Court tells tech support scammers to pay up

A U.S. District Court recently ordered the operators of several international tech support scams to pay more than $5.1 million for convincing people that their computers were riddled with viruses and then charging for bogus support services.

We’ve written before about tech support scammers. They call and claim to work for well-known companies like Microsoft, Norton or McAfee. They say your computer is infected with malware and then ask for remote access so they can “fix” it. Or they place ads in online search results to trick you into calling them.

You might have gotten a call like this:

A 2012 FTC crackdown on tech support scams led to the recent court order. Unfortunately, new scammers pop up quickly. If you get an urgent call from someone who wants remote access to your computer, hang up and report it at





These scammers called our house numerous times. Once, in the middle of the night. To tell us that malicious viruses had infiltrated our computer. The goal is to direct you to a false web site and obtain your private financial data via that web site. This is SO common, our friends are being called as well. Here is what I did: I kept them on the telephone 15 minutes, asking questions like, "What viruses, exactly, are these?" "What are the names of the viruses?" "How did you come to find out that my computer was infected?" ... The guy said, "Something is fishy with your computer." I answered, "Something is fishy, you are certainly right about that. But not with my computer. You need to get an honest job. This is no way to make a living." He placed a "supervisor" on the phone who was slightly more skilled at smooth talk. But who, upon questioning, hung up. THEY HAVE NEVER CALLED AGAIN. They will tell you, "Microsoft doesn't call directly, we call for them..." and on and on. Just be CLEAR that you KNOW that they are con artists and HANG UP. :)


I filed a complaint about this just a few days ago. now they call from a wireless number 216-894-3535 usually after 9:00 pm. I told them to leave me alone that they are scammers. They keep calling. Not sure what else to do to make them stop.

got call from lt global saying I had thousands of errors on my computer and they would fix them for a price.for between1 to 5years I later found out that they are a scam.I found hundreds of complaints.something should be done about them.

I just got a call from geek squad on behalf of Microsoft and was told I had a virus csrss.exe then sent me to goggle it to see it was a virus .. I asked all the pertinent questions and told them I needed a phone number to call back 18550815399 Kevin Stone from geek squad .. so I called geek squad and no they do not ever call without you calling first so definitely a scam ...

It happened to me from a company called OTR and they charged $399.98 for a full year coverage. Called twice and they were to clean up my computer but nothing really changed. their phone numbers were 1-855-393-4310 or 1-855-316-8324

Any 855 number is always india scammers you were acammed. There was nothing wrong with your pc and you gave them money for nothing. Sorry...

Yes I did....from phone number 303.351.5393.......they informed me my anti spam program was not performing correctly

I have received two notice of an account problem, one from WellsFargo, another from Discover. I had just resolved PayPal charges amounting to $1500+, so was sure it wasn't true. The bank was phony also !


This happened to me last week. It is your worst nightmare come true. I reported my situation to

Thank you for that information. Q hope you're able too help me with my Personal information about being scammed and my IDENTITY THEFT Thank you

If you are worried about identity theft here are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at

Thanks for the information concerning this scam. I will be well informed thanks to your information and I appreciate this. Thank you.

Tech Scammers call 5AM, all day and 11PM! Always say something wrong with my computer. (Nothing is wrong) This has been going on for months! Accent sounds like East Indian or Phillipines. Now I don't answer phone unless Iknow who it is. What can I do?

Don't just post here, actually call and report it to the FCC 888-225-5322 or FTC at 877-382-4357.

Tech scammers should most likely be reported to the FTC.

Reporting gives them the statistics of how bad the scam is, and more information to help them take action.

I don't mean to be nasty, but bitching in a forum while NOT actually reporting does no good. Also, you may not get results in the short term by reporting, but you will help everyone else.

Why Will the PHONE SERVICE I PAY FOR "BRIGHTHOUSE" Not STOP these malicious phonies calling without legitimate Phone Number TD....Years ago Phone service Companies Had a simple method of tracing just who was calling....I Wonder if Pres. Obama gets his share of this ??????

Stronza's post should be deleted. This is NOT the place for political stupidity!

I agree, after all this sudden influx of scams over the last 5 years, is not the President's fault. It must be President Bush's fault.

How about the " pop ups" on the computer basically saying the same thing as these phone calls. I never use them but I do receive at one or two every couple of weeks.

This means your PC is infected with malware. It is designed to get you to click on it to take you to malicious sites. Try the free version of Malware Bytes anti malware to remove the threats.

Along with Malwarebytes try cleaning your disk on your PC as well... That also helps keep your disk manageable and gunk off of it and hopefully not reinstall itself as some of the nastier stuff does...

I have one such scammer on my machine as I write the note, He calls himself PC speedy Clean. He attach his sofeware as a program in my C drive and everytime I try to get on the internet he has a box prompting me to click on Yes or NO. Although I click NO the program start to down load I have to shut down my machine to stop it. I try to uninstall but it will not allow that to happen. I paid to clean my machine to get it off once, and as soon as I get on the internet it came back on my C drive. It is a big nuisance to me, and I do not know what to do because I cannot afford to pay again to get this radical off my computer. I have norton, but somehow it bypass Norton and is sitting on my C drive.

You need to use another computer to clean the virus from your drive. If the following is too complicated for you to do yourself, get a friend or neighbor who is computer-literate to do it. DO NOT take your computer to a shop or (even worse) Geek Squad! They'll charge a proverbial "arm and leg" or try to sell you a new computer.

1. Remove the hard drive from your computer and connect it to another (already-disinfected) computer as a secondary (data) drive.
2. Run MalwareBytes and let it scan your drive. It should find the virus files and delete them.
3. Reinstall the drive in your computer. Download and run MalwareBytes on your computer so it can scan the registry. (It won't see the registry on your drive when it's connected as a data drive on another computer.)
4. To ward off future infections, run MalwareBytes periodically (like monthly), and any time you notice anything suspicious.

Maybe the only way to be rid of it is to erase and reinstall the operating system. I think it's the safest bet. You can't be too careful. Back up anything you don't want to lose, but scan the files and be sure they themselves are uninfected.

I was scammed of approximately $500.00, recently, by PC Wizards and another group who claimed to be Microsoft. I notified my Visa, bank, police, BBB, FTC & Western Union but have had no luck in getting back any money.

I just got taken for $400.00 with the your computer is infected go get a apple video card and give me the numbers. Thanks for sharing at least I am not the only one who was fooled.

I received a call from softfort tech saying that my computer was infected with more than 4,900 problems. They then told me that it costed me $299.99 to take care of the problems.
The thing that really got me was that I already had bought Panda for my computer and paid the same $299.99 for life time security and they removed this security system completely from my computer and said that what they were installing would make my computer run faster and that I would not have to worry about any more problems. I just want to let you know that my computer doesn't run any faster than it did before I purchased their product. To me I feel that they scammed me and now I have to worry about my computer being hacked into and I receive pop ups saying that I need to buy an AVG 2014 full version to take care of my problems that I am having.

Baby 51... I did the same thing Aug 13 2014. Same situation. Infected computer. I paid $299.99 to Althim Tech. Receiving calls constantly (even now) saying my computer will be shut down in a couple of weeks, etc. I believe I was scammed out of $300.00 also. Not sure what to do about it!

