Another tax scam: IRS imposters

tax identity theft logoTax identity theft is the theme of the week, but it’s not the only tax scam we’re talking about. Complaints to the FTC about IRS imposter scams have shot up over the last year — by almost 50,000 complaints.

Here’s what happens: You get a call from a scammer pretending to be with the IRS, saying you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay taxes you owe right now. You’re told to wire it or put it on a prepaid debit card. They might threaten to deport you or say you’ll lose your driver’s license. Some even know your Social Security number, and they fake caller ID so you think it really is the IRS calling.

But it’s all a lie. If you send the money, it’s gone.

IRS Imposter Scams

IRS Imposter Scams Infographic


When you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail. The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid debit card, or share your credit card information over the phone.

If you get a call like this, file a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at If you’re concerned there’s a real problem, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

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this news letter is very helpful. I actually gotten two "fake IRS" calls in the last two months.

yes this was helpful, I received a message the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. So I called the number back 206-201-2044. Yes they say they are the IRS and give a name and badge number. They tried to collect money, saying if I didn't pay, they were going to send me to jail.. then they were going to transfer me to their manager, that is when I hung up.. and looked online..

I just received the same call with the same number.....I won't return the call.

Received call threatening lawsuit from 281-303-0000.panicked for a minute and then started doing some online research as it just seemed odd that the first call I got was saying they were filing a lawsuit having heard nothing prior to this.

I just got a call today, 202-738-4504 same thing, threatening to file a lawsuit

I got the same call today from 202-459-1993, my caller ID said it was Castro DeSalgu, the robo call said this is the irs and we are filing a lawsuit against you, you need to call this number immediately. Of course I didn't call them but I wonder if I did if I could get more info to help catch these scumbags. I get a lot of robot calls and I'm on the do not call list but it does get old, wish there was something we could do about it. I also have had this non-published number for 30 years, so I know they are robot calls.ugh!

I just got a call today and told me that I was being sued. 703-584-5172 is the number they called me on and then called me back. they said I didn't sign for a letter when they sent it, 'I didn't get a letter'. they said a agent came to my door but no one answered so they left a note 'no note received'. I told them to have the irs in phoenix or the local sheriff deliver the papers. they hung up on me.

I received a call today 2 times from a 305-363-3437 telling me I will be locked up if I don't get in touch with them asap because I owe taxes they knew my name and address saying I haven't paid taxes sense 2008.

I just got called from 3123400862 saying something simular. I'm glad I did resurch first. I reported it to

Got calls today from 703-584-4542 Virginia no. Robot call said they found I committed fraud on my return to call that no. Back. Did to see what they said. Answered this is officer ??? with Indian accent. Told them I was calling IRS to report them. Click. They hung up? Tried to call me again later. Persistent little boomers.

Just got a call from 202 793 6694. I got the same IRS message that I had committed fraud on my tax returns. I owed the IRS $5387. The foreign person on the other end of the phone told me they had been sending letters to me and my employer since 2010. I told them, while laughing that I had been retired since 2005. I hung up and called my accountant. S he told me it was nothing more than a scam. And believe or not, about an hour later the same guy called back again. Maybe I'll call him back tomorrow and have some fun with him.

Had a missed call from 302-480-3610 out of Delaware. They left a prerecorded message saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. I called the number back and was hung up on twice, first time nothing was said. Second time a lady with an Indian accent answered but hung up before I could say anything. The third time, the same lady answered the call - sounded like a call center in the background. I asked her to explain the situation. She said she'll need my phone number and address to get started. I asked where she was calling from and how I can verify it. She hung up on me. They called back again about an hour later but left no voicemail. Annoying.

this making me mad they called me twice with tbis i am getting mad and about to change my number

I called them back for that same reason. The number that popped up on my caller ID was 1-000-000-0000 haha. They left a number 843-333-1739, saying I was being sued by the IRS (haha) First time i turned my caller ID off and it wont go through. So i called from a diferent number and the ask for your DOB and last 4 of your social to verify. I told him if your the IRS you have that info so I wont give it to you and he hung up on me. Really crappy they can get away woth answering saying they are the IRS

I just received a call today from 978-626-7161 out of Massachusetts saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. I didn't answer but it Scared me for a sec but I'm glad I did some research before anything!

I received the same call with the same number. They left a threatening message. I called my accountant and he said it was a scam.

I've been getting thousand of emails and I'm not sure what ones are real and what ones are fake some one please help me

Some of those emails could be phishing emails - that's when someone tries to trick you into giving out personal or financial information.
Don't reply to email, text, or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information. Don’t click on links in the messages, even if the message seems to be from an organization you trust. A legitimate business won't ask you to send sensitive information through insecure channels.
If you need to check on your accounts or need to reach an business, call the number on your financial statements or on the back of your credit card. Or, open your web browser, find the website, and contact the company.

They will not send you an e-mail they will send letters by by mail. Just a scam your'e fine...

I received a voicemail from a Asian women she said this is so & so and the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me for unpaid taxes.She said I owe 4,000 dollars&that I needed to pay 500 to 800 that day last Friday the 13th.I said what do you want my debit card she said no that she would tell the court I wanted to work out a pay plan & then asked me for 1,200&i told her I could not do that then that is when she said 500 or 800 & told me call her back well I'm in panic mode I called back &could hear other ppl like a call center I told her I would need to ask someone in my family for the $$ well she messaged me from a number I could not message bk &said I'm waiting? Just like that -it ended by me saying I could not pay till Dec &she said she would tell the court I did not want to drag it out in court & would make payments so okay I am left just freaking out.She also said I could do a person 2 person Money Gram & asked me if I knew where a walmart was.Now I have a sounds like white lady calling abt the taxes &I'm scared to listen on my voicemail because I'm major post tramatize stress syndrom &take med for this.I heard this while trying to let someone listen to the first message on my voicemail saying they are putting a law suit on me.I turned it off & blocked everything out the other lady said.I am. dry scared.I am not use to anything like this.Please tell me is it a scam?They also said they sent 2 yellow slips to my old address. I don't live there & my post lady know that & never got anything.

This sounds like a scam. If the IRS needs to contact you, they will send you a letter. The IRS won't call and demand that you send them money. 
Scammers tell lies to try and scare you and make you send money. If someone calls and says they're from the IRS, don't send money, and don't tell them your debit card or bank account numbers. You don't have to answer the calls.
You can report this to the FTC at The details you give help law enforcement with investigations.

Received 3 diff 502 prefix IRS calls wanting to sue me+then ask my name.? They call me+then ask who I am? What a scam! Please-no one fall for these idiots! Laugh+hang up

Just got the same message on my cell, tye number was 202 304 3234

I got the same call just today. I guess they did not realize they were calling an Enrolled Agent.

What is an enrolled agent? Sorry to ask

206 area code is in Washington state heh.

I have received over half a dozen calls from an automated call threatening lawsuit from 206-462-5330 stating out of WA. then I blocked it and I got the same call from a number a DC number 202-738-1854

Yup, the that is calling my husband's cell phone 806-395-2809,from Texas with a similar message. Thank you all so much for posting, we were concerned at first but then, we realized The IRS wouln't sebd such a vague message....Thanks again

My husbands been getting them for 8 days. First from egypt number, then from india, now from new york. Leave a message stating nothing more than "the irs is filing a lawsuit against you" numbers are 917-675-3402 and 917-310-1037. Will be turning the numbers in tomorrow morning.

by me they said "the irs is filing a lawsuit against you" call us at (773) 382-8700

I received a call stating that I had a warant out frim the IRS and I was being sued for tax fraud. The guy was Indian and called from 12022395947 he asked if I wanted to make a payment to stop further action. I panicked until I done research on this scam. They threaten me with jail time and all.

Just had a threatening message from the same area code, total scam! The IRS doesn't contact you by phone and use threats, congrats to everyone who has posted their stories. It helps others out that might not know better.

Got the same message on my phone voice recrecording with strange number i had to call back:02610694. Went immediately online, find out IRS is not contacting you by phone and all your postings. Thanks to All!

Thank you so much cause it said that they have been trying to get a hold of me and all this stuff but i never got a call befor!

I was worried today when I too got the "lawsuit" message. But I wanted to get THIS number out there... 509-587-3613 from WA. I called and no answer for um-teen rings until a British woman recording says to leave a message. Trust me I've had to call the IRS before and had to wait over an hour after automated prompts for an agent. But it helps to read here that the IRS would contact me by mail first. Thank you all for your information.

i got the same call from WA state and was told the IRS was filing a lawsuit against us - and given the same number to call back. i was worried at first but glad i checked online to see that it was a scam.

We received the same message with this phone number 509-789-2304. Problem is when i called back no one answered but left a message. Then I though to check this out. thank you for assuring this is a scam.

