Did you get a call from area code (876)?

Image of phoneRing, ring… you get a call from a number starting with area code (876). They call to say you’ve won the “Mega Millions” Jamaican lottery, and you could even win a car! All you have to do is pay a few thousand bucks in taxes or fees, and the big jackpot is yours.

That’s great news, right? Wrong.

Don’t send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you. Odds are good that it’s a scam. And just so you know, playing a foreign lottery is against federal law.

A new twist: scammers are asking people to pay “taxes and fees” with prepaid cards. They tell you to go to the nearest pharmacy or a big retail store, buy a card, and call them back to read them the number. Whether you use a prepaid card or a wire transfer — once you send your money, you can’t get it back. So keep card and account numbers to yourself. Scammers use this information to hustle even more money out of you — and your accounts.

We get complaints from people who have lost A LOT of money to foreign lottery scams. Some folks have told us that they’ve been threatened with physical harm if they don’t pay the fees.

If you get a call about a foreign lottery, we recommend that you hang up. And before you do, you might want to tell the caller:

  • I never entered a foreign lottery, so I couldn’t have won
  • I never send money to someone who calls me
  • My phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, so you shouldn’t be calling me — and I’m reporting your number  

Have you gotten a call like this? We want to hear about it. Submit a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint, or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. And learn more about recognizing and reporting lottery scams and prize scams.

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Having your number on the do not call registry doesn't do much and I have reported telemarketers for calling me and have not even received a response.

After I put my name and number on the DO-NOT-CALL registry, I immediately started getting more calls than ever. It's as if that is where they get the numbers from! I found the number in the telephone book when I lived in another state. I don't live there anymore nor do I have that number so I decided not to put my name on the list. I just don't answer the phone if it says "UNKNOWN" or an area code that I don't know anyone.

lol there is no such thing as a do not call list. I have worked in the customer service industry for years and when people say am on the national do not call list i just laugh at them and put hem back in que. that is like the worst thing that you can say to someone that dont care about your do not call list. everytime you run your credit or sign up for something like utilities your name comes off the list and you have to add it back. but regardless of that the customer service agents across the nation dont care bcs they are not looking at a national do not call list anyway. it would be too long to look at.

There is a National Do Not Call Registry. Go to ftc.gov/donotcall to add your phone number to it.
Telephone numbers on the Registry don’t expire or come off the list. If you put your number on the list, it stays there, unless you ask us to take it off, or the number is disconnected and assigned to a new person.
A business that makes calls that are covered by the registry has to synchronize its lists with the registry at least every 31 days.

There is a do not call list. And I rarely if ever get calls. The company can be fined if they keep calling. That could mean your job is gone if you don't comply with the Do Not Call Registry

Reputable telemarketers regularly receive an updates national do not call list and load it into their automatic dialing software. Where have you been? Why would any real telemarketer waste their time calling someone numerous times that does not want to talk to them. Your remarks speak volumes 1. Apparently not a reputable telemarketer, 2.You cannot speak for other customer service agents, because 3. You are too ignorant to realize it is not a paper list you look at. It is a computer file, and 4. You say you put the right back in the que. You are bound by law to update your employers system if your "victim" tells you to. You or your employer could be fined. BTW, that call you dumped into the queue would normally come right back to your console. Why would you want to needlessly harass people who don't want to hear from you?

Why would any "real telemarketers" call some that don't want to talk to them? Maybe because they are not real and is nothing but a scam to take your money. I get calls from 876 area code and its alway David from Publisher Clearing House. I won a car and money I just need to meet him in the parking lot at my local Walmart store. I've told him not to call and I'm on the do not call list for over a year.

You are one of the scammers, aren't you? Probably from Jamaica, too.

I just received a call but didn't answer. They've been calling us for two years and won't stop. they told me they would never stop calling until I'm dead. They've called me filthy names. I don't know how to make them stop.

You could ask your phone provider if it charges for a service that blocks a particular phone number. Unfortunately, fraudulent telemarketers often change the numbers they call from, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change.
Some people use an answering machine to screen calls, so they can hear who is calling before they answer the phone. If you get more calls from scammers, it's best to not talk to them and not press any buttons to be taken off the list. If you respond, then they know someone has that phone number and they'll keep calling.
Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Change your number. Duh.

Change my telephone number which has been associated with my business for over 40 years? Change my websites, notify thousands of customers, friends and family? Get real. You have no idea what an interruption of your life these evil scheming people cause not to mention how they waste my time and endanger older people who often fall prey to their schemes and dishonesty.

Baffled, most phone companies have a way to block numbers from your line. Talk to them about it. Tell them you are getting harassing calls and that you'd like it to stop.

I went through this with my 88 year old mother. No less than 4 calls a day. The money coming TODAY, then a TSA agent has the MONEY, then the IRS. Do yourself a favor get an unlisted phone number.

Yes & from Jamaica! I am continuing 3 times or more day from telemarketing or scams a day. One is from unavailable ID phone number is, 402 & 400 ??

My grandmother had fallen for this multiple times the people who claim to be FBI have taken her for nearly 5 grand after being told it is a scam her family, friends,several lawyers and even her accountant. It took 4 years to convince her to stop answering the phone, and for the last 3 years she has also received this crap by mail which in spite of everyone's advice she still falls for it on occasion.

whats her number?

My mom also fell for this Jamaican Lottery. She did not lose any money fortunately because I found out what was going on. I wish I had listened to her when she had said a few months earlier a lawyer is trying to get prize money that I have won. They are very devious with the elderly and say " don't tell your children you have this money, won't this be a surprise." I changed her phone to an unlisted phone number after 5 calls a day. She still gets unwanted mail and I probably could do something about that also.

LOL! Lil Tim. Good one.

I do remember entering my number on a national do not call list years ago, but I also remeber it only stopped 'certain' type calls but not all.
However just a few days ago I received a number on my caller I.D. while was away that started with (876) and the name was "Kingston JM". I googled it today and it is like opening a can of worms. There are pages of complaints and stories that date back YEARS.
I eventually ended up here to find a way to report it.

I usually don't answer calls from area codes I'm not expecting calls from or I.D.s that say unknown but a real annoying problem with that is that I can't always block numbers that don't show up and every now and then reputable companies use long distance numbers to send you automatic calls for common things like letting you know that your Taxi has arrived, your automatic prescription refill is ready for pickup or your cable bill is a little pass due.
I wish these companies actual names would just show up, it would make things a lot less complicated and I wouldn't have to screen my calls so much.
Until then, Ill just keep making the callers leave me a message until I can verify who they really are.Maybe I'll just create a safe list of long distance numbers that call often and keep it by the phone. mmm,...that might work for awhile until the company decides to use another to contact you from.:-)

Hey Sweetheart. As a rep you don't dial the numbers. It is all dialed by the numbers I I put into the program. And DNC lists apply only to the country you are in. These scam calls from outside our borders use phoney in-country numbers as their origin and the gov't can't do anything, yet, about those callers. Sounds like you are an out-of-country scammer too!

Yes there is. Donotcall.gov.

There is such thing as a do not call list. I'm on MILLIONS of them. I am constantly getting phone calls fro Kentucky, Louisiana, Colorado,and more.

Same here. I think they-someone- sells the list.

Unfortunately, scammers are operating illegally and are most often based in a foreign country. These people don't have anything to fear because we can't go after spammers based in a foreign country. Legitimate businesses check the DNC regularly and remove the names on the list.

I just got that call. 876-585-7578. They wanted $150 for me to claim prize. BEWARE.

same thing. I got two messages from 876 441 9940, Larry Ash, from Canadian Publishing Clearing House. He told me I won 2nd prize in a US$950,000. He gave me a set of numbers to claim my package and wanted me to go to Western Union to pay $100. They will deliver the package next day. The entire conversation, I could tell was fake so I allowed him to speak so he thinks he got me. The more I listened the more mistakes he made. He said he was the CEO, he even gave me a number for his Manager. A CEO is the highest, no Manager. Anyway, I listened then told him I will send money next day and will call him back. I called him back later and told him he is fake, this was fraud and that I have reported him to the RCMP. He told me I didnt know anything about him nor his company and got upset. I called him out and that was my satisfaction. They people need to find a real legal job and stop scamming people. I was in Jamaica on Holiday Apirl 2014 so maybe that's how they got my cell phone and home address.

Just want to update you good people on the evolution of this scam. This morning (06/08/15), at 10:40, a man calling himself Mr. Anderson called my 83-year old mother from a phone number (876-289-8243) her caller ID noted as Kingston JM (Jamaica). Mr. Anderson told my mother that he was calling from Publisher's Clearing House, she had just won the grand prize, and he was ready to deploy the prize patrol with balloons and a camera crew to come to her house to give her the prize. He said the prize patrol was waiting just around the corner for his ok. They would come with a lawyer named Dennis Richards, would pick her up and drive her to the bank, where she would draw out and hand over $350 to cover Oklahoma State taxes as required by law. Mom (who, by the way, is sharp as a tack, didn't believe a word he said, but was intrigued by the scam and wanted to see where he was going to go with it) asked Mr. Anderson if it was possible--since they would all be in the bank--to just give her the prize which she could deposit then draw out the $350 for the taxes. She said he quickly changed the subject, seemed to get mildly agitated, and started talking very fast. As he spoke, she detected a slight accent that hadn't been present earlier in the conversation. She asked him where he was located and he said New York. She asked where in New York and he answered Brooklyn. She informed him that as Publisher's Clearing House is not located in Brooklyn she believed his call was a scam, which he immediately responded to by hanging up the phone. My question is this, if Mr. Anderson has a crew of people on hand to populate this scam, what would be going on at or in my mother's house while she was being escorted to and then extorted at the bank?

I just got this same exact call today. I told him I would listen (because sometimes it's amusing) and he told me to get my stuff together and go to Western Union. AND because my phone number is from Utah and I live in Connecticut, he told me his crew was in Salt Lake City with my stuff. When I told him I lived close to New York City, he told me he was in Queens. I told him to get a better story before he tries to scam people and I have better things to do than talk to people who lie. Then I googled "Call from Jamaica scam" and found this. Ugh I hate people like that....makes my blood boil. Glad your mother is sharp enough to catch him in his lies too!

Same thing today 11/28/15 from 876 757 6309....grmpf!Just a "hello" is all he got in and hung up when I asked "who is this?"

I got a call from them today. it was 876-567-8944 and they told me that they were UPS. I do have a lost package in the mail, so I initially thought that it might be about that. then he asked if I was going to be home tonight so that they could deliver a package that I hadn't ordered, but had won. I immediately just said "NOOOOOO NO NO NO" and he hung up. I get bothered by these phone calls, and I also think it is very suspicious for someone to be calling a young girl asking if she is going to be home alone. So I called him back. I asked him where he was located and he hesitated and told me he is in Ship Rock. Now, because my phone is registered in Arizona, that would make sense. the thing is, I don't live anywhere near there anymore. So I told him that I don't believe him and asked him to not contact me again. He got angry and tried to scold me for wasting his time because he is a very busy man. okay. Hopefully they don't call me again. I don't have the patience for such things.

That's exactly what he was going to ship you, rocks.

I just got one today too. It was bizarre. He had a really thick almost Australian accent and asked me do you recall shopping at a CVS Walmart or Dollar General. He also said he was from UPS. So I asked him what's going on? He replied you have one a large sum of money and do I recall going to any of those stores. I told him no, we live off our land. He said well when was the last time you are at one of the stores I said we don't have a Walmart in a town I've never heard of a CVS or Dollar General. He became really angry with me and said that there was no way that was possible because I lived in a big city. I asked him how did you know that? And then he got really nervous and kind of beat around the bush. I believe he used my area code and assumed where I live. Be really careful of these things cuz when I had called back he changed his name and Company he worked for. It's really sad what these companies go to anymore.

Wow, some publishers clearing house and his name was Randy, I believe he said, she confronted me tonight of the news, to the tune of 4grand, I was in shock! At 93 she's pretty smart! And really surprised she let it happen, then the guy calls while I'm sitting their and I hear the accent! I said a few things, and said with a stern warning, you harass my grandmother anymore, and they should be ashamed for what they did. Worst thing yet, a team of several callers tagged teamed her for a month extorting this, and an address to send the funds to in Georgia, which I looked up google maps and a trailer park! And I also think the UPS called, which after reading this seems to be another scam in the works! I'll make that call in the morning to warn her, and to give me that number first! Total loss I'm afraid, what a day, Jesus, I hope these people rot in hell one day for their ways!

I just received a call from the same man and he said my husband won 2.5 million and a new car, I told him my husband wasn't at home! I lied just like he did, my mother always said if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I would never send money to anyone let alone someone I don't,

"Mr.anderson" called my phone today also. I knew immediately it was a scam. He said i won $3 million and a brand new Mercedes Benz and that if I send him $3500 they could come today to bring me my prize. I asked him many times how I "won" this money and he didn't really answer my question. When I told him to send the money and I will have a check waiting for the people once I get the money, he said his employees weren't allowed to take checks on site. That's when I hung up. It came up as Jamaica on my phone, but he said he was calling from New York.

Said he was from PCH. My husband took the call. $850,000. Was our winnings. Wanted us to get a gift card from the bank in the amount of $150. Why don't they put their energy to good use and stop feeding off of a dirty system. So sad.

What's the number?

I received one of these calls on Tuesday February 21, 2017. The caller stated that I had won 3.5 million from PCH and a choice of one of 4 cars. He also provided me with a badge number, account number, reference number, etc. We were disconnected before he could ask for any money. The telephone number they call from was 876-506-7323.

Same deal. 876-370-8809 "Richard Patterson" called my number saying I was selected to win $285,000 from PCH. I asked him how? He said it was because of purchases made from my local grocery store. My number isn't associated with any purchases made at our grocer. My wife's maybe, but not mine. I asked if he could verify who he was with their company site and his location. He struggled to answer. He pretended to transfer me to his manager. "Push 5 to transfer me to a manager" Same voice... hmmm, strange. I searched online as we spoke and told him that his number was linked to fraud and identity theft. He hung up on me. I called this weasel back and he hung up again. I'll probably call a few more times just for the fun of it.