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office. If you're getting repeated calls from the same company, tell them to put you on their do not call list.

I receive these these calls all the time that my computer has problems with my computer, I ignore them. I hang up on them.

recently I received "Your computer is near capacity full" Offers to solve the "Problem".
Sound to me that the fish died several weeks ago.



When I have the time, I get amusement from leading these people on, acting like I am following their instructions, but having trouble doing so. When they get to the point where I have to go to a web site or download software - I then explain that I am an IT professional and *click*, the phone line goes dead.

I do the same exact thing. Act like I have no idea what I am doing, keep mumbling under my breath about my husband bought this stupid thing, and then they usually hang up lol.

I received a phone call from a wireless caller 602-904-5457 from what I assume is a robo dialer since when I answered the call it immediately rang another phone and the person who answered with an accent that sounded like he was from India said that he was from Microsoft Support and that I had a problem with me PC which at that point I said that I new this was a scam and hung up.

May 28, 2015 - I also received a call from "602-904-5457" and the same thing happened. After saying "hello" I was transferred to another line and this time a woman, who sounded Indian, answered. It seems my computer had been infected with very serious viruses and was told I needed to go to my computer and she would direct me to the viruses. I said I was no where near my computer but would check my anti-virus program and she hung up. This afternoon, "they" called back and I didn't answer.

I have gotten these scam techs for over a year!They have gotten worse! At least 4 calls a day! 478-225-4878 is the latest number used!Just filed a complaint! Why can't anything be done? I have been on the Do not call list since it's inception and re-entered several times! Nothing works!So dang frustrated!!

I reported the ones claiming to be Microsoft and now they still call but block their number. Without a number you can't report on

What about other scammers & hackers who get away with soft talkin woman, they r in love with them after short time, then claim they r stranded after finishing a job in other countries, Nigeria/South Africa , so on. get woman to send alot of money thru 2 o 3 yrs time, yadda yadda, ends up thewoman ends up getting arrested for scammer & hacker crimes,,,,,Beware to all woman; scammers "Andrew (Diem) Miles, & Bil Miltin....." both scammers

Last year, we posted the blog Looking Online for Your Valentine? to alert consumer about online dating scams. Check it out! Also, you can read this article for more information and to get tips on how to recognize a scam artist.

Unfortunately, my father fell for the scam of having problem with his computer. He was taken for a few hundred dollars. After we figured out it was a scam, they still call and try to get into our computer on a monthly basis. They call us all hours of the day and late night. They have even called back to tell us they want to refund the money, they only have to get into the his computer to do this.

I still cannot believe that people are still allowing themselves to be sucked into those scams.

1) do NOT let anyone, you don't know get/connect to your computer, unless you call them for support

2) do NOT send money to anyone, if they call you out of nowhere or contact you through the internet.

3) do NOT give out your banking/credit card details to anyone who calls you out of nowhere, or contact you through the internet.

I have been receiving 4 calls a day from 832-370-1111 claiming my computer is infected with viruses and they want access to my computer. I blocked one number and now they call from a different one. FTC got the next call.

I am concerned about an anti-spam program that I had recently purchased, from a gentleman who sounded like he was from India.
He then transferred me to another man who sounded like he was from India. They showed me a long list of malware that was on my computer, had gotten around my Kaspersky, had told me that Kaspersky is only an antivirus program and does not deal with malware. I'm afraid that is not true. I have to continue my investigation, to confirm its validity. I could kick myself for purchasing their anti-malware program in the first place! It was $267 for two computers with no limit of any expiration date. He had said he was with Microsoft, also. I could really use some help so that I can unravel this possible mess that I've gotten myself into. I will try the and the FTC, if I feel that it's necessary. I am very uneasy about this program, and it's salespersons. I have a growing concern that they have also put something on both of my computers to allow them access to my computer, at any time! The more that I had read people's comments the more concerned I have become. Thank you FTC for these warning emails! Very much appreciated. MJSS

Hope our government collect these fines and complete shut them down had the same problems as everyone else THANK

Scammers keep calling saying they are from Microsoft Support. Saying our computer keeps sending error messages and that we need to purchase "fix" to stop this. The number they are using is 971-567-3475. Person on other end is a male with a heavy Middle Eastern/Indian accent. Told them I know that it is a scam and that I was reporting them!

Every day I get calls supposedly from Microsoft (who never make phone calls to people), Medic Alert Systems, solar systems, lowering my electric bills, etc. Some of these calls are preceded by what I chose to refer to as "sentry calls". When I answer the phone there is no one on the other end and then the line disconnects. Shortly thereafter, I usually receive a call from an individual with a foreign accent wanting to scam me. Today I received a call from a person who spoke entirely in another language! The Do Not Call list is worthless, as are complaints to your telephone carrier. I used to *69 the calls, but now the recording informs me that "the number for the last person you called is unknown". Aside from using disposable cell phones, the scammers have now learned to block their numbers. Caller ID is also worthless. When you answer the phone, if you hear a pause prior to someone speaking, or if it's someone you don't know, SIMPLY HANG UP!

I really believe that we should report these calls and try to put a stop to it happening to other people that are not aware of it. Join in stop or catch them or sit back and do nothing. I will do my best to helping them get caught or at least have public awareness of this.

My husband and I have been scammed and he lives right here in town I can provide documents pictures and names to anyone who can help me get them incarcerated I recently applied for financial aid to go back to school and the patterens are starting all over again please help or give me some advice

This same thing has happened to me. They got me and I had to change bank account and even the bank. This needs to be STOPPED!!!

Any body hear anything about Omni-Tech

The phone company offers call intercept but at Additional cost to the consumer. I suggested we have a way to trace these thypes of calls without being charged for them, and yes ever since number porting was allowed this problem began to grow. It amazes me how somone can get arrested for calling their x-girlfriend One time and these callers Harrass and STEAL every day ALL day and npthing happens to them. America is getting like london with scammer games.

I've had my share of bogus calls on my worksite phone. They usually hang up quickly when they realize they have called a certain number assigned to a cemetery.

just received a call from an individual who identified himself as Eric Wilson and provided 516-252-1070 as a call back number. said his company detected a virus on our computer and that it was causing problems on the network. he then instructed us to go to our computer and he would provide instruction to correct the problem. this call was received by my wife. suspecting a scam right away, she asked for his name and call back number and told him we would get back in touch.

While it may be somewhat comforting to know the FTC is aware of these calls, what can be done to eliminate them? Like others, I've had my phone on the do not call registry for years and these scammers call multiple times per day, every day. Recently they have resorted to profanity when I calmly tell them to stop calling me & I know their call is fraudulent. It is harrassment & I want them stopped.

I have had these folks call me, but it has been a few months. Funny thing is, I don't use Microsoft products for my computing needs. Now it's Rachel from Cardholder services calling again after some hiatus.

they are still at it - they call unsolicited and try to scare you into buying protection services - they use a few tel numbers and the same number is associated with a few sites all linked to Big Rosk and the call originate in India - when you call back the number never works - it is just to make it look real - the number they give to me is 347 321 4173. This is fraud and if you do a search many other people have lost a lot of money to the scammers. They have also used it seems - 347-321-8983. I have reported this with info to ICANN

Appartently the lawsuit didn't do crap. I'm still getting calls from these scumbags. I've already filed to reports against them with the FTC. Guess I will need to get my own lawyer now

Tony, don't waste your time or money. Your lawyer will not take this on a contingency, and you will not want to pay his retainer - no one works for free.

