Clicking for support could cost you

The next time you get a message offering to fix a supposed problem with your computer, you might keep this in mind: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Because there’s a good chance that call is a tech support scam.

Today, the FTC announced a case against Click4Support, charging the company with fleecing people out of up to thousands of dollars per consumer. Here’s how it worked, according to the FTC: the company used search engine results and pop-up ads, which seemed to come from well-known tech companies, but did not. Those ads drove people to telemarketing centers. If you called, the Click4Support reps would get remote access to your computer to – ahem – identify and resolve issues. Then the reps would make you believe your computer had a virus, spyware, malware, or was otherwise compromised.  But the FTC says those claims were false.  

Then, according to the FTC, the company sold their tech support “service” to consumers. That meant anything from a one-time “fix” to a long-term services plan, and cost from $69 to thousands of dollars. The FTC estimates these fees added up to more than $17.9 million for Click4Support. And what did consumers get? Big charges for unnecessary so-called repairs – which, in fact, sometimes damaged computers, according to the FTC.

If you see a pop-up, an ad, or get a call for tech support services, here are some ways to keep your money to yourself:

  • Don’t give access to your computer to anyone who contacts you.
  • Never give your credit card or financial information – or your passwords – to anyone who calls asking for them.
  • Hang up on anyone who pressures you to pay for a computer security product or service. If you have concerns about your computer’s security, call a reputable computer security company using a number you know is really theirs.  If you need to check a company out, search its name online with words like “review,” “complaint,” or “scam.”


My computer is not even set up &they call me almost daily! I'm using my mobile phone!

Same here! 11/20/15

If I am doing a mindless sort of task, I do my best to waste their time when they call. I play along as though I believe them and in the end make fun of them. I waste their precious time scamming innocent people.


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I don't trust those so called reputable virus protection programs either. They always find viruses even after a fresh cleaning. They want to sell their protection product. If you do buy it and let it expire, it will leave a nasty virus behind.

I got caught in this scam and paid $98.00 for a fix on line that ended up costing over $800.00 and two computers, as well as dropping a class as I am an online degree student. I hope that some enforceable internet regulation is passed soon.

I had the same thing happen to me, I contacted the FBI it has cost me hundreds to have my computer repaired, also since I have their phone number I call them and drive them nuts with stupid time wasting questions.

Just got caught yesterday, Now the company is called "Support By Techies". I followed a pop-up for my online "MCAFEE" support renewal and they picked it up & redirected everything to their website.

They told me I could not renew my subscription to MCAFEE because it had run out over a month ago and my computer was infected with viruses. I told them I wanted the MCAFEE program & they said they could clean up my computer so that MCAFEE could be installed. They needed access to my computer system to perform the work.

They then told me they could also supply on-going support for my vulnerable system along with the virus protection program. Long story short, they are not associated with MCAFEE and are a scam. If you get a pop-up for renewal be careful, MCAFEE (INTEL) recommends you call their direct # 866-622-3911 and use their Tech Support to assure yourself of a trusted program & correct installation as well as followup support. Luckily I used Discover to pay them and have initiated (opened) a dispute of the charge and will followup with any action I can. I will be adding a complaint to the files kept on this company by the BBB. I'm on this site researching similar schemes to see if filling a complaint with the FTC has merit. If anyone can add feedback to this subject it would be welcomed. Thanks and have a great day !!

I've gotten pop ups like that and it totally stops you from doing anything except clicking on the ad. Also says "don't shut your computer off" I shut it off.

I got one recently that said I had the Trojan virus and needed to buy spyware immediately. My Apple guy had said to never buy these products and, in fact, when I did my computer was totally screwed up until he removed it.

I almost fell for that one but I woke up before it was too late. We always have to be alert.

I got taken my a company who pretended to be microsoft

I have received phone calls from someone who state he is Microsoft employee. And that my PC is infested with all sorts of negative issues. And he will fix the problem for a fee of around $180. and wants only my bank account number and routing number. He will not accept a credit card. So I gave a bogus account number and solved that scam. Then I blocked the telephone number on my phone system. Every time someone calls with similar offers, I block their phone number also.

Mr. King, this JUST happened to me, I JUST reported it. I am lucky, I felt something was off, lied to the caller, then waited and called the phone back from a different line. A woman answered and just said hello. I knew then this was not the real Microsoft. I am so angered. I really hope the FTC gets back to me fast because these scammers are due to call me back. I want these people caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!! This kind of stuff should NOT continue....

How do you know if it was Microsoft or not. My computer was frozen up. It said do not turn off. I called the number given, (Which was supposed to br Microsoft) but I was skeptical from the start as they spoke with an a heavy accent. Even though I skeptical (and I guess stupid) I let them take over my computer and paid $99 for support and "Stop Zilla" for a year. They wanted me to call the next day and tell them if everything was working OK, which I did not do. He called me many times, and I did not answer the phone. My charge card was billed to PC Support Services, LLC in CT. I still don't know if I was scammed or not, but I do not trust them. I am supposed to call every month so they can clean up computer, but I have not done so. What do you think? Was it a scam?

I think you were scammed. I fell for something very similar.819

I had the same thing happen to me by PC Support Services. I paid $99 for support for 1year. It was definitely a scam. I got nothing but a one time scan of my computer and they showed me all these problems my computer supposedly had at that time. He called me the next day and asked if my computer was working better and said I should call him if I had anymore problems The service I paid for was for one year. I googled the telephone number and I saw that it was all a scam. Needless to day I was very upset. I wanted to report this incident but I did not know whom to report it to.

You can report it to the FTC. Follow this link to You can give details about the company and what happened after you paid. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I just got the pop up a and the letter to not shut off my computer, course I shut it off, and now they are calling me like three times a day. Today th Ed you ask if I was male or female, I said what does it matter your not from Windows cause Microsoft won't call me he said no I am not from Microsoft I am from Windows and we call I said "you are full of "s" they won't call either. Thanks I told him I was going to turn him in if he did not stop calling now that I have their number he than said I was full of "S" I don't think Microsoft or. WINDOWS WOULD SAY SOMETHING GOOD LIKE THAT..

