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What to know about the second round of Economic Impact Payment (EIP) checks and cards

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The US Department of the Treasury and the IRS are working hard to get a second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to people. You might have already gotten your payment direct deposited into your bank account. That started on December 29th. You might have gotten a check in the mail. But, like last time, some people will get their payment in the mail on an EIP VISA debit card. Don’t be surprised if the way you get this second round of payments is different than the first time. Whichever way you get your payment, it’s all money the government wants you to have, and quickly. So: if you qualify for an Economic Impact Payment, look at your bank account for a direct deposit, keep an eye out for a check in the mail, or watch your mailbox carefully this month for an EIP Visa debit card.

With checks, you know the drill: get the check, deposit the check. Since you might not have gotten money on a VISA debit card before, here’s a bit more info. The EIP VISA debit card will come in an envelope that looks like this:

The debit cards are managed by Money Network Financial, LLC and issued by Treasury’s financial agent, MetaBank®, N.A., and will look like this:

If you got an EIP VISA debit card in the mail, here’s what to do.

  • Activate the EIP VISA debit card right away by calling 1-800-240-8100. To activate your card, you’ll have to give the last six digits of your Social Security number. Once the card is activated, you can use it anywhere that accepts VISA debit cards, including online or in a store, or at an ATM to get cash. You also can transfer the money from the card to your personal bank account without fees. Keep in mind that the EIP debit cards will expire after three years. If that happens, call customer service to request the funds be sent to you as a check.
  • Got questions about the EIP card? Call the 24-hour call center at 1-800-240-8100. You can also visit for information on using your EIP card, like where to log in to see your card balance, or where to find an in-network ATM to get money out of the card at no charge.
  • Got more general EIP questions? The IRS also has an FAQs page in English, or in Spanish.

And one last thing. Like last time, scammers are at work trying to get your money and/or personal information. Remember that the government will never call, text, email, or ask you to click on a link to activate your EIP card or get your money. If anyone does, it’s a scam. Don’t give anyone your personal or financial information, like your Social Security or bank account numbers. And never pay anyone to get your EIP funds. Report any scam immediately to the FTC at

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To whom it may concern
I never received my first and second Stimulus EIP payment from the IRS I did receive my 4111 letter on October 5 2020 with my new address on the letter. Try calling the IRS 800 number to put a trace on the matter form 3911 nothing I need help.....why did the IRS sent to my old address???

You can claim your missing EIPs on your 2020 tax returns as economic recovery rebate credit

We missed ours in the mail. We called the money network that's issuing them and they sent us a new one. "If you haven’t received your EIP Card, or if you may have accidentally thrown it away, please call Customer Service at 1.800.240.8100 and choose the option for assistance with a replacement, reissue, lost, or stolen Card.

Upon your request, a replacement Card will be provided at no cost to you. Please see your Cardholder Agreement online at for more information."

The MetaBank toll free number is practically useless and there is no live person to even speak to?!?
All it is of the pre-recorded msg. giving some information or to register the EIP card... as for those who may have discarded their EIP or it was lost or stolen there is NO help from any automated input or there is no live person to speak to?!?
Pressing option 2 where it is suppose to be instructions or a live person to assist you only goes back to giving the same EIP card information! [ IRS tool says that my EIP is scheduled for mailing on Jan. 6th, 2021 and I don't have it - my mother did receive hers that took about a week after being sent ]
I called the other contact numbers for MetaBank & MoneyNetwork is the same problem and you get redirected to the toll free number as the only live person was a MoneyNetwork and he said he can't help me and he does not know who runs the EIP dept. within or can direct me to a supervisor or bank manager?
This is a sham from MetaBank that will end up keeping unclaimed EIP funds that were either discarded by accident or was lost or stolen stimulus payments...
Please would the FTC, US Treasury, and IRS dept. heads contact MetaBank to ensure that the service they are providing is being done?
If the FTC would kindly leave a follow up reply to this comment - thank you and best regards

You can learn more about the EIP card at, and by reading the Frequently Asked Questions at The IRS also has information about EIP cards at in this press release. 

I have called the 1-800-240-8100 phone number 5 times. All I get is a recording saying they don't recognize my phone number and hang up. I have only one phone, it's the same phone number I've had for over 50 years, and it's the same phone number I've dutifully put it on my IRS tax return every year for the past 50+ years. What do I do?

If you have your phone number blocked for privacy reasons the EIP customer service phone system may not recognize your phone number. You can disable the block yourself or ask your phone carrier how to do that, and call again.

We need assistance and no webpage with most frequently answered questions will get it all. I called EIPcard number, pressed option one for customer service but there is no such thing, it only wants you to register the card, but before I do, I have a few questions that only a qualified employee who should know all about this card and how it works can answer. If you represent the EIPCard department why are you not telling the public how to access customer service when that's an option? WE ALL need customer service, people have different questions and they just want to be guided and helped. So, will you fix the automated phone directory????

Your EIP card is sponsored by U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, not the Federal Trade Commission. You can learn more about the cards at, and on the site in the Cardholder Agreement.  The 1.800.240.8100 customer service line gives recorded answers for some questions and will connect you to a person for other questions. 

You may want to contact the constituent assistance liaison with your Congressional representative. These people handle a wide range of issues and carry the weight of a Congressional office into your issue.

I have called the1- 800-240-8100 phone number 3 times and all I get is a recording saying they don't recognize my phone number and hang up. I only have one phone number for many years. There is no other phone number to call to activate my card. What do I do?

I have the exact same problem. They don't recognize my phone number and then they hang up on me. No option to talk with a live person, and no option to email. FAQ useless.

