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Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support: What you need to know

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Scammers are calling people and using the names of two companies everyone knows, Apple and Amazon, to rip people off. Here’s what you need to know about these calls.

In one version of the scam, you get a call and a recorded message that says it’s Amazon. The message says there’s something wrong with your account. It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package, or an order they can’t fulfill.

In another twist on the scam, you get a recorded message that says there’s been suspicious activity in your Apple iCloud account. In fact, they say your account may have been breached.

In both scenarios, the scammers say you can conveniently press 1 to speak with someone (how nice of them!). Or they give you a phone number to call. Don’t do either. It’s a scam. They’re trying to steal your personal information, like your account password or your credit card number.

If you get an unexpected call or message about a problem with any of your accounts, hang up.

  • Do not press 1 to speak with customer support
  • Do not call a phone number they gave you
  • Do not give out your personal information

If you think there may actually be a problem with one of your accounts, contact the company using a phone number or website you know is real.

Read our article to learn how to block unwanted calls on a mobile phone or on your home phone. And if you do get a call you think is a scam, report it at

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I just received a phone call with a recording that says Amazon detected a false charge of over $700 on my account, and I did press "1", but hung up as while I was on hold, I searched Amazon scam on Google, and it took me to this website. I realized soon after that I should not have pressed "1", but it was too late. Who should I contact to protect my information now?

What is FTC doing??? This is a 300 trillion dollar company someone is posing as. What does the FTC do? I get calls daily. 301-428-1737, 301-313-5119, 301-435-3928, 301-708-0238. Seriously, what is the downside for these prank callers disrupting everyone's day.

I received 20 calls within 3 hours today from 'Molly there has been a charge of 729. in Dayton OH on your Amazon account', 20 calls really! This is insane

Just got a call saying they will be taking £399 from my account via my landline Amazon don’t have my landline. They asked to press 1 to talk to customer service DONT ITS A SCAM

5 calls today within 12 minutes. They won't remove your number from their list, so I blocked them.

i answered a call today and didn't know any better so pressed 1..told him my wife handles this so gave phone to her due to she worked with bank fraud for over 20 yrs..she got on phone asked for employee id gent said he is kevin petterson employee id #pt0797..verified that i have no amazon account he then said that perhaps it is connected to my wifes who told him she doesn't connect our accounts..she was trying to get as much info as she could from gent..she kept asking him why they called me..he said because we want to help you if you want me to help say "yes" ..(NOTE: THEY WILL TRY TO GET YOU TO SAY THIS SO CAN SAY YOU DID AUTHORIZE A PURCHASE))DO NOT SAY YES!!!..she said we have told you we didn't authorize any purchases so if my husband doesn't have a account how did you get his info ..said by his name and phone # which she had them to repeat to her (NOTE: DON'T GIVE THEM INFO HAVE THEM GIVE U INFO TO SEE WHAT THEY KNOW)..she kept challenging him asking how do they know they have my info and who is using it..said a david varner from dayton ohio..then said he has our banking information ..she ? him how do you know that..we have all kinds of info can you provide the info he is using to pay for the account..kept saying needed to notify the bank asap..she then asked ok if ordered offline it will ask for debit, credit card and or banking information so how was person paying..changed it from debit to credit card..she said ok visa or master card and what is the last 4 #s they used so can notify company and credit bureaus..he kept getting angry and she pacified him by saying look thought you wanted to help me so lets work together..he then said last 4 is -4597 (we don't have anything with those #s) she said ok let me investigate and i will notify who i need to notify..he wanted her to stay on the phone saying that card wasn't valid..she then said sir if not valid and we didn't make the purchase then you have nothing to worry about because they don't have our info nor are they gonna get it but we will notify all parties that their are people trying to steal our identity ..thank you and please note i'm no fool i worked with bank fraud for 20 years and got U!

I get the Amazon calls frequently and keep blocking the numbers. Got one today about my prime account being renewed with same computer voice as the scam call. I just hung up, not sure if that one was legit or not, my prime account is renewing soon.

I just received a call from these people and they wanted to generate a form. I went to the website, but then hung up. The address was I went to amazon and checked my orders and settings and there was no order for an Ipad. I also checked my credit card and there was no charge. I will try to contact amazon about this situation.

I haved receieved at 15 calls saying amazon customer care i have a suspicious charge of 700 or something robocall i hung up i have blocked the numbers and they call back from different numbers. My phone has scam shield and in 10 minutes this one blocked number called 15 times. Im so annoyed I cant even turn my volume on my phone up because of notification of blocked calls.

got snagged in this today. i'm not as smart as others; to me it was very authentic. but yeah, amazon account and yeah, they got pretty far with me. better awareness to others.

They are now claiming to be from "bank security" but don't say which bank, calling because you have apparently unauthorized charges to your card , one from apple, one from amazon, and you have to press 1 to authorize or 0 to cancel.