My daughter-in-law was on her computer yesterday, suddenly the screen went black and a pop up came up. The pop up said to call call a number for Microsoft Tech support. She called and this guy name John with a heavy Indian accent answered. This is haw they want to scam you instead of them calling you they have you call them, then they say it's not a scam you called us. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER, IT IS A SCAM. They did the same thing on my grandsons computer.

John, a guy from India scammed us out of India. They, a Steven, too, are selling life time contracts at the rate of $699. The credit card company is protecting them, but now the / cyber crime is investigating.

I was scammed by some one pretending to be Microsoft also. Very up setting.

I was scamed by this kind of service. A pop up ad continued to display it's self every time I entered a different web site. I finally called the phone # provided. A person on the other end of the call told me he would help fix the problem, but could not tell me what kind of problem I was having.

I did ask if I would be charged for fixing my computer, and was told That would be discussed after being fixed. Also poor English, And hard to understand.

The tech support guided me through a bunch of command's, and after doing such, Wanted $69 dollar's to fix my computer. this locked up my computer, and would not be fixed unless I paid the money he asked for. I refused to pay anything to someone I did not no, or trust. I did get upset, for he would not give direction's to undo the change's he promoted me too do. After a few unfriendly word's I directed to this person, He dropped the repair price to $29.99. I then stated. " I would bye a new computer, rather than give an payment info too you".

This guy then called me back, on my land line, and tried to influence me to pay for my computer reboot, which he caused me to lock-up. A few more Bad word's were spoken to this individual, so I ended the call, again. He then called me back 2 more time's, right after one another, and I gave him more bad remark's. Finally, I disconnected my phone for the rest of the evening. The Jerk.

I am still upset at my self, for letting a stranger instruct me too lock up my own computer, which was less than a year old. I will never call a phone #, or reply to an email to fix a problem, for pop up's again.......... My locked computer will still not function after trying many a fix's I found on the internet. Oh well, live and learn .....

Same happened to me. Still feel like a total fool - never did pay him though… had to get a new computer:( Like you said, I'd rather pay $1,000 to a good guy than a penny to a scammer.

Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

If you aren't computer savy enough to try to fix the problems yourself; it's doubtful you will be able to find a fix on the internet without having to pay for the information. I have a tech support contract with a company. I received a call from them to perform my monthly maintenance. That Friday afternoon, I received confirmation the person I was talking to is running a scam; to the tune of $1500.00 - $2000.00. They locked my computer; I was to get a money gram sent to them for some over $1500.00. Once I sent the money, I would get a confirmation number from the money gram; I was then to enter that confirmation # into the password box that came up when I rebooted.On Saturday I provided the guy a verrryyy large amount of yelling and cussing him out. I flat told him that I would NOT send him even one red cent. I had turned my computer off and disconnected it from the internet. On Saturday, 1 call lasted about 15-20 minutes; I ended it by hanging up on him. Second call came about 5 seconds later; I answered and told him that if he didn't give me the f'ing information to restore my computer, he could go f himself and hung up, again (he didn't even get a chance to say one word. He called back about 10 seconds later, I didn't answer. About 10 minutes later, he called back and I answered. He gave me four numbers to enter to unlock it. I entered them and my account was available again. HOWEVER, (there is always a however) when I clicked on my C:// drive, I had no access. Knowing before I called, I placed a call to tech support of the company I purchased my computer from. My warranty doesn't include software. The tech told me that I needed to back up my data and wipe my hard drive and reload everything. The week before Christmas, I received a call from my tech support co. and answered the 4th or 5th time they called. I found they are getting scammed by someone using their business name, only a different set of phone numbers. My computer is fully back to me after I let the legitimate company fix it for me. I was 99% sure the scam WAS NOT running the scam because they get a very large amount of business and wouldn't jeopardize being shut down for running a scam. I haven't yet filed a report with IC3, but I will be doing so very shortly. I called the FBI; they said to file it with IC3 because the FBI doesn't work cyber crime.

I have purchased a new router/switch that has a built in firewall that is more simple to work than any I've found on other small hardware routers/switches. I also needed the new hardware because one of my routers was on it's last leg and needed to be replaced. The second reason is so I can take advantage of the higher bandwidth; my new equipment supports 10/100/1000 Mbs on the wired lines. I can't keep connectivity with my ISP's wireless router/modem. I live in a 2 story home.

For anyone that does read my comments that has been, nearly has been; I strongly recommend you file a report with IC3, especially if the caller is calling from outside the US.

On a different form of media but still falling under the SCAM subject. There is a company that calls offering to lower your interest rate; you have to have minimum of $3000.00 to $10,000.00 of debt across all of your credit cards, DON'T fall for it; it is a scam. They have a very large number of call centers across the US. I think that if they get one center closed by a law organization, they open 3 or 4 more. You will need to keep track of the phone numbers they call from, date & time, etc., etc. and if possible any recordings you may have from your voice mail or answering machine. The more information you have, the better it will be to file a report. AND, if you are on the Federal Do Not Call list, give the information to the FTC because they don't care about you and the Do Not Call list. FCC runs it, FTC polices it. I monitor/screen my calls. If a number comes up that I don't know who it belongs to, I don't answer it. I can usually figure out which scammer is calling. You can also put your cell phone number on the do not call list. They don't stop at using landlines, they also abuse you on your cell phone too.

Good luck.

Last night this guy called .... said I was riddled with viruses, like 78% corrupted. Would remove those for free. Then! he wanted $510 to install anti-hacking and anti-virus/worm programs and five years of support. I shut down computer and hung up on him. He kept calling and calling, I didn't answer and finally took the phone off the hook .... He has only called once (so far) today as of 3:40 pm

Hope you brought it to a reputable computer repair shop by now....they should be able to rectify the problem!

You are so right. I was taken in by a company claiming they were Micro Soft approved. I have gotten calls since I did not "renew" their service. I simply hung up

they have calling me 4 over 4 yrs & did hurt my pc...