I got the phone call today. He kept calling, 3 times today alone. He said he was James Winters ,President of Mega Millions in Jamaica. He wanted $299.99 in what he called taxes. I told him I was not at all crazy and if he called me again I would be reporting him. Believe it or not about an hour later he actually called back but I just ignored the call. He even gives u a 800 # to call and a pin # that says your prize is waiting for you.

Me too! I got 25 calls from 876-365-9216. Said we won 2.1 million dollars and that he was an employee of BOA. I said, "what's that?" He replies, "Bank of America" He told us his name was Mr. West. But as he explained the process, he mistakenly referred to my husband as Mr. West. Giant mistake! I told him where is the affidavit? For a prize this big I would need to sign a affidavit by law. He hung up and then kept calling back! Oh, yeah, he also gave us that 800# with an account number and pin too.

I got the same call. To varify the legentment of their services,, I asked them if was alright if I could call bbb so that they would be a 3rd party to hear the varification of this winning. They shuddered at this. It was said that they were from publishers clearing house.But I find out they weren't. So beware out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the telephone number from a Google page and this am an message from them telling me that I was hacked and I believe that the number was an 8 something area code. And a message this am..two things though. 1)I would have to break this connection 2) I have that number written down but I would have to be gone until I find it.Two minutes or twenty I don't know

Thank you for this information. I've received 2 calls in the last week. I just blocked this caller!

Yes thank u for this info because I got the same call today but I told him take the money out of my winning he said that I should send $135 and get my check for $2.35 mil the next day ups.Scammers!!!

I too have been on a "do not call list" and for a time got way more calls than ever before. Also beware of giving the Hampton Inn chain an email address or a real telephone number. I once made that mistake and had to ask my service provider to shut down the address as I was getting upwards of 300 X-rated ads every day.

BEWARE of # 876 471 2370 Called my Grandma who we are in the process of taking financial control of and said to wire $499. She is 92 and getting confused. Thankfully we stopped her though she got his number (he was dumb enough to give it). How do they get the numbers of elderly to target them?

My 90 year old mother, who still has all her wits about her, rec'd a call from 716-777-3785 but was also given the callback number of 876-539-8089 & told he was with the Treasury Dept. Unfortunately, "Mr. Fayer" said the magic words Publisher Clearinghouse & my Mother's excitement outweighed her good sense & she was scammed for a lot of money before we found out about it. He told her she has won a new Lincoln & 10mil. She just wanted to help her kids. :(

I received call, did not answer, called again so I picked up assuming it was important. He said I had won, I told him if I had to mail me something since he should have all my details if I had entered but unfortunately he didn't even know my name "busted" so I then knew it was a scam. Good thing cause two hours later my husband received same call, he replied " how did I win? Cause my wife just claimed your prize " no comment from the all mighty Mr. Richards from PCH at that point. Ha ha but my words exact was, they will make thousand calls, if one person falls for it, they made their money for the day. Sad our people have to take advantage of others hard earned money.


This man mr. Dave called from 8765246464 he said I won 2,25 million dollars, a Mercedes bens, and five thousand a week. I really want too research this but my husband said, NO.

Yes he has said his name is Dave that right he just won't stop harassing my mother and cursing at my mother because we tell him we don't want no prize and stop calling this number and he continues to call relentlessly no matter what we tell him. It very up setting thank u for listening. This needs to stop

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.
If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.



These are important details to put in a complaint. Please report the scams to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Someone told you a car would be delivered by UPS. Just think about that a moment.

I am on the National DNC list as well as one by my state. The state representative who was trying to locate and shut down a con artist that was calling me constantly made some recommendations that I now follow:
1- if you answer a call from an unidentified or unknown number that is a scammer, it tells them this is a viable number to keep calling.
2- if you don't answer unidentified calls or unknown numbers, you will start getting less scam calls.
3- have an answering machine, or phone co. answering service. If an unknown caller is someone you should talk to, they will leave a message.
4- scammers often use IP phone numbers, or spoof the number they are calling from, so it's a waste to try to call them back. Recently I got a series of calls from MY phone number. It's really odd to see my own number on the caller ID, but they can even call you from YOUR number spoofed.

So, that makes it very difficult for state or federal investigators to catch the scammers. That's got a lot to do with why you THINK they're not doing much. Reporting is worth doing, but investigating can be difficult.

I WON!!!!!!!!! Im quitting my job and driving my new Mercedes! I cant wait till I get my money!

I recieved one of these calls and listened to the lies & hung up then was charged on my cell phone bill for an international call. I think the crooks have figured out how to reverse the charges. Morale of the story: unless you know someone in Jamaica NEVER answer a call with an 876 area code.

David with the Jamaican accent called today, from PCH and now it's a 2.8 million and a 2016 Ford F150 pickup,wanted a 299.00 registration fee ,they are trying to beat victims to the punch by telling them that they are BBB certified (that was the first people I contacted after he asked for money) this scam based on all the comments has been going on for years, some us us KNOW it's a scam , but for others something needs to be done.

They've been calling for years. 876 Many repirts made to FTC. I woke up this morning realized they haven't called for quite a while......pretty much the same timeline the Credit card was paid off that they company allowed them overage charges.....just curious has anyone else experienced this.

876-573-4646 scammed $22,000.00 from a family member in West VA on January 7, 2017 over the course of 4 days. Name given was James Freeman. Money sent to Evelyn Combs in Elkton, MD. Beware!

I don't want them calling me anymore

Yes, I have received two calla from area code 876. They are 876-475-4250 and 876-279-0401. In both cases they wanted me to send them money which is a fee to process my winning lottery prize. Hope this helps

some one from this email is trying to get money from me it from western union department head office 24 rue due akpakpa cotonou benin rep. the number is +22968625377 what should I do they want me to send $105 and I will receive $3000 from them

You should contact the police

does not do any good to call the police

I have a phone with a very limited amount of storage for blocked calls, and well over a month ago , I signed on the the do not call registry, and still receive no name calls. How do I handle the confusion and time consumption this causes if my numbers are being protected by the do not call registry, especially when a phone number comes up and cannot be identified?

Do you have caller identification & an answering service in your phone? If it is a number you do not recognize our a number that is not local, just don't answer it and if it is important they will leave a recorded message. If it is real they will leave a message.

Mr Roy Luwensky of US Consumer Protection Agency phone 775 401 6716
said they were legitemate and were holding a prize that I had won some time ago. Send 50 pounds sterling to Akeen Hayden St James Jamaica I have previously notified you but had no reply of this I enclose this information in the hopes that it will be of some use to you

You are a bit late with that advice. We have been scammed to the tune of $54,181.52 to be exact. Most of it from our Social Security checks. I have telephone numbers, names, wire transfers, green dot cards, money grams, money orders, names, certified receipts, etc. from anyone and everyone who had anything to do with this scam. Wealled the Police who said that couldn't do couldn't do anything!! We called the FBI and they said the same thing!! We reported it to the FTC and obtained an OMB Control #3084-0047 which we can find nowhere in their system. It seems unless you have money which we do not, we exist simply on our Social Security no one is willing to help. We have changed our telephone number twice and they still get us. Now, the UPS (at least that is who they say they are) is stepping in telling us we should be getti ng our ome as this has gone on for too long - since September 2012. But we have to come up with $800.00 for an attorney retainer that they are bringing for Maryland to try to straighten things out. Well I do not have $800.00 so I guess it will not be straightened out. Another scammer? All of the telephone numbers were 876 area codes out of Jamaica. Now the UPS people are coming up with 876 are codes. We need help to catch these scammers. We may never get reimbursed but they need to get caught. They took $1,000.00 from us on July 25th and took off - no delivery of course. Then the UPS people stepped in. We are going to go to the Florida Dept. of Justice/Attorney Generals Office to see if we can get some justice for us. They prosecuted a case in the Southern District Court of Florida against a Jamaican Citizen on precisely the same thing. So there is hope yet for us. I believe it is a pernicious lottery scam. We were told that we won 3.5 M and a car, the I won the Powerball and it increased to 17.75 M and 3 cars. Now I am told by the UPS it is 25 M and 4 cars plus $700,000 in cash. Sounds good doesn't it?

Why would you send money to people you don't know? You were greedy and they took adavantage of your greed and stupidity. Anyone you are talking to is just another scammer trying to scam you again.

They take millions from people every year because people are so easily lured by easy money. If you didn't enter a lottery, you can't win. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. If they call you, it is a scam. Sorry you lost so much, but, please remember that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who do nothing all day but think of ways to take other peoples hard earned money.

Here's an old saying my great grandfather told me "if it looks and sounds to good to be true, it probably is."
The other suggestion we learned on another investigation is shred & black out both sides of any letter type info. This includes any bar codes etc. Hope this helps everyone! Thanks.

If a caller says you won something instantly hang up

I can not believe people still fall for this crap! I want to feel bad for them, but at the same time, I'm like, what the hell is wrong with you people? These scams have been all over the Internet and tv for years, yet people still fall for them. Blows my mind!

I expect that the majority of folks who are taken by these frauds are elderly people who do not use computers and possibly have been stay-at-home moms who believe the best of others. Fortunately I've been in the workplace for 44 years and am cynical by nature so I ignore the calls.

The reason maybe as simple as most people believe that people are good that's called trust and its that trust that makes it easy for crooks!

my phone numbers were not 876 numbers they were 7606180402 a man named Michael I forgot his last name, also a woman named Gloria Billworth, who is she.? I did get a million calls with 876 numbers the ones that are connected with Donald trump didn't ask for any money. all In was asking is Donald trump connected with the mega millions, i did not want to listen to all the scams, Just asking about mr Trump. I got scammed myself'

When People give in to these scams and trade their life savings for a promise of millions in exchange for their life savings. This is what keeps these scams alive and well. this is also why we keep getting harassed despite that we have enough common sense to recognize these as scams. It does not pay to be greedy. and we continue pay the price for others greed.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was very stupid to fall for it.... It was at a time where my life was falling apart, I lost my entire family, I lost my job of 16 years and had to cover large costs associated with funding everyone's final estate expenses. They did not have their affairs in order and were young. We never know whats is in the cards, I learned to always be in order.

Well I used all of my retirement money and savings thinking it would re-coupe upon delivery. This went on for so long and to this day the same calls come in, I keep the ringer off my home phones.

I had to change my cell phone number in fact I had a call from my cell carrier one month that I had almost 200 in charges from overseas calling. It may seem as if they are calling from within the US but I tracked the phone numbers and it lead to a small telecommunications company in southern Florida which they were using a trunk line.

I was thinking if your attorney is getting anywhere it may be worth a class action or multi person suit? If we can not fight them directly which I would not understand why not as they can be traced and the media knows where some of the area they are based out of, like another terrorism ring to breakup.

I know the US Authorities and the Jamaica Authorities were working together to end this. In fact, here is the link on from CBS, the "60 minute" story, reported by Mike Wallace back in 2013.

Worse comes to worse we will could fight at another level, such as our government or Home Land Security why they can't keep us and more specific, senior citizens safe from crimes. They were so focused on one area of terror and never thought of the many other threats we deal with each day for such a long time, it should be just as important, why where they not paying attention?

I just get so angry when this comes up and all the damage they have done to our seniors who have it hard enough and then have become victims! I would fight this for that reason alone!

This is a form of terrorism as well, I think you would agree?

Just some thoughts and words for all to ponder and see if we have a chance to actually fight for justice and actually win!

Any thoughts please feel free to add to my comments and watch the special would will get an idea of what type of criminals we are dealing with. Then they have the nerve to end their calls with a God Bless You..... Well their judgement day will come either way.

I googled it because they called me today and of course I don't believe it oh I am so sorry for this but I have the information I don't know if this will help you they asked me to call John Malone extension 5 they gave me a package number and a phone number and the name of the guy was Mr James Carter but thanks to God that I know this not real and its a scam.

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Incidentally with regard to my previous comment, the prize was supposedly won with Winners I nternational out of Las Vegas, Nevada.x

Why the Jamaica selling points? I get calls from hear in American with the same crap. Respect the country as we do your. Respect comes a long way, No need to brand Jamaica as the leader in scam, Check out your country man such a Bernie Madoff. Have some respect will you, When your country fellows come to the island, do we not treat you well and send you home renewed?

You treat us USA citizens well and send us home renewed? You have got to be kidding! From the minute we got off the plane your Jamaican citizens harassed us constantly. From shoving 25 cent beads in our hands and then demanding $20.00 for them, to following us when sightseeing, to trying to sell us pot, to making us feel threatened by your groups of 5 to 7 men surrounding my family at one time - telling us we had to buy your worthless beads and even being harassed in the water when swimming. Your people would just not stop, and ruined our vacation. Never again will we come to your country. You take advantage of tourists and went too far with your strong arm selling tactics. Your country made us feel threatened, unsafe and in fear of our lives at times. We were imprisoned in our hotel the entire time because of your people not knowing what NO meant. Never again.

Ive been to jamaica many, many times, and yes, there are people on the street who hustle you for pot, or money, or to buy something. And it costs way too much money to take a cab, and they can steal from your hotel room. But having said that, you find this kind of risk in every country...including the USA. When you travel you have to be careful, wherever it is. take precautions. And when you travel to a third world country where poverty is the norm....you have to expect that people might approach you. A smart traveler knows this before they leave.

Brian....no one is singling out Jamaica. But we do have a problem with the 876 calls. The scams are coming from 876...Kingston JM. I get calls everyday. When I spoke to them in creole, I thought that it would stop. Not.

I am Jamaican and its the number one in scamming the US elderly and its a shame. Scammers are evil and should do life in prison. The US will deal with them. You are probably a scammer too damn shame. Preying on the elderly taking their hard earned money. You all are scum of the earth.

