Is that debt collector for real?

It’s stressful enough getting calls from debt collectors for bills you actually owe. But if you’ve ever been harassed and threatened for debts you’ve never even heard about, let alone accrued, it can be downright harrowing – and quite possibly illegal.

Today, the FTC announced that a U.S. district court has temporarily halted a Georgia-based operation from using deception and threats to collect millions in phantom payday loan “debts.”  The FTC says Williams, Scott & Associates and company president John Williams lied and threatened people to pay on debts they didn’t owe – or debts the company didn’t have the authority to collect.

According to the FTC, the debt collectors claimed to be federal and state agents, investigators, or members of a government fraud task force, or they pretended to be with a law firm.  They falsely told consumers their driver’s licenses would be revoked and that they faced immediate arrest and imprisonment if they didn’t pay up.  How did the debt collectors even know to contact those consumers?  The FTC says many of the people had inquired about a payday loan online at one time and submitted contact information, which the company later got its hands on.  The case is pending in federal court in Atlanta.

Don’t get intimidated by a bullying bill collector – real or fake.  Any debt collector impersonating a law enforcement officer or threatening you with immediate arrest if you don’t pay up is violating federal law.

If you think a caller may be a fake debt collector:

  • Ask the caller for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. Tell the caller you won’t discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice." If the caller refuses, don’t pay.
  • Put your request in writing. If you have the caller’s address, send a letter demanding that the caller stop contacting you, and keep a copy for your files. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires any debt collector to stop calling if you ask them to in writing.
  • Don’t give or confirm with the caller any personal, financial, or other sensitive information. Fake debt collectors, and other scammers, can use your information to commit identity theft and other crimes.
  • Contact your creditor.  If a debt is legitimate – but you think the collector isn’t – contact your creditor.  Tell them about the suspicious call and ask who, if anyone, the creditor has authorized to collect the debt.
  • Report the call. File a complaint with the FTC and your state Attorney General's office with information about suspicious callers. Many states have their own debt collection laws in addition to the federal FDCPA.

Learn more about protecting yourself from fake debt collectors and about your rights if you actually are facing debt collection.


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I believe these people are at it again.I received a call today from 210-762-6845. Received all kinds of threats about being arrested for being default on a payday loan and I have never had a payday loan.

Same thing happened to my wife today. Recieved a call from 210-853-2440 threatening with two felony charges and immediate jail time if an old credit card debt was not paid by 4pm.

I got the same call it was a Georgia number they told me I needed to pay or give them my attorney info by 4pm on a case that was filed in the county I live in when I asked why haven't I been contacted by the county or the sheriff she said oh it hasn't been filed yet

My husband just got an email an a text from a miller law firm about a payday loan in the email and owed money, and the text was there is a warrant out for your arrest, this stuff needs to Stop

I received calls yesterday, 2/17/17, on my landline (which is non-published/unlisted) and to my wife's cell phone from a "National Mediation Group" that has a possibly free web address of       nationalmediationgroup.          Weebly by the way is a free web site builder. Their site comments were written in the 3rd party, which is extremely odd. There is no address, phone number, etc. on their site. And it's a very pain site with hardly any images, etc. I called them back to see why they were calling and was informed that I had had a payday loan taken out in 2013, and on a bank account that isn't mine. They did know my SS#, and had several past addresses. They flat out refused, after being asked over and over, to send a validation letter in writing with the information on this loan, and from a "parent company" that has dozens of different payday loan companies. Hundreds of them no less.
If I paid one lump sum of just under $500.00 (the loan was supposedly for $500 but they would take less), or pay 6 payments of $250 (which would equal $1,500). I would be served "legal documents" the following week if I refused to pay them. Also I could hear many other reps in the background as with a call center. I asked about that and he said no, they are a "law firm." I said that they were then a call center and were a bill collector, and he exploded when told that. I said that they were in violation of FTC laws and rules, upon which he hung up. Called back several times, and no answer (this was early afternoon for all of this). Anyone else have issues with this "National Mediation Group" (phone number 855-690-1225)? They also called from a Phoenix, AZ landline with a different number.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I am getting a call from an unknown number saying I owe from an outstanding credit card that I stopped paying on almost 3 years ago. The guy is telling me if I do not take their settlement offer of $502.11 someone will be serving me. He knew my address, last four of social, and date of birth. I told him I want to resolve the debt but I will not just give anyone money on the phone that I would like some kind of documentation mailed to me showing proof of everything. He refused and said it's to late the only documentation I will get is me being served. I told him I need to speak with my fiancee before I pay any money and asked for a call back number. He said his name was Roz Wood and to call him back at (855)764-8845 when I asked for a company name he wouldn't give me anything. Has anyone else experienced this before? Is this a scam?

Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money.
This FTC article has information about your rights when you deal with a debt collector.

I was also contacted by a scammer and they also knew the last four of my social and an old address and old phone number also asked company name address and work id told me he couldn't disclose unless I verified social. They were very aggressive.

These "collectors" are spoofing telephone numbers for their illegal "business" activities. When asked for the Business name you may get three letters (ie: FMR) When returning a call to Sara, I gave my name to a young man with no name. He informed me that "she" was unavailable but could help me if I gave him my SS number. Ahh, NO! He became very rude as did his language. I asked him for his name, again and the name of the Business. He hung up. Possible spoof telephone number (877) 297-6361
Defiantly, a illegal collection "business" I have never gotten a Pay Day loan.

This same thing happenned to me yesterday! But it was from downstate but they knew the county soc dob bank account number, they knew tons of info. Guy said his name was Arnold. They almost got over 800 from me and I called the county and nothing filed and called the debt collector or said it is indeed a scam especially because the original debt is 254. It's so scary!

I got several calls with the same kind of threats. They even went so far as to call my job and give out my personal information. They also called one of the supervisors at my place of employment to discuss details of my 'case.' Seems unethical and illegal.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Also, the article Fake Debt Collectors provides tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

thank you going through this right now

I'm so relieved to see this! They are calling me and saying the exact same thing!! The "attorney" that keeps trying to threaten me, is named Linda Chapman with "Legal Consultant Services" or "Legal Review Services" out of Atlanta GA, with the address of 8343 Roswell Rd. Suite 209 Atlanta GA 30350 & phone number 855-677-6357. Yhis supposed "attorney" Linda, told me that I had 2 pending federal felony charges, that ouccured from a loan I supposedly got in 2012, for $1,305.70 from a financial institution called ADVANCE CASH, out of Gaines county. When I asked her for more details on this matter, she referred me to call another number, which was 704-247-5085.

I just had the same thing happen to me from all the same numbers and people with different names yesterday! I am so glad this information is out there and people are sharing it!

I got an email from these people with the 712th Nonjudicial District Court seal on it.. It's incredibly intimidating until I realized that i never had a payday loan with the company they say they're representing. Unbelievable what these companies will do.

I got a call saying I applied for a online payday loan in 2012 and if I didn't pay right then 400 dollars it would raise to 800, and be sent to the courts. I was having hip replacement then and I have been disabled since 2010.

I received the same type of call today from Legal Review Services from a 334 area code number. I asked for them to send me documentation, they said the could not. Just as in the previous comments, it was from ADVANCE Cash that occurred in 2012. The told me it was for 1500 but I can settle for 943.00. I too am relieved but this must stop! Preying on innocent hard working people.

I received a call today notified from a Nicole foaster in sayn that im being sued by Sinai-Grace Hospital for a over due balance but they never said no court date they said i have to pay 630.00 in order to avoid going to court in this was told to me by a david williams i feel like its fake cause i havent received any notice by mail or email...what do i do

If you know you don't owe that debt, the call might have been from a fake debt collector.
Read the information at the top of this blog post, and use the tips. Start by asking the caller for a name, address and phone number. Tell him to send you a written validaton notice with information about the debt.

Do a map search of the address given and you will be surprised it's a vacant lot, or a abandoned house..use Google maps

I received a call in August of this year stating I owed a pay day loan and if I did not pay them by 5 pm that day that I would get a summons to appear in court on Monday and they threatened to garnish my wages. I found out it was a scam and disregarded it. On October 18th I received the same type of call but from Michigan from 734-224-6617 stating if I did not call them back that they would attempt the same as listed above.
A few days later a women called from 734-224-6618 identifying herself as a Ms Turner called saying if I did not call her back in 1 hours she would compile all my papers together and I would get a summons sent to Lake County Court on Monday of the following week. I ended up changing my number. She gave me a fake attorneys "William Pratt Young & Associates". Per my investigation; William & Pratt is a CPA office in Michigan and Young & Associates is an attorneys office. I called Young&Associates asking if there was an Emily/Rachel or Ms.Turner there. They said no. I explained why i was calling and was asked to leave a msg with one of the attorneys. I did leave a message. You can check for and see all comments for 734-224-6618 and 734-224-6617. I filed a complaint w/ FTC in August abt the first scam call. Not sure of the results or outcome.

I also received a phone call from "Ms. Turner" last week. She claimed that I owed $800 for a payday loan back in 2012. I told her that I thought I had paid it off. She said that I needed to pay them by the end of the month to avoid being taken to court. Should I assume this is a scam for sure?

The collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. The notice must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money. Consider it a red flag if the collector hasn't (or won't) send you a written notice.

I have made a major mistake I recieved a call fromr Terrick Turner today. Unfortunately I eas in shock.and gave him including card numne,address and email what do I do now?

If you gave your credit card or bank account number to someone you don't trust you can call them back and cancel the transcaction or all your bank or credit card company and ask what to do.

I got a call today from the same person. Sounded really weird so I looked into it.

I just got a call yesterday from tylor mills from Williams pratt young associates too. 734-224-6639. they said I owe them $2767.they said they will summons and arrest me.I'm asking a copy or email me the about the money I owe but the said I sent it last month September.

they are at it again. 2107444130 mary ellen, jackie are just some of the names i spoke to. they refused to give an address, lic number, said they where affidavit investogator processing company with some attorny offce. Icalled the payday loan company and they are dispersing me a letter that states i have never had a loan with them. they are dishing threats and are not very smart when it comes to backing up those threats. its redicolus

that is just horrible to hear about this scam but received a letter stating that they were with the St.Bernard tax office and that I owe tax money to this town idk what is going on because this year is the first year that I was even able to file and do not know where this mysterious money that I owe is coming from and since I'm new to this whole tax thing it scared the living crap out of me I'm only 20 and this year is the first year that I even rented an apartment but now they are saying that I owe them some money and was freaking out because they were saying that if I don't pay I will have a warrent for my arrest and I have never had anything on my record ever and am worried I'm glad that I am the type of person to do research on literally everything and just decided to look it up...

Austin Burke (Chief Verification Officer),  Federal Trade Commission. (202)-280-7341 This person gas been harnessing me for the last month. I don't know if it's real or not. I'm told that I don't pay I'll be arrested. What do I do? 12/24/14

Hi, Tanya,
I work for the Federal Trade Commission, and I can assure you that there is no Austin Burke or Chief Verification Officer here. And the FTC will never call you to collect money or threaten arrest.  The best thing to do is hang up on the scammer and report your experience at You also might want to ask your phone service provider about blocking that phone number. Be sure to ask if there are any fees for blocking it.

Nicole, I keep getting recorded calls from a number outta VA, USA, telling me I am being investigated in check fraud. They leave phone number and claim number in recording I haven't written them down, they never use my name and refer to another party of which I don't understand what they call them, then say this is my official warning. I call the number which called me n I get a Verizon message the number is changed or no longer in service. What do I do? Help please

Hi, Richard,
The best thing to do is file a complaint at and ignore any additional calls you get. You also can look into call blocking solutions. Your phone carrier might be able to block the number, but first ask if there is a fee for blocking. Our article Phone Scams has additional info that might be helpful.

i accidentally gave (a possibly scam debt collector THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF MY SS#,), did i screw up?

It's always better to keep personal and financial information to yourself. If you give out personal information, like your Social Security number, plus financial information, like a bank account or credit card number, someone might misuse that information.
Go to for more about what to do if someone has taken your information and misused it.

Yep.. The last 4 number's are unique to you. If someone found out where you were born at (where SS card was issued) than thats all they need, for instance, my ss card was obtained in Nebraska (508) which is 508-XX-XXXX..

My son called me concerned he received a harassing call from Tammy Stewart with Mediation Check Fraud Dept of Washington County. Advised him he will be subpoena to appear in reference to a check fraud case in my name with JP Morgan. provided him with my name and case number for me to call her at 866-594-3180! I do not use my children information on any business dealings. I then received a call from 971-245-3463.Message from same woman leaving same case number and 866 stating I will be served if I do not respond to this message. I decided to record my callback to see if legit. I researched the above advise to obtain info. 1st call "Tammy Stewart" answered asked name and case number. adv would not provide, recevd vm and what was the name of company, address etc.. she became escalated and kept repeating ma'am do you want to know what this is about. I told her we would get to it but first I had questions to confirm company info, she said fine you will be served and then you will find out what is about and hung up on me. 5 callbacks to voicemail. LVM stating reporting to attorney general. She answered on CB. provided an address 90 W 500 S, Suite 364, Bountiful, Utah 84010. then she hung up when I asked for direct line not 866.Researched address its a UPS Store! Not a business or official office of Washington County. CB and LVM stating due to unprofessional nature of call leads me to believe scam. Advised TS I will be reporting information provided to FTC, Attorney General and filing scam report with local officials in Bountiful to investigate fraud activity using UPS Store PO Box. Stated I was officially notifying her to remove my and family members numbers from her solicitation list unless she wanted legal action filed on her behalf.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments aren't entered in the database.

