Anthem Hack Attack, Part 2: Phishing Scams

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Last week I told you about health insurer Anthem’s data breach affecting more than 80 million customers. This week, I’m telling you about scam artists who are sending phony “Anthem” emails that pretend to help customers, but actually phish for their personal information.

The phony email is designed to look as if it comes from Anthem and asks customers to click on a link for free credit monitoring or “credit card account protection.” Don’t let that fool you. Anthem says it will contact current and former customers by postal mail with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring. Anthem also says it’s not calling customers about the data breach or asking for credit card information or Social Security numbers over the phone.

So, if you get an email that says it’s from Anthem offering you services in response to the data breach, don’t reply, click on any links, or open any attachments. Instead, forward it to the Federal Trade Commission at, and delete the message from your inbox. To learn more, read our article on how to deal with phishing scams.


Someone pretending to be Anthem called last week and asked for personal identifying information over the phone regarding the data breach.

Received a call from 415-506-2430 stating it is the IRS and will take action if I do not call back. More scams!!!

Received the same call from California number 5305322148. Indian speaking, not very good with English.

512-495-9027 " Out of Area" same message. Called at 5:39 A.M.

I wont and I don't. just barely getting by now. tks for keeping me informed.

I’ve been receiving 1-2 phone call a day from 804-271-1318 pretending to be Anthem representative. I do not answer the calls; however, they do leave voicemail messages for me.

Anthem also says it’s not calling customers about the data breach or asking for credit card information or Social Security numbers over the phone. Anthem says it will contact current and former customers by postal mail with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring. You can file a consumer complaint about the call with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

I googled the phone # that you gave-its a phishing scam. Do NOT respond to the voice mail messages, & if you've registered your phone# on the do not call list, go online to them and file this number as a complaint.

I've been getting 2-3 calls a day on my cell phone and on my house phone from 804-271-1318 as well! I have not answered any of the calls and they do leave a lengthy message every time!

I received a call from 804-271-1318 today. I was driving so I told the to call me back. When I got home I dialed the 1-800 customer service # that is printed on my membership card and checked directly with Anthem BCBS. They advised me this is a legit call. It is from their Medical Imaging Department. I am getting an MRI soon, so this seems to jive. Will post back if I discover anything different.

Put this message in Spanish also. Many of our co-workers do better in Spanish for personal information.

Ever since this breach, I have been receiving an ungodly amount of phone calls on my cell phone from a wide variety of numbers all over the U.S. including phone calls from 3-digit numbers. I have had everything from "I'm calling regarding the educational information you requested" to "You may be entitled to monetary compensation for medical surgeries." I have reported as many as I possibly could and I tell them that my number is on the do-not-call registry and ask them to remove my number. The calls have slowed down considerable with the exception of one who is relentless and continues to call even after I have told him that he is harassing me and to stop. I may have to change my phone number because of all of this.

Have received 2 calls from Anthem with a message and call back #, I have an agent and he would call my cell phone or by mail. No one uses their home phone, if they have a cell phone. I would not call this Lady back.

I have received multiple robocalls that say they are from KeyBank. The number is 866-281-5341. I called KeyBank customer service and this is NOT one of their numbers. Do not give them any information!

On the same day as the Anthem breach (Feb 6th), I started receiving unsolicited calls on my personal cell phone from men with accents looking for a man named Randy Plank that applied for a loan and that it was "approved". The amounts varied from $5k, to $7k to $15k. All with no fees. I advised the many callers numerous times on Friday and then again on Saturday that I was not Randy and did not apply for a loan. I am now in the process of receiving 10-20 calls a day from different phone numbers, from different named people and companies. I have called the company they claimed to be representing and called my wireless carrier. I have tried blocking some of the numbers but they call from so many numbers that I can't block them all. They have left numerous voicemails but won't tell me what exactly they want. I think they are trying to get bank information, but when I confront them, they hang up. I really don't want to be forced to change my number because of these people!

These people have advised me they are:

Jack Wolfe from Advance America. Eric Matthews from Cash Advance America. Alan Martin from Cash Advance America. John Sneed from GE Capital. US Bank, etc etc
Here are some of the numbers. They even answer when you call them back! Today 2 different people called me at the same time!

727-378-2515. 786-377-5494. 214-736-3470. 323-284-5131. 727-378-2515. 909-666-8182. 415-992-9951. 818-945-8357. 415-799-8484. 260-220-9293. 903-960-9486. 202-241-8552.
903-960-9486. 214-628-3758. 347-434-4565.
216-635-9785. 347-434-4565. 914-401-1773.
347-779-0548. 315-544-0501. 315-544-0501.
347-779-0548. 312-473-7061. 224-635-3164.

