Avoid Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Scams

The FTC is mailing hundreds of refund checks to consumers duped by a debt relief services company that ran an extensive credit card interest rate reduction scam.

The company, one of many shut down by the FTC, used illegal robocalls to pitch reduced credit card interest rates, and promised thousands of dollars in savings and a faster route out of debt, to boot. The consumer had to pay a fee in advance. 

The irony of this type of debt relief scam? Consumers could have called the customer service number on the back of their credit card, and with a little patience and persistence, had their interest rates lowered for free.

Protect yourself:

  • Hang up on unsolicited pre-recorded sales calls. The best way to deal with a robocall is to hang up. If your phone number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry, you shouldn’t be getting these calls unless you have given a specific company permission to call you. Otherwise, the caller is a company that isn’t obeying the law. 
  • Don’t share your credit card, bank account or Social Security numbers, or any other personal information with telemarketers who call you out of the blue. Once a scammer has your data, they can charge your credit card for their own purchases, sell the information to other scammers and use it to commit other fraud against you.

If you’ve been a victim of a credit card interest rate reduction scam, file a complaint with the FTC. To register your phone number or report a robocall violation visit the Do Not Call Registry.

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How can we stop these card services calls. I have registered with the Do not calll for both landline and cell phone. I have reported to the Attorney Genersl of MN. Also my cell phone company has blocked up to 5 numbers for 3 months without charge. New numbers and more calls keep coming - every day - sonetilmes more that one. My cell phone is for emergency messages from the nursing home where my husband is. I want these numbers to stop. Please help stop these people calling. Our telephones are for private us - not advertising scam operations.

Scam artists and shady businesses don't always follow the law -- including the Do Not Call Rule. If you are getting these calls and can't get to stop, you might want to ask your mobile provider for a new phone number. Avoid giving the phone number out especially on forms and through websites. When you share your cell phone number with businesses they sometimes share that information with other businesses and with data brokers.

No! I'm sorry, but a citizen shouldn't have to get a new phone number to avoid these scammers. Besides, the scammer will find out the new number in no time. I want a politician to campaign, in part, on this phone scam issue. We need somebody who will promise to shut these people down, now.

I have a list of over 30 phone numbers and I agree that all US Atty Generals need to step in arrest every person in each call center. They can all testify against their superiors in exchange for 5 year prison terms. The superiors must pay back with 25% interest to a state charity and serve not less than 25 years in prison.

They are nothing more than customer service/sales representatives. The FL Dept of Agriculture and consumer services is in these offices 3-4 times a year.

The reps shouldnt do any time, they have a job and are not breaking any laws, the owners are

Many of the so-called "customer service/sales representatives" are rude, take revenge by calling more frequently, and have the audacity to curse people out who ask questions or complain. Hard to have sympathy for them. How about getting an honest job?

The employees have jobs!
But because they accepted instructions to hang up if any normal inquiries are made depicts a causal relationship due to the knowledge imparted by the employer or its representative and therefore does not afford the employee non-culpable status. Granted they may not understand the legality BUT ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law. There own moral set is questionable too.

Hey "Used to work there" These Customer Service employees are breaking the law as they know that they were talking to people on the do not call list and hanging up on anybody that stated that! How about posting the company that you worked for so We the People can start calling them!

You mean to tell me you think that someone who is knowingly calling and harssasing people shouldn't do time?

This number almost got me

I agree with Greg. I shouldn't have to keep changing my phone number because the FCC, FTC, and Fed Gov won't crack down on this. This is happening because it's now so easy to get a fake, virtual phone number without proving identity. I know all the privacy buffs out there want anonymity; but as a result we get harassed daily by frauds. No one should be able to place a call from a number that can't be linked back to a person. Period.

Ha! good luck with that....HAHA!

I bought a canned air horn, when these jerks call me, they get blasted. It's amazing how these calls have slowed down. Let's fight fire with fire!!!

Great Idea Lin! Gonna get me one of those noise-makers too!

I've been looking for a contact number or email for Do not call registry. I filed complainant on Do not call registry website for robocall and later I noticed I filed wrong phone number. I misstyped last number. I can't find contact number for correcting my mistake. What should I do?

I have been filing complaints on these robocalls for a month straight...several calls a day. It is REDICULOUS that in order to stop them i would have to CHANGE MY NUMBER??? Seriously?? It is a lot of work to get your new number out to everybody that needs it. The Government should TRY A LITTLE HARDER to get rid of these low life scammers...I PAY TAXES and would like to get something out of it one of these days...

Hi, I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, many of these illegal calls come from outside the country, which can make them very difficult to trace or regulate. The FTC's action plan for combating robocalls is available at ftc.gov/robocalls.

If you get a new phone number, then you get even more calls. They get the list of new business numbers and everybody calls even more for credit card service.

I started getting these calls over a years ago. It started out a few a week now it is multiple calls a day. It is always a different number it is pointless to file a complaint nothing gets done. The usually start with "Hi this is____ with card services" I know there must be millions of people getting these calls a day and I don't think you are doing enough to stop it. It can't be that hard to follow the money trail and see where they originating from

I got so disgusted with "Rachel" at Credit Card Services after registering with DNC, pressed their #9 and asked to removed from their calling list, I bought an air horn. Now, I ask them to remove me from their list and blow the horn into the phone. It has not stopped them completely but they have dropped dramatically in numer and I am supporting an American company by buying the air horn!!!!

I cannot agree more. Now I have a loud screeching noise on my computer that I play at full blast and put the phone up to my speaker. Sometimes I bait them in by saying "hi!" very nicely then slamming the screeching sound into their ear. The calls have dropped dramatically. Fight fire with fire!

