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What to know about the second round of Economic Impact Payment (EIP) checks and cards

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The US Department of the Treasury and the IRS are working hard to get a second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to people. You might have already gotten your payment direct deposited into your bank account. That started on December 29th. You might have gotten a check in the mail. But, like last time, some people will get their payment in the mail on an EIP VISA debit card. Don’t be surprised if the way you get this second round of payments is different than the first time. Whichever way you get your payment, it’s all money the government wants you to have, and quickly. So: if you qualify for an Economic Impact Payment, look at your bank account for a direct deposit, keep an eye out for a check in the mail, or watch your mailbox carefully this month for an EIP Visa debit card.

With checks, you know the drill: get the check, deposit the check. Since you might not have gotten money on a VISA debit card before, here’s a bit more info. The EIP VISA debit card will come in an envelope that looks like this:

The debit cards are managed by Money Network Financial, LLC and issued by Treasury’s financial agent, MetaBank®, N.A., and will look like this:

If you got an EIP VISA debit card in the mail, here’s what to do.

  • Activate the EIP VISA debit card right away by calling 1-800-240-8100. To activate your card, you’ll have to give the last six digits of your Social Security number. Once the card is activated, you can use it anywhere that accepts VISA debit cards, including online or in a store, or at an ATM to get cash. You also can transfer the money from the card to your personal bank account without fees. Keep in mind that the EIP debit cards will expire after three years. If that happens, call customer service to request the funds be sent to you as a check.
  • Got questions about the EIP card? Call the 24-hour call center at 1-800-240-8100. You can also visit for information on using your EIP card, like where to log in to see your card balance, or where to find an in-network ATM to get money out of the card at no charge.
  • Got more general EIP questions? The IRS also has an FAQs page in English, or in Spanish.

And one last thing. Like last time, scammers are at work trying to get your money and/or personal information. Remember that the government will never call, text, email, or ask you to click on a link to activate your EIP card or get your money. If anyone does, it’s a scam. Don’t give anyone your personal or financial information, like your Social Security or bank account numbers. And never pay anyone to get your EIP funds. Report any scam immediately to the FTC at

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My husband accidentally gave Metabank the incorrect routing number when he tried to withdraw the funds from the prepaid debit card. He initiated this withdrawal early January. The funds obviously did not hit his account and the card balance is now zero. He has probably spent 8 hours total on the phone on different days with Metabank trying to figure out where his money went. The people at Metabank have no idea and just keep telling him to call back tomorrow. Upon doing some research, the routing number my husband provided is NOT associated with any other bank, so this money should have been either returned to his card or to Metabank. He can’t be the first person to provide an incorrect routing number to them. When he asks them what happens to the money when people do this, they just keep telling him they don’t know and/or it’s out of their hands. Is there anything that can be done? Can we file a complaint against Metabank with the FTC? I find it hard to believe his money is just floating around in cyberspace, and Metabank has just proven to be useless in trying to help recover it.

I got the Stimulus Visa Card. I followed the directions to have funds transferred to my checking account at B of A. I did this online. It told me the transfer was scheduled and will post in a few days. This was over 12 days ago. Today, I noticed there had been no transfer to my checking account. So I called the number on the card and followed the prompts to transfer the funds to my checking account. Then I called my bank to see if they knew anything about how this works. They said the only way to do it is to got to an ATM, insert the Stimulus card, withdraw the $600, then redeposit to my checking account using my ATM card. Sounds like the system the government set up is not working as it should. Pathetic!

I've successfully deposited the amount from my EIP card to my checking account. Do I need to hold onto the EIP card? Can I discard it?

I’ve been helping my mom to try and activate her card but every time we call and put in the information the voice recording says it doesn’t recognize her social. We’ve tried calling meta bank multiple times as well and customer service on the card but it just won’t work. Can you please tell us what to do so we can activate her card ?

Why isn't the money going to my bank account - you know, the one my social security payments go to? Instead I got a debit card that incurs fees when it is used, so that you don't really get the full $600 and can't even get the last few bucks off the card because ATMs work in multiples of $20. A 2 cent ACH to my bank account would have made the most sense for everyone who isn't scamming money off the debit cards.

After you activate your debit card:

  • you can transfer the funds from the card to your bank account for no fee. 
  • you can use the card to buy gas, groceries or shop online for no fee.
  • you can get cash back when you use the card to make purchases. 

Read the cardholder agreement to learn more about fees and services. 

How do I set the PIN for the EIP Card? When I called 888.240.8100, they do not offer that under either of the two options. When I push 1 for customer support, it asks for my PIN. I have NOT set a PIN, yet. I have never had an EIP card in the past, so there is no old PI. When I registered online, it had no place to add a PIN. Every contact I have tried asks for the 16 digit card number, and then the PIN.

I’m having the same problem...

I received my card, called the number, it asked for a PIN number that I don’t have. There is no customer service option even though the recording says there is. No email info for anything?

