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Ignore bogus COVID vaccine survey

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Scammers are using a new trick to steal your money and personal information: a bogus COVID vaccine survey.

People across the country are reporting getting emails and texts out of the blue, asking them to complete a limited-time survey about the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine. (And no doubt, there may be one for Johnson & Johnson, too.) In exchange, people are offered a free reward, but asked to pay shipping fees.

If you get an email or text like this, STOP. It’s a scam.


No legitimate surveys ask for your credit card or bank account number to pay for a “free” reward.

If you get an email or text you’re not sure about:

  • Don’t click on any links or open attachments. Doing so could install harmful malware that steals your personal information without you realizing it.
  • Don’t call or use the number in the email or text. If you want to call the company that supposedly sent the message, look up its phone number online.


  • Don’t give your bank account, credit card, or personal information to someone who contacts you out of the blue.
  • You can filter unwanted text messages on your phone, through your wireless provider, or with a call-blocking app.
  • If you get an email or text that asks for your personal information and you think it could be a scam, tell the FTC at

To learn more about COVID-related frauds and scams, visit

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A little late for this one - I got it last week along with the reviews from other "people" about how wonderful the gifts were After I put my info in it said "Customer is blacklisted" or something like that. I went back and deleted all my info but I bet now it was to late. What should I do next

I received one of these emails but it seemed very strange to me and I deleted it. Glad I did.

I don’t fill out surveys anymore. Corporate America has enough of my information. Whew! I saw an onslaught of those mentioned emails! Deleted every one of them.

As a resident service coordinator for a 62 year and older independent HUD building I always am looking for information for the residents. I am glad to receive the updated info/blog but I have a suggestion- could you to make the information easy to print for distribution. Many of my seniors do not utilize any online devices and it would be nice to have hard copies to distribute.

Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing this information with others. We designed these blogs & articles to be easy to print. When you have a printer connected to your computer, pull up the blog you want to print, and enter a print command. The blog be printed nicely formatted and easy to read.

We also have lots of free brochures and bookmarks that you can order and distribute. You'll find those at We have a suite of print and online fraud prevention information for older adults in the Pass It On campaign, with articles on 13 common fraud topics. 

Thank you for the information!

I am a Service Coordinator as well and I agree if there were pdf versions of these announcements available for us to distribute to our residents, it would be quite beneficial. We appreciated all the information and would like to make sure to pass it on.

You go FTC! Add to your list the following peddlers: 1) Health & Life Insurance 2) Home & Car Warranty; 3) Home Contractors (all types); 4) Health non-FDC Remedies Internet Videos; 5) Veterinerean Fees; & 6) Out-of-Sight Drug Prescription Pricing. I could go on, but this will do now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. YOU GO! GET THEM!

These surveys are from everywhere Home depot Wal-Mart Best Buy Walgreens KFC Safeway u tube u name it they plus 20 other companies are being pfished. It is a pandemic.

Well I did the survey, put info in and then realized it was sketchy b c it kept popping up gifts to add to the shipping, tryed to go back and delete info and it wouldn't let me, so I called bank to stop my payment but 13.95 was already payed, I canceled my card out and I know they will not get anymore of my money other than 13.95 , the gift came and I rejected to a accept it at the post office told them about it, they sent it back!!

I tried to send my emails to the address given——my system says doesn’t exist can’t send?? is not an email address. is a website where you can report fraud. If you click on the blue highlighted words, you will be connected to the website and you can report fraud. Or, you can type into the search bar of your computer and go to the website.

These phishing surveys are from at least 25 businesses-- old navy home depot u tube Wal-Mart macdonalds Lowe's and on and on and on. All the surveys are maybe t5 questions and u are selected regardless of answer in one u win and get two chances at the big prize like a PlayStation whTever. Pick 2 gift boxes .if prize pops up u win then TBE shipping and handling payment.

This has happened to me so many times in so many ways and I know all too well as being a victim of fraud and identity theft what looks suspicious usually is,please folks be vigilante and think before you act on anything that doesn't seem quite normal and delete and ignore!

I have been completing a daily survey for since I completed my second vaccine. I've been under the impression that it is a legitimate survey. No requests for money or other info.

Yes, that is a legitimate survey run by the CDC. It's a vaccination health check that people can do on their phones. You use your smartphone to tell CDC about any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. You’ll also get reminders if you need a second vaccine dose. 

I got the bogus Pfizer COVID vaccine survey 2 days before I got the actual Pfizer vaccine and then again shortly after that. I printed a copy of the scam offer to bring with me to the vaccination site when I get the 2nd shot. I was going to ask that they post it at the vaccination site. It would be really helpful as a preventative measure if each person who gets the vaccination was shown the scam emails at the vaccination site. At least they would be aware of those scams and hopefully more cautious of other offers that may appear in the future.

I got my first covid shot yesterday. Today I received the Pfizer fraud, which I fell for. I immediately went to my bank and had them cancel my card and order a new one.
I also called the California Department of Health and Human Services and warned them of this fraud and asked that they inform every service nationwide that uses the Pfizer vaccine. The woman to whom I spoke assured me she would do just that.
I also sent an email to Governor Newsom informing him of the fraud.

Two days after I complained to those who committed the fraud they returned the money to my bank account. I guess my threat to go to the Feds scared them. I also received a voicemail from a woman letting me know the money had been returned.

Glad you were able to cancel your card. I do wonder how this fraudulent company knows we received the Pfizer vaccine.

I had that very same question!

I got one, read the "reviews" paid the shipping for a dash cam. I've been getting hit with charges on my credit card every since. I've been fighting with them and the insurance company.

I have received several 'follow up' emails after reporting strange side effects to the VERS system. I realized it was fake because my name was spelt wrong, but they did have a quote of what I wrote.

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