Can you spot a government imposter?

Your caller ID says “FTC” or “IRS,” and the phone number has the “202” Washington, DC area code. You might even look the number up and see that it’s a real government phone number.

But the person calling isn’t really from the FTC, IRS, or any other agency. It’s a government imposter whose goal is to convince you to send money before you figure out it’s a scam. The big giveaway? The caller wants you to send money.

What imposters might tell you

A lot of imposters pretend they’re with the government to scare you into sending money. They say you owe taxes or some other unpaid debt, and, hoping you’ll panic, warn that you’re about to be arrested if you don’t pay up. Before you can investigate, you’re told to put the money on a prepaid debit card and tell them the number — something no government agency would ask you to do.

Other scammers promise you money — a big prize you need to claim. They say the FTC or some other agency is supervising the sweepstakes, and that the money will be released as soon as you pay for the shipping, taxes, or some other expense. But it’s all a fake. There is no prize and no money.

What you should know

  • Federal government agencies and employees don’t ask people to send money for prizes or unpaid loans. The FTC doesn’t supervise sweepstakes, and when the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they usually do it by postal mail, not by phone.
  • Federal government agencies and employees also don’t ask people to wire money or use a prepaid debit card to pay for anything. Prepaid cards and money transfers are like sending cash — once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.
  • You can’t rely on caller ID. Scammers know how to rig it to show you the wrong information (aka “spoofing”). Scammers might have personal information about you before they call, so don’t take that as a sign they’re the real thing. If you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with the government, look up the official number of the agency. That way you know who you’re talking to.

Who you can tell

  • You can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.” If it involves the IRS, add “IRS Telephone Scam” in the notes.
  • IRS imposter scams also can be reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) online or at 800-366-4484. If you think you owe federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or go to

Read Government Imposter Scams for more.

This post was updated on 12/21/15 with new instructions on how to file a complaint.

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Interesting cool :-))

The information above "IRS imposter scams also can be reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) online or at 800-366-4484." Is inaccurate. You cannot call the 1-800 number and file a complaint. Please update the blog entry to provide where consumers may go to post scam details for you to follow-up.

800-366-4484 is the correct number for the TIGTA hotline. You can leave a voicemail and report your experience there. If the voicemail is full, you can file a complaint online

You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint. Reporting the incident to both the FTC and TIGTA is helpful for law enforcement agencies.

And if you get another call claiming to be from the IRS, the best thing to do is hang up the phone immediately. The IRS will not call you to say you owe them money.

This is the truth, IRS contacts by mail and waits for you to call them.

Got one 2/26/15 from Larry Hold ( heavy indian accent ) left msg to call him at 914-341-8124. Said to be from US Treasury and my address was under investigation, Case#CF100122. I'm to call him ASAP. I reported it to TIGTA and of course did not call this loser back. BEWARE!!!

Same here an Indian sounding guy told me I was going to be arrested for tax evasion said he was from US Treasury dept. He said all my asserts are in the process of getting frozen and the local authorities have been notified. He said IRS had sent me several notices of form CP503 which is a real form they use. I explained to him that the IRS had not sent me a certified mail to let me know the situation. He proceeded to tell me my 401 k would be frozen as well if I did not pay immediately. At that point I knew it was a scam and I laughed at him called him and his mother some ugly names and hung up on him. The nerve of these foreign people trying to scam us. Beware the IRS does not call people by phone!

I had to google this coz i knew it was a scam. i called a 202 area code number back because my VM said i was under investigation for tax invasion which is BS. it was a bogus answering service with lots of echo claiming they were the IRS. They called me back. Indian man with heavy accent. He said this call was recorded and that i was under investigation. I told him i had never received any letters from the IRS or any government. He said they have sent several letters. I asked him to what address and he said he wouldn't disclose it to me until i speak to an agent... i told him i wouldnt speak to anymore agents and that i would not disclose any information... he paused and asked "are you kidding me maam?" i replied with "YUP" and hung up. Called me back and didn't pick up. The nerve of these people!! I know the IRS would never call you and they do everything by certified mail.

Oh my lord!! I just got the same thing. VM message said the same thing, but the area code was 347. About gave me a heart attack. Figured it was a scam, but glad I saw this post.

I got one today from a 719 area code. I called them back and told them that they were being reported. They hung up on me. Same Indian accent as others mentioned. One male, one female.

I got one too just a moment ago :). 347 code.he was amercian guy with no accent at all. I don't usually answer unknown calls. but when I heard the voice msg I started worrying but I figured it would be a scap. Usually IRS or Federal government officials they send a mail or letters before contacting you.

+1 (713) 239-4311 And +1 (202) 241-8992 both IRS scams claiming I owe 2199. I had to pay with a Green dot money card from CVS. Scam. Indian accents. Voice recording with a women named Kelly Smith who said I was to be arrested within the following 30 Minutes of the call.

I just had a very similar thing happen to me. Phone call, green dot money card from cvs or walgreen's. spanish or indian accents. no threats or claims that I owed money. said i got a government grant but had to send money to get the grant money. so many red flags. i knew it was a scam.

Got the same call today in Alabama...realized it was a scam right away. Could hear children playing in the background. Checked with local police and was told the call was from Jamaica (202-239-8429)

Same call for me today in Florida from 202.214.7124.
Told me I had to call Chris Wayne at 293-719-1459 with my approval ID number to get the money sent to me.

I just got one of these calls today 12-10-14. Very upsetting because I had not heard of this scam. Claimed to be IRS auditor and that I had a warrant out for my arrest. Thankfully, I hung up before she got any more information but she knew my husband's name, which is very scary.

I just got a call this morning 12/19/14, voicemail said call 202-470-6797, it's the IRS and they are filing a lawsuit against me. The caller ID said it was an British Columbia, CN call. I called back, they knew my name, I knew it was a scam from the start, I should've tried to get more info from them for the authorities. Any rate, as soon as I asked in a loud voice WHY THE IRS IS CONTACTING ME VIA THE TELEPHONE they hung up. I called back to inquire again, this time he called me a filthy word about my mother, that set me off. I called back several times, but no answer. Called from a different landline and they answered. I gave it to them with both barrels. I let them know exactly what I thought of them and how they are losers preying on seniors and the like. I also told them to get a real job, among other profane laden comments. Seniors PLEASE do not get fooled by these scammer/losers. I reported this to the IRS complaint/scam website

Dear publicAnimal#9---I just want to say a few words about your story. BRAVO!!!!!! Also THANK YOU! I just recieved the same horrible phone call and it sent my head in a tizzy for about 30 minutes. I called them back after about 5 minutes and it just went straight to a British lady's voicemail. My caller id just said "UNKNOWN". Once I calmed down and started to think about all the odd clues in this voicemail left on my phone I thankfully decided to check here :) Thank you for your reassuring story and for all the other similar stories on this page. You've made my day. Thank you :)

Same thing call jacob white get approved send 219 to claim ur 6700 money from the government u dont pay back. They call my from florida but the area 202 n washington 202 lol CJ major. They picked the wrong one to scam...

I didn't catch his name but claiming I won a grant for $10,000 and to call 206-807-1730 He even gave me a confirmation # and I was to call them as soon as I hung up. I call the FTC instead as this imposter is claiming to be from the US Treasury. I feel that this is a crime against our Government as well as myself so PLEASE beware. They are out to get all of us Seniors because they think we are all stupid.

I got a call today from a guy who said I was getting a government grant for $6700 and I could either have it sent to my bank account or put on a gift card or go to Walmart to pick it up. He said I have to call this number 202-621-0930 to talk to Steffie Willard to give her the reference number he gave me which is RC205 to confirm my real identity before I can go to Walmart to pick up the money. Of course I knew it was a scam so that is why I chose Walmart instead of a bank account or gift card. I had no intention of calling that number or going to Walmart to pick up any money that I know is a scam. So it is a scam to tell you that the government is giving out chosen people to receive money.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's important to submit a formal complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's database and these complaints could help in their investigations.Please go to to report this.

That is exactly happened with me too, so I played the game with them to see what they want, I found out they want $ 200 processing fees.

Commenting on this can you call me ASAP my name is Vince . I have Gone through a situation and after reading this post I'm wondering if you could give me the whole story because the only reason this, I because of the name Kelly Smith so please give me a call you can even block your number I don't care but I would like to talk to you

If this has hapned to you, you can file a consumer complaint with the FTC online, or call 1-888-FTC-HELP.

Just had a man call saying he was a federal agent with us postal service inspection wanted me to return call one number. Shows on I'd but left different number on answering machine

Same thing happened to me. They knew my husbands name and said we owed money to the IRS, this message was left on our home phone number, which we NEVER use. I returned the call to 585-444-7131 he said we owed 3850.00 immediately. I asked for his Supervisor, and for someone who speaks better English, he argued with me and hung up. LOSER,SCUM

Please send me updates regarding this matter.

You can sign up to receive alerts, news releases and blog posts from the FTC at

I will remember what I have learned on this site today,I'm a senior on a fixed income,I can't give money to no one,I only have enough money for food every month an CAT food.

I received this call twice, both times after 8 PM Eastern Time, well outside normal officer hours in Washington DC. The female voiced "warning" sounded computer generated.