"Hi, I'm Jill from card services" This has been happening to me for over a year. I have spoken to them when they call and politely asked them to remove me from their all list. They politely hung up and the calls keep coming. Please investagate and squash them for I am at the end of the road.
Respectufully, Jim

We should not share our credit card, bank account or Social Security numbers, or any other personal information with telemarketers...It may be risky.

Make the waste their time. Pretend that you are interested, and when they are really involved in it, start making fun of them. They will curse you. Keep provoking them. Laugh a lot; that seems to aggravate them. It is free entertainment. You may learn to enjoy it.
They do have your name and perhaps also your address.

I do this all the time to them. I make them go through the whole thing, then tell them I don't have credit cards, which I don't. I have been called some nasty names. I say then don't call me cause I will press 1 and waste your time.

This is the best answer I have seen! Every minute of their time you waste is a minute less they have to harass others. Make them pay for their perfidy. If everybody did this, their game would become less profitable and the "free market private enterprise" would find a different criminal activity (like hijacking your mouse cursor). The same tactic is helpful when you get a traffic ticket and when the solar panel telemarketers call.

On my answering machine, I recorded my regular message, but at the end I recorded the tone for the number 1 on the phone touchpad. I got the tone from an online Dual-tone Multi-frequency (DTMF)generator for free. Now for most of the calls, even when I'm not at home, they try to talk to me. My answering machine messages typically sound like "Hello." blah blah blah "Hello, can you hear me? Hello." and then they hang up. I get a little satisfaction that I'm wasting their time without even trying. Being criminals, they probably aren't too bright, so they'll probably never think to remove my number from their list. Feel free to pass this along. The more this happens, the more of their time we can waste.
Some telemarketers hang up before my answering machine even starts recording. I think that if it hears sound from the receiver's end for more than a few seconds, that it assumes the receiver is an answering machine and disconnects.

I had a company call me today, Financial Solutions, and tell me they were filing a lawsuit against me for being in breach of contract. After telling them in JULY (on a supposed recording for the FTC, so said their "legal dept"), that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT agree to anything and to NOT charge my card, they had the gall to call me and threaten me by first posing as a Visa Fraud Division rep! When I called the number the "Visa" guy gave me, I swear I was talking to the same guy for "Financial Solutions". When I told him that I did NOT agree to anything, he said "please hold while I talk to a manager, Christopher Bradshaw, he's monitoring the call". Not 5 seconds later the guy came back & said there was a mistake and that they apologize for any confusion/inconvenience. I told him I wanted WRITTEN documentation and he said I would have it within 3-7 business days. This is insane. I have been on the phone with Visa, my bank, the FTC, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today trying to file a complaint. What they are doing is clearly illegal. I figured that out while on the phone with them in July. The FTC had a press release about the exact same thing from 2007. These folks need to be shut down! Unsuspecting older people or younger people will probably be scared into paying them at the threat of a lawsuit where they think they could lose everything!!

I had a new robo call spoofed phone call today 2/17/14 My caller ID showed USPS from a town a couple miles from mine. It used the same exchange as mine. I le my answering machine answer it the robo call started as soon as the answering was activated. It was the same old line about credit card interest.

I also got another one saying they had been receiving signals erroneous signals from my computer and offered to correct the problem.
I told him the problem had already been taken care of and hung up. I checked the number a it was from Peru. I found a scam that I hadn't heard of before.

My son who purchased a wedding ring at the cost of $7500 + and hooked into a 28% interest rate and not only that the sales person talked him into a bunch of insurance (life, disability etc) he has paid on this card for over a year and still owes the over $7500. And then they wonder why people go bad on loans and CC. It's sick and I will never use that store ever.

I have received these calls from Credit Card services. I am finding it hard to report them for they are phishing (fishing) numbers, from all over the US. When I call back sometimes I get the message that the phone number is not connected or I get a recording. Lately, I have been watching my caller ID and if I don't know the number, I don't answer it, but that haven't slowed them down. They are calling about 2-3 times a day, on my cell phone and my land line. I am on the DNC list, and I have followed the push 2 to be removed from their list, I have also tried to talk to the person and they hang up on me. One time I even pretended to have a high credit card interest and amount, they hung up on me, I guess I said the interest rate. Is there anyway I can do anything else? My parents are receiving the same calls and have tried the same things. They do not ask for a name of who they are calling also.

If you are on the Do Not Call Registry and you continue to get robocalls, the best thing to do is hang up. Pressing any number can lead to more calls. You can report illegal robocalls to www.donotcall.gov.

Maybe the FTC can ask the NSA where the calls are coming from?

Articles like this really annoy me. They do absolutely nothing except collect hits from people trying to figure out how to stop the calls. And the advice given is worthless to everyone. Hang up immediately and you will continue to receive more calls as they recall again and in addition sell your number because it listed as a valid number. Block the numbers? Get real. These are VOIP chosen almost at random, they are not real phone numbers. Try calling one back.

Better: answer the call, press one, spend time, real time talking to the poor sad soul so desperate for job she will scam people out of their credit card numbers. "Can you repeat that please? I didn't get what you said." Wait while i find my billfold... purse..... where is that d*n thing?" Make up numbers, starting with the actual four digit beginning, but those last numbers are well --- kinda worn out difficult to read. Wait maybe i should let my ____ (wife, son, uncle, aunty Betty...) talk to you. "Let me see if their home." Just right next door." Funny she's usually home on Tuesday mornings. "So explain to me again how this works"....

For the record, my record is 31 minutes. 31 minutes of an old ignorant guy bumbling around unsure of which of his ends is up. 31 minutes of an old guy who can't find his glasses then after he finds an old pair can't see past his nose, but loves to talk about the weather and cousin Fred who just died. The point is if this were even a percentage of their calls, or even the willingness to question, debate or argue, their call volume would plummet. Calls become time consuming and far less lucrative. Don't hang up, discuss.