I call the 800-240-8100 number and select the obvious prompts to activate my card. It asks for a pin that I have never been given. There is a customer service option, yet there is no customer service option. I've tried to set up an account online and that fails to recognize my registration. I've called to report a lost or stolen card and was asked more information about myself than what's on my tax returns. How do you activate these cards?? It should not be this difficult.

The FAQs say that when you activated your card by phone, you gave your name and answered some questions to prove your identity, and then you made up your own 4-digit PIN. You need that PIN to use the card at an ATM, and to get help by phone.

The FAQs also say that if you forgot your PIN, you can call 1.800.240.8100  and the voice response system has a choice to create a new PIN. The FAQ says the new PIN will be active immediately.

Staff, Please listen, we understand how it is supposed to work, unfortunately it is not working that way. We call the number, it gives you 3 choices 1 ,2 or 3. 1 says activate card, customer service and one other thing. So we choose 1 obviously. It asks for the card number, good, then asks for a PIN that we don’t have, so if you don’t have one it says call back when you have one. There is no way to access customer service, I tried probably 10 times all different ways. I went to their website, no customer service or email address.

Like others, I have no PIN number. I call the useless number on the card, enter my card number and in order to continue, I must input my PIN number. There are no other options, no way to speak to a human being, no other phone numbers to call, no contact by email. FAQ’s are of no help, they just say call (800) 240-8100 for Customer Service. Can anyone help me and so many others who are riding this endless merry-go-round?? Right now, I’m the proud owner of a piece of useless plastic. PLEASE HELP!

The FAQs say that when you activated your card by phone, you gave your name and answered some questions to prove your identity, and then you made up your own 4-digit PIN. You need that PIN to use the card at an ATM, and to get help by phone.

The FAQs also say that if you forgot your PIN, you can call 1.800.240.8100  and the voice response system has a choice to create a new PIN. The FAQ says the new PIN will be active immediately.

That is not how it is set up. FAQ is useless. Please listen to what people are telling you! It wants a PIN immediately, guess what? We don’t have one so it hangs up on you!

I’m having the same issues

I read the fee schedule and saw $0 cost for bank transfer. I called the 800 number, activated the card and added a bank account number. Just before the transfer of my entire balance, a recorded voice asked if I would accept a $41.35 cost to complete it. I stopped.

Next I called my bank's customer service number and was told if the money was coming from a card like this one, the bank would charge $0.50 to receive it.

If MoneyNetwork charges no fee, who's asking me to pay?

Same problem. Repeated phone calls to set pin number and activate card. Prompt asks for card number then asks for the pin - there is none since I haven't set it yet. Then it hangs up since I don't have a pin number. No option to talk to someone. This is a major fail for those who need the money. We have no access to the funds that congress felt were greatly needed.

I have tried to activate my card through online and the phone it will not let me speak to a representative it hangs up on me or disconnects me and I want to know how I can access my money

I decline the terms of the card. What do I do? The card company refuses any phone contact unless I give my social security number. Please reply with a number I can call that is not a robot designed to prevent any discussion or complaint.
I just want my check.

I received my card and it was for $340.80. Weird amount and everyone is telling me they got $600. My first question is why such a weird number? I’m frustrated because I put a pin in and can’t remember it but can’t find anyway to find out what it is or change it! I get on the phone and will try combination pin I can think of till it eventually says call us back when you figure it out. I’m taking it to my bank see if I can just transfer it into my account without a pin. Unbelievably frustrating! I called that stupid 800 number probably 20 times! And no where on the site Does it give an answer to my problem either!

what the heck! My deposit date was on 2/3 and I still haven't received this fabulous EIP card! Is it going to be like this on the 3rd Stimulus? I wish I was just getting a good old fashioned check!

I just want to know how to get the money for my child who was born august 2020. I know I can’t get the first stimulus but I can get the second one for him cause he was here. I don’t file taxes and am pretty sure I used the nonfilers tool or whatever but i don’t file taxes because I don’t have a job and haven’t had one therefore I can’t put it on anything that I hadn’t gotten his. Can someone just tell me how to get his $500 stimulus?

Since I can’t file taxes because I don’t work does that mean I just won’t get my six month old sons second stimulus? Even though he was born in august of 2020?

your 1-800-240-8100, is useless when you forgot your pin number, very frustrated

Could I request to be issued a paper check?

We are a family of 4 but only received $1445.80 instead of the $2400 ($600 per) Curious to know why that particular amount. Will the rest come in a different card would I have to claim in in my 2020 tax return?

Forgot my pin # and can’t get any help from the 800 #.
What shall I do ?

I forgot the PIN for my EIP stimulus card. But when I called 1-800-240-9100 for help, I got nowhere because I was repeatedly asked for my PIN! Unable to reach a human being, I then called the IRS, and the person who spoke to me was unable to help.