I receive these calls daily sometimes 2 to 3 times They have been doing this for 3 yrs. I have complained to the phone company and they said they cannot do something. I know better to send money to anyone like that. Its just so annoying and I really feel sorry for some old folks as myself that really send money. Then they changed their stratics they say publishing clearing house which I do not do. Hope this notice save som people from giving away their money. Mine usually says Haiti. go figure

I got a call yesterday, 7/30 from "Bill Johnson" of Mega Millions. Wow. I won $200,000 & a Mercedes Benz which FedEx was going to deliver to my door. I knew it was a scam, but was curious. Bill told me to go to Walgreens, buy a coupon for $190, scratch back and get 14 digits. The, call him back at 740-531-3340 and tell the numbers. He called back again and asked if I had bought my coupon. I gave him a bunch of numbers I made up. Back he calls. The numbers aren't working. Anyway,through out the day he would call and tell me he was in Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. It was crazy. He babbled away and I kept telling him I was confused. Told him I would have to talk to the clerk at the bank. The clerk, calling himself John Burger called me from 1-876-378-5764 to tell me what a great association Mega Millions was. Oh, I say. What am I supposed to do? Bill and John tell me that I should go to the bank and send money electronically. I tell them that the bank needs a name and account no. They tell me "Mr." Edith Brodie, routing #091408734, Account #11634961. I was going to get money forwarded to my account (which I never gave them). I was to receive money sent from Great Western Bank. Great. That bank folded in 1997. Game over. Figured I had enough info. Called the FBI who forwarded me to the FTC to report. I never sent any money or did anything they wanted and NEVER gave them any of my personal, bank or financial information. It's sad that there are people who get taken in by these scams.

Hi Ladygus I just read your post on Do Not Call and I just had to tell you what a great job I think you did. So often it is much the other way around and your reading where someone got ripped off so once more great job off handling these thieves

I got a call today from Megamillions Same Deal as above: Claiming my number had been drawn, and I am this months 2.5 million dollar winner, and I will be getting a brand new Pearl White Mercedes benz lol... from a 775-526-0465 number. Total Scam alert, and they asked for me to go to a 711 Wallgreens CVS like above. I played along for a bit, and could barely understand as he barely spoke english, and asked for my Drivers License, and Bank Information all of which I told him I am not telling him any information because this is a scam. I hung up, and expect them to call back again, but will let them know ive reported them to the FTC.

Did the FTC do anything with the info you gave them

My mother n.law got a call from mega millions from Jamaica. They said she won a fancy i phone a 300 car and $500,050,000. The guys name was mr.Williams keep calling her saying he will call her back with the paper work. I told her it sounded to good to be true so i look it up on line and found this. We reported him and she called him back saying hes a lier and a.fraud he got REALLY upset. Started arguing with her.

Big problems

Got a call today from 876-279-0401...told me I should have gotten an email notification that I had won $5.5 million. Yeah right...because working in a business that involves preventing scammers and fraudsters, I knew right away it was a scam. I could barely understand this man and didn't even get the chance to ask me to go get a prepaid card. I asked him who he was trying to contact and he said "ma'am your information is in our system and due to confidentiality purposes I'm unable to provide you with that information." Yeah OK...you're the one calling me, and you can't tell me who you're calling. OK, thanks but no thanks, and goodbye.

I also have filed claim with FTC about these annoying phone calls but what worries me more is the fact that this is a National Security Issue and the FTC has to have a contest to get help in getting rid of the Robocallers.......this is very disturbing.

To the gentleman who was offended that it was Jamaicans that I was referring to - unfortunately that is where they were from. Each and every one of the unscrupulous gentlemen, and I use that description loosely. I have many good friends who are from that wonderful island and they agree with me. I have now reported it to the Justice Department who will be dealing with this. Enough is enough. I finally saw the light. Thank God I finally woke up after $52,000 + over three years. They are very persuasive, so if you think you won't do it, be forewarned they can talk you into it. Watch youselves. They cry very convincingly.

Sorry LoppyLugnut, but people with an IQ over 60 don't fall for these kinds of scams. There's a reason you lost money to a scam like this, and only half of it is greed.

Just got scammed out of 259.00 under pretense of a government grant. They had all my information which is scary and said for a fee they would wire me the grant money. Relief act of 2009 they said. Similar to everyone's experience they had me go to rite aid and buy a prepaid scratch off card and give them the number. Then they had me call " the bank" for my wire transfer information and I was asked for another 420.00! They said they were from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Don't fall for this. I have since learned they are NOT a bank who holds money for government grants!! I tried to call back for a refund of my fee and was told they could not give me one. The phone numbers involved were 206-855-3305 and 347-566-1964 hope this info helps someone avoid what happened to me!

I got a phone call from (315)675-7745, his name is Rick Olson and he's from the Federal Grant Money company. He doesn't have all my information but he has some, including my bank account but I'm going to switch banks. He told me to send him $200 so i can secure my "grant" money. Then he told me that i needed to fill out a registration form and pay him another $500 but my dad said this straight out sounds like a fraud because who tells people to send money at a weird and unknown bank.

does any one ever get a call from 850-688-9899
they are very annoying calling four or five times a day I have caller id not answering. just wondering

received a text on cell from 9413122983 from mastercard78 to contact them. knowing this is a scam did not. has anybody else received same.

Do a search for the number (include the - ) You will usually find a site like 1-800 notes with a lot of post and some with more info.

Then, do this if you can - I do on my cell phone, not sure if you can on home phone -- anyway, save the number in your contacts - I put a Z in front of the name so it does not slow my down looking for my regular contacts. Important, do this -- set the contact to "no ring"! You are never bothered again by this number. Onmy system i can save 5 different numbers under the same name. I have upwards to 100 names saved - ZScam me not ZCrapola, Z more crap etc! Now my phone only rings from people I want to talk to. Every few days a new unknown number pops up. I never answer, I bing search the number, just to be sure it is not a company I want to talk to and to be able to give a proper name. After retiring with only social security as income, I contacted my three credit cards, explaining my situation, asking them to help by lowering the 30% interest rate they were charging, one did and I still have that card in good standing the other two basically told me to buzz off, no help. Those two I never paid another penny to or talked to on the phone. Three of my names are ZChase me, ZChase me2 and ZChase me3. With 5 numbers each. Those guys have a lot of phones!!

Hey, I'm a handicapped, 1 handed hunt and pecker and thos forum does not havespell check, so save the complaints if you see a misspelling or typing error, thanks - hope this helps. I have peace and have never used the DNC reg. either.

Scam call from 876-321-8011 Aug 9, 2014
Received a call from David Peterson from Jamaica New York, saying I won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes and to call this number. I did so and he wanted me to buy a GreenDot card from Dollar General or CVS to pay 1% tax due on my winnings of $2.5 million. He did not know my name.

I got this call today. $2.5 million & a red 2014 Mercedes Benz. Can they come to my house today? I said no. Do I shop at Walmart (on repeating it became KMart) or CVS or Walgreens? I said yes. Do I pay my utility bills on time? I said yes. He then gave me the name of a scratch card to go pick up at one of them. He mentioned Michelle Obama, not sure why. I was waiting for the scam to fall, as it were. He finally said something about taking care of all but 1% of my 30% taxes due on the winnings. So, I was to go pay that 1% then UPS (which on repeating became FedEx)would be able to deliver my prize & car. He guaranteed me I'd see him at my house today. He also asked me what state I lived in. Hmmmm, you're going to be at my house today, but you don't know where I live? I just kept making him repeat himself and the small details changed. Oh, his "name " was John Black, and the call came from 876-435-5719.

Got the same call on 10/07/14

Got the same call except it was a black Mercedes-Benz. 12/19/14.

I just now received the same call, my "winnings", $850.000 and a 2015 Chevy Malibu. I played along with "Mike Davis" for 45 minutes waiting for him to trip up, which he did. He started to harass me and copped an attitude for not believing him. So of course I hung up. He actually called me back, I curiously answered, and he tells me that I need a husband because I was getting too upset! I said seriously dude? You are insulting MY intelligence? Then I used some expletives and hung up. He has not called back. I do believe I will report this. Don't fall for this pathetic scam!

Just Got the Same Call from David Peterson from jamaica New York

My good friend a older gentleman has received several phone calls and has made arrangements to receive a lot of money through faxes and opening a new bank account. They have all his personal information and now he expects to get tons of money in his bank account. I feel like there is nothing else we as friends of the family can do. My friend will not listen to common sense. I wish that there was something we can do to help. if someone has information to help please post it on here.

Perhaps you could call him and say you are Agent Concerend of the FFBI (Fake FBI) and would like to inform him you have reason to believe he is the victim of this scam (give him this website's address.) Just a thought.

That's a really great idea. My elderly friend also was scammed. The calling number was unlisted but over a series of days wherein "Paul" and "Samuel Williams" were to deliver a car and $25k and a $2.5 million dollar check, he learned their callback number was 876 485-9108. They only scammed him for $300. but he will now have to close his bank account, etc. Sad that they take advantage of the elderly.

Received over 20 calls from 876 area code over this month, August. 2162

I've been recently receiving calls at work for fellow employees from people identifying themselves as "Offices Smith, Johnson, etc", when I tell them that the person is not available, they tell me that there is a warrant out for their arrest and that if I don't pass the message along, it makes me an accomplice. To make a long story short, one of our employees called the number back, and was told that unless he paid X amount of money immediately as a "bond" his arrest was imminent. We all knew it was a scam, but we wanted to test the waters. These individual was VERY aggressive, so I can see how so many people would be conned. The sad thing is, that our legal council, contacted everyone they could think of, including the FBI, and we were told there was nothing they could do. They use VOIP numbers (voice over IP address) to call. "Officer Smith" had a very heavy Hindu accent. Con Artists are from all over the world, male, female, young and old.

They are still at it. I was wise and did not send money. "John Gilmore" with "UPS Company" called me from (876) 594-3143 telling me I won $13.9 million and a 2014 Mercedes. I only need to send $125 handling fee via Western Union to "Merchant Banker Shortie Wells". He spelled all the names to me and said to call him back when I was at Western Union so he could help me fill out the Sender Form with no mistakes. When I did not call him back, he called me again. I played along with no intension of ever sending money or giving him any personal information. He has called me at least 8 times today. I told him I do not believe him and will not pay for something that I won. Let's see if he calls again. DON'T BE FOOLED by these people!

8-27-14 Calls from 844-695-9395 in the last few days. Their message says they are looking for Roger Perkins and that if this isn't his phone # to call them back.
I am not going to call them, they know there is no one by that name at this #.
I have been getting unwanted calls for over 6 months.
I don't answer the phone!

"Publisher's Clearinghouse" called me from 876 area code and it was Mr. Johnson. After a while of playing along, never giving info, I asked what type of fraud it was. I was answered by being told to look out my window as he was going to shoot me in the head. Real nice guy. I called the police, my cell provider, Publisher's Clearinghouse.
The calls stopped for a few months and are back, along with bladder mesh surgery claim calls.

many many many what works it to sy and FYI this line is monitored by the police re these calls

People using 876 numbers and calling into the US on these scams should get a busy signal for any US exchange.

876-576-5432 called me yesterday. Said he worked for the Price is Right game show. Apparently, I won $2.7 million and a new car. Pretty good for a guy who doesn't watch television.

I have rec every day 10 or more call from 876 and I have told them not to call anymore but they just keep calling from diferent ext. To many to block calls

those calls from 876 can't be blocked or traced,as they are coming from trac phones!

I got called today 9/11/14 from #876-590-1656 telling me they were from Mega Millions and I had won 5.5 million:) just one thing though I had to send $175 to a Marcel Moseley in Westmoreland Jamaica. Very convincing until I heard send to Jamaica. Need a better way to get this info to the public, I never new about this scam until I did some research, no wonder they are getting the elderly and uninformed. Take some of those air strikes away from Isis and direct them to Jamaica.

Oh just like that huh? Because there aren't any innocent people living here as well. Let's hope you have no friends & family visiting the island if they do direct air strikes to JA. You Americans behave as if your country is all gold & clean! Please get over yourself!!! Yes scamming is wrong & those involved should be punished but don't behave as if the US is crime free. If you people weren't so stupid to keep sending money then they wouldn't be thriving. Stop bad mouthing an island you know nothing about and move along. Focus on the racism & crime in YOUR country, the scammers will get theirs.

Scammers are everywhere... I have even had people try and scam me here in America! I really don't think anyone is bad mouthing other countries there just saying what country these calls are coming from!

When you say we should send air strikes to Jamaica, I'd say that is "bad mouthing other countries."

true dat

Calling for air strikes on Jamaica! That's hate speech

A mega millions rep who says I won 3.5 mill and a new Mercedes sends you emails with his picture, megamillions logo and a copy of your check with pictures of previous winners. To entice you further, he offers to pay off your credit card which he did for me but wanted me to use the cash advance of $1500 to purchase green dot cards. He gave me $200 of it for my trouble. Then he paid the card off again and wanted me to do it all over again. So I did. He calls from an 876 number. too. Anybody heard of David Turner?

Kind of sounds like money laundering. Or building up to something bigger.

I hate people they didn't get know money from me but all thaws people that scam need shot in the HEAD. Thanks have a nice day

I have been getting flooded with calls from Jamaica as well as five of six states here in the U.S. I put their phone numbers in my telephone contacts list and then block the number. I now have 44 blocked numbers. It has slowed it down, but they seem to have endless phone numbers available. I never answer the calls.

These people call multiple times a day - sometimes after 9p and 10p in the evening. They also don't always use the 876 area code as when we don't answer, they call right back and the call comes up as "private" on the caller ID. It is ridiculous that there seems to be nothing anyone can do to make them stop calling. It is harassment when you instruct them to stop calling, yet they refuse.

876-594-4471....claimed to be Publishers Clearinghouse....said I won 10m and a Mercedes SUV....told him to come grapark it in the drive, then hung up.....

First, 876 is a foreign number. If you call it back, you will be charged an exorbitant amount. Have your phone service take care of it for you.
Second, a family member has been receiving calls from some of these numbers. He entered an online sweepstakes (doesn't use the internet) is due money from SSA (they already have his info) owes money to the IRS (no). They also piggyback phone numbers from legitimate businesses.
I played mind games with a couple of these scammers. Had them working about a week for nothing. The next caller is going to get "You're the guy who said he was due x amount of money from SSA. He's still waiting for it."
Here's some clues scammers: Your voice is recognizable. Don't claim to be from a federal agency one day and another the next. Don't piggyback off a state agency number either. And if you do, make it from a state the person has nexus in. Don't expect me to answer any calls from "private caller" or "unavailable". And don't expect any cooperation from people who've been called several times in the last few weeks. Game is scarce.