This number called many times about fixing our computer. (412) 441-4053 It sounded like the same person, but gave different names.

a company calls us every day I answered once and then hung up. They call with different numbers which appear on my caller id. Sometimes it says security screen. I just don't answer anymore. They call at all hours. I am sick of it.

You need to talk to me about my own more or less successful battle with one of these criminals enterprises who managed to work around some of the kinds of warnings the FTC is giving here. I can be reached at

Been getting phone calls also to get into our computer. They have accent when they talk. I checked phone number and came from Iran. Keep telling them we don't have a computer but insist we give info. We tell%hem take us off their list and threaten to turn them in. They continue to call. We ignore phone calls and continue to receive them.

I get these calls from the alledged "Tech" support people three times a week. I've even asked them to take me off their list to call because I am tired of hanging up on them 3 times a week! Telling them you don't have a computer doesn't work

Yesterday I was scammed by a company that initially purported to be Norton. As it turned out was not Norton but unknown, Jet Infosys. I did not find out until the end of the transaction that the company I was dealing with was not Norton.

Additionally, I was led to believe that I was purchasing Norton Internet protection for three years which included tech support. I was shown a bogus Norton document that stated that the amount I paid for my Norton protection had been refunded, and then I was asked to purchase a five year Norton Product.

When I refused that offer, I was offered a three year product for $199.00 which I accepted and paid for with my charge card. Something did not seem quite right to me so I contacted Norton today and found out that no new product was installed on my computer. Instead Jet Infosys’s reinstalled the Norton product that I purchased on December 17, 2014. As it turned out, I had two Norton accounts one with 321 days of protection under eac and one with 45 days of protection purchased on Dec. 17, 2014 under 14eac . Maria closed the eac account. The 14eac account now has 240 days. She transferred 70% of the protection days because the Norton product purchased on my Comcast account was a lesser product. I contacted my credit company and cancelled/disputed the charge. Am I within my rights? EAC

I fell for this scam when I tried to get McAfee support. I let the guy that answered access my computer but when he wanted to fix all the false errors, I hung up. But now he can still access my computer and I can't get rid of him. He used Media Player to start but after I got rid of that entry, he used other fake programs. Even going back to DOS & floppy drives didn't get rid of him. He is one smart cookie.

I had that on a brand new computer luckily bank didn't allow transaction. I have reset my computer so they can't get in. Told McAfee. They stole my software when I was activating it. They spent all afternoon pestering and even phoned a couple of days later.

Can you supply a list of some of the names of the companies that are being used? I have signed up for service with a company that claims it is a support tool for my computer, etc. I am now concerned about it being ligitimate.

I've been getting telephone scams like these every week for nearly 2 years. I either hang up or tell them I don't have a computer. When I have tried to get a name or call back no. they hang up.

They crashed my computer after I had the charge removed from my credit card.

I did get a call from them just in the last 2 weeks. I did not fall for it and hung up on them.

I was called daily from (412) area code. They convinced me I had a trojan virus. Allowed remote access to my computer, then realized it was a scan and deleted all information and used Microsoft Security Essential (factory install) on my toshiba laptop to scan and monitor virus(s) on my computer. The company can be very persistent and convincing that there is a virus when there isn't only to gain remote access and steal your private information. Be alert and cautious.

Thank you!

This happened to me an hour ago; never experienced anything like this before. Caller was foreign. Call came from 860-646-5825. I told the caller I was going to report this to the FTC. He promptly hung up on me.


Thanks for that info.

I have been called many times. I never accepted their 'help' because their price was too high. 1st offer $400 - 2nd offer $149 - 3rd offer (they called me back for this offer) $50. I declined all. Check your computer to see if connections from the web are blocked. Check often!

For about 5 months I watching a movie and popop comes telling me if I want to know way my computer is getting to slow they will fix for me but is going to cost me and this offer is from Windows technology team is driving me crazy please help me

This almost happened to us today. The Phone number that came up in the pop-up was 1-866-606-4205. Not positive it was fraud, but all signs during our conversation point to fraud. He wanted to gain remote access to our computer, had a middle-eastern accent and was extremely short with me for not understanding him the first time he told me something.

They are much more sophisticated than these articles. I've been plagued by them for 3 years; they threaten to kill my relatives when I try to protect myself.They are planted in Verizon listen to our calls, steal our messages and ADT and BA in Florida the one on veterans that services the outdoor deposit things,.

I receiver a call from number 88873 telling me to turn on my computer because I had a problem. I hung up.

Every now and then I am getting calls from these people asking about my computer, and they don't seem to want to stop. Whenever I look up their number, they always come up from a switching center involving telemarketing. Something tells me that they aren't really calling from there and could possibly be using them as routers to get to others, though there is still the case that those telemarketers are using them just to scam indirectly. Even being placed on the Do Not Call List or blocking their numbers doesn't seem to help, because they can always find ways around them with what they are using. I say that when they are caught, they shouldn't just be forced to return the money they took from us, but also be locked up in federal prison for life just to show how much we mean business. The reason for that is because they will see just giving back what they took as nothing but a slap on the wrist for them as they will continue to find new victims to do the same thing. Until that is done, they will continue to call and harass us knowing that they can always do it again and possibly get away with it.

I belive CREATIVE VISION LINE INC.of 1603 Capitol Ave Ste 310, Cheyenne WY; www. is a scam and has taken data from my computer. Supposedly giving me all kinds of protection but I have no screen control, no way to know or control what they are doing or what the did and I have paid $349.99. I had the impression they were doing Microsoft work. It was a Popup that had the Mircosoft background after some updates were added to my operating system.

This FTC video shows what to do if your computer has been hacked. If you used a credit card to pay and didn't get what was promised, contact your credit card company.

Well its truly said that now days these kind of scams are going around in this world but still there are ligitimate business organization who provide technical support for any kind of issues we have on our computer on daily basis through online remote support & i personally feel they are doing the business ethically as we can watch what these guys are doing on our computer rather than leaving it at any local computer shop for a day or more were we don't even know what's going around with our computer in the i would recommend in order to have our computer running faster in a secured condition for a couple of years more then go ahead & try this online support services & do make sure that we ask them for the email confirmation for the payment that we have made online.

