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What to know about the second round of Economic Impact Payment (EIP) checks and cards

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The US Department of the Treasury and the IRS are working hard to get a second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to people. You might have already gotten your payment direct deposited into your bank account. That started on December 29th. You might have gotten a check in the mail. But, like last time, some people will get their payment in the mail on an EIP VISA debit card. Don’t be surprised if the way you get this second round of payments is different than the first time. Whichever way you get your payment, it’s all money the government wants you to have, and quickly. So: if you qualify for an Economic Impact Payment, look at your bank account for a direct deposit, keep an eye out for a check in the mail, or watch your mailbox carefully this month for an EIP Visa debit card.

With checks, you know the drill: get the check, deposit the check. Since you might not have gotten money on a VISA debit card before, here’s a bit more info. The EIP VISA debit card will come in an envelope that looks like this:

The debit cards are managed by Money Network Financial, LLC and issued by Treasury’s financial agent, MetaBank®, N.A., and will look like this:

If you got an EIP VISA debit card in the mail, here’s what to do.

  • Activate the EIP VISA debit card right away by calling 1-800-240-8100. To activate your card, you’ll have to give the last six digits of your Social Security number. Once the card is activated, you can use it anywhere that accepts VISA debit cards, including online or in a store, or at an ATM to get cash. You also can transfer the money from the card to your personal bank account without fees. Keep in mind that the EIP debit cards will expire after three years. If that happens, call customer service to request the funds be sent to you as a check.
  • Got questions about the EIP card? Call the 24-hour call center at 1-800-240-8100. You can also visit for information on using your EIP card, like where to log in to see your card balance, or where to find an in-network ATM to get money out of the card at no charge.
  • Got more general EIP questions? The IRS also has an FAQs page in English, or in Spanish.

And one last thing. Like last time, scammers are at work trying to get your money and/or personal information. Remember that the government will never call, text, email, or ask you to click on a link to activate your EIP card or get your money. If anyone does, it’s a scam. Don’t give anyone your personal or financial information, like your Social Security or bank account numbers. And never pay anyone to get your EIP funds. Report any scam immediately to the FTC at

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If you have your phone number blocked for privacy reasons, the EIP customer service phone system may not recognize your phone number. You can disable the block yourself or ask your phone carrier how to do that, and call again.

The IRS doesn't manage the EIP card. Please use the information from to activate your card.

The customer service system will tell you the balance on the card when you activate the card. You can activate your EIP Card account, set your
4-digit PIN and get your balance by calling 1.800.240.8100.  

Check the Fee Schedule to learn about fees for all transactions.

This must be a big scam! I've tried twice now to transfer the money to my bank account. The MetaBank page acknowledges the transfer, shows the balance as $0 and says it's being transferred. Nothing comes to my bank. I log in to the EIP page again and suddenly the $1200 balance is back. Try again, same thing again. You can't get a live person at the number provided. This is just a way to steal our money seems.

The transfer does not happen instantly. The site says transfers should post to your bank account in 2-3 business days. There is more information about the using the cards and transferring money on that page.

I attempted the transfer a WEEK ago and again today. It never goes anywhere. You can't get a live person at that number. This makes no sense other than to keep our money. The treasury managed to send the first one as a direct deposit to our bank account. Why else was this sent on some card from a bank that no one has heard of and has no customer service available. How do we get our money?

The EIP Card is sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service as part of the US Debit Card Program. MetaBank®, N.A. is Treasury's financial agent.

When you call 1-800-240-8100, you will get recorded answers for some questions, and the option to talk to a person for other questions. 

I beg to differ...When you call the 800 number you doNOT get a customer service rep. Just a recording asking for card number. I repeat. YOu DO NOT GET TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON!

I beg your pardon. I have called that number several times and there is NO LINK to speak with a real person. I set up my account and no one asked me to set up a PIN. Now I can't get the funds off the card, because NO PIN. Help?