I also received a call about cash advance. I also have received numerous calls from 312, 214 and 949 area codes. Several times when I picked up it sounded like people with India accents talking in the background. I hung up. It seems Anthem should be responsible for stopping this harassment since they allowed our info to be stolen or hacked!

It has now been almost a month and they are still calling. It is now coming up as No Caller ID. I could change my number, but I refuse to let them win!

A few months ago I heard about this problem on the national news. Within a few weeks someone at work was putting letters on the table referring you to an e-mail
address or several phone numbers claiming they were one of the 3 credit bureaus, the FTC or a number to stop the scammers. I did some research and found out they are all fake numbers and when you do call they want your personal info and want to sell you identity theft insurance. The letters came from Madison Wisconsin. AFter the ones were left on the break tables at work (I work for Chrysler/ITP1 in Kokomo Indiana) I started receiving phone calls from unknown people from Florida, and California for this and letters from people from Madison Wisconsin. Same thing they just want information and want you to purchase insurance. It's totally fraud.

look good

I have been hammered by calls from Anthem (which I do not answer), phishing e-mails from many sources, text messages and so on since this attack. While Anthem may be offering credit monitoring for free, I am afraid to look at the mess this is causing. I received a thank you message from Bose yesterday asking how I like their product (item shown in message). Makes me wonder if someone used my credit information to make a purchase.

Is Anthem going to pay for credit repair after the damage is done?

I was sent an email by Anthem around 12:30 on Wednesday and within a half hour I was sent an email from Kaiser Permanente stating that my password was changed. I have not had Kaiser for a long time. I went directly to their website from my browser and contacted them to ensure my information was safe. I have also signed up through Anthem for the identity protection they offer from their website directly.

It sounds like you got email from someone "phishing" for your personal information. You did the right thing: use your browser and go directly to the website and contact the company yourself.

If you get any email that says it’s from Anthem offering you services in response to the data breach, don’t reply, click on any links, or open any attachments. Instead, forward it to the Federal Trade Commission at, and delete the message from your inbox.

Got an email from Anthem about a free ID protection offer from a company called AllClear ID. Wasn't sure if this is a phish or not because I clicked on a link from Has anybody else had this happen?

We also received this email forwarded from our human resources dept. To sign up for additional fraud protection from AllClear ID.

Yes I got the same email with information on all the credit bureaus as well. I did click on the link for the credit bureaus to initiate a fraud alert and it worked, I got a confirmation from Equifax in the mail that it was initiated. There was a ton of information in the email. Are you confident they are not contacting anyone by email? The phone numbers in the email were not bogus either. It also states that they will also be contacting all customers via us mail, which I received also with all the same information that was in the email. I definitely clicked on the links in the email to get the information on Athemfacts as you did. I am not sure what I should do now? Did I compromise my computer info. I am forwarding the email as instructed.

Anthem says it will contact current and former customers by postal mail with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring. Anthem also says it’s not calling customers about the data breach or asking for credit card information or Social Security numbers over the phone.

Some scam artists are sending phony “Anthem” emails that pretend to help customers, but actually phish for their personal information. If you get an email that says it’s from Anthem offering you services in response to the data breach, don’t reply, click on any links, or open any attachments.

someone from Credence Resource Managment keeps calling wanting $1300,for a hospital visit. they know just enough to almost be convincing. anyone else get these?

Has anyone received a letter from Anthem about USA Senior Care? It says that you could receive up to $600annually when you use hospitals participating in the USA Senior Care Network. If you use this network for hosp. admissions on or after Mar.1, 2015 the facility agrees to waive all or a portion of the Part A that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield covers under your Medicare Supplement Benefits. Once your claim is filed Anthem Blue Cross will send you a check for a $100 premium credit that will arrive in the following 2-4 weeks.

When I recieved a letter from Anthem it said to go to these websites for help and information . I tried the Experian and Equifax sites to freeze personal info and did not get connected.So I gave my name and e-mail where it indicated for more information. It said you should recieve an e-mail in 72 hours, should I open this....I thinkNOT.

I received phone calls from 317-452-4827 Anthem a month before the breach. I did not answer but emailed the company via their website. A 5 days later, I received a email reply saying they needed more information. Then the breach happened. I have received 3 phone calls in the past 24 hrs from the previous 317-452-4827 Anthem number which is a known scam since breach. Investigators need to look for a possible inside job.