Number that called 2185204673...told them I didn't have a computer and they hang up, but are always calling!! How do you make them stop!!

these scamers call to see if there id a live person at the number dield and when you answer,you activated the caller who is a scamer that a live person lieves there. never answer a call with the number you dont know. now you just have to let them. call but dont answer any more and within fore to six months they will call less like three times a week then twice then it stopes. if they start up again, DONT ANSWER ThHE PHONE. and they will think its a dead number affer a few times and move on to someone eles.

i was scammed my isupportlive. com they r making people fool please somebody file a complaint againt them ...the company is in 619 ogden avenue ,dallas texas,75211 registered on name renaldo operated by sam or sameer in india..their number is +1 877-778-8374

You can report a scam to the FTC at

been getting calls from glady torletino saying he is from Microsoft and that my computer is at risk. I called ftc and turned him in.

My computer was locked up by a popup which directed me to call a number, which I stupidly did. I was so panicked I allowed them to access my computer & bought their "service" for over $500 to clean the computer. 3 days later I realized nothing had changed, the email problems were the same, the slowness remained. I went on line & searched & discovered Techbot Support was a scam so I deleted everything they had put on the computer & called Apple support. I was advised to erased everything back to when I bought the computer a few years ago & reinstall all the programs. What a mess. Now I am in a fight to get my money back.

Contacted online by Tech Support claiming to be a part of Microsoft. I allowed access and they trashed my computer. They locked me out. Now I have to pay and I lost all files. Their number was 877-830-4802. Don't believe them.

I have been receiving calls from someone claiming they are from Microsoft. They have been relentless in calling and one guy was frustrated because I couldn't understand him. Don't let them fool you!

I got the following eMail asking me to call the number noted is this legiti mate?

From: "Trujillo, Mark" Date: November 23, 2015 at 10:02:53 AM EST To: "'JMC ' " Subject: SOCIAL SECURITY

Mr. M

Please call the Social Security Administration toll free (855)257-0343. Mark Trujillo A54C47

I googled for an SSA number and called it. I was told the eMail was from the Alburquerque SSA Call Center. I then called the number left a message and was called back by a very knowledgable agent (Mr Trujillo). This all seemed legitimate but I am still wondering now if the googled SSA number was good - it would be an amazing scam, but who knows these days?

Thanks for the advice Lisa.
I got one of those "Malware Detected" messages and a number to call. I knew it was a scam because there is no software on my machine that is going to tell me to call a help number, especially when the number is in India.

They also locked up my browser to make me believe I couldn't do anything until the problem was fixed. However, I was using Safari on a Mac so I just option clicked the Safari icon in the dock and selected "Force Quit" from the pop-up menu. End of problem.

@Stacy - It wouldn't do any good to give you a list of companies as they keep changing their company name and phone number. But, you can always look up a company name with google. If it's not found it's most likely a scam. If it is found and is a scam you will probably find comments to that effect.

I was getting these alls all the time - instead of hanging up I started to keep them on the phone for a really long time, unto 45 mins - pretended I was very slow, didn't understand etc. pretended that my computer was very slow to start up. Asked them to hold while I took other calls/ helped customers etc., Eventually they would get mad at me & I would tell them that I was nowhere near my computer & would never be - told them I knew they were scammers and was just enjoying waisting their time. One guy, once he figured out that he had been scammed right back he threw a slew of F-you's at me and hung up! Time is money, keeping them on the phone for a long time pisses them off:) haha - I scammed the scammer! They don't call anymore.

December 4, 2015 I was scammed by a company called "Rhombus Tech Inc." stating they were a reputable Microsoft Computer Support and I could speak to a "Microsoft Live Technician. I called the number that appeared on my labtop and agreed to pay for their services to fix "my supposed issues with my Windows program". Both the phone number and extension number of the company did not exist (found this out by calling a legitimate Microsoft Support help line). I asked where the tech was located and was told that he was in California and his name was Dominic Savio. This probably wasn't his real name either (the strong accent sounded like he was a foreigner - probably from an outsource company in India). I called the company back to voice my concerns and that I believed they were "scam artists" and I wasn't allowed to speak to Dominic. After a few minutes I received a call back supposedly from Dominic and a phone number with an "856" area code appeared on my phone (which was in Malton, New Jersey) not California as I was originally told. I am trying to contact the Better Business Bureau in New Jersey to report this scam to them. Unfortunately, a genuine stupid mistake on my part cost me $1,000. I will never reply to a pop up ad on the internet ever again!

Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

Over the course of three days I have been dealing with the same issues...they scammed me for over $5000.00. They said they could not fix my computer problems and would have to refund my $159.00. T make a long story short, and using remote access, the scammer guy brought up our bank account which I could see, and they entered $5159, and while I was also on the phone with him, he said OOPS! I accidentally entered a 5 in front of the refund amount. In truth, he transferred $5000 from our savings account to our checking account, then wanted me to send him the money back with a money gram from Walmart. There were so many red flags but I was desperate to fix the computer, and hey, they Microsoft Techs, right. Everything was thwarted and they did not get their money, but they are calling many times a day to harass me. We have a new hard drive now. Please stop these Click4Support scammers

My name is sharen i had a company name ASK mate tell me that my computer had a various he told me he was going to fix it but he did not do anything.

Beware of PC SUPPORT KARMA!!! They claim to work for Microsoft's global server. They will trick you into believing that there are errors in your computer, which send notifications to the Microsoft global server. They have a facebook/twitter/instagram etc... They have numerous websites for PC Support Karma, which make it seem legit. They have even faked the address of their headquarters, which they say is based in NYC. PC SUPPORT KARMA is a SHAM!!!!!! And also beware that the people who work for this false tech support company have strong Southern Asian accents!!