I received 2 emails from the same Austin Burke as well as someone claiming they are from Washington state attorneys office so I contacted the states attorneys office and found out its a scam which I figured it was when I informed the fraudster that I was talking to my attorney over the email stating an arrest warrant was out in my name. He hung up on me but I continue to get calls frim Georgia, Texas, Florida, and California. Its always same person with Indian accent.

Is there a office of Atlantic there number is 18664177218 I asked for them to send me papers they won't and there address they say they can't give out that ibformation they had some other number call me and threaten me

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The article Fake Debt Collectors provides tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

same thing is happening with me. I first got a call from 3105961417 she states she is just a locator and for more info call the 866#, I called and spoke to a man. Now the same man is calling from the 310 # threatening to take me to court. Offices of Atlantic are posted on numerous scam websites,i called and asked multiple times for an address & website and everytime I get hung up on and they refuse to mail any paperwork. one of my friends were harassed and got scared and gave her debit card over the phone, her bank did research on them and they stated they are most definitely a scam. their complaints are also on the BBB site and they are not legit, don't be afraid, do not answer their calls just let them call you all they want to they cant do anything. they cannot report to credit bureaus because they are fraud.

I got email i owe this company and they ace cash and i owe 8000 but settle 546.00 and they had number to call but wont answer phone than threaten to forward my case and said see me in court

If you really have a debt with the company, the debt collector has to send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe. He has to send it within five days after he first contacts you.
This FTC article tells about your debt collection rights.
If you don't have a debt with the company, the person who called might be a fake debt collector.  If someone wants you to pay a debt you don't recognize and won't answer the phone, he might be a fake. He might threaten you and try to scare you into sending money. Read about what to do if a fake debt collector calls.

Hi. I got a message from 855 729 0747,claiming its central dept of legal services, they left me a voicemail regaurding some legal documents/court date, that was undeliverable to a previous address im no longer there. Everytime I call the office no one picks up and for me to leave a message. Can you help me if this is a scam.

It could be a scam.  The person who called could be a fake debt collector. A fake debt collector might do these things:

  • tell you to pay a debt you don't recognize
  • refuse to tell you his mailing address or phone number
  • make threats or pressure you so you will pay 

A real debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” that tells how much money you owe. The debt collector must send the notice within five days after they first contact you. The notice must include the name of the creditor you owe money to, and say what to do if you think you don't owe money.
This FTC article about debt collection tells more about your rights.

Can these people at ACS be sued for harrassment? They repeatedly email me even though I told them to stop and that I knew they were fake. I have also blocked them but they still keep coming through using different domains. I just want the emails to stop. I've already reported them.

I just got a call yesterday . Mrs Roberts stated she is from The Dept of Legal Services and they are a liaison for Allied Bank . She stated I took out a payday loan Nov 30, 2009 and did not pay it back . I asked her what was the name of the the payday company . She said they represent dozens . She stated last month the attempted to deliever legal papers to start a civil suit , but they was undelieverable and they will sent them . And someone needs to present cause if they are not . The civil suit would civil be awarded to the company and they could garnish my wages .

I received same call from Mrs Roberts. Saying the same thing unfortunately I gave them 50 but once I read up on them I did not give them the 1000 they wanted from me and could not get a hold of her again. Now a guy is calling me from legal services saying they are going to garnish my wages and serve me.

I just received an email threatening that theres a warrant out for my arrest. As it goes on i could just call and make a payment to resolve. I never had a loan in sept 2015. What should i do?

If you know you don't owe the debt listed in the email, the email might be from a fake debt collector. This article tells more about what fake debt collectors say to try and scare you into paying, and what to do if a fake collector contacts you.

Hello i received an email as well cash advance services by someone name david brown sr.investigation officer is this real or fake

Tanya. These people who are calling you are complete scum. I have litterally called them over 150 times today alone. Thank you for supplying the number by the way. The first time I asked for Austin amd they put some guy on. I ran my mouth to him (I will not say exactly what I have said due to the extremely vulgar language used) and he told me "you will be behind bars sir!!). Then hung up. Now they just keep hanging up on me. Or will send to voicemail. Or really maturely they will hold down a button. So basically don't worry about these people. Tell them to f** off and they will leave you alone.

I just got the bejesus scared out of me while at work! Some lady threatened Bank Fraud Charges and stated she was with the state of Texas. I pulled the number she was having me call because her call came up private number and then realized when she sent me to ASG the collection agency it was a hoax.

Is ASG a real collection agency?

These FTC articles tell more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Is ASG a real company because i just got a call from tgem today?

That's great! I suggest simply ignoring them and then blocking the number. They often spoof a local phone number to trick you into answering. I even received a call from number "10000000000". I didn't count the actual number of zeroes. Just ignore. Then, ignore again. And keep blocking the numbers.

I keep getting calls on my cell that says fraudulent caller and threatened me with an arrest Warrant and as soon as I tell the call is being recorded they demeanor changes and they hang up. Also,I keep getting marketing calls to sell me a warranty for my truck and the one I have hasn't expired, so I call them call them to they're information information get a recording that is I want my # removed press 1 or 2 and it never happens. They just keep calling. How can I make this stop, they are constantly harassing me and a complaint has been filed with the authority's. It seems they eqnore them. At ropes end.

If you start getting repeated calls from the same number you can contact your phone provider and ask if it charges for a service that blocks a particular number. It's best to ignore illegal calls and robocalls. Don't interact. Don’t press buttons to be "taken off the call list" or to "talk to a live person." Don't call back. Responding to the calls in any way will lead to more calls.
You can put your phone number on the Do Not Call registry. Access the registry online or by calling 1-888-382-1222.
File a complaint with the FTC. Report the experience online or by calling 1-877-382-4357.

FYI... I got the call today! His name and number has changed its not Nick Walker (909) 666-5776. IT'S A SCAM! I have never had any legal issues.. Ha ha! Nice try!

I got one from Arkansas this morning.I was warned from Collection Bullies that I was susceptible for these types of copycat scammers back in September. Unfortunately, I confirmed all my sensitive information.

I got a call like this today that said they were from Colorado AND TWO WARRANTS WERE BEING ISSUED FOR MY ARREST FOR NOT PAYING A PAY DAY LOAN. When I asked how do I know they were legitimate they read off my information but couldn't provide me with the company who I had borrowed the money from. Apparently they are still at work. The gentleman told me he was from New York and the company title was Intel Direct.

A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money. The caller was most likely threatening you into paying, which is illegal.
The FTC’ s article Debt Collection has information about your rights if you owe a debt.

People emailing, then some lawyer talking about respond in 4 hrs, or arrest warrant issued on Wenesday at 3pm. Money gram billing information they refused to give me. They couldn't verify the date of loan, called their hot line but a recording came on. Now today another email stating my case will be registered.

They called saying I owe an old debt 3 times in past month the most recent number was 866-670-6823. They threatened me with criminal charges on payday loans and arrest as well at home or work. I paid them around 700 dollars the last time, last summer. I WAS AN IDIOT!!I have paid 3 different scammers over the past 4 years who threatened me on some old pay day loans, and I paid about $2,700 in total owing these debts to these weird 800,866 numbers claiming to be debt collectors or legal services. Never got receipts or copy of the debts from my payments, I just paid them because I was scared,and I knew of these loans along time ago and because they threatened me with court actions. I was stupid and did not know my rights when I paid them. Now they continue to call me every other year or so saying I owe the same debts. I know I didn't take out any additional pay day loans except those 3. I think these people just took my money and probably have done so to others as well. Be careful,do not give them your money and speak with an attorney or you have the right to take these actions against a debt collector that violates the FDCPA:

File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against the collector.
File a complaint with your state's attorney general.
File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
File a civil suit in your state or federal court for up to $1,000 including damages.

Does anyone know If you can be charged with a felony. If u get a loan an ur bank account gets closed out. I'm told I defraud the bank on purpos . Which I really didn't. Any help would be so appreciate it

The U.S. Department of Treasury has questions and answers about national banks and bank accounts.
You'll find some answers about bank accounts there.

What ever came about of this case. I am being told the same thing but my account was closed due to NSF I didn't go in and close it

I received and email from these very people...I knee it was a scam. I since I never took out a payday loan but just made an inquiry it didn't have any debt. Since there was a number attach to the email I called...ask questions, never gave up any information then I told the man never to email me or contact me again. Then I procecced to call and harrass them Calling over and over again asking them how does it feel to be harrassed...they sent me to voice mail so I continued to leave a voice mail every ten seconds for the next hour. Finally the man picked up the phone and told me he was going to report my number for calling him. I said go ahead I have the email to show your a fraud. He hung up on me, I waited 2 min and called Him back asking home if he reported me. I am going to continue to harrassing these Idiots for the next week or so then I am going to change my number. Point is give them a taste of their own medicine and they will back down. OK got to make a call and harrass this fool in this sleep....

I laugh when I get these fake warrent's by email. People you cannot be served ANYTHING by email. My carrier was with the Sheriffs Dept, unless you just to harass these people back, delete and go on with your life. Now me?, I just find it entertaining to email them right back pointing out the errors and sometimes sending the fraud alerts and telling them they should read up on themselves.

We got a letter in the mail that we are being sue for a payday loan in California.And the loan amount was $300.00 at a place call www.Loan Shop in the month of June 11 2012.It under our old checking account number from Chase 2 years ago.So I call chase to see if they can send me a copy of my checking account for a copy of 2012 in the month of June. Just received the copy and No where on my checking account of a 300.00 direct deposit or withdrawn.So I call SAR and Associates back with this info and they will send any infomation on my sue and I will not send them a copy of my checking accounts.

I received an email from Financial Crime Enforcement Network stating they have a case # on me and it is from Advance USA payday loan in the amount of $500. He ask me to send payment by money gram and how much I am sending. I know i applied cor a payday loan but was denied... he also said he was an attorney and if I didnt make a payment I would go to court and go to jail.

The same thing happened to me so many times now I have someone calling Friends of Friends just leaving the name and number I don't know what to do

I just got a call but he had all my information including my ID # and address.. I don't know what to think

I have been called for the last two days by phoenix financial about a online loan I suppose to have made in 2011, they have called my relatives, my wife and threatened me with a warrant for my arrest. I do not do payday loans and most certainly would not take a loan out online for $450. I filed a police report in dupage and where I live and reported them to the FTC

Repeated calls from Western Aquisitions Group for a summons for one of my adult sons on my phone. Located in Albany, NY - 1000's and 1,000s of complaints against them. They will give no info.

How do you stop real collection agencies from calling you looking for other people. I'm listed with my first initial in the phone book, so get calls from agencies looking for anyone with a name that starts with my initial and my last name. They usually remove my phone # and stop calling for that person, but before long, someone is calling for someone else. It's been going on for over a year. These people are in no way associated with me or my phone number. They appear to just be randomly searching for them.

I received a call from Pro Res Ofc, using the 800-829-1040 claiming they were tax forwarding dept of the IRS. The male claimed there was a legal petition notice against my name and social security number. There is no such action as far as I know. They wanted me to call at 202-580-8078 to talk with them. I think it's a scam and needs to be investigated.

I received a call today from a similar number 202-508-9812 when I called back the number was either busy or stated that the person was unavailable and the voice mail was full. I reported them today

Same thing happened to a friend of mine they spoof various phone numbers I did speak to them and they sound like they are from the Caribbean or Africa 202-580-8078

I just received a call also,,says from District of Columbia on my phone ID ,, same story owe back taxes sheriff comeing to arrest me , # 202 864 1280 Detective kevin Peterson he said his name was, very thick accent

I got a few calls from the same guy with a thick accent. He never used my name or his, but was very threatening and said if I didn't call back to "have a nice life" and that the local authorities would be coming to my doorstep.

I got the same call 800-829-1040 from Pro Res Ofc. Thank you.

We got one on recorder this am from 888-385-0228 claiming to be the treasury department and if I didn't call back as soon as I got the message they would have me arrested for financial problems with the IRS. Eastern woman accent, am sure not from USA.

This was probably a scam. You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I have been getting calls from (636) 333-6046 Stating that I had a payday loan out in a state that I never lived in. I found out on a credit report that there was an address that I have no knowledge about. This "Collector" was very rude and yelling about it, even though I have told him repeatedly that it wasn't possibly me that obtained this loan. Also claimed that he was sending the sheriff to put me in jail about the matter.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Also, the article Fake Debt Collectors provides tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

I received a call from Pro Res Ofc 800-829-1040 agent calling himself Jeff Martin ( I think, because his accent was difficult to understand.) He said he was from the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service and that I owed money. I expect I was not the only one receiving such a call, but I hope this information helps you track the scammers.