If you call the debit card number and get the message your phone is blocked or not recognized, prefix the number with *82 to unblock caller-id.
Their website says you can get it replaced by a check if you call without activating. When I call and enter the card number it says activating, enter social security number - in other words there's no way to get through without going into activation so I am blocked from getting a check.
Then I see says if you get a check it must be activated! This is crazymaking. They are failing to fulfil their obligation.

I got the first stimulus fine , when it came to the second it was sent as a card but I never received it. I filed my taxes and claimed the stimulus on it . Now I get a letter today saying I’ve never activated the card an to report it which I did. It said it would have a new card out. Will this mess up my taxes now ?

Same only I cant get a second card, because like the first, it will just go to my old address.

I received a letter stating that I was sent an EIP card for the second payment of C virus relief. The letter directed me to call 800 240 8100 for a replacement card. I tried to call but the system will not assist with a missing card. They directed me to IRS. No help here.

The IRS has information for people who didn't get any payments, or who didn't get the full amount, at

My EIP2 card was sent to my old address, I have mail forwarding, but mail forwarding only lasts 90 days. I recieved a letter that I hadnt activated my EIP2 from the IRS, after filing my taxes.. once they had my new address. I never got anything to activate... it was sent to my old address and that number wants me to activate a card that might be in someone elses hands or at the least, it would send out another one.. once again to my OLD address. I need assistance from a person, the robot is not helpful.

The IRS has information for people who didn't get payments, or got less than the full amount at

My wife and I file a joint income tax return every year including 2019. We qualify for Economic Impact Payments. We both received the first one. Only my wife received the second one. There is no explanation under Get My Payment. There was no explanation sent to me as to why I did not get the second stimulus check. I really should not have to recover it on my 2020 income taxes. I am fearful that this will happen for the third stimulus check.

My calls do not go through when I dial 1-800-240-8100 to activate my EIP card

I got a letter saying I didn't activate my card. I never received a card. When I call the help line, they won't help without a card number. How can I provide a number I never received? This is just going round and round. How can I get a new card sent?

The IRS has information for people who didn't get payments, or who got less than the full payment at

On March 10, 2021 I just received a letter saying my EIP card was mailed earlier this year but not activated. I did not receive an EIP card or a 1444-B notice from the IRS. Is this a glitch? I tried calling the customer service number, but there is no option to report a lost or never received card. The recording just says the 2nd stimulus cards have been mailed out. Also I just filed my taxes for the recovery rebate indicating I never received the second stimulus. What can I do?

On 01/04/2021 I received a bank deposit EIP2 of $600. At that time I didn't know what it meant. Then I received a debit card which I destroyed because I have had trouble with fraud purchases with my usual charge card. I received a letter 03/06/2021 stating I was issued $3000 by check/ debit card. Could I receive the payment by check or bank deposit?

The U.S. Treasury has contracted with a 3rd party bank (Meta Bank) as Financial Agent to issue EIP Cards that require we disclose last 6 digits of our SSN to activate, and a 800 robot number with options that all lead to auto-activate and no option to discuss with a human Customer Service agent. All of know never to give out PII (Personal Identity Information) to third parties. How does one request a check instead of debit card? What's wrong with our government?

I was wondering how long does it take the card to come in the mail

My parents who are 87 each received a letter stating they had a eip card sent to them. Haven't seen it called the number that is listed i can't get thru without a card number any way I tried i cant get thru. They just say you need the card number to proceed in anu option how do I do that if I can't give them one because I don't have it.

I received the plastic debit card in the mail in January. It didn't have my last name. Today I received the IRS notice 1444-B in the mail, which also didn't have my last name, so I called the "For assistance, you may call:" 800 number. I talked to an IRS operator(Actual person) and explained my problem, he said he was forwarding me to a tax agent who could help me. I got a recording and was hung up on. I will NOT ever use this plastic card and am losing hope that I will ever see the money congress authorized. Back in January I read that they would double the amount of debit cards for the second stimulus payments in order to get the money out to people faster. A check would have been faster, even if it took another month to get to me. Who is keeping all the money that people like myself and the other commenters was supposed to get. I also do NOT agree to the terms of the card, even if they could correct my missing last name. I doubt that I will ever see the EIP2. I hope that they don't send the third stimulus payment via another useless piece of plastic like this one. Where can I send this one to in order to get a U.S. Treasury check?

The IRS website at says:

If you didn’t get the full amount of the first or second Economic Impact  Payments, you may be eligible to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit and must file a 2020 tax return even if you don’t normally file. The third Economic Impact Payment will not be used to calculate the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit.

I received the economic letter by not the card.and I wanted to know about get my payment what bank.account went to


On March 4, 2021, I received a letter from IRS telling me that my second round of payment has been sent, but I have never received a second round EIP Card. On March 9, 2021, I requested a reissue My replacement EIP card, one month has passed, and I still haven’t received the second round of EIP Card. Do I need to continue to reissue?


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