Someone claiming to work for Microsoft said my computer was being hacked for several days and my personal information was being stolen. The phone number was from a 631-824 area code and exchange but was using a "Magic Jack." If in fact it was Microsoft they wouldn't use such a device, I don't think. I called NY State Police and they referred me to FTC website.

I was scammed by a company that sound a lot like the one mentioned in several of the post here. I was getting calls 3 or more times a week and they kept insisting that I had aid them for services. I could not find any record of that but apparently I gave them enough at some time that they got my bank information. I got a call recently that a person stated they were going to refund my $250.00 because they could not continue to service my computer. The next day I got another call letting me know the refund had been made but there was an error and I needed to send them back the difference. Since the amount that was stated was posted to my bank account I thought it was legit and stupidly sent a MoneyGram to them. At that point the money still showed in my account. The next caller stated that they person who was to pick up the MoneyGram was in an accident and couldn't pick up the first payment and said the first payment was sent back and I needed to send another payment. That was when I got suspicious and stalled. I sat at my computer and watched as someone made several entries to my bank account that looked very real but were not. I was able to lock down my account quickly enough that they didn't get my checking but almost wiped out my savings. I spent a lot of time on the phone with bank fraud investigators and filed a report with the police. Of course, a new bank account had to be opened, alerts put on credit reports and on and on and on. All I can say is BE CAREFUL!

We just found out that my father-in-law let anti-hacking software be installed on his computer after someone notified him through a chat session that his computer had 147 intrusions. They charged him $419 for the installation which was performed remotely. We are very concerned this was a scam and shut down the computer and Disconnected it from the Internet. The company website appears legit ( ) but we know this is likely a scam. How do we proceed in determining if this was in fact a scam and what should we do to clean the computer? Also is there a potential that his credit card was also compromised? Could they have accessed his financial information on his computer and/or his passwords for his online banking?

The computer could be infected with malware, such as viruses, spyware, and other unwanted software that are installed on your computer without your consent. Malware can cause your device to crash, and can be used to monitor and control your online activity.This FTC article & video say more about detecting and getting rid of malware.

If you think a scammer has access to your financial accounts, contact your financial institution and explain what happened. If you think a scammer might have other personal information - but you haven't seen any evidence of misuse - go to and click the bar at the top right that says "Did you get a data breach notice." Follow the link to see what to do if you think someone has access to your information.

Just got scammed by a company called Flydigital out of TN. After getting a warning of being hacked on our Mar Air, my husband gave them access and they supposedly replaced our firewall for $499.99. Interesting that they had him write a check and they "took a photo" of the check. They have an (844) 258-1127 phone number and a ligit looking website. Very scary that now Macs are being targeted.

I just got called by the same company, gave them access to my computer but did not give them money ( they wanted me to scan a check). I sensed a scam and disconnected from WiFi. My question: did you have any problems afterwards with stolen passwords, etc. I'm guessing they stole some information when they got onto my computer. Thank you, and I'm sorry you got scammed like I did.

Another Scam...this one started with a Microsoft looking page indicating a computer problem. I called and asked if it was Microsoft I was talking to and the reply was yes. Several times a soft spoken middle eastern lady responded she was part of Microsoft and for $349 I could get option 1 for one year support. Option 2 was $459 for a 3 year support and option 3 was $649 for lifetime support. The product she was pushing was called "All in one". As soon as she asked for a charge card I hung up the phone.

I too was scammed by a so-called company called Althim Technologies for 299.00. Their phone number is 1-877-904-1702 To this day, I cannot set a firewall on my computer.

I got a popup from "Microsoft" telling me not to turn off my computer and to call 855 558 4797 or 855 598 4797. I could not get rid of this pop up so I called. After much time with him I realized this was a scam so I cancelled his payment from my credit card (threads and beads--payment partners) was his "company". I hope this will shut these scammers down. If this doesn't do it, please advise. Call one of these numbers to find out what I'm talking about. THOSE RATS!!!!

Just remember you can close a browser (end a process) that has been "locked" by these scams. Just hit control+alt+delete and you can then enter your task manager to "end task" on your internet browser.

I have also received this fake pop-up about "your computer is infected with a virus- Do Not Attempt to open your browser- Call this technical support number" Etc. They probably have "ties" to any number of foreign countries. Too bad U.S laws can't be stretched to have overseas hackers arrested and incarcerated here in the States.

On today's date -12/23/15, I logged on to what looked like a Microsoft Tech support website, but the person who said his name is "Viet" added the words, "amount you will pay if satisfied with answer,$24.00" I have contacted the REAL Tech support people before now, and they never said anything about charging me any amount of money for their assistance.

Hi folks, my two cents is this: broken computer? take to a local repair shop. (unless its warranty, then back to store) repeated calls? almost all phones have a "blacklist" function so you block calls from that specific number. as for credit cards, call the vendor every 6 months and have them send you new cards with new numbers so if someone does snag em, they are no good anyway. do not carry your home debit card with you. a buddy was in the atlanta airport for 45 minutes and by the time he got home to florida his account was emptied. As a frequent travel guy, i opened an account that only has a couple of hundred bucks in it. so, when you get scammed, its not a massive hit. Most banks pay it back but why the hassle for a few thousand?

I am 1 that did get scammed. First time we got a pop of of a "virus" we paid over $50. Then 2 weeks later we got the same thing and we had to pay $200. I agreed and as they was "fixing" my computer I googled their number and seen it was a scam and i instantly turned my laptop off and changed every accounts password that I owned, even if it wasn't on the computer ever. The first time they installed us our virus protection which ended up being just a free trial of AVG. So not only was they scamming me as microsoft they was also using AVG in their scam. After the first transaction of over $50 our bank blocked any over sea charges from coming out, so little did they know they wasn't getting that $200 even if I hadn't caught on so quick. Because if it was the legit microsoft my bank would have let the charge go through but the scammer was from over seas. Even so we have contacted our bank and credit card place. And have learned my lesson. If you get a call from a place of business asking for personal information HANG up till you get the legit number <for a fact> and call them back. And even still they will not ask you for personal information very rarely. If you get a pop up on your computer contact tech support right away, but first off SHUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF. And it is always best to just go to the place of business if you are able to. Then you know 100% it is legit!

