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Non-filers: Expect a letter about your stimulus check

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If you don’t usually file a tax return, or didn’t file a return for 2018 or 2019, you might not know you could qualify for an economic impact payment. You might be one of the nine million people getting a letter from the IRS letting you know how to register on their website to claim your payment. The new deadline for filing is November 21, 2020.


If you get this letter from the IRS, it’s legit. Go only to the IRS’s real website at, or call them directly at 800-919-9835 to register to claim your payment. You only have until November 21. But if someone claiming to be from the IRS calls, emails, or texts about helping you get your stimulus payment, that person is running a government imposter scam on you. Hang up, and don’t respond to or click on any links in texts or emails.


Why? Because the IRS will not text, email, or call you about your economic impact payment. And they’ll never ask you to pay a fee to get your money.


Visit the IRS’s website to find out more about stimulus payments. And be sure to tell the FTC if someone pretending to be from the government contacts you.


Note: This blog, originally posted on September 23, 2020, has been updated with the IRS’s extended filing deadline of November 21, 2020.


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If you got one already this year, is this a second payment we have to file for?

The letters are going to people who did not get any economic impact payment this year. If you got one economic impact payment, you should not get a letter. 

I never received my first stimulus check or any letter.where is my stimulus check?

I did not get the first one

I did not get a letter or a check yet

I didn't get a check or a letter,and I have had the covid-19 virus,and I could really use the money cause I'm out of work now

If the web is down for non filers what do i do

Looking for second stimulus check

I didn't get my first one

I was not able to include my dependent in the non-tax filer form because he did not have a social security number yet.Now that he has,can he still get the 1st stimulus?How do I apply for the 2nd stimulus with a direct deposit account?

I own a salon and haven't been busy since shut down. I can't pay my power at home. I can't pay for supplies went to collection I went on snap and have medicare. Have health problems and high anxiety been in and out of hospital. I can't pay my internet, phone, credit card. I'm close to having to close my salon . I need help in the worst way. Please can I get my first stimulas and help to pay power and supplies for shop

Yes you can still apply for a stimulus, but you only have until november 21 at 3:00pm est. Go on their website and file using your tax returns from last year. I am so sorry to hear you're struggling, my family is as well. I hope things look up and you receive the help you're looking for.

I surly hope you get this resolved,or rosesolved as soon as possible my dear. Love and positive energy to you

Why didn't I get the first stimulus check. I completed a Non-Filers form, and I completed everything that it required. And didn't here from no one on this. Will I be getting the second check> Can someone reply back.

I never received a stimulus check do i even qualify for stimulus check do I even get a payment

Does not apply.

Never got my stimulas and never received a letter site always said need more info but never would let me talk to anyone

I did not receive my 1st. Stimulus check from care acts which way do l preceded

Where is my stimulus check from 2020?

I never received my irs stimulus check so how can I get my cheeck

My payment status on get my payment tool for non filers stimulus check says bring mailed on october 19 2020 will they mail it that day or can it be already mailed..

Did you ever get a response? I was wondering the same thing...I have an October 19th mail out date as well

Do u mind if I ask what day dis u fill out the form. I'm trying to figure out how long it took after u did it to get a actual date I did mine within the last week and estatus on the non filers page just says it's been accepted and basically they will. Review and determine eligabilty? And get my payment has said status not available since day 1. I'm just tryin to get La estimate I entered my direct deposit info

Mines said 10/23 did you get yours

Hi did you receive your payment yet? I got the same date of mailed Oct 23rd. I am waiting for a paper check

My check was also mailed on Oct 23rd and I haven’t received it yet either!

Hi bud did u get ur payment yet I was asking because MINES says that date as well

Did you ever recive your check ?

Did anyone get their my gf had a mail date oct 9th and nothing they told her wait 30 days after letter smh it way past 30 days.

I got the same response and no check

Can someone shed some light on us people who are required to file but missed the deadline and did not get their taxes done for 18 or 19? Everything is for the non filers. So how do I get my payment if I missed the deadline? Please I really need it

I haven’t received my first one what do I do to get mine

Apologize,I’m mistake,when I right the application on the Non-Filers:Enter Payment Info, in the Someone can claim,I check ( you as a dependent),I did on read in the bottom ( if someone else claimed you on their tax return you will not be eligible for the Economic Impact Payment) I never received any tax return to anybody, my Wife is dead last Nov 28-2018,I’m no kid,even before never received a tax to my wife,you can check my back ground,pls help me ,I. Never. received a first check thank you

I didnt get my first stimulus payment, the IRS blocked it for child support i owed. I was sent a letter instead of a check.
Now, on the 'get my payment' portal, i am seeing the same message for the second payment, that i see for my first payment!!! It says that my payment is scheduled to be mailed on the 6th, and they will send a letter with more information about this payment.
I thought the second payment could not be blocked for child support this time. Will i get the second payment or not?

Well if this magical letter you speak of ever comes, I would sincerely like to know how if SSA sent all SSA, SSI and SSDI info to pay stimulus EIP payments to the IRS Then why are millions of us are still waiting for these eip payments. I have not received anything to date 4/20/21. Tax Advocates can't seem to even get further info to help clients. I'm really frustrated as I'm being told to yet file another form REBATE RECOVERY and my payment is projected for next year jan 2022. So how was this supposed to help the poorest ? Just an idea how about putting the richest persons on back burner finish last years tax returns and EIP PAYMENTS first. Then start 2020 taxes and eip.

I never received the first check...and wheni call that one answers...

I've yet not received my first stimulus check. Nor have I filed for second.

No , this isn't for a second stimulus , this is for people that don't normally file , that haven't received their stimulus

When should i be expecting my firstcheck in the mail from non filers

Do I need to do the nonfilers tool again on 2nd stimulus check? I'm on perm. Disability

Will non-filers receive a second stimulus for 2020?

No where can I find out if we have to fill out non filers again for the second check or not if we already filled it out for the first one

i have the same concern did you get an answer????

Does anyone know if I need to file again as a non filer. I got the first stimulas

I received the first Stimulus check. If their is a second stimulus check do I need to respond and fill out information to receive the second stimulus before October 15th?

The letters are going to people who did not get any economic impact payment this year. If you got one economic impact payment, you should not get a letter. 

I did not receive a stimulus check and have not been able to contact anyone about this and the site does not give me any information

I haven't even received my first stimulus check or nothing no letter from the irs and have called and still can't get no help

I don't get the first one

Wondering what’s going on with my check.


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