Started at 9:30 AM this morning and three more times after that throughout the day. 509-492-5167 from Pasco, WA is what the number ends up routing from but when I watch the call instead of redbuttoning it it says it's from Haiti. I filed an FTC report after the first voicemail and have become paranoid I filed a scam report because of how many phone calls I have received from that number today. This forum calmed my nerves a bit though so that's comforting.

Received a call from (509) 233-4064
Loon Lake, WA saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit. I knew immediately it was a scam. Researched for 2 seconds before coming to this site. It is niceHow do they get our information?

Just got the robocall threatening lawsuit. It was from the 206 area code. Reported the incident to after a quick internet search made me aware of these scams. The IRS will first contact you by mail. So don't fall for this, but do take down info and report it!

I just got the same automated phone call but I was not able to write down the number. I tried to call different IRS numbers but of course, I cant get a hold of anyone. Ugh, this is so frustrating. I don't understand why people do these things. I may try to contact the IRS again just to make sure. I have not received a letter from the IRS stating that I conducted some fraudulent activities.

I got a call from (509) 588-7563. The automated message said that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me, that they have been trying to contact me and that I should call them back at the number provided. SCAM!

I got an automated voice message on 7/16/2015 saying I was the IRS was filing a lawsuit against. They gave a return phone number of 509-588-7386.
Thanks much to all the posters here!
What a mess ... and so sad.

I just got a call from them at: 509-588-7386. They said that they were going to arrest me if I did not pay up. Said I owed 4,000.00 some odd dollars. They told me not to hang up from the call that the officers were on the way in about 2 hours and that they didn't know if that would be enough time to keep them off of me. I asked for the addresses they sent these alleged letters to? They replied to where you are currently living. I wasted time at work on this today.

I got a call from the same number 509-588-7386 on July 25, 2015. The name of the business was given as General Revenue Service very quickly at the beginning of the message probably intended to sound like the Internal Revenue Service. I was told that I was being sued by the IRS and needed to call the number given.
Thanks for all of the postings and hope everyone is reporting these miscreants to the IRS. May the fleas of a thousand camels plague them!

I got basically the same automated message on my office phone from # (202) 621-0546. Just wanted to throw it out here because I haven't seen the number posted on any forums, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the number it said to call back. Oh well. Done wasting time on it.

We received a similar call today regarding the IRS having a lawsuit against us - the number they left was 202-793-8678. I tried to call back, but after ringing for a while the call was disconnected. Thank you to all who posted here, so we can better understand and be aware of scammers' tactics. Stay savvy and stay safe!

Just listened to a voice-mail I received at home - from 202-864-1311, I actually called that number to see what would happen and told them I'd report them - they hung up pretty quickly :-) They then left another voice-mail a few hours later - with today's technology wish there was a way to stop these scammers

They called me from 202-864-1702 and a woman with a foreign accent said the same thing. When she transferred me to her manager and I asked him to spell his name he said we had a bad connection and he would call back. He didn't call back

Just got a message on my home phone from the same number but today Feb. 19, 2016, at 6:30 a.m. from "Seattle IRS" they said. (206) 201-2044 and reported it through email to the Thanks for posting!


I got a call from a number that said wireless caller claiming to be the IRS. I was like what the heck I remembered from business class that the IRS contacts you through mail so I went online to make sure I was right, and sure enough I was.

Got a"fake" call this morning from 585-861-2851 stating they were the IRS and left a computerized message with threats.

I got two calls today, both left automated voicemails threatening that they were filing a lawsuit against me and that was my final warning- even though i heard no such thing previously. The first call was from 17255976534, which said to call 13608614117, then i got the second call and voicemail from the 13608614117 number saying essentially the same thing, then telling me to urgently call them back and that number and claimed to be from the office of Kevin White of the IRS.

Got a call on April 14, same deal with filing a lawsuit. They said to call 3608075350. Did not call back. Wanted to pass on this info.

Just got a phone call from 3374521204, threatening me by being sued by the IRS. Said that I owed $4600. At first I was scared because I haven't worked in almost 7 yrs. They ran me through the wire about sending letters previously to my address which they recited to me. I asked to speak to someone else and I was transferred to another Indian sounding person who told me that this was as far the call would go. If I wanted to avoid going to court and fighting the U.S. Government then I needed to pay the amount. I was asked did I have an emergency fund and how much money I had in my account. I entertained it until this point. The red flags went up. I told them to resend the paperwork they said it would be here tomorrow and this would hold off the warrant for my arrest. It wasn't until I hung up shaking that the IRS would seize my account if it was that serious and I also went online and found out that I wouldn't be contacted by phone but by mail. I also realized that the IRS coming after little ole me for $4600 in such an aggressive manner is unheard of. The man made it seem like there was a federal probe being done on me. This is truly sickening and I hope nobody falls prey to this. They had me for a moment but thank God those red flags were going up. I have blocked them. Please be careful for people are preying on many!!

Just received voicemail from 202.684.6724 same thing.

Today we received two fake IRS calls from the number 703-459-9484. The scammers used the name of an IRS Agent, Jason O'Connor, Badge #80995. The message was "You are about to be arrested if you do not pay your taxes". Fortunately the individual had a thick foreign accent, so it was clearly a fake call.

They tried to scam me on this today. While I had this guy on the phone threatening me I was digging thru the IRS website looking for a number. found the 800 number but guess can't talk to a live person! Ridiculous! Luckily the scammer got mad at me said he was calling the police and hung-up.

I received a message in February 2015 saying I was being sued by the IRS, when I called the number and confronted them that it was a scam, they cursed me and hung up. The number they left as a call back was 206-569-4739. sivac

Thanks everyone who posted. I usually don't but I got a phone call as well. I looked up on line and this was defiantly the same thing all of you have had. Thanks again.

Me too... Thanks guys! Just received the same call...

I have been getting calls all week with an automated message.When I call back it's a thick British accent on the voice mail. The # is 302 262 9092. Very annoying!

Me too scared the mess out of me saying I was involved in a federal lawsuit to call a 303 number right away!

I just received one of the same a computer generated lady with a British accent telling me to call 404-287-0590, comes up as Atlanta, GA but googled the number and it is from Wakefield, Ne. Thanks everyone for your posts, makes me feel better about not calling. Also makes you wonder how many people actually are duped.

got a robo call that the irs was suing me please call 509 587-4585 called back no answer just a scam

I got the same type call from this number 509 588 7300. I figured it was a scam because the caller ID also read International.I returned the call but no one answered.

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls.  These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at

Thanks Bridget, this information is very helpful.

I received a voicemail today from 209-829-1040 saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. thanks to this newsletter and all of your comments I see it is a scam and will not be calling them back. I will definitely report report it to the IRS and pass this along to my friends and family.

I gotten notices from Africa saying had 41million dollars they sending me then supposedly fbi sent me a notice saying confiscated the 4!million at airport .I know the name who sent me the scam

I just had voice mail on my cell phone saying same thing that IRS is filing law suit and I need contact them ASAP! So I googled it and as I figured a scam plus I don't have issues with my taxes!

I received a phone call today from 206-201-2442 saying the IRS was about to file a lawsuit against me and I needed to contact them immediately at that number.

Had 2 messages today threatening IRS filing lawsuit 1st was from 202-621-0140 the 2nd said private caller but both were the same voice. Had the same thing several months ago, different # to call. I called number and left message that no one at this phone number had any issues with the IRS.

360-566-2212 called and said I had a law suit from the IRS against me, SCAM!!!

I got the "you are being sued" call just now from (773)382-8700

I received a call saying this was the final call to let me know that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. No name was used it was an automated phone call and it gave the telephone number that I should call I called the number back it rang and rang and rang and no one ever answers.

I got the "final notice" scam call from 2028640161, a few hours ago. I have received others and reported them accordingly. The thing that irritates me the most is that they have also called my 94 year old grandmother! But she is sharp as a tack and told them where
they should go.... I feel lucky that my MawMaw is still with me. She should never have to deal with such crap. I pray that nobody else falls for this scam!

I got 4 over the course of a week

Has anyone received a call from 18443165262??
They called claiming I owed over 5,000 dollars and they said they were sending someone to take me jail for 3 years and I'm not allowed to contact a 3rd party because it is a criminal offense.

It isn't a criminal offense to contact anyone...if it was, your statement here would have gotten you arrested. It is a scam and these people just hope they catch someone too busy, scared or ignorant of tax laws to question them and send them money. I got that IRS call today, some foreign guy saying he was Adam was laughable. But also down right maddening. The nerve of the people to attempt to scare you into giving them money make me angry. I called back and heckled the jerk who pretended to be an investigator and then the investigator's boss, as though I was hearing impaired as well as dumb! Report these bozos, I'd like to see them caught, but I'll take solace in heckling them if they ever call me again!

Yes this newletter was informative although I already knew if the real IRS or Treasury Dept. were trying to reach me -- they know where I live and would have mailed me something. I worry about the uninformed being taken for a ride because they just do not know.