A second irony, is that since my 31 minute record three weeks ago, i have not received a single call from "Card Holder Services". Thats probably just a coincidence, they have no incentive not to sell my number. But the point is do something that affects the company's bottom line, unlike filing a report to the FCC which only adds one more thing to do for some sorry over worked, honest bureaucrat.

Yes! This is the best way. If they have to pay their people and those people generate no money then eventually this business model might fail, or at least cost the owners money. It doesn't seem to help reduce the number of calls but I work at home and need a short break every once in a while. So I read the paper while wasting their time. 31 minutes is awesome. The best I've done is about 15 minutes. It does seem incredible that the NSA can bug our phone lines but nobody seems to be able to prosecute these guys.

Honest bureaucrat... that's a good one!

Actually, if  you get a robocall the best thing to do is hang up the phone.
Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
Read more about robocalls here.

Our government has billions of laws & regulations. They monitor our every move and yet they can't seem to get "card member services" to stop calling our homes EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Come on folks, get with it.

I agree! I think card services us a terrorist group that dies this to gain money for their terrorist activity! The Gov. Should use the homeland security law's and resources to go after these ba$t@rd$! They took away our right with thus law, why nit use it to takeaway they're scam and out them all in gitmo!

Received a robo call from "card Services" and the caller id was scammed to read my husband's cell number. They have also scammed other local numbers

Today I received a robo call offering to lower my credit card rates, and the caller I.D. showed my name and home phone number.

Received the same call with name and home phone number. Got a person on the line who became very argumentative. Called my credit card company who verified scam and said if they ever were to lower interest rates, I would see it on my statement and they would NEVER do it over the phone. In the off chance they had to contact me, they would have ALL my info and would give it to me and not ask me for any. BEWARE

Does not make much sense that the NSA and Verizon can track each and every phone call going to and from my Verizon phone but NOT 'credit card services'. WHAT?

Have been given the run around by Verizon reps regarding as well and also tried not answering and or not pressing one and then asking to be removed nicely and not so. fcc registered and updated and nothing dictated by Verizon to do helps

Only solution since this company is obviously being permitted to engaged to act is to get rid of the phone service altogether.

I was almost scammed at the last minute I would not give the authorization to charge my card then called and had all my
card numbers changed.hope I caught on fast enough to the scam

Sorry, the FTC will never help. The cost of actually doing their jobs isn't worth their efforts. It's only an "inconvenience" for us regular humans, after all. PSH! Just hang up? Block every one of the dozens of numbers (and sometimes pay to do so)? Change our number?? All I hear in those extremely ignorant suggestions is a sad attempt to deflect responsibility. Makes me wonder if lower-level gov officials have some magical phone service where this doesn't happen.


I just received a call from the credit card company trying to lower my credit card bill, first I do not have any credit cards but the most disturbing was my caller ID, IT WAS MY HOME PHONE CALLING! How can they use my phone to call ME????

I try to figure out how they do that, too. They fish local numbers that are similar to ours. We got called with a phone number from the neighborhood which is actually registered for that family. It makes me think they will use my number, too!?

I keep getting the calls and the number is a few digit off from my own phone number - 480-899-1145 AZ KIDNEY DISEA - I push 1 and try and get my cards lowered, problem is I have no credit cards so I just play along. I think the she is wise to it now all I can get out is a hello or yes and then that black bitch hangs up on me.

I just heard about a great tip! When you see the same fake caller ID play the sound of a fax machine and it might automatically delete your number from the system! Now I just have to figure out what device I can record and play it back in time...

Walker, I've accidently left my fax machine on (which uses my house number) so when these scam artist called they got the fax number. Thus didn't deter them however and the continue to call every day! FTC says not to pick up the call, well if you don't pick it up they call mire often! Today they called me using my phone number! Robo calls should be illegal and devices that can "trick" a caller id into seeing a number that is not actually where the call is coming from should also be illegal!

The FTC's advice is to hung up the phone. This is from the blog above:
Hang up on unsolicited pre-recorded sales calls. The best way to deal with a robocall is to hang up. If your phone number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry, you shouldn’t be getting these calls unless you have given a specific company permission to call you. Otherwise, the caller is a company that isn’t obeying the law.

Today received my usual call from Card Services. But my caller ID said the incoming call was from ME and it showed MY phone number. Puzzled I picked up the receiver and it was good old Card Services. How did they flip that back on me. All the technology in the world and communication privacy is non-existant.

I have received phone calls on my cell phone from Card Services for over a year now. All of the numbers displayed have been bogus numbers. Since none of these numbers represent the actual number generating the call, it is almost impossible to determine their origin. I would think that the FTC would bait these callers, keep them on line, and trace the call to determine who is making these calls, and fine them appropriately. Personnally I have recorded and blocked over 100 numbers from these individuals in the past 6 months. I have assigned all of my contacts with their own ring and assigned all 'unknown' callers with a silent ring. This really defeats the purpose of having a cell phone in some respects, but it stops the annoyance calling.

The fact that these companies can ignore the Do Not Call law without fear of penalty is a disgrace. I receive so many of these call that it is interfering with my activities (I do some work from home and of course have my cell with me). Recently my caller ID indicated that one of the callers is calling from an "out of service phone" in my neighborhood. That can't be.

The suggestion that I should change my phone number is ridiculous. There is a large number of people that I communicate with often that have my present numbers. The time needed to notify them and have them change numbers would be tremendous. I can only imagine the tremendous problems that would occur if everyone receiving these call began changing their number. I suspect telephone communication would virtually cease.

The lost time / the cost to the American must be tremendous because of these unsolicited calls. It's time the government improved the enforcement of existing laws.

Ok folks, I made them stop. Had tried everything, wasting their time; pretending to be an investigator; even once successfully getting a callback # from some dummy by saying I was on a work phone can I call you back?