Received calls, claiming to be sweepstakes and Windows tech support. Asked for status on tech claim #----------.
Scammers buy the same lists advertisers do.

Got call from PCH imposters number 876 410 6041 Mr. David king and Mr. Anderson 2.5 million and a car. Reported them to The real PCH, LIFELICK, IC3.GOV AND FTC.GOV. I only gave email address so I can forwzrd any emails I get.

My elderly mother receives a multitude of calls from the numbers mentioned from others on this site. The first one really convinced her that he was from Microsoft and that there was something terribly wrong with the computer. She put me on, he tried it with me, and I just hung up.

The multitude of calls from various numbers only started within the past 2 mos (Aug/Sept) to both my cell phone and mom's landline. I question this. Both phones listed on DNC for a year or so without incident. Past 2 mos, slammed by foreign spammers.

Hi CS,
It sounds like your mother may have received a tech support scam call. Consider reading and sharing the FTC's article on Tech Support Scams to learn more about how this scam works and what you should do if you get a call. Additionally, please file a complaint about your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. We use your complaints to investigate companies and bring lawsuits.

876-404-7999 They are now calling legitimate lottery winners to phish, ($600 and up who get their names posted on their state's lottery websites. The scammer poses as a State Lottery official. He claims you have won $5 million after being entered into a 2nd chance drawing. The give you a local number to call to expedite same day payment. During that call they will want your bank account info for "tax purposes".

I was called on my home number by a Mike Anderson, I called him on my cell phone as I was out of the house. DO NOT CALL THESE PEOPLE BACK, ITS 4.50 PER MINUTE! luckily my provider credited me this time! the conversation was quite comical, as he fumbled on his own lies, told me to go to cvs and purchase a "certificate" and he and his UPS manager would show up at my house to give me my 2 million bucks from the MEGGER MILLIONS!!!It was made clear that if he came to my home that would be a very big mistake for him and his associates, that set him off,and I laughed at him! I basically gave him the runaround until he cussed me out and hung up. Quite an ignorant individual!!(the comedy made the price per minute worth it! Thanks Mike!!! Word of advice, you are dealing with imbeciles, dont give them any personal info,make them play your game, and if they call, dont pick up!! Screen the calls, you are in control not these bottom feeding scumbags!!

Our family is currently struggling against sweepstakes scammers with Jamaica numbers. Our 91 yr old dad has now lost over $50k to these hideous criminals. There two names coming from 3 Jamaica numbers. A John Montgomery and a David Bejamin keep calling our dad, who lives at a large senior retirement home in North Jersey. They called him many times over the last month. They claimed that my mom (who is now in Longterm care), had won a Million $$! First they convinced him to get a new cell phone #, then they somehow cancelled his landline he's had for 60 yrs! Then they convinced him to go to Walmart and CVS and repeatedly buy the Green Dot Moneygram Cards for government fees. It is still ongoing, since our dad is only now coming to the realization that it is a scam! These people stole the majority of what is left of his retirement savings! Hideous! Thus far we have gotten little help from authorities, with the exception of a kind Legislative Aide to his State Senator!

Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice.
Additionally, you might share the FTC’s Pass it On materials with your family to help start the conversation about recognizing and avoiding scams.

My 81 year old grandfather just lost over$20K with the same thing. Won a million dollars, but he had to cover the government fees by buying the green dot moneygram card. told him over and over not to tell any family or friends about it. had him get a cell phone and not to give the number to no one. They had his phone shut off. such a shame that people can do this to the elderly. I just hope these scammers get caught!

I constantly get bombarded by 876 area code calls from Jamaica and have been for several months, but I have never answered a single call. I know better than to answer phone calls from an unknown area code, and when I found out what these people were up to, I definitely avoided answering any of their calls. They sometimes leave me messages that I have won a prize, money, or some package, but I ignore it. I know I didn't win anything! I know it's just another scam. I hope that helps.

I just got a call today(10-17-14) from a Bob Miller (publishers clearing House) who said I just won 3.5 million & a 2014 Mercedes-Benz.he sounded very convincing and I almost fell for it. But the one thing is I don't trust anyone here or in another country. It was a Jamaica phone number 1-876-528-8100 The CEO is a Roy Green and the lawyers name is Mary Lee and after Bob Miller told me all this information he had me transferred to talk to the lawyer Mary Lee. At first he didn't mention anything about sending money which that is what I was waiting for then finally it came.
For one thing if I won money from the publishers clearing House or lottery why should I have to send money that is what they are supposed to be doing. I was supposed to call him back but luckily my phone cannot make international phone calls so when I didn't call them back they called me and he told me that he would stay on the line with me until they showed up with the car and the money even though I told him I didn't have any money to send him and he was so persistent that I try to borrow this money from my mother or friends. So I looked it up on the Internet on possible scams and I come across this website. So anyway I called FTC and file a claim and they told me that if they were to call back don't answer which I tried doing but when I didn't answer he repeatedly called my phone back to back to back. Finally I picked up and he asked me how's it going and I told him it was going fine and that I called and made a claim with FTC and not to call me again! The next thing I heard was him hanging up and that tells me everything that I need to know!!!

I receive so many calls from these scammers. One of these fraudsters goes by the name of Mike Watson and he makes threats of physical harm if I do not purchase cash cards and give him the serial numbers so he can withdraw the funds.

These are the inbound numbers for the call center, it sounds like they are in Jamaica:

876-431-9508 Mike Watson at extension 5
876-336-1873 direct cell number for scammer Mike Watson

Between 8am and 6pm 10-18-14 I have received 51 phone calls from area code 876..FTC can't do any thing about. Changed number do not call doesn't help.

I just received a call on my cellphone from area code 876 and a man that said he was from Publisher Clearing House and I was a monthly winner and won money. I couldn't hardly hear him from the dog barking in the background. I asked him why there was a dog barking and he said it was the security dog. That right there told me something was up. I told him I was at work and he asked when would be a convenient time for me to call him back. I gave him a time. I was telling the ladies that I work with and they said it sounded like a scam to them too. So I just happened to go online and found out that the 876 number is in Jamica.

lol. The same thing just happened to me. When I told him I couldn't here him because of the dogs barking he said there are no dogs here.

I just got a call from 876-892-6071. He said he was from Publisher's Clearing House and I won $2.? million dollars. I Don't remember exactly the amount he said. He called on my cell phone and I was busy driving. I cut him off and said, "you have the wrong number" and hung up. I know it is a scam and I am not interested in playing along. My idea is to just hang up and not interact at all with scammers. They are organized crime and probably involved with violent things in addition to scams.

I just received a call claiming I had won $350K and UPS was poised to deliver a certified check. The call sounded as though the person was out of doors in the wind. He proceeded to ask a bunch of stupid questions and provide meaningless information, all in an effort to sound legitimate. He indicated that I would receive a second call and when I did I told the caller that I knew they were a scam and they hung up immediately. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

I received a phone all from an 876 area code as well today and same thing, I won a million dollars and a new car but I cut them off before they even asked me to purchase a prepaid card or asked about any of my bank information. I'm not stupid. I told the guy (who went by Roy Henry CEO of mega millions company apparently) that it's impossible I've won anything you need to play the lottery to win , and that he was a scam artist and I've read about him on the internet and he still persisted !!said I was being foolish. I said no actually it would e foolish of me to not question how legit you are and it would be foolish if I wasn't cautious and suspicious about people asking for my information . It's foolish of you to think I'm just going to give out my info like that and actually believe you when you say I've won all this money and a car for absolutely no reason. At that he began calling me names and swearing at me, I told him I'm reporting him , and then he called me a very vulgar name and hung up finally. Do they really think all Americans are that stupid to fall for these tricks? I know the elderly are an exception because they are more trusting and naive about these scams and don't know any better but I mean for real. You sound unprofessional, you can't back up anything you say, I just don't understand how so many people have been victim to these filthy scammers. there is a special place in hell for these scammers who take every last penny someone has weather it be retirement or there savings that they have worked so hard for. Karma will get them, you get what you put in. You want to lie and cheat people out of money? Ok well then life is going to make sure you are miserable one way or another. You will never win

When I get old and am still healthy I won't trust anyone I don't know. If I'm old and not healthy/got diabetes/cancer/can't eat what I want I'll just close the windows and light a big bonfire of charcoal on the living room floor. Don't stay in the movie theater after the movie is over. All you are left with is a dimly lit room with a sticky floor. No one should be forced to stay alive for other people's jollies.

John Washington and Jaime Green area code 876. Called my husband, told him he has won several millions that would be a certified check, several hundred thousand IN CASH, that they would personally deliver and a new car. Talked with a detective friend and he told us, it is illegal for someone to give us cash money. Also these people ask for small increments (under $300.00) because that way they can't be traced. Then they get your personal info and rob you blind. We are fortunate to have a friend in law enforcement that led us in the right direction.

My husband and have talked with Mr James anderson and then he supposedly transfer over to the man who was gonna take care of my tax money that I needed to have a receipt to show that I was who receiving the prize money. I was first told to go to western union and pay as much as I could toward 999.00 which is the amount taxes I would owe for my 3.5 million dollars. And oh yeah I was winning a 2014 Mercedes Benz. And they were 45 min from my home and needed get that right away . U I told him if I won money my money should be taxed before awarded to me . I told him if they needed proof of who I was that I would show the winning my liscense and such when they got here. I played along with the idiot . I then hung up on him . He called me back on the same number and then told me how blessed I was . I then informed him that I never entered a contest . And that the other individual who spoke first called himself John Anderson. And I asked him are u related . The guy then says no hos last name is Handerson. I told him I heard a dog bark and at one point a rooster crow. He gave me a badge #, reference # , check # . These people think us Americans are stupid. I don't think so. Here's number u can add to the list 876-582-9599. He called us several more times and cussed at us .

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Unfortunately, we cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments. Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint.
Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

I have been scammed by these people to the tune of $2000.00 the same way others have. The telephone number is an 876 area code and they will not quit calling my house. In fact somehow someone called them using my phone while we were out of town and ran our phone bill up to over $900. We are retired and cannot pay this bill so I guess the phone company will have to cut us off and ruin my husbands credit because of it. We do not answer any calls anymore if we do not recognize the number or name on our caller id. I am very upset about the fact of our telephone number being used and we are going to lose connection after having the same phone for over 35 years.

crazy call today. the id in the phone was my name and phone number. message on machine about a loan we do not have. how is it possible to receive a call with your id and phone number. anyone please

Just got a call thus morning from an 876 Jamaica number and the guy said I won Publishers Clearinghouse... $360,000 and a Bentley car. I asked why he's calling from Jamaica, and he told me it was Jamaica, New York. He said all I had to do was go to the nearby grocery store and Western Union $460 for taxes and fees and then they would be arriving at my house at 10 am. I didn't believe him and started asking lots of questions just to waste his time and I could sense some frustration and change of tone in his voice. So I acted like I had a bad connection and kept saying, "what was that" to which he would have to repeat himself. Then, I just waited for a while and he said, "Sir, are you there?" I hung up. He hasn't called back yet. This was my wake up call, how rude!
I hope he gets arrested and locked up.

Some place DISCOVRYBY JM 876-823-9194 JAMAICA calling. First the guy was Michael, then Jim . Something about I needed to go to Western Union. They had money from US Treasury to deliver, . Didn't sound Jamaican. Very disturbing, I wish FTC or someone could stop these scammers. People = Please don't send these people money. You get nothing back. Spread the word so others
don't get taken advantage of like some of the people who wrote above. 876 area code in Jamaica are not subject to the same rules as we here in the US. There is no way to get your money back.

I have been harassed by these people for over 6 months even though I now don't answer the phone. Then they started calling at 3 in the morning so finally reported it to the fdc

I have been getting calls like that

I have had it up to my eye balls with these jokers! They call all day long- so I bought a whistle and blow their ears off! I feel better :)

No, don't do that MJT. Nexttime use a airhorn.I definitely recommend that.... lol.

Sad but it did happen to me, lost 1,500.00 dollars. Ripped off! God take care of these people!

Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.


Just got same type of call...Publisher's C/H. I found a while ago the best way to have the stop calling me was to waste their time. So, I asked him if he could hold for a minute, then set my phone down. He give it about 3 minutes, hung up and then called back. I said I was sorry, but could he hold for just a minute more as I was on the toilet. He said sure and I did the same thing. He gave up :-)

876.369.3862 & 876.339.3036
are both numbers that have called multiple times; Whether it be claiming to be the Powerball Lottery, an agent with Microsoft tech support, or an agent with the FBI. My grandmother nearly bought into it and sent the man money before I stepped in and told him about his scumbag ways. I was then cursed out and hung up on, only to be called back the next day on the same number with a new alias.

I got a call early on 29 Oct from Kingston, JM 876 claiming I'd won $4.5 million and a new car. All I had to do was get a Green Spot Money Pac scratch card from 7/11 and put $475 on it to cover the "Taxes" and call them back with the card number. I told them I was thrilled and thankful I had the money in my bank, but asked them if I could just take the "tax" money to my local IRS agent. They preferred I take it in to their "IRS agent" I asked for the address and they came up with "Portland, Jamaica, Wisconsin" I asked them to please pick a state, city or country because I couldn't make delivery to all three. They finally settled on Wisconsin. They called when my local PD was here and I kept them on the hook playing with them while the officer tried not to fall over laughing. I never gave them any important info. The officer told me when I was done messing with them to just tell them I'd called the police and reported their number. I had a better idea. After screwing with them all day, leading them on, asking question after question, asking them to say it again because I didn't quite understand what he said last. Even got the "manager" on the phone who kept calling me for updates on how soon I'd have the money pack card numbers etc. TOO funny, they were such idiots. Finally got tired of messing with their heads and called my local FBI office and asked if they wouldn't mind taking the call. I have a "no answer transfer" option on my phone. The Agent was game, so I set it up to transfer my "unanswered call" from my little friends in Jamaica to the FBI office. Next time the call came through I let it transfer to the FBI and TADA no more calls. I wish I was a fly on the wall to see their stupid faces when an FBI agent answered their call!

Do you really want the (Jamaican Lottery Scam) calls to stop?