I received a phone call from a company called Global access litigation company. The women on the phone was Mrs Joynes. She stated that I owed MyCashNow for a loan of $300 and I'm being investigated for fraud. She stated that I received a payday loan from My Cash now in June of 2010 and that after I received the $300 direct deposit I cancelled my bank account. I have never heard of MyCashNow and I did not recieve a $300 loan from them. She said that if I dont pay they are going to have there investigators come and serve me with papers. She also said that I can pay $400 today and get a paid in full statement from them or I can go to court and pay around $5000 for legal fees.

I got the same thing yesterday, but only this time that they are going to send me to court. If i don't arrange a payment then they are going to give me a summon, what can I do?

If you're getting calls from a company you don't recognize and haven't done business with, it could be a scam. Our article Phone Scams has additional info that might be helpful.

Same thing is happening to my husband right now, said he took out a payday loan on Feb. 28th 2011 , my husband and I combined our checking accounts and his was closed on Feb. 4th 2011, they are now harassing my husbands place of businees stating they are going to serve him at work, calling his work, calling his work and claiming they are from the sheriff's office in our county and are verifying protical of how to serve him at work, I called the local sheriff's office and they have no records or paperwork saying they have anything to serve him!! When I called this company back and said nice try scamming me they started screaming at me and said they were coming and gonna take my husband to jail!! Nice try!!!

I received a call this morning from a middle eastern man. He said I had a loan out that I didn't pay back in the amount of $8000! He said I would be arrested, they would come to my work, and I would be in jail for 30 days!
A few months ago I had the same type of call but they called my work number and harassed my co-workers to put me on the phone.
This time I told the gentleman to Bring On!
I went to my local police dept but there was nothing they could do. The scammers will change phone numbers as quick as they can.
Please don't be scared of these slime balls!

Same thing happened to me a few months ago and they started up again in the last week. I told them to send the cops to my work or home because I work for the local sheriffs department. They stopped calling a while back but they are being horrible this time.

Received an email with the subject line of Final Notice Before Arrest from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for a past due payday loan debt. They provided the following information:
Fax: 866-889-2812
Phone: 202-506-9282
Section Office r: Eric Matthews

I would expect that if this was truly a government agency, the email address would end with .gov. This is clearly not the case.

Due to the formatting,spelling etc, this cannot be a legitimate document.

Take caution if you receive such an email.

I got that same email... What did you do ?

Call from a Brian James- (he had an accent also.)at 202-864-1281. Said I owed money to IRS, and he had an affidavit for my arrest and read a list of all the things that would happen to me if not paid immediately. He called again 2 hours later!This needs to stop!

I recieved a call today from #(202)506-9680. They told me basically the same thing- that IRS did audit of my taxes and that I owe them $8,000.00 something dollars from 2008-2009 taxes, and that they were going to take any property, freeze my bank account, and suspend my driver's license- I was a nervous wreck! Then he connected me with the "senior officer" who said his name is Alex Cooper( with a accent from India).

I just received a voicemail from the same guy. The heavy Indian accent made me Google the number and question it. Glad Ai did.

I just got two voicemails from the exact same number, exact same name. But, my phone never showed a call and the message obviously started in the middle of whatever pre-recorded spiel they'd set up. I didn't call the number he gave, since I'll always wait for something in writing from a bank I've actually dealt with, and I've never borrowed anything except student loans.
It's still a scary call, though!

Same happened to me. I called back and tried to inquire further. I didn't give anything but my phone number to "kevin johnson with the IRS".

And then he said "oh, you're scare huh?" and hung up. I called back about 7 times and they kept hanging up.

How can we get on a do not call list? Or better report these instances of harassment.

I got 10 emails from this past week from lawyers offices telling me to download the zip file to read my court papers to appear in court. this is just crazy and i just wish the crap would stop. The only good thing is i don't get the phone calls just the emails. thanks for listening or reading

Received a call from 213-223-7900 stating they are looking for my car, reported the car missing and can repo it.

I received same message from 202-864-1280 saying they are from IRS and the sheriff is coming to arrest me, cause I owe money. I owe nothing it's definitely a scam, has heavy Indian accent. I just filed a report on this site, hope they catch them.

Thank you so much for this information. One never knows when someone may call on you.

Got a call from Rebecca Outlaw from Outlaw and Griswald saying they had a warrant and federal check fraud charges against me. Left call back 210-762-6845, second call 210-693-0046, caller id was 210-764-6282. Scammers in San Antonio, TX. Do not give any info. Bottom feeders that refuse to get real jobs.

When we returned from a vacation, we had a voice mail asking us to call back at 202-506-9680 to avoid legal action from the IRS. When we called, we were told we owe money to the IRS and were facing legal action and that someone would call us back with instructions on how to settle the debt. We got a call back from 800-829-1040 and the person said we needed to pay them within the hour - using a Rite aid debit card. They hung up on us when we asked for proof that they were legit.

Thank you. Got a message from that same# today and at first was a nervous wreck, and then asked them why now?! Told them I do not have $8,000.00 to give them. They had accent from India and the guy said his name was Alex Cooper. They did not get any info out of me. Going to report them.

I got the same call, same name too.

Ive heard that name before that same guy Alex cooper scam me out of $500. and they said they work for one of netspend debit card companies.

Woould like to find out if Moorcroft Debt Recovery ltd or akinika debt recovery formerly trading as iQor recovery services are genuine companys

I and my employers are receiving calls from a 303-566-8631, 805-842-3989, and a 541-914-8837 stating I owe money and demanded my boss to start garnishing my wages. when my boss asked what the name of her company she was representing was, she never replied just kept saying she would fax the garnishment letter and was super rude.

While the extortionist tactics are similar, the fake tax debt calls are a somewhat different matter from the Atlanta payday loan thugs. The faux IRS agents tend to emanate from South Asia, and would therefore be much harder to throttle from across an ocean.

There is little doubt to me, from the recent pattern of complaints, that the fake tax debt calls spew from the same gangs of hoodlums who would otherwise accuse you all of "check fraud" from an old payday loan. Their bullying talkoff scripts are still "wishing you luck as the situation unfolds", and other well-worn phrases. Probably using the same scripts with a few scribble marks over key terms.

IRS Warns of Pervasive Telephone Scam

Scammers continuing to pose as IRS agents

202-580-8078 they call pretending to be from the IRS and demand immediate payment or an arrest warrant is issues 202-580-8078 202-580-8078 202-580-8078

You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I received a recorded call this morning from a 202-506-8649 stating they were IRS and I needed to return the call ASAP. I called them back and told me that I owed a large amount of money from Taxes 4 years ago and that what I submitted is not what IRS had on file, and that it was too late to stop the proceedings and I would be arrested and put in prison for 5 years, my house taken, my license suspended for up to 40 years. He asked what I wanted to do, I told him I wanted to fix the problem. He said okay and transferred me to another guy and he said that I had an hour and half to come up with half of the amount owed in cash or the would continue with the charges, they would not give me any extra time. I asked them what do I do when I get the cash, he said to call back at this number 202-506-567 and he then would tell me where to send the money and would have to pay 200 a month after that till paid off. I got off the phone with him and Immediately called the IRS number and spoke with them and they said that it was a scam. Do not give any personal information out. These people were very adamant and aggressive and will actually make you think your in the wrong and scare the heck out of you by telling you your going to prison. Beware people.

I just got the same thing from the same number. it's for sure a scam right?

I just got a call from that same number, 202-506-8649. It's for sure a scam. The IRS would only contact folks with tax troubles by mail first. The gov't does not give people initial notice of anything by phone, it's always first by letter. The legal concept of notice is taken very seriously by the gov't.

I received several calls today from 800-829-1040. I was threatened about being arrested and going to federal court for commiting fraud. The number provided to call back was 202-580-8078. The person speaking had a very thick accent so it was very hard to understand. They had my last name accurate but the first name was not.

I have been receiving phone calls from a bougus collector's local office in Miami 305 507 4577 stating that I owe 1200 to a payday loan company and offered a settlement for $510.00 if I could make a payment over the phone to avoid legal charges or they would serve me with legal documentation. They connect to another number 844 823 0319 and 855 969 8599.

So they're not real right? Did you verify that?

We r having the same issues and it's annoying we r also getting calls from a 512 area code which is registered to Texas numbers they r linked and all fraud and always asking for $510.00 and even at a few times asked me $3000.00 for 2 charges wow what the huh no ways they r sick sick ppl with no lives and need to be stopped cause they have so mu check of my husband and my info even family members they r calling old employers and friends and family where or how they get this idk nut it's sick and so scary and unsafe

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The article Fake Debt Collectors provides tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

has anyone confirmed whether or not a "debt collector" is real or fake from the phone number (214) 504-2986?

Found a message on our machine today from a man with a thick Indian accent. Said that we owed nearly $1000 to the IRS for the "2011-2012" tax year; and that if he received any further complaints, he'd send his agents with a warrant for our arrest. Seemed bogus from the start: he mentioned some "Department of Levy", our state's police department (who should be little concerned with a federal tax bill) and that his name was "Deputy Chris" (rather informal). He left this number: 919-714-0101. Picked up when we called; seemed interested in discussing our case until I asked him to resend the supposed March 2013 letter that described our situation. Then he hung up. Of course a call to the IRS (though with a long wait time) revealed that this was bogus. He laughed when I suggested that the IRS probably doesn't go and arrest people for $1000 mistakes in taxes from two years ago! The IRS man indicated that they always provide ID numbers, as he had at the start of my call to him. Did a reverse phone look-up. Linked to a supposed XO Communications in Raleigh, NC. Their website looked very slick; hard to know if it's a legit firm.

The IRS is warning about this scam. You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

There is a company that is calling and leaving a voice mail stating "you are being investigated for check/bank fraud and we are going to contact your employer to verify employment and you will be summoned to court. You have until the end of business today to call us at 214-504-2986". This is a SCAM and a Boiler Room operation. How do we get them shut down?

I received the same call today with the same phone number.

Got a call from New York, NY and was transferred to (281) 301-1638. Told that my husband obtained a pre-paid Visa Card, a judgement had been issued against him and that an arrest warrant would be issued. Checked his credit report. No such event happened. I knew he hadn't applied but was worried about identity theft. These people need to get a life. I am not paying you $700 for a $991.75 pre- paid card that I never applied for.

This is the transcription of the voicemail I received... Because of the heavy accent, some words were transcribed incorrectly (but you get the gist):

Ohh Hi Sarah, Good Morning. This is Officer, Kevin P, just calling you from the I. R. S. Touched Internal Revenue Service. For the tax Crime Investigation you. The purpose of the called me to you, just let you know that. You are being listed as a primary suspect, and he's been filed by the I. R. S Today we received some leverage for the. Sabins here in regards for tax fraud committed by you. So we're about the issue on Mon. Bring the arrest warrant. The being stupid about this and the put weight I could do extra further work to get your rest. So, I'd like to speak to you long on the link between the ages. On (202) 864-1280. I repeat, it's (202) 864-1280. Do not disregard this message and its home. Goodbye.

I just recieved the same exact message. The Computer didn't mentioned my name though. I Tried calling the number back but no one picked up and there was no voice mail.
This is really stressful.

Hey everyone, so my wifes gets a voice mail saying she owes the IRS and that if she doesnt pay she will be arrested. They called from this number 2025808078 and sounds like a hindu speaking man. I just called a secong ago and ask why didn't I get a notification by mail, he said it was on his way and then I ask what else he needed. He then requested some additional info and then I Laugh said " I'm on to u fing bastard" and they hang be careful everyone, don't fall for it...

I received a call from 888-512-5897 A recording says it is "David Jenkins" from Process Mediation, regarding possible litigation if I don't respond within 48 hrs. First of all, I don't owe anyone that is delinquent, second a lawsuit would be proceeded by a letter of demand for payment before it went to court. SCAMMERS!!!!

I got this exact same phone call Monday 7/14/14.

My husband got this same call and they had all his info and wanted us to pay a credit card debt that i have prrof was paid.... Needless to say he gave them our debit card info which i have now called the bank and stopped the cards... Is this really happeneing??

Is this for real??? We got the same call about an old credit card that we paid off but they r saying we owe money on and if nt paid they will pursue legal action and take us to court... I dont want to go to court if its real but if its fake i dont want to pay it... Help!!

I got this same nonsense as well. Glad to hear others are getting it and trashing it. I'll do the same. Bunch of low lifes.

Yes, this is totally fake. there is no need to worry. just report them.

I have received this same exact call twice first time on 7/15 saying I had 48rs to respond or a warrant will be issued number came from New Hampshire. Second call came this morning 7/23 from Delaware same recording same guy same 48hr. Threat... its a scam do not call back. They want your info. Dont do it

I got the exact call. It came at 10:30pm. My husband got the same call right before I did. I even got a copy of the arrest warrant in my email.