FTC Staff - the 800 number provided by EIC/Metabank doesn't work and there is no option to speak to an individual or actually report a stolen card. How can this be possible? You should be investigating as clearly many others are having the same issue. And don't say I have caller ID blocked or whatever it is you are claiming. I do not.

If you got a card, and then it was lost or stolen, you can report that on the 800 number by choosing the "lost or stolen" option.

 If you did not get a card, please read what the IRS said:

"All first and second Economic Impact Payments have been sent. If you didn’t get the first or second payment or didn’t get the full amount you were eligible for, you may be eligible to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit. To receive this, you must file a 2020 tax return even if you aren’t required to file."

When I have tried to call, I am not able to get through since I do not remember my pin number and they will not put you through if you do not have a pin number. How am I able to talk to customer service to change my pin? I have literally called 20 times and tried 60 pin numbers and they are not able to assist. HELP!!!

I transferred to a personal bank account on Jan 15th. EIP card has $0 balance but I never received the money in my personal bank account. Please help!

Because I would like my funds in the form of a paper check, I followed these instructions by "...NOT ACTIVATE(ing) OR TRY TO USE THE CARD" and called the 1-800-240-8100. There is no way, by calling the number to "NOT ACTIVATE" the card or REQUEST (my) FUNDS IN THE FORM OF A PAPER CHECK.
I spoke with IRS agents who couldn't help either and referred me back to the 1-800-240-8100 number. I just want my fund in a paper check without activating my card (and then cancelling it?!?!). Any help? Please?

I am set up for direct deposit from Social Security so my first stimulus of $1200 was direct deposited into my bank account. I was surprised, and very disappointed, that this second stimulus payment came in the form of a debit card. Very aggravating that I have to go through the process to verify it isn't fake, then activate it, then go through process to move it into my bank account. Why is this happening since the IRS and Treasury Dept. have my bank's routing number and my account number already in their system? If we get another stimulus, I want it direct deposited, not sent via debit card but I cannot find out how to accomplish that!

I feel extremely uncomfortable that my SSN has been provided to a bank I have never had an affiliation with and that I am forced to interact with them. I am also extremely frustrated that I now have to go through extra steps to obtain the stimulus funds. Paper check (or direct deposit) is the only way this should have been done.

Do you get notified by mail that you will be getting a eip card soon in the mailbox?

We received the EIP Card and have attempted to activate the card multiple times daily but receive a recorded message each time, "We're experiencing technical difficulties at this time." How do I activate my payment card, please?

I don't use debit cards! I don't use direct deposit! I always file taxes by mail! Why was I sent this card and not a check? My local bank won't answer the phone, it sent me to a main number who couldn't answer my questions. Same probs with 800#.I keep being warned of SCAMS and charges! This is insane!! How do I get my money safely? I want a check!!!!not this circus!!!!

If you got an EIP card like the picture in this blog, it is not a scam. Some people who got the first Economic Impact Payment by check or direct deposit got this payment on a debit card.

The card is loaded with funds from the IRS, sent through the US Treasury. This blog explains how you can transfer the funds from the card to your bank account if that's what you want to do.

Can FTC staff help me this question? I wonder if I can make a deposit of my 1st round stimulus ck into the eipcard via ATM?

I'm in my 60s and am getting by, did not want a stimulus check, everyone can use more money these days but sending it as an EIP card guarantees I will not activate it - I don't want another account. If the government wanted this process to be seamless the card would work at all ATMs with no fee no activation nor sharing of personal information. I got a paper check last time I will not use this EIP card.

This payment was supposed to be $600. I received the Visa card. The balance loaded is $452.80. Where did the other $147.20 go????

You can

I've tried to activate my card at least 20 times today and I get disconnected after I get past the "select 1 for english" part. I also registered on the website and when I tried to transfer funds to my account, I get an error saying that my account status is invalid, which I assume is because my card is not yet activated.