I get a recorded message saying I have tried to buy an iPhone 11 for £1049.00.. had this a few times but I just hang up.

I got this call today, same amount, US $. Tried to trace the number via online and decided to tell report it here!

I get these daily; from spoofed local numbers to the one above. How can we get them to stop?

Phone call first thing Saturday morning Amazon saying I had just paid £300 on an Amazon / Apple iphone. I pressed 1, it went to same message then I realised it was a scam and put the phone down. Came up as Witheld No.

I've been getting these calls, and I block the number and they just call me from a different one. They are also using my old area code number so I think its someone I may know. It's really frustrating.

Today alone, I have received 15 of these calls. It's crazy to have to call every time I get one of these calls. I know it's a scam. My phone automatically blocks calls from callers not in my contact list and I just delete the message.

Yes i got the call from +91-9874578091 and i lost my 24,949 bucks via PAYTM, i have raised the cybercrime complaint against them and blocked my UPI & Net-banking also. So any one please help me to get my money back.

These lousy people are constantly calling a person over 90 and freaking her out she said they have called 15 times in the last 2 days. today alone they seem like they are calling every 3-5 minutes.

Yes they’ve been calling me about someone placing an order on Amazon for an iPhone xr $749 I believe it was $700 something and to press 1... so I pressed one and spoke to the representative and she asked me questions about an order being placed from someone in Ohio and if I know anyone there now I’m a person who loves Amazon so I got scared because I keep my bank on. She didn’t ask for my email or anything and sounded real sketchy... they told me to download an app now they had patience with me because I kept telling them they’re taking me to Amazon and App Store. They kept giving me the name team viewer and I downloaded it but once team viewer showed what they do which is send all your data I knew more it was a scam so I wanted to go along and at the end they asked for an ID that the app gave me so I gave them the wrong numbers . The lady told me restart the app and give it to her again and I kept telling her hold on its loading because I was posting evidence on my social media what they were doing. So I hanged up and they called right back asking if I hanged up and that’s when I said no idk what happened and I put myself on mute... when I did she was whispering to the next person and hanged up to show an caller ID AMAZON 4 STAR

I have received 14 calls related to this in the last 17hrs. How is this allowed to continue.

I got one of those calls this morning about an Iphone purchased for $1400 and charged to my account and to be delivered to Texas. He gave me site to go to AMZHELP.ME. I GAVE HIM NO INFO AND HUNG UP.

Just had a call that I purchased an iPhone 7 from message...I do no online purchases. It told me to press 1 if incorrect. Obvious scam.

Scammer Person on the phone wanted me to go to to cancel a iPhone 11 Plus order on Amazon.
Site is hosted by GoDaddy and it's registered address is in North Carolina, USA.

I keep getting calls about a Apple acct that i dont even own. Phone is 315-232-8257.

Just received call today. Recording stating some type of $1499 computer was purchased on my Amazon account and needed to be cancelled. Was looking at my Amazon account. Nothing. I knew was scam, was curious, so I pressed "1". Guy w/heavy "Indian-sounding", many people in background comes on line. His speech is very pressured as he tries to make me feel I should panic. He asks if I have a computer or phone. I tell him I do. He tells me to open my laptop so he can send me a form because I must cancel order. O saw where it was going. I told him how Amazon operates, I don't need form to cancel & Amex would call- not Amazon. He said my name & number is needed, though he just called me. I asked him to tell my name. It was wrong. He did, of course, tell me my phone number, which means he had a list. He said that was the person who tried to order. Anyway, I told him this was a scam- shoddy scam at that. I asked why his number was coming from "Elizabeth Qinones in Delaware". Anyway, he gave up and thanked me. I thought of all the people who get pressured into giving up their personal info. Just another number to block until next call. Blocking apps can't compete with today's scammers.

Text: said my account charged $1700.99 for Sansung GalaxyZ Flip 5G. If it's not me, call 1 877 203 6034.

I checked Amazon Prime and no order was made.

Today, I’ve received 10 phishing calls supposedly from Amazon. This is driving me nuts. Why do the phone companies allow these fake listings?

Please read entire comment:
Just got a call from 810-212-2144 Amazon saying suspicious activity. My cell phone order for iphone 12 will be delivered in Tennessee in 6 days. Also received calls from Apple, iCloud, my time share I DON'T own, hotels, resorts, Microsoft, credit cards and social security just to make a FEW!! From early in the morning into late night hours. Once at 6am and 1am! It's out of control especially with a nonpublic phone #. Why pay the extra? I'm disabled and can't get rest. My "grandson" has called me at least 6-8 times this year in car accidents. I DON'T have any grandkids old enough to drive! Another scam! It's always the same caller and in this whole YEAR his ACTING via the phone still has NOT IMPROVED! So tired of people wanting to victimize me and others! They've even called me about my medical files being hacked and not being able to get the vaccine for Covid-19. Firemen, police, state patrol, breast cancer, all recordings. Where does it stop! Donate locally by volunteering at fund raisers. Donate to official websites only and never donate via telephone unless you initiate the call. Now they've got my cell number too! I've went to the govt blocking site. Does not help! Please help pass laws against this activity!!! I'm so done!