Here is the one that scared them off, probably got my number carefully deleted, I only did this one time: When CARD SERVICES called and asked me to press 1 to speak to a rep, I started rapidly talking as if I were an agent talking to another agent, so when the CARD SERVICES rep got on the line she got the impression that she had somehow tapped into an investigation conversation. I just kept on talking, like this:

Me: "Looks like we got a live one here....yeah....dead number out of Montana....uh-huh, right, same deal....Florida....yep....classic robo....you got this?....hang on....locating.....what....gimme a sec...gonna be slam dunk...."

CARD SERVICE rep: "Hello, hello? This is Card Services, would you like a lower interest rate? Hello? Hello?

Me: (continuing uninterrupted while rep tries to talk)...Ok 614 this is perfect, got one in Florida for sure, Miami, also Chicago, that same outfit on Lake Shore Drive...no...let me check...uh-huh...yep...get this quick...if they roll now they got em...no sir...let that one go for now we don't have triangulation yet go for the Miami, it'll be a turkey shoot, get on it..."

Rep: "Hello? (silence, listening, line goes quiet, then male voice, probably supervisor or senior scammer comes on...)

Me: "....you got that?...Sweeeeet...how many?...no warrant needed this is a security issue just kick it in...wait...got a couple more here...same deal...Florida mostly...also Montana, Portland Oregon...they're biting like spring trout...this is a good number...what?...."

Rep supervisor: (silent, listening carefully, hangs up)

I have not received one CARD SERVICE call since. Not one. And I was getting at least five or six a day before this! Takes some theater skill, but it works. I think it made them think that my number was some "honeypot" number set up by the govt, and they had lucked into some one-sided connection where we couldn't hear each other and they were hearing one side of a sting operation. So they made sure not to call that number again!

Those folks are in another country building a database which they will sell for big bucks. All online search engines do it regularly!

Why is the FTC so inept and UNABLE to shut this group down??? It is the same people over and over and over again causing millions of Americans grief with calls and filled up mailboxes - I get at least TWO calls per day from these morons and they are relentless - why is the government so powerless to do anything for the people?? WHY??? The only thing you do is post a warning?? Really?? It is like warning, approaching this guy in the photo will kill you, so don't open the door when he knocks.

I never give out my numbers and still they find me. Today it was a landline from New York. Is there any way that I can make computer calls to these scammer numbers that would repeat dialing until the scammer's number is useless? I'm talking about dialing their number for days and weeks on end repeatedly so they give up on that number

I just filed yet another complaint for card services calls. Now they've called me again and the caller id had by home phone number and Mt name listed as the caller! How can they do that and what if someone else gets thus call and ut shoes my name in the caller id!? Very scary!

I am so tired of the calls, three or four times a day. Today I talked with a live person and told him to please stop calling me and hung up. He called back from a different number and told me to get #@%@@# in the A$$ and that he hoped I died.

Got another call from "card services" but this time with my home phone number on caller ID. How do they get away with this? It is now at the point where authorities should be able to do something. I usually just hang up but because my # came up I decided to press 1 and talk to someone. I asked them to please remove my # from calling list. The guy, who had a foreign accent insisted on asking me why I didn't want lower interest rates on my credit card. I then had some choice words for him and hung up. Any suggestions on where to take this? If all of us wrote or called the same place, maybe we can stir something up.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I reported the call to the national do not call registry and to my state attorney general. I only answered the call because it had my own name and number in the caller ID and I wanted to see who was behind it. The guy was very rude and belligerent and even yelled at me.

Adam ..is one of these services called SCS...

I got a call from my home number as well but it was "Rachel" from credit card services with the last and final call. I wish it were the last and final. My number is listed with "Do not call" as well. Absolutely ridiculous. How is it they are able to make it look like I am calling myself or one of my neighbors but actually it's a scam.

I have received 3 calls this week from different credit card scams. With all the technology out there, why can't these people be stopped? I am on a Federal and Florida Do Not Call List.

I get these calls up to 5 times per day. I have been logging them for over a year. I caller ID shows anything I don't know, I disconnect the phone (I can still use my DSL line). No matter what you do, their system will still call.

708-232-6523 is a scam credit card reduction call.They said they were from Barclay..We got disconnected when I did not owe any money to anyone.BEWARE cannot call back this number.HANG UP!

I just received a call from 845-336-4436 asking me to give them all my credit card numbers and expiration dates so that I could get lower interest on my loans. I wasn't going to give out any info, but wanted to see how far they would take it. The phone got disconnected when I asked them what cards they already had on file, he told me a visa was at the top of the list, and I replied that I didn't have a visa. Who can I report this call to?

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at www.ftc.gov/complaint. If a trend is detected the company could be investigated.

I got a call from a recording for " Rachel from card holders services" a few minutes ago and beyond all the obvious reason why this was clearly a scan call the most obvious reason was that the phone number listed on my caller id ...was my own home phone number. Clearly we can no longer trust caller id when it comes to scammers.

I have been called also and met with the same results.
Consider that thee are TWO addition consequences from this unwanted interface.

There is a link between the scanner's PHONE NUMBER and the unscrupulous "FREE" REVERSE PHONE NUMBER SEARCH providers that all of us use this to report the activity in an effort to motivate the FTC.

Google sanctions that activity by providing the web-space and ad placement for their own revenue knowing that the PHONE SEARCH service provider is going to charge a fee for free service mentioned in the GOOGLE add or listing and
BY COLLECTING your CARD INFORMATION thought you where protecting by taking this journey or at least collect another target-able email address for their own use or sale. Why would Google do this? So they can market their ad service to Internet Businesses that target specific consumer groups who have shown relative or previous interest in their products.

It would not be unreasonable to drill deeper and discover that the CC scammers have no real interest in your CC information. Instead they sell reverse lookup services to those who have been contacted by a suspicious caller assumed to be participating in the currently flaming HOT industry of identity theft.