Thanks for pointing out all the scammers. I try to remember them all. Easy though when someone asks for money or personal info - just say no.

202-506-9774 ..forgien accent repeatedly calling from IRS.....FIX THIS !!

I think it was a scam call. I was told the IRS is suing me. all letters were sent to my former address. but they didn't ask for money. Does IRS call if they don't receive any response from the letters?

amiavictim, IRS does not call, without sending notices out first

The IRS knows where your current address is if you have a job. If you don't work, then what taxes could you other words if you filed a return then they can find you. If you have a lease or rent they can find you. Trust me the IRS can always find you lol

206-512-1495 was the number of the scammer that called our home today. Also called himself Officer Melvin. Very heavy accent. Be aware! Thanks for this site.

This past week I've been receiving calls from the same officer Melvin, Indian accent. He leaves messages recited from a script totally stupid sounding. Warning me of my tax evasion and warrants for my arrest. Thank you all for posting

called me as well same number and it was officer melvin.
thanks for the heads up.

My husband received a call from a woman with a similar number 206-317-0141 and 567-890-9876. They claimed he won $8,000 from the Government.

Me too but mines was $7,000

Got a call from same # today saying u.s. government was just giving me 8700 minus 15% for transfer of money to Western union when I paid 149 to them first lady said she would stay on phone with me until I wired 149 then when they received my money they would sent 8700 minus their 15%

"IRS" calling from a DC number 202-241-0089. Indian accent. Very pushy. Lots of threats.

I received the same kind of call from 202-241-8586 (also Indian accent) with the threats about do not ignore this call, etc. But to top it off, today my brother called me and apparently they called him telling him I have a lawsuit with the IRS and trying to get information from him as to my personal information. Unbelievable!

202-506-970 Just got this call today, was asked to tell them the year I was married and when I said that if you are the IRS you have my tax returns so you should know this, that is why the scammer started to yell at me and told me the police are coming to my house to arrest me and that I should go quietly and not to put up a fight. I have filed a complaint with the FTC as well. This has got to stop, there are elderly and mentally challenged people that answer the phone and might be taken advantage of. Hope they get caught soon.

I am not elderly or mentally challenged and I fell for this miserable scam. These cruel, devious people are experts at conning people. My dad recently passed away so I wasn't thinking straight and they almost got me. When she said I had to remain in constant contact with her while I went to the bank, I started to realize I was being scammed.

i have been a victim of identity theft twice in my life. I believe the 2nd time (recently 2014) said he was an attorney calling from a company that I do not do business with but stated that I had a warrant out for my arrest. Oddly enough he had all of my personal information down to my social security @ that I had lost and reported it immediateley to social security administration, and the credit bureaus. I was lucky enough that I had placed a fraud alert the 1st time around.

210-280-8487 calls me about the IRS suing me. There have been a few calls, usually from a 201 area.

I got two calls, one from 786-350-3829 the other I think was from a 202 area code, but the computer generated message was so bad I couldn't understand it. both said the IRS was suing me.

A company claiming to be from Microsoft calls and convinces you that your computer is out of date and you haven't been getting their updates. They offer to update you and sell you internet encryption and security/ They take control of your computer and plant viruses. They give you and ID number and their phone number but have ruined you computer. The name of the company is GO TECH 247. Don't speak to them. It is a scam.

Just rec'd call/msg fro someone name 'Roger' w/ accent ID himself as agent fro IRS w/ 'sensitive' tax matters.
Today is Labor Day in the US...go figure.
Scam, Scam, Scam.
Happy Labor Day.

I don't quite understand why the ftc isn't able to totally shut these people down permanently, and toss them in the slammer. virtually everyone in the country who's had a call or 2 or 3 from these jerks certainly would like them to go away forever.

From what I understand, they switch phone places repeatedly so it's tough. I hope with all the comments here, mine included, will give officials some info to track these people down.

Received call from 202-241-0907 today (Sept 2nd 2014) at 8:24 AM left from a recorded robotic message identified as Julie Smith threatening me with IRS legal action against me, if I did not return call. Having heard that the fake scammers are in full swing on several sites posing as IRS, I just ignored the call. Don't give your info you receive a call from the above number as the post suggested.

I've already reported this to the FTC, but maybe this will help someone. I received a call, but didn't recognize the number, so I didn't pick up. It went to voicemail. Caller ID said it was from "DIST OF COLUMBI 202-280-7296". The caller had an odd accent, and I couldn't understand a few words. Here is a transcript of the voicemail:

"Hi, this is Brian[?], calling from Federal Investigating Bureau. We have found [unintelligible] for your name under investigation. You have one resolution option, for the next two hours. If we are not getting any response from your side, and their debt recharges, we are going to issue your arrest warrant to your local police department. We expect a call as soon as possible on 202-280-7296. I'm repeating it. It is 202-280-7296. God bless you. Bye bye."

Obvious fraud and misrepresentation, and I don't intend to call back.

Received a call from 202-505-8144 heavy accent had to be imposter

202-580-8719 received call from this number claiming to be from irs. I called irs office and said it's not them probably fraud scam

Received a call from a guy with major accent from 202-697-9849 said he had federal allegations against me had my social security number he called me a total of 5 times between 8-26-2014 did all my research on the matter made the guy give me his name claims to be sr. Officer jake miller from fbi when I told him I wanted my allegations read back to me he said he didnt have time he had another case to go to also told me an arrest warrant will be issued for me in an hour Told him he was a scam artist and he said well if you cant go off my integrity then I will just take it as you are not going to handle this how u gone want me to also give u 50.00 for a 800.00 loan to pay off 950.00 really plus then you offer me a 2000.00 loan for 200.00 to pay off the 950 :(

Third call in series from "IRS Criminal Investigation Department" phone number 303-219-3009 with "Colorado" on caller ID (new number, others were from Pensacola, FL and Washington DC. The 303 number revealed Colorado (Aurora, Boulder, Denver) and "Irs - debt collector" in the report generated. Threatened with warrant for arrest and told "an officer will be coming to my home in 45 minutes" to affect the warrant and arrest me. No information was given and there was no money paid in any instance of our dealings with this imposter. The phones have all been carried by YMax Communications, the same corporation associated.with MagicJack.

I received calls from 202-241-2806, Indian accent, posing as a criminal investigator with the DOJ, Internal Revenue service.

303 219 3009 and 202 239 0941 loser scammers with heavy Indian accents saying they work for IRS and I must call back or arrest is imminent. LOL. I block and report these numbers but they have millions of them. FTC really needs to take some action here.

Beware they are now calling saying they are with the treasury and wanting to give you a ONE TIME $9800 grant. phone# 202-654-4303

I received a call today from +234567811 and they tell you that you are getting a one time grant in the amount of 10,000 you just need to call 1-206-801-1730 this person states they are a US treasury officer and that I will get 10,000 and all I need to do is pay $220.. told him I needed to investigate and would call back .. reported to the trade commission they gave me a reference # ..called # back told him I had reported and would he like reference # when he said yes I advised send me $220 and I would mail it to him!

So far today I have received two calls from someone pretending to be with the IRS. Both callers were men with middle eastern/Indian accents. 1st call: Caller ID had unknown name and number. Caller said that his name was Steve Johnson with the IRS out of Washington D.C. He said that there was an error in our tax files. He asked me to call his Senior Chief Officer, Mark Bell (not sure on last name), back at 202-241-2829. They also knew my last name. 2nd call: Caller ID had unknown name and 202-241-2829 for the phone number. Went ahead and answered the call. They asked for my husband by his first name. Told the caller that he wasn't in and that I was the wife. He told me that he was with the IRS and calling about an error with our taxes. I then hung up.... I have also received several calls over the last couple of months from someone claiming to be with Microsoft. They also have a middle eastern/Indian accent. They are saying that my computer has a virus that needs to be fixed... It seems like the past year we have been receiving a lot of calls without caller id info. We usually don't answer them, but sometimes we do just to see what the scam is. I sure hope that they can catch these people trying to scam people, but I don't believe that it will ever get completely fixed. There will always be someone smart enough and deceptive enough to hack their way into some system. Remember, do not give these callers you info!!

So i just received a call saying that I was chosen to receive $9,800. Free grant money. How would i like to receive it? I said I'm not giving out any information and they said thats ok they could wire it to me. I just have to call 202 621 0934. SO HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS??????

Had a couple of calls from 202-738 4703 "The "Federal Government, The Reserve Grants Dept. The US Federal Reserve Bank picked my name and is giving me 9500.00 never to be paid back. I told him "Jimmy Johnson" I had no credit cards or checking etc. Told him to send me the $. He (found out) that my state charges taxes and I had to send him 200.00 before he could release the $.

Yeah he said to give me 900 dollars because the state charge them for income tax and his name is jimmy johnson badge number 50174

Same exact thing happened to me today! 202 number too. I did call the number that I was told to call and I could tell right away that it was a scam! I hung up on them.

yes just received a similar call today. gave me a number to call said I was chosen to receive 9,000 in free grant money.

