A contest to combat robocalls

Zapping Rachel from Cardholder Services“Rachel from Cardholder Services” is one of the most notorious — and most annoying — robocallers ever. Advances in technology have made it cheap and easy for Rachel and her buddies to send out thousands of calls every minute — and to spoof caller ID information, hiding their true location and identity. It’s the perfect environment for telephone spam.

Because technology is the crux of the problem, the FTC is tapping one of the world’s largest hacking conferences for some high-caliber technical support. The FTC is sponsoring a contest at DEF CON 22 in Las Vegas, Aug. 7-10, to inspire innovative tech solutions in the fight against illegal robocalls.

Zapping Rachel challenges the tech community to develop robust, cutting-edge robocall honeypots (information systems designed to attract robocallers) that can help researchers and investigators understand and minimize illegal calls. The contest is divided into three phases:

  1. Create: Build a robocall honeypot by Friday, 8/8, at noon PDT
  2. Attack:  Identify a honeypot’s security vulnerabilities by Saturday, 8/9, at noon PDT
  3. Detect: Analyze data from an existing robocall honeypot by Saturday, 8/9, at 7 pm PDT

For more details about the contest — and to review contest FAQs — visit ftc.gov/ZapRachel.


Could not happen to a better honeypot!!!

Get Rid of them Robocalls!!!

please find a solution. They now even use my own phone ID for incoming calls -- or another local number that is no longer in service. This is very annoying, multiple times a day.

I have the same thing... plus I have credit card companies calling searching for people.. some with my last name.. others just evidently random searches.. Very annoying... And yes, something should be done about spoofing... Why say spoofing is against the law if nothing is going to be done about it....

Yes, I just got a Rachel call with my phone number as the ID, and I have gotten at least 3 calls per week from this with various numbers including local land lines that are no longer in service and the old user's name is still on the id!! We are a small town of 3500 people and you think it's someone local and pick up!

Just received a call from my own number - how??? what??? I answered & it was Rachel of cardholder services!!! These imbeciles never give up!!! I always block their numbers but I can't block my own phone number!!! urgh!!! This is an extremely infuriating invasion of our privacy so when is something going to be done about it??? Why should these scum bags be allowed to get away with it????

I'm with you. I've been harassed on all my phone numbers. DoNotCall does not work. FCC is a weak piece of government. May be we should defund the FCC if they can't even stop Rachael from Cardholder Services.

Why are we funding this branch of government if they can't do their job?

You do realize this is the FTC not the FCC, don't you? Check this website for the actions the FTC is taking to stop these calls. They aren't relying on Do Not Call which is for the small offenders.

I got a call from "me" to "me" too! Now they call my cell phone # with numbers like: +999999999 & +6607336585. I can't put call reject on a different # every day!!!!


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