Identity theft is very real, but report this activity to you banking institutions security division. The phone number is right on your card. They are you best advocates and they eliminate you from the opportunities afforded to the Internet crooks.

Secondary effect...

Financial institutions tell the government what is important.Being inundated with calls from Credit Call holders reduce their financial gains. Let your government work for you by telling their bosses what you want fixed!

Here is what you do. Go out and buy one of those really loud air horns people use at sports events. When you get a call, press "1" to get the live body. When they pick up, give them the air horn in their ear.

I got a call from some 3rd world call center who told me that my windows computer was sending out threat warning or something. He wanted me to type in some commands, I think to allow him to remotely link into my network. After receiving 8 calls like this, I started responding like this. I asked him if he was using VoIP. He said “yes”. I asked him if he was calling through the computer headset. He said “yes”. I then told him that I would link to his computer, and then I played a recording of a modem connecting and other computer communication noise over the phone. The guy freak out and hung up. He never called again. What fun!

The criminals who make these calls have to have a financial motive. The most likely motive is to acquire and fraudulently use your credit card information. Why doesn't the government and the Visa's and MasterCard's of the world work together to set up stings. It seems it would be easy to set up a fake person with a fake SS # and Fake Credit card number. Wait until they try to use it follow the money or the merchandise and arrest the perpetrators. These people a a blight on our society. Lets do something about . The Federal laws took most of the individual states and civilian rights to self police away. Then the Federal government does almost nothing to stop the avalanche of do not call violations It is very frustrating. I have been told that some of the telemarketer get copies of the do not call sit to prospect customers knowing nothing will be do to enforce the law. Come on, we can do better than this.

"Card Services" stepped over the line today with a call directly from a living organism. It was game on and immediate arguements followed by not so nice comments from me. All I can say is if individuals such as this had the nerve to knock on my door and proceed in this manner of disturbing my peace - there would be immediate consequences. I should not and will not "screen" my calls with an answering machine as local law enforcement suggested. The only way to stop the disturbance is to have my land line disconnected. The drawback to this measure is that for emergency 911 usage I would be at the mercy of a cell phone, which in time will also be a part of marketing schemes. Phone service providers should be concerned also, as this intrusion has to be further cutting into their business/costs and making it more expensive for consumers. If I ever find out names and addresses linked to these harassing calls I WILL take them to court.

So ithe appears that one cannot do anything to stop these harassing calls and the FTC could care less. If I only knew of a credit card services location...

Dear FTC,

If this really is a moderated site you will post this as well as take action acainst the offending company. Without caller ID I have no way to trace or report the offending number. Caller ID should be a required INCLUDED is in no extra charge service with ALL forms of telephones especially those on the Do Not Call List.

Rachael with Credit Card Services is once again very active in the 512 phone exchange and with the unlimited tax dollars the FTC and NSA receive you would think those callers and their sources could be traced. A very simple voice recognition app that hears "This is Rachael with Credit Card Services" could start an automatic trace back to the source and a small team of government hit men could liquidate the operators of these calls.

Now I double dog dare you to post this message and get your agency to actually take effective action against these telephone terrorists. Because that is what they have become.

Just got off the phone after arguing for 15 minutes with this robin Johnson from phone number 6203098565 . I told ger I wanted to reduce my Amex card interest rate she asked for exp. date I gave her a gift card with 1$ dollar on it I asked for a contact number and she gives me Amex lol I called it when on the phone with her and asked her what was that all about I caught her asked her what country and all other specific question and she threatened my life not that I was worried but these calls are getting crazy I got 5 today and in past month I would say 200 calls s

When prompted I transfer to their operator, then put the phone down. Once they hang I hang up my phone. This causes the fraudster to incur costs for an additional phone call plus the expensive call center. It work for awhile, got a call today. Can you imagine if everyone did this. They would be out of business in a heart beat.

The Card Holder Services have been calling our numbers, (changed, moved, doesn't matter) for 14 years. At first I believe it was about someone that really owed money to a real card holder service company. They kept asking for "Ben Stein". This Ben Stein probably had used our phone number. We kept saying that we never ever had a credit card, and don't you think this was a fake name? They only called every 6 months and we got rid of them by changing our phone number after like 6 years of harasment. I think they could have been bill collectors. After that we started getting the computer generated calls, that are coming more frequently as time goes on. They are rude sometimes, mad because I'm rude sometimes, I like to press one and just say "fu". They seem to always hang up. My husband and I have never had credit cards even to this day, nor do we have bank accounts. We live below the poverty line as set by the county, and are both disabled. We have no money. What on earth can they get from us? I pray they will stop someday, but from what I've read as soon as they close one down, several more pop up. I wish there was something they could do. It is very distressing. We are both sick a lot of the time, and we just don't need this.

I received a call from "Credit Card Services" last night and they said they checked my credit rating and that since I always paid my bills on time, they could get a much lower interest rate on my Visa card. I played along until they asked for my credit card number. I told them under no circumstances would I give it to them and if they were a legitimate company, they could work with my credit card bank and they would have my credit card number. I spoke with a man named Joe and I asked him for his phone number because I wanted to research his company and I am a senior who has been scammed twice before. He gave it to me: 1-800-688-7217. I did not call him back because I knew he was not legal as he kept insisting I give him my credit card number. I actually had fun out talking him and if anyone wants to call this "Joe", let me know what you find out. I'm learning in my 70th year not to be so gullible and trusting!

Here is what I started doing to get bagk at them. I pretend to be interested, ask a lot of questions like "How much can you save me in interest?". I keep the operator on the phone as lng as possible WITHOUT giving them any (true) information, YES, I LIE!
TIME is how they make money, so the LONGER you can tie them up on the call, the less TUME they have to make MONEY!
When they get to the point where they are asking for information that I can't "fake", I calmly say "Do you know I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST?
You will be amaized how MAD they will be at wasting THEIR TIME!
Try IT!