We aslo fell for the "ake computer "help" with our slow running computer. In the end it cost us $699.00, our computer still runs slow, and we haven't been able to get any money refunded. When calling we get an east Indian sounding man with an American sounding name and he says they will get back to us or they have refunded our money etc. Its called technicalsupport4u 800-961-5549

My computer froze up completely and got a pop-up instructing me to call Microsoft security and it gave the number. Embarrassingly, I fell for this and the person who answered the phone implied that he was licensed by Microsoft and that I had many viruses on the computer and had been hacked. He showed me that my Norton anti-virus was not working and after I agreed to a fix for a fee, he sent me to someone who he said was a level 3 tech to do the fixes. I agreed to purchase the fix and a 5 year plan to prevent anymore problems. They had me fill in the information for an e-check online (no credit cards taken)Afterward, I had a sick feeling that I fell for a scam so I did further checking on Repair All PC LLC and they looked shady. I put the computer back to factory settings and went to my bank who's fraud department had me call Microsoft to get a confirmation that the call was fraud, which they did. My bank stopped payment for me and Microsoft took all the information I had on what transpired. I changed ALL passwords for everything including my router. BEWARE, Microsoft does NOT do pop-ups on a compute. If you get one, it's a scam.

Received a message with a loud alarm blasting on my new IMac yesterday that I had a virus and to call this number. I assumed it was someone connected with Apple. I called them back.
I did not give any credit card info as they wanted me to buy package but they did get into my computer. Well, today I am calling the Geek Squad to help remove this malware as well as credit card company to be on the safe side. I feel like a fool but will be wiser in the future. Said they were from Tech Drive, Inc. in Virginia. I asked for phone number to get back to them 1-855-346-8080. Fellow was from India and name was Anuraj. His extension is 1023. Hope you can stop this from happening again.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

Was it Technical Service Companies LLC? Is there a number to call or way to check to see if this company is legit?

This FTC article about computer security explains how to check out a company.

If you get a call from IT Gkobal Solutions saying they are getting windows messages indicating your computer ins infected do not give them remote access to your computer. Their phone number is 213-802-4816 and 479-802-4816

I have a real Dell service support contract. The caller (scammer) seemed to know that. He called representing himself a Dell tech and convinced me that my computer needed an immediate fix. My story is the same as the others. It cost me $200 before I got smart enough to call Dell. They advised me that I had been scammed. Dell fixed the computer and told me to report the scam to the FTC. The fake company is "Just Geeks". The scammer went by Sean or Shawn. Heavy Indian accent and numerous phone numbers. Probably here on a H1B visa.

I had a problem accessing my yahoo email. They stated I hadn't used it for awhile. After a long time trying to get a customer service rep on their site, to help access it, I searched a Yahoo customer service phone number. 1.800.935.0741. (JOHN-lol) I KNOW you are supposed to watch for the padlock secure sites and watch for clues it isn't legit, but it looked legit. My guard was down and I called them. 1st clue: He answered RIGHT AWAY. He said he understood what was happening from description and could get me access to my acct. and email. Second clue: I was told to type in address bar logmeinrescue. What? This was WEIRD. I did and i was told to type in number...Yep I DID...I saw word download. I said that i didn't feel comfortable doing any downloads. Then clue number 3: He said in a confident and stern voice, "Ma'am, this is YAHOO." The tone had me a bit panicked that I needed help and i might not get so lucky to get through so easy next time if i hung up thought about it and called back later...I remembered I CALLED HIM, not the other way around, for help. Clue 4: played on my emotions- fear. YEP my hair stood up for a reason the gut told me everything i needed to know. THIS WAS WRONG! After his remote access, Tech Support, window popped up I panicked. It said connecting, but I'm not at all sure they didn't have all the time they needed to capture my computer information and give me malware or a beloved keylogger issue. When he asked what was happening was it there yet I lied, which i'm sure he already knew. and told him my computer was slow and he finally hung up on me. I was trying to plan what I needed to do in my panicked state. I turned off my internet! My son said to Unplug router. Then to scan in safe mode for malware. I took the computer to local computer guy who cleaned that up and said to watch my financial stuff and change all passwords. One and half weeks later I am still dealing with this. Yahoo facebook said they don't have a customer service number and not to call those listed, they are scams phishing for your data. Thanks YAHOO! I will be watching for my stolen identity for years through credit reports every 4 months.IRS tax filing as early as possible so someone doesn't file first with my ID.etc. YAY! This happened less than 24 hours after watching a bunch of very interesting youtube videos on scams and one of them was how Keyloggers watch your every keystroke for user names and passwords when you do your banking or credit card stuff online. Another video of how scammers play on your emotions. Yep, I feel dumb. But still willing to share with others in hopes that we can rid the world of this evil. Maybe everyone should call the above number ever night? Hi John. Hope something can be done to put a stop to these scams.

Oh yeah, almost forgot Mumbai boys & girls are all citizens of India (Indian Accents) And their path to your hard drive is no longer Click4support it's FixIt.

MESSED UP - May 13.2016 Like most of the comments I read, I got a message that I had all of these problems with my computer and this was a Microsoft tech. I called because I couldn't get out of it myself. The "fixed" my problems (?) after paying $200 for a 3 year service. They were with Wemo Tech Support and I had to pay by check, which is going to Optimum Global Services. Does anyone know anything about this group? I presume I was scammed, but not sure.

I was getting these calls daily until I retailiated. I began asking invasive questions about the caller. They were lewd and derogatory. After five times of this and a lot of laughter afterward the calls have stopped.