This crap is a reality of life these days, (when spoofing phone numbers is NOT against the law!)

If you want to do a little bit of good, report this to the FTC at 877-382-3757

I have been receiving 4 calls a day from win support pc solution claiming my computer is infected with viruses and they want access to my computer. I blocked one number and now they call from a different one. FTC got the next call.

I was scammed of approximately $500.00, recently, by win support pc solutions and another group who claimed to be Microsoft. I notified my Visa, bank, police, BBB, FTC & Western Union but have had no luck in getting back any money

Alright now I have been assailed for the last year or so with the exact same instances mentioned in each and every blog on this web page. I have been called with a phone number like ()0 & recently today a 555 number with a V8111000 type of number over it on my TIMEWARNER caller ID as well... One morning I caught my girlfriend getting ready to do exactly what they were going to tell her. I am a computer science student and pretty much know to an extent what and where to look for something wrong even before that I did just not as well as I do now. They call with a very noisy background, you can barely hear them and are extremely rude (after you are of course). So the moral of the story is to not entertain them at all, when using VOIP call equipment the person on the receiving end o the phone does not have to pick up the phone for them to install anything in order to get into your computer... So if you do at least unplug your router immediately then entertain them as long as you can in order to get as much information from them as you can to report it to the FTC/this site.. I already have an issue with a group using that new tech attached to GOOGLE glasses so I definitely DO NOT need this garbage getting in my way at-all-what-so-ever!!!! BE CAREFUL EVERYONE

I've received calls from this semeSter Indian women multiple times. Today was my computer getting hacked and last week I won Grant money from the government. COMPLETE FRAUD and the B doesn't even get worried when you threaten to report them. If you receiving calls from this number pls., file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision. They maintain the National Do Not Call List and will investigate these A-Holes that are trying to take advantage of people. HERE's the link - if you don't trust the link just Google National Do Not Call List. Then please file a complaint! Let's stop these jerks!

A man (of India Accent) called me on Wed. afternoon, on August 13, 2014, and claimed he was calling from “Microsoft”; that his computer server in White Plains, N.Y., showed there were over a thousand error messages identified on my computer over the past two weeks and that “Microsoft” also detected a "hacker from Mexico" on my computer.

By coincidence, I told him the Geek Squad of Best Buy Stores fixed my computer a week earlier. His supervisor took over the telephone call (of Africa Accent),and said he needed to check matters inside my computer on an urgent basis. He got into my computer via Teamviewer. Prior to that he asked me to complete several MS Windows commands before he entered my compute. I believe he asked for the MS Windows registry number too.

The following day (Thurs.), Microsoft Corporation had me on the phone for “four+ hours and $149.00” to take off the “Highjack Brower,” Spyware,” and “Windows backend issues” caused by these telemarketers from “Symantic Solution” as he claimed. After a computer scan lasting fifteen minutes, he tried to sell me 'trustworthy' security packages. I became suspicious and he politely exited the phone conversation. I called the police and filed a report before calling Microsoft Corporation the following day. I also placed my name on the "Federal Trade Commission's" Do Not Call Registry ... Be wary, be cautious. This telemarketing scam lasted a full day to correct; all day folks, all day.

I just received the same call. I asked where he was calling from and he said California (Indian accent) and I asked for a call back number 1-567-244-4822 (ask for support assistant 1035. The number on my caller ID said Directory Assistance 215-555-9874. Thanks for taking the time to post your message. I'm sure others will find it quite helpful

August 19, 2014: You are welcome! We consumers can pull together to stop these unscrupulous scammers (those workers who are oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable). It is shameful to make a living like this. I had to call a Microsoft Tech Representative today to fix my computer. Luckily, it took 30 minutes this time.

In addition to filing a previous police report, I also reported the scam to the MS Tech Representative and a MS Manager will be alerted.

Remember, consumers can place their names on the "FTC No Call List" to avoid future marketing calls. It takes 31 days to kick in. Live honest; stay strong.

Same thing but I didn't pay. They got control of my computer though. What can I do now?

Symantec is a reputable company.No one from there or any virus software company, operating system like Microsoft, or any other software company is going to call you or anyone, even if you use their products, and your computer is loaded with viruses. They just do not do that.

I recently have been getting phone calls from a 'company' called PTI or PSI services requesting that i or my attorney call back because there has been a complaint against my social security number or other identifying numbers...come on people get a real job!!!!!

Once again a phone call from a non english speaking woman trying to tell me my computer is infected. can you stop these people it has happened before. the number is 6029045457

I received a call from someone claiming to be with Microsoft who could barely speak English. He claimed my computer was subject to hackers. When I questioned him, he sent me through some steps and showed me where a list where security certificates were not "authorized" etc. I still began to question him. He offered to give me his supervisor and I asked "how do I know that he isn't some guy in a cubicle behind me". When I kept asking HOW he knew I had a virus and was being hacked, he kept saying "because I am telling you Ma'am." The more he persisted, the more anxious he became and began to raise his voice. When I asked for the phone number for Microsoft to verify who he was, he gave me a 866 number. When I asked if that was Microsoft's number, he admitted it was HIS office number. When I persisted I needed Microsoft's phone number, he became MORE anxious, I HUNG UP! I called my local computer tech repair store and they said it is a SCAM. Idiots!



I have received about 5 calls in the past 2 days form people claiming to be from Microsoft, telling me my computer is sending error messages and is infected with Malware. Caller ID showed the name John Rosewell, the number was 917 200-9423. Caller said his name was Nick. (917 is an area code largely used for cell phones in NY, and may not be a land line at all).

I got a call back number by telling him I was on another call. That number, 254-236-6545, actually worked. 254 area code is in Texas, starting to see something fishy here?

The person answering did not answer professionally, by saying something like "Hello, Microsoft technical support, my name is...". It was more like "hello". Background noise sounded like a boiler room operation.

I was told my computer was sending Microsoft error messages, and is infected with Malware. Then something about 5,000 computers infected with some virus and on and on. Could barely understand anything he said. If he was in Texas, it was from someplace else, and he arrived about a week ago.

Folks, I played along to see where this was going to go, since Microsoft does not call customers. They wanted to log on to my computer to fix the problem, and there was going to be money involved.





Report CALLS LIKE this to the FTC at 877-382-4357, they actually do seem to care, and told me the information DOES help them.

Iwent to verizon internet help and it wasn't really them, it was scammers. They got $250.00. I was fortunate the visa card was covered for fraud, the bank returned the money. But it is a nightmare to deal with. They have all my info and they wiped my computer clean. I reported it to the Ftc and fraud protection. I called verizon, they knew about it and said they weren't able to do antthing. So don't assume it is verizon on line, it might be scammers.