I received a call saying that they were sending me money from the federal government they knew my name in my Address but they did not ask for anything in return but this was the third time they had called and each time it was a different amount of money and I'm in Alabama

Since Sept.2,2014 9 calls from 202 750 0280 with unknown name. A person claiming to be office Lisa Albright with Treasury Inspector Generals office stated my phone number and address is under federal investigation and to contact her on her personal hotline. I have 4 recordings on my answering machine and it's generic recording and sounds like it was done in a tunnel. I lodged a complaint on

Yes that was it... Now my question is who've aluminium and who are gold silver? Who's the real people that can give me right information? Who will call me? Where is my money now? (s) "U"

So for the past couple of days, I've been getting these IRS scam calls. A quick google search suggests it's all a scam, which I learn to post here on this site. The first couple of calls is from a couple of Indian guys who have trouble speaking proper American English. The third call I received now had a female robot voice after I returned their call and asked to stop calling me. Here's the number:

Several calls starting on Sept.1st 2014 to today Sept.4th. All computer generated stating they are from Officer Julie Smith calling from DC/IRS. I needed to call immediately or they would take action? I goggled Julie and it seems this scam is rampant in the states at the moment. They must be making a lot of money to continue this gig. The number is 202-241-9618. Lots of people have written on the internet re: this scam.

I had a robo call from someone named Fernando Rodriqguez claiming to be from the IRS. He left a callback number of 888 398 7206. So should be simple to track down.
For all of those posting a caller ID number.. Those are bogus spoofed numbers. Caller ID is useless tech that scammers have figured out how to bypass years ago.

I had a robo call from someone named Fernando Rodriqguez claiming to be from the IRS. He left a callback number of 888 398 7206. So should be simple to track down.
For all of those posting a caller ID number.. Those are bogus spoofed numbers. Caller ID is useless tech that scammers have figured out how to bypass years ago.

He told me I was going to be deported. Where to? I am an American.

Yeah, when he told me I would be deported and my driver's license revoked, I thought why would I need a driver's license if I'm deported? But like you, I'm American so that's when I asked for proof he was from the IRS and things got angry!

Threatened with arrest if we didn't return the call after refusing to answer these calls for a few days. This time an actual voicemail left on our landline. I called 888-393-2430 to play along a bit. Asked the person's name & with an accent told me Kevin. I insisted on his last name & he became belligerent asking me if I was yelling at the IRS. I then asked for his supervisor's name for me to speak with him. When that guy got on the phone, he repeated his name, I told him I was recording the call & forwarding to authorities. At that time I was told no-no-no, this is a "secret agency" so don't report the call....After I told them never to call again, when I returned home later, yet another voicemail from someone different leaving this same number, named Kevin Shaw & left some IRS badge number as well.....

I had this exact same experience with Kevin Shaw. Played long enough to get his email address -

Got two different calls each with strong accents. Never mentioned my name. Used the term time sensitive and both said they were from the IRS criminal investigations Dept. If I didn't call back there would be serious legal consequences. including my Social Security number under criminal investigation. Never said what the issue was why they called me. I would have to call to find out how to proceed.

I've received several calls from so-called IRS agents (both named Kevin). Heavy accents - threatened me with imminent arrest, lien on home, car, 401K, credit union, etc. They have just enough info to sound legit, but when they threatened to put any of my minor children into foster care I finally got it - FRAUD! Thank you for this site. (They left phone no. 202.580.8719 - not that it matters:)

i just receive call from 202-241-2806 and the indian guys the he told me his from CID and trying to get my info and when i call them back he got freeze when i ask whats department you calling from and he hang up the phone ..

I've received two call so far today also, from 202-241-2829. Call1: A man with a slightly foreign accent identifies himself from the IRS and would like to discuss the lawsuit they've filed against me. When I asked why the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me, he hung up. Call 2: Ignored, and I added to personal blacklist.

I suspect the these sleazeball criminals get so many people on the line that if any sound half intelligent they don't waste their time. They are looking for someone who sounds feable and says "Oh, well please don't do that...I'll pay whatever you want."

I got a call this morning from an unknown number on my cell phone. I am selling something on Craig's list, so I went ahead and answered it. The man (with a very heavy Indian accent) told me that he was calling from the Federal Department of Grants in Washington, DC. He proceeded to tell me that I had been approved for an $8,000.00 government grant that did not need to be paid back. He spouted out several reasons why I qualified, but I could not understand him. He told me to write down my application number, and then told me that I needed to call the number 202-251-2638, which was supposed to be his superior 'Michael Jones,' and give him that application number he gave me, and Michael would instruct me on the next steps I needed to take before going to Western Union to get the grant money. I thought it seemed fishy, but he did not ask me for a credit card or any personal information, he just asked me to verify the info he already had, which was basically my phone number and home address. So I called Michael Jones (Indian accent), and got an outgoing message stating his name, that I had reached the Federal Department of Grants, and asking me to leave a message and he would return my call. I left a message. He never called me back. So, out of curiosity, I called the number for the federal Department of Grants, and by some fluke of luck, got a guy who sells high end massage chairs etc, and I was not aware of this. Apparently, their number is incorrect if you get it from Siri, and he has had a number of these calls. I explained my case. He had a very similar call from these people and asked me to write down his complaint number and encouraged me to also call the FTC, and gave me their number. I filed a complaint, and was told that yes this was a fraud. This evening, I got ANOTHER call from a CA, USA number - 209-813-0503. This man (heavy Indian accent) said a name I didn't understand and then proceeded with the same routine. I told him that I had gotten a call earlier and that I had followed up and found out that they were a scam. He tried to reassure me that some people were running scams, but this was not one of them. I pointed out that no government employee would be calling me at 6:30 on a Friday night, or asking for a credit card, and that I wanted him to remove my phone number and not call again. He began screaming at me at the top of his lungs! He stated my full name, said "I know where you live!,' then after repeating my name and home address several times told me that he was going to come to my house and break in during the middle of the night and cut me, torture me, and rape me!! I told him that I was going to report him again to the FTC, and file a police report. It sounded like he was in a call center with a lot of people all with Indian accents, so hopefully, he is far away! The audacity to call me and then threaten me because I wouldn't help him out with his criminal activity at my expense!

Anna, that sounds horrible--I'm so sorry that happened to you! May God vindicate you and protect you.

This woman is getting desperate Officer Lisa Albreth or Alworth is now different message she now leaves a case file number and a different hotline to contact her 202 241 2796. I did another scam notification on this with This time she does not sound like shes in a tunnel.

I received a call from a computerized female voice claiming to be from the IRS. They said that I owed money and would take action if I didn't call back. This is a scam. The number was 202-506-9224.

Just received 2 calls from 213-401-2830 about "enforcement actions executed by US Treasury" and the need to contact them immediately or face a "criminal offense that will require appearance before a magisterial judge or grand jury." Didn't answer and filed a complaint. The speaker-- Steve Modern or Madden?-- had an accent, phones were ringing noisily in the background, etc. Filed a complaint.

I recieved the same phone call from the same person. I got irate with him, I didn't give out any personal info to him good thinking on my spot I asked to speak with someone I could understand and asked for them to give me more info that they have about me so I knew it was me they were talking about, but they couldn't.. He said after we hang up he would execute the warrant and that I would be arrested within 45 minutes, and spend 6 months in jail, needless to say Im still here,,lol The number was 941 328 9753 out of sarosota florida.

I started receiving calls in Alaska at 5:14 am on a Saturday. My legal background when I heard the message rang in my ears as this is a scam. I have received 3 calls, each 1/2 hour apart with the same African accent and recording that IRS has filed suit against me and I needed to call 202-864-1392. The calls on caller I'd showed the calls originated in order from 202-864-1392: 734-639-0606: and the last call was from 734-486-6955. Needless to say I have added all numbers to blocked and never returned any if the calls.

206-512-1501 IRS scam. Number is out of Washington state. Some kind of computer generated voice. Signs off with 'Have A Great Day' LOL

All the advice and comments here are interesting. But what is being done about scamming callers? Apparently phone systems in the United States are set up just great for them. They can make calls without anyone knowing their whereabouts, they remain anonymous and the only barrier to the scammers and criminals is mediocre advice given out by the FTC and other "look out" organizations. Meanwhile, it appears to be a very lucrative for phone crime with unlikely possibility that criminals and low lifes who destroy people's lives will ever face any penalties whatsoever.

We have also received 2 separate calls on 9/5 & 9/8 from Officer Melvin Badgett at a Washington phone# of 206-512-1496. He said that he was from the Tax Audit Dept. of the IRS and that we have committed tax fraud and we would be arrested. These messages were left on our voicemail.

Just got my second call via a recorded call purporting to be from the US Treasury Dept of Legal Affairs. First one had a 215 area code and said they were from Philadelphia Treasury Office, this one 818-338-2962. I called back and quizzes them. They claimed I owed taxes. They couldn't answer simple questions like "wouldn't you audit me first before sending someone to arrest me" and exactly which division they were from and if they were in Washington DC why were they calling after 6 pm East Coast Time. The more you question them the more likely they are to hang up on you. Various people claimed their names were Robert James, Dave Jackson, Andrew Simon but all with heavy accents. Some hard to understand. I am angry and would love to do anything I could to stop these people. many people are far less savvy than I am and could be taken in.