Thank you for this post-I just got a call from a 206 area code which is Seattle, WA and they claimed to be calling from DC, said I had made a tax error during a five year period, couldn't tell me which year...this call came in at 7am which I also found odd, and when this man with a strong Indian accent told me I was going to be arrested-I lost my patience and yelled at him that this was a fraudulant call and I was calling the police on him; there's been phone call back. I am going to file a report with the people suggested in this post. Thank you again for posting this information, it's very helpful.

Just received the same "threat of IRS lawsuit call" from 937-972-5970 from a T-Mobile mobile phone in Ohio... just putting the number out there. Called my accountant and he said it is a fraudulent call. Reported it to TIGTA

got a voice mail message this weekend, 24/25 Oct., same number 937-972-5970, woman's voice, claiming IRS is filing a lawsuit against me - can't the gov't figure this out and arrest these people?

Got my robocall from Des Moines, WA from 253-336-5062. It said they were the IRS and this was my FINAL call (but was the first) and said I should call this no. back immediately. Since my area would be covered by Atlanta, I knew it was fishy. Quick reverse look up showed 8 scams from this no. and it looks like they work the whole Seattle area. Did not call it back. Thanks for this info site.

1(703) 584-4993 got a phone call from this number from an Indian man basically stating the same thing

I am EXTREMELY concerned by the interaction I had with these people today. My experience started with a voice mail saying I was being sued by the IRS. I knew immediately it was a scam but called them back to see what personal information they had but in the but ended up playing along to see what they would do. Initially I was screened to see if I was willing to go to the bank immediately and pay 4 thousand dollars and change. I was then transferred to the supervisor Jack Gates, who has been mentioned on several web sites. The number was 231-464-6041 and is traced to Ameritech Michigan. After being transferred to Jack Gates, he told me to go to Bank of America and bring my phone charger, a pen, and paper. He told me to stay on the phone with him as I drove to the bank and he would give me instructions once I got into the parking lot. I actually went to Starbucks. He told me that there was a warrant for my arrest and there was an attorney in the court house fighting for me right that moment and to be careful what I say in the bank because if I mentioned the IRS they would call the police to have me arrested and freeze my account. Once I had the cash in hand I was supposed to get back in my car for further instructions. I couldn't play it out any further so I asked questions and was threatened several times. I finally told him that I knew it was a scam and that what he was doing was taking advantage of the elderly, undereducated, and poor people. After he was done yelling at me, he told me that it was for charity. I told him he was already being investigated (I really hope he is) and that I would file as many complaints as possible to stop him. He then hung up. I called back and spoke to a man from the call center (same number). I immediately told him that I knew this was a scam and reiterated who he was stealing from, the elderly etc... He insisted this was a "charity". After 10 minutes he pretty much broke down and told me that he and the others are mostly from Pakistan. He came here to go to the University of Michigan but had to quit because he couldn't pay for school and send money back to his family working in the cafeteria. He said he was approached by a man in the cafeteria for the job at the call center. He stated that it was the only other job he could get because he was Muslim and that he will never be forgiven for stealing. I begged him to stop what he was doing and said I would pray for him. He admitted that the call center was in fact in Michigan and I actually believe it. He then started telling me about how the IRS, financial institutions and the government were all crooks and that they all hate Muslims and that is why ISIS is doing what it is doing. That clearly makes no sense! He then asked me to make people aware and to fight the IRS and government (especially Obama) . He did not tell me how I was supposed to do this. I wish I had more balls but after that I became so upset I could barely speak then I heard very loud yelling and I was disconnected.At one point, he admitted that they make at least $50,000 dollars a day doing this so clearly there are some weak links in the organization and seems to me that it wouldn't be to hard to put these people away. Thousands of people have been stolen from just from this organization and I can't believe they haven't been shut down already!

These are important details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at  The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
You can also report this IRS scam to the federal Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online.
You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office.

I received a call from a 516 number saying same thing. I think they are getting my information from this Obama act. Oddly enough I get calls from insurance dependant confirmation and they asking me about my kids information. I refused to put their information on line. Then they gI've my 22 year old daughter a call as well. Saying irs is going to file suit on her too

New number to add (858) 262-3934 to IRS Scam list.
Out of San Diego, CA. They are doing the same scam. They have automated dialer "the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. Call this number back for more details."

Just got this call 346-303-9917 saying this is my final notice from IRS and I'm now being sued! Call back asap


I got the exact number thank goodness it's a scam I was freaking out

Just received same bull call how do they get away with this

I just received a scam phone call from the IRS from the following number: 202-905-0003. It was an automated machine claiming the IRS is filing a law suit for debt owed. When I called back it was a man who picked up and claimed to be IRS. Don't trust this number!!! I'm reporting it this afternoon.

Ga state, jus got 2 private calls 2day saying he was from its nd he needed my s.s number

5/5/16 I was contacted by a an automated voice telling me I was being sued by the IRS. The number is 202-531-6730. Red flag #1: the IRS doesnt use a 202 area code. Red flag#2: the IRS sends you a letter if there is a problem. They dont call you to threaten you.

They called me 3 times today from (806) 202-9205. Knowing it's a scam I called them 8 times just asking them stupid questions, giving them a hard time and didn't give them any information. I figure the more people haras them that less time they will have to rip people off,it was kinda fun. I also reported them to the FTC.

Got a phone call from this number stating that a there was a lawsuit against me and I needed to pay immediately. The phone call originated Texas... I live in California.

I just got the call today as well. They left a voicemail saying this is my final notice and that the IRS is filling a lawsuit against me and that I am to call 312-366-1014. It scared the living daylights out of me! I called the local police to verify and they reassured me it was the scam. I pray for all those who have fallen trap to this scam.....

I just got a call from 323-729-3132. They told me that I was audited for the past 7 years and found I committed tax fraud. They said my bank accounts would be frozen & that I would be arrested and criminally charged with tax fraud. Initially, I went into distress & went to crying and hollering because I never commited fraud and too scary to commit crimes anyway. I immediately hung up the phone & called my husband who suggested to me that its most likely a scam. Please do something about this because I was generally distressed and about to have a nervous breakdown until my husband insisted this was a scam.

Im 12 yrs old and they said there were gonna file a lawsuit against me but the article help me

I just finish hanging up with Jack Watson Badge# 2563 said i had 3 violation with the IRS , outstanding balance needed to pay or i will be taken to court. I hang up , IRS will not contact you through phone calls only through mail at home. Please avoid scams

Thank you for the info. I will have some fun next time they call

I got a call Friday from a gentle man also Indian from a 513 839 2485 number saying j was being sued for red flags on my taxes and fraud AMD threatened jail time new all my info

The IRS WILL contact you with a phone call - it's in the Internal Revenue Manual that they MUST call if it will resolve an issue quicker than mail. These types of stories are making it really difficult for the real agents to do their jobs! Especially since we must use the SSN as part of the disclosure process and our phone numbers do show up as false ones. Shame on you!!!

The IRS makes the first contact with a person by mail – not by phone. The IRS won’t ask you to pay with a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. The IRS also won’t ask for a credit card number over the phone.

No legitimate IRS agent would have a problem with educating the public on scams run by the lowest punks in the free world. Only one reason you would post a comment like that. Shame on YOU.

It's a scam. These criminals are out posting all reasons why this is real on various forums. Are you one of them?

You are so full of it! The IRS does not call people!

It's clear from this that the scammers are trolling message boards to spread disinformation and make it easier to fool people. Don't listen to this garbage from "WorksAtIRS".

ARE YOU part of this scam?

WorksAtIRS, you should read the information on this site again - it clearly states that the IRS DOES NOT CALL people. Period! I received a call from 202-684-6584. In fact, they called me FIVE times in a 3-hour period before I answered the phone. Before the caller could even get the words "fraud" and "tax evasion" out of her mouth, I informed her that calling me was against IRS protocol and wanted her name and number so I could call an IRS agent and ask why I am being contacted by phone. She quickly hung up.

My husband just received an automated call from 347-584-8650. He was freaking out even after I explained all the things you all have discussed! Grrrr! These people!! :(

WorksAtIRS is correct, the prefferred initial contact method for a Revenue Agent (field examinations) is a telephone call per IRM For office or correspondence examinations, a letter will be mailed. For a Revenue Officer (field collection,) initial contact is made via personal visit per IRM If it isn't field collection, letters will be sent. The important thing to note is that the intial contact for Collection is never made by call which is what these scammers do.

Google IRM This section refers to artwork NOT phone contacts. Scammer reveal thyself!!

Maybe you are one of these scammers who don't want the public to know about the fraud that is happening as a result of innocent people believing the call is legit. Also, people should NEVER EVER give their SSN out to anyone over the phone. What do you mean that the IRS legit phone #SHAMEs show up as false ones??? SHAME ON YOU!!! I doubt you even work for the IRS. Then again. you sound like a tool so maybe you do....I just got one of these calls and I'm hoping that these jerks get caught!!