Was called several times by a Hindi sounding dude asking "Turn on your computer , I'm from Windows". Giving him my reply using my BEST Mexican accent I responded with "I don't know no stinking windows but if he want's ,come over and wash mine".Never called back after that !

Back in March I received a call from "Microsoft" saying there were all kinds of problems with my computer.I thought it was a scam but the guy who sounded like he was from India answered all of my questions in such a manner that made me believe that this was for real. In spite of my bank telling me this might be a scam (the man from Microsoft said that I might have a problem with the bank and to tell them it was ok to let the charge go though.....another big mistake on my part.) After I finished talking with the man, I found out that it was a scam. I called the bank and asked them not to pay the money for this charge. The bank said they couldn't do anything until the charge posted. It posted for a different company who I never dealt with but they sent me a free gift ($2 wallet) which I didn't reeceive. Because this company told my bank they didn't have anything to do with computers and that they had delivered the item I had ordered so they would not refund my money. At that point the bank said the only way I might get my money back, I could take them to small claims court. The problem was that I nevr dealt with those people and I don't have the name or number of the man from India that I did deal with. Bottom line is I'm out $500.

Questions for you.

1. How do you report a scammer to the FTC if their number is blocked or clearly bogus (e.g., the area code doesn't exist)? What can I do about such calls?

2. How did multiple scammers and businesses get my cell number within two weeks after I got the phone? I had given the number only to family. How do I keep this from happening again? (I get Rachel on my cell as well as my land line.)

3. Has anyone found a response to "Microsoft in India" that is so unpleasant, counterproductive, or damaging to them that they stop calling?

On 6/28/2014 I received a call from man saying he received an alert that my Windows software warranty has expired and that they need to check for alerts or my computer will be crashing very soon. I asked who he worked for and he replied that his company Xpert wizard works as a servicing wing of Microsoft Windows Software. I also asked what state the office was located and was told that his office was located in Massachusetts but that they have offices all over the United States and that they are a U.S. Company. I asked him if he was from India as his voice sounded Indian or Pakistani and he stated India and that his name was Neil Johnson working as team support for Xpert wizard and gave me this direct line number: (617)862-9272 I was told that if I had any future issues with my computer that I should contact him directly at this number. This was supposedly to warranty or protect my computer for lifetime service. I immediately felt that something was wrong about this situation after having allowed someone to invade my PC space and researched this online scam and made call to Suntrust Bank the next morning to inform them that I had fallen victim to a computer scam. I also system restored my computer as the internet stopped working correctly and was running slowly. I then ran Norton antivirus and readjusted all of my security settings in my computer to attempt to prevent further issues from arising. I changed all passwords to any valuable or regularly used accounts

Phone logs from 6/28/2014 as follows….

Name unavailable 8577205631 1:00pm

Woodbury CT 2034052233 2:14pm

Unknown name private number 2:15pm

Name unavailable 8577205631 2:17pm

Unknown name private number 2:17pm

Woodbury CT 2034052233 2:22pm

Unknown name private number 2:26pm

Skype User 6617400240 2:20pm

Woodbury CT 2034052233 2:50pm

Name unavailable 5042096344 3:17pm

Cell phone NV 6466249999 4:02pm

Cell phone NV 6466249999 4:03pm

Received another call today but did not answer as they had informed me on 6/28 calls that the payment for their service had not gone through and they would call and have me submit a partial payment of $299.00 on Monday after noon. Phone number I rejected answering was from Cell phone NC 1919903312920 at 12:46 pm on 6/30/2014
7/8 repeated calls each minute 5 times from #1036 I answered 1 of the calls and was told I needed to give them more money. I informed them that I have filed fraud reports and that I am on do not call registry and will contact authorities if they continue to call. Then 2 more calls ignored after that.

Please watch out for a company called - they scammed my 82 year old mother. I think we contained it but we shall see.

I kept getting a pop-up when I went to a business site to get my assignments. When I linked to the assignment page, the pop-up would be there and would not let me close it. It froze up IE completely. Unfortunately that site was only IE compatable. Finally, after several days of that, I called the number on the pop-up and was told he was a Microsoft tech. and he would check to see why I was getting that pop-up. I now realize why. It was their pop-up and the only way to get rid of it was to pay for their "protection service" This scam was perpetrated by ALTHIM Technologies. When I called today to get the refund I was promised, I was told I could only get a partial refund. I would not be refunded for the "tech services" they performed. I called my bank and they are taking care of it.

I had been missing calls on my cell phone from NY 917-200-9422. Tonight I answered it at 9:15 PM They said they were with Tech Support 247, an authorized Microsoft technician.

I started asking him questions because I knew he was a scammer.

1. Why would you call me when I don't own a computer.
He told me I was lying.

2. Where are you calling from & his name - City & State.
He said Phoenix, AZ. His name he claimed was Albert Thomas even though he had a heavy accent - India, maybe. I said "Wrong Scammer - I have caller ID". Then he said no I mean Texas. (Idiot)

3. Then I asked how he got my cell phone number & to verify the name on my cell phone bill since I do not have a computer. He gave me a name but it is not even close to mine or the same sex.

Anyway I ended with I know you are a scammer, I am notifying everyone I can including the police & do not call my phone number again.

Tomorrow when I am out I believe I will go out & buy a very loud whistle. Maybe if I blow it loud enough he will get the message that scamming honest people is wrong!!!!!

PS Also see Don't Be That Dumb on 08/27/14 as his was pretty much like mine.

Person called today who said they were the Dell Support team and that I had suspicious activity on my Dell computer. I asked how they could detect any activity on my computer. They said it was software that automatically sends this info to Dell. I told them I was driving at the moment and to call back. I then called Dell, they said it was not them and suggested I phone the FTC, which I did. The number ID was 1-800-108-9177 which is not a number working according to Verizon. Then a few minutes ago they called back with 1-800-108-9121. It seems these are computer generated calls and phony caller IDs. Be careful out there!

My boyfriend received a call from windows microsoft scam and he let them into his laptop and they destroyed/corrupted his computer. They completely destroyed his laptop. It cost us $130 to fix his laptop and to add Windows 7 (he had windows 8) for it to work.
I received a call on Monday September 15 2014 at 9:52 am from the same people stating I had computer viruses. I am working on trying to find out who to report this to in our government organization. It would be really great if someone would do something about this and to keep other people falling victim to this telephone scam. I can only hope that our great government would do something about this. For example that could provide me with a telephone number to call so they could possibly trace my telephone for when they call back and I know they will call me back sooner or later. There have been many people who have lost money because they agreed to pay. There are videos on the internet about this. Please help me so they can pay for this scam.

Just recently we got a call from "Microsoft" stating that my computer is infected with viruses and so on so forth. Well, being the person I am, I decided to screw with them and ask them what a computer was. Well long story short, after much questioning they said they were from Washington DC and had said they had a technician in my area. Needless to say after I continued to ask what a computer was, I ended up getting told that I was an idiotic American and hung up on.

I just received a call from Richard Parker aka Raj from Windows? LT global tech support, he said. phone number 516-252-1070 saying windows was getting errors from my computer and needed me to turn on my computer so he could show me the errors. He could NOT/WOULD not tell me what errors! I smelled a PHISHING scam.....I didn't give him any info nor computer info. I hung up. But I want it to be reported somewhere, I'm in CA.
He said he was calling from NY. I told him if he was getting error messages he should be able to tell me just what they were with out my going to my computer!