Received two urgent messages on my answering machine from the "IRS". One from a man, one from a woman. Both had heavy Indian accents.The woman identified herself as "Officer" Rebecca Somebody, and threatened legal action if either I or my lawyer didn't respond to this "time sensitive" warning. The numbers are 202-241-1489 and 866-978-5981

I have also received two calls and voicemails from the 866-978-5981 number both callers had Indian accents as well. The first was a male stating he was an IRS investigator about a "time sensitive" issue and stated that if I don't call him back all he can do is wish me "good luck." The second was from a female stating she was Officer Rebecca Jones and said that I needed to respond to this "extremely time sensitive" issue also stating that if I or my attorney did not respond, "all they can do is wish me a good luck, as the situation is badly imposed on you." Both callers also said that I should call them back on their "hotline."

Just got a call from Officer Julie Smith warning me of action to be taken against me and to have my attorney or myself call her. How nice, she ends with "take care".

Just got a call from Officer Julie Smith warning me of action to be taken against me and to have my attorney or myself call her. How nice, she ends with "take care".

Julie Smith's phone number was 415-251-8906

206-512-1501 IRS call claiming tax evasion charges and will be arrested. Sounds computer generated and says "Have a great day!"

How can we not be able to put an end to this kind of stuff? Just received the same call described above, called the number, and after three tries, finally spent the better part of the last 10 minutes messing with "officer Brian Smith." He started shouting at me after awhile for wasting his time, but now I'm frustrated. These people are awful.

Got a call from 202-241-2796. Total scam pretending to be the IRS. Fraud Scam.

This is another they are using now 1-202-241-8099.


"Extremely time-sensitive" call about a lawsuit from the IRS - which I know is b.s. The phone number is 202-864-1392. The speaker has a fairly strong Middle Eastern or Indian accent and has been persistent about calling. It's quite annoying.

Be aware that every time you call area code 202, it might be a long distance call from your home phone and you are paying for it. You've already been taken once you return the call on the number these scammers left you. Best action is just to ignore these calls. They may be getting their takes on the volume of return calls they receive.

Got the same call as above from "Julie Smith" regarding "time sensitive information". The phone number was also 415-251-8906.

Just for kicks I called the number that was left on my voice mail, 415-251-8906, about my "Urgent Message from the IRS". Turns out, it's a MagicJack phone number that is already disconnected. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the IRS doesn't use MagicJack. :)

Ditto what Lee Marco said....2 calls....215-734-0226 and 267-499-4090 . Said they were with us treasury about criminal offense...let us help you they said. looked up 1 # in Philadelphia. Not bother my time with the other....others beware!!!!

I received a call from (202)248-6158, on Sept 9, 2014. It was a man telling me I had been selected to receive $7000. He knew my name. He said that I did not have to pay back any of these monies. I told him "No thank you." Then I hung up. This is not the first time I've gotten one of these calls. I know this is some sort of scam. I hope no one falls for this.

202-214-0104 phone scam number we got last night from an IRS imposter. Same as all above. This is out of control and MUST be stopped. How is this allowed to keep happening?

I just had the same message, twice, on my phone as the posting by Lee Marco above. A man calling himself Steve Modern or Keith Moddard threatening the same prosecution by the US Treasury Dept. telling me to call back to 267 499-4090.

They are using another # 202-239-1026, A Hindi accent speaking guy

Received several phone voicemails from a woman, Sarah Johnson as well as a call from number 202-239-1470 of DC area saying that I owe IRS money. I was given on the phone the case number IR473222 and badge no of the caller 346293. I was told if I don't take action, they would report me to local police to arrest me. Fraud!

Received 3 messages yesterday from 202-241-0406. asked for me by name. When I asked "who is calling?" they hung up. Today I received message on my answering machine from 312-724-5146 with caller ID showing "Final Notice". Very garbled voice, may have been computer generated, urged me to call 202-241-0406 as soon as possible to avoid IRS issues. Ended by saying something stupid like "Have a nice day." Obvious scam.

I received a call today from 866.978.5981 telling me I owed money for tax evasion. I already was familiar with these people because they called my 81 year old mother in law and my husband called them back - we could tell immediately it was a scam. When I spoke to "Sargent Steve Sasky" today, I laughed at him and he became so angry (even though he was aggressive the second the call started) and asked me if I thought this was a joke. Essentially, the call ended with him threatening me "You have no idea what I will do to you" and then he hung up on me. He was able to tell me my address which did concern me - and I am concerned with what other information these people have (Social Security number???). I have filed a complaint with the FTC - hopefully, they can catch these people before they intimidate people into giving them money.

I got the call from the Indian guy with the name sounded like Steve Martin at 267 499 4090.what clued me in right away is that it's seven thirty a.m. found it interesting that my first reaction was that I probably forgot to pay my tax payment. these jerks benefit from good people like us who assume responsibility before assuming the call is a scam!

I was called today as well. Indian accent. Same threats about owing money to the US Treasury. I have been asked to contact Annie Wilson at 202-241-0406. I reported the whole thing in detail to TIGTA and the FBI.

This message was left on my answering machine. Man had a heavy Indian Accent. I don't understand how anyone falls for this, nor do I understand why the government won't prosecute these guys:
'(215) 734 0226
Thursday | September 12, 2014 | 1:06 PM MDT | 45 seconds
“Hi this message is intended to contact you. My name is Steve Martin and I'm calling regarding an enforcement actions executed by US treasury and
getting your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an additional second attempt, your unintelligible) initial appearance before magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. My number is 215734226. I repeat
215-734-0226. I'd advise you to cooperate with us to help us to help you. Thank you.” '

The best thing we can all do is spread the word and not let our friends and family be taken in. Got the scam call, followed info here. Will be telling people to be aware!

I received the exact same message on my cell phone yesterday. January 21, 2015.... Aggravating as it continued to call me while I was busy painting the exterior of my house. When I called the number that was left on my phone it said it was a magic jack number that was unused.

I've been getting this same message everyday for a few weeks now.. sometimes more than once in a day. Beware, it's still going around!!!

Phone call on 9-17-14
Today I got call from man with "Indian or similar" accent saying that he was from IRS and that a "IRS had a Claim against us" and he needed my attorney's name. When I said I didn't have an attorney he said they would notify the Sheriff office and they would get a summons and take me into custody. I said how do I know you're from the IRS and he said "how do I know you are really Lillian". I told him we never heard of an IRS claim against us by mail he was rude. I called my husband on the cell phone and told him about this (made "IRS" guy wait on phone) , then told him to call my husband's number and talk to him. They did call my husband and he told them he didn't believe that they were IRS - IRS would have sent something in mail - they hung up. Please tell other people so they will not be duped.

I received 2 calls today from the same number-202-751-2564. First left on my voice mail stating matter is going to the Federal Court House and to call before being arrested. 2nd call I answer and the man had a heavy Indian accent, knew my name and said that a lawsuit has been filed. Well,
before he could finish I told him to buzz off and
that I have reported it. Other numbers used 202-280-7395 and 202-241-0583.

Forgot to say the phone number from the bogus IRS was1-888-382-1222.

Robo call from 202-241-0406 claiming to be an IRS agent and saying I needed to call or have atty call...pretty much in line with what others are reporting. It was a dead giveaway that it was a scam since the grammar was bad plus the IRS would send you mail correspondence, not a robo call. I filed a complaint on the TIGTA site and just for good measure called the IRS to verify there was no issue.

Everyone asks why they can't be shut down. The answer is simple with pretty much every one of these. Typically offshore using VoIP and spoofing caller-ID or even if domestic using VoIP and spoofing, it's still difficult for the authorities to track the locations down and by they time they do, they've moved to a new location . It doesn't matter how many DNC lists you're on as those lists are irrelevant to scammers. They prey on people's gullibility and fear.

Never give any info over the phone if you are not absolutely sure who the other end is. Always be wary of calls claiming to be from banks, credit card companies (Card Services is always one they use in scams), the IRS etc. Tell callers such as these that you do not give out personal information over the phone to unverified persons, hang up and make the calls yourself to your bank, credit card company or IRS and only then provide information to identify yourself.

202-241-8332 called me about the IRS suing me and I need to call back ASAP.

Received call from 202-241-7398 pretending to be be from Dept of Legal Affairs of the U.S. Department of Treasury, SERIOUSLY??? we americans are not that stupid. Hey my attorney will contact you just as soon as he is done with the call ahead of mine...Everyone keep posting numbers so the public is aware of all or most of these fraudulent numbers/people and we can choose not to answer and waste our time. Caller ID shows up Unknown name. You people doing these calls really need to get a job and a life. These are such bogus, the IRS would NEVER call, they only send mail/notices.

I received the now common "Melvin Brooks" though with his accent it sounded close to "Nathan" Brooks badge # 20611 saying there was an illegal affidavit filed against my name which include criminal allegations. He then claimed he's from a Tax Bureau Investigation unit and that I had to call back immediately or bad things would happen. Pfft. I did a reverse look up of the number and found a ton of numbers including 202-241-7140 belonging to "Ymax Oration Landline". I called a few of these number and they all seem to go to a Magic Jack Telephone number. Someone at 202-241-7139 answered "IRS this is Mark" also with a heavy Indian accent and when I asked what his address was, he hung up immediately. These sheisters need to be shut down NOW. My 86 year old mother received these calls and that is who they are preying on - the older people who are not used to such scams.