I had the loan company rip me off 500.00 from prepaid vanilla cards 250.00 for a repayment assurance then 300.00 for insurance, after I paid I still didn't get the loan promised, then I ask for cancelation or refund. The loan guy(With an Indian Accent) said I must pay 99.00 to cancel. Later I received an email with an arrest warrant.

I have gotten the exact same call all week. Terrible!

I received a call from this number as well today and they had my address, social security number and my pertinent information that I don't give out to anyone. This is creepy, I called them back thinking they were a true company with a case number. DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER!!! Scam!!

I received a call today from "Process Mediation" and spoke to Mary. The telephone number was 203-307-1160. They told me there was lien against me from Bank of America. I asked for this in writing and the lady got offensive. She was rude anyway. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION. My dad is an attorney and he said if it was legit, I would get something in writing. Tell all of your parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles and families about this. It would be terrible for an older person to think it was real and give them information.

I received a call today from 214-504-2986 saying that I needed to call by close of business today for them not to put a warrant our when I called back they had no record of my name but wanted my SS# when I refused to give them that information they became irate and started threatening me

Just received a call from 202 506 8649 (stating his name was John Miller, IRS Agent #1006748) telling me the IRS was in the process of filing a lawsuit against me and my husband. I started asking more questions as to why and what for, he just kept threatening me, asking me numerous times if I had a lawyer. When I asked him if I could possibly speak to someone else who spoke clearer English, being that we have never had a problem with the IRS, he hung up on me. I hope these people go straight to HELL for the anguish I have to believe they are causing people!

I just received a call from a man claiming to be with the Department of Legal Services, and he was threatening to ruin my credit if I didn't repay a "payday loan" through Ace Cash Loan that he claims I was the co-guarantor. When I asked him for paperwork and for his business address he would not provide it. I contacted Ace Cash Loan and they did not have not any debt in my name. I also contacted the Better Business Bureau and they did not have any information on this agency. The man claimed to have an office in Round Rock, Texas.

I got a call today from the number 425-298-3923. I was told to call Richard Fellman within 24 hours are there will be a legal matter filed against me. I did not respond because if you deliver that type of message with a recording it is not legal. Legal papers has to be filed in the proper way. So please do not respond to this number or any other number.

I received a call from 202-2417431 pretendign to be from the IRS and threatening me with jail unless I paid 23400 dollars inmediately. They wanted me to go to CVS and get the cash. When I became suspicious and refused, saying that I would go personally to the IRS to check whether I had any outstanding taxes (not to may knowledge), the guy became irate. Then I got a call from "911" same voice, and when I said I was on my way to the IRS, he was rude and hung up. Please stop these scammers!!!

I received a call from a debt collector for which this debt is like 5 to 4 years past the statutes of limitations. I always keep my paper work & you wonder which of the 4 to 6 agencies are legit agencies. Well first thing I know I needed to do is to send them written correspondence requesting them to cease & desist any & all communication. Then if I felt they were really real requesting other information for verification is a smart & proper thing to do. For some reason they would not give me their address. I called back several times trying to get an address & a dial tone was all I got. Then they want to say you will be prosecuted for fraud, though you can't fraud a collection agency. So the original creditor would be the fraud prosecutor. I still need the full name & address of these people just to file a report. Now I am laughing because they are still trying. With some determination I will find out the information I need (it's out there) & definitely they will be reported. Commen sense.

I get phone calls from strange phone numbers and I never answer them, but today I received an email from Mark Smith of acs Legal group: in the subject line:RE: ACCOUNT NUMBER -ACS-26952, SUBJECT - LAWSUIT
and the email said I was being investigated for fraud and I need to respond in 48 hours, or I would be in violation of federal law. These guys are unbelievable!

That is the same email letter I got last night... It said I owed 968.00 it also had three charges they were charging me with if I didn't respond within 48 hours. What Meanies!!!!!

I have received 3 calls from 202 506 8649 today how annoying . Remember the IRS will have a 1 800 number if they did contact you, which they do by MAIL FIRST.
Another number with a New york area code was trying a scam last week saying my $10,000 loan was approved. I wonder if its the same network of scammers .


Got a call today from 315-636-5282 saying that they are from the Federal Government of United States, Criminal Investigation Unit and that there is some violation that needed to be resolved. Asked for info but we didn't give them any. When asked why they didn't send official letters they said, they sent them but they were non-deliverable?
We don't have any violations.
Heavy asian accent.

I get calls every week from A Chief executive officer Alfred Reed and he tells me that he has been working on my case and that I have commited Fraud by Deception I have paid money to him with a Money pak.
I need someone to respond or please take a look at all these people with all this deseption I have no more money please lord make it stop.

Do not send these scammers anymore money. I received a call yesterday from 202-241-4952 saying he was an private investigator with the IRS saying that I committed tax fraud and would be arrested in 2 hours. I laughed and said that to send them.'ll be waiting. He said you think it's funny. I said yes and that I haven't received any written notification from the IRS. He said that he was going to look over my case and call back in a couple of hours. I said, go ahead and do not call me again. Have not heard from him so far and really don't expect to. I read about various scams last year on

Hey I just recently got scammed by that same jerk Alfred Reed, Indian accent if I'm not mistaken. I to paid him money but before giving him more money I found out it was a scam. I contacted 3 different police departments, the federal claims court, irs and fbi to report this guy. I hope some type of justice is done and these bottom feeders are caught.

Just received 2 calls from 202-506-9882 claiming to be IRS and threatening legal allegations if call is disregarded. Reported it as scam to IRS & FTC.

i got a total of 4 phone calls from the same number, 2 on my home number and 2 on my cell number. all within a 5 hour time line. they called the home phone first, then 5 minutes later, the cell phone. i didn't catch the name of the person calling. but the number is the same. 832-742-7937. they called from that number and wanted me to call 802 number.

My 16 yr old just got a call from 213-337-8678, an Indian man told her she was being sued by the us treasury and to call back and ask for Chris Evens. My daughter just started her job and hasn't even filed taxes yet! These people must be stopped

I received a call from a Private number looking for my wife (he had her name). He stated he was a process server and that she was very hard to contact, and he had a sealed file regarding criminal activity. He wanted her to call Robert Pierce at 202-689-9818 to deal with the issue. I called and he stated she had written a fraudulent check in San Diego from the Union Bank of California. He stated it was over $1000 which made it a felony. I told him to run it through the Marshals office then he started putting on the pressure. He hung up and ten minutes later we received a call (this guy trying to disguise his voice) stating he was from the courts and he was sending the sheriff out out to "collect my wife." I called the number back and strangely enough it was from the municipal courts, but the system had no records of my wife. These people will try anything.

I get calls all the time and it is so frustrating. They call relatives and work and the calls come from all over. I usually check the phone number and do research. I refuse to call them back no matter how annoying it can become. This type of crime is increasing every day. I report the information to the BBB and also the local authorities.

I have recieved calls from 214-810-7125 stating I owe money and that I will be seeing a sheriff at my home or place of business for fraud, obtaining money by false pretenses and money wire fraud. I informed them that only deposits I have direct deposit are my payroll deposits and my other check deposits are for child support. They refused to give me contact information for the company I supposedly received money from and an amount. I asked them if they had a warrant for my arrest, then what bank information did they have on file for me. They wouldnt give any information. At that point I informed them that I worked for the sheriff's department (which I dont)and that my best friends husband is a deputy with our sheriffs department. My best friends husband, when I explained the call I received, ran my info and said I came back clean (to make me feel better) and he informed me that its a scam to get you scared into sending them money through your bank account. Once they have your bank information, they clean your account out. Why cant people make money the right way by actually getting a legit job and earning it. I live paycheck to paycheck and could not afford for someone to scam me.

i rec'd a harrassing call today too, and so did my employer. This kevin said i was embezzeling money and theft by deception, that I too had a payday loan that i defaulted on. which is not the case. the number is 727-231-1572. they say they are coming to my work tomorrow and surround my desk. they are threatening my coworkers too. I put in complaints so i hope it stops soon.. i had to cancel my bank acct too.. they even had all the info, my ssn drivers license number..its crazy...please help

We had a voice mail from "Mark Winter from the IRS telling my wife to call him back the very second you receive this message... blah blah blah...because of a tax deficiency. If you or your attorney of record does not call back you will have serious legal issues (all in such a heavy Hindu accent that it's hard to understand). If you do not call back right away all I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds on you". The number he gave was 202-506-9240. This is such a load of s**t but unfortunately people fall for this. I'm glad to see others of you putting this out there to warn the public. As a CPA I know that's not how the IRS works. They always write numerous letters first and in 30 years I've never seen them initiate contact by phone. So don't fall for it!

Richard Boyce SCAMMER emailing fake payday loan scam threats from richard posing as an attorney in California. There is no attorney by that name licensed to practice law in California according to the California State Bar.

Here's the scam email - scary bc he has my real social and a real former employer name.

Attention, this is last and final chance you.
This Legal Proceedings issued on your Docket Number with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you. So the accounts department of Cash Advance has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you.

Amount Outstanding $740.00
We have sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings on March 8, 2014 but you failed to respond on time now it’s high time if you failed to respond in next 4 HOURS we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning. And we will be Emailing/ Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict against you. Your salary wages will be garnished.
Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make a payment arrangement today or else we would be proceeding legally against you.
And we apologies that this notification will also sent to your current employer. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action.
You can Email back to get the payment mode too.
We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is processed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the law suit will be the next step which will be amounting to $6300.00 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future.
Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paper work to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your door step.
Note : This notice is provided to you on behalf of Cash Advance Inc. and its parent company , and their respective family of companies including Cash Advance, its parent company, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Cash Advance Related Companies,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). The Cash Advance Related Companies include, but are not limited to: Cash Advance, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, including those that operate under the trade names Cash Advance, 100 Day Loan, Net loan USA, Fax free Cash, Payday one, Sonic Cash, Money tree, Egg loans, Check cash Loan, Quick Payday, Personal Cash Advance, Rapid Cash, Sonic Payday, Speedy Cash, My Cash Now, National Payday, Paycheck Today, Payday OK, Cash Central Loans, Cash Net 500,CashNet USA, Allied Cash, Super Pawn, Check into Cash, Check Smart, Ezmoney Cash America Net, Cash America, Cash America Pawn, Cash land, Super Pawn, Cash America Payday Advance, or any company-owned Mr. Payroll locations. “You” or “Your” means you as a participant in or as a user of the products and/or services offered by a Cash Advance Related Company.
By electronically signing this Loan Agreement by clicking the "I AGREE" button below, you are confirming that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Consent and that you have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for your records.


You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

I got a call like this today so did my employer.. The address provided by the company is fake and no attorney with the name give exists

I received the exact same email today but from a John Cruz from American Legal Support Services but no attorney in California by that name nor any links to the case # provided

a got a similar email written in the same format only from a different guy. if you agree to it they want you to pay thru geendot money pak. its a scam

WOW!! I received this same email today except it was from a Steve Jackson from Houston Texas claiming to be from a Williams Law firm. I am so glad I Researched this.

I just received this exact email, from a Richard Parker. I'm in Canada, and they included a Canadian mailing address at the end. I checked the address and it matches the corporate address for Cash Money, whom I have never borrowed money from.

I got the exact email except mine was a Steve Crawford claiming he worked for Hoffman Law Firm in Chicago and he wanted me to wire him the payment! The phone number he gave was 312-757-2520

I received the very same worded email, even down to dates and amount owed. But with a different attorney name and collection company.

Received the same email from a Katherine grainger. I repeated asked for her company's contact name and number she finally replied with. No number, address, and grammatical errors.

This is a Speedy Cash and if you want want resolve this case outside of court so you have to resolve this case over the emails.

I got this exact same email today but mine was from a Kevin Barnett's but everything else was exactly the same except my amount owing was $786.53. It doesn't have an address or phone number I can call him. Is this a scam because I don't remember ever getting a payday loan with speedy cash.

I received a call on Friday advising that I had committed bank fraud and they were going to serve an arrest warrant on my job. He said his name is Douglas of Advanced Mediation Solutions. His number is 972-435-0004. He would not give me any information. I told him that I had contacted several agencies like FTC and FBI due to receiving these calls every day. He told me "well the information is being sent to your HR dept as we speak, so you can hang up and call the FBI."

Received a call from 855-969-8599 stating that this was a final notice for process of service scheduled for Thursday morning. Left the number 855-721-1113. No business name, no name of the caller, nothing that seemed legit. I am sick of this stuff!

Ok so these bottom feeders don't know when to leave me alone. They are calling my work phone, they called my husband and mother in law to let them know that the sheriffs officers are coming to my house for check/bank fraud and if I pay $1000 now they won't take me to court and I won't have to pay the $4300 at court. They are saying about payday loans which I never even heard of. My office has been blocking these phone #s. Also every one I check on and they all come up either invalid phone# and High level of Scam Activity. So if you see these phone #s report to the Better Business and Federal Trade Commission. These people need to be stopped!!