In June I got scammed of $500.00. It was from Tech Live Connect Support, they had mentioned Drivers support, and Avangate. This has been going on since June, 2014. I have cried my eyes out, because they never mentioned any money, or I had 4 days to cancel. I still do not know what they mean I had 4 days to cancel? I didn't sign up for anything. Drivers Support had advertised with Microsoft, which wasn't right. I talked to Microsoft on the phone, and they said they have had trouble with them before, using their name. I am disabled, my husband is retired, and we have no money like that. I have already filed a claim to you, but I thought you might find this interesting. We got three phone calls today from PRIME IMPORTANT. (1)877-769-2427 My husband was able to answer one, and they hung up on him. Then this is why I am writing the letter, the last call he got to answer, they said I had purchased a package from them (back in June), and he told them he wasn't aware of any doings. They said to him, "What would you believe I am calling for"? Scamming, replied my husband and then the caller said "to-- off". That wasn't a very professional letter. I think I wrote the letter in the wrong place. I am scared to get on the computer any more. TRASFER TO COMPLAINT-SORRY

number is 866-276-7957. these people have called and said they were calling for microsoft, and my nortons was not working right. they directed me to a website on my computer to take control of it, to show me i had hackers on my network. then directed me to a website and pressured me to buy protection. i told them i didnt have to money, they said they would call back. i didnt pay them money but they did get acces to my computer when i let them. kind of worried they may have my info now.

Althim Technologies is indeed part of scam network. More people affected take the time to write the BBB, Superpages, and other review sites to let folks know in advance they are dealing with a fake we-fix-your-hijacked-computer operator. Remember : the initial charge to your credit card is only the BEGINNING of the trouble.

For numbers we don't know on caller ID we answer phone Dept of Justice Agent Jesus speaking, by law I must tell you this call is being traced & recorded. How may I help you? Then we hear a click... We've received less calls now lol

they also called me and I told them to go back to the 7-11, it is at least honest work.

Phishing scam with same MO...PC helpline working for Microsoft, infected computer etc. Gained access and cc #. Fortunately payment was denied. New cc coming. Cant believe I was sucked in. Indian accent. Noisy &busy sounding tech background. Will report to FTC.

Got a call from 602-904-5457, the same # that led me to this site saying that criminal charges had been filed against this company back in July. Well it appears they're still operating and saying they are from Microsoft and that I have viruses so I don't think the lawsuits are holding any water. Also, India sounding accents..

Not long ago I got the virus scam callI I could barely understand the guy because of his heavy Indian accent. The call registers from NY 315-315-2020. It sounded like he claimed to be from Microsoft and something about my computer being infected because it has viruses. Bunch of baloney talk. I nearly tore him a new one.

Warn people you know, especially elderly or less tech savvy people.

Anyone who cold calls you to access your computer, copier or anything else should be an auto red flag. Also, questionable calls from NY are a scam flag in my book. Hang up!

You said to transfer my story about Tech Support (Which I had wrote it on here, above), but I do not know how. Reference number 56125220. We had to borrow the money to pay them. I am going to try and find how to write in the right place. I am very sorry.

I have gotten 2 calls in the last week about my computer putting out viruses, and the caller claimed to be from the World Wide Web. I told both people that town police had put this info in the local newspaper as being a scam. Next time I will just hang up after the first few words.

The greatest service you can do to protect the vulnerable from being scammed is waste their time for as long as you can and end the call on your terms telling them what you think of them.
There are possibly hundreds of these scam companies operating in India, with more popping up all the time simply because there are people out there to scam. They hijack legitimate US numbers to add to their plausibility. I currently have ten of these numbers blocked but they constantly regenerate them which allows the calls to continue. I'm getting one or two calls consistently every three evenings. Scams are everywhere, but when they are disturbing me at 11pm, I get angry.

Tell friends about it, report it to the FTC and your congressman. Action needs to be taken against this filth.

Agreed, legitimate complaints to the FTC and Congressman, etc. also, talking about them on complaint websites and social media as well as mouth to mouth information.... despite all this, they still find ways to get through, so we have to fight fire with fire....! Or douse it with a lot of water....

Look out for 888-224-8533 scammers from India claiming to be Yahoo reps. Very bad news and the biggest of liars.

I fell for a scam last week by a company called UTH-urgent tech help. Same scenario as many others: a call from someone with an Indian accent about viruses on my computer. He was able to take contol of my computer completely! So I gave the requested information, including my credit card. I did not sleep the whole night and did some checking the next day, learning about this scam. I changed my passwords,uninstalled what they installed, ran a security scan, cancelled my credit card and called Experian to put a fraud alert on my report. I just today reported it to the FTC. A friend suggests contacting the local police, but I don't know what they can do. Is there anything else I should do?

I received a call from the security head of a major company who asked me if I was trying to purchase computer equipment with a visa card ending in 4 numbers. I had a visa card ending in those very same numbers and my card was in my wallet. The head of Office Depot's security said he stopped the purchase from going through. When I asked him how they picked up on the fraud he told me he was suspicious because the order used my name and my credit card info but the purchased items were to be sent to Colorado. He then noticed the transaction was for computer equipment and that he was seeing a pattern in the purchases of computer related items using stolen credit info. The security head was good enough to explain the steps necessary to stop further illegal use of my card. His advise was as follows:

1. Cancel all credit and debit cards immediately.
2. File a report with your local police
department and get a copy of the police
3. file an ic3 notice online (ic3 is a
collaborative between the FBI and the
National White Color Crime Center.
4. Alert all THREE credit monitoring
services - they are TransUnion,
Experian and Equifax.

By doing ALL of the above and maintaining a record and/or copies of such you will have evidence. That way if something happens down the road that will cause negative reports on your credit worthiness you will be able to restore your credit standing before the situation gets too out of hand.

In my case the 1st purchase the thieves made was the day before. They got away with almost $500 worth of computer equipment from Staples. These crooks had even changed my email address at Staples so I wouldn't get an order confirmation to alert me of their purchase. I sweet talked Staples into give me the name, address and phone number the buyer used. I went on an internet search with that info and found over 200 people were supposedly living in the apartment where the purchases were sent. Good luck with your situation.


I received a pop-up claiming to be Clear Wireless saying my device was compromized and I should call 1-888-252-5733 to get tech support to remove the threat.

I'm a computer specialist with over 30 years experience and a friend of mine who is over 80 years I just fixed her computer last week and made sure she had no viruses and set up large views for her aging eyes and she called me today because "Support 1000" 302-482-8155 called her and said they were from Microsoft and tricked her into allowing remote access to her computer and wanted her to pay $299 to fix it saying that she was very infected with viruses. The technician "Thomas Brown" gave her a phone number to call back at 302-482-8155. So I called my friend and she said that "Thomas Brown" was still remotely connected to her computer but she didn't give him any credit card info even though he kept asking for it. I told her to immediately unplug her computer (because she could no longer control the mouse as he had control of it.) So, then I called the company and asked to talk to Thomas Brown. He had some sort of accent I could barely understand him so I told him I am a computer specialist with over 30 years experience and that there was nothing wrong with my friend's computer and that him calling her and gaining access to her computer is illegal and that I wanted to talk to his manager. He then hung up on me. So, I called back and talked with another guy that answered the phone with the same thick accent and told him the same story about what they are doing is illegal and he told me to shut up and never call this phone number again. I just filed complaint on them at

I HATE SCAMMERS! Especially those that prey on older people who don't know better! GRRRRRRR!