I received a message on my phone this morning from an Officer Charlie King who also had an indian accent. He stated he was from the IRS and that I was being issues a warrant for my arrest for tax fraud unless I took action. Didn't ask for money but stated I was to return his call at 202-864-1626 before further action was taken with the Federal Circuit Court. I tried to return this call a number of times but kept getting a recording that the circuit was busy. I then went on-line and found this site which leads me to believe I too have fallen under a scam scenerio. I will be sure to let my circle know this is happening.

Got a call from 215-734-0224, the name given was Steve Modern, hard to understand possibly Indian accent, threatening I would be brought before a grand jury, but never said for what. We have a land line and very seldom answer it because it is mostly scam phone calls.

I just got a phone call from 202-506-9662 A recorded message from Julie, an IRS agent; demanding me, or my attorney to call her back or else....

guy with extremely heavy inian accent caller ID was a number that was out of order. called back 844-231-2566
he stated that he was with IRS and there was an audit for unpaid taxes. he also said not to interrupt and when i questioned him and his validity he became angry and i hung up on him. what a creep!

We got 3 on Friday Sept 19th from 202-864-1625 with various names each getting more demanding about some lawsuit. Then one on Saturday Sept 27th from Julie Smith at the IRS at 415-251-8890. It seemed strange since I know that the IRS doesn't work on the weekend. Now two today: one from Julie Smith at the IRS at 415-251-8890 and one from Steve Smith from the Department of Treasury Department of Legal Affairs at 323-786-9814. They keep calling at 6am Pacific time which is really annoying.

Phone# (202) 214-7124 Called Me About 20 Times Today. So, I Finally Answered The Phone. They Claim To Be With The Federal Government. They Said Because I Am Not In Debt, And I Have Never Filed For Bankruptcy. That They Are Issuing Me A Loan For 6,879.00. They Say It Is For Home Improvements To Get A Car Or What Ever I Like. That I Will Not Have To Pay It Back. I Could Hardly Understand The Accent. He Asked How I'd Like To Receive The Money. I Said Go Ahead And Mail It To Me. So, He Told Me To Call (239) 719-1459.. I Ain't Calling That Number The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Is Not Issuing Anything For Free ;) Especially From Some Guy You Can't Understand..

I received a voice message today (10/1) from a male caller with a foreign sounding accent saying her was Nick Walker from the Department of Legal Affairs. He said the call was regarding an "important matter" but gave no details about what that may be. His message was hard to understand, and his voice sounded disjointed, like it was computer generated. The caller did not ask for money but gave phrases such as "legal matter" and "law enforcement action". The number he gave to call back was 202-241-8212, which I did not call back. He ended this message with "have a blessed day!". Indeed!

Got the exact same call today (2-20-15) as you described only the call back number was 831-435-1642.

Recorded call from Julie White of IRS from 202-241-7351. Returned call and was advised of criminal pending action. When I asked for "IRS Case # (trying to bluff)they hung up.

Just got a call from unavailable said I got chosen by a demographics survey that they are with the U.S. federal grant dept. and have been awarded 7000$. They gave me a registration # and said to call 360-205-3786. They had Indian accents. Of course I called back to ask a few questions and they got frustrated with me. And before I knew it we were exchanging unpleasant words. Needless to say they hung up on me. Lol. Frauds. This really pisses me off because I've been filling out paper work for my son's college education and they almost had me.

The same exact thing just happened to me!i was told 9,000 dollars. i filed a complaint to the FTC.

I just received a phone call from 18001113344 number claiming I qualify for a $9800.00 grant from the United states federal grant department. I was told to call Stephen Smith and give him a js177 confirmation # at 5165540002 to claim my money. When I called they said to call back in 15minutes because it was still being processed. This was at around 7:30pm today. I called back about 45 minutes later and they are not available now?

Im a idiot got suckered over 1200 eric Johnson washington dc# 202-738-4652 richard norris new york# 315-636-4739 greendot moneypacks from 7eleven they had indian accents

I am a single parent and lost my son cancer!!! I was scammed and it ruined my life! I hope these people get caught!!!

I just filed a complaint similar to above but I want to add a phone # I didn't notice from others. 877-978-6002. The scum bag's name given was "Joy Gordon." Also had thick east Indian accent. I hope we have the means to shut these operations down.

I received a call today from 425-298-9553 in Kirkland, WA. The guys had a strong access (Filipino?) told me he was an IRS office and the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. He said they did an audit of my tax returns from 2008-2012 and there were many miscalculations and misresentations. The IRS was suing me for all sorts of things, including fraud. He then told me he was going to set up an appt. for me to go to the local IRS office and that I had to go right then, and that I could not hand up the call until I got there and my "case was resolved." I asked a lot of questions, and the guy was getting exasperated. Finally,I told him he called me on a land line and how was I supposed to not hang up. He said he would call me back in 10 minutes then hung up. He never called back. I filed a complaint at the FTC, but I'm not sure what they can do.

210-526-6628 (Texas) and 253-271-4485 (Washington state) both claiming to be calling from Washington DC. Can barely understand what they are saying but they claim to be giving free federal grant award of $9,000 but wanted $200 for the processing fee. Tried to have convincing stories with claim numbers and trying to verify personal information.

Received 2 calls so far telling me I would be arrested if I did not give information. Call came from 916-469-6594. Of course I said a few words and hung up. Calling phone company so I get no more calls.

I got a similar call but from an Officer Eric Foster #716-795-0230 from New York. He said stuff I could not understand but basically said either my attorney or I have to call immediately. The call is time sensitive and the only thing he can say is good luck to you if I don't call back. Just thought I would add another number to this list. They called and left me two messages today which both were the same.

October 29th, caller's number 202-350-2716. I Reported it to both the IRS and FTC immediately after listening to the message. the caller had a heavy Indian accent with the name "Sheldon Scott", he said that the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive and that I needed to return the call before legal litigation is taken.

Same here on November 3rd, same number, name, accent and script.

That's the same one I talked to on Nov. 3 and 5. Same number, same name, same accent! I told him I was reporting his number to the police. I'm surprised he kept the phone for 7 days.

I received a call from a "Julie Smith" on 10-29-14 that sounded computer generated. The number was 202-241-8586. The message said that I or my attorney needed to call immediately. It said, "Do not disregard this call." I called and spoke to "Adam Spencer" who was supposedly a chief investigating officer and had a VERY thick accent. I gave NO information.

My guy (with an Indian accent and on a robocall) was Jonathan Knight with an "official" badge no. as an "investigator with the "Federal Department of the IRS." He accused me of tax fraud and urged me to return his call to "resolve" this issue. I haven't called back!

Yeah, "officer knight" has called me twice too. But the call back number he's leaving is only 5 digits long.

My guy was of course very hard to understand. Couldn't make out a name but did understand that there was a warrant out for my arrest! Said he was from the tax fraud unit of the IRS phrased exactly. Also said that I and my physical property where being watched. Of course asked that I call him back. This number was 202-470-3309

My calls were from Steve Smith with an Indian accent. 202-241-8105 was his number. He said he was taking legal action with the US Treasury Dept and would be sending federal officers to our house within 3 days to arrest us. He has called back twice. Someone needs to do something about this scam because they really do try and scare people.

My calls from the "IRS" between Nov. 3 and Nov. 5, 2014, used the number 202-350-2716. The person who answered my return call ("Chris DeCosta") sounded exactly like the person who left the message ("Sheldon Scott") - Indian accent. Said I ignored notice of certified letter taped to my door. Said I could not go to local IRS office - they didn't have the information yet. Could not give me any information about where I had made a deliberate deception on my tax returns. Threatened immediate arrest, seizure of all assets and income. Said I could not use any form of bank payment. I had to get "vouchers" from 4 or 5 "Federal stores"... like 7-11 or CVS! Pay the IRS through 7-11?? "Proved" he was from the IRS by saying we would be using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). If I told anyone what was going on or if I disconnected he would file the lawsuit and I would be arrested in 3 hours. Wanted my cell phone # so he could keep me under surveillance while I went to bank and stores. Turned out he didn't want to use EFTPS, he wanted me to put money on prepaid debit cards that do not have "VISA" or "MasterCard" on them. I have never used a card like that and I don't know how they work, but he was telling me I could keep the cards until I got the paperwork as long as I gave him information about the card. I'm guessing the "information" on the card would allow him to get the money without having the card. I told him to send the police to arrest me and hung up. The police never came. ;)

Received another call today, 11/10/14 from a Philly area code stating he (Gary, thick accent) was from the Department of Legal Affairs and if we did not call back we would "have lots of big legal mess." so I picked up the phone and informed him that I had already reported him to the FTC and he YELLED at me! He said , "You are to be arrested maam! Arrested!" And I so in response, I advised him of what he should go do to himself while I waited for the authorities and then thanked him and hung up. This is the second such call and I am getting more and more angry.