Got a call today and 7/15-robocall saying my firstname and saying they were trying to verify my employment for litigation on check or bank fraud. I'm in Iowa. The callback number they gave was 214-504-2986 or Dallas, TX. I have reported this on the FTC complaint site as #54979532

Yesterday I received email from James Anderson for payment past due that he's a Resolving Officer, I got loan from cash net USA and if I don't replay back in 5 days that I'm going to court and have to pay $4203.86 and need my replay back to this email and give him my payment information. I replayed back telling him I never had loan and I talked to my police dept about you, he didn't care I received another email from him saying he's waiting for my payment information. Crazy I never got loan out I called twice to cash net USA and they don't have account on me. They was nice and apologize and gave me information on what steps to take

I just got an email from that same person "James Anderson" demanding that I contact them. I know for a fact it's a scam but it's very scary. I'm currently filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can talk to my attorney. I don't have a pay day loan with anyone.

Received a voicemail on my landline from "audit division of IRS" saying a complaint had been filed against me for tax fraud and I should call them back for instructions or risk being arrested by the county sheriff. I ignored it, then saw two calls from an unrecognized "District of Columbia" number on my cell phone. Ignored them. I see that number, (202) 506-8649, has appeared here in the complaints. This scam has been in the news over the last year but this is my first time experiencing it. Wish something could be done about these jerks.

I received a call last week from United National Arbitration's LLC (855-339-6004)stating that I was named as a sole defendant for a debt. The caller, Katherine Vaughan, stated that she has reviewed the information and if I did not return the call, the state has asked them to file both civil and criminal lawsuits against me. I didn't return the calls. A few days later, I had a message from a process server, stating when he would be serving the lawsuits and that he would be accompanied by the local authorities. If I needed to change anything about the service, I had to call United National Arbitration.

Unfortunately, I did call to get the serviced stopped and set up a payment plan with them. Now I am having regrets. I think this is a scam and will be reporting them to every state and federal agency that I can!

I received a threatening phone call from a very thick accented man named "Steve Jackson" 202-864-1161, says I am in "big trouble" with the department of treasury and need to speak with his supervisor, Daniel Rich. He called over and over until I would listen to his threatening message.

Has anyone confirmed if 360-646-8050 awas a legitimate debt collector, they were very threatening

Just received a call from unknown. Stated I was to receive grant money for $9,200.
I asked how they got my name and call phone number. They said from a democratic list. I was to call 3156365282 and enter a code they gave me. All seems fishy. I'm not calling it and I'm not a democratic.

They called me from 202-864-1161 said there was a case against me and that I need to talk to his supervisor forgot the name asap...I was all worried until my friend told me it could be a scam.

I received a payday loan in 2009 and paid it back. Now in 2014 I'm receiving calls from 772-205-3264 and 772-925-8003 Department of Legal Services and Litigation Firm stating I received money in a bank account for $592.00 from a pay day loan and then closed the account before the money was paid back. A Alonzo Green, Paul Beauford and Ryan Foster told me that criminal charges are being filed against me and the Sherrifs are going to arrest me for bank fraud. These people are calling my family telling them about this. I requested these documents via email, but they never sent it.

Today, someone named Phillip Turner with a very heavy accent, sounds Indian, and started calling my job, saying he got a match with my name and SSN for a payday loan I never got, reciting the wrong SSN, I volunteered nothing. When he called, he said told the receptionist to tell me that “Richard” was calling. He said he was from the federal legislative legal finance office. He told me he was calling from the State District Attorney he told me he is a federal agent.
He said that I have 3 warrants for my arrest and that he needs the name and number of my retained attorney or they will come after me. I asked repeatedly what he is calling for and he said he does not have to tell me anything to just give him the name and number of my attorney. I told him he is wasting my time and causing me issues at work, he said he did not care and to call some guy in CA named Mark Victor at (916) 245-0095 ext 121. I told him that if he has my information, then to please send me something in writing. He said he does not have to and that I can just watch it unfold if I was not cooperative. Now I am getting emails with attachments that look like FBI letterhead, written in broken English, saying they have a court case. Someone with the exact same voice and accent calls me over and over each time naming a different big bank, Like Bank of America, saying congrats, my loan is approved.

Can a payday loan or any other creditor "require" you pay only by EFT?

I received a call from a quote a law firm but no live person only the message said you must call within 24hrs or we will garnish your wages and take legal action then they left a case number on my machine
the number was 269-456-2125 from Michigan
they left another number 989-460-2703

has anyone received these numbers
what did you do

This sounds like a scam. Don’t give or confirm with the caller any personal, financial, or other sensitive information. Fake debt collectors, and other scammers, can use your information to commit identity theft and other crimes.

Just got a phone call today from 678-324-4334 stating I had 48 hours to respond to them or legal actions would be taken. ARC is the company name (supposedly) from Marietta, GA. They didn't leave a Phone# to call back. I don't have any credit cards, no debt, no why am I getting calls??? Looked up the phone # online and everyone is stating its a scam...some have been getting threats from that # for 4 years... Yet nobody is able to get an address???

I've been receiving these calls for 5 YEARS over a debt (sometimes it's a payday loan I've never had or an "online loan" that I've never had, from time to time it'll be a credit card.) And it's always the same tactics. Different company name, different location and phone number. They're nasty to me, especially when I tell them I work in Debtor's Rights la and that everything they're doing is illegal. I have an attorney involved as well as filed a complaint with the Attorney General. It infuriates me that lowlives like them have my soc, address and name. And that evidently, there's NOTHING I can do about it.

Ever since July I have been receiving calls from Regency One Capital regarding a payday loan debt from Fireside Cash. I did take out a loan with them and several payday loans because I was in debt but I wound up in further debt and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy last summer and a judge discharged all of my debt including payday loan debts. Now in July, someone has been calling me about this debt and I told them that it was discharged under my Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the witch I spoke to told me that my PDL was not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. Tell that to the judge who discharged it! They then called threatening to come to my home and serve me with papers. Bring it on! My bankruptcy attorney and another attorney I retained who handles these matters would love to sue them!!!

I received a call from 801 214 0421 (allegedly CFI from Salt Lake City Utah) advising I owed almost $700 with taxes and fees on a cash advance. I'd no idea what they were talking about and though I advised I would call back after 5:30, they immediately called back and kept rotating calls to the tune here at the office of almost 200 in 15 minutes. They were coming from 503 110 8366, 393 566 2395, 523 310 6366 and PRIVASATE and UNAVAILABLE. We can't block the last two but keep advising our phone carrier as the new numbers come up. We called the police but they are local and hands are tied. Just have no way to stop them.

Received a call today from Steve stone. Said he was a private investigator and I needed to call 8442386026 as there was a warrant out for my arrest and a summons for fraud. So I called the number to find out what I knew already. A scam. They said they represented green cash now. Told them I never heard of them but as you know they insisted I did. So I said whatever.

Later in the day I decided to mess with them. I called them back and asked for pertinent information and no surprise it was wrong. Told them to destroy my info as out was identity theft. They said well send out you summons and I told them go right ahead and I'll see you on court with my bank statement showing that there was never a deposit. They hung up on me. So I called them back and said that's not very professional and they requested that I stop calling them and hung up. So what did I do, I called back and asked them what are you going to do. They hung up again. Guess what I called them back again and someone different answered the phone. He told me that s summons was in the mail and I said good than I can file a counter suite for identity theft. Guess what they hung up again. What did I do? Called them back of course.Told them again that was unprofessional and I demand more respect than that. They said you just wait till we're in court. I told them they don't know who they are messing with. Do you know what they did. Yup hung up on me again. I let them go this time. Was getting board of this game.

I am getting calls from multiple states every day. I usually don't answer and just ignore the call.
It's getting pretty annoying though!! The # from OH is (513) 286-1876. The # from MD is (410) 220-0295. The # from GA is (678) 487-8455. The # from NY is (516) 926-5125. Pretty tired of all of these #'s calling me everyday. Tired of them telling me I am being served. I've never done anything and I don't owe anything. LOL!! SERVE ME!!! Please!!! hahaha Quit freaking calling me already!! Put up or shutup!

I am continuously receiving phone calls from Arbitrary Mediation stating that I owe money for a credit card. I keep trying to tell them that the account is closed and can not be collected on. I have already registered my number in the do not call registry and they still call me.I have been told that they know name, dob, and social and they read it off to me, that they will not stop calling me,they are so rude when I tell well rudely tell them I am not stupid and know that they are a scam. Last time I called they had asked me what company I was looking for!!!!! I really need something done I have already filed a complaint its getting ridiculous, they tell me that they do not apply to the do not contact list because they are a collection agency, which clearly they are not. When is a enough enough?? I want the calls to stop

I have been getting calls from a 216 area code number telling me they are taking legal action for a debit. They are calling my work and now my family. I have talked to them so I know it's a scam since they will not mail me any actual information or give me a mailing address. How do I get them to stop harassing my work and family. This is a new low and I'm afraid I might loose my job over it. They call about every 20 minutes. I sent information to the Trade Commission but it's getting real bad.

I have had repeated calls from a company called NCS who threatened me and my mother. In fact, they gave my mom info on the alleged debt that I owe and told her they were coming to "get me". When I argued the FDCPA, they told me "oh I'm going to get you today" and accused me of writing bad checks. They also told me "good luck" and we will be locating you today. I asked for written verification which they emailed me and the letter does not contain information pursuant to Section 809. 877-389-1232.

I have been getting calls from 425-298-3923 and 910-216-2362..its an obvious scam So since nothing can be done about it.. I decided to call the scammers several times a day and harass them. They told me not to call back. I told them for every 1 call I got from them, Id call them back 5 times a day. I have blown whistles in their ears.. made a foreign voice like they do and tell them they owe me money!!! Try it it works

425-298-3923 and 910-212362 has called me for the past few days. So I finally had enough so I told them for every 1 call I got from them they would get 5 calls from me.. I blow whistles in the phone. I disguise my voice and tell them they owe me money and I say crazy rude things!!!! They told me they were going to get me for harassment. I told them to PLEASE call the cops! so lately every morning before I head to work I talk to "Mr Black" lol

This guy Kevin Harper is at it again, leaving threatening messages over breach of contract and serving me papers. Last time I actually talked to this guy turned out that it was a supposed debt (Not mine by the way, from 1990.... If you get a call from 972-362-1077 and you answer the phone. DONT tell them your name. They will ask you to verify your name, and I never do unless they tell me who they are calling for and what it is about. Then I tell them they have the wrong number and take my number off their call list. It works for a little bit. Spoke to SF Police Dept, and they said this is how we should handle it since they can't do anything about it cause it's always in a so called safe state.

I have received phone calls from 2 different companies saying the same thing that I had a payday loan that I didn't pay on a closed account for $510. I have been threatened with being served papers at work and garnishment of my wages.

Delaware Solutions
National Management...
Advanced Capital Solutions

All were 855#s.
I explained to each company that they all said the same thing. I asked one irate person to email me detailed documentation of the debt. He never sent it, but he called me within 15 minutes of my request and left a threatening voicemail.

Received a call from a Mr. Sparrow from 404-994-1731. He had called two days prior and left a message on my work voicemail. Today, he stated that he hadn't heard from me, and needed a Statement of Intent, (didn't specify for what), and failure to contact him would result in a formal complaint being filed against me.
On the 10th, he stated that he was contacting me because of a case that had just came across his desk, concerning activity on a bank account. He threatened the same thing, that some type of complaint would be filed against me. He ended both calls ominously, "you have been notified". Today, he stated that if I don't respond, he would have no choice but to notify my employer. I'm not afraid...just annoyed. If I find out what company he works for, I'm filing a formal complaint. Alas, when I call the number back, it just rings.

I have been getting an email from a saying I will be arrested for a payday loan if I don't pay 740.00 right now.

I received a call on yesterday from 714-676-4599
they left one nasty message! they stated that I was going to be arrested from my home or job. I call the number back and talked to some guy that I could hardly hear or understand. He told me he was from John Hill Law firm. He said his name was James
Wong. He told me I was being arrested for bank fraud and theft by deception. He would not give me any information other than an amount of 1424.00. He told me that if I was will to pay it he would stop my arrest. He even tried to get me to make a 500.00 payment and set up a plan for the balance.
When I didn't do so he got upset and hung up.
I am very shakend by it all. This was my first call.
I truly hope they don't call again!

So, I have received so many scam calls since I did the pay day loan application online. The most recent one is where I got several Private Locator phone calls from unknown numbers asking me to call 1-844-577-3345 and reference a case number. I called and every time I request information to be sent to me they wont give me any information because I refuse to verify my personal information that they try and get me to verify. Like ssi and address etc. They claim to be called NRA, LLC. When I search online there is a National Recovery Agency but when I called they said they do not use private locators and they do not have the same phone number. And finally one person called me to say my case was leaving her desk to have me served and that is was for a payday loan from Canyon Creek. None of my debts are under that name. I asked for original loan papers and she said that will be in the papers I sign for. nightmares!!!