2/6/15 10:20 a.m.
Caller ID shows TEXAS 361-271-4868.

I answered the call knowing that it is a scam. I try to use up their time.

The woman said she is from Card Member Services and can lower my credit card interest rate. She indicated that it's been all over the news that banks are supposed to offer people a review every few years and have not been doing that. When I was reluctant to give the "entire" number of my card she said that I am fully protected by the Consumer Protection Act. When I probed a little further I could hear impatience so I pretended to give in and go look for my credit card. She said that was fine. I left the phone on speaker and she thought I was away. I heard someone say, "You think she's f---in with you?". I couldn't help myself so I answered, "No, i don't think she is, do you?" Of course she disconnected.

I have done this before and I give a wrong name, totally wrong zip code, and NEVER give even one correct number or piece of information. I wish all of these scammer/thieves could be caught. I know they are not calling from the number on caller ID. They route the call to look like that. That is difficult to trace.

I only wasted about 7 minutes of their time. Maybe I saved one person, maybe not.
Caller: Card Member Services
Call Type: Telemarketer

I'm on the do not call list as well, and have reported Credit Card Services, for well over a year. I've done the airhorn trick and it stopped calls for just a week. I still get multiple calls from them every day. My wife is in Hospice and it makes me jump every time the phone rings. Please, some one do something about this problem.

This has been going on with my phone for 3 years now. Doesn't do any good to report them. I do keep blocking every number that comes in but it is like Whack A Mole. We need to file a class action against the, www.ftc.gov.

The problem is that the FTC has no authority to seize their property. So as FTC shuts them down, their equipment and call lists are sold to new scammers. And the same people keep getting called repeatedly. I've been getting called by "Rachael" every day, Monday through Friday, for three years now, sometimes two and three times a day. Finally, I give up. They have won. I am getting rid of my telephone number.

The FTC has used its enforcement authority to stop companies responsible for billions of illegal robocalls that offered fraudulent credit card services, so-called auto warranty protection plans, medical discount cards, and grant procurement programs. Read about the latest robocall cases, and other activities against robocalls.

Urging folks to copy this entire thread and mail it to their Congress person. FTC, FCC and any other agencies are powerless. Perhaps by terminating accounts with the phone companies we will convince them that they need to be more active in fighting these phone scammers (Or at least the threat of canceling). It's time to stop being victims and slam the scammers where it hurts!

Yeah you know its kinda funny i have gotten a call from this company 6 times a day for the last 3 weeks so i went out and got a pre-paid card right well it only has a dollar on it and now everytime they call i just give them that info i just wonder if they will ever get the idea that is a pre paid card lol

I had 3 phone calls today. The last one was listed as "unknown" I made up a credit card number, expiration date and just about laughed when I made up the last 4 digits of my SS number. The rep then told me he knew that I was making this stuff up and when I told them to quit calling we got into a cursing match with each other. Best 15 minutes of my day. I yelled at him and he told me he made $30000 american dollars a month and then told me I didn't know what 30000 looked like. After much name calling and childish acts he finally hung up but he told me he was going to call me back at midnight. I told him my husband would be happy to talk to him. I have received these calls for over a year now.

Hit 1 to speak to an operator, and when you get a real person, ask him or her what he or she is wearing. They hang up. You get to laugh and go on with your day.

the last call I got showed my name and my phone number on the caller ID. .???

It's all you can do. Just waste their time. They keep promising to call back every day, and they do! I do wish we could have a class action law suit against one of them and win! But it'll never happen. The calls will only stop if everyone is informed enough to NOT give them information! So instead of complaining on this thread and forgetting about it, tell everyone you know NOT to fall for these games! If e
We can warn enough people, maybe their phone calls will become a waste of their time!

I'm in favor of the same office treatment given in Redford's Three Days of the Condor. Make sure to get the owners of the company. Only way to stop it! This nonsense costs us tens of millions, maybe billions. One well placed drone strike should get their attention. Overseas spammers are next.

This reminds me of congress all huff and puff but never any action! This same scam is calling 4 of my phone numbers. FTC if this is your area please get on it otherwise maybe we should cut your budget, congress likes to do that!!!!!

The below listed companies and individuals were sued by the FTC and this matter was supposed to be settled but the FTC let them off the hook with a small fine and nothing else. From the small fine they mailed out a lot of small checks to a number of people but not all the people who filed complaints. The FTC is a toothless coward who will not continue to prosecute the following: 1) ELH Consulting, LLC, also doing business as Proactive Planning Solutions; 2) Purchase Power Solutions, LLC; 3) Allied Corporate Connection, LLC; 4) Complete Financial Strategies, LLC; 5) Emory L. Holley IV, a/k/a Jack Holley, individually and as the sole member of ELH Consulting, LLC; and 6) Lisa Miller, individually and as the sole member of Allied Corporate Connection, LLC, Complete Financial Strategies, LLC, and Purchase Power Solutions, LLC. Contact your Congressman and Senator and let them know how worthess the FTC is.

Coming from Abroad...
I usually don't answer but did a couple of times to try and waste their time. Did not work.
This time they called with caller ID of my own phone number. The rep had an accent and must have been a newbie, I asked about the do not call list and she didn't respond, then I said Oh, you're not in this country are you? She said no, waited a few seconds and hung up.

I get the call everyday at the same time. I press 3 to be removed from the list and no luck. I pressed 1 to speak to a person and asked them to remove me from the call list and they just hang up. If its a known issue and we are all having it why cant they be stopped?

The best thing is to hang up the phone. If you press any number you are confirming that the number they have is a good number. Pressing anything or even talking to them might in fact increase the calls.