Tell the caller that your "good friend" would like to speak to the caller personally regarding the whole matter. Tell them that he can be reached at (876) 754-3435. Make sure they write the number down before they hang up. (and they WILL hang up....)

The calls will stop.

is the new Top Cop in Jamaica, and the phone number will connect them directly to the agency he founded: MOCA, Jamaica's Major Organized Crime and Corruption Agency, the folks who put the scammers in jail/hard labor.)

Add 876-576-9260 to the list of fraudulent calls. They told me I won millions and mercedes. I googled Mary Lee(lawyer that has been dead 2 years) and publishers clearing house and this blog popped up about the scam. They only wanted a $500 green dot card from Walgreens and wanted to know if I would be home in an hour.

I got a call saying I won $2.5 million dollars. I told them that $2.5 million wasn't enough, and that they had to make it $5 million. He 'asked his manager' and agreed to make it $5.5 million. I laughed hysterically when they did this and hung up after he started cussing me out because I was laughing.

i just got a call from area code 876, I have won ten million. He said I had won 10 million dollars. Said I would need to go pay a fee of $99.99 and have the receipt when he got here. He was only 30 minutes away wanted to know what bank I used I refused to tell him. He said he would take me to the bank, hello this is Sat most banks are closed. He asked me if I wanted a quiet delivery I said oh no. I want It public. I said oh I want the news media, flowers enough champaign for all my friends and neighbors. I finally said my husband and I are both retired law enforcement. Click he hung up.

They just called from (876) 574-1261 along me if I'm I'm familiar with Publisher's Clearing House, to which I handed the phone to my husband cause he used to believe in that stuff, and from what I've been told, they usually call first before stopping by. So, they asked him. He said "No", then they kept asking him if he's familiar PowerBall Lottery and he said "goodbye". They didn't ask for us by name or anything. Granted it'd be great to have the cash, but, this seemed a bit fishy. Glad this page is here.

NICE!! I just got the call. He said he was from UPS and that I should be recieving a package today and asked if I was going to be home all day. He then asked if I had a letter from them and I said yes and he was shocked. He then mentioned $4 million and I started laughing and said......."OHHHHHH this must be one of those scamming groups" and he said no not him. I laughed and hung up, however I'm running home to make sure now one is casing my house. I love my second amendment!!!

I received one of these calls last Friday from an 876 area code and reported it to the FTC. I am curious about what is done with the information that is reported and whether any prosecutions ever result from these reports.

This my crazy story regarding Publisher Clearing House scams. On 12/09/2014 @ 10:03 a:m I awakened by a phone call from Publishers clearing house stating that my husband won a prize. I told the caller no thanks I'm not interested and I hung up my phone. I later told my husband and he advised me to check where the call came from. To my surprise it was from Jamaica, my own country. I told myself I should have spoke to the person to see how far it would go. Later on that night a call came in from Jamaica. I was so excited to hear what the person had to say because i knew it was a scam and I had something up my sleeve. The person claimed to be a David Sayer calling from Publishers Clearing House and I won $850.000.00& a brand new Mercedes Benz S class.I played right along with him pretending to be excited.He told me he's calling from Brooklyn New York. He gave me a 10 digit check number 5034283900 and his phone
#876-464-9839 to call him back because he could not hear me. Soon after that he hung up.
Two days later 12/11/14 i got another call from a different guy name Charles @ PCH telling me I won 2.5 million dollars plus a brand new Mercedes Benz S class. Again I pretend to be excited. He connected me to his financial manager whom introduced himself a John Bentley from Sacramento California explaining everything and how to claim my prize which would be delivered to me in a few hours. He ask how much I had in my bank accounts, credit card accounts and my marital status.Before claiming my prize i needed to pay a 1 time refundable processing fee to get the documents to claim my prize. He eventually told me to go to a pharmacy and purchase 2 MONEY PACK RELOAD SCRATCH GREEN DOT, TOTALING $850.00. He gave me his phone
# 876-306-2624 to call him as soon as I'm ready to give him the PIN # from the scratch card.Before I hung up I told him I need to ask him a question. In my best Jamaican accent I cursed him out really bad. He hung up really fast. Guess he wont be calling me no more.

Got a call an hour ago from 876-364-2546 but he didn't tell me I won anything, he said he dreamed of my # and decided to call it to see who would answer, I asked him who r u? He gave me a name, which I can't remember now. Then I told him that this phone call is weird and that I needed to go, then I hung up. He called back asking if we can get to know each other and I told him I'm married and he asked if we can be friends and I told him if he ever calls again I'm calling the police and I hung up. He hasn't called back but the whole thing freaked me out! :(

just received a call from 876-844-9269 on my cell phone.. on a do not call registry also.. pleas investigate these calls..

Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, we can't address complaints if they are only submitted through blog comments. Please file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

I received a call on 12/15 from an 876 area code. I had won $975,000 and a new Ford F150 from Publishers Clearing House, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. Lucky me. The caller, who identified himself as James Parker, had very strong Jamaican accent. He gave me very detailed information on how to claim my prize and where to send my acceptance letter. He, of course, did not know my name. I asked to verify this information and asked whom I could call. He gave me the name James Monroe and another 876#, I hung up and he attempted to call back about ten minutes later. I'm so sorry for anyone who falls for this scam. I never let "James" get as far as asking me for any money. I found this call annoying and even mildly amusing, however I have reported it to help protect unsuspecting victims. Please do the same. I was able to google the area code and Publishers Clearing House and they have posted the scam info to their website as well. Be aware this caller was very charming, seemed intelligent, and was overloading me wtih information, which I can see why some would feel it was legitimate. Things just don't work this way folks.

I received a call from876-885-4040 this morning and the guy said he was from publishers clearing house and that I had won 2.4 million dollars and a Mercedes benz which would be delivered to my house today. I said "you do realize publishers clearing house does not call people asking for personal info and telling them theyre winners of anything", then he hung up on me

876-370-8532 Scam call with screaming kids and wife in the background, broken English, claiming to be the Federal Trade Commission... LOL. Say "hi" to "Mario" if you run into him on the phone.

Apparently, I have at least fifty different packages in Jamaica awaiting my information so they can forward them on to me, all for, of course, a small fee. I get calls from Jamaica nearly every day, and sometimes several times a day. This has been going on for months. I block the number each time, but the numbers change. It's only an annoyance, as I quickly stopped answering anything from area code 876, but it is an annoyance, and they must be having a certain amount of success with other people, or it would not continue.

my mom got a call and they said she wone money from donald trump and a new car and was on the phone with her for 3 days and said it was him betty white and donald trump and she payed out over 600.00 to him

I got a call from 876-247-6266 on 12/22/14 at 12:19 PM EST and they claimed that they were the IRS INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and we have filed a lawsuit against you, they proceeded to say call us back at 206-855-3(or 2 it was hard to say)160.

Hello, please read the FTC's blog post on scammers who pose as IRS agents for information on what to do if you recieve a call like this.

I am a caregiver to my great aunt but do not live with her. I went to her home about 10 days ago and found out she was sending money to some person in Jamaica. This person was relentless, pursuing her like a lion on a zebra! I managed to get it under control, and thought things were better. Today, I went to the home, only to find out her aide told me she was continuing to send him money. I finally calculated all the western union receipts, only to find out she had sent over $1,500! The western union charges alone were $105! I had to shut down her cellphone, freeze her account, repossess her checkbook and debit card. I now have to take her to the bank and close out this account and open another account. I will have to start paying her bills and control her financial matters, in addition to having a new cellphone number assigned (she has a senior benefits cellphone) in addition to changing her home phone number and contact over 50 organizations, doctors, neighbors and friends, her two siblings in Europe, all her community services, etc., etc. just to be able to try and resolve this issue. My biggest complaint is that we have not found a way to nail these scammers and throw them in jail and throw away the key!! My great aunt has cognitive issues and I live in "Groundhog Day"!! No matter how many times I discuss issues, it goes in one ear and out the other. So, whatever I think I accomplished today . . . . "50 First Dates" later, I have to contact her and repeat the same thing tomorrow . . . . and the next day . . . . and they day after that! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got a call couple of minutes ago from +1-876-478-5574. Said I won a brand new chevy and I need to pay for the shipping. Told him, okay, when the car arrives I will pay on delivery, said I should go to a Dollar Store to purchase a gift card. At that point I told him, thank you.

Then he said, If I don't send $600.00 by 3:00pm today Dec 23 2014, he will kill me.

Then I dropped. He called back twice, but then I blocked his number on my phone.

I think there is too much information on the internet. People can get your number and even your house address.

The govt need to do something about this.

I just got a call from these scammers saying I won a million dollars to call Mr. Milan then to go to Radio Shack or CVS n pay taxes lol good thing i'm not dumb but people must be to believe these scumbags

I just got my second call from a Jamaican number in the past two weeks. I'm a law enforcement officer in Alabama with a B.S. in criminal justice, so I was actually a little curious to see what this guy had to say. I asked where he was located after he went on about the prizes I won. His reply was "25th Street in Alabama." I asked him which 25th street, as there are many in the state. This blew his mind. Haha. I asked the town name and he said, "Colorado, Alabama." I explained to him that Colorado and Alabama are both states, that I knew this was a scam and that I would report him. He berated me with ethnic slurs. I would LOVE to catch these guys.

Add 876 529 4963 to your list of Jamaican scam artists with an offer of millions. The cost of calling back an 876 number is $1.70 per min on Verizon

My parents have been getting this call for a week. My dad picked up and they wanted him to get a green card from the bank and they would call back for the numbers. Than goodness he stopped by my brothers house who informed him of this scam!! I am out of town and would never have known. They guy said he would come meet him. These guys are bullies. So I called the number, cause he called 3 times while I was tLking to mom. I said, sorry wrong number. He says, no I just called you. I said no you didn't! I was looking for a lady and you don't sound like one. His name is John with the American Sweepstakes. I told him I wasn't sending him money to get money. Jerks. My dad went to the police but they said they couldn't do anything. Such a shame. We live in America and can't even feel secure in our own homes.

Add 876-771-9559 and John Benjamin to the list.

Picked up a message and returned call after hours. Spoke with Mr. Benjamin with a heavy Jamaican accent who said I'd won $3.2 million from PCH and 3 months of groceries. Said I was to call back the following morning at 9am (a business day.) During the call he also asked a few questions but said I could say "pass" if I didn't want to answer. He asked if I wanted a public or a private delivery by FedEx and whether I was married; I said private and pass.

He was somewhat convincing and mentioned things such as I would have to pay IRS tax on the money etc. but never asked for financial info and was careful when I pressed back. He did not demand any payments, perhaps as I was calling back on a holiday. My phone always blocks outgoing calls and he questioned that but did not demand the number.

I never called back.

my husband answered my cell from pch just this morning. He couldn't hear so the gave him this number 876-321-6657 to call back he called from his cell.He talked to Mr.Malone for 20 minutes, then left his phone on the porch and came to tell me He thought it was a scam but he didn't want to miss out if it was real. They wanted him to go to cvs and get a green dot card for 400.00. and the man would stay on the phone while he went.. I told him that was a scam and to hang up.. I guess I need to answer all phone calls from now on.

These guys are still at it! I received several calls from 876-882-2805 over a 2 day period from 2 guys, one man was called "Mr. Anderson, the financial manager", advising me how I was to go about collecting the 4.5 million dollars that I won from Publisher's Clearing House. All I had to do was buy two "licenses" for $250 each in order for them to issue my check (he even gave me the check number).. He said I could go to Walgreen and buy a pre-paid PayPal card, or some such thing. During this call, I could hear roosters crowing in the background. What a trip! I asked him if that was chickens I could hear and he told me yes it was - that he was not rich like I was going to be - he lived on a small farm in California. I played along for 2 days, did not give any personal info - and certainly no money, then told "Mr. Anderson" that I was on to him and that I had reported him to the FTC. I then hung up and called the Federal Trade Commission. Since these calls are coming from Kingston, JM, I doubt that our government can do anything about them. I was advised to stop entertaining myself when I get another call like this and just hang up. I just went to the phone blocking site on the internet, so hopefully these calls will stop. If these calls continue, I will do as advised and just hang up on them.
My sister received a call a month ago from a guy that told her there was a lawsuit being filed against her and she would be hearing later what she can do about it. She has Alzheimer's and she called me, very concerned. I told her to hang up the phone when they called her back. I guess she did becaquse I never heard about it again. I am sure now that the call to my sister was the same group of jerks who called me.

On the 9th of this month my 'mom' a got a call-she had won 5.5 million and a BMW. They wanted money, I found out and she said she had only sent 100.00 Long story short her cell number has been changed her bank account frozen and changed her credit cards changed...yesterday I found ALL the receipts of ALL the money transfers in the amounts adding to over 9 thousand dollars. I freaked out! FTC called...FBI called...WU...BBB...everyone I can think of has been notified...but guess what? They are still calling her. They have brain washed her into alienating her family and have her convinced that she will get it all back. There is a man named Mr. Moller that has claimed he is working for the FBI and that she is part of an investigation to track and arrest people for laundering money and that is the reason for all the different names and addresses that she has sent $ to! His # 0118763106, others are...6032498775, 5132236902,8765673145,8763849183,8763106137,8765747138,8764242861,6194909974,6194242286,6195651880. I need help!

I got my first one today. They just asked me if I shopped at Walmart recently, then told me something to the effect of I won $2.8mil (I think?) and a 2015 Mercedes Benz. Strange thing was, I was outside when I got this call so the quality of the call was almost really bad.

At one point, when they called back after a dropped call, the voice was so garbled that I really couldn't tell what they were saying. On the 3rd time they called, (because I wanted to get a better reception), they kept wondering why I didn't try to call them back. After I told them I would try a different phone, I did try someone else's phone and the ID definitely read 'Jamaica' in which afterwards the phone claimed 'insufficient funds' to continue making the call. They never called back since until I got home and looked up the area code which led me to this site.

I blocked the number just so I don't hear from 'that' number again, but if I ever get another call from them I'm gonna try acting like I'm the one running the scam and stay a step ahead of their process. They probably didn't call back after I told them I was unemployed.