Exactly. I call to validate, the recording says it does not recognize the number and hangs up on me.

I can not believe that this card has a useless 800#. How can you access the funds? You're right that there is no live person to talk to and everything directs you back to this 800#. I'm about to cut this card up.

(1) I lost my card around the date of this post; (2) I looked up the number on Google; (3) I called said number; (4) I followed the prompt from the nice robot lady; and (5) my new card just arrived today. I'm not sure where you went wrong, but I assure you there is a solution to your problem. I may be wrong, as I can't remember the exact date of my call, but maybe I called after you posted this and MetaBank updated the automated menu after taking your comment under advisement.

You should try again and be sure to let the nice robot lady finish reading each option as you pay close attention. Best of luck in these trying times.

How many days did you wait for you to receive the new card?

from the beginning of the disbursal i was notified that i was eligible, however, i have never received a payment and cannot find the reason why. calling IRS does not get a response. Chaos as usual?

According to IRS get my payment our checks were mailed on the 6th of January and we have yet to receive them.
Where are they? Seem to be stuck in limbo some where!

800-240-8100 There is no customer service to help us I have never received my debit card no live person to talk to Use less phone customers service where is my money mailed out January 5 not received yet

The IRS website says:

All first and second Economic Impact Payments have been sent. If you didn’t get the first or second payment or didn’t get the full amount you were eligible for, you may be eligible to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit. To receive this, you must file a 2020 tax return even if you aren’t required to file.

I checked the IRS. My payment was sent Jan. 6th, according to their site. I have not received it over 2 weeks later. How will we be able to mail payments we have due for living expenses if we can no longer trust the U.S.P.S.

"where's my payment" - says check scheduled to be mailed Jan 6, 2021 - today is Jan 22, 2021 and still have not received our check.
Can someone give me a number to call?
Thank you

It's all money the governments wants you to have, except with the card you are charged all types of fees for every little transaction. I find that stupid to offer people these cards and then take the money from them.

No, you don't have to pay fees for every transaction. 

The Fee Schedule at tells you how to use the card as a debit card and get money out of an ATM for no fee.

the merchants pay fees to the card corporation on every transaction and that drives up prices for everyone.

Just cash out the card by having its balance direct deposited to your bank account on choice. Do it ASAP after it is activated!

I looked everything up when I received the card, followed instructions to transfer to my bank account, verifying all numbers and nothing ever showed up. It's been over 2 weeks.

I received a debit card for the 2nd stimulus. within 2 weeks .. Immediately followed instructions for tranferring to my checking account. Here it is and it has never reached by checking account.
I called the bank and they said to bring the card in .. unfortunately I in the interim fractured my right leg and cannot drive or negotiate the outside stairs.
Have called every number I could find but only get recordings.

Thanks. Hope I get mine.

"money the government wants you to have" sounds suspiciously like "trust us, we're the government."

Well I pray that I receive the debit card I file taxes for many years and I have direct deposit with the same bank for 13 years and I did not receive a payment through my direct deposit or a check in the mail.

I haven’t received the second stimulus check and it states that I don’t qualify. How can I not qualify if I only receive Social Security and I’m 73 years old. There’s some messed up business in the government if I don’t qualify for assistance of any type. I know everyone I talk with got the second check, but I don’t qualify and my only income is less than $2000 a month. So disappointed!

That's all the Get my payment does when you go on it said wrong information you call IRS stay on line no one answer.How about some real answer or people to talk with.need my money.

Still haven't received my stimulus payment,. Why is it taken so long? I received one last year and plus I'm on disability, what's the difference this year?

Still waiting on my 600 check

Where are the January 6 checks? Still waiting.

The IRS site says that money was scheduled to be deposited in my bank account on Jan. 4, 2021. However, there is no indication that it was - my bank is unable to give me any information. The IRS site says not to call them so how do I find out what happened to the funds that were supposed to be deposited on the 4th?

First payment , direct deposit--fine. No second deposit, card or check. Lots of info' and directions to CORRECT this, but if you don't own a printer you're dead in the water 'til filing 2020 taxes. I haven't seen, anywhere, what date the distribution will be ending. Why would they change from direct deposit (safer, and successful) to mailed cards and checks to SS people; mail boxes are being robbed all over the country.

Yes I need help trying to get my payments it was sent to the wrong bank account

Stimulus check just arrived in mail today 1/23//2021. Thanks

What was your date because mines says January 4 and I still haven't received it. And it was deposited on my account

Thank you for providing pictures of the envelope, card etc.
I thought the letter was a scam and delayed depositing. I went to and other gov sites trying to find what the card and letter looked like - nothing.
Would you please ask the and other online sites to also post the pictures

I cut up and through this card and its attachments away as it was made out to my husband, whom is a disabled veteran and I am his fiduciary. A valid card would be addressed to ME. I thought it was a scam. Given what I have read in another post, what is there to do now? Contact the IRS?

Not got my money yet nether has my wife

willettnancy I have low income and direct deposit got my first check ok but not the second why not

Your comment sound like I wrote it! Same thing...mother got ck in mail last week. Mine shows to have mailed 1/6 but nothing recv'd. So sad that the FTC agent who answered your well spoke email didn't take time to actually read it. Therefore, we've been given no new information that might help us. Very disheartening.

The IRS has the most current information about economic impact payments.

This IRS press release says people who got a first payment, but didn't get direct deposit of a second payment, will generally get a check or debit card by the end of January.

I looked on informed delivery and I was told that my eip card was arriving soon but I haven’t received it how long does it take to be delivered

Same got informed delivery from Usps that it was coming but have yet to receive


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