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Non-filers: Expect a letter about your stimulus check

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If you don’t usually file a tax return, or didn’t file a return for 2018 or 2019, you might not know you could qualify for an economic impact payment. You might be one of the nine million people getting a letter from the IRS letting you know how to register on their website to claim your payment. The new deadline for filing is November 21, 2020.


If you get this letter from the IRS, it’s legit. Go only to the IRS’s real website at, or call them directly at 800-919-9835 to register to claim your payment. You only have until November 21. But if someone claiming to be from the IRS calls, emails, or texts about helping you get your stimulus payment, that person is running a government imposter scam on you. Hang up, and don’t respond to or click on any links in texts or emails.


Why? Because the IRS will not text, email, or call you about your economic impact payment. And they’ll never ask you to pay a fee to get your money.


The IRS announced “National EIP Registration Day,” taking place November 10. That’s when the IRS and partners will do a final push to reach out to people who don’t normally file taxes. They want to be sure they know that they may qualify for a payment and should register at to request their EIP.


Visit the IRS’s website to find out more about stimulus payments. And be sure to tell the FTC if someone pretending to be from the government contacts you.


Note: This blog, originally posted on October 7, 2020, has been updated with information on the IRS’s National EIP Registration Day.

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what is EIP?

Economic Impact Payment  - that's the formal name for the stimulus payment.

Why is it that i cannot excess my non filers tool I've tried everything

Please reply asap, I have been patiently awaiting assistance to better my living circumstances asap, it is cold and do not wish to be homeless. Thankyou, ms.tlsmoya

Is this a new stimulus payment? Or does it refer to the one we received in April?

This is not a new payment. It's the one you got in April.

What if I didn't get one in april? Will I get one if I file now

The IRS website has information to help you. Go to the IRS coronavirus information pages to read about who is eligible. The deadline to apply for a payment is November 21, 2020.

I haven’t got a Stimulus check

After you file using the non-filers tool, will you have to wait until after the nov 21 deadline to hear a response? i filed about a month ago, and keep checking my status, but it hasnt changed and i havent recieved an IRS letter yet.

I have a id theft problem so I didn’t get a stimulus how do I go about getting one

Hi I did not receive this type of letter; however, I did receive a letter stating that my EIP payment has arrived and that I will receive $1200. Will I receive the payment even if I did not file for a non-filler? because I have tried several times but it is always not accepted and even called their hotline but no one answers. Also, I am from Philippines and I receive sss and va benefits.

It’s been 7 months of every excuse known to mankind! I’m reaching retirement age and very concerned!

I submitted my information months ago on the Free Fillable Website. It’s says it was accepted, but I never received a payment.

I never received any letter from the IRS about getting my payment either.

I never received any letter from the IRS about getting my payment either.

I filled the form out awhile ago and the only thing it still says is it has been accepted what's next??

I've been waiting since May and I used non-filers and My status has Never changed yet,and I've been calling,but I still haven't gotten my 1st Stimulus Check.I'm hoping Someone can help me PLEASE .

i have the same problem. i dont file taxes at all since i am close to poor, and my statuses have not changed at all. i hope someone with info can update us.
i used the nonfilers form, and the irs has accepted my form.

Why was I prevented from filing for my stimulus check today? It is still November 21, 2020

So I didn't receive a check the first my round don't know why when I filled out a paper it said I was denied

Is it even possible 2 find out if you've received EIP applications from individuals?
A friend submitted one and has heard nothing in over 6 weeks.
Thank you for your help. Have a great day.

I used the non filers application around nov. 12 I got an email saying my application had been accepted, when can I expect my first stimulus being such a late non filer and will I need to do anything about my second ? Every time I check get my payment it says status not available we need more info or your not eligible for stimulus, which scares me. Can u tell me anything about my late non filer situation ?

i applied using the non-filers portal on Nov 21 and i already received an email saying my application was accepted. i keep on checking my status on the get my payment link but every time it says "status not available". When can i expect to get my stimulus check #1 and #2? I have filled in for bank direct transfer on my application. Any insight on my situation please?

I never got a stimulus check
Why I get ssi

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