#571-290-2049 Message left on answering machine from Badge #594982 (guy with Middle Eastern accent who didn't leave his name) saying he was from IRS Headquarters. Did not say who he was calling for, but that a case was filed at the Federal Courthouse. If we did not call, a warrant would be issued by our county sheriff, be prepared to face legal consequences & to be arrested. Then says "Have a Blessed Day!"
Do not even talk to these people. FTC, Please do something about these calls!

Got numerous calls from 425-298-9553 threatening me with a lawsuit if I didn't call them back immediately. This number is in Washington State. I live in PA. Go figure! Needless to say I haven't called back!

3 calls from that number in the last 2 days - blocking it

Well, just as I was reading these comments, guess what--a call from the scammers. It came at about 8:30 AM Hawaiian Time and consisted of a female recorded voice telling me that the IRS was aout to file a lawsuit and leaving a 202 number to call for more information. Needless to say, I ignored the call. A few weeks back I got a call at 5"30 AM from a person with a deep Indian accent threatening all kinds of dire actions if I didn't immediately pay up. I think these scanners redouble their efforts as holiday and tax time approaches. They are like the droppings from Santa's reindeer. By the way, the number on my caller id was 1-834-563-8766. Though I doubt much can be done snce they are probably acting outside of the US, it would be good to catch them and put them in a cell and constantly bombard them with telemarketer calls 24/7.


Had this guy with Indian accent call me numerous times from different numbers. He continues to call me, but the funny part was I was giving him fake information and had him going. I had a good laugh at his expense. Told him I was cooking and out him on hold for a few minutes. Then I kept saying I couldn't hear him which frustrated him more and more. Finally my boyfriend and I told him off and out the same effort into finding a job as he has with the phone calls he makes to people. We told him he was a loser and to get a job! He said fu to us and we just laughed bcuz of his heavy Indian accent. LOL. Don't fall for it. They will tell you anything and everything to get your info and money.

Today November 24 2014 @ 12:28pm I received a call from 202-684-3479. Stating the I was selected from a federal government grant to receive $7,000.00 of free money. And that I had to call a Marvin smida for more information I call 219-232-9552 @ 12:59. Talk with a foreign man by the name of Marvin Smida telling me that need to wire 200.00 dollars in order to receive my 7,000.00 cash money through money gram. Why ppl want to scam other out of their money is very same.

Received a call from an unknown caller said his name was David Anderson (of course not) and said I was selected to receive a government grant for $9,400. Asked about my banking account and if I had a visa card. And then went on asking about my job (he actually had some of my work info.) He went on to mention my home address, I told him what he had was correct (of course he was WRONG!) I just went with it. I told him I wasn't going to give him any account information. If I had to pay for the money, to just take it out of the money he was giving me. He said he couldn't do that, then I said write me a check and send it to me, he said "I'm not authorized to do that!" He said he could western union it to me, but I had to call his verification manager. I said what's his name, he gave me like 3 names all ran together, I asked which one is it? He said to take it serious, don't you need this money for bills, debt and other things, well then call 253-271-4485, I said I hope you're not scamming (of course I knew he was) cause yes I can use the money, so I called and no one answered - of course! I know he didn't plan for that call to go that way....

My call sounds just like the ones above where someone from India claims to be an IRS rep and threatens to freeze assets and arrest me. I got a crappy automated voicemail telling me to call 866-978-8128. So I called and got pretty much the same as others. As soon as I called and someone at the 'IRS' answered the phone immediately and had my name just knowing my phone number, I knew it couldn't be the IRS and it must be a scam. Never got to the point where they ask for money.

Just received a call from "Stephen Rogers" with the US Gov. Wanted to give me $7000 but first I must pay a processing fee of $255 using a greendot card. After I got the card I was to call him at 202-239-8429. Of course, I never called him but did report it to the FTC and our local police. The police said the call was coming from Jamaica. The caller had an accent but I couldn't say if it was Jamaican or Indian. I could hear children playing in the background. He ended the call with "God bless!"

Okay, just got a robo call.
I wrote it down word for word eliding nothing.
Note the grammar and that it does not say who
it's for or mention a case #.

We have been trying to reach you.
This automated message should be considered as
a final notice from IRS, Internal Revenue Service.
This reason of this call is to inform you that
IRS is filing lawsuit against you.

To get more information about this case file, please call
immediately on 202-470-6039. I repeat 202-470-6039.

Thank you."

I just received this same message on December 10, 2014, on my answering machine. The number on the caller ID was 728-596-6534 (which is not a working number) and the phone number on the answering machine was 206-801-1902.

There is a new scam in which an individual contacts you and say they are having problems verifying your social security number on your application for help with drug costs of your Medicare Part D Coverage. this person had my first and last name and was 1 number off of my social security number. So I asked her to verify the information because I'm not giving my social security number over the phone. When I stated the number she said was on my application was correct she then informed it was not correct and maybe the incorrect number could be something else. She then gave me a telephone number to reach her, I didn't take down the number.

On the caller id it states U.S. Government Wilkes Barre, PA.570-831-1296. My phone listed the number as possible spam. I contacted the number and it gave the correct number to the social security administration but you could no leave a message.

She then called me back approximately 5 minutes later and said she needed my address to send the information that was missing. I told her if she pulled up my name she would get it and to try her scam on the next one. She never called back

I received a call saying I chosen to receive a Federal grant of $9,000. It was from a #202-000-1111. This was a foreign person with a deep hard to understand accent. He then gave me a phone to call to contact and an I.D #. He said it was Fed. gov't grand dept. This just didd't sound right. Question him about scam calls, he insisted me to call202-697-9901 to receive the grant. He wasn't authorized to issue the grant. I told him that I will check this out with BBB and give the number a call if I can verify this is not a scam. After reading FTC scam page, I knew this was a scam

Same thing happend to me, they've been caling very often since I don't give them a call back to get my grant.

Got a robocall about a lawsuit that will be filed in my county courthouse (message on my answering machine). The machine cut off who was calling, so I called the number back (202-241-3502). I was already suspicious because there was no case/reference number left with the message, then a guy with an Indian accent answered and said he was with the IRS and wanted to know if I knew about the lawsuit. Then he wanted to tell me about it over the phone. I told him to mail it to my house in writing and he hung up on me. Gets them every time!!! While I was filing a complaint, the robocall called again...stupid rabbit, tricks are for kids!!!

I think next time they call, I'm going to calmly tell them I hope they enjoy being reincarnated as a cockroach, and quietly hang up. Maybe it will get them thinking subconsciously about what they are doing. (I love messing with people's minds - )

Had the same call and voicemail left as Transparent from 12/11/14. I thought it was fishy because lawsuit info is almost always corresponded through certified mail. Not to mention there was no specific info left (case #, name, etc). Called back (202-241-3502) and it said that the mailbox was full. Dead giveaway.

I received a call tonight at home on my landline (I did not answer). The message was from "Officer Melvin Becker from the Internal Revenue Service regarding legal action against me for tax evasion". The message asked that I return the call immediately at 202-470-0931.

Just got a call an I won a grant money from the government. 5,000.00. I was suppose to call back to 202 7384703. Sure hope he is not holding his breath waiting for me to call. Oh his name is Jimmy Johnson.The lady calling me even told me to have a blessed day. How dare her, when she is trying to rip someone off.

Got 2 calls from IRS agent Julie Smith robot like message left instructing to call or have my attorney of record call (585)-364-6542 it is a time sensitive issue and do not ignore the call before they take action against me. I reported it to FTC and other agencies. I did not return the call. Reverse number look up shows this number is a landlines in Rochester NY for YMZ communications.

Got a call from (202)201-0865 from a woman named "Evelyn Smith" with an Indian accent telling me that a was awarded a federal grant of $9000.00. All I had to do was call (917)310-1045 with approval ID number. This guy asked me to go to Walgreens and send a refunddable $250 via Green Dot to retrieve the grant. I hung up! The End.

I received a call from 202-666-1880. A man with a thick accent (who told me his name was Thomas Williams - which sounds like a lie to me) called me and told me I had been selected randomly by the Federal Government to receive $5,000.00 to go towards my debt, student loans or to use how I please. When I asked why, he explained that I have no criminal history and have always paid my taxes so this is a reward that I was chosen to receive out of a group in my area. I have recently changed my phone number and he did NOT have my name or address right. I was hesitant but curious so I gave him that information. Then he asked me for an prepaid card account number or a creditdebit card account that he could use to send the money. I did NOT give him any account information. I asked to speak with someone above him first. He gave me a confirmation number, a phone number (202-470-3911) and a name of someone (Officer Harry Gibson) who would be calling me. I find it hard to believe that I have been awarded a sum of money from the government when they didn't even have my name correct yet they STILL wanted to award it to me? SCAM.

Call from "IRS treasury office " asking to pay $4498.68 for taxes we may have filed incorrectly in 2011, and we owed them $4498.68. threatened to release the arrest warrent if money not paid soon. Forced to buy Money pack cards from speed way, and took $2500 already, and another $1500 at second speedway (but prevented by cashier who told me it was a scam), was getting 911 calls and other calls while I was on line with the caller (>2 hours). called local police officer who couldn't do anything.