I have been getting calls that show up on my caller ID as my own phone number. Initially I thought my daughter's phone had been the source of the hack, because the name came up as "Mom", later the ID again shows my home land phone number and my own name, and then again the same home land phone number showing name as blocked" - I let the calls initially go to voice mail, and they just hang up. today I picked it up and said hello, the auto voice record said to lower the interest rate on my credit card I would have to select #9 and that this was my last notice. I selected #9 and a real male voice, thick foreign accent - probably East Indian, said I needed to lower the interest rate on my credit card. I asked him what number he was calling from - he again repeated his pitch about lowering my credit card interest, I repeated "What number are you calling from?" He hung up. This outfit has spoofed my home phone number - and what is upsetting about that, I believe that they are using my home phone number to call other people with their pitch as I have had a number of calls, that do not appear to be solicitors call and hang up without leaving any message, one woman said "Hello - Hello?" and another man said" I told you to quit calling here!" Really - Further I think someone did a check on my home land phone number, to find out whose phone it was, and then did a background check on me. I received an email notice that someone did that. I have not applied for any type of employment, credit etc. and there I have no idea of anyone that would be interested in doing a background check on me. The guy identified this outfit as Card member services only.

On 9/19/2015 I also received an automated call that showed my own phone number as the source. When I clicked through the menu, I was transferred to a live salesperson from Gowan who disconnected after I explained that my phone number had been spoofed and that I wanted to speak with a supervisor.

This contact came after a week of hangups on my voicemail while I was away, and I'm thinking that my experience is identical to the story above.

Just got the call from (419) 350-7837 and (713) 300-0001. and yes they went through their sales pitch to lower my cards interest rates and knew the balances of each. They claimed to be Visa/MC. In the end they told me that I would save $2500.oo but it would cost me $995.00. I said no thank you and hung up.

I had a call from(728) 727-9854. The caller ID showed "Out of Area" Same pitch but for Discover card. After hearing that there would be a fee/charge of $990, I told them I wasn't interested and could call Discover directly. The guy threatened to send my file to bankruptcy because I wouldn't take them up on their offer. Then cursed at me a few times and told me how stupid I was. I hung up and immediately called the customer service number on my card. While talking to them, my voicemail picked up the call from the scammer who left this message "You better pick up the phone I'm gonna forward your application to the bankruptcy department okay. You better pick up the phone." Oddly, the number attached to that call is the same one that is on my card for customer service at Discover.

Does anybody pay a bill to card member services because one of my family members does. So, should I let them know it's a scam or is card member services a place that u actually have to pay a bill for?

It's a scam! They use spoof numbers.and no bank or credit card company has ever heard or worked with them. Get out now and call your bank and let them know you have been scammed. And if you can ask the bank where did the payments go try and find out as much info as possible to who they are and where. I have somthing that I need to do if I ever find then for the years of mental anguish they have put me through.

Have been receiving these calls for about 3 years or so. This year, they are calling the to four times a week, sometimes back to back. I have never answered calls from numbers I don't know, thanks to scum like these people.However, I DO screen calls by lettletting them build up for months at a time, then googling the ones I do not know or can't readily verify. This year, a few months ago, I ran my,"Batch Screening," including numbers from Oregon, Washington, New York, D.C, and several other states, and found something interesting. There is a group named,"The Peerless Network," with verifiable websites, as well as offices in multiple states. I have still been receiving the calls of course, up till last week (still waiting on more.) Idiots even slipped up and left a voicemail, but the voicemail screws them, because they say,"Account Reduction," up to 55%, not interest reduction. Um. First of all, I'm not even supposed to HAVE any credit cards in my name. Secondly, I'm going to attempt to make THEM verify the account information (Not stupid, I know debt collectors, and,"Card Services," have to verify info when calling targets.) Thirdly, if they can't, I shall start holding phone buttons down in their ear, cranking the radio, and generally acting stupid until I can grab an airhorn, when I will start having some REAL fun. (Thought of using an airhorn sound as my voicemail recording for a few weeks, since I always let them go to voicemail. Note to people having issues with them: start writing down their numbers and keeping large groups. Once you hit 20-30 variations of what they use, Google them, and see if they all go to The Peerless Network, as well.) If anybody gets any major hits, start looking up info on the P.N. scumbags and flooding their system with complaints. Happy Hunting.

I'm getting calls on my cell phone that are linked back to the Peerless Network company too. The numbers are all different but the carrier is the same. Peerless has a web link to report violations of the do not call registry.

how can someone use your card no matter if they have you card number social number etc when they don't have pass and pins how can they ?

The FTC are almost as inept are the rest of the Federal Government. Everyone knows the perpetrators, but the calls continue 3-4 times a day for years.

If you have information about a scam, please report it to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you provide will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Today Card member Services call me to lower my rates.
The girl that call me name is Maya Smite EI No MTO1
phone line; 1800-4=847-2911

I get fewer calls today than two years ago after I started to realize that the only way to deal with these scumbags is to beat them at their own game. I now see how long I can keep them on the line giving their pitch. I once had one guy on the phone for 31 minutes. What fun!! That's my record so far. They won't stop calling unless we all give it back to them.

I just received a call from "The Card Services Group for Visa and Mastercard. The # that came up on my cell phone was 312-504-6333. The representative said his name was Jerry Fernandez. He gave me his id # as BT4747. He said that 4747 were the last four digits of his SS#. He was familiar with the last four digits of my Capital One Mastercard account #, so I thought he was legitimate. I heard he was in a call center from all the noise in the background. He said in order to qualify for a lower interest rate on my cards I would need to give 2 examples of credit cards with balances on them. I was on the phone with him for 41 minutes. Then he was transferring me to a...