I told one that Id wire money to them (they were calling from Nigeria and said that they knew my friend and they were both stuck). I told them the name of a Nigerian bank, made up a routing and wiring number and sent them on a wild goose chase for $5,000

I have been getting calls from 876,800,866, and 218 area codes. If I don't recognize the number or name I won't answer. From the 876, I've been told that "a certified check is to be delivered today"- needless to say I'm still waiting. I've also gotten a call from a male with a heavy accented voice saying my computer was infected with a virus. Couldn't understand him,so I hung up. Also as with Neptune6, I've gotten a call from me and my phone number to me.

My dad is getting scammed. He been getting scammer Since 2009 and nww my dad is in a big hole..he said he won Da mega million and a car..he was suppose to get it Da beginning last yr but never got...well now they figure it out that my dad ain't so bright...I need someone to talk to

Change his phone number quick

I have also received frequent calls from area code 876. Caller ID usually indicates JM. Twice the caller has left a message saying that a 'certified check is to be delivered today". I'm still waiting. If I don't recognize the number or name, I will not pick up. Also received a call from caller saying my computer had a virus. Very heavy accent-told him I couldn't understand him and hung up. Don't have a computer!!. As with Neptune6, received a call from me to my own phone number-how do they do that?

Just got a call from 1-876-431-7389 saying I won money and a car. Asked if I remembered Publishers Clearing House a few years back. Said his name was Michael Benjamin and to claim prize I need to call 1-876-372-4808 ext. 5 and talk to a Don Malone. Also Mr. Benjamin said he was just 1 hour and 45 minutes away from my door. Of course I'm not going to call because I knew it was a scam. And as I was writing this they called again. Before they could say anything I told them to quit calling because I was not going to call their scam number and then hung up.

I keep getting calls from the number "1". Nothing else comes up. What gives? I get more telemarketers now that I've signed up for the do not call list. What's the point? Just another example (albeit a small one compared to most) screw up by our government and its agencies.

you should have caller ID , never answer an unknown number , if its important they will leave a message , up to you if you call back , never send anyone money unless you ordered it , good luck

I just got a call from Mick Anderson PCH, He told me I had won a sweepstakes. and that they were sitting in my town waiting for me to call Mr Raymond Kennedy
at PCH. I told him I was on the no call list you should not be calling me. He said I have a check for you to be delivered with In the hourif I would be home . I said yes I will be home . He gave me a number to call and confrim with Mr kennedy. he gave me a reference number. and a phnoe number 876-894-1788 and ex 5. I told him I I would check this out because there are alot of scams and I will check this out.I also asked him why he was calling from Jamaca. He said they use a satelite phone .I hung up with him a got on the internet and came to this site and found out this is a scam . Then I called PCH, and as I was on the phone trying to talk to someone at PCH he called back and asked if I had called Mr. Kennedy, I told him I was on the phone with PCH to check this out . HE HUNG UP.. Everyone must check out every unknown call like this 99% of these calls are SCAMS. Thanks so much for your Web Sight this kind of site will help stop this kind of Scams from getting YOU. THANKS

got a call from this number today, said I won money and a car. Total scammer.

I would love to report the call I got from an 876 number, but this site does not accommodate me. If anybody is monitoring these comments, the number was 876-842-8713. This guy called my cell phone, a number I give to absolutely noone outside my family and close circle of friends. Because of that and because this was an 876 number, the question about whether I have my phone on the no call list is irrelevant and should not stand in the way of reporting this call. If this guy has a system randomly dialing numbers, he now knows it is a working number, so I will expect more calls. However, the person never asked me to do anything because, when he asked me "How are you today, fine lady?" I asked him, "Who wants to know?" He hung up immediately.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, we can't address complaints if they are only submitted through blog comments. Please file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint.
Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

My husband got one of these calls on his cell phone this afternoon. No number came up, just 'unknown caller'. The caller said that he was with Publishers Clearing House and that they wanted to send him a package. He said you must have the wrong no. because I haven't ordered anything from PCH. The guy, with a thick Jamaican accent kept insisting that he didn't have the wrong no. and he wanted to deliver this package. My husband then hung up on him. Well, this is where it gets scary, he called back, my husband didn't answer but this guy left a disgusting threatening violent message on his voice mail, very disturbing. I'm a little freaked out!

It is not greed that is the motivator to people believing these scams. It is hope. People just hope so much that it is true. They hope that something good like this can happen to them. Hope is a wonderful and dangerous thing.

I received a call from Anthony Rockefeller at PCH saying I won 2.5mil and a new 2015 Mercedes. My lucky day huh! All I had to do is go to the grocery store and buy a green dot card for 500.00 to cover the local taxes and he will walk me through this process. This is where we parted ways.Remember if it is too good to be true, it is!

In January 2014 I created an Excel spreadsheet listing all unidentifiable callers that call my number which is on the national do not call list. The list wraps around because this box is not wide enough. However, the column headings are Number Shown, Location, Subscriber Name (if caller left a name or what they were trying to sell) and When Called

Number Shown Location Subscriber Name When Called
201-243-3416 Bayonne, NJ Mortgage Scammer 12/16/2014
202-407-9185 Hyattsville, MD Government Grants - Scammer 1/15/2015, 1/27/2015
202-621-5429 Washington, DC Government Grants - Scammer 1/9/2014, 1/28/2014
206-209-2352 Seattle, WA Mortgage Scammer 9/11/2014
206-496-0000 Seattle, WA Credit Card Rates Scammer
305-368-8211 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer 2/18/2014
305-368-8269 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer 4/25/2014
305-368-8381 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer 9/2/2014
305-368-8909 Miami, FL Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer
310-495-4334 Culver City, CA Alarm System Scammer
321-250-1237 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 3/3/2014
321-250-2030 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 10/11/2012
321-250-2582 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls
321-402-1738 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 4/23/2014
321-402-2375 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls 5/7/2014
347-332-1135 New York, NY Microsoft Scammer
360-322-6708 Marysville, WA Drug-Addicted Card Service Scammer
361-400-3192 Corpus Christi, TX Mortgage Scammer 6/20/2014, 11/110/14
385-207-7067 Provo, UT Survey Sampling Scammer
407-320-5060 Orlando, FL SCPS to win a free trip Scammer - Prompt 2 to be removed from future calls 9/25/2012
407-932-5239 Kissimmee, FL Disney World Free Trip Scammer - Pressed 2 to be removed from future calls
407-932-7445 Kissimmee, FL American Message - Scammer 1/9/2014
407-957-2627 St. Cloud, FL Free Cruise Scammer
408-531-6403 San Jose, CA Mortgage Scammer 8/21/2014, 9/17/2014
602-926-7354 Phoenix, AZ Scammer
631-983-4678 Babylon, NY Pay Day Loan Company scammer 8/20/2014
706-805-1778 Athens, GA Credit Card Rates Scammer 2/3/2014
718-362-8024 Bronx, NY Solar Panels Scammer 9/12/2014, 12/01/2014, 1/6/15
801-877-3859 Provo, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer
801-899-4119 Morgan, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer
801-899-4170 Pleasant Grove, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer 8/25/2014
801-899-4175 Pleasant Grove, UT Chase Surveys - Scammer
810-224-5028 Brighton,MI Breast Cancer Scammer
877-886-9298 Toll Free Auto Care Car Insurance Scammer
877-891-2936 Toll Free Car Insurance Scammer
972-924-0593 Anna, TX Credit Card Rates Scammer 9/6/2014

I have been called by a PCH scammer..Jerry Heart..#1-876-467-7505..(jamacia #), and his "Merchant Banker..Jacinta Kihara...saying I won $5000 a wk for 6 months, and $80,000 cash/ ck....Really?? I called them on it, and he promises to be at my house by 12:00pm today..I politely informed him I keep my gun on me at all times, and I strongly suggest not showing up! I then called the TRUE PCH Fraud unit and gave them all of their information. Do Not Send These People Money!!!!

I just received a call from a land line that was suppose to be in B'ham Alabama, and it was from California..claiming to be Jacinta Kihara..(760-385-8999)the Merchant Banker...this lady was 3 days older than dirt..I told her to have a Blessed Day, and hung up. All of a sudden Jerry Heart aka Scam man called me back 10 times. Sorry Not taking the bait..lol

I have a very smart grandma. When someone called my grandma on the phone she answered. The person started to talk about how her computer had a virus and need to be fixed. They asked for her password and she said " You should go to jail" and hung up. This happened in August 2014 but is still going on.

N/A Had to laugh on what your smart gramie said to the scammers. Good for her. My good friend got a phone call today from a 876 caller, and he told my friend not to tell anyone about this. My friend called me on his truck phone while the scammer was on his cell phone, and I was furious. I said 'Hang up on him, it's a scam". They kept calling back. Wanted my friend to buy a Green Dot card of some sort, and told him he won a car, and they would come to his address, which they repeated. Finally my friend realized it was a scam, & hung up. I told him he should of said he was a retired police officer.

I got called since Saturday saying i won the Us Mega Million for 850,000 and a brand new Danali well i belived it so first i sent $150 then they called back that it didnt go thru i needed to go to Dollar store a purchase a vanilla card so i did.. Then they called back it didnt go thru again so yes i just gave up didnt give them nothing until they called me back Monday they sent me a email showing me the check and car we had won well me like a dumb butt belived the email so they said i had to pay $499 i did... I barely found out on this site it was a scam they threatened my husband on the phone my husband cussed them out till now there still calling me he said his name is David Goodman phone # 876-586-0254

I received two cellphone calls today (9 February 2015) from someone claiming to be from Publisher's Clearinghouse. (876) 390-4229 and (876) 472-8180 DO NOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE OR SEND THEM ANY MONEY OR GIVE AWAY ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!!

The first phone call from,(876) 390-4229, I had to walk outside, as I live in a rural area. It was very difficult to hear the man. He said he was from Publisher's Clearinghouse and I had won $1.3 million and a new Mercedes Benz. I instantly didn't think that sounded right but probed a bit more. He said the delivery team was 45 minutes from a large city near me. Which is funny because that particular city is farther than 45 minutes from my house.

Each time I tried to verify who they were, I got the line, "I am not trying to disrespect you ma'am. This is for real our delivery team is standing by."

I asked if you are supposed to deliver to my house then what is my address? He said that info was already sent to the delivery team on standby in (insert city near me). Then how did you get my phone number? That was my next question, at this point the man started sounding irritated. He said from my phone company. I told him that is not possible because I have a pre-paid phone so once again how did you get my phone number? From your phone company he said. What is the name on the account then or what is my name? He could not answer that and fell back to the "I am not disrespecting you ma'am reply."

After going around on this for several minutes and his tone of voice changing to a more perturbed tone of voice, I told him "Look, I may be foolish if this is real but I am going to turn this offer down as you cannot verify who you are and don't have any of my 'delivery' information when you are supposedly supposed to deliver something to me." I got hung up on.

I called my cellphone company to make sure my phone had not gotten hacked into and reported the number. Then I added it to my blocked calls list on my cellphone. Then about 4 hours later I received the second phone call from, (876) 472-8180, claiming he was with Publisher's Clearinghouse and I had won a huge prize. I didn't pay attention to the "prize" since my phone company warned me about the scam. I told him look the last guy who called me with you guys earlier today said that and I found out the calls are coming from Jamaica. He said yes we are in Jamaica but I have this....I cut him off. I told him, "Look dude, you and you guys need to stop calling me. I am reporting you to the FBI fraud department.

That call ended with me getting hung up on too.

Yeah I just received a call from 876-831-0750. Tried to tell me that I won 2nd place in Publishers Clearing House give-a-way for Hawaii residents. Told him that I do not believe him because I do not live in Hawaii! He hung up.

What gets me, is the amount of people that still fall for this stuff!
Ya, I get that there are elderly people who at a certain age aren't thinking as clearly as they once did, and therefore can feel bullied into making a hasty decision when one of these scammers becomes threatening.
Where are the family members (you know, the ones that love them) of these elderly people?
My mom is nearing 80 years old and gets these calls nearly every day. I've instructed her that if THEY can't provide her with all of her personal info (full name, S.S.#, residence / billing address, etc.), then she should just hang up on them.
I told her that if they ask her to give them that info, she should never do it and just hang up.
I also showed her how to save each phone number under a blanket contact name (I save them as "scam caller" on my cell phone) on her phone and then set that contact to block all calls and texts.
C'mon, people, this isn't rocket science here.
If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS!

On November 7, 2014 I received a letter CNO Financial Group stating that the Team of Multi-State Lottery Association is pleased to announce me as second place winner in the 100mMillion Dollars Supper Cash Give away Promotion sponsored by Publishers Clearing House, Readers Digest and Mega Millions. As second place winner I was to receive $ 1.500,00. A check of approximately $6,000.00 was enclosed to cover disbursement and insurance fees. I was informed to contact the claim manager before depositing the check to my account. After talking with the claims manager I deposited the check into my account, and as I was directed forwarded the check to a certain attorney at Delaware. Shortly after that I received a letter from Chase Bank Head Quarters charging me a fee of $3, 2907.37 without an explanation or returning the check to me. It is amazing that at this time if technological advancement Chace branch bank in New Orleans could not determine that the check was fake. I derived no financial benefit from the check and therefore should not be penalized. Chase should be responsible for carelessness or inexperience to have registered the check.

I do not know whether this is ill luck for me because on February 3, 2015 the same organization sent me another letter that my winnings this time is $10,000,000 and enclosed a check of$6, 840.70 to cover insurance and attorney fees. This time did nothing. These men know that they will never part with such huge sums of money, so I am puzzled why they engage in such deceitful practices. It amazes me that reputable companies like Publishers Clearing House, Mega Million, Readers Digest, and including JCPenney and Walmart this time around will have their reputation hanging in the balance.

Iya Ngomba.

Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you within certain time. However, just because funds are available doesn’t mean the check is good. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. Keep in mind that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check. Read more about the Fake Check Scam.

8762789325 just called today (2-18-15) said he was from pch.. I hung up, he called back right away i just ignored it.. i hope that is the only time i have that problem..