I was a victim of this scam

I rec'd a call on feb 13,2015 from these guys. I was scared to death and really thought I was going to jail. My husband told me to just hang up and so I did, but it was traumatic. His name "Jack O'Conner". To all: No IRS doesn't call. And these guys can't handle dealing with a crying person. The threats become worse.
Today 5/29/15 I get another call. This time about my Mother in law who passed away 2012. So I kept him (this time "Allan Shaw" from # 202-684-1311) on the phone for over an hour. I was going to go on but it was time for me to call from cell phone, stay on line to get the 'electronic voucher'. I calmly asked if he knew how old my mother (he hung up when I was pretend to be MIL and asked if I could call him back that I needed to call my daughter to take me to the bank. I tried for 30 min to recall but it would only ring once then go to busy signal. So, wanted to keep him going I called from cell phone and he answered on the first ring. He had said that she owed $8925.00)He said yes he understood how old she was but that this needed to be handled immediately. Then, I almost kept it going and was going to call back from cell and fake it for much longer but i'd finally had enough. I then said, "well, if you know exactly how old she is then please tell me so...etc, then I said a few choice words, and said that you really are stupid trying to con a dead woman! I figure, the longer he's bs'ing with me that's that many fewer calls he is making.
I have noticed that many who rec'd these calls are on Social Security. This maybe how they are getting their information.
Take care to all, and hopefully at some point these bastards will be caught!!!

You have a stronger stomach than I do or too much time on your hands. Some how I've joined the ranks of those getting phone scam calls - is it because I am over 55? It started in May 2016 and I have had 3 more since then, two in the last two days. The first 2 were IRS scams with vague threats of action against me from callers with heavy accents from numbers 206-451-5554 and then 206-823-3919. The last 2 were identical messages saying I under federal investigation of my identity and physical address (whatever that means) by the State Investigation Dept, and if I don't call they will download the case to the courthouse. Their number is 202-683-7463. I have spoken to none of them as my phone might get thrown across the room. It makes me so mad that they fool other people with these threats. It needs to be stopped. I have reported the first 2 to the federal govt and the last 2 to my state's consumer protection agency.

I received a bogus IRS call. The caller left a voice mail message directing me to call 240-547-2006 as soon as possible. Message ignored.

Please provide a direct link so that consumers may report an IRS Telephone Scam without going on a wild goose chase all over your website. The scam is happening in Ventura, Ca USA 93004. It is a robo call and they threaten to put a lein on your home.

I received a phone call to the dead give away was at the end of the voicemail, claiming I would be arrested, he added "God bless" IRS uses the mail for ALL contact, unless you are actively involved with a case, Audit, etc. Even then, the mail everything.

A useful service...thank you. A question.... Why are so many people trying to line their pockets or pay their way by stealing from frightened or gullible folks? Is it that there's more publicity about thefts of this type, or has this kind of thievery (by scaring people into believing the IRS is about to incarcerate them) a phenomenon more common to present times than earlier periods? Perhaps an ugly off-shoot of the age of technology? Very discouraging!

Can you put a facebook twitter link on this to help get this information out there and stop these people. Tell them to tell the elderly who don't use social media!

Received calls 1/27,1/28,1/29/15 from caller leaving a voice message to call 866-853-9268. Caller said bank accounts would be frozen and an officer would appear at my door in 24 hours to make a collection. Ignored calls.

Received a phone call at 4:40 pm today and caller-id stated it was PAYPHONE calling. It was an automated phone call stating that I need to call this number immediately 202-239-6020 because the IRS is suing me.

I got a calll from 202-239-6488.It showed up a a completely different number on my phone thought. I called it back. They asked for my name and home and cell number. Then i have it amd he hung up. . I called back he answered said i had the wrong number and that I wanted someone else and hung up again. I couldn't get a hold, of him again.

voicemail irs scam to call 806 316-9741 or 804 961-0013 this is 3rd time!

Got one call today from a 559-884-5076. I picked up the phone. Call disconnected. Called back, got a recording stating this account is blocked. Possible SCAMMER! Another Number 706-225-8507. Called that number same thing. They are using fake caller ID #s when I tried to trace the #'s online it is stating a wireless #. These people are clever.

I got a call from 5598845076 and they days I would get a 100 shopping gift card but then asked for a shipping fee of 2$ if your going to give free stuff give me free shipping too. I didn't believe it and hung up immediately

The caller was mayby trying to get your credit card information and/or socil surcurity number.

I received a call from 559-884-5076 today. They did not leave a message. I called them back using *67 and they answered 'Bueno'. Next time they call, I will be sure to mess with them.

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls. 

I'm in upstate NY. For the last two days I have bottom numerous bogus phone calls from the so-called IRS. I already know the IRs doesn't call people so I just hang up. The number now coming in is607-235-5546.

I had the same number call me 706-225-8507. They call me several times a day. I ignore them. However, I found this site really useful to know that this is a scam. I really appreciate everybody's input about their experiences.

This is not completely true. The IRS DOES make initial contact via telephone. However, in light of all of these scams, they will probably change this procedure, but they haven't changed it yet.

Nice try Scammer. Source: I have dealt with IRS they never call.

No, the IRS doesn't call. This is false, shame on you. They will contact you by mail numerous times before any adverse action is initiated.

The IRS sends mail first but if your address is bad the first you hear from them may be a call. The IRS will not ask for credit card or payment information though, so that is a dead giveaway of a scam. states: "The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment, nor will we call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill."

Hi, I received several calls from what sounded like an East Indian voice threatening me with enforcement actions by the U.S. Treasury if I did not call their number!

I got a call this weekend from somebody claiming to be IRS. Wanted me to meet them at bank to transfer money. I said I will call IRS on Monday to confirm. I told them call was bizarre. They said OK and hung up. That was it. I guess they gave up on me.

Call daily between 2pm and 4pm with a recording stating they are the IRS Hotline and that I need to contact them due to time sensitive information that needs to be addressed before they take legal action against me. The numbers first came up blocked, then several came up as a pay phone, the last few times was 240-493-8879. I seen it said IRS on the line this time after leaving a message. I called back asking them to please quit calling me and to take me off their call list. I'm on the do not call list a work for the DOD and have no IRS problems on taxes. The man kept interrupting me asking if I was finished. When I was done I said really, you are the one who keeps calling my phone. He then began cussing me out and I hung up. I called back to ask for a manager and they cussed me out again and hung up. They called me again today about 30 minutes ago. Leaving another message on my phone with the same number. I called back and they just kept hanging up on me. Hopefully they got the message to quit calling, because I can be a pain in the butt to when you are rude to me.

If they still continue to call I wonder if the police can put a line on your phone in the event that they can trace the phone call. then they are done talking to you and they've caught the person making the calls. It's worth asking

Got a phone message saying the IRS is suing me and to call 202-684-3436. The call came from 738-424-2627. News to me. Yup, must be a scam.

Got the same robo call telling me it was the IRS suing me and to call 202-684-3436. Did not return call assuming this is fraud.

I received an automated call from IRS advising they were filing suite against me in the amount of 5,249. I called the number and was told I had 2 options, go to the Federal Court House in Washington DC or pay the money. The number calling me was 817-674-7577. I was told my case # was BC1928. I'm reporting this as a scam.

Got a call from 737-434-2427 saying that the IRS is suing me and to call 202-684-3436. Thanks to the website and your comments I did not return the call.

Got a call from 732-434-2027 telling me there was a lawsuit and I should call 202-684-6433. When I questioned why I hadn't been notified by mail Inspector Johnson said I had been sent 3 notices. When I said there were no notices he hung up.He knew my name but got no other info from me.

I receive the same call with the same numbers, too.

I have been getting this same call for a few days now. The caller ID says RDS SVC. So far they have only left one message swying the IRS is filling a law suit against me! I was glad to hear that it wasn't for real from reading all your comments here. Thanks for the info!

I received two robo calls today "from the IRS"...I was informed the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me...the IRS only sends you letters...beware of ALL robo calls!!!

i got tw0 robo calls today, one at 7:11AM, claiming the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me...beware of robo calls!...

I got a call today from 929-800-4572. I hope they catch the people doing this.

Had voicemail left on my cell phone to call 1-877-968-3413 before 8pm in regards to case number657896545. When you call they say it's IRS. Sounds very legit. You speak with an operator who states name and badge number. No accent at all. I fell for it and they now have our socials and employer information. Probably going to file a bogus claim with all my info. Refunds I understand are sent to prepaid debt cards and no way to track them

Take a look at the FTC's article Signs of Identity Theft for information on what you might do next. You'll also find more helpful information at and

I had a call on my home number from exactly the same 877 number. Sounds like he left you the same messages as mine, but with a different case number. I sure wish you has said why you are assuming it's a scam (although I'm fairly sure it is anyway), as you left out what happened after you gave him your information.

I am assuming this is a scam and ignoring it.