Me too just found out fiancee they call you wife is scammer Henry Duaz Nathan oyo and osun Nigeria then comes along another Henry claiming they stole hid email he looked for me a year. Clamps to be oil geologist omg shore but nothing but Google phone number I must report all I've got usa people names addresses tons to turn in oh wow dad was fooled 82 they took his retirement replaced with counterfeit money. Omg. Terri

The number 888-252-5733 is a number that comes up in Google Chrome when you open it and disables Chrome. A female voice comes on with the same warning. The message reads "WARNING: Serious security threats MIGHT have been detected on nn/nn/nnn date and time, photos, credit-card and passwords information might have been compromised. Don't use your computer until you've contacted an official technician. Please call 888-252-5733.

It listed my Internet Service Provider and my IP address. All that information is readily available to search programs even your address in some cases.

Federal Trade Commission website lists this as a scam selling virus protection and other software. An "Official Technician" might ask to be let into your computer to fix it, then you are in big trouble..

i just recieved a call supposedly from m/s tech support telling me that my computer has been sending them error messeges and that my comp. has a virus. I promptly told him that I don't use microsoft windows, and he hung up. When I called the number back it said it is a disconected verizon number. here's the number 4049092566.

Yup...they called us too. I laughed at the guy and told him to contact our Corporate office and talk directly to our fierce IT Dept.! LOL - The dude hung up of course.

lately i been receiving calls from (216)987-1249. the "Tech guy" sounded like he has either has the Asian or Indian accent, the background noise sounded like he was outside or he had a fan on.
at first when i would answer the call no one would answer then the second time they called i could clearly hear there was someone on the phone but when i would say hello no one responded. then today i get a call from this number telling the my computer is infected, that pictures were downloaded without my permission. i couldn't really understand what exactly they were saying but from what i understood they asked me to restart the computer and then they were going to guide me to "remove the Virus/Pictures that can harm my computer".
i heard about this type of phone calls before, i called them out on their scam but obviously they denied it. i also told them to stop calling and if they call again i was going to report them i heard the "tech guy" whispering to someone and then hang up.
please be careful don't give out any information or allow them to access your computer. watch out for these suspicious calls.

if there is a genuine problem then what you will do. it is very easy to blame any company or the services but how these problems are coming in to the computers and for what there is a software hard ware engineering degrees...

They called me - and my trick was to keep them on the call for about 20 minutes - stalling and acting like I was doing what they asked me. Finally I said that my neighbor just walked in and that he was with the FBI who was working a special case with the department of Immigration and that he wished to speak with them. After a few seconds of pauses and whispers on the other end, the caller hung up.

The caller asserted that he was detecting corruption in our email, and represented himself as a member of a support group that had previously serviced our computer some 4-6 months earlier. In fact, they had, which added to the sense of legitimacy, so we allowed him to inspect our computer via LogMeIn, and after performing some rapid scans, he claimed (with a little drama) that our computer had been invaded by Russian hackers who at any moment were about to drain our bank accounts, and that only he and his support crew could save us. We were naturally in a state of concern about this, as we had just closed on a property and temporarily had a fairly large balance in one of our checking accounts.

He claimed that we would need to buy Sonicwall NSA, a high level security system, which his organization would immediately install into our computers, as well as scan for any malicious software. He even shopped us around the internet for various prices for Sonicwall, including Amazon and Avangate, and showed us the various prices (all done with a quick wrist). He then switched us over to another operator who represented himself as being from Avangate, who gave us the price and mailing information; we were to mail check in the amount of $2880 to Prime Technologies LLC, 720 Montague Ave., Greenwood, SC. He then switched us back to the first operator, who proceeded with the operation on our computer.

When they had finished and signed off, it was apparent that they had installed three small batch files into a new folder, C:\System, called “Network Access Protection.bat,” “Network security Ver 22.2.bat,” and “Sonicwall NSA.bat.” In addition, they had installed two programs, CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Fortunately, we did a quick background check the following day and discovered that this company is posted in scam alerts, has no legitimate business registration, and the abovementioned location is only a UPS Store. Also, there did not seem to by any “soft” Sonicwall NSA product available; Sonicwall supplies high-end physical routers for business use.

So these folks at “Prime Technologies” slowly work to gain your trust, play off your emotions, concerns and sense of urgency, and fog you with (mis)information you are in no position to understand. Needless to say, we will not be sending any check.

Our computer was later inspected by a legitimate service. They found no malware, but recommended deleting/uninstalling whatever software added by Prime Technologies (or whoever they are), which we did.

The same thing happened to us this morning. So called James Carter an ITTech with avangate .He had an Indian accent called my husband and told him people from Nigeria hacked into our computer and are using our identities . He even told us they are trying to get into our bank account to take out a large amount of money as we speak.
He told us to turn off all devices. They are not secured. Only our desktop computer is safe because he was controlling it. My husband gave him access . I told him why did you do that? But any way I tried going on Google to look up avangate to see if what they were saying if it was reliable. The Tech James told me to make sure all cellphones were off. I did it a couple of times. He said the same thing. It's like he was watching us through our computer cam. Spooky. He said we need to purchase sonic wall nsa network security 3600 version. He check online prices with Walmart and Amozon to see where is cheaper. He said we could buy it from him for $1989.00 He then connected us to another department. Another Indian speaking person by the name of Jessica answered.
She asked for check only. And she was pretty pushing for a date the check would be mail out. She asked for a check number. I told her I will check with my bank on Monday about the hacking situation. I will probably mail a check out on Monday. Doing some research on BBB and reading accounts on what happened to other people. I realized this was a scam.!! I unplugged my computer and roater. Called and cancelled my debut cards. Called Amozon . Will go to my bank on Monday to give information on what happened and check my accounts. These are scammers who us scare tactic to get u to buy their so called products. I called up the real avangate company and they think I haved been scammed. They also said I was the second person calling about this. Well guess what? I'm happy to say they will not get any checks in the mail. Thank you for sharing your story

Avangate...or Avangatee?...the second spelling is the one I'm dealing with...I have Windows 8 and did a complete reset on the laptop, it wound up with Norton on it again but that caught 2 more issues and removed them...maybe related to their backdoor entry...don't know...switching ip providers Thursday...they burned my cell up today trying to get me to pay for this last round of advanced software crap...took me for 500 last fall...tried for 600 this time...I couldn't find any bad stuff on them then...but sure did this time...included their F from the BBB and a whistleblower former employee post on the reviews...I just let them call and never answered...put my phone on a no interruption landline is a voip. So that won't ring...or you can get a phone with a ringer turn off...whatever helps you ignore them...