I just got one of those calls in Tennessee. Call from Jamaica... Wanted me to go to western union while on the phone. Pay little over $2500 in taxes to claim my new car and $955,000. 1-876-817-1741

Today, i got a call from Mr. John Anderson saying he was with Mega Millions and I had won 5.5 Million dollars. He wanted to meet with me and exchange the tax money needed to claim the money 5,200 dollars. He said I would then get the certificate for 5.5. He told me to go to the bank and get an advance on my credit card and then he would call back in 1 hr. He called back and I told him I could not get the money. He got angry and said go back I called the Sheriff Dept and reported it cause I was alone at the time and scared. He came across threatening. He was suppose to call back but I made the mistake of saying that my son was here.He did not call anymore. I think these are a violation of a person and making them a victum. These people prey on lonely and elder people and should be stopped. When will someone step up and procecute thes criminal as they are just as bad. They may not use a gun but they are intimidating with their words as a gun. Please help.

+8768398294 in Canada, sk .... They told me, I won 150k cdn and brand new 2014 Mercedes-Benz. I jus when with it thinking not given anything personal Info away . N thinking I'll do research after... Then found this website.

I have a really good relationship with the person that got the call from a 876 number and the place claiming to be Publishers Clearing House today. It seemed kind of strange to me that she would get a call when they are suppose to just show up at your door and have it be a surprise. I had never heard about this scam prior to today and I have spent a lot of time tonight investigating, learning and reading what goes on and how people are getting hurt from this group of scammers that is out of Jamaica.

She was told that she had won 2.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes Benz. The first payment to her would be 100,000.00 in cash and then she would get the remainder in a check in the mail in 4 or 5 days. But first she had to pay them 150.00 before they would come to her home.

I am so glad that she had contact with her daughter about this matter, and within a couple of hours her daughter called her back and informed her that there is a scam going on out there like this and that it had been in the local paper in which we gained a copy of and read.

All of this upset me greatly, since the person being messed with has a lot of medical issues and truly cannot afford to give away one red cent. If she had she would not have been able to take care of her needs during the month and that would mean that there would have been meals that she would have had to go without. I surely hope that our government can catch these people and put them behind bars permanently.

yeah i have been getting calls from an 876 but not answering now i want to just to mess with them first thing ill ask is if they even know my name

I got the call at 6:30 this morning, on my cell phone. Could not understand what the called was saying. I did make out that he was going to be delivering a package to my door today. All I needed to do is to open the package and call him back. He said that the package would contain a check along with directions on paying the taxes for the winnings. I hung up on him. I'm so sick of these scammers, and how they are terrorizing Americans. They have no right to do that to us!

Yes, we've been getting theses calls for a couple of weeks now, at least 3 or 4 calls a day. I have 20 different phone numbers with the area code 876 written down. The final straw was when one of them called last Sunday at 7am told me he was a pastor at a church and would never do anything wrong. I'm over the calls to bad I can't reach throw the phone lines. One called today said he was on his way to my house. Wished they would get the message they are not getting any money here!

Got a call from 876-297-8804.Told him I was on the road. Bad English. He said He was from UPS and wanted to know when I'll be home to call me back. He called back early and still wasn't home yet. He'll call again. I started thinking UPS doesn't deliver on weekends so I looked up exchange, Google, and sure enough, a scammer. Well I just got the call back and informed him of the obvious. He put up a little denial but when I laid into him and starting laughing he got frustrated. Still denying and started with Publishers clearing house award. Told him I never play that game and UPS doesn't deliver on weekends with a C'MON man laugh. Your scam is all over the internet. He hung up, how rude.


Just got a call from PCH...876-366-9870... Mary Brown..( but sounded like a man) told me I won $750,000 and a 2015 Chevy Malibu. I was to go to CVS and purchase a Vanilla Pack Reloadable card for $495 so I could receive the money and car this afternoon at my house, with the media in attendance( my choice). He called back to see if i had the card yet but my husband answered and told him to knock it off, he knew it was a scam! Then Mr/Mrs Brown called my cell phone complaining about my husband disrespecting him/her! Said he didn't love me enough because he wouldn't let me get the money!! Lol I've never laughed so hard!! Told him/her to get a real job!?

I just spoke to a guy who claims to represent Mega-Millions and said I won $3.5 million and a Mercedes. He claimed he was in Vegas but the phone number I saw started with an 876 area code which turns out to be from Jamaica. This guy told me to send $750.00 to somebody in Indianapolis, IN. After reading some of these letters as well as checking out the phone number, I'm convinced this is just a scam.

I received a Call from 876-772-4800 with a guy tell me that I won the publishers clearing house and they were going to be at my house in one hour. The sad thing is publishers clearing house don't tell you when they are coming over they surprise you. Then he went on about making sure I went to western union and pay $400.00 for some certification. He wanted me to do something with this name ( trabis thomas jamaica ww.i ) at western union. Sorry if its wrong had a hard time understanding him. I kept telling him i know that this a scam. He kept calling back so i started to do different accents. After the fourth he realized it was me and stopped calling.

The government (NSA, FBI, etc) is watching every phone call in the country. They have capabilities we can not even imagine. We pay BILLIONS in taxes so they can do this. Why can we not get something for our money regarding this. If the President told them to do something about it, they could.

Since the government is powerless to stop this foolishness, is there any way to start a senior citizen's group where all of us could send $10 to $25 for a fund that would pay returning combat veterans to seek out and destroy the vermin? Maybe AARP?

Sounds like a plan! One day I received 17 phone calls. I use my phone for my business but had to turn I off. When I powered up 5 or 6 hours later, two calls were competing as it was connecting. I've told them I will not send them "one sweet cent" and they are wasting their time and mine but they are harassing me daily. I do block their calls but have no idea where they got my number or home address as I always make up fictional info. They seem to be calling me from hundreds of different numbers. With accents like they have I'm darn shore they have only been "Larry Wilson" for maybe the last 2 minutes. So I'm with you!

A man has been calling me for weeks about a Lottery winning sweepstakes and I have told him not to call me anymore. Now he calls and when I say Hello, he starts talking FILTHY talk to me, of course I hang up, but he keeps calling back, just today I got two calls from him, he says his name is Mark Rosenberg or Rosenburg, I'm not sure of the spelling of his last name, I now have his number and I'm getting ready to report him to my phone company and also have my Son call him and have a talk with him too, and my Son will not be very polite to him either..........So, if anyone is constantly getting calls from him as I am and hearing this FILTHY talk, you def. need to report him.......This is the number I have for him...1-876-543-3283....check your caller ID for this number and beware.

When you get illegal calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls. 
hese are useful details for a complaint.  Please file a complaint with the FTC and describe what happened. It’s important to submit a formal complaint because investigators from all over the country use the FTC's database.

+1 (876) 584-8833 Jamaica How have they got my number I live in united kingdom so they shouldn't have my number cause I didn't recognize the number and none of my friends or family live in Jamaica I didn't answer it

Just got a phone call from the same area code. Do these people think I'm stupid? I would have loved to stay on the phone with this stupid female, but for some reason, I thought that there could have been a way she would steal information just from being on the phone. Next time, I'll engage in a really long phone conversation just to shut them down and call them out as frauds.

My 91 year old aunt was scammed by these scrum bags. They should be prosecuted. I am outraged that no agencies are working on this. Collectively they are stealing millions.

yes my husband believed this scam. he hounded me for 4 days "what if it's real." he sent them 60 dollars plus a 200 dOlla phone bill. I have cussed him out. told him the Internet has a scam website and his names on it. the phone calls continue. I just sent him a cpl articles about his scam through email. I can block his numbers on my phone. unfortunately my husband cant.I'm sorry to those who believe it. it's not that ppl are stupid like my husband they are desperate. the idea of having a little easier life takes over reality. we didn't loose much, I just want the calls to stop

Please report this to the federal trade commission. Web site is on this site. Please. Everyone should be reporting this so officials will take action.

I just received a call from 876-381-4458. I told him that I could not believe he thought I was so stupid as to believe his claim that I won $164 million, and that he was so evil to try and scam me. Wow, I hope he was not legit, lol.

My Nana was scammed by these people, she sent 4300.00 and then she was found dead in a ditch closer to her house. The last person she talked to was this scammer!!!

I just got a call from "Dave Sayer" who seemed to have a hard time remembering his own name. Claimed he was from PCH and I'd won $250,000. I got the number 876-594-3413 from him and immediately googled Mr. Sayer and the phone number. It's a scam. Creep.

Frankly the "Do not call registry" is gutless and useless as it doesn't work on calls by scammers outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. What is needed is a petition to the government to require landline phone services to provide wildcard blocking as part of their basic call-blocking service. This would allow easy blocking of number blocks or entire area codes. (At least cell phones provide this now.) One shouldn't need an overpriced aftermarket screening device for a landline when the phone companies themselves could implement this with a modest change in their routing software at relatively no cost.

Just got a call from "Agent John Walker" claiming I was "a lucky winner and would receive $850,000 in prize money plus a 2015 convertible in my choice of black, silver, or pearl white." This was laughably improbable but since I had entered a few real sweepstakes, I decided to stick with it for a bit to see where it went. When I tried to verify some information (before giving away the stuff he asked for which was leading up to a credit card number I'm pretty sure) he tried to use the scare tactic of getting frustrated and swearing up and down that he wasn't lying, he had a real job and a wife and kids to take care of and being offended that I was implying that he was trying to take something from me. I never said that; I remained polite and asked him for a few more details and a website I could go to. He told me to "just type in US Megamillion" and I would find what I was looking for. When I responded that several lottery websites showed up and asked him for a specific website he again resorted to the "I'm sorry you're wasting my time" bit. He used "Donald J Trump" and "promotion" and also "LTPC" (which after some questioning I found out it stood for Loyal Tax Paying Citizens) as other details in this obvious scam. Mainly, I reminded myself that I had a phone with a red button to push at any time and that you don't get something for nothing. I was surprised at the emotional tactic of accusation, and haughtiness. I regret even giving him my name.

My 84 yr old dad got a JAmaica call asking for money to deliver publishers clearinghouse prize of 2.5million. He played along for a bit then told them they were frauds and hung up. They called him back and left message on answering machine stating they were honest and to call them (876 Jamaica) if he wanted to donate the money to a charity. He then received a third call from someone claiming to be with Better Business Bureau who was vouching for the honesty of the previous caller!

Ok so my bf just got a call from 8765453659 saying he won 3.5 million from pch and a Mercedes blah blah... what I'm confused about is how they were planning on scanning us. They said they were in route to our house to deliver a check and the car and needed directions. He asked where they were and they replied we just got off the highway and are getting gas. He asked how he would've gotten entered into the sweepstakes and they told him through our phone yadda yadda. I'm still confused how they were planning on getting us to send them money by telling us they were up the street.... hmmm guess I'll never know

Exact same scam on my Father (several times I'm sad to say) and likewise I don't understand. When they don't show up...it should be over right? The latest scam was even harder to understand. They told him to call his credit card (they never asked for his card number) and give his credit card company a bank account number that the "scammers" gave my Dad. He was to tell the credit card to transfer $1000 to his account and they did! This was money given him so he could pay "attorney fees". So he overnighted an "attorney" $1000! Of course he did not win anything and surprise, surprise... that $1000 credit card payment reversed about 10 days later! Quite sophisticated.

Got the same call today from 8763250258 from a guy saying he was Tony Howard from PCH and that I won 2.5 million and a Mercedes. The amount changed in the call to 2 million. He asked if they could come over today and pick me up to fill out paperwork and claim my prize. He also asked if i wanted the awarding of prize public or private, i said public lol. He wanted me to pay a fee today. I told him I had 30 dollars to my name and he said I could get another 30 from someone and only pay 60 and someone would sponsor the rest. He wanted to know if I was employed. Nope, I am a homemaker. He sounded disappointed. I told him to let me ask around for the other 30 and he told me not to tell my friends why I was asking for money he wanted me to call back at 8764012416. He has blown up my phone about 5 times since I didn't call back. Noticed they called on a Sunday when all the consumer protection places and real publisher's clearing house offices are closed.

Just received repeated calls from 876-464-0681. I told him wrong number the first two times. He aggressively called me back. I blocked him. Man's voice with strong accent. He said that he was calling about a sweepstakes.

I text'd him link to this website and to the FTC page to file a complain if he persists.

I am very careful with phone calls and never answer any that I don't recognize. Today a call came from an 876 number. I immediately recognized it and am actually waiting for a call from Jamaica so I answered. The guy on the end knew my name, but I could tell immediately without listening to his line that it was a scam call just be the sound of his voice. He asked for me and I said she wasn't home and why are you calling from Jamaica? That threw him and I hung up after I told him I did not want to talk to him. I travel to Jamaica every year at least two or three times a year and I am surprised about this scam. I love Jamaican people. They are honest, hard working and loving people. These men should be ashamed of themselves for giving Jamaicans such a bad rep. People. Do not fall for these scams. No one gives money away. Never give anyone any personal information about you on the phone. Never send anyone money. You are throwing it away. Do not expect the FBI or the CIA or the KGB to do anything about this. These guys are out of the country and even if you do get a US area code there are ways they can patch in from offshore. Be smart and protect your older loved ones by warning them about phone scams. And by the way, 876 is the area code for the whole island, not just Kingston.

I jus got that call and I told them I wanted to see for myself the vehicle but they kept putting it off and they kept calling asking me to send $200 in western union or money gram of course I didn't I kept making up numbers for the money transfer and they called back and told me I'm making up numbers and lying to them I told them the same thing that they are lying to me and he got offensive and angry and started cursing at me and calling me filthy names but yes I tried to get scammed and told him off and they never called back

Recieved call from 8765803283 spoke to the guy in spanish after a few times of him trying to get me to speak english. He said in english this one is not goin to work and hung up

I've noticed with Verizon that I've been getting all kinds of BS calls. Can't help but wonder if my number is being sold or passed on. The only people that have my number is family & that's it!! Everyone else calls home phone & I only use cell to call family.I've received 5 calls all from the famous 876 Jamaica area code & I've blocked them all! Today I'm going to Verizon & finding out what's going on! Here's the number that called me: (876)467-3922.