I have been getting these calls about 20 times a day now. They won't stop calling. I block the number and they use a different number. It goes on and on and it is disruptive to my work day.

Happened to me. Called from 818-392-9077. Press 1 to speak with a person with a strong accent.

I have received over 20 calls, different # and same amazon message 5-7 minutes in-between each call this afternoon. Shouldn't at&t be on top of this. What a joke. All at&t could do was show me how to block a call. Duh. I told them I tried that but each # is different and I KNEW how to do that. This is ridiculous.

If you do answer the call, they will ask you do download an app for screensharing options on your phone and then show you where in your Amazon account they are visible, with a name like David Turner, but that seems suspicious. They tell you they can see a Trojan virus on your mobile device. Then they want you to buy multiple Google cards of $25 to pay for them to help you download a program to remove the Trojan virus. Wow! What a scam!

I have had four call saying my apple I cloud has been breached .

I just got a call which was a recorded message saying that there was suspicious activity on my Amazon account, that someone ordered an iphone and to press 1 if I didn't make that purchase. It came from Pennsylvania - 223.221.9208.

I received a robo call on landline claiming to be Molly from Amazon and that there had been a suspicious charge on my Amazon account for over $700 and I needed to press 1 to dispute this charge. I pressed 1 and realized that the voice of real person was definitely not Amazon nor were they legitimate. I asked what was wrong with my account they immediately wanted me to go to a computer and log in and let them backdoor to my account to “fix” the problem and asked me to pay them with a fee of gift cards to rectify the $700 charge. I told the guy he was ridiculous scammer, and needed to remove my number from the robocaller and to that he just hung up on me. 8 more calls from same number came in in the span of an hour and I blocked the number but they must be spoofing since the calls still came in and not blocked by ATT *61. Each time I answered and pushed 1 and told whoever answered, different voice each time, that I knew they were a scam that I had called the real Amazon customer service and reported them and that my next call was to report them to FTC and FCC and then the police. I have reported to all but the police at this time.

I haven't had a day this bad for at least a year. 18 calls in 3 1/2 hours from a number with the same 1st 6 numbers as mine. Plus 1 regular spam. Usually this would be a day I'd put my phone on do not disturb or block any calls from non contacts.

Except my dad's in surgery and I'm the designated contact. So I have no choice but to sort through the junk. Of course the numbers aren't active so I'm not sure how they get away with it.

I’ve been getting repeat calls nonstop all day today. All local numbers on caller ID but when you answer it’s either a Amazing or Apple recording. It’s been happening every 15mins for the last 6-8 hours. Is there anything I can do? It’s a different local number every time.

I've been getting calls from both of these scammers about an Amazon order or suspicious activity on icloud when I don't even own any Apple devices. And I've been getting them for a while. These scammers use numbers from my town and everyone number I turn in they just call using other numbers even my own number.

So why even bother trying to block their calls when these scammers can just use software for fake IDs and fake numbers. Even the FTC can't always block these numbers.

I got a call saying I bought a MacBook on Amazon and am Indebted of $1k. I pressed 1 and told the caller my real name but hanged up after. Should I be concerned?

Received 8 of these calls from “Amazon” in the last hour

I got a call saying my account was being debited so I pressed 1 and the guy said my Amazon account was being renewed. Told him I didn’t have an Amazon account and he said “oh my god someone’s been using your account “ would not give me account number but said it was in the name of William someone. When I crabbily said not my account he hung up!!!

These idiots wont stop calling me... 12 calls yesterday about my ‘compromised icloud account’. i block the numbers as they come in but i just get one 5 minutes later from a new number. im now on my tenth call for today and im sure there will be more. this is harassment.

I got these voicemails & calls today. Cant verify they are from Amazon
instructions to access teamviewer

Yikes! What happens if I press 1 ... because I did

Hopefully they can't get much info just by pressing 1 and then hanging up.

Call from Montreal QC stating someone used my name to purchase item from Amazon for $700+...wanted me to log on to computer. I told him l just moved and computer still packed. Call dropped l called back and no answer. He called back and was giving me instructions and l said l would call Amazon myself and hung up. I use Ebay for most purchases.

Fake call from Amazon wants you to go to Me is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro

I have been receiving calls the last 2 days from spoofed phone #’s at least every 5 minutes. They leave the voicemail with the # 315-232-8257, but it’s pointless to block the number it’s coming from, as they never call from the same # twice!
Something seriously needs to be done!

This happened to my mom. However, she did not hang up. She lost 9500 dollars through a wire transfer. Please HANG UP!


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