I just got a call from an Unknown number. It has called me a few times. Today while is was getting ready for work I answered to see what it was about. A lady with a thick Indian accent told me I was selected to receive a $9000 grant. She also asked for my age. I knew then I was a scam, if she was the government and knew I didn't have a criminal record and paid my taxes on time she would know my age. So I played along to see where this was going. She gave me a report number to give to her "supervisor" and he would let me know what I needed to do to get my money. When I called the first time I got a recording saying the person at 2024369793 was unavailable. I called back and he answered and said he saw that I called twice. He too had an accent and it was hard to understand. When I told him I work for the government was I still allegeable for this grant he just kept saying ok. Then I told him I work for the treasury department was I still allegeable he said ok. Then he paused for a few seconds and told me to go to the closest store that allows money grams and when I got there to call him back so he can give the teller the information. I also had to bring like $220 in cash to send. I asked why cash why couldn't I use my card to pay the $220. Instead of telling me that with money orders you cant do that he just said that because I was randomly selected by the government I had to pay in cash to the US Revenue Dept. He kept telling me to hurry up and get to the store so he could send me my money. TOTAL SCAM!!!Good thing he has a PO Box for an address and a junk email I have for unimportant things.

Phone message left for me. Heavy Indian accent, said his name was Mark Hansen. Said he was calling from US Treasury, Dept. of Legal Affairs. Call back number was a 415 area code (San Francisco). Message was for me or my attorney to call back to avoid a "mess of trouble" over a matter involving some form of enforcement against "a neighbor"
I did not call back. I reported this to Treasury who said it was a scam. No amount of money was every mentioned.

Got a call from good ol' Officer Jonathan Knight from the IRS stating that I was defrauding the government and should call back immediately if I didn't want to get in trouble. Funny how he didn't leave a call back number. Heavy accent that sounded more Eastern European to me.

Now they are using the code we are from the Consumer protection agency a 202-558-4623 an officer Vincent after I cussed them out they hung up

I received a call yesterday telling me that the IRS was about to freeze my bank accounts unless I immediately paid $3,000. They told me I could pay them via credit card. Caller had a West African accent. I told him I knew it was a lie and he started yelling at me and said I was stupid

Got a call 3-5-15 from 909-271-9702 Officer David Miller With the department of US Treasury, saying i had an error on taxes December 2011. At first I thought it was real until they said I could not pay back the amount of 6,000 I owe, then all of sudden told me if i pay I will not get arrested. They told me not to share any of this information with a third parts and if I hung up, my arrest would be issued! The Department of Treasury need to put a special team in place to STOP this Fraud going with these third world countries. Luckily I did not share any personal information nor did I give up any money.

Yesterday at about 1:00 p.m. I received an unknown call. The man asked for me by name, and he also asked me if I was married to (stated my wife's name correctly). He identified himself as representing the IRS and gave me his name (Steven Benson), Badge #112356 and employee code 8929. He then gave me a case number. This man had an Indian accent as well. He continued to say that this was in regards to my wife and I intentionally lying on our tax returns, and that an audit from the years 2008 to 2012 showed that we owed $8692. He then stated that we had failed to respond to a house visit on August 15,2014 in which no one answered the door and a subsequent visit on September 25, 2014 (in which this time a note was left on the door for us to respond to this matter immediately). He said that under chapter 13 section 37, that we were in violation, and also stated Internal Revenue code 6331H. He was going on and on, and was hard to keep up with what he was saying. I couldn't remember any such visits plus my wife and I have always been very careful filing our income taxes, and have never tried to lie on our taxes. The man asked me to stop my car somewhere so that he could talk to me, and so that I could write some of the information he was giving me. He asked me how much battery was available on my cell phone, and if I had a phone charger in my car. He then told me that I would be arrested within the next 30 minutes, and that all my assets would be frozen (mentioned that bank accounts, social security checks, any retirement checks, cars, house,etc. would be frozen or taken from us for a whole year) if we did not take care of this matter immediately. I was thinking all along that this cannot possibly be true, but the man was talking like he meant business, and kept on and on. I asked him if there was any way that I could talk to somebody else about this so that I could verify what the problem was, and to maybe make arrangements to pay in case this was true. He then went on to say that if I was claiming that I did not intentionally try to defraud the federal government(IRS), and am willing to take steps to rectify the situation, that under (OOCR-whatever this is??) that the IRS could work with me. I was told that in order to do this, that I could not hang up, and that I had to continue following the instructions he was going to give me. That to show prove that the money would go to the IRS, that the payment would be done through the Electronic Tax Payment System, and he would then start giving me instructions. He then asked me if I could go to the bank to get the money. I told him that my bank was 30 miles away, and that I didn't have the $8692 available anyway. He then said that I would have to at least pay half of this. Again, I told him that I didn't have that either, and that it would take hours before I could go and borrow the money. All along I was thinking that there is no way the IRS would be pressuring anyone to resolve a matter such as this immediately and over the phone. He asked how much I could give. I asked him to let me talk to his supervisor, because he kept on saying that he would need to consult with his supervisor and get back to me, but to stay on the line. When I asked him to speak to his supervisor, I told him that the most I could possible give was $50, and that his supervisor and I could come to some agreement. I could tell he was very annoyed with me. I was just waiting to see what else he was going to come up with. All along I wanted to tell him off, but was thinking, what if our government has resorted to this type of strong arm techniques to harass their own people. With all the IRS scandals out there, I was holding back and giving courteous responses. I wasn't going to pay anything (at least not before I would get home and research this), but I was being cautious and tried to see what all this was leading to. Surprisingly, he hung up on me, and that was that. After reading everyone's comments on this forum, I decided to share this with you. I join in your frustration, and believe that we owe this to each other to keep informed, and to inform as many of our friends, relatives, strangers. It is a shame our government has not been able to crack down on this. There has to be a way!

You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

You're right; if you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail. The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid debit card, or ask you to share your credit card information over the phone. The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment, or call about taxes you owe without first having mailed you a bill.

A guy named "steven Johnson" from the "federal investigators" called at my husband's place of work and left a message with his boss. My husband tried to call back but got a busy signal. He told me to call 646 583 1335. All it does is ring and no voice mail. The "federal investigator" didn't leave a company name. We keep getting harassed from various people but it's my husband who keeps getting the scam callers. Last year he went on-line and he was applying for a loan from what he thought was a legitimate company. He was told to put all his bank and social details online and send them $2,000 - he did and never saw it again! Since then, he has gotten all kinds of callers and they always call his place of work to embarrass or to try and intimidate him. We must be living in the fraud capital of the world of SC!

Received a voice mail twice from (646) 583-1335 similar to Anna in SC above. Federal Investigator claiming that I must call a Mr. Johnson because of a legal complaint. When I called from a blocked number he claimed to be a person with a different first name but last name Johnson. This is a very shabby fraud scheme and should be avoided.

Tell them you know it's a scam; they'll hang up on you. What gov't agency will do that? Chalatans!

Just received a call saying I have won a Federal Grant...I am one of 1,760 no less that has won this grant! Oh boy! Now call this number:202-436-9916...and then who knows? They would probably ask for my bank account number...I am in Alabama..

Amazing how all of these idiots with VERY thick accents and little use of English all seem to have American Names. What a crock.

FYI: The FBI will NOT contact anyone by phone They show up at your door with ID in hand, IRS sends a letter via postal mail, as does Medicare and Social Security.. I do not have Caller ID, I don't need it I know how to HANG UP the phone. I don't do surveys, or anything like that over the phone. They look up your "relatives" online even if those with the same surname aren't related to you. Too much wrong info on those lookup sites, oh and they don't just pick on elderly people,, there are many people who have SSDI and Medicare under the age of 50. They get targeted too.

Never ever give out ANY of your personal info over the phone not even so much the name of your dog.

Just got a call from 716-902-6317, Couldn't even understand them - definitely a fake IRS agent.

I received a call today from 202-738-4703 said they were IRS and to pay 7.000.00 or go to jail and have my assects frozen.

After reading the IRS handbook I knew that this was a fake scammer.Glad to see other people didnot get caught up in this scam!!!

I just got one right now from +1 (904) 256-9180 FL, USA I told him to send me a letter then hang up he tried to call again twice and I answered the last one and told him the same thing and won't listen anything from him then say goodbye thank you then hang up

If anyone calls telling you that you have been chosen to receive grant money for heavens sake don't believe them they asked me to send them $210 for a registration fee before I could receive my check, bull crap! they claimed to be from the US Government. This is the number they called from 1-209-753-4937,then they had me call the so called accountant at 1-646-401-0092 that who asked me to send the money. so beware of the scammers...

Get weird calls all the time from people with foreign accents pretending to be this that and the other. So far none of them pretending to be irs. But I was on hold with one gov agency so I put it on speaker phone,on both phones, one of the phones had a call break through and they said they were with one of the agencies I was calling, but funny thing is my other phone that was on speaker phone did not have that call break through, it was still playing the background hold music. So I hung up. Please American Gov. save us from this foreign hell.Someones got a hold of my computer too and has put porn on it and I cant get rid of the virus or whoever is controlling my computer. I think I should ditch the computer and the internet and all of my phones too. I can't trust none of it anyway.

