n it been 2 weeks n haven’t got it yet

How do it take to get your stimulus check been waiting 2weeks now in still havnt seen nothing.. in I need it

I got approved on my non filer on the 9th. How long dose it take to get my paymeany

I was approved on my non filers. How long before I get my payment

I filed for stimulus check didn't receive the check or a letter this year. However I received a phone call last Friday from social security it was an automated voice saying I needed to call them for fraudulent activity on my social security card or there was going to be a federal arrest warrant issued for me. And then yesterday Wednesday the automated voice from the social security office called me back and told me that they issued a federal warrant for my arrest for fraudulent activity on my social security number and I needed to call them. at least these scammers kind of follow through with their scam of calling me back saying there was an active Federal warrant for me however they called me from two different phone numbers neither one belonging to the social security administration. But I have their numbers and I also have the voicemails that they left me along with the date and time that they called.

I was in prison I released about 4 months ago I did 3 years so I wasn't able to put I went able to work or put any W-2 forms in I was wanting to know if I'm able to get the second stimulus I didn't get the first one

Yes I need help doing my check

How long after filing and being accepted until we receive our paper check in the mail? Thanks

I am one who received a letter in the mail from the IRS.
I finally filed online via the Non-filer’s tool in the evening of October 6th. The submission was confirmed as accepted almost immediately via email. I have been checking the Get My Payment tool daily, and until today it was processing. TODAY, it says that my payment is scheduled to be deposited into my account October 21st.

I don’t know if it is because of my state, because of the ease of processing me, or because I selected direct deposit; but all of those things considered, it took 10 days to process my application, and will be exactly 2 weeks to deposit payment. I came here days ago in search of some answers, so I wanted to return to hopefully help others. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS, at least a bit!

Best luck, and be well, All.

Yeah I did mine 2 weeks ago tomorrow on the non-filers site and I just got the status to be expecting the direct deposit on October 21st but I do believe it can come any day before the 21st also

I received two payment codes and I have not received the card or PayPal or anything and I would like to enquire is there anyone who can relate

Ingot a 1200 stimulus check April 29th, and after the IRS told people to file their dependents! So I went to non filers on May 5th and filed my 3 dependents! Now they're saying that my kids WON'T receive any payments! What is that about??? Why won't they?? And by the way, I didn't file a tax return because I receive SSI! So it looks like something not right!


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