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Shopping for a new car can be fun and exciting. It also can be stressful, wading through ads and promotions offered by dealers. But a sure fire way to deflate a deal faster than hitting a spike strip on the open highway is to show up at a dealership expecting to pay the advertised price only to be told that’s not the actual price or you’re not eligible for the discounted price.

In its continuing crackdown on deceptive car ads, the FTC recently settled cases against two car dealers from Maryland and Ohio. The dealers falsely advertised the cost or available discounts for their vehicles by: advertising discounts and prices that were not generally available to consumers, or misrepresenting that vehicles were available at a specific dealer discount when, in fact, the discounts were only available for particular versions of the vehicles, often one of the more expensive versions.

The fact is, and the law states, if a dealer advertises discounts or prices, the ads must clearly explain how a buyer may qualify for them.

If you’re in the market for a new ride, get ahead of the curve. Check out Car Ads and Buying a New Car.

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This practice is shameful. The punishment for these people would be much worse if I was calling the shots!

I got screwed out the first car, it was a lemon, dealer said would replace with another new car. Not so they used the first new car for a trade=in, The bank loaned over the amount the second car was worth, the dealer took the first car, 3038 miles, the bank repoed the second new car and sold it, and now calling me everyday to pay $11,000.00. And this is what I fought for back in 68 and 69!!!! Someone stop this crazy world, I need off now. And no none of the gov. people I have contacted are willing to help. You either have to be rich, or be a group, Hell, I;m just a broke old 100% DAV No help for me. Go figure!!

Well I guess my first comment was not good. So I will just say do not count your chicks before they hatch if you are dealing with the FTC, for when I put in my complaint, no more than 3 seconds and the computer said could not help. GO FIGURE!!

Southwest Kia of Rockwall, Texas is engaging in fraudulent internet advertising. The advertise very competitive prices called "internet specials" but when you sit down to sign the contract, they add in over $800 to the price and explain it away as a "dealer prep fee." They absolutely refuse to take the fee off, and they claim that their web site discloses this additional fee and that "prices may change at any time without notice." False, misleading and they get away with it. Their pricing is good even WITH that undisclosed fee, so it's hard to walk away from a good deal once you drive an hour out to Rockwall from North Dallas to pick up a car you thought you already negotiated the price for. It's annoying and gives car dealers a bad name.

Yea I know the group -- RON CARTER Hyundai in Houston does the same only much worse!! Said the specific car I negotiated was there and ready for me the night before going down there!! Got there and NO CAR and the sales person that told me it was there was gone too!! They didn't even have a car anywhere close to the one I wanted!! They are the lowest of the low because we traveled hundreds of miles for this car and were scammed! NOT the first time they have done this too ( dealer reviews) When I asked WHY I was lied to they got defensive and had no deal!! Stay away from this sorry place!!

Caution on there reviews they pay customers to right a good review former employee

December 17 2012 I went to Toyota and bought a Camry they force me to sigh the papers but I didn't think like that at that time next day I went to returned the car because it have brown spot all over I did not see it because it was so dark and they don't want me to look at it and they took me inside and force me to sign because they said that I sign the first paper and that was a lie but I did it think about it because it was so late am not a litter girl any more and I was so tired that I wanted to go home and rest this car is no good I haven't kill my self or kill anybody because God is beautiful this car is a mess when am driving smells like vomit excuse my language they send me 5 recalls 2 of each my eyes get infected most of the time my hands got a rash so dip that I went to see a dermatologist and she prescribe me a cream and took me like a year to feel better I was so invarest that I didn't want to go outside right now I have a bad depression that sometimes I feel like jump over the bridge with the car because no body want to help me but im not gone to somebody help me because I need a car to go see my doctors because I have a lot of problems with my health that why I wanted a car so I could move around better if any body want to help me I be more than graceful what I need is the government and the politician to move in and stop this Dealer Ship taking advantage of elderly and young people to a good will be good cause I be behind this guys for two years they be laughing in my face and the last time I went was Saturday 5-23-15 I they was talking bad about me and try to invares me in from of some people that was there they want more money for another car and I said no because they suppose to reimburse the other money to the new car and then I pay the difference the Corolla cost less they a bunch of thief please can somebody help me with this problem. Also they send somebody to kill me with his car but I know is and I jump back to the side walk and I told him about it and he act like the guy don't help there no more he is lien and another couple of things happens after that I didn't make a report because I have my family you know my children's around here and God Bless them because they are so good and they work since they was 14 years old.Thank You I really appreciated

If you believe you should get service, but the dealer won't do it, you can contact your state Attorney General. If your car has a warranty from the manufacturer, you can contact the  manufacturer for help, or call a consumer protection agency in your state.  You can file a complaint about the business with the FTC at, or with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I went to and found a truck at a dealer close to my home. Midstate Chevrolet Buick. I did the sign click drive, applied for the loan Got approved for the loan. The price for the truck was a little over 47,000 as it was advertised(By the vin#). All that was left is signing the paperwork. I had a picture screen shot on my phone of the dealer photos, vin#, and price that I was supposed to pay. So I went to the dealer dealership to pick up the truck. I get there and the dealer tells me that they don't have the truck that I wanted on the lot. but they have one just like it for $500 more. I told him that my wife and I wanted to look around at the trucks a while and decide. While looking I found the truck that I was wanting in the first place priced m.s.r.p of $47,584 on the window. I found the salesman and asked him about it. He told me that there was no way they could honor the price that priced me. They have added parts to the truck that made the price go up. I told him that was false advertisement. He said that they couldn't help what chevy had advertised. I asked on the price because it was a beautiful truck and I was willing to go up some to get it. They wanted $60,500. I can see a little difference in price but $13,000. I got pretty angry. This was blatant False Advertising to get customers on the lot by advertising a $60,000 truck for $47,000. Not just advertising, but still having the M.S.R.P as $47,000. And Then telling me that they didn't have it so they didn't have to honor their agreement to me. There is no way that dealers should get away with dirty tactics like this. If there is anything I can do about this I would gladly take some advice.

You can report your experience to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

You can also talk with your state Attorney General’s office.


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