I just received a call from what appeared to be someone with an East India accent. The represented themselves as an IRS Agent from San Francisco, CA. They knew my social security number but not my correct address. I became suspicious, and when I started pressing them for more information, they hung up. The number they called from is 415-506-2409

Tuesday 1/27/2015, we got a phone call from the "IRS". This caller left a voice message, which really surprised me. So brazen!
Call #: 818-570-5290 Caller's name: Alex Watson, Legal Department of Internal Revenue Service
Stated Issue: Criminal Lawsuit Filed Against Us
Case #: 3H94436 The message left is that we (or our (city) Lawyer) should return the call, and we're going to be in trouble if we don't.
Yesterday, I called this phone # in an attempt to get additional information, but now it is disconnected. Exeter twp, Berks Co. Pennsylvania

I received 2 calls. One a robot saying they were from the IRS and that I was guilty of a federal crime. I panicked and tried to call the number they left and got a busy signal. Then I got a call from an inspector Johnson saying that I'd refused to sign papers multiple times and to call back within two hours or I'd be taken before a magistrate judge and a grand jury, again I panicked and called the number but it had been disconnected. I have two children and was really freaked until I saw this stuff tonight.

I also got an automated call today from 516-785-9420 saying to call 202-241-5728 about a final notice that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. Didn't call the other number back but looked online to confirm this is a scam.

I got the same exact call from the 202-241-5728 number that stated the same thing. If you call that number now the Magic Jack number is not assigned....oops I think the jig is up

I have had two of these calls in the last few months - Indian accent, barely intelligible about auditing and worse. Call from a toll free number 888-991-2358.

got a robocall saying Internal Revenue ServiceS was filing a lawsuit and told to call 202-684-3436. I didn't call. it is a scam.

Received this message on answering machine on 01/31/15: "We have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from the IRS, Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you.”
Tried calling number they left but another automated message stated this Magic Jack # has not yet been assigned to a customer.

Received the same message many times starting last week...…Womans' voice..Very robo sounding…Located in Ventura County, California

Same here.message said exactly that,but the number was 729 5976514.729 is the prefix for The Sudanese region of Africa, by the way.

Received call from (735)404-2127 at 3:33pm EST today. A male recorded voice said that the IRS was suing me, and that I needed to call this department number immediately to discuss: (202)684-3436. I have blocked the (735) number from calling again.

They called from 203-485-2123 number. Named Emily, Indian accent, gives a case and badge number, claims that she is from IRS. You owe money, you will be arrested, the police will be at my door in 3 minutes. They curse and shout.

I also got a phone call from a man with an East Indian accent so thick it was almost unintelligible from 201-239-6095. He stated that I was being sued for not paying taxes from 2008-2013...which I most certainly did! If I did not pay, I was going to be arrested. I was immediately suspicious and asked for his name"Officer Jack Newis. IRM4363" After his elaborate story, I explained that I was on the IRS website and that this was a scam. He stated that he hoped I was arrested! I hung up!

I am receiving threatening calls on my answering machine. Sometimes its a computerized voice caller claiming to be Victor Wallace and sometimes it's a person with a strong Oriental-like accent. They both claim to be from the "Tax Audit Department", and are claiming my "physical address in under investigation". Also says I have to call "805-876-3895" right away to pay fines and fees (amount not specified) to avoid a legal filing. The real person does use my real name. Has called several times total over last week. I wont call them back, of course.

We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

706-225-8507 is a IRS scam. Don't answer

I received a 20-second voicemail from 559-884-5076 in the afternoon of Friday, 30 January 2015, on a pre-paid cell phone I seldom use.

I was disinclined to waste the money to listen to the message, and thanks to the many helpful posts below, I do not plan to do so.

However, I will retain the recording unopened in case federal or local enforcement authorities wish to use it. I would initiate such a communication to their otherwise published contact information if requested to do so in this blog.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at details you provide could be important if there's an investigation.

Thanks for all these comments! I just googled the "IRS" phone number 202-241-5728 (answering machine - "The IRS is going to sue you") and found this, so I feel much more secure.

Got a Robocall from 415-742-7581
A Julie Smith left message to call back the above number or IRS will take action against me.
When I called back I got connected to a call center in India who asked me for my SSN and DOB I declined to give out that information and asked them to put me on their Do Not Call list or else! They are professional scammers!

Been receiving several call from New York, (315)789-9672, a recorded message, stating they are calling to let you know this is the IRS, and we are filing a lawsuit against you.

Received a fake call from 804 876 4706. Gave a name, badge number and case number and specifically asked for cash payments. Hung up and called back only to be greeted with anger. Don't trust anyone if they can't provide you with you're own personal info.

I, too, received a call from (804) 876-4706. The caller left a message threatening legal action. While I sensed it was a scam, I appreciated seeing your comment confirming that indeed it was. For grins, I tried to call back but could not reach a person.

706-225-8507 called and it's 7:30 pm - Um I know a legitimate government call would be before 5 pm on a Friday. Stupid scammers.

Received a phone call yesterday from 951-609-0198 with instructions to call 202-684-3436 otherwise IRS will sue you. I googled and found information about this ongoing scam. Shame.

The IRS impersonator is using my number to call people ( I think he has my number linked to google phone or something) I have received a number of calls from people saying they received a phone call from a man who claimed to be the IRS. I don't know what to do with this as I have absolutely nothing to do with this and this is really scary!

Robocall 2-9-15 saying we were subject to IRS lawsuit and to call (253)271-4513 immediately. Caller id indicated call was from (607)732-9061.570

Got the scam call on my cell....makes me angry...I didn't call the number the robo said.

Robocall on 2/11/15. Let go to voicemail. Stated saying IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call IRS back at 202-684-3436. I called back in curiosity and it rang and rang. No answer.

Just received notice from an Indian dude telling me that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me and gave me 1-804-608-6674 to call him back and if I didn't call him back he wished me good luck as this situation unfolds. Seems like another Scam! Has anyone else got this call?

I got a similar call from the same number yesterday (1-804-608-6674) . I am now filing a complaint with the FTC and the Treasury inspector.One humorous mistake Mamood made in his message was that he was with the internal revenue services

Call from 571-210-5953 saying he was officer James Anderson Indian accent and to call number or expect arrest.

Received call on 2-17-2015 at 6:48 am from 721-596-6524. Stated saying IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call IRS back at 206-792-9579. I ignored the voicemail.

I am new to this blog. But I have enjoyed your post and learned something new. Waiting for your next update.

Just received a robo call from 725-452-5637 saying I was being sued by the IRS and I need to call 206-855-3240.

I just recieved a robo-call from a "payphone" at 607-735-0870. (according to my telephone id)...that stated the irs is going to sue me. The robo-call directed me to 206-201-2044. So I called them twice(knowing this was a scam) just to see who answerd. The first time he answered, he was some company. I asked if he was the irs,,,and he hung up. The second time I called, he said said he was the irs. He had a heavy eastern accent. I told him he was under investigation from the FBI. He hung up. He did not know my number because my numb er appears as a private number. BEWARE...

Got a call today from 206-792-9579 saying this was the IRS's final attempt before filing a lawsuit. IGNORED - these scums are the worst

Just received a call 2hrsago. I Have reported it to FCC. The caller left a message on my answering machine and said they were from the IRS and had been trying to reach me by phone calls and Mail. They wanted me to know I was being sued by the IRS. To call them back at 206-792-9579

Recvd 2 calls today, one came in as a "private Caller" on caller ID (no number) said was IRS and was filing a lawsuit to call 360-347-1806 to get this taken care of (was recorded call). Just now call came in as "unavailable #" (number calling was 618-529-9140)...message left on my answer machine was same voice of previous recording that called; said IRS filing lawsuit to call...gave same # to call to discuss this situation. Scam not calling

618 area code is southern Illinois 529 prefix is carbondale this is a scam the have an Indian advent but they act Luke they know us probably get our name from caller I'd where is the preside and congress and IRS to deal with this issue.when you call number the give it rings and ring only got through once and the guy was a jerk

Just received a call less than an hour ago. They said they were from the US Treasury Dept. and that I owe back taxes for 2010, 2011. They said someone would be here to arrest me in 40 min. if I didn't pay, and that I already had a warrant out for my arrest. The number they called from was 805-744-3242. I called the police who in turn gave me the number of the Federal Trade Commission. I did file a complaint with them.

These scammers are criminals, know what they are doing and out to stealing money from Americans. We pay taxes and the NSA has the spy capability to track these people down so as taxpayers we should demand they do so. If these criminals are overseas, we deal with their government's national law enforcement. All it takes is for a few of these scammers to go to prison and we'll see a reduction in these scams. Right now, it's high reward, zero risk of getting caught.