Anyways , I'll try to post one more time. I've been ahving fake phone calls for the past 6 yrs.

I received a phone call fro california court house that I will be suit if I do not pay something that I purcahsed back in 2013. They give me a phone number to call, before case is finally issue, tha call was from 213-402-0539 and the number they give me to call was 512-394-8111, does anyone recognized those numbers?

If you know you have a debt, call the company you did business with. Ask them about your account balance.

The call might be from someone who is trying to scare you and make you send money.

If the caller says he is at a court house, look up the number for the court house. You can call the court house and ask if there is really a case.


Got a couple calls today from 908-652-9176 - Washington NJ on caller ID. They claimed to be from the Dept of Justice. Said I was being sued on a message and that I would basically in big trouble if I didn't call back. I ended up calling back mostly cause I wanted my number off their list. The man (foreign) started their spiel, gave me an ID# and said I had either not paid or lied on my 2012 taxes. I started asking questions and was hung up on. I looked up the number but nothing registered, then I searched "Received call from someone claiming to be with Department of Justice" and got a notice from the NJ DOJ that there is a scam alert about this very thing. I called back and asked to speak to their supervisor, that I thought this was a scam call. Hung up on again. I called 3 times, got hung up on 2 more times. Finally it rang and rang, they finally answered and I told them to take my number off this list and never call me again. We'll see...I also filed a complaint at the FTC website.

Heads up to whoever: Received call 12-10-15 at 10am est from lazy-talking woman claiming I won $15,000 from the Federal Reserve in Nevada. I asked who she'd like to speak to, she had no name, only my phone number. "I" won but she didn't know who "I" was. When I asked for a call back number and name she said: 202-793-4005.. Lisa White. Didn't give her a chance to ask for my personal info. (My caller ID said caller # withheld). She also mentioned being affiliated with Bank of America... giving my former employer a bad name. Bad fraudster. Bad (squinting eyes). Hope it helps someone else.

Here is a link to get to the website where there is a link to file a complaint about an IRS imposter:

I've been getting hear calls but instead of a number showing up its no caller id said they got a package that looks suspicious if I don't pay other half of shipping fee it won't get delivered and they will open it claiming they've seen this before and know what it is and they will file charges..... Heavy Indian access (do this ppl even work for irs [not trying to sound racist]). Anyway they want 200 wired to them.
So my question inshore would I report this if odk what number they r calling from

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's important to submit a formal complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's database and these complaints could help in their investigations.Please go to to report this.

Here is the silliest question in the world: why wont' the FTC/ IRS do anything to stop the criminals? Too silly perhaps? I'm guessing they get a kickback from the scammers, or there would be more action taken.

I just received a weird phone call and the message said, Badge # 5165 and to call 214-427-4651 or I could be facing a Grand Jury for Tax Fraud. When I called the number it is a Texas # they started trying to get information from me which I declined to give and hung up.I knew it was a scam because we use H&R Block to our taxes and they would have notified me if something was wrong.

I got a call today from a restricted # and the thick accented woman told me i won money thru the treasury departmemt i wasnt about to give up my account information so they said western union was an option. I could hear several people in the background making similar calls. She said to call 202-643-3251 to speak to the treasury department and verify my confirmation id number that she gave me NA234. I knew it was scam right away especially when I did call that number and heard another very thick Indian accented persons voicemail picked up so I hung up. That number called me back five minutes later but I didn't answer. Someone needs to put a stop to these scammers. She gave me very basic information about myself. Like my name address and phone number. I do online surveys sometimes so I'm thinking that's where they found my info. I've had a different phone since the last time I filled for taxes so there's no way they would have my new cell number.

received a call from a fellow (heavy Indonesian accent) whom claimed I was selected by the federal government to take a survey and that I would be compensated for it by having funds deposited directly into my account. The number came up unavailable. when I asked him to give me more details about the department and which federal government (I'm very well aware that there are more than just one country that has a federal government). he would only tell me the same spiel. "You have been chosen by the federal government to take a survey and you will be compensated for your time via direct deposit into your bank account." after roughly 45 seconds of me constantly asking for more details the person hung up.

This idiot called a friend of mine. She stated this is not how the government works. He became irate and threatened to cut her ears off. Wth. I stepped in and asked him would you like my checking account number. He went from irate to silent. Do these cowards approach mainly women and the elderly. I didn't even challenge his manhood. What a sham. These people need to get a job or stand up to they're own govt. He simply hung up the phone.

Hello ya'll. I just got 7 phone calls in last 2 days from (202)0111401. I told him, he is calling wrong number, there is no Mike here, and please dont call again, gues what he told me " f@%# you, i will call you every day. I am going to block this number, it is scam.

I just received a voicemail from a 202-556-2695 phone number and the beginning was cut off but the remainder of the voicemail indicated,

"final attempt, to avoid initial appearance before magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense, speak to a federal agent by calling 202-556-2695. I repeat

I received the same voice message from the same number. Almost 100% positive its a scam...

Scammers/fraudsters called from (515)306-5183
I don't pick-up unknown numbers so they left voicemail about IRS... action... taxes... investigation.. blah blah... and asking to call back (515)306-5183

Seems like people scammers/fraudsters feeling comfortable since government, police, IRS and many many agencies doing nothing (very professionally nothing!) to catch them. All phone lines is being listened/recorded, you can't do anything without being watched and this still happening??? WOW!

I called back for the giggle. they answered "Internal Revenue Service." Indian accent. I got the guy going... IRS Officer John Green Badge IRM 115 Criminal Inv Dept They want $7500 to IRS 2008 to 2013 random audit $7500 demanded today or arrest

Options to avoid any escalation:
1) Tell them immediately or as soon as you know that they are a scam and hang up. They likely won't call you back because they know you are not a mark.
2) If you have engaged them on a previous call. Tell them that you now know that they are a scam. They will probably still try to call you back, what worked with a friend of mine is that I got on the line and said that the man would go the path of adhogati.....she never got another call again!

Just had one of those calls a few min ago from WA state # says the Washington state IRS CID is issuing a federal warrant for me if I don't call immediately...ya...ok I'm game...WA doesn't have state income tax lol. So I called and asked where his office was so I could come a discuss it personally with him. He said that that info was confidential. I said must be super secret since there isn't a state personal income tax. He shouted that I would be taken into custody in a half hour if I did not follow his instructions to the letter. So I asked him what my address was...he gave me an 8 y/o address to a house I sold...rofl. I called him on it and he started in again about arrest. I interrupted and said I was a field agent on IBS task force to find scum like him and said thanks for staying on the line for so long for the trace. He hung up. Wonder if he ever learned what IBS is lol. Good times...I know it's a serious problem but I could mess with these guys all day long....

I received a call from 843-742-9604. His name was Walter James Badge # IRN07862. He said I had received two notifications in the mail about oweing back taxes, and I had to report to Washington DC after picking up papers from the postal service and filling them out. Jan7, 2016 he said I was notified by phone, as a random call. He gave me a case number of CP10173T.I told him this was a scam, because we didn't owe any back taxes in 2005. He was an Indian or foreign sounding guy. I hung up on him. 9-9-2016, I received another one, with a recording to call 603-941-5795. I just hung up. These people also call about a computer, and said I had downloaded a software last year, and they need to update it. I always tell them, I am reporting the number to the sheriff's office, and they hang up.Sometimes, I tell them I don't have a computer, or NO, I am not turning it on....They need to catch these people! I have reported them in before, with no calls back, to update me? BEWARE!

Today I received a call from a 1(888) 566-9966 number saying I won money and that they would send me the money through western union or then can deposit it to my account and saying to call (206)472-6020 to process the whole thing . They said they were calling from the United Stated Federal in Washington he had an Indian accent as well .

I just received a phone call 206-400-6855 from the Washington state area saying that they were calling on behalf of Steven Johnson and the IRS. They said they had a federal complaint against me and I must call back or they would take legal action. I do not buy into this nonsense. They will be reported.

I am a medical professional: during the last 2 months I have received numerous scams from NY, Sacramento, FL, all the same/similar text on the office and my personal cell number too. My question is: what does or does not FTC and TIGTA do? Why do we report them if they keep continue harassing us?

Call came from (214) 212-0913
Name displayed as United States

Assuming this is a scam as no message was left.

I receive a call Friday from labor law and its Veterans Day his claiming someone complain about me at first he uses private number then he gave me 1888 toll free number and then second call he left the 213 347 4089 any one recognize this number? Pls advice I'm so worried plus my staff been with me for 8 years I have the same one from the beggining

This sounds like a scam.

On Veterans Day, all governement workers had a holiday. A true government worker would not call you on a federal holiday. A true government worker would identify himself and tell you his name and office number.

If anyone calls you and says they are from the government, ask them for their name, the name of their agency, and their email address. A true government worker will give you all that information. A true federal government worker will have an email address that ends in ".gov" with nothing after that.

If someone calls and impersonates a federal worker, you can hang up, or report them to the Federal Trade Commission at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations.


I just got a call from an auditor from number 707 334 5665. I hung up.

I also had a call yesterday at my work phone number telling me I had a fraudulent in my name. Phone number (860)362-0024, the number is from Canaan, CT.

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