Has anyone received calls from a man named Shaun Archer? He has been calling me and stating that he is a locator for a company called nationwide and that a claim has been filed against me and he needs to verify my address to deliver the claim. I told him that I would not verify any information until he informed me what this matter was about and where his company was located. He transferred me to another person who basically told me the same thing. He said he was from nationwide finance and that he needed to verify my information. I told him that I would not verify information until he told me what this was in reference to and what his company address and telephone number was. He told me he could not disclose that information until he was sure I was the correct person. So, being at a standoff, he hung up. They have also called family members and told them that they needed to find me reguarding pending litigation. Shaun Archer called again today, He said he was still trying to verify my information, went through the same conversation as yesterday. He told me the company was located in Pheonix< Arizona but that he couldn't give me the address. He said the Phone number was 888-234-2697 and hung up. The caller ID on my cell phone says he is calling from 469-795-1853. I would like to file a complaint but I'm not exactly sure what category it shuold be filed under.

My mother in law has been getting phone calls from someone with the same name- Shawn Archer.He has been saying her son owes money cause he commited fraud with the bank and he was going to priaion for 20+ years and that the state was foing to get his kids! Basically trying to scare about $4,000 out of her. They wanted her to wire the money to Florida. He called from two different numbers. (832) 661-1969 and (904) 444-7429 gave the name Timothy with the second number. My husband called both numbers and the same guy answered both times! This is ridiculous, he is scaring an elderly lady, having her think her son is going to prision, and the grandkids are gonna be picked up! These people need to be stopped! He also said he was an attorney, but I couldn't find an attorney linked to that phone number. It only comes up that they are cell numbers.

I just received the most brutal call from WELLS, Turner, and Associates. He said it was an attorny office. HE said he was filing a felony charge against me for a payday loan. IF I did not pay today, I should turn myself in jail cause my fraud charge from the payday loan is 90 days. The number was from Texas. (832) 742-6045. They also kept asking me to hold, let me let you speak to senior Associate. When I hung up on him, HE called back and left a rude messsage o voicemail.

I keep receiving calls with no message from 608-299-7037 claiming to be Lyman & Turner Law Firm. I called them back and asked who they were and what they wanted. They became very rude when I would not provide them with me last 4 of my social security. They said I owed a payday loan for $300.00 from 10/2008 and they have the right to collect 395% which would be $1095.00. I told them I never heard of this company and did not owe them anything. They said that I was refusing to pay the debt so they will process the paperwork for a law suit. Then hung up on me after I asked them for proof in writing and a copy of contract that I supposedly signed. They called again shortly after that, I again asked for validation of the debt they say I owe, they refused, so I them asked for them to give me the address and name of their company, they again hung up on my after arguing with me that they will not send any more letters out. I havent lived at the address they gave for 4 years now. I then called them back and asked for the address again to send a cease and desist letter he was rude and gave me a address. I have googled it and the name they gave me, nothing. So wouldn't you think if they were legit they would come up in a search. YUP SCAM !!!

Ben going through this for a number of years. Debt collectors trying to collect on a CC that hasn't been used in over 14yrs. The debt is not valid, but won't stop them from trying. I've sent cease and desist to one collector and they sent my a 1099C afterwards. I let the IRS know about what happened and it is documented.
My alleged debt has been sold off to other collectors since then. I get letters, calls about pending litigation, wife and inlaws have been called; it comes and goes in waves. I've told numerous collectors to send me the documents, none have thus far.

I wonder can a payday loan put a fraud complaint against your License. I had a payday loan once I paid it off. Then once I didnt look at my account for a week online. I realized a while later 2 more places gave me money I didn't ask for. My bank told me to close account for my safety, and notify those places and send them the money back. I thought it was all taken care of . But now I get phone calls, saying she is Karen Davis from an investigator office, that someone put fraud complaint against me, that a warrant is coming, if i don't contact them or my lawyer.Can they do this ? Put a fraud against my license? I don't understand why now , we paid those ones that were put in our account

I had somebody call me to and did they have the last 4 digits of my social security number and told me I had a payday loan and when I told him I didn't they said well if you didn't then you don't have to worry about it and I said I don't and that was the end of the phone call I believe because I heard everybody has to be entered into some kind of a database or something if they ever did get a payday loan that somehow fake lenders were able to access that government database or that database that we were put into which I don't believe is right because how would they get the last 4 digits of my social security number and how would they know where some of the people worked to and so the best thing to do is just flat out tell him that you don't know what they're talking about that you don't know it and they bring it on don't give them any information don't argue with him just flat out let him know that you are falling for their scamand it'll be the last time you hear from him them. Never click on links and emails and take a second to think about it when you do get as scary email or scary phone call or one that stresses you out thinking that you over you're going to be arrested and take a sec to really think about is this really the way the government works or is this the way that things are supposed to be do I really

I took a loan and I am responsible for payment and they won't work with me. They say I have to pay it all up front or I will be charged with check fraud and they even sent a detective out looking for me. I am just wondering if this is legal and don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I want to pay it but can't all at once. The number begins with 303 and the guy has an accent I can hardly understand.

Advance America Loans all Indian Accent people took my money and sent me a threatening email about fraud and a warrant. I did not have aloan with them they gave me no money only took 500.00 from me and demanded 99.00 from me inorder to cancel with a refund. They were out of Texas 210-755-2429. I filed a complaint with The Frederal Trade Commision/My Att General and on the FBI website

I got a similar email saying i owe money from cash advance america and i have never done business with that company. they went as far as saying if i dont pay up they will issue a warrant for my arrest and summon court papers and i will have to pay for legal expenses as much as $6300.00. so when i contacted me me back they wanted me to ge green dot money pak to pay the 479.00 and i almost did it when i went to CVS to purchase the card the lady ask me what i needed it for and i explain it to her and that is when she told me it was a scam and there has been a lot of ppl that had one this and find out it was a scam.

I got a call from ARC Artibution claiming that they had made several attempts to reach me but it was at an old address from like 2004! Now they are saying I have to appear in court because of an old credit card that I never opened up? It all sounds strange. They called me from 1-855-977-2083.

I have also received a call from ARC Arbitration, LLC. When the call came in, not recognizing the #, I just let it go to vm. A young woman's voice, speaking
Oso fast I had to play it back several times to understand what she said, which was: a delivery person would be "in my area" @ 1:30 pm with a packet of papers requiring my signature. If there was no answer when they attempted delivery it would be considered contempt by the court and it would also be considered a "failure to appear". She said if there were any issues, or if I felt this was an error I must call 1-855-977-2083 To not do so would cause litigation to be brought against me.These people are extortionists.

Has anyone got a call from these two numbers 210-714-2371 lady named Tracy perices and this number 215-970-7033 guy name Chris Baker the said they were from rapid recovery pay day loans and that owe 1300 from two different loan places first was CMG and then riverside loans if I did not pay the I will have a warent for my arrest

Hello Missy2354, I too received this call with the same threat on 11/24/14. I suspected fraud but minutes before, I received a call from my county clerks office confirming the claim. This call from the county scared me into making a payment. But when I saw the charge on my bank statement, it was from CHECK CRD PURCHASE 11/24 AVENTIS MARKETING 770-884-8026 GA and what struck me as weird aside from the name Aventis Marketing Group, it came up as a PURCHASE. When I've made payments like this in the past, it does not come up as a purchase, but as a PAYMENT. I am looking for an attorney, I believe this is a scam. I hope this helps.

I am getting messages from Independent Services stating I have a two part felony charge on their desks and that its being given to the district attorney and sheriff so they can come arrest me. They even go so far as to tell me to put my dog away..get someone to care for my children while I am in jail. I call them and its a collection effort on behalf of cash net USA. They say unless you provide your bank or credit card today you will go to jail in the morning. The number called from is 844-299-4388.

I got a call from someone from a law firm calling about loan payment I owe. They told me if I did not call them back within 30mins they will contact my local sheriff's office to have me arrested. They left a message while I was at work. I have other loans way past due, but I have taken the proper steps and contacted the creditors about those loans. I am a bit worried.

i am wondering if anyone can give me any information.I was contacted by jason kline with the Lincoln Group,Association 323-302-4643 due to a debt i had about 8 years ago. I saw it as an oppurtunity to clear up bad debt. I did not look into further as i should have and i paid 600.00 towards the debt however when i tried to make arragments for the next month because i was having a hard time paying it he was very rude demanding and unprofessional whihc made me look further into it and all i can find on the internet are people saying this company is a scam i cannot find a website or link for them at all. They have threathened to contact my human resource dept but there is no judegemht against me i have not been taken to court or even filed against legally. They have given out third partry information and they continue to call my place of employment when i have requested them not to. i requested a verification letter and they said they will send me a demand letter. i requested another person of contact supervisor etc and they ignore my request. I only have the name and this number to directly contact this one individual. I would like to know if anyone has any information on this person phone number or business or what i can do.

Got a call today from an unknown number said I owed them money and if I didn't pay I would be charged with fruad. The ladys name was Liz Montgomery out of offices of Atlantic.Like a dumb a** I got freaked out and gave her my debit card number and they are supposed to take money out of my bank on the 20th When I asked for her address she wouldn't give it to me. So should I cancel my debit card and not pay?

I would highly recommend that you do! You need to check with your bank and see if it's already been taken out of your account. Always ask for proof in writing! You can look up the number by typing it in the search and see if this number comes up with other scam complaints.

I received a phone call today from a place the lady called claims mediation stating that they were collecting on a bad check from 1993! I have never heard of the store they said I wrote it to. I don't recall ever writing a bad check! I asked the lady to mail or email me proof of this and she said they could not do that and that attempts to contact me by mail years ago by the company failed so they are not obligated to send me anything on this now. She refused to send anything by email for me to look at while I was on the phone with her. She asked me how I wanted to take care of this debt... Either pay now by credit card or they will send it to court. Told me that if I ended the call without paying that they will send it straight to court for further actions. She ended up putting some other man on the phone and again I said I wanted proof of this and he began threatening me. Heard my child in the back ground and even use him against me! Said "I see you have a child? How would you like me getting a lien against your home and assets? Think about your child!" I told him to not bring my child into this and I got upset with him and he just went nuts on me and said he wasn't going to deal with this and hung up on me. My husband was upset and called the number when he got home but got a recording. The first number the lady called from was 425-209-1678 and the number the man called me from 844-858-2910. I decided to hang up on the lady when she said she was transferring me to whoever was in charge so he called me back.

I received a call from a man who sounded very professional. Said he was a civil investigator. And he had a order from a creditor or creditor's. . About my business having done fraud and such. Then he said I used my name, my mom's name and my dad's name and said he had papers for us.. and then he ended the call with you have been notified and this will hold up in a court of law. Call 8662103297. . Case number..

So I'm freaking out .. called my dad he listened to the message.. He said it sounds bugus. I said why.. He said first who's this guy with he never stated who he's working for.. Second is this a creditor or creditors. Which is it. 2nd he said he has papers for us.. so why hasn't he mauled them or served them. Also the number he left was a 866 number my dad called it it was a answering machine with some company stating all operators were busy. Also he called my home and cell using two different numbers which came up nothing when go ogling them.

As my dad says you must be served first.

So with that call tour court house in your city. And it's usually a 1 buck to pull records. My sister did this for me and nothing comes up at all under any of our names. Could be a old debt or fraud. Bottom line I'm thinking it's a scare tatum to call .. oh and he stated 3 guys will be conducting a off site investigation. . Lol.. investigate what. I'm small business owner who works out of my home.


I have received several calls from a Phoenix, Arizona number claiming I owed money on a credit card debt which was dismissed in Federal Bankruptcy Court 14 years ago. The call begins with an auto message claiming to be an attorney and asking for me by name. The message says if I do not press 9 to speak to a representative immediately I will be subjected to a warrant being issued for my arrest. I knew this was a scam for three reasons:

1) You can not be arrested for an outstanding credit card debt, or debt of any kind unless it is mandated by a court. We don't have Debtors prisons in the US.

2) It is illegal to threaten someone with criminal action for a debt in the US.

3) Arizona has a statute of limitations on past due debts and civil suits which this is well out of.

I pressed 9 to get the information, spoke to a Miss Johnson, and explained this to her, as well as telling her I had contacted my attorney and to direct all futures communications to him. I was told by her because I refused to pay the matter was being sent to council and I would be arrested. She finished the conversation with "Good Luck," before hanging up.

I contacted the Scottsdale, AZ police to verify that it is legakl in Arizona to record telephone conversations without the knowledge of both parties and they confirmed this. (AZ is a single party knowledge state meaning that as long as one party knows the conversation is being recorded, in this case me, it is legal.) I did a look-up[ on the number calling me and it traced back to HSBCBank, which does not have offices in AZ. I contacted the Fraud Dept. at HSBC and verified that this was not a legitimate number for them. I also contacted the alleged creditor, Plains Commerce Bank and they verified the account was dismissed in bankruptcy and nothing was owed nor was it sent to collections. I downloaded an ap to record future conversations from this "collection agency" and will go to the Scottsdale Police with the recording as well as the information I have gotten.