This is useful information for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Got a call from 855-760-8948, claiming they are Microsoft, took my computer and show me a virus in my network, I don't know what was that. Anyway they took $499. How do I get my money back, they took a wire transfer. I am 90, don't know what to do.

When you send money by wire transfer, you can't get it back. 
The scammer who called you probably said he detected a virus or problem on your computer. That was a trick so you would let them take over your computer. If the scammers installed any programs on your computer, you should get rid of them. Read about how to get rid of malware.
Becuase you sent money, you might start getting more calls from scammers. They might say they can help you get money back, or fix your computer, or tell some other story. Don't wire money to someone who calls out of the blue. Don't give them personal information or tell them your credit card or bank account numbers. Read about scams that ask you to use money transfer services.

Unfortunately I was pretty gullable last Feb and allowed Avangate Tech to install malware protection on my laptop. Then I really started having problems and had to have my computer fixed. I just recently got another phone call from this company and when I told him he was a scammer, he told me I was dumb and stupid, and then really got nasty. He also told me he was charging my credit card with another $1200. After I hung up on him, I called the credit card company and had my account frozen. I do feel like an idiot, but I definitely learned something from this.

You can file a complaint about a tech support scam with the FTC at

602-783-0553 received the same call about my pc they were from microsoft. Of course I have macs so click!!

These people call me CONSTANTLY. I have had about 500 calls from them. I don't know how to make them stop. The only way would be to ditch my telephone service. I can't afford caller ID, and when my phone rings, especially at odd times, I have to answer because it may be an actual call about my very elderly mother. Of course it never is, it is the scammers again. I have tried everything. At first I told them to put my number on their do not call list. Then for a long time I told them that I had notified the police who would be at their office in 10 minutes. Now I just scream at them to go to hell. Nothing gets through to them.

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, don't interact at all. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back.
The best thing is to hang up the phone. If you press any number you are confirming that the number they have is a good number. Pressing anything or even talking to them might in fact increase the calls.

They are still at it. Global Tech, "Google", 29 Prime, or whatever they want to call themselves... Still calling my phones on the no call list. The number they used today is 979-232-2249

If you get an urgent call from someone who wants remote access to your computer, hang up and report it at

We have had Prime Important computer techs ringing us for 4 days 10 or more times a day even after telling them that there is no problem with our computers and that we have a company that takes care of our computers they would not stop and kept telling us we were in danger of viruses we got to a point when we told them that they was impeaching our privacy and it amounted to harassment it did not stop them, we had our daughters answer the phone and still it did stop, we blocked there number and they rang again with another number we await to see if they call again. We got conned out of $300 on two occasions over 2 years how can we stop them and from conning other people out of money.

These are important details for a complaint. Please report this at, so it goes into the database law enforcement uses for investigations. Blog comments don't go into that database.

i never go here again. bad Company.

I keep getting calls from 844-620-1714. He calls 3 or more times in a day. I am told i am owed $ 149.00 for purchasing a plan ordered from them. The company no longer can provide support and the money must be refunded. He tells me to go to my computer. I refuse and he continues to tell me I will be sent the money through Bank of America. I told him I don't have an account with them. He says he will help me set up an account so I can get my money. I believe this is a scam. He has been calling for months and is very persistent.

Now the ONLINE PC Tech support scam is running on a large from India. They used Microsoft, Google, Yahoo Bing for ruuning this scam. They used to hang the computer of the user via pop up and then call to user that your system is infected and to remove this problem they used to charge from customers. At that time the problem resolved but next another scammer hang the system and do the same process. Its a cyber crime and Indian Govt. must take action on it and instruct the Google , Yahoo Bing and other search engine providers to take immediate action on it.

Despite the advice given I have called the numbers on the popup notices. Not to give them my business but a piece of my nasty mind instead. I have gotten rude or obnoxious with them,insulted them and cussed them out, then hung up. I try to do this with them as often as possible. I think that if enough people will do this they may back off and stop doing this. How long will it take for them to quit if they get enough calls from irate people telling them off? It's certainly not going to make their day a good one to have to listen to hundreds of people yelling at them and verbally abusing them. That's not the kind of job I want to work at. Furthermore if they aren't making any money either then there is even less incentive to put up with this. We should start a movement or campaign to do this. Call these fake tech support scammers up and verbally abuse them in every possible way. It will be a form of harassment and it would be guaranteed to make their jobs anything but idyllic.

I'm getting pop-ups even when I'm using my phone (while not using web) it's showing a number like =call center -0921-1205-000

These people are well known in the UK, and they will try to get you to hand control of your computer to them. Once they get it they then demand a payment to actually end the scam by handing back your computer to you. It's been going on for many years now. Once you hand them details of your credit card then sell this information to others.

It makes a lot of money for these criminals so do not fall for it.

These people are well known in the UK, and they will try to get you to hand control of your computer to them. Once they get it they then demand a payment to actually end the scam by handing back your computer to you. It's been going on for many years now. Once you hand them details of your credit card then sell this information to others.

It makes a lot of money for these criminals so do not fall for it.

I believe certain Americans are targeted for this kind of harassment. Different phone numbers are used to keep calling even though they know I am aware of their scam.

It's amazing people fall for this. On the other side of the coin everytime I call Msoft now they want to do a remote session. Plus I have difficulty understanding them.

get pop up ads saying myhostedaccounting. Windows has detected unusual activity and security breach on my computer network,says to go to or call 877-717-8009 or 855-276-1766. Im an idiot who did go to their website and do the remote, but when he told me the price i told him to go to hell and hung up. Was Nigerian.

One think I didnt read in all of these posts is how to get rid of the pop up because i cant go to a single site with out it popping up and preventing me from doing anything.

Ust got the same thing. Searching for solution now....

Same problem here and same ph number 877-717-8009.

I just reported a scam to FTC this morning. I received a call on the 17th of Nov. 2015, that my computer had been infected with malware. The man that called said he was with Dell Technical and told me the exact type of computer I was using, trying to make me believe that he was a legitimate rep. of Dell computer systems. He wanted me to give him access to my system at that point, but told him at this time I would not be available to do it. I asked him where I could reach him the next day, and he said he would call me. I told him availability of time was a problem and for him to give me his name and number. He said OK and gave me this name and phone number whichis as follows, Chistopher Coelso, at 1-800-426-5255. I immediately went and checked my virus protections and found no problems. the next morning I called Dell Technical and gave them the above phone umber and asked them to check if it was a good Dell number. It was not a lisdted number and they took the time and reported it to FTC, and requested that I do the same thing. Which has been accomplished. The only way to stop these schemes is to report and do not give anyone any information unless you are doing the calling. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Just received a call from a "John Wilson" which I said that's not your real name is it and he said 'Yes, Mam'. He said he was from LT Global and that my computer had a bad virus and was going to crash. I got his number 516-252-1070 and told him I was going to make a call to someone else about. He asked me three times if I was in front of my computer and I told him no. This is the second time I have had this experience.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. We can't address complaints that come through the blog comments. Please go to to report this.

I also received a call from Christopher at 1-800-426-5255. I contacted Dell and they told me it was a scam, but they would be happy to run a check on my computer (for a fee!) to remove any viruses that the scammer may have installed. Any conspiracy theorists out there?