Got my eip card yesterday and try to activate it many times and keep saying my ssn is invalid .Today I try it again and it got activated I guess I was doing it wrong what I did today is let’s say your ssn is 123-45-6789 supposed to only put 456789 and it will activate and then you have to have a ready 4 PIN number

Jan 7 received USPS Informed Delivery message with image of the EIP payment card mail addressed to me "coming to your mailbox soon". Never came.
Jan 13 reported on 18002408100 the card lost and request replacement.
Jan 28 still no card and no Informed Delivery notice. Tried to get customer service to get a status. Did they send it? when to expect it? 18002408100 needs you to put in the card number that you don't have and just exits you no option to get customer service.
Extremely unhappy the Money Network have been given all this public money and information on taxpayers. I don't want this payment given in a debit card.

Do you guys have the same problem? I had the eip card on Jan22. And I activated the card. I made transfer money from eip card to my bank account on online. But now Jan29, I still don't receive the money from my bank account.

It's been over three weeks for me and no sign of the money. It's just disappeared into thin air.

I had the same experience: Tried to transfer the money to bank account using an online link. It told me the transfer was successful and would post in a few days. Now, two weeks later, there is no sign of the transfer. So I called the customer service number on the card and followed the prompts to transfer the money. Once again, I was told I did it successfully. I called my bank. They told me the only way it works is to go to an ATM, insert the card, withdraw the $600, and redeposit it into the ATM using my normal debit card. ARGH. Sounds like the government does not know what it is doing!

So. I received my EIP-VISA card. I set up my account (UID and PW). But I do not recall being asked to set up a PIN. Did I just forget? I did everything else? Now I apparently can't put the funds into my bank w/o a PIN. The phone numbers supplied, are NO help at all. Can anyone shed some light on this? Signed: Frustrated Tax Payer

I checked the IRS site and it said my payment was sent on 1/6/21. I received my debit card (even thought the first time, it was directly deposited into my account) with money in it. I created a log in but can't transfer money to my bank. I keep getting an error message saying, "Transfer amount cannot be greater than your Account balance plus applicable transfer fees." I get this message even if I try to transfer $50 and I've tried all sorts of formatting to rule that out too. I can't use it to purchase something directly because the payment doesn't go through and when I called the number, it said my phone number wasn't recognized. So....good luck to anyone actually counting on this money for something because it's like being sent a bad check.

I activated my EIP visa debit card but it doesn't work at all.

Today is 1/30 the IRS site says my EIP was mailed 1/6 and it hasn't arrived. There's no issue with my address or information being different from last year when the EIP arrived within a week of being mailed.
What bothers me is the total lack of information available to me. I don't know if the payment actually got into the USPS system, whether it's a check or a card, or anything. This blackout of information could mean if a scammer is involved their trail may go quite cold by Feb twenty something when the IRS says they'll accept trace requests.

This is a ridiculous way to send money. It came to my 88 year old mother. She doesn’t use ATM cards and can’t set up an account online. The available ATMs are NOT the typical ones and are out of the way. Fees are charged to use the card.

I went to 3 separate ATMs to try to withdraw the money. None of them worked and somewhere I got charged a fee. So, I still don’t have access to the money. The phone number is a phone tree and you cannot talk to a live person. Hopefully it will be transferred into her account.

But, in order to use this you need access to a computer to look up information. I spent a lot of time looking things up, driving all over town, getting charged a fee and I still don’t have the money.

Send a check!

I can't create an account or access my funds because I keep getting an error message that says my social security number is not valid. I've called the number several times and can't get any help. I'm not even able to create an account on this site.

You never get a person at the customer service # at the bank. I think it is intentional so that people will not go to the trouble of dealing with it and the bank and/or the government will be able to keep that money.