Don't be taken in by people like this. They are co artists and scammers preying upon people's fears.

I have been continually harassed by Delaware Solutions, ARG Group and Greenline Recovery trying to collect on a debt that I do not owe. I've never done business with them. I have filed all the complaints I could. But they still contact me daily and all my relatives. Currently I'm in contact with an attorney and I hoping to sue them.

They have started contacting me also out of the blue. Claiming to be Grrenline Recovery for a Payday loan I supposdly applied for in 2010!! They are calling my cell and my work # daily now. I have no debt and owe no one anything. Would be happy to join your lawsuit!

I have started receiving calls form a Joshua David from Greenline Recovery stating I owe for a Payday Loan that I applied for (no) in 2010 and never paid the application fee. States my $30 application has now turned into $670 and if I dont pay I will get served papers and owe or $2000. He wanted my credit card or debit #, had my SSN and an old PO box that I havent had in 5+ years. Also has my work e mail. When I insisted on speaking with a lawyer he asked for my card #. he didnt have any cleanr information on the exact date, told me the company was called Fast Cash but that they probably changed their name by now. He has left 2 different toll free #'s to call 844-780-6774 and 855-219-4664. Neither # has any formal voice system or customer service department. Also notice there is no disclaimer about the phone calls being recorded!!! I have been in customer service fore years. SCAM. Every legit customer service records every call and MUST give you a disclaimer about it. Also, I was not able to locate any Green line recovery service website, they would not take a check. I have reported this so my Attrony generals office as well.

Got scammed today, this guy called my son he was going to be arrested in 30 minutes unless this was all paid off !! I called the number provided, he said he was an Attorney from the general office and another guy called my Son asking for his location so he could go there and arrest him !! My son went crazy and asked me for help, and I felt for it !! Never in my life got scammed !! This guy sound very serious and knew a lot about my son !! I paid $1865 and only realized this was a scam after he told me that another charges where filed and had to pay another $2000'! So sad that right before Christmas I felt for this horrible scam !!

It is so funny I just received a phone call from 210 418 4797 from agent X with very thick accent who said that for 2008-09 unpaid taxes I am going to be arrested in 30 minutes of course when we talked he hang up than I called few times massaging system was not working anymore therefore no name to obtain and always someone picks and hangs up instantly. All this cuz I allegedly owe $2,600, nice trick! Obviously I do not owe anything and I have never received anything from IRS

Did anyone get a call from 386.269.9396? They called my moms phone recently and threatening to take anything i own and the caller is very suspicious because she asks for my social security number. Like I'll give it to her and the phone says it is from STP PROCESSING in Lake City, Florida.

So this Liz Montgomery called my parents saying that she can have me arrested and it's totally bogus. She called from an 844 number which yields no results. She also claimed to have all my information yet I have never heard from her nor have I been served with any papers. In California you can not go to jail for unpaid debt unless it's child support, or unless there is a judgment against you. In order for there to be a judgment though they would have to sue you first.

Receiving phone calls from a private caller. Not saying where he is from. Last name Meyers I believe. Stating someone is coming to my work and home and I need to be ready to show my ID Monday December 29th. It's court papers I don't know what for. I also received nasty emails to about jail. .. Tired of this.

My Mother and Brother received a call from "Steven Lewis senior litigator of the ARG Law Firm". Said there were a couple charges pending against me. Left another message stating it was bank fraud. That was a relief I'm not guilty of bank fraud. So I blocked his numbers, reported it as a scam number on websites that you can do that sort of thing and reported him to the FTC here. His numbers were 716-646-8030 and 716-941-1006.

I received a call from a joe clark from a legal disrtrabution service from a 210-774-4146. claims he is calling about a legal summons. its a scam. they don't call you about a summons. im not stupid. he better not call back.

I get calls about this all day long every day. My husband and parents are now getting them too. My parents keep thinking I'm going to jail and are freaking out. I file complaint after complaint with every agency there is and the calls have never STOPED . I've got over 50 phone numbers blocked on my phone. It's ridiculous

Got a call from an unknown number, not the first time. They left a message:

"This call is solely for ____________; this is Sarah Bennett and I work for National Process Servers for their filing department, I am calling today in reference to 2 felony complaints that were placed with our offices this morning. I have have retained both files with the charges to the District Attorney's Offices, the office of Round tree &" (breaks up) "documents and was legally assisting you to voluntarily resolve this matter outside of court proceedings, they say that they have made several failed attempts to make contact with you at this point I will be filing the 2 felony charges and requesting that the county sheriff's department to accompany and assists me to your residence and/or to your place of employment, if I reach you at home please be advised that if you own any dogs or fire arms they will need to be out of the immediate harms way of myself and the police officers as well. At the time of my arrival please have proper identification. if you have any questions or concerns, or feel you have received this message in error you must contact the office of Round tree & Meyer's directly to have a stop order placed on your file, if you have your pre-trail investigator email my office your court release number is 678-212-5481, Again that number was 678-222-5481. ma'am you have been legally notified in accordance to all federal and state laws. Thank you, Have a Great day!"

Upon calling the number provided, which she did make a mistake on, I was sent to a Voice Mail box for Richard Campbell a Senior Arbitrator for Legal Consultant Services. No where did he mention the name of the company, I did not leave a message but I will be calling again to request paper work and an account number or anything that they could have to identify any of this information.

BEWARE I have been researching this in many places and there is no confirmation that this is a legitimate company or charges.

I am getting calls from a Mediation Services. They initially said the same as yours however now they are saying they are filing a lawsuit against me. They will not tell me what for and I have never received any paperwork from them.

I recently start gettng calls from 7863294283 florida legal Mediation firm /Ron Perez Assocation/new grant financil two charges against me for payday loans and the sheriffs are already n place for my arrest i can get 5-10 yrs or pay 10,000 in fines . and payment due today .. but never recvied any paper work from them emails nothng but they have all my info.. HELP

Ignore them, report them to the FTC, you can call the Sheriff's office, they won't do anything though

Try reading the article, and the FDCPA, and what the FTC has said repeatedly. Consumer debt is a *civil concern*. Local police do not work for debt collectors and are much too busy handling actual crime to care about some penny-ante debt claim.

What you do is find the bullies on the phone and sue them for making ridiculous and illegal threats.

Tired of these scammers calling me, claiming they are investigating check fraud in CA, but yet caller ID gives them up to be calling from NY, MI or GA- the latest number- 470-202-7379. They ask me stuff, volunteering the last 4 social sec numbers, and I say...Nope no match (cos it don't). How do they get our names & phone numbers? This is bull!

My employer received 2 calls today asking for employment verification and had my SS #!!! I have applied for nothing that would require that.....I'm sketched out....messages left and thank God, my employer said they would not disclose ANY made from "Employment Verification Services"????

I've taken payday loans out before. I've repaid and worked out settlement offers on others.
However, all of a sudden I'm getting calls from Lawyers Offices in NY and CA. I live in TX.
They're saying my county has papers and a summons for me to go to court. That I either need to settle or pay offy debts. I honestly can't even remember the names of these places that I aupposedly owe money to. The law firms I looked up were legit. So I am assuming this is real...
Is there anyway I can see all loans I've ever taken out and their status on them? It's not fair that every month another new collector is calling and from another location. If you ARE delinquent can they arrest you?

It's highly unlikely creditors would hire an attorney out of your state. Also, just because the scam artists are using "legit" law firm names, don't think for a minute they're actually representing that firm. I have a co-worker that was contacted by one of these "law firms" and when I looked it up for her, the company had a disclaimer right on their home page that they are in no way affiliated with these scam artists.

Also, if these are legit debts owed, the law firms will have no problems forwarding you the documents pertaining to said debt. If they refuse or "can't" assume this is a scam.

Any debt collector that threatens to immediately arrest if you don’t pay up is violating federal law.This article has information about your rights when you're dealing with debt collectors.

Has anyone heard of a company called National Payment Solutions New York llc? Number is a 855 area code stating I owe a payday loan.

I just received a call from an unknown number saying he is with the Texas State Police Department and I have fraudulent charges against my name. I need to sit myself down to the closest police department or call an Officer Brian 'O Connor at 347-501-9802 to discuss this matter. Then he states if I don't call within 45 minutes he will send an officer to my house and place of employment for my arrest. He doesn't give what kind of charges or any other information. The number is a Brooklyn number. What do I do as they called unknown?

I also got calls this week from Ron Perez and Associates in Florida saying I owed a payday loan from New Grant Funding, and demanding payment. They said I was being charged with two counts of fraud and about to be arrested. Also, they had ALL my personal info already including SSN, DL, work, email, address, phone, etc. SCARY!!

received a call from a Mrs. Jones from 617-939-0637 they called my house my mother (3 times) and my sister (3 times) they left a case number MD11860 and said that criminal charges are being filed and I will need to call them before I am served either at my home or work..

Receiving repeated phone calls from Jerry with CM Location Services from the number 210-625-4108. He always claims to have "important legal documents" to deliver to me, but feigns ignorance as to their content or issuing party. He demands to know when I will be available to receive them. I tell him to come on over anytime and he angrily demands that I make myself available during a specified 2-hour window. I told him I had another obligation during the stated time and he became even angrier and levied threats of "legal repercussions" if I am not available to receive the documents. He further threatens me saying he has "legal authority" to "take action" for refusing to be home to sign for the documents. I pressure him for information on his employer and the nature of his business and he becomes extremely evasive, but provides the number 855-546-9078 and instructs me to call and refer to document 1098598. I called the number and it is a bogus contact. Jerry called again today and demanded to know why I would not be home between 3-5pm. I told him that was frankly none of his business. He resumed threatening me and stated that I had a "legal obligation" to disclose my whereabouts. At this point, I am hoping Jerry shows up at my doorstep just so I can demonstrate how I respond to being threatened.

The are at it again!!! I received a call today from 786-629-9121. They called all day. So when I called them back to see what this was regarding the man on the phone with a heavy accent answered and asked if this is Michelle I asked why he kept calling me as if he was a bill collector he laughed and stated that at first he was calling to see if I needed a loan then started saying I had taken a loan out in June of last year in the amount of $3000 that I had defaulted on and needed to pay immediately.

Received a call from unknown number. Anthony Phillips paralegal from Proctor, Robinson, Eggelman and associations arbitration law firm. Contacting me regarding a civil criminal (??) issue regarding check fraud. A case will be filed against me in my cities court on Friday, January 23rd. I have 24 hours to respond to his message to try to solve the matter. Google search of that law firm does not exist. I have received many different "arbitration" firms contacting me regarding a pay day loan they say I took out in 2011. Will try to call the number back they left 844-332-7018 to see what its all about. Sounds like a SCAM so beware!

I received a call today from a "processor" Antoine Davis saying he went to my residence this morning. He left a number 617-207-9001. I called and they said I owed on a payday loan and he was a mediator and that if I don't pay $830 in two days, they will proceed with three counts of federal charges because I received an ach wire transfer to my account and defaulted. Not sure is anyone else has received these calls? They said it's an old loan from 2013

440-220-6017 & 440-202-1714...same scam. Stated I had a payday loan (which I never have done). Threatened that I was going to be arrested - as soon as I laughed and told her to go right ahead and proceed, she hung up.

I recieved a call today from 5753421204 They said they couldnt send me anyinfo or email because they already did. I asked if I can send them a payment threw the mail and they said they cant accept payment threw mail. I told them I dont have a card. She said to go buy a pre paid card and she was only going to give me to hours or I am admitting I am gilty and have to go to court. She new all my info and my court house name and said something of the department of labor she was so hard to understanf

I received a call for my son telling me they were filing 3 felony charges against him and to have him contact a Mallory Thorten. He called and they had his ss# along with other info. They threatened him and then asked him to go to Bank of America and put money into a account. This I have never heard of,so I called them and started asking questions about their tactics and wanted the company name and was told it was arbitrary with the state and when I questioned more I was hung up on...Has to be a scam!

Well this makes me rest a little easier. I JUST checked my voicemail (first time in a week) and had a recorded message from the "Dept. of Treasury" regarding a warrant under my mine. My first thought was...."Well just who do they think they are talking to?" Then they requested that I call back but the number was a botched computerized voice and couldn't be understood. I do believe it STARTED with 240 and ENDED with 7164. Asked me to ask to speak with a Shawn Ferguson Batch #9117086. SOOOOO it appears they are at it again! It would have scared the BEJESUS out of me had someone called about a week ago, an ACTUAL PERSON, and left almost the same type of message and saying they were faxing the warrants. So....I kind of had a heads up. But it is TAX Season and I really HATE to see how many people may get SCAMMED by these lowlifes which appear to be very determined and somewhat resourceful enough to sound legitimate to the untrained ear,someone who just got scared briefly listening to them or an elderly or disabled person. We all need to report this to a local news station/radio station or other reputable form of media so that people can be warned.