This Microsoft scam happened to me... I fell for it because I couldn't get my computer to work, but she never did ask me for money. I was so paranoid about it being a scam, I kept asking how I was to know it wasn't... and if I should be calling my banks and putting a hold on my accounts. The woman (with heavy accent) kept trying to reassure me she was legit, but it wasn't working. I told her I was going to hang up and take my computer to my office so our tech could handle it, hung up on her and pulled the network cable out of my computer. But not before she turned my screen upside down and I couldn't get it back upright without rebooting my computer to an earlier backup. I felt really stupid! Lesson learned

the 1 that keeps contacting me is calling there self Microsoft 1-877-884-6922 they shut my computer down when I refused to send money

Sadly I just got fell for the scam and cost me $309.00 but I didn't know it at the time. Then I got another virus 3 wks later and another "scam" company "fixed" it for $179.99. I have no excuse but I've learned my lesson FINALLY!!!!

I think I have been scammed. I was on my computer on Face Book & my computer had a screen pop up & a LOUD voice warning me to not touch my computer that I had been infected by a porn virus. I don't watch porn but I tried to shut down my computer & it wouldn't respond to me at all. It was screaming at me loudly & I was getting really agitated. It had a number up for Microsoft.

I cried a bit while I was trying to find any way to shut off my computer. It got so bad I finally called the number. I asked who I had reached but I could barely understand the man with his heavy accent. I tried to tell him what was wrong & that my computer was fairly new & didn't get used much. He said my Windows Defender had benn totally burned out & I had a bunch of viruses that had caused my computer to shut down.

I told him I had the computer set up to scan daily & that it had not said I had a problem. It had said all was good. He said it would say that because my security was burned up. He said he was Microsoft & they could fix it for me. Told them I just wanted my computer unlocked so I could turn it off until my grandson came to look at it.

They set up a box in the corner of my screen & told me to type in the code they gave to unlock my computer. I wish I had had the presence of mind to write down the number he had me put in. All of a sudden my screen went wild & it looked like page after page of warnings going back a year that said my computer had viruses. The pages flipped so fast I couldn't keep up. I kept trying to ask questions but they told me they couldn't answer it while they were working on it.

They told me that I had to buy a 2 yr warranty with them for around $400. I told them that I couldn't afford that. They then offered a 1yr for around $300. I explained I was a Senior on SS & could not afford that. They said I owed around $180. for them fixing it then. I told them I could see that much either so they told me since I didn't know that much about computers that they woul let me have the 1yr for $279.99 with no taxes as a Senior discount & could call them 24/7.

They wanted my debit card but I knew not to use it. I gave them my cc # & asked how would the name come on my bill. They said Support Buddy. I said I thought they were Microsoft & he said they were Microsoft's official fix it ppl. They also had my new home phone number that I had never given to anyone & it is blocked from showing up when I use it. I told them the ringer is off & I only used it for outgoing calls. They kept me on the phone for around 3 hrs passing me from one person to another. I was tired & had been sick so I was getting ill with them. They got ill with me back..

They told me not to use my computer until the next day & one of them told me that I should turn my computer off even if I only left it long enough to go to bathroom. I thought that was dumb. Well I was so sick from being on phone with them I was unable to get on my computer for the whole next day & night. I got on it a bit this AM & went to turn it off & they have it where I no longer have the little button thing that said sleep Shut down. Or restart so in other words I can no longer turn my computer off. They have up 2 icons & I haven't felt up to arguing with them but I have noticed that they have been ringing my phone ( ringer off) for 2 days now. They one msg but so thick an accent I can't understand.

What scares me is that they have control of my computer to go through anytime they want. I no longer have any control over it. Someone PLEASE tell me how to get my computer back like it was & lock these ppl out without them damaging my new computer that I cannot afford to replace. I'm calling my credit card & explaining but I'm sure they have the money now. I just don't want them to get anymore. If I try to change all my passwords & they are in my computer will they not get the new password too???? I'm sorry. I'm really old & disabled but I have manage to outsmart all the scammers until now. SUPPORT BUDDY for Microsoft is their name. Can anyone help me?????

The scammers might have caused that first popup (and phone number) up to appear on your computer. Then when you called them, they took over your computer and put some malicious software (malware) on your computer.

If you can use your security software, run a scan of the system and delete any malware that the scan finds. To protect your passwords, you could use a different computer, like a computer at your library, to change passwords on your accounts.

If you can't run security software, you can contact the computer manufacturer or the company that provides your internet service, or call a company or service that you know.

My hd crashed. Had a new one installed with fresh win 7. Dude didn't install drivers for wireless or ethernet. Hp didnt offer them so my son got them somewhere. Put the on a usb and I installed.Worked good for a few days..then boom, it froze the screen.I could boot up with ubuntu from usb and it got funky also.Today I got a phone call from sri lanka. Microsoft tech support. He said I will tell you what is wrong with your computer. I jacked with him a little, but he knew stuff about my p.c. only a tech guy who had access to my p.c. would know. He wanted 249$ to fix dll problems. I told him I would burn mine down first and get a new one. He ended the call and my p.c. rebooted without the drivers and mozilla,cc cleaner and avast, which I jad downloaded after I downloaded drivers. Methinks the driver download had malware..pretty crafty..I now need to find clean dribers somewhere. Hp doesnt offer them.pretty be careful.I suppose they left some residual bug.

Yep, I got taken by Rhombus Techs, LLC. Experienced the same thing that others have. Alert text box and voice recording stating I was hacked. I felt uneasy and saw these posts and others and realized I was definitely scammed. I contacted them to complain, no resolution. I filed a complaint with my attorney general's office, filled out online reports with Microsoft and the FTC and disputed the charge with my credit card company. I just received an emailed 'receipt' from Rhombus that looks like a refund. Wait and see if it hits my credit statement.

Yesterday I received a pop up saying my computer was blocked. It came from the microsoft edge browser which I wasn't using at the time. Anyways, I called the number stated and got a tech support representative that gave me his name, number, company and location. He did not have an accent at all so I wasn't suspicious at this point. He accessed my computer remotely and started doing scans. He told me that my anti virus I was running was not sufficient and that was the reason I had the virus. I then had a tech repair my computer, but after looking into this I realize I was scammed and now have software on my computer I cannot get off. ANy tips on how to go about fixing this?

This FTC article about Tech Support Scams has tips on what to do if you responded to a scam.