Mine was supposed to be direct deposited on January 4th to a account I don't recognize. My husband was mailed out on the 6th of January it got sent to an address I had changed since we moved but luckily there are good people out there still and they did everything to get ahold of us so it was received in there mail about the 27th. I already filed taxes and the tax office said it was best to wait to file rebate but if I have to go back and file it I will be charged money for something that was supposed to be given to us.

Called the 800 number requesting a replacement EIP card due to destroying the original thinking it was a scam on Jan 16, 2021. It was supposedly 7-10 days for the replacement card to arrive. It is Feb 3, now. Can't talk to a person directly so what do I do?

I've received a EIP card but cannot access the system to set up my PIN number. Every time I call to set up the pin, the system doesn't engage the phone options for set up and instead goes directly to asking for the card number and my pin which I have yet to set up because the system isn't prompting me thru the process. It's very frustrating that there isn't a human option for set up.
Please advise

Me, too, Beth

I cannot access the money on my EIP card. When I call the customer service number, it is automated and when I enter my card number and press pound afterwards like it asks, it does not find my card number. I was able to register my card on the EIPCARD website, so I do not see why the customer service number does not find my card number. I cannot access my funds due to being unable to active my card because of this.

Hey i still didn't get my stimulus check for my self or for my son so need yall fix the problem with my stimulus check because i do need that money where i can get a place to live so please send me my stimulus check because i am new my money please send it to me.

Received my lip card on 1/25/2021. Activated the card immediately and saw that my $1200.00 balance was deposited on 1/1/2021. I tried to transfer my funds to my bank and after following all the directions on the web site, got message "unable to transfer funds at this time. Made multiple attempts on line and using the so called "customer service" number 800-240-8100. Got the same message that my funds could not be transferred. How do I get my money?
I am going to contact my Congressional Representative and my Senators and see if they can investigate this scam.

So does my eip card only pay me once ? I only recieved the first payment of 600$ it’s been over 3 weeks my sister assured me I’d get payed every week . I just want to know the truth .

The IRS website says that eligible individuals will get up to $600.  That information is in the answer "Calculating the Payment."

My and I always file a joint Federal Tax return. We each received the 1st EIP. My wife received notice, on Get My Payment, of the $600 2nd payment and a letter from Treasury. When I sign in to Get My Payment, the response is that IRS doesn’t have enough info or I don’t qualify. Both of these statements are bogus! What is going on?

My and I no longer file a Federal Tax return as our income does not require we do so. We each received the 1st EIP. My wife received notice, on Get My Payment, of the $600 2nd payment and received the EIP card. When I sign in to Get My Payment, the response is that IRS doesn’t have enough info or I don’t qualify. I was told by my US Senator's office I will have to file an income tax return in order to get the $600 EIP payment How do I find out if the IRS has quit sending out payments? I don't want to file taxes if I don't need to and if there is another round of EIP payments coming I certainly don't want to have to file an amended return if I don't receive that money either. Please respond as it appears others have this same issue!

I have called the 800 number multiple times to set my PIN. The recording simply asks for a PIN, no option to set one, no live customer service option. No instructions on how or where to set a PIN. Please advise!

I received a debit card. I went online to see if I could put this money into my bank, which I would have much preferred. They said that I could and I followed all the directions carefully. It said that it would take 2-3 days. After a week with no deposit and checked and found out that my bank (Chase) would not accept the money. R13 and it was not RDFI? I do have another bank. I would rather not have to go to an atm or spend it slowly since I am still trying to shelter in place. Any ideas. I think the debit card idea makes no sense for those who have bank accounts. A check or direct deposit would have been easier, and direct deposit should be a lot cheaper. I'm just wondering who they had to pay for all these debit cards? The only reason someone should have received one of these cards is if they did not have a bank account listed on their taxes. This is very annoying.

The get my payment stated my payment was mailed on January 6th 2021. I had my mail forwarded as well and I have not received my funds. How to I check the status of my payment? Clearly its been over a month since they mailed it..could it have beed sent back? Please assist...


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