Just had a phone call today from 866-209-4952. Left message stating she was from United Legal Services. Stating she had to file claims faxed to her office this morning. Said, I needed to call her back regarding this. She also stated that the sheriffs department and her would be coming to my home or place of employment and take care of it. At the end she said, Melissa you have been officially notified by state and federal laws. I did have payday loans but they are paid off in full. What can I do?

I been getting call s from a number that comes out private and they leave me a VM stating to return there call to 8662396448 and if I don't pay them by 6pm they will send me to court and I will have to pay 1200 My loan was for $250 back in 2013 almost 2 years ago they want 3 payments of 210 what should I do please help they. call my job house even my mom house I asks them for something in writing and I'm willing to pay but they refuse please help me

I got an email today saying that I owe taxes and that I was going to jail. First the number attached is a Florida area code second They used irs paper with the irs website. However I do not owe anything. The only thing I owe are a few payday loans. I live in pa should I be worried or is this false documentation? If I owe the irs when I filed my taxes they woiuld know then.

I have been receiving calls at all hours of the day from a male voice with a heavy middle Eastern accent claiming to be several names like , "Chris Brown, James Brown, Will Smith,James brown John Smith" etc. He has claimed that he is calling from US bank, Advance America , (us bank which is my own bank), the Irs , the local sheriffs office in my state the district attorney's office etc. He begins with this statement. "This message is intended for (my name) it is very important that I call (a number) immediately or there will be extreme consequences if you don't respond. I wish you the best of luck. I called the number on NY caller ID , and there was a lot of background noise . someone answered with National cash advance , i asked for chris brown from us bank . I told him that the message stated that he was from US Bank and he said " I mean us bank may I help you ! I proceeded with telling him what I thought about his fraudulent calling in my own angry words and he hung up. Now I get calls from numbers with fax tones on my voice mails. This is very annoying . I wish I ciujd do something to these people to make them stop.

and local numbers within my state are being used. They called me and threatened me with prison saying i had to make a statement or they will file the paperwork to sue me. They said I had to pay 900 appx and would not make any payment agreements. I was suckered at first but then found out what they were collecting on was a debt i already paid. They took my whole paycheck. Thankfully the bank reversed it for me and changed my account numbers because it was fraud. Now they are calling again saying that since I didn't pay, they need a statement before they file the order. It is scary they work through people in my own state with local phone numbers as well. I am sick and tired of these people calling my mom, my cell, my job making threats. These people need to be stopped. I block the numbers but they just call with new ones. I tell them to stop calling and they do anyways. They fooled me once, not this time.

I just received a phone call this me from a Georgia number. They left me a voice mail with my name and a complaint number. I decided to called them back and asked what was the complaint about. They guy Gaved me some info and hung up on me. I called back and this time it was a lady. She gave me my last 4 social and told me I owe over 500.00 for first bank. I told her I never even bank with them before. She then told me, well good luck because I will be getting serve soon. And to make sure I have double the amount of money that owe because court fees and attorney fees will apply. Then she hangs up on me. I called back the 3rd Time, I was so pissed and confused. I explained again that there must be a mistake. She said that it can't be because it has my signature and all the transaction I made on this credit card. And she said good luck and hangs up. Should I be worried.

I have an unknown number that calls and tells me they will be coming to my house with a court summons. There has been a number of violent home invasions in our neighborhood lately. I am home alone with my two year old. My husband has told me to never answer the door no matter what they say. If it is real, can I get in trouble for refusing to open without a police officer present?

I received an inaudible voice mail message from phone number 614-385-7074. Upon returning the call a snotty woman answered and was very short. I asked her for information about why I was called to which she responded by abruptly transferring me to Jennifer Myers, who was a complete pain to speak with. She stated that she is with "Litigation Support Group" and that a company named "Net Loan USA" had filed three criminal complaints against me for an unpaid loan. She stated that notifications had been sent to a mailing address that I haven't been associated with for over two years. First, I've never used Net Loan USA, nor have I heard of that company prior to today. Jennifer stated that I was going to be arrested, jailed, and that I'd need to hire a criminal defense attorney. I asked her to send me information to my current address. She stated that she could not do that, as it is illegal and falls under "defamation of character". It didn't make much sense to me. She became more irate with me each time I requested more details, and asked me to have an attorney call her back on her direct line at 614-407-0849. I will admit that they got the best of me; I did freak out when I heard that I was going to jail, so I left work abruptly and came home to consult an attorney. After speaking with an attorney, a bail bondsman, and a few friends, it appears that I'm not the only one who has received phone calls like this. I won't be falling for this again!

glad you posted this as she was quite polite and almost got me.

Has anyone received calls from 855-243-4323 or 813-413-4006. They state their name is a Ms. Brown and they are calling from Genuine recovery services. I cannot find any information about this company or phone numbers.

Hi - I just received the exact same call from a Ms. Brown. Did they ever stop calling you? Did they ever serve you papers? I am curious to know because they have contacted me several times and have even threatened me with wage garnishment.

I still get calls from them over a "returned bank check" and they even tried to call my dad telling him he was responsible! I have them blocked on my phone but every week or two they have a new number.

I have had the phone calls last year, now emails this year. And just got a call from a "Currier who wants to serve me papers" and was on their way unless I called a number to the complaint. I told him bring them on. That was two hrs ago and no papers yet. Tired of this crap!!!!!

Hello I need your help!! Back in 2012 I took out 2 payday loan online of $300 today I recieved an unknown number a man told me that he was calling from career services something like that and that I was being served and that he had a deputy outside of my house. I was at work freaking out but then again if you are being "sued" or "served" the person is not going to call you and give you a courtesy call they going to just hand deliever it at work or home... They told me to call this 855 692 4359 number I called and they told me that my "case" is not filed... But then again they told me for me to be free I would need to pay $700 to not be bothered again... Please help someone

If you took out a loan and didn't pay it, it is possible that the debt was sent out for collection. But, federal law prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you. Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money. This article has information about your rights when you're dealing with debt collectors.

Just received a call (let it go to voice mail) from PRO RES OFC using the caller ID of the IRS 800-829-1040!! The call back # left in the voice mail by the very threatening and rude gentleman is 804-496-1029. When you call that # back it either rings and rings until the system times out, or is busy. Reverse phone # look up puts the 804 area code in Hanover, VA. The saddest thing about this message is how threatening it is, I feel bad for senior citizens who might receive this type of message. No where on the message does the caller claim to be from the IRS, but refers to Tax Evasion and arrest. Now, having dealt with the fine folks at the IRS, who have a very tough job to do, I know that they give their full names and ID numbers. In addition there was no name in the voice mail for whom the message was intended. If I get another call, I will report to the local authorities so that they can alert our community.

I recieved a call saying they were from Legal Carry Services and I would be recieving a summons within 24-48 hours to my job or home and to have two forms of ID available. I can't find any info on this company and have been getting these calls for months and have yet to have anyone come to my house or job.

I owed a few hundred bucks from a payday loan back in 05 well 3 years ago I paid it off and because of the harrasing calls still from the dept of legal services I actually carried around the statment with me in my car everywhere I went because I was freaked about being in trouble only due to there phone calls and still get them today for example one nasty ladie Sharon told me 3 months ago to learn how to speak english when she wasn't getting her way and I am irish and educated and told her to blank off and she hung up and went away and then today I get a call from Ashley from the same place who leaves me a message that I am obviously not very mature because I hung up on her 4 times but with her lack of intelligence she didn't realize my phone blocks unknown callers so I was unaware that she even called until I checked my messages and yes she left the same old someone will be serving you papers between 2-4 pm on Monday and she read off the last 4 of my social and all of there other garbage and of course I called back the 866 # and they had no Ashley there as Was begging to talk to someone and give them a pc of my mind as I owe nothing to any of them and am a law abiding tax paying hard working american and am only writing because I went around for weeks with those gut wrenching stomach aches thinking there was something wrong so please relax and don't torchure yourself......TnT in Fl

My mother in law got a call from a "debt collector" and got their information and I called back. They said I owed for a payday loan and I asked for paper work verifying the debt she took my address and transferred me to litigation and he asked for my email address instead. I told him I need something in writing he said he would send it but he would see me in court before I got the paperwork I said fine and hung. Didn't receive anything and then they called back I proceeded to tell him I needed something in writing and again he told me that he would see me in court before the paperwork was delivered. Today I received a letter stating the person I owed, how much it was, account number and bank info. It is for a payday loan company I use to deal with but I didn't keep any information on the loans so I can't verify this. I believe I paid it off but have no proof, how should proceed?

It's important to understand your rights if a debt collector contacts you about an old debt. If you have old debts, collectors may not be able to sue you to collect on them. State law determines how long the debt collector has to sue you. Read this FTC article about Time barred debt. To determine the statute of limitations on different kinds of debts under state law, check with a legal aid lawyer, another attorney, or your State Attorney General's Office.
Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money. Read the notice to learn how to proceed if you don't owe the money.

Hi, I got a call from a Shawn Green saying If I dont pay $550 to settle an old bank acc from 2010 with Fifth Third Bank that I can be arrested the number is 7186732651 how can I tell if this is legit or not??

I have just received the same similar call. From a Denise Thomas at 404-937-3567. Returned the call and spoke with a Major Rogers badge number 0443-TX stating he was in Georgia working for Texas who received a referral from Nevada for USAA Bank for ACE Cash Express. He threatened arrest because of 3 warrants and I would be arrested today. Very threating for a bill I have paid over 2 years ago. Stated he was with Arbitrary Services, I have gone through this before and they are very crappy and scum bag people to threaten people in this manner.

Same thing happened to me thus past month! I do owe money to check n go in 08 and already made a settlement work them and I'm paying it off slowly. That 404 number from Denise and one name Dana Clark from houston.. claiming to be arbitrary services of financial crimes decision. Saying I'm going to jail blah blah blah.. same like you. So I called the DA office in Houston where the calls were coming from and the fraud division Rep said it's a scam! So I also called the DA office in Atlanta and left a message about What happened. Even the collection agency I'm working with to help me clear the debt, said that it's fraud

I received basically the same messages everyone else is getting and spoke to a rude man on the phone from "intel direct collection agency" said I owed a payday loan from 2007 for 700 bucks which I do not...if possible get an email address from them and send this.......
Whom It May Concern: This will serve as your legal notice under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to cease all communication with me in regard to the debt referenced above. Do not contact me, or any third parties regarding this debt. Furthermore, I formally dispute the validity of this debt. Please provide me with documentation that supports why you believe this debt belongs to me, and why you believe I owe this amount. Please send me copies of the original application for this account, any signatures associated with this account, any bills associated with this account, etc. You are also notified that should any adverse information be placed against my credit reports, appropriate actions will be taken under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I owed a few hundred bucks from a payday loan back in 05 well 3 years ago I paid it off and because of the harrasing calls still from the dept of legal services I actually carried around the statment with me in my car everywhere I went because I was freaked about being in trouble only due to there phone calls and still get them today for example one nasty ladie Sharon told me 3 months ago to learn how to speak english when she wasn't getting her way and I am irish and educated and told her to blank off and she hung up and went away and then today I get a call from Ashley from the same place who leaves me a message that I am obviously not very mature because I hung up on her 4 times but with her lack of intelligence she didn't realize my phone blocks unknown callers so I was unaware that she even called until I checked my messages and yes she left the same old someone will be serving you papers between 2-4 pm on Monday and she read off the last 4 of my social and all of there other garbage and of course I called back the 866 # and they had no Ashley there as Was begging to talk to someone and give them a pc of my mind as I owe nothing to any of them and am a law abiding tax paying hard working american and am only writing because I went around for weeks with those gut wrenching stomach aches thinking there was something wrong so please relax and don't torchure yourself......TnT in Fl

I got a call today form mark smith a legal processor saying I will have a federal warrant out for my arrest for writing a bad check to check into cash, if i didn't pay $698 in the next hour. Now i know that can't be true since i had no ties with them in 2011. How can i prove this is fraud?

A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money. The caller was most likely threatening you into paying, which is illegal.
You can ask the debt collector to send you a written "validation notice" of your debt. They have to send a notice that includes the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
These FTC articles tell more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.

received phone calls today from 877-310-0956 ASG Legal Group claiming my daughter would be arrested if she did not contact them by COB, got the call at 5:30pm. Called they gave me a claim # and said if she paid them tonight charges would be dropped. They also called spouse & other daughter, also threatened legal action with them.tried to look up number but it is invalid per google. Are they real or a scam, don't want my kid to go to jail.

A debt collector can't issue a warrant for your arrest for owing money. The caller was most likely threatening you into paying, which is illegal.
You can ask the debt collector to send you a written "validation notice" of your debt. They have to send a notice that includes the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
These FTC articles tell more about your rights when it comes to debt collectors.

They are at it again. How do you get them to stop emailing??

This FTC article tells about your rights when it comes to debt collectors. It explains how to get a debt collector to stop contacting you.


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