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Non-filers: Expect a letter about your stimulus check

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If you don’t usually file a tax return, or didn’t file a return for 2018 or 2019, you might not know you could qualify for an economic impact payment. You might be one of the nine million people getting a letter from the IRS letting you know how to register on their website to claim your payment. The new deadline for filing is November 21, 2020.


If you get this letter from the IRS, it’s legit. Go only to the IRS’s real website at, or call them directly at 800-919-9835 to register to claim your payment. You only have until November 21. But if someone claiming to be from the IRS calls, emails, or texts about helping you get your stimulus payment, that person is running a government imposter scam on you. Hang up, and don’t respond to or click on any links in texts or emails.


Why? Because the IRS will not text, email, or call you about your economic impact payment. And they’ll never ask you to pay a fee to get your money.


Visit the IRS’s website to find out more about stimulus payments. And be sure to tell the FTC if someone pretending to be from the government contacts you.


Note: This blog, originally posted on September 23, 2020, has been updated with the IRS’s extended filing deadline of November 21, 2020.


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If I completed a non filers for the first stimulus check and received it, do I have to complete the non filers again to receive the second stimulus check?

If I filed non-followers and received my first payment I qualify for the second payment without having to file a non filers again right

If I received a stimulus check through the non-filers form for the first stimulus check... do I need to do it again for the second stimulus check that's coming

I got a stimulus check late cause i had to go on non filers irs website an ffg ill out firms to give them my information. Bank acct number etc. To get 2bd stim check will i have to do it again or is the inffg o i already gave them sufficient this time?

I did not sign up on the non filers form because I did not know about it. can I sign up this time ?

If I'm a non-filer and I did receive the first stimulus check will I still receive the second stimulus check the same way without having to do the non-filer tool since it's closed since they already have all my info

How can I reply a stimulus check without getting rejected everytime I reply for my stimulus check come to me but I always get rejected or get turned down every time I've applied for my stimulus check please help me reply for my a stimulus check without getting rejected or get turned down every time I reply for it

I did not file a 2019 return because I did not make enough to file, but I did file a 2018 return. Up until today I read the second stimulus was to also go off of the 2018 return and I didn't need to claim with the non filers tool.. now that the tool is unavailable they are no longer using the 2018 return.. this is absurd.

I filed my taxes in may 2020 a paper form because I had no choice due to the fact someone tried to steal my identity and I dont normally file but due to the fact that i did not receieve a irs pin and could not retreieve it on line i had no choice but to file a paper return needless to say it has been over six months and still no stimulus check checked on it and it has been being in the mode of saying being processed for months now did everything i was told to do still no check now there is another check going out and have not gotten the first one on the verge of my house going into foreclosure taxes due and insurance and utility just buried my significant other who has been bedridden with parkinson for the last few years so I am in dire need of my stimulus I feel like people that are deceased were issued a check why fant I get mine I feel like I am being PUNISHED and treated unfairly twice once because someone tried to steal my identity and now again because I cant seem to get a stimulus because of it which was no fault of mine I have done everything I was told to do to no avail . How can this possible be fair or legit by any means that a new check would go out and the ones that havent got there first check has not been settled ? Treated unfairly is my name . Help me get my first stimulus and my second one hopefully at a timely matter which I doubt very seriously I get either when I definetly was elgible for .

I filed 2018 but not 2019. I recieved my first stimulus payment so I didn't file with the non filer tool. Now they are saying I won't recieve an automatic payment for the second stimulus. Why is this? Will it be another non filing tool for this year as well?

Let me start by saying I never received the first stimulus nor the 2nd stimulus wondering why?! I receive SSI and I didn't receive the stimulus thru my direct express card so, I filed a non-filers by the deadline and still nothing please,can someone help me being alone after my mother's passing it's been really rough & hard paying bills on my own now..

What if I got a letter saying they took my stimulants for child support while I still get the second check

I didnt receive a letter or a check from the irs last time, how do i go about getting one for this time

I am a none -filer who had a baby in august of 2020, will I get the $600 stimulus for that child or no?

I didn't do my taxes last few yrs. I filed under non filers for for stimulus and I never received a letter or check. Now what ???

Why it keep saying verify my information??

What do I do if I moved

I did not receive a letter and did not get a stimulus payment. Not the first one nor the second

I filed my 2018 taxes but not 2019. Received 1st round stimulus money but not the second round yet. Will I not be eligible because I never filed 2019 taxes?

I revived the letter, filled it out right away. However, I NEVER received my first or second stimulus??

I accidentally use non-filers portal for my second stimulus check. Well that affect my amount I got from the first one? I filed my taxes in 2019 and I claimed my three children. What do I need to do? Cuz I don't think I was supposed to do that. And I checked my status for my second stimulus check and it says unavailable.

I received the first stimulus check via direct deposit I have since moved and changed my bank account information I have logged onto the IRS website numerous times to try to check the status of the second one but every time I log in enter the information I get a message that my information doesn’t match what they have on file and I get locked out for 24 hours this has happened several times and I can’t find anywhere to get any help for this?

I’m non filer, I received a letter from IRS stating that I should register on line and I did it. My Question is Am I going to receive 1st and 2nd stimulus check? When? I registered last November 2020.

I received my first check, but now for the second one it is saying they need more information. The only thing that has changed since the first stimulus check is my address because there was a fire in my other apartment building. But Social Security has my new address, would this delay my check?
Thank you

I filed I have ms on ssi 800 a month every american gets a check I haven't seen a stimulus check yet.
. So much for EVERY American

I receive SSI,I didn't receive the 1st/2nd stimulus check. I don't file taxes.

ok I haven't received my third stimulus payment as of today July 22 nd. I am eligible for a payment got the first two without any problems direct deposited into my savings acct at my bank. I am on SSDI too. I filed a 2020 tax return even though I am a non-tax filer over two months ago and wrote them a letter with all my info a month ago now and still haven't heard anything! I keep hearing they're sending batches of payments out every week. Doesn't make sense I called my bank and asked if a deposit was pending on my acct. and they told me no.


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