If you found out what to do let me know.thank you

I've put in complaints to the FTC & the calls are still coming from 876 all kinds of #s. I've got caller ID on my phone & the next time they call , I'm going to try blasting a loud whistle in the phone. Wish me luck !

Be careful about calling the number as well. When I did an online search I read it would be billed as an international call with no warning since Jamaica only requires a "1" for long distance calls

Received a call from 876-869-8054 today. I didn't answer and "they" didn't leave a message. I've never been to Jamaica and I don't know ANY JAMAICANS!!! SCAM!

876-8839501 just received a call from them. For ONLY $285 I can receive my prize of $985,000 and a car! I'm now blocking that number

I got a call today at 10:30 AM said publisher's clearing house Bob Chase this is 6/10/2015. I was going to meeting and I hung up so did not get complete spiel. This needs to be stopped.

Got a call from 876-591-2313. Supposedly I have won $6.5 million dollars. I don't know how I ever got so lucky! So I let him continue to talk. He said his name was David Price (but had a very thick Jamaican accent). Despite my concerns, I let him continue. Then he tells me that he needs to send me over to the "Prize Manager". Holy cow...this just might be real! He gave me a package number and everything. Now I am talking to the "Prize Manager". He informs me that I have also won a brand new 2015 Mercedes Benz. I can't believe how much I am winning! So I listen to this "Prize Manager" tell me the same thing about 5-6 times. He tells me that an attorney by the name of Mary Smith will be giving me my check at 12pm today. He asked me if I wanted a camera crew there or if I preferred a more private setting. I told him private would be best. He starts telling me all the same info for the 6th time...I interrupt him (this story is about to get good)..."is it ok if I have a policeman with me?" I asked. "you have nothing to worry about, this is 100% guaranteed, and legit" he says. I simply tell him "I'm sorry, is there a problem with my brother attending this transaction? He is a policeman and I just want him there." Instantly he backtracked and now agrees that this would be ok. Here's where the story turns. He starts telling me about some customs fee that needs to be paid to release the funds. Mind you, I have pulled up the PCH page on my web browser, and I am completely aware that this guy is trying to scam me. I asked him "why are you playing games with me?" He says, "this is no game, this is 100 percent guaranteed, yada, yada, yada." He tells me "this is what needs to happen"...I interrupt, "no, what needs to happen is you need to shutup and get off my phone because you are a liar and a con artist" He says, "you need to shutup and get off my phone". I exclaimed "you called me!...And besides, the only reason I have let you talk to me this long, is I figured if you were on the phone with me, then you weren't trying to scam money out of someone else's mother, father, grandmother grandfather, ect." He hung up before I could finish my sentence. Don't be fooled by these people. They are !00% guaranteed to take your money and you will never get it back. Here's the link to the FTC page where you can read how to protect yourself. consumer.ftc.gov/blog/did-you-get-call-area-code-876 Have a great day folks, and remember, if is sounds to good to be true, it more than likely is.

I have a new friend he is from Jamaica his named Joe Franklin he is so cool. He told me I won money. $2.5 million. I was so excited. He said that the UPS driver and Mary Jones would be bringing me my money first thing in the morning. I told him that I was so excited and that I could not wait. He asked me to send him $250.00 to secure my package from UPS. I explained I did not have that kind of money. I told him that I would send him one dollar and tomorrow when they bring me my millions I would send the rest. Now Joe is mad at me and does not want to talk anymore. He called me stupid and suggested I get a hearing aid. I have his number on my caller ID so I called him back. He does not want to be my friend. Whats up wit dat ???

Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint, so the information goes into the database law enforcement uses for investigations.

Received a call today (06/28) number that popped up on my cell phone was 876-572-6153. Only info that came up said "Jamaica". Well, I already know I have absolutely no reason to be getting calls from there. I have been there once on vacation, 13 years ago ( as a minor) so yeah, no legit reason to be getting a call from there. I looked at my husband and laughed. Jamaica? Yeah, right. I hit the ignore call button and I ALWAYS lookup numbers I don't recognize online. Which is how I got here. I may need to have a little fun with them before I block the entire area code though.

I have been getting calls from the 876 area code for over a year. I've recorded all dates and times and so far, they have called from fifteen different numbers. The first day they called me, they tried seven times to reach me. I will not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. I have tried to find a way to report this and stumbled upon this site. I'm hoping this will put an end to the calls and also find and prosecute these heartless, scumbags. They are nothing more than theives and I'm not so vulnerable that I would fall victim to their scam.

Today, 7/3/2015, I received a call from 876 528 3098 telling me that I had won I don't know what lottery buying at Walmart or Walgreens, and they would come to my home today. I told them it was OK, and then, they started asking me questions as "Are you married?" and I told them I would not answer questions on the phone. So, they hang up and did not call me again.

One of my patients called me on July 4th to tell me that she was scammed. Unfortunately, a man named John Luther from 876-896-2257 called her and told her that she won about $5 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz. He called her multiple times and it seems that he befriended my poor, patient - who is elderly, isolated and lonely and to top it off, has some mental health issues. She fell hard and fast for this and sent the man $1150 - right when her rent was due and then she had nothing to pay her rent with. I had the police come out today to file a report and I called the bank to see if we can get some of the money back. Since she wrote a check and the check has been cashed, she is out of luck. Now she is so depressed she is almost despondent. We can all say that we will never fall for a scam but our frail and lonely seniors are at risk and I have met many who have literally sold the family farm. Not only did he promise the car and the money, but to get her a house to park her car and also be her "boyfriend." I'm so sad that there is nothing more that I can do for her except support her through her grief of losing the money and help her understand that this was a mistake and not to do it again. By the way, she was instructed by Mr. Luther to mail the check to Gregorio Pilos at 1710 Glenwood Ave., Apt. 3, Joliet, Ill, 60435.

If the scammer has your patient's check, he has her bank account number and all the personal information she had printed on the checks. She can contact the bank and ask how to protect her account, in case the scammer tries to withdraw money using the account number.
If she gave out her Social Security number when she talked to the scammer or had it printed on her check, she can go to identitytheft.gov for tips on what to do to protect her credit records.
Please file a report with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. You can also contact the state Attorney General in your state and in Illinois, where the scammer seems to be based.
We have a special set of information for older adults in our Pass It On campaign. You can print out fact sheets, or order them in bulk (for free) to share with people. To place a free bulk order, go to ftc.gov/bulkorder and search for Pass It On material.


The FTC really needs to offer some help on this scam upon the elderly! It is so widespread that it should be worth their time to help! It's easy to say "don't pick up" but my 85 year old father does pick up and thinks he can outsmart them. He, along with many others, cannot be reasoned with. He has always been a smart business man and full of integrity. So he trusts these people when they sound like his best friend and tell him they can tell he is a great business man...really play to his ego. It's caused him to be sneaky and deceptive because he knows we don't "believe". He has sent several thousand dollars and though he never receives anything, he will believe the next guy that calls tomorrow. He thinks there really is a prize. The FTC needs to offer a way to stop international calls. There is NEVER a reason my father needs to speak to someone in Jamaica or any other foreign country for that matter. I can block calls from anyone in the USA on his phone but international scammers get a free pass to prey on the elderly and no one will help. How can I start a petition for people to be allowed to block 876 or other area codes when they are a nuisance? It just can't be that hard!

The FTC's Pass It On has information designed for older adults. You can print the fact sheets about prize scams and share it with your father, or invite him to view the site online. You can also order print material at bulkorder.ftc.gov.

Bridget, thank you for your response and I do not in any way mean to be rude, but if you re-read my comment you'll see that we've talked to him plenty. Also, I have printed all of the FTC scam info for him which he promptly threw in the trash. Again, he can't be reasoned with and is not completely in his right mind. I truly hope you never deal with this situation and it's clear you haven't had an elderly relative involved to understand the frustration and extent of the problem which actually could be easily remedied with an international call blocking option. Per your comment below, his phone company (one of the big 2) does not offer international blocking options and says there is nothing they can do! Can block U.S. calls but foreign countries get a free pass (which I also said) and know how to use it to take advantage of the elderly. In all earnestness I would like to know how to contact someone who has the authority to allow or work with phone companies to block international callers. Sorry to repeat myself but the replies did not indicate understanding. Any direction on who to contact would truly be appreciated.

I posted a comment earlier but it has not appeared yet. The 876 calls are a HUGE problem. I use to report the specific numbers but found out it's futile. My Father has received calls from at least 50 different 876 numbers. Apparently there are a "mega million" of them involved. The FTC together with wireless and land line phone companies should offer an option to block foreign area codes. Even if it is for a monthly fee, it would be worth it to protect the many families who are affected by these scams. And wouldn't our government benefit by keeping the millions lost by American citizens to these foreign scams in our economy's circulation? There has to be a solution and some help that can be offered other than this venting page. Maybe the FTC only deals with fraudulent practices in our country (all of these scams have an in-country connection where you mail your money, etc...) but PLEASE direct us/me to the proper authorities for assistance with this problem that has become such a burden to my family.

The FTC works with consumer protection agencies in other countries to improve consumer protection. You can submit complaints about calls coming from outside the US to econsumer.gov. Contact your phone service provider to see if it offers additional blocking services.

I will definitely try the econsumer.gov link. Thank you. The phone company said they did not have international call blocking capability. It would be such a simple and useful option.

I’m sorry for your frustration. If your father has a traditional landline, you might consider switching to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. New technologies can offer more services, which may allow you to block incoming international calls. Also, if you search online shopping sites for “call blocker” — you’ll find a variety of products you can buy for your landline, along with reviews about how well they work. Hope this helps.

All options have been pretty thoroughly investigated. They live in a rural area and have few options for call blocking on their land line but have utilized all services available. However his cell phone is the problem. They know his schedule and call him at dialysis. I think my concern is not being made clear somehow. I don't understand why mobile phone companies do not offer an easy solution for blocking international calls, even for a fee. I'm absolutely positive they have this capability and if you read about these scams online, you'd understand what a helpful solution this would be for thousands of families whose elderly relatives are gullible and an easy target. My father needs and has a simple phone (not a smart phone) because he does still drive and such so we wouldn't take his phone away. And if I thought our situation was unique and isolated I'd just let it go. But I can literally find hundreds of stories just like ours online and know they represent hundreds more. These foreign scammers have to be amazed themselves at their easy access to prey on the elderly with nothing being done to stop them, How can we petition or move forward with that?

If you're not satisfied with the service being offered by your cell phone company, you might consider switching carriers. You also might want to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

July 17, 2015. At 7:30 am I got my first Jamaican scam call! Woke me up, calling on my cell phone, and some guy with a heavy accent told me I'd won 1.5 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz! I said wow that's great! During our five minute conversation he said his name was Michael Green from Publishing Clearing House. I asked if he meant Publishers clearing house and he said yes and gave me all sorts of numbers to write down after making sure I had a pencil and paper. I got a reference number and his badge number and even the license tag number of my new Mercedes. He asked if I had written this all down and I assured him I had but I don't think he believed me because he said are you taking this serious? Do you want this money? I assured him I did want the money! He said then there are some further instructions that I need to call this number back for. I said ok just don't ask me to send money to Jamaica at which point he hung up. Rats. I was enjoying the scam.

Mr. Green called me this afternoon about my winning $7.5 million and a new C class Mercedes. I was at work so I couldn't enjoy the scam as long as I would have liked, so I ended it at "do you know where the closest Western Union office is?" I wonder if he will call back. It does concern me that he knew so much about me.


do yourseves a favor and buy a call blocker that can block area codes and use it to block the 876 area code. I can block area codes, other call ranges and individual numbers with my panasonic wireless phone. It has given me blessed relief not only from the Jamaican "POTS JM" and "Cell Phone JM" telescammers, but all sorts of other telescammers also.

After 15 called and when I asked him to not call again...stating i have won something... he decided to curse at me and call me names.

Received a call from "John Dixon" at unknown number telling me I won 10.3 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz and that my prize package would arrive the next day they were coming with UPS and that he would call that morning to confirm, make sure I have ID with me. Thick Jamaican accent. Mr. John Dixon calls next morning, repeats the same info then puts me on hold to speak to CEO Mr.Kennedy. "What is going on is you have won 10.2 million dollars for paying your utility bill on time and for shopping at Walmart". What they needed me to do was go to Western Union and transfer 1% fee / $200 deposit to Beverly Hudson in San Jose California and then call them back at 520-385-5728 and if I could do that by 10am they would arrive with a portion of my package 1.3 million at noon and then transfer the rest of the money to my bank later. They asked if I wanted a private winning presentation or else a public presentation which would be broadcast on international television. They told me to keep my winning private so that I don't get robbed. I said ok to everything as I wrote it down for the purpose of reporting it to the RCMP. Since I did not call them back today and I did not transfer any money I have received calls from unknown # 15 times today, all of which I have no answered.

This "Mr. Anderson" from Jamaica called me this morning saying he was from PCH, I kept asking him how he got this number and he responded with "you don't know what PCH is? don't you remember signing up?" I responded with no, and he launched into an attack - "well then that's all you had to say, !" I immediately hung up and he proceeded to call back repeatedly until I blocked him. Genuinely unbelievable.

Jamaicans have been calling us for three years, telling my wife she has won millions and a car. The Jamaicans, of course, want money in advance. My wife had a stroke eight years ago, and her judgment was affected negatively. Sometimes, she wants to give it to them, and we end up in, ah, disagreement. Just had a call from a magazine sales company. They are just as larcenous as the Jamaicans. Phone swindlers don't stop. They have no scruples about how they steal money from the elderly and the inform (which to be fair is true of some supposedly "honest" companies.

After receiving many calls from Jamaican Scammers I have learned that one of the best ways to get them to hang up right away is to ask them "How is the weather in Jamaica?"

Haha! I'm gonna tell my 81-year-old neighbor to do this. She keeps answering calls from these Jamaican scammers. Just this week she "won" a Mercedes and a Mega Millions jackpot.

Received a call from 1-876-282-1946 wanting to confirm my name to inform me that I had won 7 million dollars for using my prepaid card at several stores he identified. i.e. Walmart, KMart, CVS, rite aid etc. I told him that the call was a scam be begged to differ and I hung up. He called back I answered and said "do not call me again, I am reporting you now". He called again 2 more times and I didn't answer.


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