I received two calls this week from an "Officer John White" with an Indian accent telling me that there is a warrant out for me at my physical address and I am under Federal investigation. Since I did not recognize the phone number, I let it go into voicemail. He asked me to call him back at 210-390-9903 so that he can give me detailed info about my case. Uh...NOT! I filed a complaint with the FTC. I also googled the phone number and saw that this same person called others from the same phone number and same message. Now I'm getting calls from Algeria with the number 21350662102. At first I thought it was a Los Angeles number but there were too many digits. On my Samsung phone, my inbox says it's from Algeria. Anyone else get a call from this Algerian number? No message left but I'm sure if I pick up the call, a recorded message will play.

I also received a call frkm b 732-414-2527 saying the IRS is suing me, and I Must call 202-684-3436 immediately. I remembered hearing there are so many IRS frauds happening, but called and the 202# is either busy or all you get in ring after ring. This means tons of people are calling this number at the same time. I hate scammers.

158-4765 called and it was a total scam and they keep on calling me.

Got two calls in two days from different numbers with similar messages. Interesting that the person being called no longer even lives with the landline number or has the same name. This is so obviously a scam. I hope no one falls for it!

I got my call today. I feel so included. They seem to be up to the larger numeric area codes so this should slow down soon. No matter WHO calls or WHAT company or agency they claim to be with, always take info, case numbers, call back numbers, whatever and then split the actions. Contact the company YOU know via the avenue YOU trust. Local branch, government website, url you know, whatever. If it is a place you do business, a company you trust, or a government agency, you know how to get ahold of them WITHOUT using that fool number the scammer tells you to call. Get wi the real company and check the case number or situation.

Then report the scam-contact the FTC, report as fraud to whatever company whose Brand is being mis-used. The sooner they know and the more data they get from you, the better the investigation. The FBI, NSA, Interpol, and other agencies worldwide are chasing these folks. But they need data-as much as they can get. As fast as they can get it. These are mostly ghosted calls from farms of people trying to collect data, money, or anything they can resell to the next scammer. They mimic other equipment and locations and roll data every few seconds. To catch these folks, the quantity of data will carry more value to law enforcement than an equipment trace.

An earlier blogger mentioned speaking with folks, elderly especially, who do not use social media. Please do this. They are the most vulnerable, the least able to afford it, and the most afraid. Don't scare them, just warn them to call out to contacts they know....don't call back.

Outbound Contact! Not Inbound!

Received a third call today from (Unknown Name)707-822-9870, threatening a lawsuit.

The IRS does contact you by mail and MAY follow up with a phone call if mail is not heeded...BUT the caller ID will always display "US Gov't" or "Internal Revenue", and NOT "Unknown Name". They will ask for the specific taxpayer by name, whereas these bogus calls do not.

If you do owe taxes and wonder if the call is real, call the IRS directly. They will connect you to the proper agent to handle your case!


I had a woman leave a message saying I was being sued by NY and didn't say for what left a number and case #. Said I would be severed at home and at work but I could settle out of court if I call back. idk what's going on. Guess I will wait to be served because I am not calling back

Got a call this morning that IRS was suing me. If it was really the IRS they already know I have NO money. the number was 726-595-6504

First, they called from 730-474-2127, with a robo-call. It said they are trying to reach me, this is the final notice from the IRS. They are filing a lawsuit against me, and to call 202-684-3436 immediately.

Of course, I went straight to the internet, and found great information like this blog - PLEASE SHARE IT with people... especially (as OUTBOUND CONTACT pointed out) with people that are elderly or that don't have social media or internet savvy.

Just as a point of order, the IRS would never just call you. They would send a certified letter (you would have to sign for it) to let you know there was an issue.

The IRS are willing and able to deal with any tax issue you may have, and will work with you to pay any old debt. There have been a lot of security breaches lately (i.e. - Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Anthem) where the hackers may even have the last 4 of your SS#, addresses, etc.

If you ever have a doubt, ask for their name, operator number, call back number, case number, and WRITE DOWN whatever information you get from them. You can then call the actual IRS phone number (available via the web) to verify if you wish.

Most importantly, please use this information to report the scam to the FTC, as specified in this article.

Don't ever, EVER, give out your SS# or any personal information to people that don't need it. Just because they have it doesn't mean they are real, or working for your best interests. Protect your identity, and your family, with every keystroke.

Have a great day!

Got 2 robo calls a few hours apart from two different #s 1-585-335-9098 and 1-718-745-5293 claiming a lawsuit against me and advising me to call 209-643-0152. The Indian woman that answered this line wanted my phone # and hung up when I asked them to confirm who they were.

Got a computer call from a 260 area code # saying I was being sued by the IRS and to call 202-684-3436 immediately.. Guess I could have played along and messed with them but I chose just to post online so others who google the number will not get scammed...

Just got my phoney call from IRS today. Agent JASON OCONNER badge # 80995. Very thick foreign accent. Demanding payment of $5626 with in the next 30 to 45 minutes. If I did not comply there would be a sheriff at my door with an arrest warrant. I kept asking him why the IRS did not send certified letter. He hung up on me. I called the number on caller ID 703 662 8332 from Virginia. There was only a recorded message telling me to leave a message. Well 2 hours later they call back, but I left it go to voice mail.No message left. I did leave information about this scam with my local TV stations. I also filed complaint with
FTC.GOV and TIGTA.GOV(IRS web site) keep passing this information to everyone

202-684-3436 robo calls - sometimes twice a day - last 2 days waking me up at 6:30 am.
How do I block this #?

You can ask your phone provider if they charge for a service that blocks that particular number. Remember that telemarketers change the numbers they call from easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change. Read more about Reducing Robocalls.

call from automated system said I'm being sued by IRS and to call a number right away. wrote down wrong but number they apparently called from doesn't exist.

I've received three telephone calls in the past two days. Each call comes from a different telephone number, but the messages left on my answering machine are all the same. The automated message states the caller is from the IRS and that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me and I need to call 202-684-3436 immediately. Rather than call the phone number, I googled it and found this site. Thank you to everyone for sharing information about the calls you've received. I hope nobody falls for this scam!

206-792-9579 Just called me, and left a similar VM. Deleted VM.

Received a call on Friday, Feb. 20th at 3:19 pm from 284-300-0000 that a lawsuit was filed on me from IRS. Message was left by a female stating that I needed to call 206-855-5833. I tried calling that number but a recorded message said " the person you are calling is not available". I know I don't owe the IRS. Scam call, I left no message.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I tried but could not find the'other' they said to enter to get to "imposter scams".

Right now there's a special Alert about imposter scams on the page. You can click on the red Alert at the top of to start your complaint about an imposter.

Not sure, but it seems that a crook used a phone line from GWU MFA line. Two times, when we received the phone message asking to call IRS at 2026843436,the caller ID was Zimmerman Mervi and number calling was 2027412800 (which is the number of GWU MFA)

I got calls a few days ago, and left voice messages... saying to call (206)8491040 back to settle a claim against me...

I got an automated call from 253-843-6571 saying that it was the IRS and that I was being sued. I called back, but no one answered. I remembered hearing about the scams. I typed the number into the search engine and got an "unknown" company in Roy WA, US. Hope this helps.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

Same scam happened to me 2 days ago. Called from 201-657-5061. Very heavy accent, name "Steve Evins". Where are these vermin come from? Sounded like African or Indian

got a call Feb.23,2015 from officer Alex Watson. Heavy accent. Middle eastern accent. Said he was with legal investigations of the IRS. Said federal action was being brought against us. I never called them back. 804-496-1074 is the number. March 2, 2015 got another call from a different heavy accented man saying he is from the IRS and this is the second call to us and we had to call them back or legal action against us would be taken. That number was 714-982-0315 from a Steve Martin. While I was typing this in the same number called me again so I answered it. It was just a recording of the same thing he said earlier. The caller ID says the name is Wanda C. Love. I hate scammers.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I received a call & voice message today. The number was 571-526-0009. A Man with Indian accent told me I was being sued by the IRS. He wanted my lawyers name or I would be arrested. I hung up.

Got another call today, almost everyday a call comes in on this IRS scam with various call back numbers. The VM today said to call 321-394-9033. I hope these criminals get the tables turned on them.

Got an automated message on voice mail saying "This will be the final message you will receive from the IRS. We have attempted several times to contact you regarding this matter. You are facing criminal actions and a law suit regarding your taxes. We urge you to contact us before the next step is taken. Please call us immediately to resolve this situation." Phone number was 271-317-0000 could tell it was a scam so keep an eye out for this one.

I was behind a few days on my voicemail. I only received the words," if this matter is not handled there will be an arrest warrant issued in your name for 90 days at the local sheriff's department. This is officer richard from the internal revenue service. Call back at this number to settle the issue, 7272425392, florida. I called the number and its a number that is not even assigned to anyone. I have heard of these scams but have never received one before. I went to the internet and read about the recent uptake in government scams. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Krista -- These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

Got a call from this scam -- 206-569-4739. Will report it momentarily.

The scams call us through and no name...

Please don't let the scams should lie telling to people.

