Consumers told it to the FTC: Top 10 complaints for 2014

Today, the FTC announced its top 10 consumer complaints for 2014. Of the more than 2.5 million consumer complaints received…

  • Identity theft once again tops the list, with 13 percent of total complaints filed.
  • Debt collection held steady as the second-most-reported complaint, with 11 percent.
  • Imposter scams — where con artists impersonate government officials or others — moved into third place on the list of consumer complaints, entering the top three complaint categories for the first time. The increase in imposter scams was led by a sharp increase in complaints about IRS and other government imposter frauds.
  • Rounding out the field: Telephone and mobile services; banks and lenders; prizes, sweepstakes and lotteries; auto-related complaints; shop-at-home and catalog sales; television and electronic media; and finally, internet services.

Florida, Georgia and Nevada are the top three states for fraud per capita and other complaints, while Florida, Washington and Oregon are the top three for identity theft complaints. 

For a complete list of all complaint categories, check out page six of the FTC’s 2014 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book.

Your complaints matter at the FTC. If a business doesn’t deliver on its promises, if someone cheats you out of your money, or if you've spotted a scam, tell it to the FTC. Your complaints help us stop rip-off artists, scammers and fraudsters. The FTC’s aggressive law enforcement efforts put the bad guys out of business, and our vigorous consumer education campaigns empower people just like you to make well-informed buying decisions and recognize frauds and scams.

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Why aren't you doing anything about telemarketers? I report the numbers to the Do Not Call Registry, but these people still keep calling me. A lot of them are scams.

The same thing here...the one that calls the most is Credit Card Services...they even call from local area codes and phone numbers. I've had it with all of them and it seems nothing is done to stop them

Me too. And the darn robo calls! The DNC Registry is virtually useless.

YOU ARE SOOOOOO RIGHT...[It's just "gonna. gonna gonna" and nothing happens]!!!

I agree with beaner. I have a list of 100 calls. I have do not call. I spend $1.75 to *69 the number and there is supposed to be a $500 penalty per call. VISA MasterCard lower your debt. Funny thing is I have no debt. This must stop. They yell, they hang up!

hello beaner, they could be calling about something you actually put your name on like a prize drawing or they could be calling about something that excludes them from the Do Not Call List.

But.....what if they're not calling for those reasons, what if they're actually breaking the law? What is FTC's response to why those calls continue after so many reports.

The FTC is feckless, toothless, and corrupt - to the extent that they rely on private citizens and public companies to do their dirty work for them in civil court.

An example of this is the FTC's repeated refusal to take action against Local Lighthouse and its d-bag principal, Eric Oakley, to the point where Google was forced to bring civil action against them in Federal Court.

The Federal Trade Commission asserts that we should all report robocalls each and every time we get them. But they won't read the complaints, they'll just aggregate them and go after the worst offenders statistically. Hey, FTC, should I quit my job to make time to report robocallers just so you will ignore my reports?

I'm writing to my congressperson and demanding an investigation into the Federal Trade Commission in this matter. I'd like to know how they justify repeatedly failing to take enforcement action in the face of overwhelming evidence of fraudulent activity on the part of Local Lighthouse.

The FTC's refusal to investigate and prosecute one of the largest scam robocallers in the country is inexcusable and shameful. The FTC needs a complete house cleaning. Don't use the FTC complaint form unless you enjoy wasting your time. Write your congressperson and demand a house cleaning of the FTC.

Around here it is the sorry auto insurance company like(All snake) and (Snake Farm) just to name two of the most sorry

If your concerns are with insurance companies, contact your state insurance commissioner or department of insurance. The FTC does not have jurisdiction over insurance companies; the states have nearly exclusive jurisdiction over insurance companies under the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1946.
The only major exception to state jurisdiction is for systemically significant non-bank providers under the Dodd_Frank Act. Some insurance companies have been named as such but the purpose of the designation has little to do with policy holders and claims and more to do with capital requirements and financial- crisis planning. So, contact your state.


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