...to a "Seniro Financial Advisor" when the phone went dead. Jerry called back on an "unknown" caller id line and asked, "Why did you hang up?" Then he patched me into the Sr. financial adviror, "Liam". I told him I only wished to have 2 of my cards lowered. I didn't want to touch the Juniper card because there was a low 12% interest rate on that card. He hung up on me. When I called the original phone # on my caller ID bac, (312)504-6333, there was a spanish person who answered the phone, it was not the call center though. How they were able to use a citizen's phone number to show up on my caller ID - should be investigated. These people have three credit cards with expiration dates and my names. I will be calling my cc companies, immediately. Please investigate this. The phone number they reached me at was: 312-504-3904. What a scam!

I like to mess with them and ask them if they can do better than what I have and when they ask I tell them I have a 0% rate. Then I ask them how much they would like to pay me instead, perhaps 28% cash back? They hate that :)

WHy cant they stop these people. They have been doing this for years now and wont stop!!

Tell them oyu are interested and to hold on while you go get your information, then let them sit on your table for 30 minutes....that really ticks them off. Or get a canned air horn, that's just fun!!!

I just received a call from these jokers from phone number 770-900-5274. someone please look into these idiots.

I got one of these robo calls can wanted to find out who they were. Without giving them any info they somehow knew what cards I had but didn't know the numbers.
I then hung up.

I have different strategy to deal with those scammers. Instead of just hang up that they will keep call you again, I pressed number 1 and talk to them. I played dumb and asked them around and around. READ ONLY FAKE credit card to them, so they have to check and tell you to read it again... Just waste their time... If anyone who are called answer and waste their time, they will go away soon

The only way we can stop the telemarketers is to talk with them, if only a few percentage of people kept them on the line, telemarketing would become unprofitable and would cease to exist.
What good does it do to rant and rave on a blog, do you think telemarketers care if you don't like them? They like when you swear at them, it tells them you are not a customer, they just move onto the next potential sucker. If you really want to stop telemarketers, just be friendly and talk to them. Say you would like to invest in colored diamonds or whatever scam it is. This will waste thier time, this is the only thing that can cost them money
I just told the guy at Paragon that I would like to buy one of his diamonds "sounds like a good idea," I said and gave him a fake credit card number, now he is calling over and over trying to figure out why it does not work. I talk to all the telemarkerters, I try to keep them on the line as long as posible. I do the dishes, vaccum or work on the computer so I don't waste my time.
Time is money to them. Sometimes I talk for over an hour. They can't bother anyone else while I tie them up. If you have time to rant on a blog, you can talk to a telemarketer. If just a small percentage of people did this, the the telemarketing industry would cease to exist. It is our civic duty to talk to the telemarketer, it is also fun to know you are costing them money.

Definitely doing this from now on!

Received a call from Card Member Services today Harrick Peter was the representative and I asked how I was being called when I have no credit cards and I'm on the do not call list...

Who are these scammers? How do I get them to stop calling me?

I am on the NO CALL LISTS, yet they keep calling. If I wait and speak to a real person they immediately stop responding.

What is their scam?

Do I have any financial recourse?

If you get unwanted calls, it's better to not respond. If you talk to someone or press a number to be "taken off the list" that just shows the caller that you're at home. They might keep calling you.
If you're getting a lot of calls from the same number, you can consider some call blocking solutions. This FTC article has information about call blocking.

Call blocking doesn't work. These scammers are getting no longer in service telephone numbers to call people. I just tried to return call and the number they called me from has been discontinued. Now tell me how in the world they are getting these. They call my cell and my landline. I block every number they call me from on my cell. But right now I've got 4 numbers that have been blocked and everyone of them is different.

I get these calls all the time, and either ignore the unknown number, or if I have a little time, answer the call and play with them for a while.

It's fun to act dumb for a bit and waste as much of their time as possible, then ask them a simple question they can't answer, such as "Uh, if you know how much debt I have what's my name?". That gets them going pretty good, and then the call usually ends with them swearing at me then hanging up.

If you can't stop 'em, aggravate 'em is my motto...

I have received great services from a lower interest rate firm that called, they did all the work for, gave me great financial advice and even helped get approved for a higher limit credit card.

How much did they charge you? Did they lower your rate? By how much? Has there been a negative effect on your credit?

Four calls in four days from 'card member services'...enough is enough. Why can't the FTC or FCC take action against this company after YEARS of illegal calls and violation of do not call lists? Surely there are enough complaints and sufficient data points to pursue litigation. If not, I'll let you monitor my phone and collect all the info you need to fine these jokers into the next millennium. Putting the onus on the public to somehow curtail this business hasn't worked...time to step up and take action FTC!

I just play their game and tell them my credit card number is 5432 1234 5678 9876 and the last 4 digits of my ss number are 0000.

They seem to get very upset with that and it makes me laugh.

There has to be someone who can locate one of these slimy, vulgar callers. Start a fund, hire a cyber tracker, send some 'social specialists' to teach them some manners, post the pictures. Perps stop when they are vulnerable to a serious manners lesson.

I just got a call from some one saying they are consumer card service to reduce my credit card rate the man said from looking at my profile he could see I have multiple cards then he said by looking at my profile asked me what is the balance on my cards I asked him to put some one on that speaks English 5 times so what he did was held the phone and tried to change his voice then he started all over again with a different name then I said if you looking at my profile why are you asking what kind of cards I have that should be in my profile and put some one on the phone that speaks English so he tries to copy my voice and accent that cant be done all my family is from south Ga. the number that came up that he called from is 318-485-9945 when I called it back that number cant be completed as dialed check the number and try again so

Just tell them your cards are all maxed out. They'll hang up on you.

just received a Robocall from 231-942-9436. Person was not a native English speaker. hang up on this. Also, have my number on Do Not Call List.

The first posted comment on this is dated May 15, 2013, the last, 3 weeks ago. It's really sad that this garbage has continued for so long. I agree with all who have said that someone could stop these if they tried a little harder. I got 4 of these calls today, alone, the fourth immediately after the third. It's disgusting.

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