1 (559) 884-5076 called & I told them I'll only hand deliver cash on hand. That's when he hang up

Got a call today from 800-429-1040, which is actually the IRS public helpline number. Woman with heavy Indian accent, said she was agent from the IRS, insisted that I was being charged with tax fraud, assaulting a federal agent, and money laundering. She said that I had 2 hours to clear my name. She asked that I write everything down on paper. Kept asking if I was innocent or guilty, and told me at least 3 times that I was being recorded. Call got dropped and she called back. I asked her name, she said "Emily Smith" and gave me an agent badge number, then my "case number". Kept going with this story but I stopped her and said she had to call me in 30 minutes since I was at work. Never heard back.

Please file a complaint about this IRS imposter with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at

The worst part was, she insisted that the IRS had attempted to send me two letters, in August and November, which seemed plausible since I had moved last year and have been worried about missing mail, even with an appropriate address change. How would I know that the IRS doesn't call when letters aren't responded to? While I'm not usually so gullible, this is a sophisticated predatory scheme that plays on peoples doubts and fears with respect to taxes and the IRS. And the criminals seem to be getting more savvy about what they say, to make the stories seem more plausible. I'm lucky I didn't get scammed in the end.

Yes, this morning at 6:30 am. I asked how the IRS was open so early when government works from 8 am. The guy actually answered the phone "IRS." he froze and hung-up.

I used to work for the IRS and we worked around the clock during tax season processing the forms after they were turned in. My department (data conversion} was open 24 hours a day seven days a week; but we did not deal with the public during those crazy hours.

I am new immigrant to usa. I got call yesterday and they threatened me with arrest warrant. They asked me to share my computer screen and to transfer money to an individual irs officer. Fortunately the transaction failed but now they know my personal details. I also fear of they had copied some data in back ground from my machine although I was looking at screen the whole time. I can't believe that I got panicked and shared my personal information.

718.770.3523... i received the same call from an Indian accent person name Alex Brown.. stating that I going to have all my accounts frozen and to be ready with a lawyer because I was getting indicted by the IRS for not paying my taxes since 2009. Also I was about to get arrested from my home or job in the next few hours. he also provided me with an address the 5 moves ago and that it was my responsibility to let the IRS know of my new address every time I move. I found that super odd that the IRS did not know my current address since I've just filed my taxes not too long ago. this phone screwed with my head for the longest time at work and could not focus on what I was doing.. this sucks!

Anyone else get a call from Aptos, CA. 831-612-0139 stating they have an urgent message from the IRS. I must return the call to prevent further action. ???

I received several phone calls that claim to be time-sensitive and return the caller by attorney to avoid action by the I.R.S. since Iam getting old I guess they figure Im no threat what they need is to face their callers I think they would be in for a surprise and a time-sensitive reality.

I JUST received one of these calls for the first time and definitely had an instant freak out before looking on line to see if this could possibly be real or not. I had picked up the phone and it was an automated call saying the IRS was going to sue us if we didn't call back immediately. The number left was 206-866-5054. Since we are up to date on our taxes AND have received NOTHING by mail or in any other way that would seem more legitimate, I will not be responding. But, wow, whoever is behind this should really be arrested. That is horrible.

Same story as the rest of you. Phone call came in from 275-310-0000, I ignored it like I do every other call that isn't from someone I know, and they left a message (using an automated female voice): "We have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from IRS, Internal Revenue Services. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file please call immediately on our department number 360-663-4445. I repeat 360-663-4445. Thank you."

Just seemed off. Maybe it was the grammar mistakes. But I looked it up and saw all of this. Called back, curious to see if I could figure out what information they had (I assume they wouldn't have called if they didn't already have enough information to fake being a government rep) but nobody picked up (I have a restricted number, so that might have been why).

Already filed complaints, but wanted to post it here in case anyone else googles the number or voicemail contents and needs help. From what I gather, they've used a few different version of the 275-310-0000 number (275-313-0000, 275-312-0000, etc.). Stay safe!!!

I wish the IRS or the government was able to stop this. It seems impossible to do though. I wonder what could stop this?

I just recieved an automated call from "unknown" on my cell phone. It was a computerized woman's voice that said this is the IRS and we've been trying to reach you. The Internal Revenue Service is filing suit against you. Please call 360-663-4445 as soon as possible to clear this matter up. Luckily I knew it was a fake. Tried calling IRS to verify but you can't get to a live person.. They need to fix that!

Beware of (703) 634-0288. My story is the same as all of these. East Indian, very thorough with name (Lisa Isaac) badge number and my case number. She was recording, had a ton of call center noise in the background, listed all of my violations, made threats and generally tried to scare the ___ out of me. When I called her number from my sons phone while she and me on hold to try to help me with a payment, so I didn't lose my house and go to jail, the number does not exist. She tried me back twice when we were disconnected and then gave up. I found the number and it's an older lady in Cheyenne WY. These people are GOOD… beware.

Watch for these #s
"IRS lawsuit" threat from # 729-592-6584
With info to call # 716-393-1770
Glad I saw these comments

Got a call today from a blocked #. Same scenario but the robo voice told me to call 206-866-5054. I do have back tax issues, but have been working w/ IRS to resolve. Called my tax advocate and they confirmed it is indeed a scam. These scammers are clever!

Number called from according to caller id 631-363-9897 Patchogue, NY....same thing computer generated message that the IRS is filing lawsuit against you and to get more information about this case call 509-207-4646. If they put this much effort into work instead of scams they would have a significant income. You'll never be a victim if you don't allow it. God Bless

I received an automated call from "unknown" on my home phone voicemail. It was a computerized woman's voice that said this is the IRS and we've been trying to reach you and that this is the final notice that the Internal Revenue Service(S) is filing lawsuit against you. Please call 360-663-4438 as soon as possible to clear this matter up. I figured it was a fake. Tried calling the number but it said this person was not available. Beware!

This exact message was on our home phone. Number 206.462.5425. It almost gave me an anxiety attack until I read all of this.

Got a robo call on my answering machine. She said it was the IRS and have trying to get a hold of me (not specifying a name). It said they have tried to get a hold of me several times and are filing a lawsuit against me. I was told to call 3478095928. When I called, it just keeps being busy. The caller ID gave a different # from Elmira, NY with a different phone #. SCAM.

So after almost everyone I know has received NUMEROUS harassing fake tax fraud phone calls ... I finally got one, and boy is this guy persistent. 3 calls yesterday and 4 calls today. So, in the spirit of "fight fire with fire", this is what I did (and I am laughing my ass off):

I just called him back 38 times! Each time reading the same script he read to me ... and now he is yelling that I am HARRASSING him and if I keep calling he will sue me. LOL, I never thought harassment could be so fun!! The hunter is now the hunted.

If you want to join in my fun, the phone number is:703-828-0431 and I suggest using *67 beforehand.Gotta go make more calls now.

People, be careful with this. I don't blame you for wanting to give the guy a taste of his own medicine, but these scammers often spoof the caller ID number, and the caller ID number you see pop up on your phone could belong to some innocent person minding their own business in their home. But sure, if you want to call back the number they explicitly tell you to call in the message, have at it.

March 25, 2015. 5:49 PM.

An automated call from (271) 312-0000 was received and answered by our home message machine. The incoming call was of a robotic female voice with the message,

"Hello. We have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from IRS. Internal Revenue Services. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file, call immediately on our department number (716) 393-9770. I repeat, (716) 393-9770. Thank you."

When I call the number displayed on the caller ID, (271) 312-0000, a recorded system message says "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. We're sorry, your call cannot be completed at this time." Obviously the
displayed number is spoofed, and it probably originated from overseas, judging from the poor English and the prevalence of such activity.

My mother received a call from 254-449-9277 and she didn't recognize it so they called again when I was here today 3/31 I answer but they already hung up a few second later there was voice message stating I'm John White calling from the Criminal Department and their has been a physical address to your address (they don't state on vm any names or physical home address) and that there is a federal investigation and to call back today to know further more about your case. I called the number back but just rings and rings. Finally some one picks up I say in a firm voice HELLO HELLO I WANNA TALK TO MR. JOHN WHITE he said are you (my spouse name) I said no what's this in regards he hung up. Called back again still busy. I made a FTC complain what scammer callings mother phone. Good thing she knows NEVER TO GIVE INFORMATION ON THE PHONE. SHES REALLH GOOD AT THAT.

I received a robocall informing me of IRS suing me for tax fraud and telling me to call 716-235-5767. I called. A man picks up (corwded room background noise) says he is Peter Andrews (with a noticable indian accent) extension 25041.

After getting my name and number, he says I am being sued by IRS for tax fraud and that I had been noticed with Form 501. And he hangs up after I insist that I had not received any mail correspondence.

I call back and the tell the agent that picks up about the call I received and asked him which office of IRS that is. He give me this address: 1111 Constitution Avenue, Washington D.C.

I said IRS does not use phone for such matters, he says that I will be arrested in two days if I don't take any immediate action for remedy, then he hangs up.

I pay my taxes. I do not owe anything to IRS. SO it was a shocker.