I just got a call from that number... At work so couldn't answer. They didn't leave a vm

TY! This number 317-452-4827 has been driving me crazy here in Indiana, figured it was some kind of scam. I've been dealing with it the past week.Surely it has to be an inside job they call me all hours of the night and day. smh

i received a call from a "courier" service stating I would be served papers about a court case against me. I called the number that the message left and a very mean man answered. He is rude and basically would not give me the information I wanted, but instead gave me all my PII information without me telling him my name. It is a scam for debt collection. Don't fall for his attempts.

Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

How do we file a lawsuit?

Your does not have the "s" anywhere in it for a secure website. How can we tell if this is really the government FTC site?

Https indicates that a site uses encryption to protect your personal information, but doesn't collect personal information from site visitors. You can verify that it is a government site because the url ends with .gov. Only government offices can use the .gov extension. 

I received a letter (3 pgs) dated 3/15/15, allegedly from Anthem, saying, basically that my info was hacked and they were providing free monitoring from AllClear for 2 yrs, but also providing a hotline for contact/questions. Not surprisingly, the person was not knowledgible and had no relevant answers to my Q's. The background was "telemarketer noise." The range of info hacked was 2004 to Jan, 2015, however, I have been covered by no BC/BS ins within that time, consequently, I mistruct the letter. I asked how I would know that the letter, itself, was not a phish. Well, you know Anthem was hacked from the news......yeh, so?? Also, ALLClear, itself, does not get particularly good reviews. In short, I don't trust the letter or its phone links, etc., and cannot find out how they got my info in the first place. So, I reasonably suspect the well heeled, organized, big time scammers can also use snail screw 80 million folk, I suppose they figure its a good investment. Bottom line??? Why should I trust this letter any more than I would trust an email or phone call????

I received a phone call from a hacker in reference to my credit and they stated how they could give me better interest rates. I asked on what card. They hung up. This happened right before it hit the NEWS. The next minute I looked at the news were reporting about Anthem was hacked. These people have my information. It's like what made this big company not have ENCRIPTED everyone's information in this day and time???? I would like to know what is the FTC going to do about this since this is the biggest Hack in I believe in History 80 Million+ really!!!!

I just got through to Anthem 877-263-7995. I was told they weren't supposed to say anything . . but they told me. ha. They have been selling personal info under a proxy they sent to their customers. If you didn't response, you gave them the right to SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFO. I called and got my name waived, but it wasn't easy. If you don't want our credit jacked up, you should call and demand to have your info cleared, but cleared in writing.

I did receive it in the regular email. I've Shredded it! I have never had Anthem in my life... that's how I knew it was a scam

I received a voice mail 1 866 670 1467, claiming to be with anthem, wanting to talk about preventative healthcare. I called back on another line but no indication to belonging to Anthem.

The number that they used to call me from is 804-415-6006.

I started getting calls from 804-271-1318, which comes up both as a scam number, and an Anthem number in North Chesterfield VA. They are calling my cell, which Anthem doesn't have. The callback number they give me is 877-309-4886, which comes up as an Empire Blue Cross imaging cost comparison; but Empire is in NY state and I'm in Maine. So which is it? Scam, or BCBS trying to get me to choose a cheaper provider?

we are getting calls from that same 804-271-1318 number. they are calling 2-4 times a days. Definitely a scam.

Received a call from someone saying was from anthem with no caller ID numbers. She asked me my personal information to "Discuss some a anthem matter" I asked her for a phone number to call back and also told her I wasn't going to giver her any info before knowing the reason of the call . She told me she was going to note the account and hung out on me. Careful guys .....

Just got a claim validation form in the mail for a doctor I didn't visit.

Contact the doctor's office and your health insurance provider. It might be a mistake, or someone might be using your health care card.

If someone is using your health care card or other personal information, go to for tips on what to do to recover from identity theft.

Just got a call from same 804 number. Left message saying to call Anthem back about a matter. Call back number was 855-790-5017.

Received call from 866-670-1467 and they left a message saying they were from Anthem and to call them back to discuss preventative care options I might have available to me. I called the member number on the back of my Anthem card to see if this was a light call and the representative told me that NO ONE from Anthem had called me. They don't generally call members, especially about updates to benefits - they would either email or send a letter in the mail. THIS IS A SCAM/PHISHING CALL! DO NOT CALL THEM BACK!


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