And this article explains how to detect and get rid of malware that a scammer may have installed on your computer.

I also received a pop up saying my computer was blocked/froze. No matter what I did I could not past that blocked. I turn computer off and when I went on it was still there so I finally called the number. The tech support representative did have an accent but I figure because they had control of my computer that he had to be from microsoft. He accessed my computer remotely and started doing scans. He told me that my anti virus I was running was not sufficient. I do not know what he did while having control of my computer, but when he was done it was still frozen. When I told him that I wanted his message taken off he said it cannot be done until I have a better virus protection. I told him I could not afford a better one and this went back and forth. He kept saying that it would only be $99 and I finally said that I did not care if it was one penny, I do not have the money and was not going to purchase any. I told him to take the blockage off my computer, I don't know why, but he finally did. Then I reinstalled my virus program and ran a virus check. My question is how are they able to block your computer in the first place?

It happened yesterday. I saw the alert disguised as Microsoft saying I had issues and my computer would be shutdown remotely if I didn't call the number. I called was convinced to give this guy remote access to my computer. He showed me the issue that my Network security was off and like 5000 other issues and convinced me his coworker could fix it. So he convinced me to buy a service from IT TechNinja for 149.99. After the purchase he had me sign a contract at HelloSign that he didn't let me read. The coworker used the service to do stuff to the computer. He then showed me that Network security was on and the 5000 issues were gone. Claiming the problem was solved. After awhile I felt strange about this and looked it up and Microsoft described it as a type of scam. Then I started dealing with it. Cancelled the card. Did a System restore on the computer. Did some scans. The computer seems fine. Now I'm trying to deal with the money issue with my bank.

This happened to my mother. she clicked on a link in Facebook, a red screen popped up flagging "computer has been hijacked! Call Microsoft Security immediately! 855-986-2244". Man with Indian accent answered, said he was with Adriot Rescue, contracted by Microsoft. He said he could her fix computer. One time payment of $179 for a temporary fix, or $259.99 for a one year subscription. She is mid-80's and believed him, so she allowed him access to her computer via LogMeIn, and agreed to pay $259.99 by check mailed "speedpost". This happened on Oct. 20. That same man called her phone 6 times within 24 hours to "check on her". She mailed the check still believing it was legitimate. After she told me, and I did some investigations, I read to her several accounts of this exact same thing happening to others, initiated by Adriot Rescue. They may be a real company, but what they are doing to scam people out of money is wrong. Pretending to work for Microsoft, and purposefully placing links to highjack computers, forcing people to call the number listed in order to get access of their computer back. She stopped payment on the check, and mailed a letter to cancel her "subscription".

I received a popup the 1st time on my Dell laptop on 10/27/16 from criticalreport83.   com asking me to call 1-888-597-9633 and again on 11/3/16 from disabledwebsite.   com asking me to call 1-877-764-4192, and in both cases, it looks as if it's from Microsoft with Microsoft logo, saying that "my computer has been blocked.

If I close the page before calling, my computer will be disabled to prevent further damage to the network. My computer has been infected with a spyware or virus and my credit cards and logins are compromised. I must call so a certified Windows/engineer can walk me through the removal process over the phone.".

I did not call. They did block me from closing the windows but I could click on Start, Shut Down and when I restart and login, my computer works again normally.

Do I need to worry? How can I check my computer to see if connections from the web are blocked? I downloaded this Microsoft Security Scanner and am scanning: www. microsoft. com               Anything else I can do to prevent this from happening?

It's good that you didn't click on the pop-ups, and that you're running your own security scan. This FTC article about Malware has tips about what to do if you think your computer might be infected.

In the middle of reviewing some internet sites my computer locked up with a message (verbal and written) advising that I had been infected. Supposedly my computer sent a message to Microsoft. The message "warned" me to not shut down or the matter would be turned over to an agency (cannot recall the name). Of course there was an 888 number to call. Spoke with an individual whose English was OK but definitely sounded Indian. He advised my computer had been infected and needed attention immediately. I questioned if he was employed by Microsoft and he said they represent Microsoft. He proceeded to pull up files on my computer that I had never seen before noting they were infections. It was interesting the time stamp appeared to be December 1 (same day) in every case but I did not recognize the files. Up to this point there was no discussion of money. He asked if I would like to have the situation resolved. Of course I did and that is when I was advised the price would be $149.99 for their work and the time should be 40 to 45 minutes. At that point I was offered two additional options to extend the service. Supposedly details of the agreement were to be sent to me.I was transferred to a financial gent who reviewed my account. His English was not good. At this point I was transferred to a technician. The dialogue became more difficult to understand as this individual's accent was very pronounced. He proceeded to "clean" my computer by installing three different virus cleaners, Adware, C Cleaner and a third. I noticed that Adware and C Cleaner was listed as "free version". The individual "worked" on my computer for an additional two hours as Adware was not functioning. He did "complete" the task (if there was any task to be completed). It appeared he became frustrated and stopped the Adware program and let the remaining two complete the task.
I am still not certain I really had a problem and after reading many, many individuals' descriptions that were very much like mine I am convinced this was a hoax. Right now I am going through my bank and credit cards to alert them of potential problems.
Not fun!

nice post

I also had a hacker take over my computer who claimed to be with Microsoft. I had no control of my computer, even to turn it off. It all lead up to wanting me to pay $249.99 to fix so called problems with my computer. He did not get my money, the next day I did some banking changes and replaced my debit/credit cards. He also had an accent from India, I could barely understand his attempt to speak understandable English.

Hackers claiming to be with Microsoft phone # 888-309-2249 and 916-209-8331 address 4942 knowlson terrace FREMONT, CA. 94555

a family member was just scammed by supportbuddy. got remote access and stole his bank info and made purchaces within the hour. lucky we caught it so quick. could have been worse. i called them from a different phone and now they are not accepting new customers

On GSN Games my computer freezes then a message comes up to call a number because my computer is in danger of being hacked. They want control of computer to fix the problem. A couple of numbers he gave me are 800-218-4275 and 844-228-1575.

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