Got an automated message from this number 3016855031 today claiming to be the IRS. Left instruction to call this number the second I got the call and that it was time sensitive. It also stated the if I did not call legal action would be taken. I had the same phone call last year,and spoke with the so called agent who told that my husband was facing criminal charges. I figured it was a scam, since we overpay taxes so as not to owe every year.i then researched IRS website and found it was a scam. So when I got today's call, I called the so called agent, who sounded foreign and said,"So, it's that time of year again, huh? Trying to scam poor helpless people out of money,again?". The so called agent hung up on!it's no joke of course, but it really makes me sad this cannot be stopped. I guess ppl just need to make others aware of the scam so that they will not fall victim to these scammers.

We got one of these calls this morning - I thought it was likely fake but googled the number (206.262.5425) to be sure and it brought me to this page. Gotta love the internet! Be careful out there, people.

I received a recorded call 3/31 from 202-768-9090 stating IRS Tax Treasury Office possible tax fraud against my name & if I can't call have my attorney call asap to prevent legal action & jail. Another call 4/3 from 818-649-9452 a live voice from Officer David Rosen..maybe from Scandal...said he was from criminal investigation department of IRS & a CP1 order against has been filed against my name, federal tax lien against my name & warrant. I need to call asap. I know this is a scam!!!

If you get a call like this, file a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You also can file a complaint with the FTC at

I got the same scam call from 202-684-6869 They called my wife, which really doesn't make sense. Confirmed with that the IRS will send a physical letter, not threaten lawsuits, etc.


I received a call from phone number 240-232-2197 with the same threat of arrest if failure to pay. This was the first call of its type only a week after signing up for a online dating site: hmmmmm, makes one wonder.

I received a LETTER from the "IRS" stating there was an error with depositing my refund to my bank account, and that I needed to contact them at the number given. The number, however, stated I had won a free medical alert device, and a Caribbean vacation. (?!?!). Very sophisticated and by LETTER. Reported it to post mater and IRS.

I received a call from phone number 404-260-8844 with the same threat of going to jail for 5 years if I didn't pay. His name was John Anderson, however had a very heavy Indian accent he was very hard to understand and was very RUDE. He asked me how much money I had and I told him I didn't have money and he told me that I can just go and sit in jail for free then...LOL. I started to ask him questions and I guess he got tired of me and hung up. Be careful people.

Voicemail was received on April 10, 2015. Automated message saying it is the IRS and this is a final notice that legal action from the IRS is forthcoming. Call back number is 347.851.7110.

Vm of IRS filing lawsuit against me call back 360-388-3082 when called back phone number said call could not go through at this time try back later has to be a scam

I received several phone calls from this number: 202- 803-4955. The guy left me a voicemail today (April 13, 2015). This creep identifies himself as Alex Watson, with the IRS Legal Department (Pin#: 3H94436). He informed me that the IRS had filed some kind of a law suit against me ( it is difficult to understand this moron due to his heavy accent ), and threatened me that if I or my attorney did not get back to him I would land up in jail right away. He left me a phone number to call: 619-378-0051. I called this number several times out of curiosity, but the line remained busy. I am surprised that this fraud has been doing this to many others, as well. Has anyone reported this guy to the right authorities, such as the IRS? He should be caught and deported back to wherever the h**l he came from.

The caller was identified as ALEX WATSON Phone#: 202-803-4955

The IRS will not call and leave a message, or make a robocall. This was probably a scam call. You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online.

The IRS and income tax is itself a scam. What service does the "Internal Revenue Service" provide? Taxation is theft and enslavement.

My mom just got a call from ph#: 917-267-8679. A message was left say she had a law suit with the IRS and needed her immediate call back to resolve. My mother saw this scam recently on television and contacted the IRS immediately. She also called the phone number back and a gentleman answered the phone. When she informed the man that she had spoken with the IRS and has no pending lawsuits and who he was, the man immediately hung up.

The very second you receive this message I need you or your retain attorney off record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is officer Jason Clark and hotline to my division is 281-867-7796 I repeat for you. 281-867-7796. Do not try to disregard this message and do return the call now. If you don't return the call and I don't hear from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Again this message is for you and my name is officer Jason Clark with the batch number 16108. Calling you from the Internal Revenue Service. Give me a call back as soon as possible. So I will be giving you all the information about your case. The number to reach us at 281-867-7796. Thank you and have a great day.

New phone numbers! I just got 3 calls in 1 hour
347-395-0336 and 206-764-4586

When dealing with these calls, the first thing you should note is that you know the information on these websites about the IRS normally contacting people first via mail.
When doing this, note their response. If they are polite, patient, and explain that they have tried to reach you via the mail, and that you should go to your local IRS office, then do so.
However, if they are like the person who called today (yeah, thick foreign accent) who turns around and states 'You son of a b*%^$' before hanging up, you should probably not worry! *I felt it was good for a laugh, to be honest!*

Got 3 missed call and then VM from 9046384615 threatened to send my case to local police for my arrest warrant. Said she worked with Federal Investigation dept IRS. I ignored it but she called again repeated same thing even gave me office address (real IRS in Fl). I asked her if she a scam and then I hung up. and They called again.. I called the phone number with my curiosity, whoever pick up has indian accent and upset when I ask if he is a scammer then hung up right away. These people need to be punished for playing with people emotion

call the number back again and again , screw with their head's fun !!!!!!

Wow, look at this amazingly long list of people who have been contacted by these scammers. Look at all these phone numbers provided that the FTC and law enforcement could use to track these scammers down with. Look at how the comments is a never-ending stream of scammer reports dating back to January. NOTICE HOW THE FTC ISN'T DOING ANYTHING! What's this, a link to an article by the SAME FTC employee from LAST YEAR about the SAME PROBLEM?

If anyone in the media is looking to do a story on a government agency that sucks down taxpayer money and does nothing in return, HERE'S ONE. They've known about this problem for ages, and have done NOTHING to deal with it. People are still getting scammed, they still aren't cracking down on the scammers.

Just got call. I dont gave caller id and i didnt listen to the robo message. I have family that works for irs, they told me that irs never calls all contact is done by mail. Please everyone dont return any calls just report all info you can to the real IRS

I just received a call from Alton, Illinois. "IRS is filing a lawsuit against you." The number was 202-684-6433.

Today I received a phone message from 917-809-4720. The caller was claiming he's from IRS & they have a lawsuit against me. I did nothing wrong. Somebody stole by SSN ( and maybe more information from my ID) & filled their fake taxes for 2014. For this reason I did call them back. When I explained that I have nothing to do w/crimes, my ID stollen and we put ID protection everywhere,the caller lost his speach. It is a possibility that this caller stole my ID. I did research online and I know it was a scam!

Just got a call today, look out for this number 202-684-6662

Same numbers used over a period of years. Interstate fraud and impersonating federal employees. How about just have them arrested and prosecuted?

Got a voicemail from an IRS tax scammer on my work line. The caller (with a barely concealed E. Indian or Pakistani accent) threatened arrest and criminal prosecution for fraudulent filings, have your criminal defense attorney contact us IMMEDIATELY yada, yada, yada. The callback number given was: (824)818-6401

I received this call a moment ago--the second time in 2 weeks. The caller ID is Annonymous and the voice is digital which very quickly speaks, "We are calling to let you know that the IRS is filing suit against you. Please call 1-206-40X-XXXX" The recording went too quickly to grab a pen and it does not repeat. It IS a scam in the Northern Colorado area. Hang up and do not engage.

Imposter left a message on my elderly mom's voice mail. They said the IRS was suing her and to this number 202-239-6488. I called the number to see what t was and it is not in service.

(619) 550-2584 is the new number their calling from stating the name of Alex Watson. I haven worked in 6 years. They need to arrest these people.

this morning my husband woke me up to tell me that the IRS left a message saying that they are suing us. I was instructed to call and called 253-237-1582 and the line was busy; I did a reverse phone look up and saw that this is a private number in Des Moines, IA. I searched on Google the phone call and I was relieved to see that hundreds of people have had the same threatening "phone call" . I am taking the time to write because all the previous people did and it helped me tremendously. I also had the robo voice left on my answering machine last night, Friday after 5 pm.

Just got a similar call. The recording was a voice with accented English- likely SE Asia - asking for call back to (703)740-5746.

I received a call on our answering machine last evening stating they were the IRS and that they had tried to contact us repeatedly and that we were being sued by the IRS. I returned the call to see who was on the other end. It was someone with an Indian accent and they hung up as soon as I said obviously you aren't with the IRS and you will be reported. Their number was 509-588-7570. Called ID said Brewster, WA.

Is there anything being done to go after these individuals?

Got a recording on my machine this morning saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. My name was never mentioned and the recording cut off. The number coming across my caller id is new York number 718-377-9189.

I received the same call today. It came from a NY # (607)594-4642. The call back number they left was (202)470-3274. It was a woman's voice on the recording.

have heard about aloy got one too.


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