Just had my 5th call saying they were from dell telling me my computer was sending reports to tech support. When stating my computer hasn't been turned on he hung up. Next one I asked for a number to call back since I wasn't home...he hung up. One just now gave me phone #1800-426-5255.

This afternoon. call from sonic wall nsa network. Said I was being hack I should up grade, that they would discount it because I was cover for 3 yrs, but it was my fault it was disconnected. I told them I thought it was them and that they were trying to make me pay up. He got really mad after I refused. said if I didn't pay for it he was going to wipe out my whole bank account. He called me names I wouldn't print. My husband and I went right to the bank and canceled our cards, the bank is watching out for them. These people are really nuts. The company should fire them.

They are still at it . Called me multiple times telling me to go to 1234computer and click on the secure link to a server, that is actually a remote access program.

I got calls from 1-212-650-7149 claiming to be fro MS saying they are receiving alerts that someone is trying to put a virus on my pc. Do they really think people fall for that?

As of 1/23/16 these scammers are still active; they've now moved on to cell phone cold-calling. They called my house once (at 1 AM!) using the "Microsoft" version of this scam and I told them I lived on Mars and had no Internet access. The guy on the other end didn't get the joke. I could hear other reps in the background talking in English and what sounded like Russian or Ukrainian, but with an Indian accent, so I'm not entirely sure they're actually based in India anymore.

They are still going. Had a call last week and yet again this morning. Caller ID showed 1-855-210-3300 (210 happens to be a local exchange). Gave the whole Microsoft virus story on my MAC. Said they received reports. When I asked which computer, could not say. Told him I would call back and to give me a number. Gave me name of Frederick Fernandez (sorry, not a latin accent, but Indian), at 855-593-3163. I contacted Apple who told me it was a scam (which I suspected). Needless to say, I did not call back.

the company name: tech live center. toll free no: 18555544666, but ? order id NGG5Q8AC, merchant name: BUGSCRUB. held my computer hostage, charged me, got all my data now, closed my credit card and removed every online bank password in Safari preferences. still so shaken. disputing the bank charge to my credit card yesterday, for which they have all data, etc. scrambling for security and privacy again today!

the "tech live connect" claim to be a legit operation, subcontracted by apple. all Indian operators, they explain how much garbage is on my computer, but more compelling than that, they had me hostage, with my computer frozen. i mean locked. i paid $199.99 to get out of there. yesterday i disputed the entry as it is pending. please help me and OTHERS.

i want to add that they said they were contracted by apple. i feel very foolish, but could otherwise not recover my computer. ugh.

I got a call from these guys. I talked with three of them, and they all had African accents. One said he was from Kenya. They were using the same phone number, though.

So, I think they have moved their operations out of India.

When they charged my credit card $299.99, I called Microsoft, who told me it was a scam! So---I called the scammer back, and told him my cousin is Assistant Attorney General here in Mass., and if they do NOT credit my credit car the $299.99 in ONE HOUR, I would turn the scam over to him, and they would be arrested1! LO AND BEHOLD-----They credited My credit car IMMEDIATELY111

Received a call today from Fort Wayne IN, (260) 220-1659. It was a call center most likely from Africa. My caller had asked for me by my first name and told Microsoft Computer operation system was infest by viruses. He said he was from IT worldwide Tech Support working for Microsoft. I acted shocked and asked for details, he told me that they had been monitoring the problem for weeks and that's why they contacted me. He asked if I was the normal user of the computer and I said no; that we usually let the monkey use it. He asked for clarification two more times and was told a monkey operates our computer; he then said oh, I see and hung up.

201-860-9188 - got a call from Jersey on 3/18 claiming to be Microsoft as above. Yelled at him and told him if they ever called me again I was reporting them. They called again today, so filed a complaint with the FTC.

Just learned this was a scam. At the time I was having issues with pc and thought they were the real deal. So I fell for it. Will we ever recover any monies from this?

On behalf of all Indians I apology to all people who have been scammed by the Indian Scammers. I will certainly try to report this in the nearest Police and will try to stop if any in such is going on in Calcutta (My City).

The FCC is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to CRIMINAL HACKERS and fraudsters!!! There are NUMEROUS FCC violations since they bypassed accountability measures!! Shame on Congress for helping to perpetuate CRIMINAL COMMERCIAL FRAUD, ORGANIZED CRIME and HARASSMENT!

They even targeted my elderly mother and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING, even AFTER IT IS REPORTED TO FBI AND POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They've GOT TO BE KIDDING if they thik ANY police force has the acumen to confront and resolve these crimes!!! The FBI even ABETS CRIMINAL STALKERS!!!


You can contact your credit card company if you were charged for:

  • something you didn't agree to
  • something you didn't accept
  • something that wasn't delivered as you agreed

This FTC article about disputing credit card charges has tips to help you.

I just received a call from them. Asked for as much information as the Indian lady named "Emma" could give me while I answered the questions on the FTC website to report them. I hope it helps. Your provider will not call you to update your software.

Thank you for reporting to the FTC.

OMG...these POSTS!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER...give anyone who calls you on the telephone your credit card number, social security number, access to your computer, NADA! Nothing! EVER.

If the call sounds legitimate, tell the caller, "Thank you, but before I divulge any information, I am going to contact (Microsoft, Chase Bank, VISA, Norton, McAfee, etc., etc.,) and verify the information, because it's so easy to be scammed, right?"

99.9999% of the time, they'll hang up on you. And by the way, don't EVER use the number they give to get any verification==it's probably the number of the scammer sitting in the desk beside him.

After reading these posts, I'll say it again: DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER give out personal information to anyone contacting you by telephone. Always contact the real company if you're not sure.

Second, for those with elderly parents, instruct them to always contact you first if they get a call asking for information. Tell them to say, "Thank you. I'm going to contact my son/daughter to handle this for me." Again, 99.9999% of the time this will end in a hang-up call.

FYI, MALWARE BYTES and other "computer virus/worm/malware "security programs" are NOT FUNCTIONING 100%, because by the time people are downloading to program, malicious hackers have already "redirected code" recognition that GOVERNMENT AND LEGAL AUTHORITIES NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO DETER FURTHER CRIMINAL/MALICIOUS ACTIVITY!!! CRIMINALS NEED TO REMAIN IN PRISON to prevent them from causing harm to more people. This corruption and immoral abuse against the innocent and vulnerable NEEDS TO BE STOPPED, or at the VEY LEAST, CONTAINED! With karma being what it is, it will hit THE CRIMINALS' families, but even then, it seems these kinds of people don't even care about their own families, and oftentimes, even themselves.

Oh I feel stupid who fbi but I've got tons of evidence names addresses bank accounts. Oh I just had back surgery
Disabled widdow my banker says I'm maim target I'll be homeless soon if I don't get help.

My mom unfortunately fell for the scam from Electronic Wizard Support Services out of Eden, MN. "Eric" wants to help my mom receive her money back - because they went bankrupt and now the US Government is in control of their company. Eric needs to get into her computer so he can reimburse her..... Really? WTH? His number comes through as 321-549-5483.

Simply restart your machine if you receive those stupid pop ups...worked for me..

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